pastor jonatan toledo

Blessed are the forgiven!

let's go to the word of the Lord today

I'd like to share with you about psalm

32 um and yeah let's just read read a

couple of verses in psalm 32 and dive in

lesson is the one whose transgression is

forgiven whose sin is covered blessed

that is the man against whom the lower

counts no iniquity and in whose spirit

there is no deceit for when I kept

silent my bones washed away wasted away

through my groaning all day long for day

and I your hand was heavy upon me my

strength was right up as by the heat of

summer I acknowledged my sin to you and

I did not cover my iniquity I said I

will confess my transgressions to the

Lord and you forgave the iniquity of my

sin therefore let everyone who is godly

offer prayer to you at a time when you

may be found surely in the rush of Great

Waters they shall not reach him you are

a hiding place for me you preserve me

from trouble used to round me with

shouts of deliverance I will instruct

you and teach you in the way you should

go I will counsel you with my eye upon

you be not like a horse or mule with

that understanding which must be curbed

with bit and brittle or it will not stay

near you many are the stars of the

wicked but the steadfast love of

surrounds the one who trusts in the Lord

be glad in the Lord and rejoice or

righteous and shout for joy all you

upright in heart its brain father we

come before you once again to pray that

you continue to bless our time here

today that you open our hearts and our

minds to hear a new word from you God

that you minister to our spirits to our

souls that we walk away from this place

meditating in your word and that

throughout the week we'll be able to

remember these things and try to put

them into practice

in your name we pray amen all right so

psalm 32 as many of us know the book of

psalms is the psalm that we go to in

times of distress in our lives for many

years it has supplied believers you know

throughout you know centuries some of

their best bible loving passages right

you know we find themes in the psalms

that deal with you know a duration

towards God or themes that talk about

sorrow over sin and dependence of God

you know in the midst of the

circumstances that life may bring we

also see themes of you know the struggle

and the battle between trusting God and

fearing also walking with God even when

the when the way seems dark and

basically the Book of Psalms is a great

collection of prayers that express the

heart and soul of humanity I think by

default when we're down when we're sad

you know the first thing might be to

just go find a song that will encourage

us that will speak to our lives because

some of us really connect with the

people who were writing these things and

many of us know that you know King David

was one of those writers who wrote most

of them also Solomon and and even Moses

has a few something here that were

written by him this particular psalm

psalm 32 it's one of seven films that

are considered to be penitential Psalms

or Psalms of confession and basically

these are Psalms that are you know hymns

by which you know members of a

congregation would confess their own

sins enabling them to appeal appeal to

God's own gracious character as their

ground for their cried of forgiveness

now if we look closely at psalm 32 we

will notice that yes there element in

there abouts in confession and

forgiveness but more than that I believe

some 32 is a is a Thanksgiving him it is

King David pouring out his soul thanking

the Lord for his incredible mercy for


and in his life and before we dig in a

little deeper into this Psalm I want us

to take I want us to go on a journey to

the past through the Old Testament and

try to figure out what was going on and

David's mine at the time he wrote this

song there had been in a series of

events that had taken place and I like

for us to you know walk through that

today and then come back to psalm 32 and

see what the Lord may have for us this

time it is a liturgical dialogue between

God and him in front of others who were

present and it was basically an

invitation you know from David to also

confess our sins you know he was

inviting people who were in the

congregation to confess their sins

before the Lord now the first passage I

like us I would like for us to look at

it's in second samuel chapter 11 verse

we're going to start verse 1 2nd samuel

chapter 11 verse 1 and we're going to

hear about something that David did that

most of you are familiar with but I says

what like to read this is just to kind

of get in the spirit so it says in the

spring of the year the time when Kings

go out to battle David sent Joe up and

his servants with him and all israel and

they ravaged the ammonites and beseech

raba but David remained in Jerusalem it

happened late one afternoon when David

arose from his couch and was walking on

the roof of the King's house that he saw

from the roof a woman bathing and the

woman was very beautiful and David sent

and inquire about the woman and one set

it's not this Bathsheba the daughter of

ilium the wife of Uriah the heat teeth

ty is that hit it that way he tight

there you go he typed English is my

second language this is Bear Butte me

so David sent messengers and took her

and she came to him and he lay with her

now she had been purifying herself from

her uncleanness then she returned to her

house and the woman conceived and she

sent and told David I am pregnant you

see what's happening here they were

supposed to be in battle and David had

