Water into Wine: Our Mess - God's Message

up your Bibles to John chapter 2 the

Gospel of John chapter 2 where I'm going

to be doing a miniseries for a few

Sundays on miracles in the Gospel of

John there a series of miracles that the

the the Apostle John refers to as signs

and there are seven Biggie's in his

gospel and we're going to go through

them one by one and we sort of started

out of order last week when we are a

couple weeks ago when we talked about

how jesus healed the blind man for those

of you were here you remember that Jesus

did it in a rather unorthodox way he

spat he made mud he smeared it in the

guy's eyes and made him go wash it off

okay now don't worry if you're new here

I don't plan on spitting on you but

Jesus did do that and it worked and it

had a purpose Jesus is the Son of God he

was present in the creation and in the

same way God created people from the

dust of the earth he recreates them

someone sent me a great email afterwards

that all of a person's DNA is in their

saliva and it's like Jesus was imparting

the DNA of God to that man isn't that

awesome and I'm like why do you write

that to me when I'm done but that I

thought we ought to say it next time you

know because I love it which reminds me

if anyone has opinions or observations

about the miracles in the Gospel of John

and you want to send me some ideas I

just might steal your ideas up here so

please send them to me I am all ears I

God speaks to all of us but the miracles

in this gospel are unusual they're weird

miracles now John is an interesting

author right John the Apostle John was

one of the twelve and Jesus within his

twelve apostles he had three that he was

very intimate with james peter and john

and these were the three that he was

closest to and John you could even say

was his closest and most intimate friend

you could say that because the one when

they were laying around the tape

the way you laid around a table in

ancient Hebrew days is you kind of

reclined you kind of reclined on the guy

next to you and and it says that John

was leaning against Jesus's breast and

had that intimate conversation with him

so John was an intimate friend of Jesus

when Jesus was on the cross he pointed

to marry and he pointed to John and say

woman behold your son son behold Your

Mother you're gonna and from that day on

Mary went into John's home and John took

care of him so Jesus entrusted the

church to Peter but he entrusted his

mother to John that says something about

the the relationship that they had John

was a man who was sensitive to the

spirit who was deep his gospel is

written in a way that seems simple

deceptively simple because it has layers

and layers and layers of meaning there's

some things that John knew about Jesus

that no one else knew there's a prayer

that Jesus offers near the end of his

life that no one else could have heard

but John because he was right there next

to him hearing Jesus talked to his

father John knew intimate things about

Jesus and this miracle that we're going

to talk about today in John chapter 2 is

one that was not a public miracle only a

few people even knew it happened but

that's all it took because Jesus did

something that reflected his glory now

these miracles in the Gospel of John are

interesting they are creative miracles

they're not just healing although

healing is a miracle right but they're

actually creative they're creating

something new in a way we're going to

read about the miracle where Jesus turns

water into wine now these miracles as

you read the Bible they seem to happen

in clusters when you read the Bible they

cluster around certain important moments

in the history of God's dealing with

people in the when God was saving Israel

from slavery in Egypt and he sent Moses

there were a lot of miracles right you

remember some of them separating the

waters of the Red Sea plagues on

Egypt bringing water out of a rock bread

in the desert awesome miracles then you

see another cluster of wild kind of

creative miracles in the time of the

prophets and the Kings when there were

evil Kings who worshiped idols and God

raised up a group of prophets who would

hear the word of the Lord and to witness

to their prophetic word God unleashed a

time of unusual miracles very similar

miracles multiplying bread calling fire

down on the enemies of God some crazy

stuff there's one story where Elijah was

with a group of prophets and the guy was

cutting down a tree and the head of the

axe falls into the water and the guys

like know it was borrowed and the

prophet Elijah says it's cool give me a

stick looks like give you a stick ok he

takes the stick he throws the stick in

the water and the ax head floats up to

the top weird miracles weird miracles we

see them cluster again around the time

of Jesus multiplying bread opening the

eyes of a man born blind with mud

changing water into wine our God does

strange and awesome and wondrous things

amen now there are some people who

believe some theologians who think that

because these miracles are clustered

around certain events when God was

revealing something through Moses

through the prophets through Jesus that

they were just meant for limited times

and they're not meant for all times ok

some people think that I don't believe

that I do believe that God clusters the

miracles in certain times to make a

point but that doesn't mean that God's

in a box right he can still do crazy

miracles whenever he wants and who's to

say we're not entering another season of

human history when God is going to

unleash another cluster of strange

miracles because Jesus is about to come

back again I actually believe that I

believe that the church might be

entering into a time of unprecedented

challenges our society is unraveling

around us but God may raise up the

church in the

end times in a glorious way and he may

be entering us into a new season so God

who did strange wonders in the past is

the god of wonders again today why not

why can't God do miracles I mean wild

