The Forgotten Message of the Cross

my wife and family we arrived here in

July last year so we're like the new

kids on the block if you will we started

looking for a church we've been to

various churches just kind of spying out

the scene here the Christian scene and a

lot of people told us why you moved to

Massachusetts I mean what why not down

in the Bible Belt areas and you know

where the Holy Ghost is moving it's like

the graveyard up here the spiritual

graveyard have you heard that before

I'm kind of new to this you've heard her

so I tell them well it sounds like as an

evangelist I'm in the right place

because my God is a resurrection

specialist hallelujah so I'm believing

God is gonna raise the dead and when

Jesus says go raise the dead heal the

sick cleanse the lepers raise the dead

up I mean I didn't realize he was

talking about the church with brother

rigor mortis and sister rigor mortis and

all the little mortises but you know

there's gonna be a revival here I really

believe that who believes that there's

going to be a revival and it's coming to

Boston so we came in July and we didn't

know a single soul in Boston I don't

know many single souls in America I

don't really have many friends I just

welcome my dear friend Michael Victor in

their family they're here visiting this

morning god bless you and anybody else

if I've left you out god bless you so we

came but when Iced walked into this

church a few months ago I just felt like

I was among my own people hallelujah

I felt like I had arrived home and every

time I come here I just feel like I'm

gonna explode in the Holy Ghost so if I

explode you have to excuse me and by the

way if you

I'm into relationship I'm not into dead

religion so let's just shake off all the

religion this morning in or while I'm

preaching while I'm ministering if you

feel like dancing dance if you feel like

screaming up there scream if you feel

like raising your hands and praising the

Living God then praise Him let's just

take the limits off turn to your

neighbor and say take the limits off

this morning take the limits off

let's give religion the holy boot of

fellowship so it's greater be here and I

just sense the connection that I've made

here in this church is evidence that I

heard from the Lord when he said to me

go go to Boston and and to Doug as well

god bless you like he was the one who

told me about the church and what a

mighty evangelist he is he he's led

about three hundred thousand people to

the Lord so I've got some catching up to

do with you

I just come back from India just a

little while ago the other week in fact

I was kicked out of India they the

government expelled me the Hindu

fundamentalist party the BJP they they

someone took videos and footage of me

preaching the gospel in various cities

and they leaned on the police so I had

the police following me from city to

city they finally caught our eye they

come to arrest me and one in my hotel

room I've already gone I was already at

the airport so too bad so I was on a

plane to another city and then they

informed the police in that city and

they turned up at the meeting these

police officers and I was about to get

on and preach and there were thousands

of people I mean that those were some of

the biggest meetings we had in Vizag

Vizag abadan them if I say it correctly

any Indians here okay so you can check

me if I'm not printed making the

pronunciations anyway so they said if

you preach or pray for anyone will

arrest you so I had to hand over

service to my evangelist friend well

past a friend he did the best job he

could but as people you know responded

to the older calls and and and for that

birth to be prayed for sick people

suffering people I saw them crying I

couldn't lay a hand on them it was

torture I just couldn't pray for anybody

but I tell you what our labor is not in

vain how your labor in the Lord is not

in vain and if what we do is of God no

devil no man can stop it

hallelujah now so I said to the Lord

well the devil may have stopped and by

the way even though I was there just for

a short time 700 people came to God and

I know another thousand were waiting

there in voice actor to come to the law

I said Lord that there will may have

stolen that opportunity but how many of

you know proverbs 6 when the devil takes

he has to restore Sevenfold so I said

Lord open seven other doors where that

door is closed open seven other ones and

so now doors are started opening up but

I'm going to China I'm going to preach

in the power Singapore Philippines all

these other doors are opening praise God

because my vision is to see as the

waters cover the Seas I want to see the

gospel cover the earth hallelujah this

gospel is the power of God it is the

only answer to humanity and it must be

preached in all the world hallelujah so

before I really get going that was just

kind of like the introduction before I

really get going

I want to sing a song is that okay with

you see I kind of start with my friends

I didn't even know I could sing in fact

I was sharing with branchial SP just a

few days ago he's the one who does the

video production and because he he's

into music he used to sing he had a

little song you know I was quite

impressed I said to him well in fact

when I was in my teens I had a

and called she's French it was just a

name I didn't know any she he was French

and I said to him I used to sing in a

London club and I was signed I had a pop

career in front of me in fact there was

a meeting organised between George

Michael and me and he said that he

wanted my songs he wanted my songs he

wanted me to give him my songs so I any

