It is I. Do not fear!

I want to lead your attention or direct

your attention to the Gospel according

to Matthew chapter 14 verses 23 to 34

Matthew 14 23 beginning at verse 23 and

I want to start reading it so in the

interest of time it's a well-known

passage where Jesus comes to the aid of

his disciples as they're being attacked

by a terrible storm

it says that immediately Jesus made the

disciples get into the boat and go on

ahead of him to the other side while he

dismissed the crowd after he had

dismissed them he went up on a

mountainside by himself to pray

and when evening came he was there alone

but the boat was already a considerable

distance from land buffeted by the waves

in other words attacked moved the back

and forth by the waves because the wind

was against it verse beginning verse 20

we are now in verse 23 now during the

fourth watch of the night during the

fourth watch of the night Jesus went out

to them walking on the lake we're

heading on now on verse 25 the

projection there verse 25 walking on the

lake when the disciples saw him walking

on the lake they were terrified it's a

ghost they said and cried out in fear

but Jesus immediately said to them take

courage it is I don't be afraid I mean

he probably said a little more excited

than that no take courage it is I don't

be afraid Lord if it is you Peter

replied tell me to come to you on the


come he said then Peter got down out of

the boat walked on the wall

and came toward Jesus but when he saw

and this is that this is for me it's

sort of one of the crucial moments in

this entire narrative but when Peter saw

the wind he was afraid he became afraid

and what happened beginning to sink

cried out lord save me immediately Jesus

reached out his hand and caught him you

of little faith he said why did you

doubt and when they climbed into the

boat the wind died down then those who

were in the boat worshiped him saying

truly you are the son of God when they

had crossed over they landed at

Gennesaret and when the men of that

place recognized Jesus they said word to

all the surrounding country people

brought all their sick to him and begged

him to let the sick just touch the edge

of his cloak and all who touched them

were healed praise the Lord father we

commit this passage to you open it up

before our eyes open it up before our

spirits and maybe maybe your mouth

speaking this morning to your people who

need the sustenance of your word in

Jesus name Amen and amen this morning I

found myself praying as before I began

my sermon kind of preparation and I

usually take the very early morning to

do that and having had a very busy

weekend hadn't had the opportunity to

really even consider what I was going to

pray this morning I knew that God had a

passage for us and that he was going to

provide but I have no sense of uh you

know I mean there's so many passes you

can choose from Scripture and I'd like

to really deliver something that comes

right from the heart of God and as I as

I was praying I found myself praying in

a using imagery from this passage and it

was about remaining focused on Christ as

opposed to focusing my attention on


the trials of life and other

difficulties and challenges of life but

rather to remain focused on the power

and the lordship of Jesus and so I said

as I literally as I prayed that prayer

at around 6 a.m. the Lord said to me was

this your passage and and it was it was

so apropos regarding the time that we

are living as a congregation here we

need to just remain focused on Jesus our

supplier our provider our Jehovah Jireh

the the one who fills every need and so

I said yes I'm gonna dedicate you know

my my my meditation on this idea and you

know this passage so incorporates this

this thought that our our power to

overcome any situation in life and you

name whatever trial you're going through

whatever situation you're facing right

now it may be a negative situation or

maybe simply a challenge you may be a

student and you know you got homework to

do and you got exams to take and you got

a graduation to work toward you want a

promotion in your job and you're having

a little bit of challenges in being up

to speed and what's required of just too

technologically whatever you know that

the solution though our hope in any

situation that we find ourselves in life

as Christians is to remain focused on

the person of Jesus Christ and his power

amen his presence in our lives his

faithfulness his promises the

methodology of the kingdom that he has

so taught us through his teaching and

his word in the whole word that

surrounds Jesus life and teaching and

there was another element that was in my

mind I remember as I prayed that this


you know last Sunday after we left here

on my first Sunday returning from my

sabbatical I knew my wife knew that we

had to get up at 1:31 a.m. Monday

morning that say the next day to go with

a bunch of crazy prophetic people to

walk the freedom trail to wage spiritual

warfare and to bless the City of Boston

and the area of New England we were

doing this and by the way was a glorious

time we spent five six hours walking a

two-and-a-half mile Freedom Trail with

14 I think it is stops of 16 14 16 stops