ones weird ones ones that are needed to

cure the messes that people are in

because what we see happen is that God

solves a problem and through solving

that problem he teaches people about who

he is I heard of put this way our mess

is an opportunity for God's message her

brother Leroy prayed that one day I said

oh I feel the anointing on that can I

steal that your mess my mass is an

opportunity for God's message in the

mess because he intervenes and he does

something special and he teaches us

through it well God is still the

speaking God and we are still a very

messy people who need God to speak his

message in our messes amen so we're

going to read about one and there's a

reason why these miracles in the Gospel

of John are called signs why would a

miracle be called a sign what does a

sign do a sign on the street directs you

where to go it tells you what's ahead it

tells you where you should turn it tells

you what city is down that route some of

the signs in the Boston area are very

confusing there is a sign near my house

that tells me I'm driving on route 1

north and route 95 south at the same

time I don't know how that's possible

it's the nexus of the universe there's a

vortex going on there i doesn't make

sense to me but the sign is telling me

it's true well god sends miracles as

signs they're meant not just to meet a

need and cure a mess although they do

that literally but they also teach a

lesson they teach us something about God

there's layers and layers of meaning the

miracle is meant to be a revelation of

Jesus's glory in a special way and

there's almost always a symbolism to the

miracle that God's teaching us through

and the miracle we're about to read

today is one of the most powerful signs

that Jesus did that teaches a message

that I want to

I want us to hear today so John chapter

two and will read it and then I'll pray

so John chapter two and verse one the

Apostle John is telling the story I'll k

you with me on the third day a wedding

took place at Cana in Galilee a wedding

Jesus's mother was there and Jesus and

His disciples had also been invited to

the wedding when the wine was gone

Jesus's mother said to him they have no

more wine woman why do you involve me

jesus replied my hour has not yet come

his mother said to the servants do

whatever he tells you verse 6 nearby

stood six stone water jars the kind used

by the Jews for ceremonial washing each

one holding from 20 to 30 gallons jesus

said to his servants fill the jars with

water so they filled them to the brim

then he told them now draw some out and

take it to the master of the banquet

they did so and the master of the

banquet tasted the water that had been

turned into wine he did not realize

where it had come from though the

servants who had drawn the water knew

then he called the bridegroom aside and

said everyone brings out the choice wine

first and then the cheaper wine after

the guests have had too much to drink

but you've saved the best till now what

Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was

the first of the signs through which he

revealed his glory and his disciples

believed in him after this he went down

to Capernaum with his mother and

brothers and his disciples and there

they stayed for a few days wild stuff

huh let's pray god I thank you that you

are the God who delights and jumping out

of the boxes me we might want to put you

in and you are a specialist in the

unexpected and I thank you God that you

are the same who turned water into wine

those two thousand years ago and you're

here with us today

to fulfill the meaning that that sign

points us to and God I pray that we

would have ears to hear what you want to

communicate to us today in Jesus name

Amen awesome story huh now the Apostle

John like I said was very close to Jesus

and there's a lot of accounts and this

gospel although some people say that

this gospel is very philosophical but

there's a lot of very human accounts

where Jesus is telling a story of what

he did with Jesus what John did with

Jesus and this is a very human normal

natural context it's a wedding think of

the last wedding you went to it's a

wedding of course last wedding you went

to you probably went to a ceremony and

then afterwards you went to a reception

right maybe you went to a reception the

party afterwards well in those days you

went to the reception and then you went

to the reception again the next day and

the next day and the next day if you're

a Hebrew you really knew how to

celebrate seven days of party afterwards

Hebrews knew how to celebrate our God is

a celebrating God huh God is not boring

god is a god of life abundant life he

knew how to have fun jesus knew how to

eat and apparently also he knew

something about wine okay now before I

get too into this I I guess I'll jump

ahead to this I was going to save it for

later but when I was going over this

with my kids who helped me prepare this

message they said daddy isn't drinking

too much wine bad right right wouldn't

you say and that's true if you're

drinking too much the Bible says do not

be drunk on wine it talks about that

right well what's he doing then

multiplying all this water into wine huh

and there's the question two of if this

is kind of a 10 and I want us to be

aware of that that for many of us here

many people who are in recovery from

abusing alcohol at one time in their

life just need to stay away from it

right maybe they don't even need to go

into the bar where you're going to smell

certain smells right and and that's just

the reality for many of us

it's a significant percentage of us

should just not even taste it so I don't

want anyone saying well pastor Greg said

I can go to the bar after this no no no

but what I am going to say is that in

heaven you can just go nuts up there

because it's going to be all right it's

all going to be good up there but for

now so that we understand that this

miracle is problematic i would say on

the side though that wine in the hebrew