of you know the history of when Greece

said no to Hitler back in around 1943

Hitler gave word to the prime minister

of Greece and says we're going to come

and invade so surrender and he had

what's called an Okie day he said okey

which means no no we are not

surrendering today so I had a naki day

with George Michael I said they're not I

said no okay any Greeks here no Greeks I

had an orchid they are saying no he's

also Greek Cypriot and if you know that

so um I thought to myself well if my

songs are good enough for him they're

good enough for me hallelujah but the

Lord had other plans you have app we

have our plans the Lord has his plans I

got saved and I got set free from all of

that corruption and I'm never pursued

that pop career but I still sing but I

don't sing in seedy clubs in smoky

atmospheres to people drinking alcohol I

just sing for the Lord hallelujah I sing

for the Lord so if we can just start the

backing track I'm gonna sing this song


I believe in God the Father Jesus Christ

His only Son and the Blessed holy spirit

distinct three-in-one I believe there is

forgiveness for everything we've done

that is why

I believe the Son of God was crucified

upon the tree laid within a borrowed

tomb not far from Calvary I believe he

rose up from the dead alive for all to


that is why all the more hours I have

made my decision I've staked my claim

I've drawn the line in the sand and I'll

not be ashamed with the world behind me

and the cross before by the grace of God

I was too low

listen I believe you must be born again

John 3:16 is true the old life can't be

washed away and everything made you

I believe the love of God and somehow

find its way to you that is why all the

more I will serve Him

I have made my decision

I've staked my claim I'll call the line

in the sand and I'll not be afraid with

the world behind me and the cross people

by the grace of God


this minute come to torment me when I am

both the neighbor has to flee no the

time will come when Christ returns again

Sunday to bend this just one day mother

whereby men can be saved I believe there

is a right or wrong a time to live and

die and the Bible is the blueprint that

all men should live by I believe I'm not

alone with my faith in Jesus Christ that

is why all the board I will sir

come on stand to your feet sing it with

me we have made our decision













ha I'm gonna serve



can you hear me there hallelujah I'm

just gonna pray Heavenly Father I just

commit this time to you lord I pray that

you invade this place Lord let your wind

blow I pray the fire of God will fall I

pray the river of God will flow and

Father let every bondage be broken every

sickness be healed every person baptized

in the Holy Ghost and every soul saved

in the mighty name of Jesus and

everybody said amen hallelujah I'm gonna

read from something that's been close to

my heart as I chapter 6 we have Isaiah

who saw the Lord and it says in verse 1

starting from the beginning of the

chapter he said I saw the Lord sitting

on a throne high and lifted up and the

Train of his robe filled the temple his

eyes were opened and he saw into the

spirit realm

he saw into the heavens and he had a

revelation that God sits on the throne

and I want to tell you this morning no

matter what trial or difficulty or

hardship you are going through God is on

the throne

and there's no lawyer that can overrule

him hallelujah there's no government

that can overthrow him there is no

police officer that can arrest him there

is no scientist that can disprove him

there is no army that can match against

him there is no power that can conquer

him because he is great in he's greatly

to be praised he is the lord of all odds

he is the king of all kings and there is

no other god beside him and notice in

verse 2 it says and the seraphim's they

cried out to one another and said holy

holy holy three Holies one for each of

the Godhead holy holy holy is the Lord

God of hosts the whole earth is full of

his glory

notice they weren't saying

love-love-love of course God is a God of

love but the revelation in heaven is

that he's a holy God there is no

unrighteousness with him and I'm tired

of hearing all this greasy grace


you know greasy grace hyper grace you

know I stand here before you today for

the hope of the gospel because the

gospel is in danger of being replaced by

another gospel a counterfeit gospel a

gospel of greasy grace and hyper grace

that says God doesn't he's not

interested in your sin your sin doesn't

bother him it's all under the blood of

Jesus you can live how you want you can

do as you want anymore

but I want to tell you that is a lie

from the pit of hell you don't have to

repent just believe you say by grace it

don't matter about sin

it don't matter whether you continue in

a lifestyle of sin well I'm here to tell

you that the Bible declares that God is

a holy God and no unrighteous unholy

person can enter the kingdom of God and

repentance is missing from the gospel in

fact William Booth the great salvation

army leader he once said he says in the

coming century he said this one hundred

years ago he said in the coming century

the dangers that I foresee is a religion

without the Holy Ghost now that's that's

another I can preach on that for another

time but I can just preach a message

just on that you see in the church the

devil has led men and women to replace

the Holy Ghost with rituals and

religious routines in traditions and

culture everything has just become

mechanical and that's a demon spirit of

religion and that the objective of that

spirit is to drive the holy ghost out of

the church and replace it with all these

