ALPHA was founded in January of 2002 and is a social ministry of Congregation Lion of Judah. Formed through the action of two women from Guatemala, it is an immigrant-led, faith-based, grassroots organization. We are a volunteer-run, non-profit located in Boston.  We count on the support, diversity, personal experience and expert skills of more than 25 active volunteers who come from all over the world, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the United States. They provide a wide range of skills and professional experiences - accountants, teachers, counselors, IT technicians, stay-at-home moms, Pastors and college students.

Our acronym reflects our vision: to enable Latinos to reach their social and legal goals through the use of our services and programs. While faith-based, our programs and services are available to all people, regardless of faith, race, nationality or ethnicity.


Our vision is to empower Latinos to reach their social and legal goals.


Our mission is to integrate immigrants into the social, political, and economic fabric of our society and to improve their quality of life in the United States.  We focus on three main areas: legalization & citizenship services, community organizing and leadership development.


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