that mark part of the history of the

revolution and you know the beginnings

of the American nation and so on and so

forth and if you've never done the

Freedom Trail I really encourage you to

do if you go up into the internet Google

there's all kinds of resources how you

can do it on your own even and learn

about each of those stops long story I

could spend the whole summer just

relating to you Friday before I came on

Sunday I had gone to a service where we

had been called a bunch of pastors here

Latino pastors to hear from a prophetess

woman who's a prophet from from Costa

Rica and she had had a revelation of God

regarding precisely that play the

freedom trail and it was so mysterious

and the way that we arrived at this

conclusion that it was the Freedom Trail

and so on was amazing just you know

really out of a page from the first

century from the book of Acts how many

know that God is still moving in this

time in history he's the same God the

gifts of the Spirit have not disappeared

or anything even remotely like that

anyway back in Costa Rica they had had a

revelation about a serpent that was

acting like a sort of a constricting

holding back influence on the the

revival that God wants to bring into

this part of the world New England

Boston and the nation God wants to bring

revival to America and America is not

post Christian at all I think if

anything is just pre-christian but

certainly not post Christian but you

know this prophet had a revelation about


this serpent that kind of weight

exercises a passive resistance against

revival and the progress of the church

in this area and of course a serpent is

a symbol for a demonic influence you may

remember that months ago I preached

among the things that I was preaching in

my sermon was about this dream that I

had of a serpent that was sort of coiled

and I could see part of it I couldn't

see its head I couldn't see its tail but

I knew that part of it was a sort of

coiled and running along the basement of

my house don't get scared I I believe

I'm a man of God and I serve the Lord so

don't don't read too much into that the

Satan invades whatever place you know he

cares and he wants to and but I did see

that I was walking you know I knew

exactly what part of our basement I was

seeing and I could see this greenish

muscular thick body of a serpent kind of

just resting it was not angry I was I

didn't feel that I was in any kind of

immediate danger but I knew that it was

there and that it needed to be addressed

and confronted and so on long story but

I I spoke about that and then a pastor

friend of mine Sergio Perez who was a

man of God and serves a church in a part

of the city here had had a dream

independently of my dream and he called

me one day and said Roberto I had this

dream of a serpent

that is huge and it sort of extends all

over this New England region and that

it's exercising just an influence

holding back things and and I couldn't

see its body it looked like he had just

refreshed its skin you know servants are

known to snakes just to shed their old

skin and you know it was there I didn't

feel any danger about it but it was just

wild around this area

and I just felt that it was stopping

things it was a calm it was holding back

the blessing of God on this region and

so he called me and then I shared with

him my own dream that I had had and I

have had other dreams of a similar

nature with different kinds of imagery

that speak about the same thing of

containment holding back this power in

this area that holds back the progress

of the church and the blessing of the


well this prophet back in Costa Rica had

had a very similar dream connected to

this Freedom Trail the history of New

England and so on and long story because

maybe someday I'll take time to share

all the pieces overnight that's not

really where I want to go centrally but

you know the idea was to go and to visit

walk the entire trail but there were

five places where she felt that they

were places of power that needed it this

this influence needed to be confronted

and we we had a glorious time we prayed

through this entire Freedom Trail and we

were absolutely blessed half of the time

I I was praying to the Lord that we

would not be arrested simply you know

making so much noise and moving around

the city of Boston but it was just a

beautiful beautiful time I believe that

we we achieved some major breakthroughs

in that and that we will continue seeing

the blessing stuff that I don't think

were the only ones praying for these

things but the fact that we were obeying

a prophetic word and that we were acting

in obedience was really huge but then

you know afterwards I found myself

thinking that well if we believe that we

have achieved something in the realm of

the Spirit you know now we need to stop

focusing so much on that serpent

and we need to start just declaring the

lordship of Jesus Christ over this

region amen you know we can do both we

can wage a spiritual warfare we can

declare the defeat of Satan but we also

need to declare the lordship of Jesus

Christ and many times declaring the

power of God and asserting the

superiority of Jesus Christ over any

demonic influence can be an extremely