rituals the mechanics procedures stand

up sit down stand up sit down stand up

sit down sing this and it's all robotic

there's no spontaneity one thing I love

about this church is they're sensitive

and receptive to the Holy Ghost they

welcomed him they recognize that he is

law and that's another point the Bible

says in 1 Corinthians chapter 3 verse 16

that the Lord is the spirit think about

that the Lord is the spirit you see

there's a lot of Christians who have

accepted Jesus as Lord but they haven't

accepted the Holy Spirit as Lord hello

they acknowledge Jesus as Lord but the

Lord Holy Spirit is rejected they reject

the power of God they reject his leading

but I tell you what you cannot reject

the Holy Ghost and expect to walk in the

supernatural this whole book is a book

of the supernatural when you

move the Holy Ghost when you remove the

supernatural when you remove miracles

it's just an ordinary book but the Holy

Ghost he doesn't work through religious

routines and rituals he works through

yielded house all you got to do is yield

your heart that's all you can give him

anyway just the yielded heart that's all

he's looking for your obedience and then

he can move hallelujah but he's a holy

God and he requires holiness from us you

see grace it's not the license to sin

it's the power to overcome sin

hallelujah it's the power to live a

righteous life I'm not preaching a

salvation by works I'm preaching a

salvation by grace but God demands us to

walk in holiness and godliness in this

ungodly present age read 1 Timothy

chapter 2 verse 11 and 12 and so this is

being pushed out of the church in some

places even to the point where as

William Booth prophesied he says there's

going to be a Christianity without a

Christ not the Christ of the Bible

anyhow another Christ is being preached

another Jesus is being believed in fact

I I was looking at a video of a pastor

in a New York City mega church I won't

name any names but I heard him say this

he said anyone who thinks that Jesus is

the only way is wrong this is a pastor

of an evangelical church New York City

and then he goes on to say if you think

Jesus is the only way then you're insane

can you see the heresy that's permeating

the church folks we stand here today

with the hope of the gospel the true

gospel of God which says that Jesus

alone is Savior Jesus alone is the truth

the way and the life Jesus alone

because there's only one person that

went to the cross his name is Jesus

there's only one person who rose from

the dead his name is Jesus there's only

one person whose blood can wash you from

all your sin his name is Jesus no one

else in fact I'm looking forward to a

generation of a light I like the name

that you have for this summer's camp is

that the Elijah generation Joshua

generation maybe you should change it to

the Elijah's you know anyway I love I

believe there's an elation of Elijah's

rising up who will challenge the false

gods the foreign gods of our generation

the gods of new ageism the gods of

secularism and him Hinduism and every

other ISM you can think of atheism and

they will declare to this generation how

God is the true and living God there is

none beside him and we will demonstrate

to you by fire that he is not dead he is

alive and he sits on the throne and the

Train of his robe filled the temple and

notice in verse 4 and the posts were of

the door was shaken by the voice of him

who cried out notice it wasn't the gates

of hell that were shaken it was the

doorpost of the tabernacle in heaven

that was shaken and I believe there's a

shaking coming to the body of Christ God

is gonna shake every Church God is going

to shake the body of Christ Christ and

everything that cannot be shaken will

remain and everything that can will be

lost and I pray God shake out this

heresy and this false doctrine from the

church can somebody say Amen

and shake us from all the dead religion

and then when Isaiah saw this vision

look what what what the next verse says

in verse 5 it says woe is me for I am

undone does that sound like repentance

to you does that sound like repentance

to you woe is me for I am undone because

I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell

in the midst of a people of unclean lips

when you meet with the king of all kings

in the lord of all lords let me tell you

not going to be sitting on a stool

continuing to drink your soya latte

you're not just going to be one of these

casual Christians oh I've seen the Lord

I've met the Lord he's cool or like a an

English sort of gentleman you know Jesus

yes he's a very charming fellow family

that you can sort of invite to your home

and have cups of tea and scones with

hallelujah casual Christians end up

casualties hello we need the fire of God

we need to be touched by the fire of God

and notice that fire came after Isaiah

acknowledged his own sin you know there

are too many Christians who don't

acknowledge their sin I remember one of

the first jobs I got was a recruitment

officer working in London Houston and

then I remember saying and thinking

things that used to grieve the Holy

Ghost I I I wanted a relationship with

the Holy Ghost but as I drew closer to

him I realized that there were things in

my life he didn't like not everything we

do is accepted but you're accepted but

not everything you and I do is accepted

and so every time I felt this burden and

conviction of sin I you

to go to the restroom and just repent

you know just kneel by the throne and

just say I'll forgive me for for using

those exploitive words or Lord forgive

me for thinking that lustful thought Oh

Lord forgive me for the way I reacted to