times was not as alcoholically potent as

it is today okay it was much less

alcoholic it had a less alcohol level

level than a light beer it was still

alcoholic but it was not what we would

call what they called in the Bible

strong drink strong drink was a higher

octane wine or beer whatever that was

actually forbidden for them to have too

much of but wine was the stuff of

everyday life killed a lot of germs it

was just normal for them to drink it and

you especially needed the wine at a

wedding right running out of wine at a

wedding so this is a very normal scene

we remember that Jesus was fully God

fully divine but also fully human right

Jesus grew up in a town Jesus was a

carpenter Jesus had a mother and a

father although we know it was his

stepfather right but no one else hardly

anyone else knew that he had brothers he

had sisters he had friends did he have

enemies in the neighborhood I don't know

maybe someone who didn't like a plow he

made I don't know that but Jesus it

wasn't Jesus as fault i know that right

he was a normal person in a lot of ways

and people when he first started

preaching the people in his hometown

were scandalized they said in this jesus

he grew up right here he played on the

soccer team he you know he went to

school you know i had to you know put a

bandaid on his knee one day what are you

talking about now he's saying is the son

of God he was a normal guy here he's at

a wedding with his brothers and his

mother and his friends and his closest

apostles now it's interesting because

they were probably related to the couple

that was getting married

because how else would they know that

they ran out of wine at the wedding so

this is a very human situation you read

in the New Testament that Jesus's mother

and brothers didn't always they weren't

always on the same page with Jesus as he

began his human ministry right his

brothers at one point in the Gospel of

John tell him so you want to be a public

figure now why don't you go to the

festival and Jesus like well for you any

times right but for me I've got to take

my my orders from my Heavenly Father you

almost felt like his brothers they

weren't buying it at first now we know

that they eventually came around you

know the guy who wrote the letter of

James at the end of the New Testament

you know who that was that was Jesus's

brother half-brother right as Jesus's

brother he probably even looked like

Jesus and he came in and if you think

about that I heard someone talking to me

about that this week your brother knows

everything about you your sister knows

everything about you right so at first

they were skeptical but he came around

and James became one of the greatest

Christian leaders and he believed that

Jesus was the son of God so the britons

brothers can run and even his mother

Mary was a little bit uncomfortable with

a lot of how things were going at first

in his ministry there's one point where

says Jesus was so busy in the Gospel of

Mark the Jesus was so busy doing his

ministry the crowds were so great that

he didn't even have time to eat and that

apparently pushed Jesus's Jewish mother

over the edge my boy hasn't eaten today

and so she says she and the brothers

were at the door trying to take charge

of Jesus because the Bible says they

said he is out of his mind so Mary

wasn't really always understanding what

was going on we know that she eventually

came around to understand too on the day

of Pentecost Mary was in the upper room

with the Apostles right so she

eventually understood but as they went

along if this was all Jesus was so human

that it was hard for them to really

understand but Mary knew that her son

was special right obviously she knew he

was conceived by the Holy Spirit she

knew and angel visited her even though

most people probably didn't know this

most people had no idea she knew my son


destiny that day when he was 12 remember

the moment they're at a festival in

Jerusalem and Jesus separates for mom

and dad don't try this and he runs away

and he goes to the temple to hang out at

the temple and then they find him and

they're like why have you treated us

this way says mother didn't you know I

had to be in my father's house about my

father's business so she knew something

special about Jesus but up to then

nobody knew it he was just a normal guy

most of the time he didn't do anything

out of the ordinary he didn't do any

miracles there's a lot of apocryphal

stories I him doing all these miracles

as a kid I don't believe it I think he

was just a normal Jewish young man took

over his father's business when he died

probably became a carpenter and here

there to wit wedding and Mary is

thinking you know Jesus this would be a

really good time for you to pull out

some of your powers right they run out

of wine now this is a very normal kind

of human situation imagine the panic

you're at a wedding and there's no wine

this would have been so embarrassing in

that time just yesterday we had a little

celebration in my house a certain

someone turned seven right and we put in

an order because we find these great you

know discounts right on the phone and

you find the discounts if we were going

to get forty percent off and we order

the pizza and we're like congratulating

ourselves if we got all these little

girls running around like a bunch of

little in Spanish they would say chivo

seen lay which means goats without law

in Spanish running around running around

and the pizza is not coming where's the

pizza right where's the pizza so we call

and they had lost the order of course

because it's too good to be true it's

probably not true right and they lost

the order what are we to do dough pizza

all these kids no pizza now if we feel

like that I don't let you didn't even

know did you if we feel like that at a

party how much war at a hebrew wedding

seven days of entertainment ahead of you

and you run out of wine so there's the

scandals there's this running around and

Mary comes up to Jesus and says you know