effective weapon of spiritual warfare

and we can apply this to our lives as

well many times were like you know crazy

rebuking Satan and you know fighting

against the demons and and complaining

to God that those demons that are

attacking us and so on and so forth

instead of you know saying hey Jesus

Christ is the Lord in my life I do not I

refuse to accept any ownership of Satan

in my life I wash myself in the blood of

Jesus Christ and I declare that Christ

reigns in my home Christ reigns in my

body Christ reigns in my family my

finances my health and you know beep use

that positive conviction of the benign

power of God in your life as a weapon of

spiritual warfare we can do both

actually it's not either/or but we need

to remain focused on the person of Jesus


you might remember years ago that dream

that I had that is the reason why we're

here in Boston and our church is called

congregation Lion of Judah that dream of

this swarm of venomous poisonous spiders

huge spiders arresting over the

skyscrapers of the City of Boston

exercising just a passive influence over

the city by their presence these these

were huge tarantulas full of venom and

very intelligent I sensed intelligence

in them but but then you know my eyes

were led to look on top of that scene of

skyscrapers that the downtown area of

Boston serpent rather spiders over those

skyscrapers way on top the face of a

I'm looking confidently benignly

sovereignly over that whole scene and in

the dream I I knew that by looking he

was exercising a superior influence he

was in control in other words he knew I

was going on he was not perturbed he was

not surprised he was just a vigilant and

probably overseeing a process that he

was allowing for his own sovereign

reasons to go on until a certain moment

in time when he would act differently

but then from where I was standing I

looked at that lion's head which was

human in at the same time with eyes that

were very powerful and loving and wise

and I declared from my point at a street

level looking afar as a screen this

entire scene and I pointed my finger

through the Serpent's through the

skyscrapers through that lion's head and

I said three times you are the Lord you

are the Lord you are the Lord in Spanish

and I think God understood what I was

saying even though I was saying in

Spanish and it was an assertion I was my

spirit was led to just to proclaim yes

what you're saying to me is that you are

sovereign over everything that is

happening in this city that you are

ultimately in control and sometimes you

know just the idea of declaring Christ's

sovereignty as I think we did in one of

the courses that we sang this morning

this is lordship I mean the whole

worship was centralized around this idea

and maybe we can sing one of those just

a bit as we end this idea that the

sovereignty of Christ you know we see so

many things happening in America right


all over the world North Korea Turkey

the Middle East

you know Iran with the nuclear bomb and

you know intimations of disaster

everywhere the polarization in our

country the hopelessness the suicide

rates that the violence the the mass

killings and you know we are tempted to

just focus on the storm and and to think

you know all hope is lost

and to fill ourselves with anxiety and

with fear and pessimism but God is

inviting his church to remain focused on

Jesus Christ on his unchanging purposes

on his church being invincible Jesus has

said that the gates of Hell shall not

prevail against the church you know why

I'm not scared about what's happening in

America people think that America is

becoming too secularized and that the

church somehow is gonna be swept into

the sea and that you know church is

gonna become empty all of a sudden and

nobody's wanna go want to follow the

Lord I'm not concerned about that

because that's a promise

there is a testament that was left 2000

years written in this in the words of

scripture that says that the the gates

of Hades shall not prevail against the

church and I know that at the end of the

word of God there is a promise that we

will be victorious that the Church of

Jesus Christ is here to stay and that

when all history has ended when time and

space become totally irrelevant the

Church of Jesus Christ will be here to

reign forever with our Lord and no

cultural fluctuation no no change in

politics or finances or sociology will

change the fact that God is committed to

his people he is committed to goodness

justice will prevail goodness will

prevail grace will prevail the plans of

God will prevail on human history and we

should not fear the ultimate results in

that process yes there is flux there is

change there are things that happen but

we should remain focused on the person

of Jesus Christ and his power we need to

be Christ centered God spoke to me

during this sabbatical about that I need

to remain centered on Jesus Christ I

cannot allow myself to be distracted by

the the quotidian by the daily coming

and going of life you know sometimes as

pastors we are so distracted by all the

things and

necessary by the finances of the church

by the crisis of people in the church by

the problems by the counseling by the