my boss and I'd get back up and I'll go

back to work and then about an hour

later I find myself by the throne room


Oh Lord forgive me yet again and you

know there was a time of purging in my

life where the Holy Ghost you see some

people think he's a tough no he's not a


he's likened to a dove if anything he's

more like a fire there are all kinds of

symbols that symbolism that describe the

character of the Holy Ghost

but you see doves only rest on something

clean if you want the Holy Ghost to rest

on your life you've got to clean up your

behavior clean up your thought you'll

help you do that he'll give you the

grace you see when Jesus has redeemed us

from the power of sin not from the

presence of sin sin is still present

it's still knocking on your door but he

gives you the power to say no and say

yes to the Lord that's grace

the power to live a godly life and

notice when Isaiah acknowledged his own

sin and he repented then in the

following verse in verse 6 I believe

then one of the seraphim's flew to me

having in his hand a live coal which he

had taken with the tongs from the altar

and he touched my mouth with it and said

Behold this has touched your lips took a

piece of coal from the altar and touched

his lips with it the only other place in

the Bible where you will see fire being

connected to the tongue of man is on the

day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2 where

the fire of God fell and divided as

on each and every one who sat there and

the Bible says they all began to speak

with other tongues as the Holy Ghost

gave them utterance

that's the only other place a tongue of

fire connected with a tongue of flesh

and they began to speak by the Oracles

of God hallelujah and I believe we're

still living in those days you know the

Lord said to me there is no day of

Pentecost and I thought what do you mean

law there's no day of Pentecost no the

Lord said to me there are only days of

Pentecost and we're still living in them

and today is one of those days

hallelujah hallelujah where the fire of

God confor he's still falling and I've

seen the fire of God fall when I was

expelled from India I went to Dubai and

I see this wherever I'm traveling

leaders heard about what happened to me

and they gathered in Dubai and we were

having midnight meetings that were

finishing work they were working all day

and they were gathering and we were

getting started at midnight and we were

going on till the early hours and the

fire of God fell on them and I believe

revival is coming to Dubai and by the

way the greatest revivals have been

where there's been the greatest

persecution persecution can't can be a

blessing and don't think that you're

just gonna we're all going to walk on

flowery beds of ease by following Jesus

that's that's another gospel that's

being preached

you know Jesus is just somebody that you

add to your life oh you know I add a job

to my my life I add a car I add a house

I add a wife I had children oh and I

just add Jesus to Jesus there's not

somebody you add your life to somebody

you surrender your life to

you give your life he becomes your life

he is never a part of your life he

becomes your life you see that's an

another false gospel where he's just a

part of your life the gospel is not

about self-improvement it's about self

replacement it's no longer I delivered

but Christ that liveth in me it's not a

gospel of self-help psychology and self

motivation and self improvement it's

actually a gospel of death and life

you've got to be crucified with Christ

first before there was a resurrection

there was a crucifixion you've got to be

identified with the cross if you want to

walk in the resurrection of Christ and

that's something the Lord showed me a

long time ago and in fact when we first

came to America I was just praying in my

lounge as I normally do in the house

that we've rented and I was saying Lord

what is it you want me to preach here

and I will continue to travel the

nations but what is it that you want me

to preach here what's the theme of the

ministry you're giving me and notice I

say the ministry you're giving me it's

not my ministry

we're not owners of anything it all

belongs to the Lord he owns it all wedge

of stewards even the opportunities

belong to him the open doors belong to

him everything belongs to him we owe

nothing it's all God's so I said Lord

the ministry that you've given me what

is the theme you want it to be known by

and you know what the Holy Ghost said to

me he said preach the forgotten message

of the Cross now isn't that interesting

he didn't just say preach the message of

the Cross he said preach the Forgotten

message of the Cross it's been forgotten

it's been covered over with another

gospel and with false doctrines and in

fact I was driving along of the

Road one day in in Cyprus where we live

for 11 years in the Middle East and as

we were driving there was a massive

rainstorm and you know the mud and the

rocks and all the debris from the

surrounding hills as always driving

through this valley it just covered the

road it was covered with rain it was

covered with debris it covered the road

and I saw cars skidding off the road

that were wrecking their cars there were

car crashes there were cars broken down

on the side and then when I got home the

Holy Ghost said to me said that's what's

happening in the body of Christ God's

ancient in their own word infallible

Word is being covered up with all sorts

of other Gospels and erroneous doctrines

it's being covered up it's being

replaced and I believe it's time for

that Elijah generation to rise up it's

time for us to rise up and answer the

