Through Jesus, We are Transformed

invite everyone to turn to the Gospel of

Luke chapter 9 beginning with verse 27

Luke chapter 9 beginning with verse 27

and as you do well then if we could just

project that first slide now this is

you're gonna be hearing from a couple of

my heroes this morning I have a couple

of quotes what do you all think of this

this is from a-w toes our author of some

thirty books a hero among the Christian

Missionary Alliance the author of the

pursuit of God this is actually this is

actually almost like a personal creed

that he shares and he says what I

believe about God is the most important

thing about me what I believe about God

is the most important thing about me now

think about that what do you think when

you read that when I think about God

it's a it's a what I believe about God

is the most important thing about me

what I believe about God is the most

important thing about me we've never had

more access to people's opinions I think

in all of history than we do in the age

we're living in we we are either blessed

or cursed depending on how you view it

by a deluge of opinions on everything

from politics to lattes on a daily basis

right it seems that you can't you can't

roast a chicken or fry an egg

without posting it on Instagram or her

Facebook right or snapchat looked at

this terrific egg I fried this morning

to all 337 of my friends in an in an age

of acute individualism more than ever we

seem to struggle it's as if all of the

world has revert reverted to high school

and we just care more than ever ever

ever about people's opinions not knowing

what to think and worrying constantly

what do people think about me you know

not to believe what everyone says on

Facebook right except for y'all what

torture is saying is you can boil the

most important opinions in the universe

down to these two guys just concern

yourself with these two opinions my

beloved and you need not worry about

anything else

number one what is your opinion of Jesus

who is Jesus to you what do you see when

you see him what do you see when you see

Jesus what do you see or imagine when

you invoke his name what's your opinion

of Jesus and the other opinion you

should concern about be concerned about

is this what is his opinion what is

Jesus's opinion of you

who are you to him what does he see what

does heaven see when heaven sees you

when Jesus sees you what does he see

what I believe about God is the most

important thing about me this is

actually the first sentence of the first

chapter of a book by aw Tozer called the

knowledge of a holy and that first the

title of the first chapter is why we

must think rightly about God why we must

think rightly about God what is your

opinion of Jesus

what is Jesus's opinion of you if you

must obsess with an opinion obsessed

with these two opinions why on that


everything every decision you'll ever

make every other opinion you'll ever

hold we need to get this right and right

now there's a marketplace of ideas about

Jesus some from very well-meaning

sources and we've come to the point that

even the beloved of God even the Church

of Jesus Christ is not sure what we

believe about Jesus even as we use the

same language we don't know our minds

are not meeting we're using the name but

we're not talking about the same person

and the Lord knows how important this is

it was so important that we get this

right that God made sure

we had a glimpse of what heaven sees

when it sees Jesus and what heaven sees

when it sees those who put their trust

in him for a very very special moment

the Lord put aside the veil separating

the natural from the supernatural you

remember the story of Elijah Elisha and

his servant they were surrounded by

soldiers and and it was just the two of

them and Elisha servant was sweating

because he saw this army around them and

Elisha prayed Lord open his eyes that

you may see and at that moment Elisha

servant saw the mountains rimmed with

armies of Chariots of Fire well there's

a moment in time where the Lord does

something similar tearing away for a

moment the veil that separates the

natural from the supernatural the veil

that separates what is visible from the

invisible so for a moment we see a God's

eye view of Jesus and a God's eye view

of us we call that glimpse behind the

veil into the kingdom of God the

Transfiguration the Transfiguration

spirit of God now open our eyes Jesus

that we may see you as you are that we

may see ourselves as you behold us that

you may draw all hearts to you and they

may fall at your feet as they properly

should if they knew who you were in

Jesus name

Luke 9 verse 27 truly I tell you some of

you standing here will not taste death

before they see the kingdom of God about

eight days after Jesus said this he took

Peter John and James with him and went

up unto a mountain to pray and as he was

praying the appearance of his face

changed and his clothes became as bright

as a flash of lightning two men Moses

and Elijah appeared in glorious splendor

talking with Jesus they spoke about his

departure which he was about to bring to