they're out of wine so you can tell I

get the feeling she's thinking look I

know that my son

is going to have miraculous power

someday now be a good time jesus we

could use some could you do something

about this and he answers in a very

interesting way doesn't he he says woman

what have I to do with you what's what's

going on some people see in this Jesus

being disrespectful to her I don't think

so I don't think he's being

disrespectful but they could there be a

hint of frustration maybe not sinful

frustration but a hint of what do you

want me to do about it right I've had

people sometimes people put me in those

situations because I'm a pastor right I

could do magic tricks right I don't

forget one wedding one wedding we're at

a rehearsal and it was going to be an

outdoor wedding don't do outdoor

weddings they they never go right we're

gonna do an outdoor wedding and at the

rehearsal the night before there you

know talking about how its predicted

it's gonna rain tomorrow night and so

the mother of the bride she's looking at

me like mice daughter you're gonna gonna

do something about this right you've got

the direct line right gonna you gonna

change the weather forecast for tomorrow

and I'm like yeah yeah right i'm gonna

look into that you know it's like what

do you what am i what am I Jesus well

Jesus was Jesus right and Mary was a bit

just a bit pushy maybe what kind of how

do you imagine Mary because we meet her

initially as the young woman who says

may it be to me as the Lord has said

who's completely submitted to God we

imagine her so pure that of course she

would never have attitude right I have a

feeling she was a tough lady I don't

know I just imagine I think so there's

some hints about that and so she's

pushing a little bit with Jesus and

she's like Jesus they have no wine and

Jesus like what do you want me to do

about it and he says it's not my time

yet throughout the Gospel of John it

talks about the timing of God the hour

that jesus knew his destiny and he knew

that even his mother couldn't map out

the plan for him it had to come from God

and I would just say a little thing on

the side there two parents here God has

a purpose for your children if you have

children and and he will map out that

destiny and we can't force it into being

the way we want so Mary is trying to

make him do it it's like okay would you

do it she's like what do you want me to

marry doesn't give up did you notice

that we have a great version of this on

a cartoon at home and Mary yes is all

cartoon she asked Jesus Jesus do

something about the wine Jesus is like

my time has not yet come and in the

cartoon she just gives him the I like

you know I don't know that look I was

the Jewish mother look 2000 years ago

but I get a feeling it's a look you

don't say no to right I and then she

tells the servants do whatever he tells

you in other words she's not taking no

for an answer here right she's not being

disrespectful her son is she knows who

her son is she's being respectful but

she's a do whatever he tells you and so

there's this thing and Jesus then goes

on and you notice he does it right he

does the miracle I almost feel I believe

in the Bible God presents people who

have pushy faith pushy faith they're not

always appropriate they're not always

polite but they believe in God and they

won't take no for an answer you know

anyone like that maybe you are someone

like that I hope you are because the

Bible says that Jesus likes that there's

a story of four guys who had a friend

who was sick and that friend was was a

paralytic he couldn't even walk they put

him on a mat and Jesus was teaching in a

house and the house was so full and it

was so busy that they couldn't get in

the front door so you know what they do

they start digging through the roof

apparently the roof was made out of like

you know clay or something you could dig

through it they start digging through

the roof and then like excuse me you

can't do that and they said sorry our

friend needs Jesus and the guys like

that's my house that anyway but digs

through lowers the mat and the Bible

says when Jesus saw their faith he

healed the man pushy faith faith that

won't take no for an answer I imagine

the woman who was who was a prostitute

but who came to believe in Jesus when

she heard that Jesus was visiting the

Pharisees she came to the front door she

says I've got to get in and see Jesus

and they're like you don't understand

you can't come in you're not invited

this is a

Pharisees house she says I'm afraid you

don't understand sir I've got to get in

and see Jesus ja comes in and makes a

scene and cries and wets his feet with

her tears you know the story and dries

it with her hair and everyone

scandalized but Jesus says don't even

worry about them you have sinned much

but you love much and your faith is

healed you go in peace my daughter Jesus

likes people who are a bit aggressive

with him see that's why God is not

intimidated by people who might be a

little bit rough around the edges

because sometimes people who were rough

around the edges who maybe had to you

know live hard but now for Jesus they

bring that same rough faith into their

pursuit of God and God blesses and I

think mary had a little bit of that I

almost imagine him I again I'm using my

imagination but I almost imagine a

little sigh mom you know what am I gonna

do mom says okay go get the jars you

know I almost imagine a smile I like

okay i'll meet you halfway i'm going to

do the miracle but it's not time for to

be public yet so this is going to be

kind of a undercover miracle I love

God's undercover miracles sometimes God

does this in our lives because we get in

messes right and God works behind the

scenes to to pull our fanny out of the

fire and sometimes nobody knows all that

he did for us but we know we're like God

thank you you came through for me again

you know those secret miracles maybe no

one's going to know but you know God

