The gift of tongues and the fullness of the Holy Spirit

we dig into this I want to share a brief

testimony and then we'll pray a little

testimony about when I was first getting

to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior

I was 16 years old and I was raised in

the Catholic Church and very grateful

for my religious upbringing I learned a

lot about the Lord and and did my

parents taught me very well but when I

was 16 I started reading the New

Testament for myself and really

beginning to discover the the reality of

what it means to have a personal

relationship with Jesus I actually was

away from home for a summer staying with

relatives in Cape Cod just a summer

vacation thing I was working with some

friends of my cousins and my cousins

attended a Pentecostal church Assembly

of God now I had never been to a

Pentecostal church but they made a lot

of noise they sang they said praise the

Lord and did all kinds of weird things I

wasn't used to all right but to play on

the softball team you had to go to

church on Sunday something like okay why


and I was seeking frankly I really

appreciated that the sermons were right

from the Bible I found that interesting

I appreciated the personal nature of

people's relationship with God it really

meant something to them worked on a

construction site with some of these

people and I knew that their language

was a little bit different from their

co-workers language and they were happy

fun people I could see there was

something good so I visited the services

and I would sit through the singing time

slightly uncomfortable but I would sit

through the singing time and then I

would sort of tune into the sermon and I

was praying and starting to get to know

God in a personal way and one day at the

end of a sermon I'll never forget it I

was 16 years old it was the summer of

1984 if anyone wants to do the math and

I was 16 years old and they the sermon

was on the topic of suffering and it was

a deep sermon about how sometimes God

allows suffering in our lives and he

uses it to form us and I thought it was

just a profound message it was right

from the Bible and right near the end of

the message there was a prayer time and

we were praying

and I felt something different I felt it

was almost like water I could feel like

starting at the top of my head and just

trickling down and I felt something I

felt a presence in the room it was a it

was an incredible moment and I remember

in that prayer time looking down at the

floor and thinking I feel something I

don't know what I feel but I feel

something special going on right now and

then during that prayer time there was a

pause and a woman in the church a very

tiny little church there were maybe 30

or 40 people there stood up she happened

to be latina and she stood up and

started speaking in a language I had

never heard before and I thought that

must be Spanish it wasn't though she was

speaking in some language that I didn't

know and no one there seemed to know but

she was speaking this message apparently

in this unknown foreign language and as

she was talking that feeling increased

right near the top of my head just

trickling down and I was like what is

going on in this room then there was a

pause and then I don't know if it was

the same woman or someone else my eyes

were closed but somebody then spoke a

message in English and it was a message

that was clearly a message from God to

the people reinforcing what had been

said in the sermon saying my children

sometimes you will go through suffering

but I want you to know that I'm with you

and that I love you and that I have a

purpose and it's like God was speaking

right through that person and the words

were like each one of them was like a

water balloon going down my body I just

felt the presence of God and I

afterwards and I found myself crying I

had never done that before in church and

afterwards they asked my cousin I said

what was that and he said oh it was a

prophetic message in tongues that was

then interpreted and I'm like well thank

you that that elucidates things now I

get it completely right and like tongues

what's that's disguise

Tong's what what do you mean in tongues

what was she speaking was she speaking

Spanish it was a long time ago and he

says no no one knows what she was

speaking and I was like well could it

have been like some other language

French Arabic I don't know he said maybe

it was the language none of us know or

maybe it was an angelic tongue and I'm

like what he says yeah maybe angels talk

and maybe it was what they speak in

heaven and I'm like wow and I'm like

woah what was then the the English

message afterwards and he said well God

revealed to somebody the interpretation

of what she had said and it was a

message from God for the congregation

and I was like oh why why would God give

a message in some language no one knew

and then interpret it into English for

people that why would God do this and he

just shrugged he says I don't know but

it's in the Bible and he pointed to me

to some text in the Bible where the

Bible talks about it and I was like this

is wild I don't know what I think about

it but it blew my paradigms because at

that time I believed in God but I

believed in God as a very special idea

and I had a faith in God and I believed

in Jesus as a wonderful historical


you know like Gandhi and Martin Luther

King in Jesus right then I realized well

Jesus might be a little something more

than Gandhi and Martin Luther King and

maybe God is not some distant concept

maybe God is right here and he can do

things and he can speak to us and he can

do miracles and he can change our lives

it blew my paradigms and marked a

definitive moment in my own spiritual

process right around that time and just

to finish the story they gave an altar

call for people to come forward and

accept Jesus and I figured I'm Catholic

I don't know if I'm allowed to answer so

I'll just pray where I'm sitting right

so I was sitting right where I was

sitting and I prayed to accept Jesus in

my heart as my Lord and Savior

went home for a weekend it was the end

of July 1984 and decided I would share

it with my older sister with whom I'm

very close and before I could talk to

her she said Greg in the two months

you've been away I've started going to a

youth group at a local Protestant Church

and I think I've discovered that

Christianity is a personal relationship

with Christ and do you think I'm crazy

and I'm like you gotta be kidding me the

same thing that I was gonna tell her she

told me and that was my final little

miracle to push me over the edge or I

said Jesus I am in and then I went back

and I started actually enjoying some of

that singing and craziness and people

crying and stuff but I share that

because that experience of hearing a

prophetic message in in tongues in a

supernatural language was it fulfilled

something directly out of the Bible

where it teaches about how to use the

gift of speaking in tongues the gift of

speaking in an unknown supernatural

language in the church context that we

need to be careful not to just make

noise that'll freak out visitors

although every now and then things can

get noisy but we need to be sensitive to

visitors but sometimes God might give a

message in a foreign language and then

turn and translate it and it'll hit an

unbeliever to the heart and they'll say

God is really among you and that's

exactly what happened to me I'd never

read that text but I lived it

and so today I wanted to talk about as

promised as advertised last week I would

like to talk about the gift of tongues

today and how that fits not just

focusing on that gift but how it fits

into God's calling to us as a people to

be a supernatural people that are hungry

to experience the presence of God among

us that's what it's about it's not about

a specific manifestation it's about a

heart that says God I want everything

that you have for me hunger for God and

taking the lid off what God can and

can't do among us amen and being willing

for him to do unusual things in my life

and in our

Church so let's pray together father we

come before you and father I thank you

for the privilege of being part of a

church that believes in you and is open

to whatever you would do among us God I

know that we are not here by accident


you brought us because you have an

appointment with us and I thank you Lord