fulfillment at Jerusalem Peter and his

companions were very sleepy but when

they became fully awake they saw his

glory and the two men standing with him

as the men were leaving Jesus Peter said

to him master it is good for us to be

here let us put up three shelters one

for you one for Moses and one for Elijah

he did not know what he was saying but

while he was speaking a cloud appeared

and in Vail at them and they were afraid

as they entered the cloud and a voice

came from the cloud saying there

this is my son whom I have chosen listen

to him when the voice had spoken

they found that Jesus was alone the

disciples kept this to themselves and

told no one at that time what they had

seen Transfiguration

we get to see the invisible for a while

we get to see for a special moment the

supernatural among the natural why why

was this necessary we have a clue as to

why this was so important in that this

event took place

look at verse 20 look at verse 28 about

eight days after Jesus said this after

Jesus said what now in each of the three

synoptic Gospels the Transfiguration is

preceded but what by what I will call

the most important public opinion survey

in history an exchange between Jesus and

His disciples where he asked them who do

the crowds say I am what have they been

posting about me

what stuff have they been saying that

Jesus calm what if what are what what

are people saying about me what are you

hearing out there I'm a big boy I can

take it go ahead tell me and the

disciples then shared a series of what

turned out to be very flattering and

very biblical sounding opinions about

Jesus these opinions were flattering

they were good things

and they sounded biblical but they were

wrong we could be flattering about Jesus

we could think good thoughts about Jesus

we could make biblical noises about

Jesus and be absolutely wrong about him

then they then Jesus turned to then they

replied some say John the Baptist others

say Elijah and still others that one of

the prophets of long ago

Jeremiah was mentioned in one of the

gospels has come back to life then Jesus

turned the question on them what about

you who do you say I am and in all three

Gospels it's Peter whose pipes up and

says you are the Christ of God you are

the Messiah of God Matthew records that

Peter on the under the anointing of the

Holy Spirit declared you are the Christ

the Messiah the Son of the Living God

and after Peters declaration Jesus said

you know that's awesome

I'm gonna build a church on that

declaration i'ma build a church on that

rock and and the gates of Hell will not

prevail against it and folks it's time

you heard about this and then he began

to share plainly the scriptures say at

that point on about how he was going to

be rejected and how he was going to

suffer how the Messiah was supposed to

suffer how he would be beaten within an

inch of his life he would be nailed to a

cross how he would

I and on the third day rise from the

dead and the disciples reacted the

reaction was something like this that's

not what they had in mind that was not

there that was not the that was not the

night riding in on a white charger that

they were expecting of their Messiah of

their Anointed One they were expecting a

Rambo to come in and rescue Israel from

under the boot of Rome they were

expecting things to happen in the here

and now and the very same Peter who said

you are the Messiah you are the Christ

the Son of the Living God took Jesus

aside and said god forbid even god

forbids the Lord that this should happen

to you Lord to which the Lord rebukes

him in no uncertain terms get thee

behind me Satan

the Lord would not have it even be

tempted for a minute not to take up the

cross and he responds you do not have

the things of God in mind but the things

of this earth the things of this world

you see we can say the right things in

the right words but in your heart and

mind have no idea have no sense what

you're saying or what is at stake when

we talk about Jesus we have all as a

community made some important

declarations about Jesus and about the

times we're living in these are the days

of Elijah he's coming in his crowd cloud

of glory we just sang that I think what

the Lord wants to make sure this morning

is that we are synchronizing what your

mind and what your heart is saying with

the words what we're declaring about the


and they had no idea how could they they

had to be shown they had to see for a

moment the kingdom of God manifested

before them which brings us to that

thing that happened on that mountain

verse 28 about eight days after Jesus

said this he took Peter James and John

with him and went up onto a mountain to

pray Jesus had gone up to the mountain

to pray before this time he invites

Peter James and John to tag along

Jesus had spent entire nights up on a

mountain can you imagine I could imagine

Peter and James and John saying oh cool

I wonder what goes on up there so they

went up there with Jesus and as he was

praying the appearance of his face

changed and his clothes became as bright

as a flash of lightning they saw this