need to preach a sermon every Sunday or

Wednesday by all the difficulties and

the daily concerns of ministry and you

know the thing that the devil wants most

is to just wear us out and wear us down

to wear our armor down to take our sword

and - you know blunted and take away the

enthusiasm the passion by simply being

distracted with all the little things

you know the devil loves to kill us a

little bit at a time he doesn't

necessarily throw a grenade at us he

just takes a little we call it in

cuchito they Paulo a little wooden knife

and just saw shadows a little bit at a

time until he gets through and we need

to keep our eyes on Jesus I think we

need to take time every every once in a

while during the day many times a day to

refresh our awareness of the presence of

Christ in our lives the great mystics

throughout history have talked about

that that we need to and refresh the

presence of God that's why they pray you

know in monasteries you have all these

hours of praying where the monks come

into the holy place and and they pray

again and again because you know life

can just take your eyes off of Jesus and

lead you to kind of focus on the

concerns on the attacks on the

difficulties on the problems and before

you know it you've lost your your sense

of direction this is what happened to

Peter in this passage you know this

passage has so many wonderful things and

I've already preached some of it as I've

gone but you see here many things that

help us to deal with situations of

stress and difficulty in our life the

first thing I've seen verse 22 it says

that Jesus made the disciples get into

the boat you know these disciples are

going to enter into a great trial

they're going to enter into a storm that

will threaten to destroy their lives and

to just have them perish in

this huge lake which is so big and we've

been there in Galilee that it seems like

a sea and Jesus tells them get into the

boat and wait for me on the other side

so it is Jesus that is making them get

into the boat they're not doing it out

of coincidence and you ask yourself what

did Jesus know what they were gonna get

into I believe that he did he was God

and we have all kinds of declarations in

Scripture that he knew the future the

past the present and so on he knew what

was going to happen to them and yet he

tells them get on the boat and go

without me and wait on the other side I

will join you there how is he going to

join them everything he knew that he was

gonna be walking on water and that he

was going all that was gonna happen was

in place and that that leads me to

something which is that you know many

times we find ourselves in situations of

difficulty it's one of things that we

need to learn as believers that you know

God is always in control even of the

trials in our life many times God in His

sovereignty under standing will lead us

into trials and temptations not because

he wants to do harm to us but because he

wants to strengthen us he wants to forge

this weapon that he's gonna use for the

blessing of humanity he wants to

strengthen our faith he wants to

exercise us in our belief and our trust

in Him he wants to break us trials do

all of those things and so many other

things when you find yourself without a

job and you know the finances are

lacking and so on and so forth I mean

are you gonna commit suicide as so many

people do are you gonna just trust in

the Lord and wait

heavenly spiritual warfare and use those

weapons of our warfare which are not

fleshly to find the solution and to have

a breakthrough in your life and God

sometimes you know I don't like to

apologize for God sometimes you say oh

there's this passive will of God and the

active will I understand all that

but there are times in your life well

God Himself will put you into the fire

and the one thing that you can trust

though is that he has every intention to

have you come out of that victorious and

escape god never tests you

to destroy you or to humiliate you or to

you know somehow we can you he tests you

to strengthen you to teach you a lesson

to prepare you to be more powerful and

to be more ready for the next trial that

then you can become victorious so much

more quickly

God is the consummate teacher and he

uses the events of life and the

circumstances of life to form and shape

his people because the ultimate concern

of God is that we become like Christ and

we know that sometimes trials

difficulties are the best way to break

us to break our pride our self

sufficiency our bad temper our tendency

to criticize to feel superior to others

to be overly dependent on ourselves and

our own resources all of those things

and many more that I could mention here

trials difficulties the awareness of our

weakness without God work toward

improving and making making us better

and I know that without that trial and

testing and moments of great weakness

and deficit we cannot become like Christ

God will not be able to use a man or

woman until he has broken them

completely until you have found yourself

sobbing in your bed and acknowledging

that only he can deliver you from a

situation and sometimes at the moment of

weakness in our life are the moments of

greatest strength the Apostle Paul knew