that there is always more in you God

that each day is better than the day

before in the spirit and Holy Spirit I

pray that you would move among us that

you would speak to us that you would

bring clarity but most of all that you

would spark a hunger in our hearts for

more that we would taste and see that

the Lord is good and that we would

acquire a taste for you

bless this time we pray in Jesus name

Amen but I actually did find a picture I

don't know if we have it my land a

picture of the gift of tongues this is a

special spiritual photograph of the gift

of tongues I don't know if we can show

know you did we weren't able to get that

down remember in the email okay we

weren't able to get it next time next

time well I'll show it to you some other

time okay it's anyway it's a long story

but I want to come back to this so if

you would open your Bibles and if you

have your notebooks and want to take

notes I'm going to talk about what was

experienced in the early church in

relation to this gift how the first

Christians experienced the gift of

tongues so if you'd open your Bibles to

the book of Acts chapter 1 in verse 8

and we're just going to go right through

the book of Acts so you're ready to do

some some thinking today some learning

we're gonna go through what the Bible

has to say about this

so the book of Acts chapter 1 verse 8

the book of Acts is the historical book

about the early Christians after Jesus

went to heaven okay so it's about Peter

and Paul and spreading the church and

and how the Holy Spirit worked through

them so in acts 1:8 they had just asked

the question Jesus are you now going to

restore the kingdom to Israel they

killed you you rose from the dead they

can never kill you again

let's take over you're the new king what

could they possibly do to stop us and

Jesus said yes but not quite yet it's

going to be different than you expect I

am going to be taken to the heavenly

dimension I'm gonna send to heaven and

I'm gonna be in the heavenly dimension

in the flesh but I'm gonna send my

spirit upon you from that dimension so

that through that spirit you are gonna

take over the world okay so he says not

for you to know the times and dates of

when the political kingdoms of this

world will come under the authority of

God but in verse eight he says but you

will receive power when the Holy Spirit

comes upon you and you will be my

witnesses in Jerusalem that's where they

were and in all Judea and Samaria the

region around and to the uttermost parts

of the earth in other words Jesus said

we are going to take over the world

together Jesus says I'm not just going

to take over the world by myself I'm

gonna take over this planet through you

by sending my spirit from the other side

and I'm gonna work through you and

you're gonna have supernatural power so

the Holy Spirit is actually is key

because Jesus is calling the shots from

the throne but his through his Spirit he

is actually present among us and so that

was his plan and that was fulfilled in

Acts chapter 2 and you can bring it up

in verse 1 I don't think I'm gonna read

the whole thing but they were all

together in one place waiting for God to

fulfill his promise so they're in an

upper room about 120 of them just

waiting and praying and just being up

there together and I I imagine I don't

imagine a bunch of spiritual superheroes

by the way I imagine Peter still

remembering that he denied the Lord

perhaps a little bit of bickering going

on up there

a crying baby or two you know

so people are in the upper room they're

praying they're waiting what's gonna

happen and one day there was the sound

of a rushing wind you know some of you

know the story it was on the day of the

feast of Pentecost which was the feast


in gathering for the Jews first fruits

in gathering from the harvest though

there was a sound of rushing wind and

and the house where they were was shaken

and and then they saw a visible science

fiction like manifestation of little

pieces tongues of fire became and rested

on each one of them and each one began

speaking in a language that they didn't

know they began speaking in tongues it

was so while there it is that's a

picture of the gift of tongues right

there there you go and that's a picture

of Pentecost it's happening right there

and then anyway you get the picture

let's move on so the the fire is on them

I have and they are experiencing this

they're speaking in languages they don't

know it was such a crazy moment that the

people down below apparently it was an

upper room with it was open you know

with a porch and open windows and people

are looking up at them thinking these

people are drunk out of their minds

right thought they were completely

intoxicated and that's when the Apostle

Peter gets up and says these people

aren't drunk is you suppose it's only

9:00 in the morning we haven't had time

you know these kind of makes a joke to

open his sermon but at that moment they

heard people speaking other languages

and they were languages that they

understood right so let's say you are

from Northern Honduras you would hear

God if we're not going on up there

you know we t banoffee that's the for

the one Garifuna to God he fulness in

the room and maybe you're from from

France you hear French maybe you're from

you hear your own language being spoken

by one of them so it was a gift of the

Holy Spirit where they were actually

declaring the wonders of God in

languages they didn't know but people

there did isn't that interesting it's

the opposite of what happened at the

Tower of Babel isn't it

remember the Tower of Babel when

everyone spoke one language and God

scattered them they all spoke different


well now it's as if God is saying I'm

now bringing the whole world together

again there's going to be a new Kingdom

on earth people from every tribe and

tongue and

and language and they're gonna

understand each other in the spirit and

I'm gonna have a new humanity on earth

I'm gonna fix what the devil broke and

so they're preaching and people are

hearing the gospel and Peter gets up and

under the power of the Holy Spirit this

man who just a month or two before had

denied Jesus gets up there and preaches

a message so boldly that three thousand

people accepted Jesus that day so God's

Spirit began to move on the day of

Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out

and there was a gift of speaking in

another language by supernatural power

amen now the story continues right so

Pentecost happened but the story doesn't

end there the story just begins

Pentecost is the feast of firstfruits

the beginning of the story not the end

of the story so that event of Pentecost

even though it was a one-time event when

Jesus at the throne sent his spirit but

that spirit being sent continues to be

sent after Pentecost now then in Acts

chapter four starting in verse seven

just a couple chapters later they're

preaching the gospel spreading and then

they start getting in trouble because

they're basically saying that the Jewish

authorities there in Jerusalem had had

executed Jesus and there were some

authorities who felt that they were

being criticized they were being

attacked by this so they called Peter

and John before them they were about to

throw them in jail and they had just

done a miracle where they had walked by

a man who who was who was crippled he

couldn't walk and he would sit and he

would beg and Peter and John look at him

and say silver and gold we don't have

but what we have we give to you in the

name of Jesus of Nazareth get up and

walk they take his hand BAM he gets up

and walks he's leaping and jumping and

giving glory to God and a big crowd

comes around and they're preaching the

gospel and the authorities are like this

is getting out of control these crazy

Christians are making too much of a

splash so they called Peter and John in

and they asked them by what power or

what Authority and what name have you

done these miracles who gives you the

right to do this

and then look what the Bible says in

verse 8 it says then Peter filled with

the Holy Ghost with the Holy Spirit I

want to stop right there for a minute

wasn't he already filled with the Holy

Spirit at Pentecost he was already

filled with the Holy Spirit why does it

say Peter and then in the Greek it's

very clear that it's happening at that

at that moment just filled with the Holy