mile an is the next slide this is as the

pest artists renditions I could come up

with or the internet anyway the gospel

struggled to describe this Luke says

that his appearance changed and became

as bright as a flash of lightning mark

says his clothes became dazzling white

whiter than anyone in the world could

bleach them Matthew says his face shone

like the Sun we talked about this

Wednesday night and one brother during

the Bible study says

sir if his face shone like the Sun it

means that they could not they could not

stare into it for too long his glory was

so great that the Apostles the disciples

had to turn their eyes from it whatever

Jesus is whoever Jesus is whatever they

thought Jesus was before this moment at

this moment you could knock a couple of

ideas off he's no mere rabbi he's no

mere prophet he's not just any

philosopher he's no well-intentioned

teacher he's not a disembodied spirit

they caught a glimpse of the primordial

glory of Jesus the primordial glory of

the Son of God as collusion says the son

is the image of the invisible God the

firstborn over all creation before the

worlds were called into place before

light was separated from darkness before

there was a sea before there was a moon

before there was a star before there was

lightning before the many things that

they're comparing Jesus to even existed

there was Jesus and there was his glory

and underneath his Clark Kents suit of

Jesus of Nazareth was this amazing image

this glory that once you turn back the

veil you see him as the angels do and

they never forgot it they never forgot

him near his own death Peter reminds the

church and even in their day even in

their day

Satan made sure that there were

counterfeit opinions lots of confusion

about Jesus and and Peter writes to them

in second Peter reminded the church that

had been hearing all sorts of crazy

false teachings about Jesus in 2nd Peter

chapter 1 verse 16 for we did not follow

cleverly devised stories when we told

you about the coming of our Lord Jesus

Christ in power this isn't something we

made up this isn't something that that

we had a meeting about in the upper room

and had a committee and we said this is

what we believe Jesus is this isn't

something we dreamed up over dinner we

were eyewitnesses of his majesty

three of them according to Jewish law

that's the number of witnesses you need

to make an open-and-shut case

and Jesus knew that we were eyewitnesses

of his majesty he received honor and

glory from God the Father when the voice

came to him from the majestic glory

saying this is my son whom I love with

him I am well pleased

Peter writes in his last letter before

he himself is martyred and joins the

Lord and glory we ourselves heard this

voice firsthand that came from heaven

when we were with him on the sacred


he's not just a rabbi a teacher a

philosopher or one more opinion what he

says matters

that's what the Transfiguration tells us

about Jesus now what the Transfiguration

shows us about us is probably even more

scandalous and probably even more

hair-raising than what the

Transfiguration even says about Jesus

you could come to expect this about

Jesus but if the Lord were to turn the

veil back right now at line of Judah and

we were to see each other right now just

for a moment and we am the Lord doesn't

permit that because we would go insane

if we're still using our our our our

corporal brains we'd lose our minds but

if say for a moment we got to see the

PERT you got to see the person sitting

next to you so you won't even notice

what's happening to you you'll be

freaking out your neighbor but if you

were to turn to your neighbor and saw a

God's eye view of your neighbor what

would you see because they were not

alone under the glare of Jesus's glory

two men appear in verse 32 men Moses and

Elijah appeared in glorious splendor

talking with Jesus now why Elijah and

Moses some of these reasons are obvious

they are obviously important right for

sure they are representative that here

here you have Moses representative of

the law you have Elijah representative

of the prophets and a prophetic

anointing the spirit of Elijah and of

course you have Jesus representative of

the cross and by bringing the three of

them together

you're symbolizing that the cross pays

the penalty of the law Moses and ushers

in the spirits power to all flesh Elijah

that's that's perhaps one reason why out

of out of the out of the din of heaven

the Lord should call these two to this

communion that's one reason but the

thing I think that the Lord wants us to

focus on this morning is a bit more

obvious Luke tells us that these that

Moses and Elijah appeared in glorious

splendor don't skip that too soon when

you look at the Greek that glory

language is almost to the kind of glory

it describes Jesus the discrete that

description in glorious splendor echoes

that of Jesus but it's clear these were

human beings these were on the rows am I

saying that right brother James

from Crete from of Cyprus these were on

rows men they were not angels Angelo's

they were not spirits

