The Seventh Sign - When Jesus Comes to the Funeral

John chapter 11 you may remember that I

have been going through a series in the

Gospel of John studying the seven signs

that are recorded in the Gospel of John

seven miracles and they're called signs

in the Gospel of John because what does

a sign do a sign points you in the right

direction unless you live in boston in

which case it doesn't matter what

direction you're going you will get lost

but normally signs are supposed to point

you in the right direction I think I

even have some pictures of signs that we

could put up because that's what

miracles were meant to be in the new

testament and in the old to every

miracle that God did was meant to be a

sign that points people to some truth

about who God is and how he deals with

people even the miracle we saw today of

God providing housing is a sign that

points us to a living God who loves us

and provides for us everything is

pointing to him now in the Gospel of

John now Jesus did a lot of miracles

right tons of miracles he killed

hundreds thousands of people in his

earthly life he did all kinds of

different things but the Gospel of John

records seven of them to make specific

points about who Jesus is and we are now

on sign number seven sign number seven

net anyone remember some of the early

ones that first one where Jesus was at a

wedding they ran out of the wine he

turned the water into wine and not just

a little bit remember we talked about he

filled up 76 enormous juggs of line and

he wasn't just making wine for people he

was teaching that God saves the best for

last that the water of the Old Testament

will change into the wine of the new

then now the law will be replaced with

the Holy Spirit in our hearts little

later Jesus did some healings remember

he healed a paralytic a man who was

laying by a well sort of waiting for

some sort of a miracle to happen for 38

years a man who was very passive who did

not have a very good attitude who was

just waiting around for something to

happen and Jesus said you get up take

your mat and walk and then change

because if you don't change your

attitude something worse might happen to

you so that was someone who needed

healing not just of his body but of his

attitude he did a couple other healings

Jesus also multiplied bread and he

walked on the water but now we're coming

to his final and greatest sign this is

the final one in the Gospel of John that

points to the reality he's about to

accomplish in the cross and resurrection

John chapter 11 so let's read this

together and it deals with people that

jesus knew personally and intimately now

it's personal this is something that is

one of the most intimate interactions

that Jesus has with people in all of the

signs recorded in the Bible John chapter

11 says the following says now a man

named Lazarus was sick he was from

Bethany the village of Mary and her

sister Martha this Mary whose brother

Lazarus now lasik was the same one who

poured perfume on the Lord and wiped his

feet with her hair so the sisters sent

word to Jesus Lord the one you love is

sick when he heard this jesus said this

sickness will not end in death no it is

for God's glory so that God's Son may be

glorified through it now Jesus loved

Martha and her sister and Lazarus so

when he heard that Lazarus was sick he

stayed where he was two more days and

then he said to his disciples let us go

back to Judea verse 8 but rabbi they

said a short while ago the Jews there

tried to stone you and yet you are going

back and jesus answered are there not

twelve hours of daylight anyone who

walks in the daytime will not stumble

for they see by this world's light it is

when a person walks at night that they

stumble for they have no light after

this he said after he had said this he

went on to tell them our friend Lazarus

has fallen asleep but I'm going there to

wake him up his disciples said lord if

he sleeps he will get better and Jesus

had been speaking of his death but his

disciples thought he meant natural sleep

so when he told them plainly Jesus told

them plainly Lazarus is dead and for

your sake I am glad I was not there so

that you may believe but let us go to

him then Thomas also known as didymus

said to the rest of the disciples let us

go all so that we may die with him verse

17 on his arrival Jesus found that

Lazarus had already been in the tomb for

four days now Bethany was less than two

miles from jerusalem and many jews had

come to Martha and Mary to comfort them

in the loss of their brother this is a

funeral when Jesus comes to a funeral

things get interesting when Martha heard

that Jesus was coming she went out to

meet him but Mary stayed at home Lord

Martha said to Jesus if you had been

here my brother would not have died but

I know that even now God will give you

whatever you ask jesus said to her your

brother will rise again Martha answered

I know he will rise again in the

resurrection at the last day and Jesus

said to her I am the resurrection and

the life the one who believes in Me will

live even though they die and whoever

lives by believing in me will never die

do you believe this yes Lord she replied

I believe that you are the Messiah the

Son of God who is to come into the world

after she had said this she went back

and called her sister Mary aside the

teacher is he or she said and is asking

for you when Mary heard this she got up

quickly and went to him now Jesus had

not yet entered the village

was still at the place where Martha had

met him when the Jews who had been with

mayor who had been with Mary in the

house comforting her notice how quickly

she got up and went out they followed

her supposing she was going to the tomb

to mourn there when Mary reached the

place where Jesus was and saw him she

fell at his feet and said lord if you

had been here my brother would not have

died when Jesus saw her weeping and the

Jews who had come along with her also

weeping he was deeply moved in spirit

and troubled where if you laid him he

asked come and see Lord they replied

jesus wept then the Jews said see how he

loved him but some of them said could

not he who opened the eyes of the blind

men have kept this man from dying Jesus

once more deeply moved came to the tomb

it was a cave with a stone laid across

the entrance take away the stone he said

but Lord said Martha the sister of the

dead man by this time there is a bad

odor for he has been there for days and

the then jesus said did I not tell you