Spirit he begins to speak in other words

he had the experience once and then he

had the experience of being filled with

the Holy Spirit again and look what he

says he says you rulers of the people

and elders of Israel if we're being

called to account for an act of kindness

to a crippled man then okay I'll tell

you by what authority I did this I want

you and everyone to know that it's by

the authority of the power of the name

of Jesus the one you rejected the one

you crucified that this man has been

made well because there is no other name

in verse 12 it says under heaven given

to men by which we must be saved and

people are like wow where did he get

this some of the authorities start

looking at each other and say where did

he get this boldness and this eloquence

these are uneducated men they had not

been to school they were fishermen they

were not rabbis right and in fact the

word agreed for uneducated is II do die

these are in the old thigh and speak

each other didn't have exactly the same

connotation it means now this is I may

be an idiot i but I'm filled with the

Holy Spirit and I know what to say here

right because there was a new type of

education that would happen a new type

of equipping and capacitation that would

happen by the power of the Spirit even

an uneducated fisherman could preach to

thousands okay so it's an experience of

the Holy Spirit that continues

empowering them to share the gospel okay

and they were shocked now the story

continues like I told you there's gonna

be a Bible study here right

so if you've got your notes or if you

got your Bible Acts chapter 8 in verse

14 through 17 a persecution was

unleashed they were persecuted some

people went to jail the the Christians

had to run away and they ran from

Jerusalem to Samaria okay now remember

acts 1:8

where Jesus said you will receive power

when the Holy Spirit comes on you and

you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem

and where else in all Judea and Samaria

in other words it's going to start here

but it's gonna spread just like saying

imagine it starts in Boston then it's

gonna spread out to Metro West and and

south and Norwood and up in Chelsea and

then it's gonna go to all New England

and then it's gonna go to all the United

States and then sort of in concentric

circles going out so the way God sent

missionaries at that point persecution

right they ran away so we don't want it

to be that it's much better to send

missionary so God doesn't have to send

them for us amen

otherwise he'll send a persecution and

scatter them and send them out so anyway

so they're spread out as they go

different people were preaching the

gospel saying you know what the gospel

is too big just for Jews let's preach to

some of these messed up people in

Samaria because the Jews looked down on

the people in Samaria for a lot of

different reasons but Philip and some

others preach the gospel demons would

come flying out of people people are

accepting Jesus Samaria is accepting the

gospel so the Apostles back in Jerusalem

so my goodness we should send some

people that help out right to help you

know help Shepherd what's going on here

so they get out there and it says in

verse 14 of Acts chapter 8 that when the

Apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria

had accepted the Word of God they sent

Peter and John to Samaria and when they

arrived they prayed for the new

believers that they might receive the

Holy Spirit okay I want to I want to

know to emphasize that they prayed for

these Samaritans who just accepted Jesus

that they might receive the Holy Spirit

because the Holy Spirit had not yet come

on any of them

they had simply been baptized into the

name of the Lord Jesus so Peter and John

placed their hands on them and they

received the Holy Spirit now it doesn't

talk about what that looked like if they

spoke in tongues whatever it just says

they received the Holy Spirit

the point I want to make is that these

new believers had accepted Christ and we

have no reason to doubt that they didn't

do so sincerely but that there was a

further experience with the Holy Spirit

that they needed to have somehow they

needed more they needed sort of a

spiritual second touch so to speak now

Peter and John go and they lay their

hands on them if you ever wondered if

you're kind of new to the church why we

sometimes will lay hands on people here

at the altar right we're not doing magic

tricks right we're not being weird or

anything or just trying to comfort

people we actually believe that the Holy

Spirit flows through people to other

people and there's power in that

physical touch there's almost a

transference so to speak now we don't

believe it has to happen that way God

can touch people without someone else

touching them but there's something

special about when a person with the

Holy Spirit lays their hand on another

person and prays for them now we ask

people to do that just a little side

note appropriately the altar people who

are leaders usually men with men women

with women we try to be appropriate with

all that unless you're a pastor and then

we do our job but the whole idea is that

that you're touching people and it's

almost like it's contagious that Holy

Spirit that is in you flows through you

to that person in this case through the

leaders Peter and John so it's a very

special moment the gospel is going out

and there's no mention of tongues in

this case it doesn't say that the

Cimmerian Christians then spoke in

tongues they might have we don't know it

just doesn't say either way but it does

say that it was sort of a second

experience they had I don't know how

many people we have here from a Catholic

background or a an Episcopalian

background or a church tradition that

has confirmation in it how many people

are familiar with the concept of confer

Meishan if you could raise your hand

okay got about half of us here what it

is in the Catholic Church the language

is beautiful they believe that at

baptism and they baptize babies that at

baptism the the baby receives the Holy

Spirit we believe that that happens when

a person accepts Jesus as a as a person

who understands what they're doing but

the baptism they receive the Holy Spirit

but a confirmation or I shouldn't say

they received the Holy Spirit that

they're marked as Christians at

confirmation the bishop not like a

relative of mine you know but a bishop

bishop in the church lays hands on the

the the people and the language is that

they receive the Holy Spirit the power

and the gifts of the Holy Spirit at that

moment now this is a church tradition

that very often doesn't have any

spiritual reality to it sometimes it

does some people really they go through

their confirmation it really means

something to them for some people it's

just what you do because you're 13 right

so you do it and but whatever the case

isn't it interesting that they separate

out baptism from receiving the Holy

Spirit through the laying on of hands I

believe I think that in the early church

2,000 years ago it was happening like

this that people would accept Jesus

people would lay hands and pray for them

they would receive another experience of

the Holy Spirit and they codified it in

a liturgy that has survived the

millennia and whether or not it really

has that spiritual significance we can

see the outlines of what we read here in

the book of Acts all that to say that

once a person becomes a Christian

doesn't mean you're done spiritually it

means you're just beginning there's more

amen okay now let's keep going you with

me I know this is a there's a lot of

some of you are like Greg I'm just

trying to wake up I haven't had my third

cup of coffee yet you hang with me okay

it's gonna be all right okay okay

Acts chapter 10 verse 44 remember how

Jesus said the got the the the gospel

and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit

will spread in concentric circles going

out from Jerusalem well it goes even

further a gent

eyal and a Gentile centurion no less a

military captain then is spoken to by an

angel who asked him to seek for Peter to

come and talk about the gospel with him

in Acts chapter 10

so Peter because he had had a vision

telling him don't reject these people

just because they're Gentiles the

Gospels for everybody

Peter goes and he goes into the house of

Cornelius forbidden for an Orthodox

Jewish person to do you'll make yourself