NUMA they were men humans mere fallible

humans dead hundreds in the case of of

Moses certainly more than a thousand

years ago but somehow there

they're alive they're walking they're

talking they're thinking god knows what

else they're doing speaking theology

having a laugh they are alive they're

alive and they are reflecting Jesus is

glory to humans to Andros to men as

human as you and me as human as you and

me Moses remember who Moses is he's a

human being with a murder on his record

you remember that who was a good 80

years old before God thought he was

humble enough to use in a stutterer at


that's Moses folks this is the same guy

fallible human being as he was who

insisted he to face he who spoke to God

face to face as a man speaks to his

friend who even as a human being you

don't have to wait for your

Transfiguration you don't have to wait

for that moment as a human being

Moses babe God show me your glory and

the Lord complies

that's Moses Elijah

what does James tell us about Elijah

James the Apostle James says Elijah was

a human being

even as we are

he prayed earnestly that it would not

rain and it did not rain in the land for

three and a half years this is a man

these are men humans humans and this is

what God has in mind for you if you let

him John years later if Peter never

forgot what he saw in the mountain

neither did John and in his first letter

to the church to the churches and first

John chapter three John writes this see

what great love the father has lavished

on us that we should be called children

of God

this means this there's a race if you

will a set of human beings that the Lord

takes unto himself and he adopts as his

own he makes you part of the family if

Jesus is his one begotten Son is one

true son the whole idea of heaven is to

have a whole huge family reunion

children of God children of God everyone

in this room without exception can be

known as a child of God what great love

the father has lavished on us that we

should be called the children of God and

that is what we are the reason the world

does not know us is that it did not know

him that was this that was the situation

two thousand years ago and Lion of Judah

that's the situation today there will

always be that gulf

they did not know us then they won't

know us now because they do not know him

but dear friends now we are children of

God by the way do you see that present


now did you catch this now we are

children of God let me say that again

now we are children of God not in heaven

not after we die not pie in the sky

right now this moment now we are

children of God the moment we surrender

to Christ the moment we say Jesus adopt

me make me yours

put grasped me onto your family that

moment you are a child of God and many

well I've heard wonderful commentaries

that the Transfiguration is

representative of what we will be once

we are in heaven and that's a wonderful

thing yes we're talking about the normal

course of business is Jesus in his

unvarnished glory very Jesus still Jesus

recognizably Jesus but clothed in

inaccessible glory and those who love


reflecting the glory of Jesus just as

Elijah does and just as Moses does but

this is happening in your heart in your

mind in your life right now and if the

veil were to be removed this moment the

children of God what would we look like

and what we will be has not yet been

made known but we know that when Christ

appears we shall be

like him for we shall see him as he is


he is and then it ends with this that

passage verse three reads all who have

this hope in him purifies

just as he is pure whoa wait a minute

think about what we just read put on

your thinking caps then we just say that

you were children of God and that we're

becoming this that we will be like him

and yet this verse all who have this

hope in him purifies himself pure off' i

themselves just as he is pure what what

is the implication of that is it the

implication of that is that somehow what

we do now has an impact on what we

become then why would it matter whether

we purify ourselves or not what you do

now what we do now

the meditation of our hearts and the

words of our mouth what we do now has

implications for what we become then now

is that clap if you want I would be

terrified you know I would bring the

mind a couple of things and wonder what

is that turning me into right now

what is that doing to Sam's invisible

self right now

you know nothing captures this

implication for ourselves and everyone

you know the next slide Melanie please

more hauntingly than this quote from CS


I don't know how visible that is to you

Anais and i i i seldom quote at length

of passage like this but i couldn't say

this better than CS lewis this is from

an essay of his called the wave of glory

he who has this hope purifies himself

why it's a serious thing to live in a

society of possible gods and goddesses

to remember that the dullest most

uninteresting person you can talk to may

one day be a creature which if you saw

it now you will be strongly tempted to

worship or else a horror and a

corruption such as you now meet if at

