The Value of One

so before I get going with my message I

just really am so excited to show you

this video this next video really shows

you all there is to know about what

happened in Pakistan but you see when I

go to these places then the Lord has

called me specifically to reach into the

Islamic nations see the greatest message

that I can preach to them is the message

of who Jesus really is the revelation of

Jesus to mankind because in the Koran

they believe in Jesus Jesus there's a

whole chapter on Jesus on the miracles

of Jesus they believe it was the son of

Mary the son of Joseph but they don't

believe he was the son of God they don't

believe he was God the Son and Jesus

says unless you believe that I am he

that I am the great I am who became a

man then you will die in your sins so

this really was one of the themes of my

message if we can just show the video




I travel to the nations but I love

coming to Pakistan

you're the most alive people I've ever



this great iron became a man


it wasn't the Jews that cheered crucify

him that killed Jesus I'm gonna say

something outrageous now it was you that

killed Jesus it was me that killed Jesus

was a sin that killed Jesus he was

saying I am the God of Abraham Isaac and




in the name of Jesus he shall go because

today is the day of salvation



you say I'm the creator of the heavens

in the air





and that Jesus is the revelation of God

to mankind praise God


whether we are eternally lost or

eternally foul







you know that just in that meeting that

one meeting alone there were 80,000

people and when I made the order Call of

salvation I mean everything's just a

blur it's just the sea of heads a sea of

people so I can't really count how many

you there how much so I rely on the

organizers because they're the ones

telling me now when I made their order

call for salvation you know I I said to

the crowds I says who prayed the prayer

of salvation and invited Christ into

there into your heart for the first time

tonight and all these hands went up I

said to the person next to me how many

people was that how many lifted their

hands for the first time to receive

Jesus and he said to me well based on

the number here I would say that's

around 40,000 people can we give God

praise come on you know when heaven is

rejoicing we cannot be silent and then

it gets better I I invited people to be

baptized in the Holy Ghost and so I said

anybody who has yet to be baptized in

the spirit of God and who doesn't speak

in another tongue now's the time to

receive this is the day of Pentecost and

you might say well it wasn't the day of

Pentecost back then a few weeks ago this

was today is that there of Pentecost

right 50 days after the resurrection of

Jesus is that their pen did you not know

that but you know it's the day of

Pentecost but the Lord corrected me the

Lord showed me there is no day of

Pentecost there are only days of

Pentecost and we are living in one of

them right now every day we live in an

era of Pentecost and the Holy Ghost has

already fallen and he's still falling

and falling and falling every every day


to everyone who believes and calls upon

the name of the law

well anyway I prayed for people to be

baptized I ask God to open the heavens

to pour out the Holy Ghost of fresh for

fresh fire to come and now I had to

build them up on on Acts chapter two I

had to kind of for ten minutes just open

my Bible and give him a little teaching

about what happened on the day of

Pentecost and so I said are you ready

are you ready to receive and so they're

saying yes I said well look God's not

gonna wiggle your tongue he doesn't move

your tongue you have to move your tongue

you know it's something but many times

to end up in the spirit you have to

start off in the flesh and when you do

everything that you can in a natural

then God puts the super to your natural

and releases the supernatural hello

and so I said right now for those of you

who are yet to speak in another tongue

just move your tongue and just begin

appraise him in what language you know

just praise him in your own tongue and

then as you move this tongue of flesh a

tongue of fire will connect with your

tongue of flesh and release a new

language hallelujah and so this is what

happened and then as I said after three

one two three now raise your voices and

I ask God to open the heavens and so I

just begin to hear this this simmering

tongue in the background just this mixed

sea of tongues and it got louder and

louder and louder and it got so loud

that all I heard were was a mass of

people speaking in other tongues and

then when it calmed down I I asked the

person next him I sort of nudged him

again so well how many people is that

so I said whoever spoke in tongues for

the first time who got baptized for the

first time raise your hand and all these

hands went up when I and I I couldn't

count the number so I said well how many

is that

and he said mmm I asked him eight that

is about 20,000 P

that just got baptized in the Holy Ghost

for the first time isn't that amazing I

mean there were only 120 people under

there Pentecost and here we have 20,000

getting baptized in the Holy Ghost

speaking of the tongues but you see this

is what was prophesied Haggai 2 verse 9