ceremonially unclean but he says God has

shown me I shouldn't call any person

unclean God has a purpose for all of

humanity so I'm here to share the gospel

with you so Peter is there

Cornelius invited a bunch of his

neighbors and friends over the house

it's a great model for evangelism

they're over the house these are people

he knows Peter comes in and says well

I'm just gonna talk to him about Jesus

he says you have all heard stories about

Jesus he was a man approved by God who

went around doing miracles in doing good

and and talking about how people should

repent and believe in the father and he

just starts talking about Jesus in terms

that they could understand

they weren't Jewish and look at what

happens in verse 44 while Peter was

still speaking these words the Holy

Spirit came on all who heard the message

the circumcised believers who had come

with Peter were astonished circumcised

are the Jewish ones right they've been

circumcised were astonished that the

gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured

out even on Gentiles how did they know

that the Holy Spirit had been poured out

on them verse 46 for they heard them

speaking in tongues and praising God so

in other words Peters preaching he did

lay hands on anyone he's just preaching

and suddenly boom the Holy Spirit fell

on the room and everybody just starts

going nuts there start as a God praise

you thank you and some people are just

speaking in tongues and so it's like

Peter's like my sermons been interrupted

here I'm trying to preach it's sort of

like you're praying for a thunderstorm

and it starts raining you don't get

angry that the rain interrupted

your prayer right that's what you were

praying for right so it was okay that he

was interrupted because that's what he

wanted was for them to meet Jesus and be

filled with the Holy Spirit but it just

mayhem cut loose right there he says

well they're already baptized in the

Holy Spirit immersed saturated in the

Holy Spirit they may as well be baptized

in water now a couple things I want to

point out here one sometimes we can fall

into religious patterns where we think

God is always going to move in the same

way now in Samaria Peter and John laid

hands on people and they received the

Holy Spirit but here in in this place

wherever Cornelius lived further away he

didn't lay hands on anybody the Holy

Spirit just poured out sometimes we can

become religious and try to fabricate or

repeat the same experience because we

wanted to be exactly like it happened

last Sunday or just like it happened two

years ago here's a little story I heard

again I'm taking a little break from the

Bible study for this story apparently

during a electricity blackout of some

sort in New York 30 or 40 years ago

people would still could work their gas

stoves and they would sit by their gas

stoves to warm up and there was one lady

who was sitting by her gas stove and she

was a Christian and she was praying and

just as she was there by the gas stove

praying the Holy Spirit fell on her she

started speaking in tongues and was just

filled with the Holy Spirit in a

beautiful way and so guess what all the

people in her church started doing

sitting by their gas stove and praying

for the filling of the Holy Spirit

because God must move through gas stoves

they meant okay I'm obviously being

ironic the point I'm trying to make is

just because the Holy Spirit moved in a

certain way and one moment doesn't mean

that he is going to do the exact same

thing in the same way in another person

or another situation okay things are

going to be different the Holy Spirit is

compared to the wind the wind can be

unpredictable you can't control the wind

the wind is going to move and manifest

in different ways so we see that here

another thing I'll point out the people

in the room with Cornelius we're all

speaking in tongues and it doesn't say

that anybody understood what they were

saying okay it doesn't say and every one

of the rooms started speaking in tongues

and one guy over here said wow he's

speaking Swahili how did he know that it

doesn't say that the impression that we

get is that people were praising and

praying and exclaiming things to God in

their language and in another language

and no one necessarily understood what

was being said it was just a spiritual

way of expressing themselves to God it

was not being used for evangelism for

preaching or for prophecy okay it's

really important for us to notice that

that it was a little bit different from

what happened at Pentecost in that sense

okay now hang with me here the story

continues the gospel keeps spreading way

out to a town in in Asia Minor in Asia

Minor and Turkey called Ephesus so go

with me to acts 19 verse one to seven

acts 19 one two seven and so while

they're out there the gospel spreads way

out too far away we're not talking just

Boston we're not even talking Norwood

we're talking all the way down to

Foxborough do I just get it yeah

far away right to a place that would

seem very far away to people they'd

heard some things about the gospel but

it was only partial they were very much

only half informed about what

Christianity was all about because look

what happens when they arrive it while

Apollo's was at Corinth Paul took the

road through the interior arrived at

Ephesus so he's way out far away and

there he found some disciples so these

people are disciples that's a word used

for followers of God in some way and he

asked them did you receive the Holy

Spirit when you believed so they

believed in God we assume they had some

knowledge of Jesus they believed he said

did you receive the Holy Spirit and they

answered no we haven't even heard that

there is a Holy Spirit okay so in other

words they needed to take too

bullshit level one right away okay and I

think that happens actually a lot among

us two people may come and and believe

in God and have some experience but

their knowledge is very partial they

don't really understand much about

what's going on so Paul asked them what

baptism did you receive and they said

John's baptism John and he said John's

baptism was a baptism of repentance

remember John the Baptist saying repent

of your sins and believe in the one

coming after me

well Paul told him he told people to

believe in the one coming after him

that's Jesus so hearing this they were

baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus

so now they're really getting their

ducks in a row about what it means to

believe not just about repenting and

believing God but believing in Jesus in

the gospel all that and then in verse 6

it says when Paul placed his hands on

them the Holy Spirit came on them and

they spoke in tongues and prophesied and

says there were about 12 of them isn't

that a funny coincidence there's about

12 of these guys so just like God there

were twelve apostles well there's 12

Ephesians who are getting filled with

the Holy Spirit in this way what I want

to emphasize here again Paul laid his

hands on them so that happened again

they received the Holy Spirit they spoke

in a supernatural language and also

prophesied the word prophesy some people

might not know what that means

prophesy means you speak a message from

God the story I told at the beginning of

the of this message was a story about

prophecy it was a story about God giving

a message to God's people and he did it

through a supernatural language language

that was then interpreted into English

so prophecy is a message from God so

these people were speaking in

Supernatural language and also getting

messages from God so it was awesome so

the Holy Spirit was beginning to be

poured out here so we see again the this

expansion of the gospel the outpouring

of the Holy Spirit with different types

of manifestations going in outward

concentric circles out of Jerusalem and

here's what I believe there are some

people who believe that when the Bible

was written it stopped the gospel keeps

spreading but no more of the miracles

that are described in the

book of Acts my only theological

question you know for that is why why do

we believe it stops the book of Acts is

still being written right the gospel is

still spreading out around the world

until Jesus returns the gospel spread

out of the Middle East throughout Europe

now if it been throughout Asia here to

the west to the new world and the gospel