all only in a nightmare all day long in

some degree we are helping each other to

one or the other of these destinations

the quote continues it is in the light

of these overwhelming possibilities it

is with the all and a circumstance

circumspection proper to them that we

should conduct all our dealings with one

another all friendships all loves all

plays all politics there are no ordinary

people you have never talked to a mere

mortal there are no mere mortals in this

room nations cultures

arts civilizations these are mortal and

their life is through ours as the life

of a gnat how's that but it is immortals

when we joke with work with Mary snob

and exploit immortal horrors or

everlasting splendors and that too is

now that's you that's your Facebook

friend that's the lady of the check out

at star market those are the kids in our

passport class at Charles Towne at the

Burke and at the English those are the

people who wander in to our discipleship


that's your uncle that your aunt that's

your second cousin twice removed every

human being you have ever met what are

they becoming and what's our

responsibility what is our duty that's

what's at stake all of humanity is

literally at a cross roads across roads

with everything to gain or lose I'm

gonna sound like a 19th I'm gonna I'm

gonna I'm really gonna sound like

Charles Spurgeon at the moment I am

resurrected some 19th century preacher

but here it is I must say the destiny of

your immortal soul immortal soul you'll

never die

that's a guarantee depends on Jesus and

on Jesus alone in verse 31 these three

Jesus Elijah and Moses spoke about his

departure the literal word here is

Exodus Exodus they spoke about Jesus's

Exodus which he was about to bring to

fulfillment at Jerusalem so between the

three of them they knew that from this

point on Jesus was on his way to

Jerusalem never to return except as the

resurrected Christ the cross and his and

his resurrection are the fulfillment his

death means that the day his death and

resurrection means that death and sin

lose their power and the way to glory

the way to the scene the way the only

way to this Transfiguration is through

him it's through Jesus it's through the

cross now Peter saw this going on

scripture says that he saw Jesus's glory

and the two men standing with them and

and they were about to leave Moses and

Elijah were about to leave and all this

would be over and Peter being Peter

suggests master it's good for us to be

here let us put up three shelters one

for you one for Moses and one for Elijah

he did not know what he was saying the

word says folks of course it was good to

be here we all want to be here we all

even your neighbor who may have rejected

Jesus who may have rejected the cross

who may have rejected what he calls

organized religion your

neighbor doesn't want to wake up in hell

your neighbor doesn't your neighbor

pines for an existence like that we all

want that what what soul does not want

to live in the redemptive glory of Jesus

and these tents may have seen entirely

sensible why not but we don't get to

choose our own way it was not the path

that God had ordained not the way that

God had chosen and God would not have

God could not be more explicit so in

verse 34 we pick up a narrative while he

Peter was speaking a cloud appeared and

enveloped them in the Iranian in the

Greek the word that they use for

enveloped it's the same word that the

Greek uses for the Shekinah cloud but

Shekinah glory of God covering covering

the the Covenant the Ark of the Covenant

in the Old Testament in in Exodus that

glory fell and enveloped Peter and James

and John and they were afraid as they

entered the cloud and a voice came from

the cloud saying this is my son whom I

have chosen listen to him listen to him

God could not be more emphatic he

couldn't have made it clear I don't care

who other whatever other opinion you

hear the Lord says whatever else you

read whatever else you've heard what

does Jesus say what does he demand of

you and this is what Jesus says in John

chapter 10 he says in verse 28 I give

them I give them eternal life I Jesus I

Jesus give them eternal life

and they shall never perish no one shall

snatch them out of my hand my father who

has given them to me is greater than all

no one can snatch them out of my

father's hand I and the father are one

now if if Jesus is not Jesus what he

just said is absolutely preposterous and


it's the only way to salvation he gives

eternal life he's cornered the market on

eternal life the only way to get it is

from him

and once you there once you have it once

he has given it to you and once you say

Jesus I am yours he grabs you and no

demon in Hell can snatch you from his

hands you are yours you are his for

keeps no weapon forged against you shall

prosper before going up this mountain he

said whoever wants to be my disciple

must deny themselves they must take up

their cross daily and follow me jesus

said this whoever wants to save their

life will lose it he says whoever loses

their life for me will save it he said

what good is it for someone to gain the