that and God himself gave the Apostle

Paul it says a thorn in his flesh to

keep him humble so that the devil would

not have advantage over his life so you

know it helps me every day in my life to

know nothing in my life happens outside

of the will of God

it's not like God is having lunch while

the devil is doing something and then he

has to rush over to try to solve the

situation God knows he's sovereign God

there's nothing lost on him your life is

in the hands of God from the moment that

you enter into this intimate

relationship of God you are his as that

chorus was saying in Jesus is in the

midst of your life and everything that

happens in your life every micro detail

the most minut movements of your by our

are being determined by God for your

good he has a good purpose as in your

life I read Jeremiah 29:11 last Sunday

for I know the purposes in the plans

that I have for you plans to bless you

and to give you a future not to harm you

and God is always operating in the micro

dimension of a life on behalf of his

people and that gives me confidence it

leads me to when I mean in situations of

great trial and testing to ask Lord not

why are you allowing this to happen and

how could this happen if I'm your

servant knows Lord what are you trying

to teach me how can I learn from this

how can I grow stronger

how can I exercise the the weapons that

you have given me the the resources that

you have given me to come out of this

stronger than ever and to see your glory

being manifest that's why for example I

said last Sunday yes Greg is leaving us

and you know it's a huge loss for all of

us his colleagues and you know the

church and the English ministry in

particular has been so related that to

him but I also know that there's a

reason for that and there's a reason

that applies to his life and his

family's life and to our life as well

and that if God is in control he knows

the best and everything would be okay

we just need to confront the situation

with godly principles and we need not

fear because every everything would be

alright and what we need to do is not

panic not fear not get all hype and just

declare the goodness of God God is not

asleep he neither slumbers wasn't no

sleeps it says something like that right

everything works for the best in the

life of a chosen one so Jesus makes his

disciples go into the boat knowing then

knowing that he's initiating them into a

very very difficult time in their life

it's interesting I said that while he

dismissed the crowd you know this

passage is so eloquent is so full of a

teaching but while he dismissed the

crowd it has always impacted me why


this is that loving detail-oriented

Christ who is taking the time he has

been with this crowd of people preaching

to them

he has just fed them these 5,000 with

loaves of bread you you see the story

here and fish and so on and he has

taught them some wonderful lessons and

but then he wants to like you know a

master weaver he wants to put the final

touches on his teaching and he wants to

dismiss this crowd in peace and he wants

to bless them as they go on to their


he doesn't want to just say well guys

get out of here we're through I got to

the next stage of our mission no he

takes time to bless him it says in

another passage interesting enough that

when when the multitude experienced this

multiplication of fish and loaves of

bread and so on they wanted to make

Jesus King they thought yes you know

he's the one who's gonna free us from

the Romans and so on and so forth they

became exalted it was almost like there

was a threat of of a or an uprising to

make Jesus King and I believe that maybe

he wanted to just hey say hey guys it's

not my time yet and this is not my

mission I'm on to something else

these miracles have a certain purpose

now relax chill and you know keep

praying and waiting the time will come

later on and so you know this is this

this detail oriented Christ who loves

his people takes time to finish his

lessons before he dismisses them is this

loving Christ who is in control of your

life he cares for you the Bible says

that you know we sing this hymn that

that God cares for the birds of the air

he cares for the flowers and if he cares

for my new things that have no

utilitarian value except to adorn the

world how much for us when you compare

one leaf to the beauty that is a human

being the the universe that lies within

a human being and yet God takes care of

those plants you know and loves them as

much as he cares for you he's the

combination of his creation and so you

know this did this this loving Christ he


he loves us with the apple of his eye

and he has called you for purpose he has

called you for success he has called you

for goodness he has called you for grace

and you need to fill your life with that

expectancy of wonderful things that

gonna happen in your life you need to

reprogram yourself if you have lived a

life of fear and and failure and abuse

and victimization and so on you need to

ask the Lord to start reprogramming you

and to put you in our honor on an

intensive course to change the way you

look at the world and the way you look

at yourself and to begin expecting good