is spreading here in Boston and there's

more places for the gospel to spread so

why should we expect the outpouring of

the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders

and miracles and manifestations to stop

we still need God's power to spread the

gospel to people we still need it

there's no reason to think that the

story is over it will end when Jesus

comes back and were in heaven there will

be no need for miracles then because our

whole life will be supernatural right

we'll be in heaven but while we're here

we still need everything that God might

give us to spread the gospel with power

and that includes and that's what we're

talking about today the gift of speaking

in tongues speaking in a supernaturally

given language for different purposes

and that ability we believe still

continues today after 2,000 years now

one thing I would say is that we believe

it is a frequent that speaking in that

supernatural language is a frequent sign

of the Holy Spirit being poured out what

we believe in this church is that that

is not the only sign of a person being

filled with the Holy Spirit there there

might be people filled with the Holy

Spirit who experience just a burst of

joy or a burst of love or a healing or

the ability to prophesy or maybe they

don't receive the gift of tongues at

that moment we're not going to say that

they have not been filled with the Holy

Spirit that there are different ways

that that can manifest what we will say

is that the ability to speak in a

supernatural language is a common and

frequent manifestation of the Holy

Spirit and it's a gift that opens people

up to the spiritual dimension

a powerful way that can be life-changing

so I do believe that this is a common

gift we're not going to say it's the

only sign of people being filled with

the holy spirit so you with me up to now

now people don't have to agree with

everything I'm saying okay there can be

questions there could be disagreements

we believe we've that's okay all right

but I just wanted to present what I

believe in ice and I'm pretty confident

that I speak for our senior pastor as

well now I'd like to talk a little bit

more about this okay

if you'll go with me to the book of

Corinthians first Corinthians chapter 14

because speaking in tongues can get kind

of weird sometimes right I don't know if

anyone's ever been in a church where

speaking in tongues can get a little


right maybe in our own church we could

get weird sometimes right well we're not

the first right in the old church in the

early church in the city of Corinth

there was a church where people were not

very mature there was a lot of people

with different types of immature

attitudes and yet they were receiving

the power of the Holy Spirit and

apparently some of these people because

they had the ability to speak in tongues

began to think that they were better

than everyone else they started thinking

I could speak in tongues and this person

can I'm better than you

or maybe we both speak in tongues but I

speak in tongues better than you do

right and there was something called

spiritual pride that got into the


dividing Christians into being first

class citizens and second class citizens

and apparently in their services things

would get wild there would be people

just making noise everyone would be

yelling at the same time speaking in

tongues at the same time kind of talking

over one another and visitors were like

this is nuts right the Apostle Paul says

look the Holy Spirit does want to move

among you but God is not a God of

confusion he's a God of peace he's a God

of order and so he talked to them about

doing things in order about being

sensitive to other people and yet not

squelching the power of the Holy Spirit

I think usually

our problem as Christians is not that we

are too crazy in the spirit it's that

we're too careful to control things I

think we need to open up more not less

okay so I just want to say that from the

get-go but let's look at what he's got

to say in 1st Corinthians 14 starting in

verse 13 by the way anyone know what you

know Bible Quiz 1st Corinthians 13

anyone know what that chapter is about

first Corinthians 13 it's the famous

love chapter right people read it at

weddings and that kind of thing you know

how that chapter starts it says if I

speak in the tongues of men and of

angels but have not love I have become a

clanging cymbal or a gong a noisy gong

and he's talking about how the

importance of the move of the Holy

Spirit is love expressing itself through

miraculous manifestations and I will

tell you that when the Holy Spirit is

moving and and I have had the privilege

of being close to that or being a

channel for that there is always a

supernatural love that is transferred

you just feel an affection for the

person you know God's moving God's

moving and so love and power go together


so in verse in chapter 14 the Apostle

Paul explains about the gift of tongues

so go with me there 1st corinthians 14

verse 13 for this reason the one who

speaks in a tongue should pray that they

may interpret what they say for if I

pray in a tongue my spirit prays but my

mind is unfruitful so what shall I do I

will pray with my spirit but I will also

pray with my understanding I will sing

with my spirit but I will also sing with

my understanding otherwise when you are

praising God in the spirit how can

someone else who is now put in the

position of an Enquirer or say Amen to

your Thanksgiving since they do not know

what you're saying you may be giving

thanks well enough but no one else is

edified okay so I want to stop right

there so the Apostle Paul is talking

about the ability to speak or say

in tongues isn't that cool and I just

want to stop right there you this

language is not just for speaking it's

also for singing then things get really

interesting okay but we'll come back to

that but the ability to speak or spacing

in another language is not just like it

was an actor to to speak messages in

known languages but just a way a

person's spirit is speaking to God and

singing to God in a way that the person

doesn't even understand what they're

saying now again I just want to pause

for a minute isn't that bizarre why

would God give someone the ability to

pray or to sing in a language that they

don't even understand I don't know if I

have fully the answers but have you ever

thought about that why would God do that

why why you know why not just be in a

language that you know why would God

give you the ability to do it the

language you don't even know I don't

really have a clear answer for you on

that except that that's just the way it


amen preach it sister she does know amen

it's a language perhaps

from heaven perhaps it's the tongues of

angels right it could be a heavenly like

for some reason I can't understand

things of the Spirit completely with my

mind right supernatural things are

beyond my ability to comprehend I don't

even understand my own spirit so when my

own spirit is talking to God why not

speak a language my mind doesn't even

understand it's not anti-intellectual

it's beyond the intellect it's another


it's a heavenly dimension where it's a

portal into the invisible supernatural

heavenly dimension of my identity and my

connection with God

and it's almost like heavens being

opened up and there's a spirit talking

to spirit and my brain is taking a break

and I don't mind you guys but my brain

needs a break periodically right and

you're talking to someone who you know

is as geeky as you get when it comes to

learning in school right you know I was


but I'm not anti intellectual but I'm

saying that our spirit can commune with

God in a way that goes beyond the

intellect the Apostle Paul says it here

you maybe you know what are we saying

when we do this he says you could be

giving thanks and you don't even know

what you're giving thanks for but your

spirit is giving things you could be

praising you could be interceding it for

whatever reason you your spirit is

communicating with God now maybe you

have a hunch of what you're saying

especially when you're singing because

you just know your spirit is praising

God you don't know what he's saying but

it must be good and I can't wait to get

to heaven when I'll understand what my

spirit just said to the Lord right but

there is a communication going on now

here's a clarification the Apostle Paul

