El Valor de Uno

yo tengo el placer they presented with

rope radhika door hoy que es un hermano

que desde hace como se spaces saya

congregate oh and el cool toe and Inglis

l su nombre nacido and la Isla de zebra

zebra Sadie say she prayed disculpa me

say que significa see prepare inácio

Creasy oh c'mon Griego Cipriano

respuesta mudo para inglaterra y después

el señor de hablo a la sua poses cuatro

hijos de venir aquí a boston por que

dios hacer una vive en TOEIC en esta su

de gracias adios su primera carrera era

el el aspecto de negocios de el cuidado

medico l-man a ho de cuidado medico

hospitalized es hasta scribblin libro de

eso pero SI or lhamo hacer Evangelista

yellow aura say dareka a viajar por el

mundo y el valor de so india-pakistan

otro país especial meant a and ray

Loomis all money's Predacon Doel

evangelio de Christo a main gracias

adios somos benghazi dos la entrada

alkyl tuning lace kombucha Imelda know

llamando attenzione respite ando a

leader ASCO pastoral a who nombre en we

know su esposa una mujer excelente

está de viaje no por estar aqui su c ho

so much of lindos case a congregant con

ellos y hace que lo invitamos a Predacon

a legless pero Yo no quiero que el

español pierre de la magnesium también

SE que Elva predict are con nosotros dr.