it says that the glory of the latter

house shall be greater than the former

house says the Lord and you know we go

from glory to glory the Bible says and

when the devil comes uses all your best

days are behind you I've come to call

that devil a liar I'm calling him out

and I'm saying no your best days are

ahead of you your best and your most

blessed days are ahead of you can you

say Amen and if you've gone for a season

of difficulty a season of trial who's

gone through some difficulty here hands

up who's got who's been mourning during

the night while I'm coming here to tell

you today when you stepped into church

you didn't step into just a Sunday

morning you stepped into a new season

and I'm here to declare that there's a

new season as beginning right now today

is the day for your salvation today is

the day for your miracle God as only

what God won't one day on his calendar

and that day is today and he's not a

procrastinator he doesn't wait to do

tomorrow what he can do today God is

willing to release it right now so some

of you you know you've been crying

during the night and it's been a long

night it's been a long season of

difficulty well I'm here to tell you

that the Lord says it's over you who've

been down and out it's time to get up

and over because morning has come

hallelujah turn to your neighbor and

nudge them and say morning is here

morning is here joy has come just say

good morning it's morning

crying a morning my and your front light

but joy comes in the morning the Bible

says and we are living I believe we are

living on the precipice of the greatest

revival that the church world has ever

seen and really I'm looking at all the

signs in the world right now Jesus

predicted all of the signs before his

return and I just want to read from

Matthew 23 verses 37 and 39 and here we

have Jew Jesus standing before ancient

Jerusalem and he's saying o Jerusalem

Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets

and stones those who are sent to her how

often I wanted to gather your children

together as a hen gathers her chickens

under her wings but you were not willing

and then he warns them see your house is

left to you desolate for I say to you

you shall see me no more till you say

blessed is he who comes in the name of

the Lord Jesus chastised the religious

leaders of ancient Jerusalem because

they never knew the time of their

visitation and I wonder what Jesus would

say today to the prophesied last

generation of today who do not

understand the signs of the times and

that his visitation is drawing so near I

believe all the signs for Jesus return

have been fulfilled we've seen

earthquakes we've seen wars many Wars

rumors of wars storms tsunamis how many

red blood moons have we seen all the

signs for Jesus return have been


and I believe that the Great Tribulation

is coming the Beast is coming the

Antichrist is coming but I also believe

that Jesus is holding back the storm for

us to gather the greatest harvest the

world has ever seen and it's time for

this generation to wake up morning has

come revival is coming and I prophesied

that it's already here it's coming and

it's coming to Boston and every one of

you have been brought into the kingdom

for such a time as this it's time to man

those battle stations it's time to sound

the alarm

it's time for the truths to rise the

harvest is gonna be so big it's gonna be

bigger than what any evangelist can

reach it's gonna take the whole body of

Christ you see nobody can reach

everybody but everybody can reach

somebody can you say me and I see an

Elisha generation rising up to challenge

the gods of this age the gods of atheism

the gods of agnosticism and secularism

and humanism and Islamism and every

other ISM you can think of challenging

them and saying our God is the true and

living God there is no one beside him

there is no one

and we shall demonstrate to you by fire

that he is not dead

but he is alive

to break every bondage to open every

prison door to set every captive free

can you give God a shout and I believe

it's going to happen in Boston I didn't

waste my time coming to Boston because I

saw too many cheers programs I used to

like to Starsky and Hutch but that's not

the reason why I came I was quite

comfortable living on in Paradise kids

will tell you we lived in Cyprus for 11

years right next to the sea a beach

waking up to a beach view every morning

but the Lord said your time has come at

you you're too comfortable here I'm

sending you somewhere else and he

impressed upon my heart this city of

Boston out of all the places in the

world that I could have relocated to I

came here and I believed revival is

coming to Boston I believe what you saw

in that video up there that's going to

be the site one day of Boston Common

thousands upon thousands upon thousands

of people as the heavens open and the

Spirit of God descends like fire and

people groaning in the street cut to the

heart with conviction of sin they will

cry out what must we do to be saved

and we will see a great revival and I

believe the revival that is coming is

going to be bigger and will Eclipse all

other revivals so I'm saying Lord you're

not done with America I'm saying Lord

you're not done with this nation Lord