says that when you're in church you want

to be careful too if you're gonna speak

in a way that takes over the service if

you're gonna grab the microphone and

give a message in tongues or in an

supernatural language you shouldn't do

that unless you're praying also for an

interpretation like the story I shared

at the beginning of my message because

otherwise you just spoke in tongues and

everyone sitting there saying wow I have

no idea what that dude just said some of

you are hearing sermons in your own

language and you're thinking I still

don't understand what he's saying

but it's bad enough right and so the

idea is when a person is going to lead

in prayer that there should be an

expectation that if the spirits going to

move in them to speak in tongues that we

should pray for an interpretation to

that message now that does not mean that

a person is never allowed to pray in

tongues in church there are some times

during our worship time when we're all

just quietly praying to the Lord and

expressing our heart to God and I don't

know how many languages we have in this

room but even natural languages I think

we must have well over a dozen languages

here that people speak and if your

original language is Swahili I hope that

when you're praising God you're able to

express yourself in Swahili to the Lord

right or Spanish or English or French

Creole or polish or whatever language it

is and so there are

times where we're all sort of praying

and crying out to God and I think it is

perfectly appropriate at that time for a

person to pray in tongues sometimes when

we're interceding for other people and I

have to be careful with myself sometimes

I'll be praying for someone and I'll be

like god I don't know what to pray and

so I'll say god I pray that your Holy

Spirit will pray through me for this

person and maybe I'll pray for them in

tongues but then I need to be careful

because I'm other person look I say

what's going on here what was that of

course watch them turn around and say

how did you know Garifuna you know that

would be really funny right but the

whole idea is that sometimes the spirit

can pray through us but we need to be

sensitive that we're not distracting

people as we do that but I don't believe

I believe if you have that gift use it

right I don't think this is saying we

shouldn't ever speak in tongues but we

should just be aware of our surroundings

it is not anti spiritual to think about

others when you're in church

it's just loving to think how does my

experience with God affect the people

around me that's not an inappropriate

question we should be sensitive when

we're in a group but also there should

be freedom for the Holy Spirit to do

things even strange things sometimes

amen okay let me keep working on this

another point I would make and by the

way I heard an interesting story about

this a particular friend of mine who

might or might not be in this room when

she was a young woman she received the

power of the Holy Spirit began speaking

in tongues and was wondering God she'd

never even heard about it she'd never he

had heard a sermon like this it just

happened to her and she was like god I

wonder what I'm saying so she sat down

and she wrote down some of the phonetics

of what she was saying and at the end of

every line was the word Abba and she

didn't know what I meant

at the time she was brand-new is it Abba

is the Hebrew word for father and and

the Bible says the Holy Spirit cries out

through us Abba Father right so I

believe that the Holy Spirit was moving

her to talk to my father she didn't even

know it you know I wonder what else was

being said there so that's just because

I don't understand what I'm saying

doesn't mean that it doesn't have


here's another point the Apostle Paul

says that you can do everything in order

which means that when a person is

speaking in tongues they have control

over what they're doing okay I really

want to emphasize that some of us think

and some theologians who don't know what

they're talking about

call speaking in tongues ecstatic

utterance right that's what they call it

as if a person goes into an ecstatic

trance they lose control of themselves

and they start speaking in another


that's not speaking in tongues speaking

in tongues is the ability to speak

another language just like you speak

French or English or Spanish it's not a

a trance where you lose control of

yourself it's it's really normal

actually I know you he doth protest too

much but what I am gonna say is it feels

really normal

it doesn't feel in fact speaking in

tongues does not always have a spiritual

feeling associated with it it might and

and I think if a person prays in tongues

it can kind of get them into the zone

look at it this way when you pray or

when you sing do you always feel the

presence of God always no I'm most I'd

hate to even say this but most of the

time when we start praying and singing

we don't feel anything we're just

talking to God we're just singing out of

sincere obedience but we don't have

emotions associated with it

but then once you get rolling things can

change right how about a worship service

very often we start out just singing

without any emotion at all and then by

the end of the worship time we're

swimming right we're swimming in the

Holy Spirit and in emotions because you

started and eventually you entered into

a zone where your emotions are lined up

with your spirit and your mouth

well speaking in tongues is the same way

very often there is no emotion

whatsoever associated with it a person

just does it and then over time it helps

them enter into a spiritual zone where

their emotions are more sensitive to

things of the Spirit but the person

who's speaking in tongues has full

control over what they're doing if they

go into a trance and they have no

control that is the exception not the

rule that is a highly unusual thing it's

not the normal way that it happens so

okay now that's the end of most of my

Bible teaching on this but I do want to

say that at the very beginning of this

chapter the Apostle Paul says that when

you're in church you should be looking

to edify others he says but when I pray

in tongues I edit I myself it just helps

me it doesn't help me be a better

Christian than you it helps me be a

better Christian than I otherwise would

have been because that's helping me get

in the zone what do you do to help edify

yourself maybe you listen to Christian

music you read the Bible you go to

church you take a discipleship class you

listen to sermons it's the same thing

it's one more thing a person can do that

helps them connect into God and walk in

the spirit now I'd like to share some

stories if I may am i cool with that

we're just bringing it home and I just

want to share some a couple stories here

the key whether a person agrees with

every little detail of what a church

believes about this what is absolutely

essential is that every Christian brings

to God a humble attitude before him that

says God I am up for whatever you have

for me that any gift you want to give me

I'm not going to say no thank you

right there's a beautiful section where

Jesus says which of you fathers though

you are evil right if your son asks for

a fish would give him a scorpion if you

ask for bread would give him a stone if

you though you are evil know how to give

good gifts to your children how much

more will the whole that your heavenly

Father give the Holy Spirit to those who

ask him there is always more of the Holy

Spirit for those who are hungry and

asking and willing to receive and we can

trust that if God has a gift for me it's

good and we need to bring before him an

attitude of saying god I don't care how

silly it is I don't know how kind of how

crazy it is God if something is from you

I want it sort of that attitude of a

child that's

if it's if it's from you I know it's

something I want and that's how I

reacted as a as a 16 year old new

Christian we had a little discipleship

group of Catholic boys who we we adopted

a Pentecostal Episcopalian priest kind

of Casa to give us discipleship and he

started teaching us about the experience

of getting filled with the Holy Spirit

and different gifts of the Holy Spirit

speaking in tongues and I heard this I'm

16 years old and I thought hey why not

sounds like fun

you know how's that for a sophisticated

theological it was just like well some