knows that's good enough and so that's

what happens he's like okay go get the

jars and they get the jars and they

bring them back then I think the

servants didn't even know what they're

doing they're just filling it up with

water they bring the jars over to the to

the master of the banquet we don't even

meet the couple do we they never even

know that God blessed their wedding

which by the way i would take a little

step back again this is again very

surface level this is the the literal

surface level meaning of the miracle

Jesus went to a wedding you know

sometimes in church history marriage has

been seen as somehow less holy than

monastic separation Jesus went to a

wedding Jesus blessed a normal wedding a

normal marriage

it's it's it's a thing it's a god thing

as well so they didn't even know we get

the water they bring it to the chief of

the banquet the chief of the banquet

makes a wisecrack he's like what are you

doing bringing out the expensive stuff

now everyone's too happy to notice the

difference now is when you bring the

cheap stuff out they're all just a

little south stand happy by excuse me

don't don't do this don't but you know

they weren't any it's like it's okay you

know this guy's making a joke this is

all very human very natural very human

God is doing something now on the most

surface level I want us to know that God

is in touch with the messes of our lives

the situations where we might find

ourselves embarrassed where we find

ourselves in us in a bind God is there

to work behind the scenes and and bring

us out of it okay Jesus is present he's

not to up there to be involved in your

life but there is another meaning to

this miracle okay these miracles have

different layers of meaning their signs

and I want to look at the deeper meaning

of the symbolism of what God's doing

here look at the beginning of the story

if you would John chapter 2 verse 1 it

says on the third day a wedding took

place at Cana in Galilee you ever

noticed that third day the third day of

what wait what the third day after what

we don't see the Gospel of John at the

beginning is structured around the

structure of a week right there's

something that happens on day one where

he meets a certain he meets John the

Baptist day two he meets some of the

disciples day three this happens day

four day five did there's a week of

seven days where Jesus starts his

ministry now that might be a little

literal seven days or might be I'm not

to get into it but it's it's a structure

it's a literary structure that John is

using to introduce Jesus now this

miracle happens on day three when is day

three going to become really important

in the story of the gospel what happens

on the third day right think about

this dies on Friday he's dead on

Saturday and on Sunday he's alive again

God raises him from the dead on the

third day Jesus is raised again this

miracle is meant to be a picture of the

resurrection it's meant to point us

forward like a sign that says one day

just like Jesus is going to have a new

body one day everything is going to

become brand new in the resurrection

it's meant to point us forward to

another wedding that's going to happen

someday not between two people but

between Christ and the church a wedding

that's going to be a feast like none

other we can imagine it's going to be a

day when water is turned into wine it's

going to be an awesome day and this is a

picture of that future resurrection it's

a picture of heaven that waits for us a

menu will few believe in Jesus and it

says now why won't you look at how the

miracle happened Jesus told them to fill

up six jars he had him used six jars and

fill them up with water they weren't

just any jars look with me you got to

look for the details in Scripture and

there's meaning in it in verse 6 it says

nearby stood six stone water jars the

kind used by the Jews for ceremonial

washing now it would make sense at a

wedding feast that there would be these

six ceremonial washing jars because a

bride in part of her preparation to get

married is she would take a purification

bath remember all of our teaching on the

Book of Leviticus all of the the

purification ceremonies they would go

through there were all symbolic of hard

holiness well one of those was called a

mitzvah when the bride would take a bath

before the wedding right that's

generally recommendable you take a bath

before the wedding okay men you really

need to you know okay so you take the

bath in it but it's ceremonial washing

right it's a ceremonial thing in these

stone jars that were used

for purification that the water from

those jars made the bride symbolically

holy holy to God and holy for her

husband set apart for her husband Jesus

says those of the jars were going to use

can you see why because Jesus has come

to initiate something new all the

ceremonies that I took all those months

to preach about here we're all signs

pointing us forward to a day when Jesus

would fulfill them and Jesus is going to

say that water from the Old Covenant the

old temple the old sacrifices all the

purification I am going to turn it into

glorious wine that was just the symbol

the reality has come you see that water

purified the exterior but what I give

you is going to transform you from the

inside out see the wine in the Bible

represents something the Bible says do

not be drunk on wine but be filled with

the Holy Spirit the wine is the Holy

Spirit Jesus says you had water before

the John the Baptist said i baptize you

with water but the one who comes after

me will baptize you with what the Holy

Spirit and with fire Jesus says i'm

going to give you not just water to

cleanse the outside i'm going to give

you wine that's going to intoxicated

God's love that's going to transform you

from the inside and make you a new

person God comes and makes all things

new now think about this he didn't just

make better water see sometimes as

Christians we teach come to Christ and

God will make your life better right but