come and visit America one more time one

more time do it again the Antichrist can

wait he can wait

until we get the job done and every one

of you has a has a calling I loved the

man who was given the oratory about the

cost of the cross and every one of us is

called to win souls I mean that is the

language of an evangelist but you might

say well I can't cross the Seas like you

brother James

another fellow evangelist another greek

cypriot his name is J John he said this

he says we're not all called to be

evangelists but we are all called to

evangelize and to Timothy four or five

says do the work of an evangelist

fulfill your ministry and I believe no

matter what ministry you have if you

don't do the work of an evangelist

you're not fulfilling your ministry

everybody is called to win souls Jesus

put it this way Matthew 4:19 follow me

and you and I will make you a a keeper

of aquarium's did he say that he said

Fisher of men if we're not winning souls

we're not following the Lord hello

but that's what the Lord was implying

right there wasn't he he says if you

follow me you'll be a Fisher of men if

you're not a Fisher of men who are you

following because if you're following

the Lord you'll be a soul winner and

that's what the Lord is calling this is

the clarion prophetic call to the body

of Christ right now you know my job when

I'm not preaching in in the mission

field I'm and I'm preaching in churches

it's to go wake up the Saints that's

part of my ministry as an equipping

evangelist there's too many Saints

asleep in the light and the Lord is

saying go away come up they need to wake

up because morning is here we need

to discern the signs of the times the

Lord's coming is imminent hallelujah and

God is getting ready to tear the veil

off the heavenlies so that what's been

held back can be released and God has a

purpose for you now you might say well I

can't cross the seas no but you can

cross the street

hello you see a missionary is not one

who crosses the seas it's one who sees

the cross you like that one it's one who

sees the cross if you have bowed your

knee at the cross if you've come to the

cross and you understand the message of

the Cross you're a missionary God had

one son and his son was a missionary he

seemed missions is not a location you

know gone are the days well I'm just

gonna set up everything I'm just gonna

go on into the mission field and be it

no you are a missionary Leonard

Ravenhill we heard he said every member

is a missionary or was that CT stud

anyway one of those greats this is not a

theological lesson so if I get my

references wrong that's why you have

pastors like pastor Greg great great man

of the word

sometimes I see Vangelis we you know

we're not teachers I can teach but you

know there are teachers we respect the

fivefold ministry we all have a place

but you see missions is a mentality

you're called to missions you're called

to be a missionary hallelujah and I want

to talk to you this morning about the

power of reaching the one the value of

the one you may not be reaching

thousands you don't have to you can

reach one

if each one reached one this church

would double and if those people reached

another one it would quadruple and it

would just keep increasing exponentially

amen turn to neighbor and say reach one

Jesus didn't just follow

he didn't just preach to the crowds he

was intent on reaching the one look at

the man of the gadarenes the man of the

gatherings in chapter 5 of Mark Jesus

just finished preaching to the crowds

and he's walking through the gatherings

and this demoniac came to him and the

Bible says that the person was demon

possessed with a Thousand Devils he had

a whole Legion and the Bible declares

that he saw Jesus and he ran and he

worshiped at his feet isn't that


not even a Thousand Devils could stop

that man from worshiping Jesus and yet

we say Oh Lord I'm tired Oh Lord you

know I've had a heavy day at work or

I've got some other things planned today

or we didn't put our alarm clock on we

couldn't wake up in time we find all

sorts of excuses oh we've got a birthday

to go to oh I've got to do overtime out

you know we find all sorts of excuses

not to worship the Lord and here we have

a man from the gadarenes possessed with

a Thousand Devils I'm telling you right

now there is no devil in hell I don't

care what problem there is it doesn't

matter how demon possessed a person is

no one can stop a person from worshiping

Jesus the king of kings no one can stop

you and the Bible declares as soon as he

began worshiping Jesus immediately of

this thing doesn't fall off immediately

Jesus set him free

immediately the Bible says he commanded

those spirits to leave and the demons

cried at all but can you send us into

those 2000 pigs over there so the Lord

said okay go I love that simple word go

carries so much authority when you say

go in the name of Jesus your problems

can't out-compete God's promises the

devils no cannot overcome gods yes

when God says yes when God says go the

problem is gone and they left but isn't

it interesting how all the people from

the villages from where that heard about

this they came running and they saw them

the man who's now free sitting down and

they and the two thousand pigs they they