people are doing drugs I'll do this why

not you know I just I just looked like

why not and I think that I hate to say

this guy's but sometimes that's not a

bad thing to say so it might be so why

should I speak it says well why not if

it's something God has for you why not

in that attitude so so I decided okay I

want to pray for this you know I want to

have the own by the way a really good

friend of mine who you know I won't name

his name but he's about 10 feet tall and

he's a missionary in the Middle East

okay just Inc I'm not going to name his

name though because I don't wanna give

away his identity when I first met that

person he would pray for two hours a day

everyday for missions and for the world

he was the most godly person I'd ever

met 18 years old freshman in college

right two hours a day without fail

praying for missions sharing the gospel

and he never had had the experience of

speaking in tongues and of course I was

18 and I was Rambo and I'm ready to pray

for anybody right I said hey hey brother

that's pray for this you know and he

said he says you could pray for me for

whatever I want whatever God said I've

never had that gift and so one day we're

praying together and he was actually

just about to step into leadership of

our college group at that time and I

felt led by the spirit I felt God's

presence that I felt like God wanted to

anoint him for leadership in a special

way and he happened to be really like

nasty sick with a horrible cold you know

sniffily whatever we're praying so I

pray God please heal my friend and then

I said and I said God I also pray that

you would fill him with the Holy Spirit

in a special way and give him the gift

of tongues if that's what you want to do

right now as I prayed for him and

and then we ended our prayer time I went

back to my room he came in an hour later

with a big smile and said hey Greg you

prayed for two things one of them was

answered and I'm still sick that's

that's the way he worries that's his

mind that's and he said he said this is

this is great he says now I can pray for

three hours when I run out of things to

pray I'll just let the Holy Spirit take

over he was very he wasn't a real if

he's not a real emotional person God has

made him extremely steady so he didn't

have all kinds of Tears but he was just

now he just had another another

instrument another way to pray and he's

like oh that's very handy I appreciate

this this is nice well that's it you

know he wasn't all you know he would

still himself but he had that gifts had

that ability and because he had the

attitude of God I don't even see why I

would need that but God I want whatever

you've got for me and I'm not gonna say

he was already a more mature Christian

than I was he was already a man of God

already anointed already a prayer

warrior but he just had an attitude of

God I want whatever I'm gonna need it

for what I'm called to do I need

everything you're gonna give me right so

when I first heard about this I'm 16

years old I'm hearing about it sounds

like fun pray for me guys so of course

we get in a circle and my buddy drew

played guitar and so he just played okay

we're gonna pray for you and he's

playing guitar and by the way Charles

Finney was our hero you're gonna hear

about him later and they lay down hands

on me Andy and they all had the gift of

tongues so they start praying for me and

I'm like well what is this you know I

but I really wanted it so I prayed

really hard you know and I learned as a

five-year-old in Christian preschool

that if you squint really hard it's more

powerful right I'm squinting really hard

I'm really you know it's got to happen I

don't want to speak in tongues and I

just tried it because they said just

speak so right like something we did

last week so I tried it I said oh this

feels goofy it's not real I feel like

I'm just making it up and oh like what

happened what's wrong with me and then

of course I thought well it must be that

I'm in sin right maybe I'm maybe I'm bad

I'm not good enough for God to give me

the Holy Spirit you know it started to

feel guilty and like no it's not like


God just has his timing like well

whatever then there was another time

where we did the same thing went through

the same rigmarole a couple weeks later

nothing happened finally I'm like God I

don't know I'm just gonna leave it in

your hands then after a Wednesday night

prayer meeting at this at this

Episcopalians priest church they

gathered up to pray for a couple of us

and it was a quiet quiet prayer meeting

and during this prayer meeting there

were some adults there too and two

ladies had messages for me that I

believe were prophetic messages they

didn't know me but they told me things

that they had no way of knowing that I

felt like God was speaking through them

and I just felt very peaceful and quiet

I didn't I wasn't squinting really hard

I wasn't trying really hard I just felt

quiet and I found myself just whispering

some words again I thought oh no no I'm

not gonna and and then after the prayer

meeting the lady who had prophesied to

me said you know I thought I heard you

whispering something she's like you know

God's not gonna you know force you to do

this you know just just try see if you

feel like some words are coming just try

saying them if it's of God it'll flow if

it's not it won't yeah there you go so I

was like well okay we'll see so I'm

driving home right sixteen years old

driving home but put where my parents

think in right anyway sixteen you're

allowed to drive 16 it's good right so

I'm driving and so I'm going home and I

figured you know I'm just gonna start

speaking so I start just saying some of

these words and I thought I felt so

silly I was like gods up there looking

at me like kid what are you doing I

don't understand the word yours and I

thought I must be just making this up

but then I thought I'll say a few more

words and I'll just be goofy about I

just got the next thing I knew within a

minute or two it was flowing and I knew

I'm not making this up and I'm like okay

okay now it's real okay now I can feel

the difference and so I'm just and then

when I get in close to home I start

really feeling something too I start

feeling God's presence and then I got

worried I was like am I gonna be able to

speak English to my mother when I get

home so I get out of the car and I'm

practicing right hi mom

I'm practicing so I get in the house

right hi mom you know I just had this

I'm not good at hiding things I never

have then I just and she's just looking

at me and and I go upstairs and I pray

and then I was so excited though I had

to tell her right so I come down I tell

my mother said mom guess you're not

gonna believe what just happened cuz

she's like what are you doing at this

prayer meeting because I had this look

right like what's wrong with you

like what are you doing and I was like

mom I now speak in tongues and she does

these were her literal words I don't say

that her real words don't tell your

father he'll call the child psychologist

those were her words and if she's

watching she knows she said that to me

don't tell your father he'll call the

child psychologist you know that night I

couldn't sleep I was you know the

closest thing compared to is being

intoxicated in love for the first time

you know I couldn't sleep I was just

speaking in tongues all night I would

just speak in tongues in the show what I

apparently I was speaking in tongues in

the shower the next morning because my

such like Greg I heard you speaking over

there in the shower it's getting really

strange you know and and I go to school

and someone looks at me as like what are

you on today and I'm like it's God man

and I and I just start sharing the

gospel with I just couldn't keep it in

the gospel just flowed out of me and

then I got so excited I'm like I just

want to serve Jesus all out so I read in

Charles Finney about confessing all your

sins everything you can ever remember

doing so I sat down I wrote down all the

sins I could remember and I go in my in

the bathroom right I got all these pages

and I light it on fire and and put it in

the toilet and and my parents are not

gonna throw Greg what are you doing in

there you know we smell smoke I'm like

nothing I'm just praying what are you

doing I smell smoke it's just like

Seinfeld it was it was anyway with

anyway I was just blitzed with the Holy