stay behind well everybody was out there

you know ready to fight he stayed behind

he see these woman he inquired about her

he knew he was married to another guy

but you know that's what was conveyed to

him but still you know she took her to

bed and a couple of weeks later he finds

out she's pregnant now let's see what

happens so David sent word to Joe up

send me Uriah the Hittite he tied right

and jobs then you write to david when

Uriah came to him David asked how job

was doing and how the people were doing

and how the war was going then David

fate to Uriah go down to your house and

wash your feet and Uriah went out of the

king's house and there follow him a

present from the king but Uriah slept at

the door of the King's house with all

the servants of his lure and dick negot

down to his house when they told David

Uriah dinner go down to his house David

said Uriah have you not come from a

journey why did you not go down to your

house Uriah say to David the ark and

Israel and Judah dwell in booths and my

lower jaw and the servants of my lord

are camping in the open field shall I

then go to my house to eat and drink and

to let lie with my wife as you live and

as your soul lives I will not do this

thing you see what's happening David had

an alternative reason to send him home

to send for him he said to himself ok so

this woman is pregnant the logical thing

is for me to go you know call her

husband from the battle have him go to

his house you know after a few days of

nothing his wife is gonna rest as me in

a good mood you know they're gonna sleep

together and when this thing comes up

you know it'll be quite normal right you


yeah it's it's it's his it's not mine

whatever but you rise like no like how

can I do such a thing like we're

fighting we're a batter like my mind is

not in that I can only imagine what

David was thinking when this until I'm

bad after he had planned all these

things but you see are you following

what David is doing you know he knew he

wasn't supposed to do something he did

it he realized he did it wrong you know

God is sort of like confronting him in a

way and then he's trying to cover it up

I think we do that sometimes you know we

we know the things that we're not

supposed to be doing and we still try to

go out of a way to cover our sin but

look what David then sent to your eye

okay remain here today also and tomorrow

i will send you back so Uriah remain in

Jerusalem that day and the net and David

invited him and he ate in his presence

and drank he went out of he went out to

lie on his couch with the servants of

his Lord but he did not go down to his

house in the morning David wrote a

letter to Joe up as thing Hampton sent

it by the hand of Uriah in the letter he

wrote set Uriah in the forefront of the

hardest fighting and then draw back from

him that he may be struck down and die

this is David going to the dark side

he's like okay I'm gonna take this

matter into my own hands I'm just gonna

kill this man and then take his wife for

myself this is david the guy whom we

know was supposed to be the closest to

God right like he had a unique

relationship with God you know the Bible

says that so this is what happens um

David did this um and you Ryan went to

battle he died David took his wife and

moved on with his life until the Prophet

Nathan confronted him about what he had

done you see sometimes we try to go on

with our lives we know we we are in sin

we try to hide it you know and it might

not be a parent for everyone around us

but the Lord knows and he sends people

into our

to speak into our lives and to and to

help get us to turn from our sin I love

the conversation between Nathan and

David and if you go with me to saw 2 2nd

samuel chapter 12 just a few verses more

listen to what what the Bible says and i

love the way God sort of confronted him

so chapter 12 verse 1 and the Lord sent

Nathan to David he came to him and said

to him there were two men in a certain

city the one rich and the other poor the

rich man had very many flocks and herds

but the poor man had nothing but one

little ewee lamp which he had bought and

he brought it up and it grew up with him

and with his children it used to eat of

his morsel and drink from his cup and

lightens arms and it was like a daughter

to him now there came a traveler to the

rich man and he was unwilling to take

one of his own flock or her to prepare

for the guests who had come to him but

he took the poorest man's lamb and

prepare it for the man who had come to

him then David's anger was greatly

kindle against the man and he said to

Nathan as the Lord lives the man who has

done this deserves to die and he shall

restore the lamb fourfold because he did

this thing and because he had no pity so

david has been a righteous here Ryan

applying the law and justice and this is

what needs to happen and look what Mason

says to David Nathan said to David you

are the man thus says the Lord the God

of Israel i anointed you king over

Israel and I deliver you out of the hand

of Saul he's going back into history to

remind David about his own journey and I

gave you your masters house and your

masters wives into your arms and give

you the house of Israel and of Judah and

if this were too little

i would add you to i would add to you as

much more why have you despised the word

of the lord to do what is evil in his

sight you have struck down Uriah the

Hittite with the sword and have taken

his wife to be your wife and have killed

him with the sword of the ammonites I