heard that the two thousand pigs had run

off the cliff and destroyed themselves

they'd rather kill themselves and be

possessed by unclean spirits and isn't

it interesting how they didn't focus on

the one that was set free they were

probably focused on the two that oh but

you know Jesus they in beckoned Jesus

turn pleaded with him to leave he just

freed a man who was demon-possessed

screaming and cutting himself living

among the tombs and they commanded Jesus

go instead of praising God I reckon

there was a few animal activists in that


no by Jesus how dare you you know those

pigs those pigs matter pigs lives matter

to Jesus it's they're interesting how we

often focus on the wrong thing

Jesus was focusing on the one that one

had more value in all those 2000 pigs

put together you can somewhere in Boston

you can buy a pig a 50 pound pig for

about a hundred and twenty-five dollars

now times that by 2000 I've done the

math already Jesus figured well that one

soul is worth more than 250,000 dollars

in fact one soul is worth more much much

more than 250,000 dollars I think I

think so I have a $20 bill right here

this dollar bill $20 bill I could step

on it I could step on it right now

I could twist it it could get all soiled

and dirty but its value never changes

hallelujah it's still worth $20 and you

might life may have stepped on you and

crushed you and twisted you and you may

be stained by the troubles of life but

you still have the same value in the

sight of God because you're created in

the image and likeness of God in fact

you are worth more than all the gold and

silver in the world just one soul just

one song because that one soul was

purchased by the precious blood of Jesus

Christ and his blood is priceless so

next time that Devil says to you you're

worthless you're nothing tell the devil

you're a liar

I've been purchased by the blood of the

Lamb I am valuable to God I am beyond

measure I am God's property I belong to


so get behind me you'll no longer part

of my life in fact get under my foot our

foot belongs on the devil's neck keep it

there never give him any opportunity I

also like what our brother talked about

sanctification sanctification there's an

inner working of there's a

sanctification that is imputed to you by

the blood of Jesus

it's a work of grace you become the

righteousness of God it's a work of

grace you can't earn it you don't

deserve it

but it's given to you because of what

Jesus did at the cross he paid the price

for your righteousness but there's also

an inner working of sanctification and

righteousness where we have to learn to

walk a sanctified life we have to learn

to live out the salvation that is in us

and that's a life long journey how many

of you know so that's why I dislike this

hyper grace message which says God

doesn't see your sin he doesn't care

about sin you can sin or your past

present and future sin is under the

blood they don't matter whether you sin

Jesus paid the price even for your

future sin so just go ahead and live

like you want do whatever makes you

happy but that message is not the Bible

that's the distortion of grace because

to Titus sorry Titus chapter 2 verse 11

and 12 says the grace of God has

appeared to all men teaching us that we

should deny ungodliness and worldly

lusts and live soberly righteously and

godly in this present age so grace is

not a license to sin it's the power to

overcome sin hallelujah and if you want

to walk in the power of the Holy Ghost

you've got to learn how to live a

sanctified life there's so many symbols

of the Holy Spirit in the Bible one of

them is a dove doves don't sell pigeons

we'll settle on anything Falcons and

vultures will come along on settle on

dead bodies dead carcasses eat rotten

flesh not so with doves doves only

settle where it's clean nothing unclean

nothing dirty nothing defiled

what does that teach us about the Holy

Ghost if we really want to walk in the

power and the anointing of the Holy

Ghost we have to learn to live a

sanctified life you see to become a

believer it doesn't cost you anything

salvation is free but it didn't come

cheap and I tell my kids okay they'll

clothes that you're wearing

they didn't cost you anything the food

on the table that didn't cost you

anything it's all free

even your university fees all paid for

it's all free but it cost somebody else

something I say don't forget it may be

free to you but it didn't come cheap to

me it costs me and when you understand

the value and the cost of Christ on the

cross you not only understand the value

of your Redemption you understand the

value of yourself and the greatest value

that you can put on yourself the

greatest honor that you can give to

yourself is to live a holy life holiness

is the utmost expression of your value

your value to God and God has set you

apart sanctified you and sealed you with

the Holy Ghost so you can be sent to saw

it as a lot of s's there by the way

you're keeping track to saw in Christ

Jesus and be a soul winner hallelujah so

Jesus went after the one we need to

understand that the Bible is full of

examples the woman with the issue of

blood blind man Bartimaeus jesus went to

them the woman with the issue of blood

the Bible declares that her faith made

her whole she pressed through the crowds