Spirit so and I should remember the date

that was all December 5 1984 I'll never

forget that day you know December 5 1984

the Lisa Campos anniversary and and

that's what

never forget that because it opened up a

new supernatural dimension for me now

after a week or two I came back down to

earth and I was a normal 16 years old

with moods and whatever and and but the

gift of tongues remained and the ability

to pray in tongues became a part of my

daily life that is just part of what

just as I'm doing my thing it helps me

just my spirit stay in touch with God

and the beauty of it is you can pray and

not think which is wonderful when you're

supposed to think about something else

right sometimes you need to think about

something else like when I'll be well I

don't want to weird people out but I'll

be doing things you know driving

ministering listening and I'm praying in

tongues to myself because I'm my spirit

is trying to open up to what God wants

to do in that moment and just part of

daily life it just comes in handy now

and it helps me write sometimes I feel

something usually I don't write usually

it's just part of normal life you're

walking through your day the ability to

pray incessantly so this is what

speaking in tongues is all about and

again it's not just this particular gift

what I really want to leave us with

today and I want to leave with a

testimony I'm going to read from Charles

Finney is that it's not about having

this gift or that gift it's all about

being hungry to experience whatever God

wants to do in my life whether you speak

in tongues or whether you sing or

prophesy or whatever you do if you're

experiencing the fullness of God that's

what it's about and we always should be

hungry for more

jesus said if you'll give good gifts

your children your heavenly Father give

the Holy Spirit to those who ask him

there's always more

but Jesus makes it very clear that it's

the pushy friend who receives from his

other friend remember the story it says

which one of you has a friend who comes

to you late at night knocks at the door

and says hey I've got company over I

don't have any food to give him give me

something and the friend from inside

answers and says don't bother me I'm in

bed with the kids already the guy keeps

knocking and he says he will not get up

and give him anything because he's his


because of his shameless audacity he

will get up and give him everything he


Jesus Mexican you might be a friend of

God God loves you and you love God but

unless you are shamelessly pushy with

him then your spiritual life will suffer

because God gives to those who ask he

says ask and you'll receive seek and you

will find knock and the door will be

open everyone who asks receives but we

need to knock at the door we need to be

hungry and I'd encourage you don't look

to have a particular experience in a

particular way

just look for more of whatever God has

for you and say God I am up for whatever

with you I want more of you amen now I

want to read to end this time you'll

stick with me a little bit and then

we're gonna have a moment of Prayer

but I'd like to read a testimony written

by Charles Finney who's my favorite

evangelist from the early 19th century

he would go to towns and just look at

someone and there would be a revival

with you know thousands of people

accepting Jesus and he was anointed in

fact his revivals were really the steam

behind the abolition movement in the in

the early 19th century but he was a

lawyer very intellectual and look at

what happened to him in 1821 he tells

his story it says but as I turned I was

about to take a seat by the fire he's in

his law office and I received a mighty

baptism of the Holy Ghost without any

expectation of it without ever having

thought in my mind that there was any

such thing for me without my

recollection that I had ever heard the

thing mentioned by any person in the

world the Holy Ghost descended on me in

a manner that seemed to go through me

body and soul I could feel the

impression like a wave of electricity

going through and through me indeed it

seemed to come in waves and waves of

liquid love for I could not express it

in any other way it seemed like the very

breath of God I can recollect distinctly

that it seemed to fan me like a men

swings no words can express the

wonderful love that was shed abroad in

my heart I wept aloud with joy and love

and I do not know but I should say I

literally bellowed out the unknowable

gushing z' of my heart

maybe I hinted tongues there the waves

came over me and over me one after the

other until I recollect I cried out I

shall die if these waves continue to

pass over me I said Lord I cannot bear

it any more yet I had no fear of death

now how long I continued in this state

with this baptism continuing to rule

over me and go through me I do not know

but I know it was late in the evening

when a member of my choir for I was the

leader of the choir came into the office

to see me in the state of loud weeping

and said to me mr. Feeny what ails you I

could make him no answer for some time

and then he said are you in pain I

gathered myself up as best I could and

replied no but so happy that I cannot

live that awesome now he didn't says as

I as I mentioned throughout there amen

you can he didn't speak in tongues but

he was baptized in the Holy Spirit

immersed in the Holy Spirit and that is

what sparked the anointing in him that

led to the revivals through him brothers

and sisters God has things for you and

me to do but we can't do it on our own

power you're going to need the power of

the Holy Spirit through you to

accomplish your destiny let us not hold

short with questions and doubts let's

come to God and say God whatever you got

for me I want it and I need it and it's

all about God it's not about just

electricity the love is what flowed

through him because the Holy Spirit

isn't a force but a person who exerts a

force and his love is here for us so I

invite you to stand with me

and just right where you are we are

going to end with a worship song and but

and as we do this and as we pray I want

to invite you we're just gonna take a

moment it's just in the quietness of

your own heart in your own way to open

yourself up to the movement of the Holy

Spirit in your life to the baptism and

filling of the Holy Spirit if you want

to come forward during the song you can

or right where you are you can pray this

but we're going to take a minute Holy

Father we come before you right now we

thank you Lord that you are a generous

father and that you give to all without

finding fault lord I need your power to

do what you've called me to do we need

your power to be the church that you've

called us to be and I'm gonna invite you

if you want to raise your hands you can

whatever you need to do to open your

heart to God in a physical gesture and

Holy Spirit we invite you to fall on

this gathering right now Holy Spirit

that you would whisper among us that you

would move among us like that gentle

dove resting upon your people

I might you to pray with me Holy Spirit

I open my heart to you Jesus baptized me

in the Holy Spirit fill me to

overflowing I want more of you I give

you full freedom to take control of my

life and to fill me to overflowing

whatever that looks like Lord that you

would fan to flame that the gift that is

in us right now I pray God that you

would release gifts Lord that you would

release power right now in the name of

Jesus that you would release the

anointing that you have for people in

the name of Jesus God that right now you

would unleash the full variety of the

giftings you have for this gathering

gifts of tongues gifts of prophecy gifts

of healing gifts of leadership gifts of

worship Lord gifts of administration

Lord God most of all God the gift of the

power to proclaim your word in a way

that saves souls Lord God let your power

fall on this place Holy Spirit fall in

this place we knock on the door Holy

Spirit we knock on the door Holy Spirit

we push like that shameless neighbor and

we say God give us what you have for us

Lord God we are hungry for more of you

whatever you have for us we wanted Lord

God God we repent for putting limits on

you we repent for putting boundaries

around what you can and can't do in our

lives we want everything that you have

for us Holy Spirit move move among us

Lord God

we lift up the name of Jesus we worship