God didn't just make better water he

changed it into something entirely

different he changed it into a new

creation he changed the water chemically

into wine not just a little better

totally different

much much much much better because God

makes all things new that's the promise

of the gospel not just a slightly better

life a new life that's what God comes to

offer us and the wine represents that

and and there's a reason why he picks

wine because yes does God want you to be

happy does God promised an easy life

never right as a Christian we may suffer

we'll go through hard times will be

persecuted but there is a joy there is a

wine available to the Christian that is

better than any drug you could imagine

and it doesn't leave a hangover it fills

your senses it fills your mind your body

your feelings it saturates every part of

your life with a new wine that is

available to us and it tastes great

little story I was travelling in

Argentina anyone ever been to Argentina

no we got no Argentina I was in

Argentina and my first day there right I

was traveling Latin America first day

wake up in the morning I was in a

retreat center went down to breakfast

they had a a meal where they had toast

and peanut butter so I took the peanut

butter and I spread it on the toast and

I had my cafe con leche and I and I took

the toast with the peanut butter and

took a bite and it wasn't peanut butter

it was something called dulce de leche

which is basically caramel-like like

really good caramel now it's not door to

the logic are even young que esta muy

bueno tambien it's it's liquid it looks

like peanut butter you spread it and

took a fight not like I'm expecting

peanut butter and I get a mouthful of

caramel it was one of the happiest

surprises of my life and I'm like this

isn't peanut butter this is it was I was

like give me more that remember that's

part of why but it's it was really good

that's what God does with our life he

changes the peanut butter into dulce de

leche he changes the water into wine he

makes it all new

it's a picture of a time when the world

will be a different place you see we as

Christians believe that God is going to

transform this world that there will be

a physical resurrection we're going to

have new bodies we're going to see our

loved ones who've died in Christ we're

going to see them again we're going to

eat new foods we're going to have new

trees new sky new clouds new music it's

going to be awesome the world is going

to shift over to put this way for CS

Lewis says from a minor key into a major

key right God's going to turn the world

into HD you ever seen Charlie in the

chocolate factory where the rivers are

running with chocolate where the where

the leaves are made out of licorice you

know we put that in a movie but you know

it'll be even better than that we're

talking about having God says see I will

make a new heaven and a new earth it's

going to be an earth where the water is

going to taste like wine you don't

believe me the Bible says in Isaiah

chapter 25 verse 6 on this mountain the

Lord Almighty will prepare a feast of

rich food for all people a banquet of

aged wine the best meats and the finest

of wines on this mountain he will

destroy the shroud that in folds all

people the sheet that covers the nation

he will swallow up death forever the

sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears

from all faces there's a day coming and

that miracle where Jesus turned the

water into the wine says that day is

coming sooner than you think because I'm

the third day I'm going to begin to roll

back death that has corrupted this world

and begin to bring everything to life

it's going to start with Jesus and then

he's going to do something he's going to

pour out that wine that Holy Spirit in

his believers and that wine in us is

going to begin to bring us to life and

little by little death is going to be

pushed back and life is going to be

unleashed and it's going to be awesome

the wolf will live with the lamb the

leopard will lie down with the goat the

calf and the lion and the yearling

together and a little child will lead

them the infant will play near the

Cobras den and the young child will put

its hand into the viper's nest but they

will neither harm nor destroy on all my

holy mount

and for the earth will be filled with

the knowledge of the Lord as the waters

cover the sea amen that's something to

look forward to heaven is going to be

spectacular i'll never forget before one

funeral i was doing you know i was

praying before hand and in the quietness

of that moment it's like I could just

feel a rain just washing over me and I

thought you know God is that the reign

of heaven I don't know but I just felt

like you know when we're there it's

going to be good it's going to be good

but I got good news for you that can

start right now that new beginning of

heaven God sends us a down payment see

we're not going to get the whole thing

yet but he's like I'm going to give you

a taste of it I'm going to give you a

sip of the wine and that deposit that

down payment is the Holy Spirit that God

gives us it's the Holy Spirit that

transforms us from the inside out and

the new creation begins right now with

you the Bible says if anyone is in

Christ he is a new creation the old has

gone the new has come praise the Lord

you're a new person in Jesus you're

already starting to live a new life our

God is the god of new beginnings now it

doesn't happen overnight some of you

think I don't feel like such a new

creation today if I'm a new creation why

am I still so miserable well because

it's a process it's a process of that

wine filling us and changing us it's not

going to happen overnight but our God is

the god of new beginnings the Bible says

he gives us new birth into a Living Hope

to when you become a Christian our

spirit is born it comes to life again

God puts a new heart and a new spirit

within us he puts a new song in our

mouths the Bible says that God even

gives new names to people you ever have