let me tell you something if you want to

draw close to God you're going to come

across some resistance there will be

some pressure the devil's gonna kick

back on you but if you continue pressing

in every time

pushes on you you're gonna turn into his

worst nightmare hallelujah because

you're a carrier of the glory of God and

so Gaea there was a crowd around Jesus

just I'm gonna finish with this there

was a crowd around Jesus but that woman

continued to press through probably on

her hands and knees

because the crowds were so thick and

dense but she managed to touch the hem

of His garment and the Bible declares

immediately the issue of blood was dried

up she became whole and Jesus did a

peculiar thing he turned around and

started saying who touched me and I can

just imagine Peter James and John saying

what do you mean Lord there's so many

people here touching you they're

touching you hands all over you what do

you mean who touched me is the Lord

going a bit you know crazy and the Lord

said no no somebody touched me and the

woman just fell at his feet and said I

touched you and the Lord said to a go

your faith has made you whole there is

something about faith that causes God to

pass over a million people just to get

to you just to get to the one jesus said

have faith even as a mustard seed you

see it was on the hand of a woman that

stopped Jesus it was the hand of faith

that calls Jesus to stand still


faith is the hand that tapes from God

you see when you and I want to do

business we need money we need the

currency of money if we're going to do

business but if you want to do business

with God you need the currency of heaven

that currency is the currency of faith

without faith it is impossible to please

God but faith is not mere mental assent

faith is a fact but faith is an act it's

easy to see who's got faith just look at

their actions faith manifests faith is

visible it's not some invisible force

it's a very visible force that's

manifested in and through you hallelujah

and it moves the hand of God why did

everybody get healed it they weren't

pressing in

they weren't pressing in we got a push

we've got to keep praying until

something happens keep pushing and

pushing and pushing

that's called hunger we are too easily

satisfied you know that you know what

Smith Wigglesworth once said the great

man of God who documented raised 11

people from the dead when I first

started out as an evangelist I used to

travel with a an Australian evangelist

called Steve Ryder he's now in the Gold

Coast now I travel with him to hungry I

was with him in check and I remember

what when he was in Miami Burma even

before he got preaching somebody handed

him a dead body of a small baby baby was

dead before he even began preaching I

wonder what we would do pastor Greg were

we haven't even spoken or preached the

message if someone hands us a dead baby

what would

but this is faith he said well actually

I just lifted the baby up and he just

lifted the baby arm and said Heavenly

Father that's all he said he just said

Heavenly Father and that baby came alive

right there started coughing and crying

for the first time hallelujah the baby

was risen from the dead and so here's a

man Smith Wigglesworth 11 people from

the dead he said this I am satisfied

with the dissatisfaction until I am

satisfied again and again and again and

again you see we are too easily

satisfied like CS Lewis once said he

said we are like children playing with

mud pies in the slum when God gives us a

holiday by the sea - easily satisfied

with the crumbs when God has something

much much much bigger much bigger than

what you can imagine and God has called

you to greatness God doesn't call you to

do what you can do he calls you to do

what only he can do through you we need

to change our thinking not your neighbor

and say get rid of that stinking

thinking some people's minds are just

like concrete they're thoroughly mixed

up and permanently sinned and we need to

break those strongholds amen you see God

did not save you just so you can go to

heaven Christ paid the price for heaven

to come into you so that everywhere you

walk on this planet you can destroy hell

on earth

hallelujah that's your purpose that's

your calling to plan the hell and

populate heaven as Rana bunkie says

hallelujah Africa shall be saved and I

prophesy to you the Boston shall be




amen hallelujah I want to finish up with

this because I realize time has gone on

but there's this gonna be a special

moment I've already seen it in the

spirit you say yes there are days of

Pentecost not just one day we're living

in a day of Pentecost right now but the

book of Acts now hear this

it's not a historical book it's an

existential book it's a book of the

here-and-now God is still writing the

book of Acts he's writing your acts

what will your book of Acts say about

you and on that day of judgment God is

gonna read it out your acts and when you

meet him on that day he's not gonna ask

or how many conferences did you go to

how many Holy Ghost feathers did you

catch did you get some gold dust

see we get carried away with the wrong

thing this is the focus he's gonna ask

you did you obey my command to go and

make disciples see while we're waiting