things that are gonna come to your life

if you expect good things in the Lord

they will materialize they will happen

in your life train yourself to expect

from that good Christ that reigns in

your life he wants you to have blessing

and sometimes yes he will put you

through testing and difficulties and

lack but I think the default position of

a child of Christ is one of sufficiency

blessing and at victory over the storm

that is my conviction so he dismisses

the crowd he goes by himself as went up

on a mountainside by himself to pray

that was the key to this to the success

of Jesus he prayed he prayed like crazy

why did the son of God pray I think it

was more like just to refocus himself it

was to intercede on behalf of his people

sometimes I pray just because I need to

like my iPhone I need to connect it to

get some more juice from the presence of

God you know when I'm connected and I'm

praying I I feel like you know just the

energy of God is going through me I

don't care what I say I don't think it

ultimately I don't know that it matters

so of you know if you are connected to

Christ in prayer in reverence and

submission he's reading he's scanning

your biology he's scanning your

neurology he is scanning your brain and

he is blessing blessing blessing every

area of your life just connect to Jesus

you need to pray because as I say the

the cares of life

and the the demands of the quotidian

will SAP the sense of the presence of

God in your life and you know me my

favorite time for prayers early in the

morning before I leave my house or

before even my wife gets up if at all

possible I'd like to take that time to

be prepared and I am deathly afraid of

leaving my house without having

presented myself and my family and my

church and my loved ones to the Lord and

declaring the goodness of God in my life

and everything around me and and that

gives me peace and you know you cannot

depend on Sunday you know many

Christians they come on Sunday and it's

very religiously and even

superstitiously they believe that by

coming on Sunday sitting down on their

bed with their best dress on and

spending an hour and a half a couple of

hours that somehow okay they've done

their job and then they can wait until

the next week you got to pray everyday

you got to pray many times a day the

Apostle Paul says pray without ceasing

prayer is the breathing mechanism of the

church prayer is what keeps you tethered

to God your attention on him on the

principles and promises of God you need

to pray preemptively you need to pray

remedial e you need to pray when

everything is going well and when

everything is going wrong when you are

in prosperity and blessing and health

pray like when you put savings into the

bank for the time when things may go

wrong later on but you have to pray

always continually for that day of evil

that we spoke about there in Ephesians

chapter 6 okay so you he stay he's in

prayer he's praying for them you know

the another passage I believe it's John

I'm not sure which one because there are

parallel passages of this narrative says

that Jesus could see them where he was

from and when you've been to the sea of

galilee you can see that there are

mountains around and you know you could

conceivably see from there this is the

needed topological advantage but you

know it

was an additional thing he could see

them from where he was praying and he

could see that they were in trouble but

he keeps praying you see he intercedes

with him Jesus is always watching us

he is always aware of the most minut

movements of your soul when you are

sweating bullets and thinking that God

is a thousand billion miles away he's

right there looking at you praying for

you wanting you to come through

victoriously he delights in his children

coming in passing the test with an A+

the devil wants you to get an F but

Christ wanted to get an A+ write that

down somewhere and remember that okay it

says the the the boat was buffeted by

the waves because the wind was against

it you know many times we have the wind

against us and you will have the wind

against you many other times in your

life this world this world is a fallen

dimension sin penetrates it it is a sad

that creation it's not a creation that

God put forth on the day of creation

fallen human beings broken deformed our

our our psychologists twisted our

emotions our undependable the economy of

this universe of this cosmos is

completely warped and broken and we move

in this world and we move in a world

that is also inhabited by demonic beings

I want to kill maim destroy steal Mar

the image of God in us and every day

we're walking through this radioactive

wasteland and yet somehow God invites us

to remain aware of his presence his love

even in the midst of the greatest storms

of life remember that God life cannot

give you any good thing willingly even

if it wanted to the devil certainly

can't and the only one that guarantees

your success and your blessing

is Jesus Christ in your life the wind

may come against you many times they

will it will but with Christ in your

boat you can be sure that there is no

destruction he will come out stronger

than ever but remain trusting in him

when those storms began to boil in your