Sedaris dr. james Sedaris come on up

I was just talking about you behind your

back I don't know if you understood a

word I said I was just saying all kinds

of making up all kinds of things about

you you're not quite who nombre been

deci though I see a adelante you do

whatever gods put on your heart

yo let reduce Colo mejor que no puede

saber si yo puedo went in there el

idioma in glaze no después de esta bola

a I'll tell vases tunnel I they know el

acento English to give our mother we're

gonna see if I understand English spoken

correctly I don't know if I do but go

ahead well thank you Pastor Greg

gracias pastor Gregory for the great


si introduction I thought he was talking

about somebody else

pentakill estaba hablando de otra

persona tanto hablar no and then I

thought how it's so happy to be here

story muy Feliz estar aqui con ustedes I

have preached in different countries of

the world to a pretty card oh and varias

pie he says del mundo but this is the

first time esta la primera vez I've ever

preached to a Latino in Spain a

predicate on el ambiente Latino primera


bienvenido a la familia welcome to the

family La Batre gringo con fundido Save

icon trodden through stairs I guess that

you're gonna be like me gringos and I

can already feel such an anointing over

this place yo siento announce yon


so breasts a new God I think if God had

favorites it would be a youth to the era

family thought it would be you said your

starless those favorites hallelujah

I'm looking at very special people so in

me Rondo I personas we especially the

same hallelujah gracias well it's a

pleasure to be invited here soon or said


I'm not always here because I travel

comedy ha Gregory no siempre main quaint

rocky porque yo quiero mucho but even

though I travel to the nation's and well

ok viago mucho por las Naciones I last

year I came to live in Boston Joe de

city come here for severe Aki in Boston

because the Lord told me go to Boston

for case n TL C or decirle que fuera que

venir aquí are Boston because ok Lord

said there's going to be a revival here

say Normandy ok eva'dur una de viento

aqui en este lugar

not just any revival cockier Aviva mento

but the greatest revival the world has

ever seen

el mundo

Avista la fecha in his story in la torre

arrested a co come on shout if you

believe if you believe


whoo I'm not really Greek y'all so I see

my parents are Greek but today I am you

know mis padres Villegas Peru is

Hispanic Latino handle like a you got he

no boy

hallelujah I just need to learn Spanish

now that's III shall learn for you're a

good teacher right my you teach me hey

soos you you almost get it right you put

a little huh

their sauce what is this huh

who is the huh in the Greek Ellison I

teach you great now okay I agree a go

for the descent Oh create hi I speak in

the English

yo hablo English but I'm a Greek hero so

I carry a gonna alma I speak the Greek

and English yo hablo Griego English

Mattar I call it crinkly Sh English

ringless so in the Greek we say ye sauce

angry a go the CMOS yes forget the her

no we don't need the year so yes is

Conakry ager

communities how Israel in the Bible yes

sous la palabra you so

yes so scary story so Cristo hallelujah

Moo oh say Travis evil okay we can just

go whoo go on whoo

it's good translator so I want to show

you a video you see a comment compartir

con ustedes on video I just come back

from Pakistan

acaba de llegar regreso del país de

Pakistan and then any Pakistani here any


no no Inari Ikeda Pakistan is a revival

in Pakistan don't you know not a package

you don't know but this town revival is

big big big revival the rest hablando de

Aviva Mentos and Pakistani English so

anyway we'll watch the video and see

vamos a ver every day okay as Demi

Ultima VI



I travel to the nations but I love

coming to Pakistan you're the most alive

people I've ever met


they spray iron became a man


it wasn't the Jews that chick Jed

crucify him that killed Jesus I'm gonna

say something outrageous now it was you

that killed Jesus it was me that killed

Jesus was a sin that killed Jesus he was

saying I am the God of Abraham Isaac and




in the name of Jesus he shall go because

today is the day of salvation




you say I'm the creator of the heavens

and the earth



and that Jesus is the revelation of God

to mankind please go


whether we are eternally lost or

eternally foul







hallelujah there was almost a hundred

thousand people there almost CN mil

personas a sign or check-in that night

forty thousand people were saying no

check Warren that mutants hours a CB

arrow decreased a twenty thousand were

baptized in the Holy Ghost ain't making

another time we're about the sorrows in

el espíritu Santo and twelve thousand

were healed monado's hallelujah

hallelujah Jesus is the same as El

Salvadoran Jesus is the healer soos I

said son adore

Jesus is the deliverer this is el que

Lovera Jesus is the Baptizer hey soos

Bautista and is the soon coming King a

little akv hallelujah on tour and what

you see there okay V Aaron idea one day