call and preach the authentic gospel

message which is the message of the

cross you see if the crave Christ and

him crucified and his resurrection is

not enough then you've believed a

different gospel that's enough when you

get a revelation of the cost you will

never settle for anything less than what

Jesus purchased for you at the cross

if Jesus conquered death hell and the

grave there is nothing he won't conquer

in your life hallelujah

nothing and look what happened here the

next portion of scripture in verse 8 and

I heard the voice of the Lord saying

whom shall I send and who will go for us

see I believe there's a clarion call in

the body of Christ right now God is

still asking that question this this

question was asked 2700 years ago God is

still asking that question today in fact

let's make it personal

God is saying to you will you go for us

will you go for me will you answer the

call to go preach the gospel you see I

believe no Christian has a job but every

Christian has a ministry amen

you may be working in a bakery you're

not there just to bake bread you're

there to introduce people to the bread

of life you could be working in a

jewelry store you're not there just to

sell jewelry you're there to tell people

about the pearl of great price you are

called to evangelize you don't have to

be an evangelist like me to evangelize

jesus never commanded the world to go to

church he commanded the church to go to

the whole world so we have to answer

that call every single one of us every

single one of you is called to be a soul

winner say I'm a soul winner for Christ

see that's when the anointing begins to

flow if you want the anointing go tell

somebody about Jesus go tell him how

great he is go tell him how awesome is

go tell them that he died for you and if

you were the last person on the earth he

would still die for you and go tell them

that he died for your sin Jesus didn't

die to give us a career he died to save

the Lost

and any believer who is not concerned

about reaching the lost they lost

themselves every church that I go to and

I traveled to different places

June's churches every church that I've

seen where there's the fire of God

that's the soul-winning Church when

they're busy about their father's

business see many of us we ask for

wisdom yeah many of you here I'm sure

I've asked God for wisdom at one time or

other in your life but how many of you

know Ecclesiastes 118 says with much

wisdom comes much sorrow why is that

think about it

you see wisdom is the ability to see the

world through the eyes of God when you

begin to see the world through the eyes

of God you're gonna see a fallen

civilization you're gonna see a lost

world you're gonna see people groping

around in the dark you're gonna see them

falling into the abyss of hell and your

heart will feel the pain of the father's

heart for every prodigal that has yet to

come back home you will feel the grief

and the pain for every lost unsaved

unfound person and you'll begin to

travail in the spirit with much wisdom

comes much sorer when was the last time

we were on our hands and knees for the

Lost when was the last time we travailed

in the spirit for our our lost Uncle Al

lost our our unsaved auntie or or even

children when was the last time no

because we're too busy busy busy

everybody's busy we're too busy asking

God to bless our family were too busy

asking God to to bless our business to

prosper us about AG education a

children's education and so on and so on

and so on and we've lost God's heart you

see if a Christian is only following

Jesus because they want him to fix their

marriage they want him to to prosper

their business they want him to heal

their sick body fact that if that's all

we're going after Jesus for that's


we go after Jesus because he's worth it

we go after Jesus because of who he is

we seek him we seek his face not his

hand but when you have him you have

everything else thrown in hallelujah

everything Matthew 6:33 what does it say

seek ye first the kingdom of God and His

righteousness and you don't have to

worry about all the other things they'll

come seeking after you you'll be a

magnet for success prosperity will come

to you relationships will come to you

opportunities and jobs will come to you

without even seeking them that's the

principle of the kingdom I'm in so I'm

getting hot I've got to take this off


and so we need a checkup from the neck

up hallelujah if we don't check

ourselves we will wreck our selves see

part of my job as an evangelist is not

just to reach the lost it's to stir up

the body of Christ to go reach the loss

because not one person can get the job

done dad knows that ministers here know

that make their job a lot easier and God

and bring a new person to Christ and

bring them to the church every Sunday

this church would explode you'd need a

new building pastors hallelujah get

ready I believe it's going to happen

I believe the day is going to come in

Boston and in and through this church

that you're gonna have church services

24/7 because the harvest is so huge it's

coming I didn't come to America because

I watched so many programs of cheers oh

Starsky and Hutch

I came to America because God told me to

come and I have not come in vain there

is a purpose and I want to contribute to


coming revival it's coming there's a

revival coming and it's not just gonna

happen through what it's not happening

through one man is gonna be a whole army

hallelujah it's gonna be when the Holy

Ghost comes on us you see judgment

starts in the house I've got first when

we clean up our act and when we receive

revival then we can share that with