can only imagine what David must have

been like at this moment he had nowhere

to go nowhere to hide this was God

Himself speaking to him directly through

Nathan telling him I know what you've

been you what you've been up to how much

longer are you keep our eunuch eep this

for as a result of this encounter with

Nathan and everything he had been doing

then David comes and write some 81 sound

51 and sound 32 they go together you

know so let's see what what David wrote

in sound 51 so you get a sense of like

the language that he's using as he has

been confronted by Nathan Psalm 51 says

have mercy on me O God according to your

steadfast love according to your

abundant mercy blood out my

transgressions wash me thoroughly from

my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin

for I know my transgressions and my sin

is ever before me against you you only

have I sinned and done what is evil in

your sight so that you may be justified

in your words and blameless in your

judgment behold I was brought forth in

iniquity and in sin did my mother

conceived me behold you delight in truth

and in the inward being and you teach me

wisdom in the secret heart purge me with

hyssop and I shall be clean wash me and

I shall be whiter than snow let me hear

joy and gladness let the bones that you

have broken rejoice hide your face from

my sins and blow out my transcript all

my iniquities

creating me a clean heart O God and

renew a right spirit within me cast me

not away from your presence and take not

your Holy Spirit from me restore me to

the joy of your salvation and uphold me

with and with a willing spirit then I

will teach transgressors your ways and

sinners will return to you deliver me

from blood guiltiness oh god oh god my

salvation and my tongue will sing a lot

of your righteousness Lord opened my

lips and my mouth will declare your

praise for you will not delight in

sacrifice or I would give it you will

not be pleased with a burnt offering the

sacrifices of God are broken spirit

broken and contrite heart O God you will

not despise David was broken he was

aware of a sin and the only thing he

could do was to turn back to Christ and

repentance and this is what he did now

once he experienced the forgiveness of

the Lord he wrote Psalm 32 after having

experienced the kind of forgiveness that

we don't deserve he was very aware that

he did he deserved to die according to

his own standards he deserved to die

this is what he told Nathan he was like

that Batman should be killed and he

realized that the standards of God at

that time were different and he was just

humbled humbled and thankful for the the

everlasting grace and mercy of God and

listen to what he says in psalm 32 which

is our solemn versus wanted to bless it

is the one whose transgression is

forgiven whose sin is covered blessed is

the man against whom dolor counts no

iniquity and in whose spirit there is no

deceit you know we're out in the open

there's no deceit in my spirit I'm not

trying to lie to anybody I am blessed

because of this verses 1 and 2 they

state the theme and highlight the reason

of David's thankfulness David is so

profoundly thankful

because he's been forgiven this verses

describe him as a blessed man one who is

truly happy and truly blessed one who is

thankful because his sins have been

forgiven what does the word bless it

mean usually you know we understand the

word blessing you know means truly happy

indescribably happy it's an exuberant

proclamation of the happy state of those

who experience God's forgiveness now

blessings are not necessarily linked to

the health and wealth but to the

assurance that an experience that one

lives out under God's guardship and that

we're under his faithful care the

problem with this is that today we

attribute blessings to our material

possessions every time you hear the word

blessing today it's linked to a

scholarship one may have gotten to go to

school or I got the dream job or I got a

raise I have a wonderful family I have

good health you know it's it's you know

our church is thriving like these are

the things that we attribute blessings

do and don't get me wrong I think those

things are good those things are

blessings and those things come from God

but the true meaning of blessing goes

beyond all of that you know the true

meaning of blessing is associated with

the realization that we have been

forgiven from our sins even though we

did not deserve to be forgiven you know

it goes beyond that and I think this is

why poor people are also blessed people

who may not have a house or a car or a

steady job or whatever like if you if

you travel you know overseas and you

might not even have to go overseas you

know here in the city of Boston you may

encounter people who may not have as

much as you or me and yet inwardly

they're truly blessed they're happy you

know this is this is this is the meaning

of blessing it's being happy extremely

happy content you know with their lives

because they understand that they're

lessings are not linked to material

possessions and when we do this we're

walking in the Lord's way why because

sometimes when we cling to our material

possessions we run the risk of

disappointment our financial situation

can change overnight you can either lose

your job or you can either lose your

health there are very wealthy people in

our society that don't have good health

and they can enjoy all that stuff can

they still consider themselves blessing

blessed if they've known the true God