one dear you're gonna see that on bottle

whereas home in Boston Common

India i en el costo can you believe that

no Corinne give God praise if you

believe us and I like glory adios but

again don't pay any point I said no me

small idea it's gonna happen it's gonna


Papa sorry man I've already seen fire

fooling on body stuff way go Chi gender

sobre Boston I've seen fire fooling in

this church revista fuego que gender in

esta Glacia ah

hallelujah and I believe fires is gonna

that the revival is gonna come from this

church karaoke aviva bientot bus will

hear their style area

Apsara cedar and it's gonna go all over

the world ie regalo Portola reddit or


you see God has brought you into the

kingdom your stay after I heal a brain

known for such a time as linear poor

como esta there is no greater time

oh I'm a horror momento para vivir oh

you know I believe prophets of old are

standing in the galleries of heaven I

profit as mu and see honesty Ciro's

Pasado's me Rondo desde los cielos and

they're looking down right now me Rondo

this you're reborn I got a new where

they test Eagles oh gallery of believers

looking beyond Deus and saying to


hablando enter agios I wish I was in

your holiday Joe is to Vieira I wish I

was you oh I wish I was you I wish I was

alive in this time right now Revere and

este momento a tiara because we are

living in the greatest time of church

history tiempo Fulminante tell a story

are they like Lygia jesus is coming he

Sue's Vienna

he's coming issues beginning but before

he can want a Stephanie we're gonna see

the greatest revised IV ver el mejor to

be the greatest move of God in


del mundo the world has ever seen no

mejor que el mundo abre visto hallelujah

and God is gonna use yours

quiero ser outstare God will not pass

you by Dios no bypass I report for a

little house tears Church of the

personation say go go using a block

Allah personal audio step outside do

stable sorry

see I believe God is raising up an army

of a life una here Seto

Delia's you are part of the arm that is

some party they say in a ratio Neleus

God is calling you your sister your

mondo thing to man your battle station

are to lugar della guerra God is

sounding the alarm so Nando l alarma and

is calling out to the body of Christ

yesterday mondo mondo a cuerpo de Cristo

to the north north the South sewer

eat less and the West OST you have a

purpose to four years on propósito para

complain you are created for significant

a crayon

I'll go significant God called you out

of darkness integrator say Yamada

Rossini airless por su Gracia you are a

carrier of God's anointing - eres

alguien que pone por Todd ordered a

lousy on Dario's you are a carrier of

God's divine nature RS airport adore

delano to release a Divina videos dentro

de la SOTA the Bible said the hope of

glory is energy Lisa ki speranza

Esperanza the Gloria dentro de vosotros

we just need to learn to release we must

get up and release I guess that I

release a torus really so tiring ok

salga de nosotros


we always think Oh God is going to use

somebody professional DOSBox our alter a

persona I'll go to use brother James you

also outside at mine or Jean so you use

the pastors these are allopathic and

said he will use

pastor Greg and pastor Roberto and

others but not me totally paranoid a-ha


well I've come they don't know I'm too

cool you into the ministry esto aqui

para llamar they administer from this

moment on what you are holy momento tu

estas and you are qualified

Chicago and God has called you the Ostia

model to win the lost Hagen our Los

perdidos we mustn't waste time no I

tiempo que para death

you see there's there's the anointing is

for outside of the church you see on as

pereira della Glacia what did Jesus say

in Luke chapter 4 he dijo que su San

Lucas cuatro the Spirit of the Lord is a

comedy to the Hephaestus only because he

has anointed me on he though to feel

goosebumps comparison to us Calif real

to just stand and go and feel all good

he said in a scale of free Oporto allows

it says this the anointing is not just a

few the fire you lay in church no

solamente para sentir el fuego dentro de

la barrera still Iglesias he said the

Spirit of the Lord is evolving they Hova

star sobre me because he has anointed me

to preach me cor pretty carp whenas no

Eva's you must preach the gospel

Stassi Amado pretty car 11 hell you

point us know Eva's say I'm Musti tengo

que pretty car the harvest is too big

for one evangelist grande una una

margarita no al-khansa para nada nobody

can reach everybody idea PR cancer a

todos but everybody can reach so board

alkanes are alien you see we we need a

checkup from the neck up know it you are

a checkup from the neck up

vamos una examen de la cabeza no they

are keep our Eva because sometimes we

have the wrong thing nowadays it anymore

throw propio pensar I like to cool it

stinking think yo lo llamó pensamiento

fails no stinking thinking pensamiento

que no son de Dios you see we we think

that Jesus paid the price just so we can

get into

Paco el precio solamente para que

podamos jagara los cielos but jesus paid