for the whole world to come to the

church Jesus didn't commander he

commanded the whole church to go to the

whole world you see the greatest thing

that you can do is win a song because

that song is priceless Jesus says what

will a man profit if he gain the whole

world and lose his own soul what was

Jesus saying he was implying that one

soul is worth more than the whole world

the whole world priceless just reach one

just reach another soul there's nothing

worse than being lost and no one looking

for you get on your hands and knees and

be travailing have the heart of a

shepherd had the heart of God the Father

you know in the parable of the prodigal

son the heart the father was broken it

was travailing over there over that lost

son Jesus demonstrated the heart of the

father when in in the parable of the

Good Shepherd he left the 99 to go after

the 1 the value of the 1

there is value in just one soul just go

after the one you don't have to be like

me go after the one God's heart never

rests it's always looking on the horizon

waiting for a prodigal God's heart is

breaking for protocols and we must

travel with the father and we must bend

down these and when was the last time we

got on our knees and fasted and prayed

for the lost for that lost aunty for

that lost brother for that lost sister

daughter son father mother friend peer

work colleague hell is real

and you can live a good life there's a

lot of people in Hell right now who

thought they were good enough without

Jesus they thought it was just about

living a good life like Spurgeon once

said he said morality may keep you out

of jail but only the blood of Jesus can

keep you out of hell only the blood of

Jesus the sinner will never know peace

until he knows this sin is cleansed by

the blood of Jesus hallelujah so before

I go any further is there one here who

has yet to be cleansed by the blood of

Jesus oh there is a fountain filled with

blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins and

sinners plunged beneath its flow lose

all their guilt and stains is there one

here who doesn't yet know what it means

to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus

every head bowed every eye closed if

that's you if you don't know what it

means to be born again if you don't know

what it means to be cleansed by the

blood of Jesus and come into union with

Christ if you don't know where you're

going if you breathed your last if you

if your blood stopped right now and you

breathe your last if you're not sure

that you're gonna heaven if there's the

slightest doubt while every head is

bowed every eyes closed I want you to

raise your hands only I can see it

raise your hands right now if that's you

god bless you god bless you

anybody else god bless you isn't that

wonderful there are people here god

bless you god bless you let the

conviction come Holy Spirit right now

god bless you god bless you be sure do

not leave this place until you are sure

if that's you I want to do something I

want you to do something bold we're not

out to embarrass you but there's a

principle here Jesus died openly for you

not in secret he shed his blood for you

to give you life eternal life the least

we can do is stand before him in public

and acknowledge him acknowledge the

Savior if that's you I want you to stand

to your feet

those who lifted their hands we're here

to welcome you we're not here to judge

you if that's you stand to your feet and

I want to pray for you come to the front

and I'm going to lead you through a

prayer of salvation come on can we give

these people a hand of praise isn't this


we've gone after the one hallelujah

hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah you

know this is just as precious to me as

40,000 being saved just the one just

reach one each one of these people more

valuable than the whole world all the

gold and silver priceless hallelujah


that's the how much Jesus demonstrated

his love the greatest demonstration of

love the world has ever seen and even if

you were the only one Jesus still would

have come just for you is that they're

wonderful how the God who flung a

hundred billion trillion stars into

orbit created 8.7 million different

species of being goes after the weary

goes after the lost the least and the

last he goes after the one he goes after

you isn't that wonderful

hallelujah this is going to be the

greatest moment of their lives I want

you to stretch out your hands to them

some of them already crying in the

presence of God I'm telling you God's

presence is here God's presence is

manifesting God's presence is here to

bring new birth and regeneration

and I want you to look at me right now

and pray this prayer after me in fact

all of us pray but you here in the front

pray this prayer out loud from your

heart God will hear you if you pray from

your heart pray this out loud so heaven

can hear you say Heavenly Father say it

from your lips Heavenly Father I'm a

sinner I come to you now I received

Jesus to cleanse me from all sin make me

born again I accept Jesus as the Son of

God I believe in my heart that God

raised him from the dead now coming to

my life give me eternal life thank you

for saving me I am saved I am saved I

have called upon the name of the Lord

and I am saying now come and lift your