a nickname from your old life that maybe

you don't use anymore for good reason

right because that's the old me I that

person's gone that person died in

Baptism and a new me is alive now God's

been doing that throughout think about


God said you will no longer be called

Abram you will be called Abraham and

your destiny will be to be the father of

many nations Jacob supplanter you will

no longer be called Jacob you'll be

called Israel because you struggled with

God and man and have overcome his son

they had a son who the mother died in

childbirth they named him Ben Annie

which means son of my affliction and

misery and Jacob renamed and saying no

no no you're Benjamin the son of my

right hand Hosea Moses changed his name

from Hosea to Joshua which means the

Lord is my salvation in the New

Testament Jesus comes along and says to

Peter he wasn't Peter he was Simon he

said you are no longer Simon you are

Cephas which means rock and on this rock

Peter I will build my church the Apostle

Paul full of Pride and bravado gets

knocked down from his horse and God says

you're no longer gonna be Saul you're

gonna change your name to Paul which

means really small because God has

humbled you to do great things through

you our God is the god of new beginnings

he makes all things new he gives you a

new name a new future a new destiny a

new person in you living with Christ in

you the hope of glory the water is

turned to wine God enters into the

messes of our lives and he gives meses

messages of new beginnings he takes the

ordinary and he makes it extraordinary

he takes water and he turns it into wine

and it is going to be great and it can

start now we need to realize that it's

all about preparing for a wedding that

we are waiting for a day of glory when

God will present us to Christ as a

glorious bride we're not going to have

to take a physical bath because we'll be

purified with washing with water through

the word the Bible says and we will be

invited to the wedding banquet of the

Lamb and that is a beautiful thing to

hope for now we can live optimistically

as Christians because if you think about

it Jesus didn't just make enough wine

for them to get through that day did you

notice that how big were the jars

that Jesus filled can you imagine there

were 20 to 30 gallons think of a gallon

of milk from the store right it's a

little heavy now multiply that by 20 so

we're talking about a container probably

that comes up to here right a big jar

not just one of them six of them six of

them and God makes the fat and he

doesn't just make a little bit of the

Bible says that they fill the jars to

the top to the brim God isn't going to

give you just enough to get by there's

plenty of wine available for you there's

plenty of goodness in your future the

Bible says that the enemy comes to steal

kill and destroy but Jesus says I have

come that you might have life and have

it abundantly in the Gospel of John it

says that God gives his spirit without

measure the wine again is not perfect

things in life I'm not promising you

that although in heaven that's coming

but the wine that we have available to

us now is the presence of the Holy

Spirit and we can drink as much as we

want if we will be willing God says I

will fill you to overflowing you know

you prepare a table before me in the

presence of my enemies you anoint my

head with oil my cup runneth over praise

God God wants the cup to run over the

Bible says do not be drunk on wine but

be filled with the Holy Spirit I want us

here to get absolutely smashed on the

Holy Spirit and then I want us to be

intoxicated with God because that

intoxication is so strong that that can

overcome addictions to other kinds of

intoxications because you're like I've

got something better I got something

much better than that that intoxication

also brings us

together right have you ever observed

that sometimes people who would not

ordinarily be friends get to be friends

when they get drunk enough again I'm

sorry this is pg-13 forgive me I'm gonna

have to explain this later but they get

to be friends when they're like drunk

enough because they're they're not they

don't have any judgment they're just

hanging out their friends right for the

moment well in the spirit if the Holy

Spirit intoxicates us enough then that

is a bond between people that is thicker

than water no pun intended right thicker

than water because we are drinking from

the same spirit the Bible says we we

have been given the same spirit to drink

and because we share the intensity of

that experience with God we are one and

you're my brother and you're my sister

even if you're from another country even

if you've got a different style or you

speak a different language we are one

it's no accident that every revival in

Christian history where the Spirit is

poured out powerfully there's always

multi-ethnicity scandalously so it is

who's a street in 1906 when God poured

out his all the spirit and the gift of

tongues was being unleashed in a new way

it was scandalous that the blacks and

whites and Asians were all worshiping

together it was scandalous our God is

going to bring us together and create a

new humanity not just through idealism

and hopefulness and wishful thinking but

through becoming intoxicated on the same

spirit and being drawn together but

here's the question do we want it see

God makes a promise I believe in this

miracle right at the end what does the

what does the chief of the bank would

say when he tries he says you have saved

the best for last our god saves the best

for last still and I believe that in our

individual lives some people think it's

too late for me you know I had a

conversation the other day with a with a

sister who is in her 80s and she is as

ready for action in the Lord as she ever

has been I mean the Holy Spirit telling

her to talk to people on the bus and

going up and giving money to complete


I'm preaching the guy more than ever

she's in the zone because God saves the