somebody else

you can't take somebody where you

haven't been you can't give them what

you haven't got you know the book of

Acts is not a historical book it's an

existential book it's a book for the

here and now the book of Acts are still

being written God's writing your book of


what will your book say that you just

sat at home and did nothing you see if

you're doing nothing you don't need

God's help but when you get up and you

do something impossible for Jesus then

God will help you then you will see the

supernatural but you see before the book

of Acts really got going there was a day

of Pentecost before our book of Acts can

be fully written we need our own there

of Pentecost we need the fire of God to

fall once again in the church and when

it does it can spread like rivers like

rivers I love reading about revivals you

see a true revival of God it's not it's

not contained within the four walls of

the church

it's not about Christians jumping up and

down on pogo sticks praising and

worshipping God for three hours now I

love praise and worship right but that's

not revival revival is when the power of

God gets released out into the shops

into the highways into the Bayeux ways

people sensing the power and presence of

God why they driving in their cars and

every believer becomes a minister

sharing and preaching the whole

atmosphere changes in a whole city the

whole city is permeated with the gospel

and crime rates fall Charles G Finney


to Rochester New York not far from here

in the 1800s and the crime rate fell by

75% sinners stop sinning alcoholics stop

drinking alcohol

prostitutes stop prostituting themselves

murderers stop murdering thieves stop

thieving that's a real revival when the

glory of God comes and in the Welsh

revival with Robert Evans the miners had

to retrain the donkeys that were

carrying the coal because they couldn't

understand the miners anymore because

when the miners were giving instruction

to the horses and donkeys they would

swear give all sorts of expletives and

so they repented and you know they they

came to Christ they were converted they

were full of the Holy Ghost and they'd

language changed and the donkeys and

horses couldn't understand them anymore

they needed to retrain them that's what

you call a revival and I believe those

days those glory days are coming back to

the church but why is it we don't see so

much power the Bible declares the

message of the Cross is the power of God

1 Corinthians 1:18 it is foolishness to

those who don't believe but to us who do

believe it is the power of God unto

salvation to the Jew first then to the

Greek the Greeks are in there somewhere

that's right every word has a Greek root

hallelujah Christos it comes from the

word Christ comes from the Greek word

Christos you did not know this I will

teach you I would teach you that Greek I

was walking in Boston my dad visited

here for Christmas and we were walking

along and I said to my dad there's

something wrong here

he said what What's Wrong son you've

traveled all this way and it's something

wrong with America I says yeah I said

dad there's not enough grapes

where are the Greeks anyway put that

aside but the gospel is the power of God

the message of the Cross is the power

you see when you release the message of

the Cross you are releasing the power of

God the power is all it's like a seed is

in the gospel when you release it and

that seed comes into contact it pamper

me a somebody's heart with faith it

gives birth to power you say what kind

of power power to save power to heal

power to deliver power to set you free

and I'm here to tell you God gave me a

prophetic word some of you are have been

in a season of difficulty and hardship

and trial and I'm here to tell you that

season is over there's a new season here

right now it's beginning right now the

you may have been mourning for a night

but I'm here to tell you it's morning

and joy has come elbow your neighbor and

say wake up it's morning

joy is here and you don't have to suffer

depression disease sickness

sin any situation any longer because the

gospel is for now you see the Bible

declares now is the accepted time God is

not a procrastinator

he doesn't do tomorrow what he can do

now he doesn't do next year what he can

do today today is the day of salvation

now faith is the Bible says now not

tomorrow you see a lot of believers they

don't have a problem you know believing

that God is a healing God or God is a

God of miracles that probably have his

will he do it for me will he heal me

will he deliver me from that addiction

in the book of Romans 10 verse 13 it

says those who call upon the name of the

Lord shall be saved

it doesn't say interestingly it doesn't

say those who believe on the name of the

Lord it says those who call on the name

of the Lord you may believe in the name

of the Lord and still be in bondage and

sickness and depression because you

haven't called on the name of the Lord

but when you call upon the name that's

the name of Jesus that name has power to

her and heal every sickness he has power

to turn your sin into salvation to turn

every bondage into freedom the power

that's in the name of Jesus I was just

preaching in Pakistan last week actually

I'm going to Pakistan on Sunday next

week and there are meetings organized

for me I'm preaching preaching to 20,000

people every night so people please pray

for me I I do go into some dangerous

places and sometimes I wonder how my

wife handles that so

I said to a wife don't be afraid don't

get into the feelings yeah feelings will

deceive you anybody who lives by

feelings is being deceived we are people

