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Discipleship Level I

Foundations – Essential Beliefs and Practices for the Christian Life

The durability of any structure depends on the integrity and strength of its foundation. With this truth in mind, we seek to establish the basic doctrines and practices for a healthy Christian life in this introductory level. Of primary importance, we emphasize the basic contours of the gospel through the plan of salvation. Each graduate of this course should be able to pray with another person to receive Christ; know the basic events and characters of the Bible; and begin a regular routine of personal prayer and scripture study.

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Discipleship Level III

Full Surrender – Radical Commitment to the Kingdom of God

“If anyone would follow me,” said Jesus, “let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.” Christian Discipleship is a full time commitment of radical obedience to the claims of the Lord Jesus upon our lives. In this level we consider the all-encompassing nature of this call to follow Christ, surrendering our rights, resources, time, families, employment, and even our own persons, to the full ownership of Christ as our Lord, and not merely our savior.

Discipleship Level II

Vessels of Honor – Personal Transformation by Power of Holy Spirit

While salvation is experienced in the moment of faith, our process of personal transformation endures for a life-time! The Holy Spirit sanctifies us by transforming our thoughts, attitudes, words and actions to reflect the character of Christ Himself! While we believe that growth in holiness is birthed and unfolded by the Holy Spirit and not our human efforts, we know that we are not to be passive, but rather active participants in this process. Thus in Level II we discuss how the Spirit renews our minds to help us to think, speak, and behave more like Christ.


Discipleship Level IV

Anointed to Serve – Ministering with the Fruit and Power of the Holy Spirit

Whether by preaching to thousands, praying in the night, wielding a hammer, visiting a prisoner or teaching a child, we all have a calling to minister in the kingdom of God. In this level we consider our calling to serve in a way that reflects God’s character and power. We emphasize that our ministry should be spiritual in nature, reflecting the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in our hearts. Do we indeed minister with spirit-inspired peace, cultivating harmony among our co-laborers?