the God of David you know they can't

consume this themselves blessed

regardless of their health regardless of

their status and this is you know why we

consider ourselves blessed at the cord

being blessed deals with spiritual

things one quick look to the New

Testament shows us that you know the one

translation in the ESV there are a

hundred twelve references to the words

blessed blessing or blessed and none of

which you know connect blessings to

material prosperity I'm just going to

read this very quickly you don't have to

look for them but just just bear with me

and listen to this the Beatitudes in

Matthew listen to what it says blessed

are the poor in spirit blessed are those

who mourn blessed are those who are

persecuted for righteousness' sake

blessed are you when others revalue and

persecute you this isn't Matthew let's

see what what's in Luke blessed that

rather are those who hear the word of

God and keep it in Romans 47 blessed are

those whose lawless deeds are forgiven

this is paul in romans and he's quoting

guess what he's quoting psalm 32 you see

the language blessed are those who

lawless deeds are forgiven blessed is he

whose transgression is forgiven same

thing in James blessed is the man who

remains steadfast under trial and in

Revelation blessed are the dead who

would love who die in the Lord from now

on blessed are those who are invited to

the marriage supper of the Lamb there is

no hint of material prosperity or

perfect synchronous in any of these

Testament references on the contrary

blessing here is typically connected to

either trial or you know the spiritual

blessings of being joined with Christ

through faith so why then do we only

consider ourselves bless when we have

our materials needs taking care of being

bless refers to those receiving God's

favors regardless of their circumstances

in David's case his joy he's

thankfulness did not come from from from

his wealth he was he was the king of the

land he had everything he could have

ever wanted he had all the money all the

property all the women he didn't need

anything and yet when he writes about

being blessed he's talking about the

fact that he had been forgiven from his

sin that's what he writes about as the

king of the nation he was not fully

satisfied in his earthly blessings his

satisfaction his inward joy and true

happiness his peace of mind came knowing

that the God who created him loved him

so much and was willing to forgive his

evil deeds right what he had done you

know with Bathsheba and Uriah the Bible

here is telling us that in the midst of

older circumstances we do can be blessed

and we too can be thankful this is how

the poor experience got the broken in

spirit in verse 1 David is saying that

blessed is the one who transgression is

forgiven and whose sin is covered

transgression basically means it's an

act that goes against the law or rule of

conduct it's an offense it's something

bad that you do that you you know you're

not supposed to do some 32 it's also

cited in the in the New Testament as we

saw Paul was talking about this now when

Paul says in Romans 4 blessed are those

who lawless deeps are forgiven and her

soon discover he is introducing David as

another exam

of righteousness by faith he's

introducing he's he saying that David's

righteousness was not based on his works

because if he had been based on his work

he would have been dead he saying no his

righteousness is through his face

through the faith that he decided to

place in Christ he said like he said

lighting that we too can be justified by

our faith in Christ regardless of our

past regardless of whatever we may be

doing it's not by our good deeds that we

have access to this grace it's by our

faith in Christ just like David doesn't

matter what you do you know the law is

willing to forgive so true blessing is

found in the forgiveness of sin and the

good thing about this is that God wants

to forgive us he does from the beginning

his character you know has been a

gracious and merciful Father willing to

forgive his people in Exodus when Moses

you know went back a second time you

know to get you know the the

commandments listen to what Moses said

about God you know after after he had

come down he saw the people were doing

the evil you know in front of God he

broke the commandments and all those

things he went back up back up just to

speak with God and get a new set of

tables and listen to what he said the

Lord the Lord a God merciful and

gracious slow to anger and abounding in

steadfast love and faithfulness keeping

steps at love steadfast love for

thousands forgiving iniquity and

transgression of sin this is the

character of god this is moses back in

Exodus talking about God you know and

he's introducing God as a loving God

who's willing to forgive David consider

himself blessed because he knew the Lord

had forgiven him now God forgiveness is

something that we're not supposed to

take lightly but unfortunately we do we

don't give it a second thought to the

fact that we've been forgiven and we go

about our lives as if it's not a big

deal and I think some people call this

cheap grace when we don't realize what

God has done for us

we've gotten used to the fact that we've

been forgiven and we no longer feel like

we need to thank the Lord for that every

time we thank the Lord for our blessings

we're thanking him God thank you because

you heal my daughter thank you because

you gave me that race thank you big and

those things are great and that's okay

and we should thank God for those things