the price

this is Paco el precio so heaven can get

into you are a que los cielos puede

entrar a new status and everywhere you

we don't like irritated by Escada pass

ok - Thomas you destroyed every bar al

Infierno we are los cielos a nest egg

are for this purpose the Son of God was

sold for money fiesta liquor del hombre


huh you are a history Mike where is a

lien para hacer cambios a historian I

devil destroy to start para para Lieber

a miracle-working hacer Milagros

wonder-working a sermon of a born again

are not slowly we go for Aussie yen na

dou del espíritu Santo fill child of the

Living God

Eko the geosphere ent to Erica see

you've been called to great Yamato Agron

Deschanel terrain with him para dejar

who demente con el to reign with Christ

Cristo study c'est la palabra to rhyme

with brain our Cornell just think about

it the goddness o el dios

the God who created a hundred billion

trillion stars

he's so cientos they be honest Adriana

seem no se que de estrellas and flung

them into only losses per Co in los

cielos knows every one of them by name

el techo no saya cada uno de los poor

nombre created 8.7 million species is

crazy for more me Jonas the space yes in

el mundo this great God of the universe

Grande del universo he's calling you to

sit with him up sister own a yellow and

rolling rhyme with a Reynard

men take on a rule of rhyme with it

LT Oz magnificent a rule rhyme with

Perenara lado Cornell you see we think

too smooth and some of pequeño Sarah


if I leave you the same way I found she

tossed a whole Omaha kilo second read I

am NOT gods channel entonces noise sweet

kind holiday de Dios

I want you to take the limits off joke

here okay sake stop stuck willows

totally the limit so total historical

Stella maintain taking the limits of

your thinking cycle or limit this they

lost pencil me and take the limits off

of work under Harlow whole imitatio

nella limit a co needle okay TOC or no

puede hacer I'm beginning to think


come in Sarah pants are in grande Grande

and wider in my side John Millar would

ever be fuckin in new momento antes mas

grande que nunca it's not about what you

can do in grata de de lo que tú puedes

or no puedes hacer it's about what God

knows putting us after this date he it's

about him I said you see God is limited

by us geo survey says it's telling me to

hide Oh por nosotros we're not limited

by God or so Tros no somos limit I was

put in but God is limited by is yours we

choose what we allow God to do s cojemos

erases lo que permite emos que do saga

otra vez de nosotros

but if you choose to be heals cojemos

Sarah if you choose is for heimo's

suppress vintages in poorer mass in la

presencia de Dios and take all of what

he has for you eerie severe tall the

local tiene para nosotros if you choose

by faith the president sons Jesus I'm

poor har Ito Carlo Paula

you will be here a year a severe ass you

will be delivered Sara liberado you will

be stripped free set us a ye leave you

we might have set us

yeah Senado IGAs h o entero integral

that's why jesus always says your faith

has made you whole yo siempre that's

here - faith a us I know you see God is

already willing to use yesterday's

puesto it's never any question that God

is willing how they do like it he also

studies boys though when the leprous man

came to Jesus alone Braille applause

okay leave less yes sir can we ask the

Lord if you are willing you can make me

agree to Senor si tú quieras my point is

southern and Wesley PR Jesus says I am

willing whose dijo si yo quiero be thou

clean say Sano and the Bible says

immediately he was my lady ser la

palabra que Marietta meant they will it

be odd oh this way from his leprosy a

pro so immediately inmediatamente a

single God is not a procrastinator all

snow para no postponing a causes he

doesn't do tomorrow what he can do today

hasta manana located where they acero I

know I used to have a friend my best

friend at school

yo tenía siempre on me amigo Alaska well

like when the home baby he would always

say no city this year

oh I'll do that thing tomorrow mañana

Laura mañana

I'll learn that song on the guitar

tomorrow Avril narrato Karissa canción

mañana I'll read that book tomorrow my

studio padded examine mañana and for you

kids at school you pedal over a hill a

square you would say oh I'll do my

homework tomorrow Korea mañana

don't leave tomorrow Wakanda para mañana

lo que si puedes hacer God is not a

proposed espera and no crook postpone a

procrastinator in fact there's only one

day on God's calendar so I wonder yeah

anyone Dario videos that day is today

going today

now is the accepted time Satya agradable


don't ever say to God Lord tomorrow no

Lady Gaga's manana adios if you're gonna

do something for God do it now ah hacer

algo para senior a Gallo power you know

the most powerful thing that we can say

to the Lord

I'll go poderoso que podemos decir arias

is yes si si s is the most powerful la

palabra mafada Rosa say yes Luke deagle

a que si Senora

yes yes you will see a to Velata yes -