best wine for last it doesn't matter

what you've been through you might think

it's all done for me no no no no no your

best is yet to come your best days are

ahead of you in Jesus God saves the best

for last and I believe that is also to

be taken in a big way this is part of

why I think there might be another

barrage of creative miracles in church

history because before Jesus returns the

Bible says he's going to return for a

glorious bride for that wedding without

spot or wrinkle or staying and I believe

in the last days that the Church of

Jesus Christ is going to experience the

fullness of the Holy Spirit like it

never has been why not guys why not us

why not today why not us be part of that

the best is saved for last but but

here's the question do we really want it

yeah are we going to be like Mary and be

just a little pushy with Jesus Jesus

told a parable about a friend who was a

pushy friend right who was knocking at

the door because he had friends who come

on a journey he didn't have any bread to

give them he says hey I I got company

could you wake up and give me some bread

and his friend says wow man will you

leave me alone i'm in bed already the

friend keeps knocking no I need

something I need some bread and the

friend finally says that he gets up and

gives him what he needs not because he's

his friend at that moment he can't stand

up but because he's so pushy he gets up

and gives him all you want and Jesus

says so I tell you ask and it will be

given to you seek and you will find

knock and the door will be open to you

everyone who asks receives the one who

seeks finds and to the one who knocks it

will be open but here's the question do

we seek do we want that wine I would

dare to say to a certain extent we have

as much of God's presence in our lives

as we want if we settle for little

little if we're hungry for more more

goes on to say which of you fathers if

your son asks for a fish will give them

a snake instead or if you ask for an egg

will give them a scorpion

if you then though you are evil know how

to give good gifts to your children how

much more will your heavenly Father give

the Holy Spirit to those who ask him

that tells me that the Holy Spirit can

be given in different measures even

though the Spirit is a person the Holy

Spirit is not some electrical force but

the Holy Spirit is a person in spirit

form is God with us and we can have that

fullness to the extent that we asked as

he thinks tent we don't ask we don't

have and here's the question are we

hungry today are we willing to ask we're

about to transition to the Lord's Supper

today where we have and and there's not

going to be any turning grape juice into

wine today because we're on this side of

heaven still but it's a symbol of the

not just the coven ental feast of the

Passover but it is also i think part of

the background is the wedding banquet

with the brine and you're invited to the

table too if you want to come that's the

basic thing some people think I really

shouldn't with what I've done with what

I'm struggling with I really shouldn't I

shouldn't participate so this is a

symbol of the fact that Jesus paid for

our sins on the cross in his own blood

that He died for our sin so if you feel

guilty today or like you don't deserve

it then you are more qualified probably

than anyone else because you know you

need the medicine that we're offering

here okay you what you do is you confess

you say God I have sinned but I believe

in you I ask you to forgive me and then

you participate you take it let's say

you're here today and you're just you're

just going along you're a Christian and

you love Jesus what I want to tell you

is got to save the best for last your

best days are ahead of you you take this

in God I want the real wine that you

have for me forgive me for false

substitutes I want what you have for me

but before we do this I'm going to take

a minute and i want to invite anyone who

needs to accept Jesus in your heart is

your Lord and Savior before you

participate because important that you

be a Christian before you participated


I want to give you a chance to become a

Christian it's as simple as just saying

God I'm a sinner but I believe Jesus and

I receive him as my Lord and Savior if

you want maybe you're not sure you've

ever done that or maybe you're not sure

well let's be sure today let's make it

official with God so I'm going to invite

you to say that prayer with me and I'm

going to invite us all to close our eyes

for a moment before we come to the table

and prepare our hearts close your eyes

and just feel the presence of God here

and know that God is here with us in

this moment know that God loves you he

understands you and he knows you and he

invites you to come to him and to invite

Jesus into your heart and if that is a

decision that you want to make today I'm

going to ask you to raise your hand

before the Lord and pray with me to

accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior so

if that is you today I'm going to ask

you to raise your hand as a symbol of

your telling God God I want to accept

Jesus as my Lord and my Savior God bless

you god I see I see young ladies over

here god bless you brother god bless you

over here in the corner I see you okay

so there's several of you now what I'm

going to do now is I'm going to say a

prayer and you just still with your hand

raised before God I ask you to repeat

this prayer with me and give your heart

to god it's not magic words but it's a

it's a way of opening your heart to him

so you just repeat this with me dear


thank you that you love me I admit that

I am a sinner and I have failed in many

ways but I believe in Jesus I believe

that Jesus died for me on the cross and

I believe that Jesus rose again and I

accept you Jesus in my heart to be my

Lord and to be my Savior I want to

belong to you please forgive me and give

me your spirit and make me brand new and

i will be your son your daughter the

rest of my life in Jesus name