whole world and lose this and lose this

and lose their very self what could be

worth that whoever is ashamed of me and

my words

the Son of Man will be ashamed of them

when he comes in his glory and in the

glory of the Father and of the holy

angels we tell people about Jesus

because the Bible the Bible does not

mince words there are winners and losers

in this with huge stakes it is his will

that no man shall be lost that all

should be saved but it requires a

surrender it requires a surrender the

simplest thing it can't be more simple

heaven cannot make it more simple you

just need to say I want this I want

eternal life I declare that you are

Jesus and you are God alone and I cannot

be saved without you take me into

yourself and adopt me as your childr and

that is enough that's all it takes cover

me with your blood make me yours you are

my lord what you say goes that's all

that it takes and then something happens

and I'll leave with this in second

Corinthians there's a beautiful passage

where Paul who ran into the resurrected

trans figured Christ on a road to

Damascus and Saul or Peter and John and

James had seen was blind for about three

days and his life changed at that point

and he writes in 2nd Corinthians chapter

3 starting with around verse 16 if you

do that today if you turn to the Lord

if you turn to the Lord whenever anyone

turns to the Lord the veil is taken away

the veil that separates you from God's

grace is taken away the veil that

separates the natural from the from the

supernatural that's taken away the veil

that separates the visible from

invisible that's removed

whenever anyone turns to the Lord the

veil is taken away now the Lord is the

spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord

is there is freedom the moment anyone

turns to him they receive freedom from

the power of sin which separates us from

the glory of God and then something

happens the Transfiguration begins your

Transfiguration the clock starts at that

moment you go from a dead soul to a

living soul at that moment the clock

begins and we are who with unveiled

faces contemplate the Lord's glory are

being transformed into his image are

being that's now that's today that's

this moment as you're sitting here

receiving that word you're being

transformed into his image

with ever-increasing glory which comes

from the Lord who is the spirit there

are people being transfigured into the

glory of God even as we speak and there

are people who are dying inside out even

as we speak

that's the Transfiguration and that's

what's at stake the primary function the

primary mission of this church as is the

primary mission of the Church of Jesus

Christ is to make sure that no one goes

to their grave without hearing this

message today without having this

opportunity making sure that every one

of us without exception it's being

transfigured into the glory of God

helping one another

becoming more like Jesus now do you know

what we mean when we say become more

like Jesus it's real and it's important

and nothing matters more


signs of God

I'll invite the worshipers up in the



I'm gonna praise the Lord


bow your heads for a moment I'm gonna

get Billy Graham ash on you

words words can be twisted and mean

different things I love what

brother James said last week you can't

even we don't even know what we mean

when we say you're a Christian it's not

I'm not asking you whether you are a

Christian I'm not asking you where your

mom or dad or brought you to church I'm

not asking you whether you got baptized

at the age of 12 I'm not I'm not even

asking you whether you speak in tongues

I'll ask you to if every well if you

could just bow your heads for a moment

and close your eyes for two reasons I

want you to look into yourself and ask

the Lord to remove the veil


so that for a moment the Holy Spirit can

show you a vision of yourself that's God

sees you if that's never been something

that you've thought about before and if

you cannot recall a moment where you

have said Jesus I surrender make me



cover me with your blood whatever else I

do whatever else happens in my life God

with all my twists and turns with all my

ups and downs whatever happens

dear Jesus give me you and give me

heaven come alive inside me come alive

inside me come alive inside me

if that's you and you're praying that

for the first time you just want to be

sure this I'm gonna invite you to raise

your hand where you are at this moment

just raise your hand and we will pray

for you I see that hand I see that hand

I see that hand I see that there keep

your hand up please keep your hand up

please keep your hand up please


let me pray this prayer over you why

don't you repeat this with me dear Jesus

say your name

without you I am a sinner without hope

with you I am your child and I will

never know death and that's what I want

I want you I want your salvation I want

your blood over me I receive you as my

god you are my Savior walk me in your

path fill me with your holy spirit and

wait for me even as I look forward to

seeing you face to face

glory to glory in heaven Jesus