Deacon Manual

Deacons are elected by the Congregation in a congregational meeting each year. This is the most important governing body in the Congregation. Together with the pastor, they elaborate the spiritual vision and the general policy of the church. It is also a body that assists the pastoral ministry in making administrative decisions. They are persons who by their personal maturity, depth and involvement in the life of the Congregation are aptly equipped to lead the life of the Congregation with the pastor. They help these people to establish leadership and facilitate the efforts of the ministries of the Congregation within and outside it.

All deacons support the reception of visits and new believers that take place after each service. They also assist at the moment of counting the offerings and supervise the financial area of the Congregation. Deacons also pray and minister during the time of ministry in each service. Deacons also assist pastors in pastoral visits to different people. Deacons also oversee the administration of the Higher Education Resource Center (HERC). In summary, the function of the diaconal ministry is to serve as an extension of the pastoral ministry of the church. If a brother has any matter of interest that he wants the deacons to see in his meetings, he should submit it via one of the deacons in writing or contact .