of faith we live by faith the just shall

live by faith I said just stay in faith

believe and pray just pray but I was

preaching there last week and I was

preaching there from my office in Boston

by video broadcast and 200 people were

saved they responded to the auto call so

it's amazing what you can do 8,000 miles

away because I might not be there but

the Holy Ghost is there hallelujah he's

everywhere and he responds to anybody

who calls on the name of Jesus that

precious named Jesus you know it's a

world of two compound words Jesus

yoshua oh ye

sores in the Greek the yah is for Yahweh

it's an abbreviation of the same God

that revealed himself to the God of

Israel Moses in that burning bush say to

them that I am Who I am

that is Yahweh so yah means God the God

of Israel and sure is salvation so when

you're calling upon the name of Jesus

you are calling upon the God of Abraham

who is salvation God who is our

salvation it's the most powerful name

but we do live in uncertain times I'm

going to sort of close with this and

whatever time of Prayer but we live in

uncertain times right now I mean look at

what's happening in the Middle East and

you know I've looked around and I

thought you know almost every sign has

been fulfilled for the return of Jesus

for his second coming or we've had

earthquakes we've had Wars we've had

rumors of wars we've had more Wars in

fact the 20th century was the most

bloodiest century of all 160 million

people killed in one century experts and

scholars say that is more than all the

other centuries put together and you

think that 21st century is going to be

any different hmm we are living in the

last of the last days we've seen blood

red moons have I done something oh there

we go we've seen practically nearly

every single sign before the return of

Jesus I believe his return is imminent

so time is short that's what I'm saying

there's never been a greater time to

preach the gospel than now we live in

the greatest era of church history right

now there's never been a greater urgency

and you know it won't be get done by one

man the harvest is too huge

even Billy Graham said the the Crusades

to which I've devoted my whole life to

will not get the job finished

but one-to-one will it's gonna take

every believer becoming a soul winner

hallelujah and that's where you're going

to see the greatest revival the greatest

anointing the greatest glory of God

cover the earth as the waters cover the

Seas hallelujah but time is short you

know when Jesus comes and we stand

before him he's not gonna say oh how

many church services did you attend he's

not gonna ask how many conferences you

went to how many Holy Ghost feathers did

you catch how much gold dust appear on

your hand he's not gonna ask any of that

thing he's gonna ask this did you do

what I commanded you to do did you go

and tell people did you preach the

gospel that was his last command before

he left he says go preach the gospel to

every creature the gospel to every

person and when that's done as a witness

to all nations the Bible says then the

end will come and on the day of judgment

think about it who what can you bring

with you when you go to heaven can you

bring your car I wish I could bring my

watch but I can't bring my watch the

only thing that you can bring with you

are the souls that you've won for Christ

that's your treasure for all eternity

the souls that you've won only blushed

what blood washed souls can enter heaven

washed in the blood of Christ so can we

just stand to our feet now I just want

to pray before we close this service I

can have the music team

now before we end in prayer there could

be somebody here who's never invited

Christ into their heart who's not truly

born again you know I met somebody in a

restaurant just two days ago red stone

restaurant in Burlington more I said to

the waiter I said are you saved this is

well I'm a Christian I says that doesn't

impress me anymore when somebody tells

me a Christian it don't impress me

anymore we're living in the last of the

last days what kind of Christian what

kind of Jesus you follow is it that sin

tolerating liberal transgender

puppy-love you know tiptoeing around the

tulips kind of Jesus or is that the

biblical Jesus the Holy Ghost filled

Jesus who was crucified resurrected and

glorified and who sits on the throne

because when you meet him you'll never

be the same again

I said if you were to die right now if

you were to breathe your last if the

blood would drain from your body do you

know where you're going he says wow I

can't be sure

I said well be sure so I exhorted him

right there and then in the restaurant

to come to Christ see God gives you

opportunities you don't have to cross

the Seas to go minister the gospel you

know you don't stand there a thing I

can't be like you you know James brother

James you don't have to be like me you

don't have to be an evangelist and

missionaries not one who crosses the

seas it's one who sees the cross you

don't have to cross the Seas just cross

the street and share the gospel with

anybody and everybody

there's no greater joy to the father's

heart I can tell you


so if you're one of those people and

you're standing there you can't be 100%

sure that heaven is your hyung and that

you're spending the rest of eternity see

there's a lot of people who thought that

were good enough that are in hell right

now though they thought that were good

enough without Jesus who are in Hell

right now with not I'm not interested in

organized religion I'm not referring to

whether you're a member of a church or

whether you grew up in a Christian

family but are you in relationship with