yo I see our two Caminos yes - you're

worthy a - palavra yes - you're wonders

he a tus marathi yes - your work si tu /

yes - healing Z Alesana dades que tú

quieres yes the salvation of salvation

yes - miracle see Allah Milagros a la

Viva meant okay see yes see but we have

to be hungry hombre Munoz the Bible says

blessed are those who hunger and thirst

really say bender see those los que

tienen hambre say we're too satisfied he

Paris almost demasiado conformist

well like him petulant children somos

como los ninos petal antes we like to

play with mud pies in the salon in

Yellow Door when God has prepared a

holiday for us in this audios a

preparado NVRAM crucero Allah we think

to smooth s que nos confirm almost a

mahogany district the limits of tenemos

que quitar low limit a state with rope

and semi trenton hybrids I take the

limits off Sokolow limiters diggin no

limiters hallelujah

take the limits of he tired of

you know there was a woman no animal

hair and the Bible in la biblia she had

an issue of blood here - whoa la mujer

con a flu ho de sangre and I love this

story main contest a story big I love

her spirit may go Stella pd-2 que tenia

some O'Hara the Bible says a crowd

assembled around Jackie's Lisa Caribbean

a multi to the headed ordered a hey soos

todos and you see everybody was touching

G although sister and tocando ah hey

soos todo separate Alito's no you find

this in mark chapter 5 ye America's

capital of Cinco but this woman is a

mujer she pressed Rudy empuja says for

so and imagine how weak she felt in my

inaudible ec kakeya Taniya put a flu

Hoda sangre know who could get new Jesus

I mean there was a big move around

g-unit on the persona holiday door no

but she was weak with all the blood loss

yesterday about physical meant a por la

pérdida de sangre know how weak she was

under Billie Dada physical mental but

she determined in herself I will reveal

generally see Picciotto Caray aah hey

aah hey SUSE solamente talk Ari

even the rulinea a ye and should be a

tyrannous ie a Casillas uso on a dirt

road of Jewish en el piso and la la

tierra in the craft winema in la multi

to die in a load oh she told us off if I

were just talking of his car Dan

solamente tow car a elmontour el I would

be healed

yo Esther a sauna I would be heal sauna

so she press rooms here as for Santos a

importantto say I've tried pressing

through crowds it's very difficult you

are a doll Oso they use our alcove Oh in

in anonymity to the persona I see a

prett I know the weakness

cero a judo entrare she was hungry a

pesar de tener hambre

she was a Jesus SR de todo teeny hombre

he said master hey soos

she just imagine ourselves touching

Jesus on Bri Anthony Mahananda say

tocando ah hey soos so there was great

resistance resistencia and often the

devil will pour a great resist in which

a vessel Diablo poppin air resistance of

star Colossus - you touching geez okay -

no puede entrar fácilmente perito Carl

azuz he will try and slap discouragement

Elphaba tratar de poner des animaux

sovereignty unbelief I keep depression I

see no doodahs you know he will put on

you anything he can to stop you from

todo lo que puede para de tener que para

que no impurities but nothing stop this

woman ah coolio imperious amo her and

she pressed Russia man is just a no grow

solamente took her a Yelp or days not

even is food clothing there

the Bible says she was immediately la

biblia d say there LaPenta


kato-san and Jesus Jesus is walking

along now he's coming Allah ie Allah

monkey to come in and oh and he felt the

time he seen yo

okay no Alto que si toy but hands were

all over him he fell Manos pradana no

common el tren de pasto

something different about this charge

pero el Pavo Cynthia algo diferente they

say talking I said it was like the put

the trains in Boston it was so proud oh

yeah but this got through it

I've never been on the trains in Bari

good results and he's wore any shoe and

si pero say they're too volatile already

say say they're tuvo and he said

something very peculiar dijo algo muy

raro he said who touched me perky Motoko

who touched me

oh and Peter and James and John was

standing a same federal funds Santiago

they said okay hazel is Jesus going a

bit yeah I mean your local no huh what

do you mean Lord who tell everybody

static I know they know it's that's aqui

aprietale go and alone said no no no

somebody touched me in may talk Oh

for I perceive powerful people there to

salir de poder Valley they don't purpose

and here sa peau there they mean to be


hallelu she truly love Jesus oil for

their DeJesus and then she said he said

to oh it's you he just was Vienna and

then he said this your faith is amazing

lady said to fake tarasana to the faith

in him my increased our faith in him

increased oh no matter saying Cristo

last not in anybody know s quirkier fain

cockier cosas no in Buda yes oh no no in

Boonton not in Krishna or Vishnu or any

other God in minggu not rodeo cito the

otra relic eons angels in his Zeus he he

is the revelation of God to man Kyle STM

is the reversal of you o mundo es El