life it says that on the fourth watch of

the night on the fourth watch of the

night and I'm gonna invite our

worshipers to get ready so that you guys

can be encouraged that I'm gonna finish

this sermon soon on the fourth watch of

the night you know what time that was

the fourth watch of the night where a

system established by the Romans three

hour intervals of 12 hours it was

between 3 and 6 a.m. between 3 and 6

a.m. and he had that he had said goodbye

to them when I was light so these poor

devils were in there in the sea being

taught by the storm the whole night

you know just rowing and going around in

circles they couldn't break the the

current and there's Jesus watching this

whole thing praying for them and not

intervening is it because a Jesus

somehow is you know just just reveled in

their agony no I think that again there

was a time God has a time for everything

as I said God doesn't arrive too early

or too late and he he knows exactly the

moment when you are ripe for an

intervention he as I say he wants to

perfect you he wants to work in your

life and sometimes you may think you

know this is that God I'm through I

don't have anything else left and God

says no no I know you you have more in

there still that can come out you know

the Bible says in 1 passage that nothing

that is not human has come into our life

to attack us and God gives the exit with

along with the test there's a solution

that comes with the test and God knows

how long you need know he will give you

more than you can deal with you know the

rivers will not overwhelm you the fires

will not burn you the Bible says there's

a lot in you that you more than you

think and many times the the trials just

being in the in the the oven it's gonna

take a while we have so many impurities

many times many times in us we have so

many deformations of character so many

deficiencies so many defects and even

sometimes we're asking God deliver me I

want to be free of this drug addiction I

want to be free of this mental addiction

or whatever and you know what deep

inside ourselves of constantly we're

saying no God not yet I love this too

much take a little bit more time if we

play games with ourselves and God reads

the true intimate messages of our soul

and he just says no I need you to wait

you need to there's still a lot of stuff

that needs to be taken out so God will

take his time many times I've known many

times that you know they're they're

their petitions that I have before the

Lord I've said that before decades and

God has still not answered them but I

keep presenting them to the Lord every

day like I wash my teeth I also present

my prayers before the Lord every day and

and I know that he has his moment and

his time even also we're waiting for

major revival in this area you know we

need to believe no in God's time and

moment it's not that serpent that many

of us have seen that is holding back

revival ultimately yes in an immediate

sense it is doing that but only because

God allows it the moment that God says

enough that serpent just has to flee it

will burst in a thousand pieces and be

completely scattered and destroyed

meanwhile the Church of Jesus Christ

does what we have to do we pray we

intercede we wage spiritual warfare we

declare the goodness of God we we serve

we preach the gospel we do the business

of the church here on earth and then God

has a piece of the whole puzzle and in

his time he will do what he needs to do

God always does things in the strategic

moment the specific special moment god

wants to in and will intervene in your

life exactly when you need it exactly

when he knows it may be in the fourth

watch of the night

That moment when you feel I can't take

it anymore you know they say that that

the moment of deepest darkness in the

course of the night is the moment right

before dawn and sometimes it is the

moment of despair when God then comes in

as Jesus does he comes walking on the

water I mean he could have create

another boat or something you know he

could have just appeared inside the boat

no but he again because he's a detail

oriented Christ he comes walking on the

water why as a signal of his superiority

over every storm in life his power his

lordship can you think of something more

graphic and poetic than walking on water

in the midst of a storm praise the Lord

you know Jesus wanted to just indelibly

put into their psyche an image that

would last them until the day of their

death Jesus walking on the water

sovereignty violating all the laws of

gravity and physics and saying I am the

Lord of lords I am the God of gods I am

the Son of God and I have control over

every storm of life and I care for you

and I will come to your rescue when you

need it all people of God I need to

believe that myself even as I preach it

Jesus is Lord yes Jesus is sovereign he

will not allow anything to happen in

your life for your destruction right now

I want you to breathe in the commitment

of God to your life he's committed for

the long term there may be loss and

crisis in your life but it's only for a

season it's only until the fourth watch

comes to attend and then the Lord will

come and you can walk on the water