all I'm saying here is let's not forget

to thank the Lord for His forgiveness in

our lives he forgives us on a daily

basis on a weekly basis on a monthly

basis on a yearly basis so add that to

your prayer list you know and as you're

thanking the Lord just thinking again to

God thank you i'm not taking for granted

that you died for me on the cross that

you continue to forgive me regardless of

my flaws you know just acts just throw

that in there now listen to this i want

to use a passage from the New Testament

to kind of illustrate what our attitude

to worst you know this realization that

we've been forgiven should be like we

can go to Luke chapter 7 verse 36 350

Luke chapter 7 first 33 250 and I'm just

going to read this really really quick a

sinful woman is forgiven one of the

Pharisees asked him to eat with him and

he went into the Pharisees house and

reclined at the table this is Jesus who

had been invited to have dinner with

someone and behold a woman of the city

who was a sinner when she learned that

he was reclining when she learned that

he was reclining at a table in the

Pharisees house brought an alabaster

flask of anointment and standing behind

him at his feet weeping she began to wet

his feet and with her tears and 2 to wet

his feet with her tears and wiped them

with her hair of her head and kiss his

feed and anointed them with the ointment

now when the Pharisees who had invited

him saw this

he said to himself if this man were a

prophet he would have known who and what

sort of woman this is who is touching

him for she is a center and Jesus

answering to him answering said to him

Simon I have something to say to you and

he answer say teacher and I love just

the way that Jesus goes about

confronting people he said a certain

moneylender had two doctors 105 hundred

denarii and the other 50 when they could

not paid he cancelled the depth of both

now which of them will love him more

Simon answered the one I suppose for

whom he cancelled the larger depth

logical right then turning towards the

woman he said to Simon do you see this

woman I enter your house you gave me no

water for my feet but she has wet my

feet with her tears and wiped them with

her hair you gave me no kiss but from

the time I came and she has not ceased

to kiss my feet you did not anoint my

head with oil but she has anointed my

feet with ointment therefore I tell you

her sins which are many are forgiven for

she loved much but he who is forgiven

little loves little and he said to her

your sins are forgiven

why do you think about this I can only

imagine this guy's reaction as Jesus was

telling him that and I think I think the

attitude of this woman illustrates what

our response ought to be towards cries

after realizing how much we've been

forgiven but the problem is that we

choose to identify with with this

Pharisee guy we're good we're blessed

you know we're not as thinner as this

person you know like we don't need to

like do all these things and yet you

know God rejoices in the ones of humble

spirit who bow down in worship who bowed

down and thank him for for the greatest

gift of his forgiveness I think this is

what David was trying to get at you know

when he was reciting this Psalm in front

of the congregation he was saying

blessed is he who transgressions are

being forgiving he was he's highlighting

the fact that our blessings are linked

to to this great thing that God did on

the cross for us to to being forgiven by

God so um problem is that when we get

used to our to to the fact that we've

been forgiven and we don't think much

about it you know I think we're

deceiving ourselves and I think this is

what what he was saying in verse 1 even

when he was saying blessed is the man

against whom the Lord counselor equity

and in whose spirit there is no deceit

defeat deals with not what what am I

trying to say deceit deals with ignoring

you know a reality that is present you

know lying to ourselves and trying to

cover a situation in front of others

keeping silence which is what he says in

verse 3 he says when I kept silent my

bones wasted away through my groaning

all day long david knew what he had done

his people didn't know but got new yet

he kept silent and then he says when I

kept silent referring to hiding his

and keeping him to himself he says that

his bones waste away through his

groaning all day long and here we see

David after this in verse 5

acknowledging his sin he says I

acknowledged my sin to you and you did

not cover my iniquity I said I will

confess my transgressions to the Lord

and you forgave the iniquity of my sin

David realizing what he had done he

decided I need to confess my sin to God

it's not just enough for me to be aware

of this I'm gonna confess my sin my sin

to God now why would he feel the need to

confess his sin to God when God is

omniscient you know when he knows it all

that will God knows you know it was like

you know he knows but I still need to

confess what happens when we confess our

sins we resolved to walk with God in

integrity and and very David

acknowledged a sin and he there's three

things that happen when we when we

confess our sins to God when Davy was

confessing his sin to God he was saying

I'm agreeing to turn from my sins he was

saying I am ensuring that i will not

conceal them from you or from myself i'm

recognizing my tendency to sin and i

would turn away from my sin this is what

he was doing what he was confessing his

sin before God now as Christians

sometimes we don't understand how