Camino la verdad la Vida

Alito radios and this is the point as I

said it wasn't the hand of a woman that

calls Jesus to stand still no way la

mano de una mujer que tuvo ah hey soos

it was not the hand of a woman that

healed no way la mano de una mujer que

son o the woman

it was the hand of faith when la mano

they faith that stopped Jesus mano they

fake a de Deauville I his sous it was

the touch of faith we're talking they

fail that cool ceiling to fly decide or

sunny dad oh man I'll finish up with

another story that amino corner saya I

loved stories about how Jesus went to

the one scientist or es como heesu's

same for Co in la una and the persona

info cada una sola persona just imagine

the value of once in Vellore de una rima

you saw thousands of souls in that video

do viste me lace email as they all

muscle video you might think oh i can't

do what you do you just play this here

James your parcel okay two assets hablar

con me less de personas you don't have

to do what I do any I said look at your

ago you don't have to cross the sea you

so no tiene que cruzar el Mar you don't

have to reach thousands no que no I

Calkins around me less you can cross the


two pedestrians are la calle you can

reach one el cáncer de una buena Ventura

una sola persona if each person here is

Radha persona que puede kisara Eunice

and Sola

una sola persona this week esta semana

next Sunday this church would double


no cafe Mo's generally I'm gonna say man

and then the following week holding

quadruply endo semanas and continue

growing understand the value of wines my


the crowds came after Jesus when Jesus

was off to the ones a multitude esteban

buscando hey Suz pero hey Suz bus cava

the woman are the words he was after her

la mujer Samaritan ah the woman with the

issue a blog am ohara torn and flew holy

Sangre blind Bartimaeus he was one heart

email unas horas

una persona Sierra oh Jesus went after

the one Jesus Bosco he's the Good

Shepherd listen I Wayne was forked days

after last no vetting no way he boosts

Calloway just think this Great God and

say I want yours Quran day no we created

10 billion galaxies you can earn their

cray off me listed galaxias he's after

you Yanis this type of scam he goes

after you and he loves you he's after

the one I want so one soul is voluma

every song rich understand the value of

one I can't and air el palo de uno you

see many of us we ask for wisdom which

as this is buscamos Saboteur eeeh we

need to know what we're asking

Telemachus a ver lo que temos it's a

good thing to ask for with yes I'll go

importante para el salvadorian oh but

Ecclesiastes 118 says this craziest s de

los siete uno de Acho

he says with much wisdom comes much

sorrow con mucha seborrhea viene Mucha

tristeza and yet you say whoa

why is that prodigy the poor King I'll

explain Joe wisdom is the ability to see

through the eyes of God Salvador's la

capacidad de ver otra vez de los ojos de

Dios that's all it is is you get God's

world view tienes la vie see on Monday

Allah opteka de Dios you begin to see a

lost world

tal vez comienza severe mundo perdido

when you get God's view con la opteka

videos la perspectiva de Dios you see a


unfallen civilization to vazaha Sociedad

a civilization que estar de carrera y

perdida you see men and women clapping

around in the town si hombre se mujeres

perdido sahib Ogando como ca goes no

sabe endo para don't even falling into

the abyss of

a lava flow del Infierno you begin to

fill the path ha ha sentir el dolor del

Corazon del padre because it's not

willing that one should wear a low key

Erica me own solo al maseeh tierra de he

desires all men to be so happy Anthony

saying salvos and come to the knowledge

of the truth que venga now polycythemia

no son no algunos oh and quiere todos

that means everyone cada

persona you begin to women you feel the

breaking ha ha mozcon seborrhea say dear

Corazon que Brentano del padre for every

loss protocol car persona pared even el

mundo it will drive you to your knees

total frag our RIE rodeado huge revival

with sadness and agony agony sorry

Norris Yan como una mujer Dondo para el

dolor que debemos sentir para los

perdidos Hamid I mean hermanos


our so much never rest nunca podemos

discounts until was seeing so safe Wamba

Ramos Alma's Ganados personas Salvas you

can reach one - boy this - puedes our

concern I won't know everybody can reach

mother who says puede si se puede you

know what Billy Graham said he died this

year so I was lucky beleaguered ah-hum

dijo que party O'Conner Senor si on you

he said Crusades to which I have given

my entire life - he said en esta

hablando de la Cruz allas en el aceite

de cola vida said Crusaders grandes como

vemos will not get the job done he

second I saw Nova cumplir la misión and

so no but one to one will para uno uno

SOC Louis one - no no I mean hallelujah

one he was penetrable that will get the

job done

compartir con el vecino open arrow de

trabajo the value of the one el valor de

lune o el poder

I want to illustrate something to you yo

que lo in lestrade I'll go this $20