the Living Christ are you born again

because I asked that question I said are

you born again sis what do you mean I

said well you're not born again you're

not born again you need to be born again

Jesus says you must be born again you

can't even see the kingdom of God unless

you're born again I said I said if you

don't like the way you were born the

first time try it the second time I said

you like it better - you remember it -

get born again so if you're standing

here right now and you haven't been born

again and you don't even know what I'm

talking about then I'm talking to you

well every head is bowed we're gonna

close soon what every head is bowed

every eye is closed I want you to well

only I can see I want you to lift your

hand if you're not born again god bless

you sir

anybody else up there in the bleachers

anybody else if you're not born again if

you god bless you anybody else there's

people here who is going to get saved

are you excited there's joy in the

presence of the Angels over one


it's a great day today isn't it


so I'm we're all gonna pray this prayer

together for your benefit I'm not gonna

ask you to come to the front you can

pray this right where you are although

in my evangelistic meetings I do always

ask people to come to the front you can

come to the front if you want to but

let's just do lift their hands and pray

this together prayer from the bottom of

your heart if you pray it from the heart

God will hear you God will answer God

will save you let's say Lord Jesus I

repent of my sins I confess you are my

lord that you died on the cross that you

rose again you're alive now come into my


cleanse me from all my sin wash me in

your blood give me a new heart make me

bone again give me a new spirit give me

your Holy Spirit I choose to follow you

all the days of my life in Jesus name

Amen if that's you welcome to the family

of God

welcome go and tell somebody go and tell

somebody what you've done and come and

tell the pastor's here we want to get

you discipled your journey the best days

of your life are ahead of you your

journey has just begun

with Christ a brand new life awaits you

the greatest life the greatest so don't

leave until you've done that

can we just lift our hands and sing a

song Felicia whatever the Lord has put

on your heart and I just want to pray

for everybody before we close we've got

five minutes okay I'm in


in the high

I let our keep me live did I hold






I live


be lifted high


Jesus you are lifted




Jesus you


















in a spirit of worship

look what as I said he said when the

Lord said whom shall I send and who will

go for us as I responded Here I am send

me Here I am send me and then God said

to him go and tell these people now if

you've heard this message this morning

and you want to respond to the call to

become a soul-winner

know more about being qualified just

respond to the call God does not call

the qualified he qualifies the called I

want you to come to the front I want to

pray I'm gonna pray all all over you

in fact every person should be here but

you know you only come if you want to if

you want to be a soul winner for Christ

then you want to recommit your life as a

soul winner as a person who is committed

and surrendered unto God to go and make

disciples and win souls then you come to

the front I'm gonna pray for you and I

believe the anointing of an evangelist

is gonna come upon you your life will

never be the same again Thank You

Heavenly Father just keep it a spirit of


thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank

you Jesus the Bible declares do the work

of an evangelist fulfill your ministry

you cannot fulfill the ministry God has

given you unless you're doing the work

of an evangelist hallelujah I'm telling

you I sent such an awesome presence of

Almighty God in this place just lift

your hands with eyes closed lift your

hands to heaven that's where your help

comes from and call on the name of the

Lord our skin for fire just like

Isaiah's tongue was touch with a coal of


ask him to touch you by the fire of

Almighty God lift your hands if you know

how to speak in tongues speak in tongues

if you don't know how to speak in

tongues I open your mouth and I'm

praying for the baptism of the Holy

Ghost to come upon you now thank you


you just keep worshiping thank you come

on lift those hands while I pray worship

and call out to God ask him to touch you

with fire

ask him to baptize you with Fire Lord

baptize these people with the same fire

that fell on the day of Pentecost in

Jesus name in Jesus name every single

one of them Lord every single one of

them touching Jesus name touch touch

every single one of them touching Jesus

pop I want somebody grabbing somebody

grab him touching Jesus name touch

charge in Jesus name right now

thank you lord that's it let the fire

fall thank you lord thank you lord

oh thank you for kennis thank you for

pastor Greg thank you for each and every

so every precious one of them fire whoa

come on

thank you Lord Jesus every single one of

them if I had time I'd lay hands on

everybody we don't but just cry out to

the Lord he'll touch you thank you Lord

touch touch touch touch him

yes Lord every single one every single


the fire of God is on you lady the fire

of God is on you lady the fire of God is

on you I see the fire of God on you

thank you Lord Jesus touching Jesus now

if you're not speaking out of tongues

just open your mouth and speak this is

the kind of service it happens


upon the name of the Lord

in Jesus name touch them all of the Lord

every single one of them touch in Jesus

name in Jesus name thank you