confession works because we feel so

guilty and that you know we always try

to confess our sins over and over and

over wondering you know if we have

forgotten something there are some

people who live in a constant state of

confessing confessing confessing there's

other Christians that believe that God

forgives them when they confessed but if

they die with unconfessed and they would

be forever lost maybe these people don't

understand that God wants to forget us

and he allowed his son to die for us so

that he could offer us pardon when we


we when we come to Christ he forgives

all the sins that we have committed we

don't need to confess all of our sins

from our past over and over again we

don't need to fear that God will reject

us if we don't keep our lives perfectly

clean I believe that we need to confess

our sins not because failure to do so

will make us lose our salvation of

because failure to acknowledge our sin

is it's it's it's a bad thing I think we

confess our sins because we need to do

because confessing our sins keeps us

honest before God and allows us to

experience fellowship with him it keeps

the communication channel open you know

because it is a two-way a two-way thing

so I I believe that our relationship

with God is secure and for that I am

thankful and and for that you know I

need to continue to work on my

relationship with God and come before

him and keep him posted on my doings and

my failings and you know it's it's it's

it's a relationship thing now psalm 32

look what happens in verses in verse by

i know i acknowledge my sink to you and

i did not cover my iniquity and i said i

will confess my transgressions to the

lord and you forgave the iniquity of my

sin therefore let everyone who is godly

offered prayer to you at a time where

you might be found he's telling here God

is oh it's it's willing and open to hear

us out we should come to him in prayer

we should seek to continue to

communicate with him certainly in the

rest of Great Waters they shall not

reach him you are hiding praise for me

you preserve me from trouble you

surround me with shouts of deliverance

um I will instruct you and teach you in

the way you should go I will counsel you

with my eye upon you be not like a horse

or a mule without understanding which

must be curbed with bit and brittle

or it will not stay near you here you

know maybe verse 9 verse 9 refers to the

fact of deceiving ourselves trying to be

like a horse on you who don't doesn't

understand the need to come to cart to

Christ and confess our sins the need to

be aware of our of our state not so that

we can live a life of guilt this is not

a thing would great what David is is is

referring to here but that that we might

be thankful realizing that God is

willing to forgive anything in verse 10

he says many other stores of the wicked

but the staff at love surrounds the one

who trusts in the lord and he wraps up

the psalm in verse 11 saying inviting

people to be glad in the Lord and to

rejoice we are aware of our sins but we

are not to be consumed by it we are not

to be you know guilty and morning all

the time about it we're supposed to be

glad and rejoice and the Lord knowing

that he has for giving us and he is

willing to forgive us no matter what we

do and he says shout for joy all you

upright in heart psalm 32 is the

fulfillment of a vow that David made to

God in Psalm 51 when he said verse 13 I

will teach the transgressors your ways

and sinners will return to you deliver

me from my blood guiltiness of God of my

salvation and my tongue will sing aloud

of your righteousness Oh Laura open my

lips and my mouth will declare your

praise in South 51 when he said this he

was telling God because you have

forgiven me because you'd be so thankful

to me I will vow to you to go out and

tell everyone what about what you have

done I'm going to tell others about your

mercy and your loving kindness and your

forgiveness and as a result of this

thing he writes

sound 31 and he share me with people

about his joy after being forgiven I

think as Christians who understand this

that we have been forgiven and who

understand everything we've been through

and everything the lore is willing to

forgive our duty is to go out and tell

others you know the same message God is

in the business of forgiving you God is

in the business of forgiving me no

matter what you've done true blessing is

found and the forgiveness of our sins in

being forgiven by a loving God who's

willing to forgive so this week I invite

you to go back to psalm 32 sometime in

your own personal time we've got and

read it over again meditate in this all

you know think about you know David

story think about your own story think

about the relationship you have with God

and and just thank the Lord for your

life for your circumstances for your

situation and ask him to give you you

know to put others in your in your path

to whom you could you know walk to and

share about the blessing of being

forgiven Christ that's great dear God

thank you for your word that it's new

and refreshing every day thank you for

the privilege to give us to meditate in

your word thank you for being in the

business of forgiving us no matter what

God I pray that this week you'll help us

find times to come before you and

confess our sins rejoicing in the fact

that you are good and that you want to

have a relationship with us thank you

Lord for your word you will abide in our

hearts and we turn to you day after day

with Thanksgiving

your name we pray