right here si be at elevated no no lo

dije hermanos SAV netted event day this

is my lunch SOE me are were so no but

you see I see me on the floor NLP so I'm

gonna get Saudi odd o ye tani odd Oh

arigato I eat corn


is it still worth $20 ovale quanto

Valley does it still have the same very

old or cambiado hermanos Valley low me

just like this $20 so more SDB yet they

have anything it can be trampled up

where they sell P so T odd oh it can be

cracked later share moledo it can be

stained where they serve Machado but it

still has the same value my lord no se

puede que sorry with you es lo mismo

cool I'm a little mano to violence you

might get Saucedo Machado tal vez a co

piece ot odd oh you might get stamped on

IEP so T odd oh but you have the same


Hansa de Dios hallelujah hallelujah no

say no TV no celery and just one of you

is worth more than all the gold and

silver in the world do hey Lamar Valley

mosquito del Oro y la plata del mundo

well you can have that back now it's

just $20 oh he's paying back his buddy

thank you brother

I swam ego they got the Rockefeller con

el ie para una Nina comprado que quiera

that's my friend Ricky Rick my friend

Rick me amigo Rick vino de la tierra all

the way from the UK he's come to help us

start a new list our comments on the TV

channel cream televisio nikiro has also

needles the Lord has spoken to us saying

only habla de Lyonne it's gonna be the

biggest Christian TV Cristiano likely be

shown in the world they cakewalk yo

throw it in there it's gonna be his

historic hockey

Alberto Takaki historic story I don't

just say these things lightly I'm

hearing from a journal de Gotha cause I

saw the police Willis he was couch on

door del espíritu anis Braun heard

something is historic is coming elbows

at Hyundai says taco salad on dough

embossed on hermanos amen

I mean it Joe quiero ser parte Ramon and

we're after souls yes Don para ganar

Alma's we're gonna proclaim the gospel

to the four ends of the earth

they boast o'nora los cuatro Vientos de

la tía you see the gospel is the power

of young Haley you know me ever going so

porque el poder de Dios and the gospel

is the only cure for Humanity is la

única medicina para la moneda and the

gospel must be freely oshiete kureta God

oh and follow in mundo hermanos


so you do have to answer the call to en

aquel respond there

the cool to reach even one eye cancer

uno uno uno is just todo que estaba

hablando understand the value just one

and by Lord oh you two are worth more

balanced maths and all the gold and

silver in the world why Laura La Plata

because you were purchased by the Oh


well us angry David Zeus and his blood

is pricey su Sangre de precios when you

understand the value of wrong with a

moment en de Silva Lordan west residency

owner you will understand the value of

your world

entiendes selves alors que tu tienes and

you begin to live a holy life he

commences a beaver Univera Santa because


por que Santi dog is the utmost

expression of yahwah's la mejor

expression del val or umano la santa

Dalton a Sumerian aparcado prayer

so I wanna pray for Dora

you poor status I always like to pray

for healing and ask God to just port or

touch you and bless you I really want to

believe a move of God here this move but

before I do that could be just one

pieces pero primero tal vez a brahmana

sola persona ki sitting here

aqui and her a nosotros and you don't

know Jesus you might have gone to church

now let's be honest illicitly taken

gregor's you may be part of a Christian

family Sara's parte de una familia

Kristiana you might have come in many

times because this avenido muchas veces

al iglesia do you don't know jesus e tu

sabes mucho Vegas you know about him

just ice mucho acerca de heesu's you're

not sure there are no stars seguro gonna

make it Seba enter heaven a los cielos

you're unsure nos nos seguro seguro if

you're hard to stop right now right now

but I saw where a para what I mean and

you breathed your loss

yeah respira routine if there's a sphere

if there's any doubt of where ck that

you go alguna do that they don't a para

donde vas you need to come to Jesus en

casa para hey suzi or you need to come

to the energy system ah hisses be sure

si que esté seguro she'd never be any

down no Carrera Carrera ninguna dude

hermanos para que jugar con s personally

saved knows knows their eternal destiny

una Salva same way they see lastino

eterno wall every head is barren realize

con todos Cabezas ahi ahi mirando para

bah hohoho cerrado Senora Ceylon todos

por favor

if that's you Sierra - I want you while

I'm looking no one else is looking

they're just it's just momento privada -

you put your hand up so I can see yo

quiero si tu quieras cetera Cristo 11 -

not on the job whether they're low C -

Kyra Satara Cristo para que yo puedo ver

Yahshua random 207 de gallo

I see tomar - you're 70 god bless you

god bless you anybody else you don't

leave this place I authoress

no sir they are here without no quieres

n I K star seguro see enforcing certain

seguro the you name is any - no alarm is