yourself by the way this is why you know

we have that last detail there of a

Peter as as impossibly as always saying

lord if it's you well you know let me

walk on the water myself there's pride

and that but there was also to his

credit you know belief he was putting

his life on the line here that Jesus

could do that he said alright you you

you you have enough courage in you come

on let's see come on out and he comes

out and you know in as he why he is

moving based on the word of Christ that

Christ is giving him it was not the only

time that he had acted on the word when

he cast the nets for that miraculous

catch another beautiful passage that I

hope to talk about some point soon he

says Lord this is not the best time to

to fish but in your word I will cast the

net and so he's walking on the water

based on the word of Christ he said yeah

come on walk it is me and he starts

walking you know you can walk on the

water you can do great miracles in your

life you're gonna power over

circumstances you can it be an overcomer

you can take everything that the devil

tosses at you and you can just bat it

with a home run out of the field

if you have Christ in your life you can

walk on the waters just as Jesus did

mm-hmm but you have to keep your eyes on

him you have to keep yourself in total

communion with him you have to depend on

his power on his glory you have to be in

other intimate communion with him

never take your eyes off of Jesus never

let the trials and the details of life

wear you down to the point that you

stopped being in communion with this

powerful loving faithful Christ because

the moment you start thinking about the

devil too much or about the difficulty

of your situation or how intimidating it

is how insoluble the problems of life

that you are confronting the moment that

you become obsessed with the details of

the drama

that's the moment you start thinking


refused to do that refused to take the

bait and just obsessively obstinately

declare the lordship of Christ in your

life and is goodness amen

lower your head for a moment or close

your eyes or whatever it is but I want

you to say you know I believe that this

word that I have received that today is

from God it's not from a man it's not

from some sort of overly enthusiastic

preacher intoxicated with his own

rhetoric it is the Word of God for my

life right now

and I receive it and I accept it and I

confess it come on you can do that right

now and if you have not established your

relationship with that Christ that I'm

talking about and you want to do it

right now I even invite you to come

forward or raise your hand and

invitation to Christ to come into your

life or invite him deep inside your soul

but make make a move why don't you move

actively toward that Christ right now

and he will draw near to you he says

draw near to me and I will draw near to

you why don't you make a move of your

will and God can read that kind of

motion and he will draw near I want you

to invite Christ whatever it is that you

need right now you may need the

emotional healing you you may be dealing

with a crisis in your life there may be

some situation right now that seems

absolutely without solution oh if you

have Jesus in your life

if you have given your life to him if

you have committed yourself to him

you have acknowledges lordship you have

acknowledge his divinity he is the

Christ he's the same today yesterday

forever so I invite you to invite Christ

into your life right now invite him into

your life and confess your dependency

and your trust in him this morning

hallelujah let no one leave this place

without a sense of the the presence and

the company of God in your life asking

to forgive you for thinking somehow that

you could survive without him one

millisecond and make him the the the

continued presence in your life and

thrown him put him in the center of your

life that beautiful chorus Christ at the

center hallelujah so father yes I know

that there are people right now

reaffirming their belief in you and I

bless them yes Lord

I pray that you will break through their

hearts their minds that if the enemy is

somehow waging artificial resistance in

their inner being that that bondage will

be broken right now father whether it's

intellectualism or or just suffering

from the past or in credulity whatever

might be unbelief father in Jesus name

we break through into their heart and we

pray for a fresh anointing for faith for

confidence trust in you wherever you

might be right now I bless you with a

fresh anointing of God

we declare that you will not drown your

boat will not perish Christ will be

there for you and with you just stay

close to him invite him into your life

keep him there through your affirmation

of your belief in him we invite you Lord

be with us be with your people may we

live like what we are absolutely

dependent on on you intoxicated with you

addicted to you we cannot survive

without you Christ and we thank you for

your promises of goodness and

faithfulness may your people leave this

place obsessed with that idea that you

are in control of their lives in every

detail and we give our life to you in

this church and its future we thank you

for your goodness