hands and give Jesus praise

stay where you are just look at me I

want to welcome you into the family of

God isn't this wonderful

your sins are washed away only by the

blood of Jesus hallelujah now now to

stay we are because I've seen this when

I'm on the mission field they get saved

they get healed they get baptized in the

Holy Ghost all at the same time we're

gonna pray for the baptism I felt that

from the beginning this is Pentecost

Sunday we're gonna pray for the baptism

I did grab Brandtner me did a video on

pray TV and where I've been getting

reports that people watching the TV

program are getting baptized in the Holy

Ghost speaking in other tongues just

watching it on TV

hallelujah it's gonna happen now if you

have yet to come into the experience of

Pentecost and what I mean by that is to

be filled with the Holy Ghost with the

evidence of speaking in other tongues

then come to the front I'm gonna pray

for you I'm gonna pray for you come to

the front I'm not talking about having

the Holy Spirit I'm talking about filled

to overflowing I don't want to get into

a theology discussion right now but if

you're not speaking in other tongues you

are not filled with the Holy Ghost we

have the teaching another time but

believe me believe acts 2 the Bible says

that we'll all feel with the Holy Ghost

and began to walk

began to speak in tongues as the Holy

Spirit gave them utterance that's what's

going to happen here come anybody not

speaking in other tongues you want the


it's Pentecost Sunday hallelujah is

going to happen

it's gonna happen I've seen this happen

all over the world I see it's gonna

happen right now come now this is how

we're going to do it this is how I I do

it I do it according to the book of Acts

real simple the Bible says they were all

in one place gathered in one a cool

doesn't it they were all in one place

in one Accord we are in one place and in

case you're thinking that this gift is

not for you it is for you jesus said if

we being evil know how to give good

gifts to our children how much more

without Heavenly Father give the Holy

Ghost to them that ask and on the day of

Pentecost Peter said this promise is to

you to your children and to those who

are afar off 2,000 years ago we were

very afar off we were those who were

afar off and I want you to come to the

Lord right now and say Lord I've heard

about your promise and now I've come to

collect it hallelujah I've come to

collect your promise this promise is for

me I who was once afar off now we're

going to raise our voices all at the

same time as they did under their

Pentecost they all pray together they

all prayed in one a cold they raised

their voices together star up in the

natural and God will put the super' to

your natural


start off by moving that tongue of flesh

and God will give you a tongue of fire

and there's a full and the Bible says a

flame sat upon each and every one of

them there is a flame with your name

here this morning right now there is a

flame with your name

so all at the same time and those who

can speak in tongues in the back let's

all raise our voices together along with

these and if you don't raise your voice

in English or Spanish whatever language

you speak start off in the flesh start

off in the natural and God will give you

a new prayer language I was in Cyprus I

was praying this prayer with a group

there and the woman said is she she got

filled with the Holy oh she she she said

i stiii here tongues I here tongues I

said speak them in the name of Jesus she

heard them but she wasn't speaking them

and I said speak she began occurring in

other tongues as the Spirit gave them

utterance so what you hear speak it out

it might start off softly some new

tongue you've never spoken before some

strange unfamiliar tongue but speak out


after three we're all gonna raise our

voices and you in the back after three

let's all pray we're all going to raise

our voices together in one Accord you

can say hallelu if you don't speak in

tongues you start off saying hallelujah

praise God just pray the blood of Jesus

the blood of Jesus whatever words you

want to use in whatever language now

after three we're all going to pray

those in tongues and those not yet

filled in tongues lift your voices after

three one two

three lift your voice father release the

Holy Ghost release come on don't stop

don't stop

Lord release the Holy Ghost Heavenly

Father Jesus you are the baptizing with

fire release the fire release the fire

release the fire release the fire

release the fire right now take it take

it there it is there it is be filled be

fell be filled be filled

be filled be filled night now thank you

I'll catch it catch it catch it catch it

catch in Jesus name be filled right now

be filled be filled be filled be filled

in Jesus name I'm gonna get down here

I'm gonna get down be fill in Jesus be

filled in Jesus name right now filling

Lord fill this man fill this woman be

filled be filled right now be filled

don't look to the person next to you

forget about the person next to you be

filled in Jesus name touch your Lord in

Jesus name

filled right now Thank You Heavenly

Father touch this man filling with the

Holy Ghost filling with the holy keep

keep praising him don't stop