perrito an illiberal anybody else wanna

smile accomplished do not delay god

bless you over there do not delay you

may not have another day tal vez no IO

throw the hermanos C is the moment now i

ki KKK Aprovecho el momento para para

I'm ain't get your oven D get one okay

let's stand to our feet

we're gonna pray together I also feel

led right now siento did he know put us

in your aura to pray for those who need

the baptism of the heart follows keeps

here and sergej knows about the shadows

tell espíritu son I really feel that

again you're slim so I really feel like

that el espíritu Santo well do the

prayer prayer salvation together vamos

ahora por las salvation those who lifted

their hands los que levantar oh la mano

para cetera Cristo and those who didn't

lift their hands kissed right al J's

pain Oliva garu llama no pero necesitan

etc let's all try together hora por me

vamos a ver are out loud from ah-ha-ho

todos convos Alta del corazon God will

hit a crier ha el grito del Corazon

in the name of Jesus in nombre de asís

repeat the chorus oven el nombre de

jesus said aloud in the name of jihad

oakum ego-t Isetta cristo d in el nombre

the hizzouse I come to you as a sin

Bango at the UN Peck adore say I come to

you as a society un Peck adore Napa

Ghidorah I receive you into my heart

recibo a Cristo and me for a song make

me born again ok

I do demand a certain level cleanse me

by the blood of limpia may lava me cuz i

Sangre de Cristo Bigelow lava me call a

sunray decreased Oh save me right now

Sipho me hora

I choose to serve you for the rest of my


take your survey the rest of mi vida I

believe you're the Son of God yo creo

que hey Suz s el hijo de Dios I believe

you risen from the dead o creo que tú

viste Levantado de los Muertos thank you

for saving gracias por salvar amen

there's at least three people there

three people now this is Pentecost

Sunday right om it calendario delle

gracias el domingo the pentacle states

so we're gonna pray for the Holy Spirit

but L don't LAPD to Santo in Torino so

throw a Romano

what kano hallelujah vamos ahora vamos a

DF juego de vino sobre nosotros if you

do not speak in other tongues you no

habla her leg was quickly come to the

frying as he carries a low humming manga

if you don't speak in other tongues you

see no tiene say don't eat quiere que o

Ramos para que receive us

l don't the language then go God would

do it right now let's play dice el o our

Lord you're the Baptizer say your to

anything about ISA you're the Baptizer

very silky about Jesus in your levanta

la mano vo we want to stretch your hands

out to the exterior I love - loose

castano Rondo across pueden were are put

anything up friend text and Ella Manos

in or Acciona CAA go sobbing God will

not move your tongue you have to move to

your stove amo la lengua

porty tu tiene que movilization raro

pero tu puedes mahvel Elaine y despues

praise him in a language you do under

Doralee a new language ec service and he

will give you a tongue you don't just

waste elder SATA una una lengua que tú

no sabes

to come en second okc service it is ways

cambia hacer algo sobre later on it will

be a new tongue you don't understand

away Volek warning nueva lengua but god

will involve a entender lo hermanos he

will understand

that speech Ling was no habla los

hombres Ino

Harlequin Dios now lift your hands

nevada la mano

get ready preparing city get ready law

department sir now open your mouth and


order available and price ruling one he

case of Asia startled own the language

in your desert and Fuego higher the

subtle Fuego from heaven

this final si el juego del Cielo fire

right now

Vega key in a way go in an hombre de

historia low fill them dome Bray then he

soup in your mouth speak I mean speak

speak in the name of Jesus right now be

filled before they say yes again be

filled nombre business he feels as data

del espíritu Santo release for what of

an action release Chuck Shriner that's


touch touch touch touch touch now in

Jesus name touch though when he catches

catches touch touch this woman right

although she is Bishop her name touch o

someone can't you have been also here

someone catch up he failed

keep your hand stretch down touch now

speak speak in a new tongue tell them to

speak our punters speaking a new


touch fire fire on this woman right now

fire is on this point fire is on this

room there it is there it is

try release the fire release the fire

release the fire release the fire speak

really there it is there it is there it


all of them Lord just don't look at me

yeah vamos a cantar una camisa de Velde

are seeing aqui estamos a military

school Jaeger our commodity my joy let

it be a wave of joy fill your people

right now fill your people fill your

people fill your people give them more

than the better give them an encounter

in Jesus name in Jesus name in Jesus

name in Jesus name in Jesus name Jesus

new singles photography see speaking an

unlined something open your mouth speak

they're kids this is get naps Isis being

filled with articles she's speaking of

the tongues right there