that if you believe you will see the

glory of God so they took away the stone

and then Jesus looked up and said father

I thank you that you have heard me I

knew that you always hear me but I said

this for the benefit of the people

standing here that they may believe that

you sent me and when he had said this

Jesus called out in a loud voice Lazarus

come out and the dead man came out his

hands and his feet wrapped with strips

of linen and a cloth around his face and

Jesus said to them take off the grave

clothes and let him go how about that

huh how about that father in Jesus name

I thank you that you are the

resurrection and the life God there is

not a person in this room who has not

tasted grief at some point in their life

and some have had quite a cup full of

grief in their lives I thank you God

that you are not a stranger to that

Jesus I thank you that you came to the

funeral two thousand years ago to say

something to us to do something that

would never be forgotten and I pray Holy

Spirit that you would speak to us today

we're listening in jesus name amen amen

if Jesus's miracles were signs then this

one is an enormous billboard the size of

Times Square and I see four words

written on it you have a hero and this

is where Jesus really takes off the

Clark Kent outfit and you see that big s

written around his chest and it's a good

thing because we need a hero don't we

and this time it's really personal these

are Jesus's most close and intimate

friends along with his family and

disciples Mary Martha and Lazarus maybe

you read in Luke chapter 10 where Jesus

would go over their house for dinner and

he would eat over their house Martha was

the kind of person whose house I think

always had people coming and going and

there was always food on the table and

you didn't have a choice you were going

to eat right and he would know anyone

like that a person who is just like that

she opens her home and people come going

in Jesus would come over regularly and

he would just be there and he would eat

with them one day it tells the story

where he's eating with Mary and Martha

we assume Lazarus is hanging out to eat

stuff in his face probably and Martha

gets annoyed with her sister Mary

remember the story it says Jesus marries

just sitting there listening to you and

she's left me to do all the work and all

the preparations would you tell her to

help me I just imagine the kind of

comfortable relationship that they had

that Martha felt free to involve Jesus

in an argument with her sister that's

how often he came over the house that's

how comfortable they were together and i

love the way Jesus answers her remember

the story Martha

Martha you're so stressed out about so

many things but not so many things are

required let's just have cornflakes

today huh let's just sit down Mary's

chosen the better part I'm taking Mary

side in this one just relax let's spend

time together Jesus was that close to

Mary and Martha these were humanly

speaking friends of his right so can you

imagine when he hears the news that

Lazarus and even the way they say it the

one you love is sick Jesus your best

friend is sick now what do you expect

Jesus to do when you send a message to

him saying Jesus your closest friend is

very sick what do you expect him to do

so let's go let's go heal him right got

to get over there gotta get there as

quickly as we can what does Jesus do he

stays where he is two more days have you

ever felt like you call on God to come

help you and he seems to be taking his

time have you ever had that experience

where he's de lis seems like Jesus is

delaying like he's stuck in traffic

somewhere you know and I got this

situation where are you God my brother

Lazarus is sick and Jesus is just taking

more time and Jesus makes it clear to

his disciple see this illness is not

unto death this illness has a purpose we

talked about this the miracles of God

happened in our messes we have a mess

God intervenes and speaks a message to

us our messes are opportunities for his

messages amen I stole that from brother

Leroy who probably stole that from

someone else your mess is an opportunity

for God's message to you and Jesus had

an important message and he had to let

this mess get very messy now you could

say does he care is he just saying no

big deal

no I'm going to go and fix it I'm just

going to let them suffer there for four

days is that Jesus is attitude you know

the Bible says very clearly if you look

with me in in chapter 11 and verse of 5

look what it says it says now Jesus

loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus

the Bible goes out of his way its way to

tell us that Jesus loved them and that's

the first thing i want to say when it

seems like God is taking his time when

it seems like God is far away it doesn't

mean he doesn't love us it just means he

has a purpose and everything is in its

time now eventually he does get going he

goes there and he gets there but Martha

and we're going to talk about this story

in terms of three different encounters

first Jesus has an encounter with Martha

then he has an encounter with Mary and

then finally he has an encounter with

their brother we'll talk about that too

but you've maybe had this happen I've

had this happen when I come to a funeral

sometimes before I even get into the

room someone comes out no and you're and

you bump into someone even at the door

before you've gone in and I know that as

we talk about this we're we're going

into holy ground because funerals or

memories that are very sad and painful

and we're remembering that Sid setting

and jesus is coming to that setting he's

outside the town and Martha comes to

meet him and she makes a very simple

statement Jesus if you had been here my

brother wouldn't have died now what's

implied in that statement Jesus where

were you where were you why did this

have to happen that's a natural question

we asked sometimes when things happen

and we say God it just seems like it

just seems like you weren't there I

don't understand it doesn't just seem

like you why did this happen does Jesus

rebuke Martha for that statement does he

say Martha stop that no but what does he

say to her

look with me coming down to John 11

verse some verse 22 Lord Martha said to

Jesus verse 21 if you had been here my

brother would not have died but look at

the second part of her statement but I

know that even now God will give you

whatever you ask sometimes we suffer

with the question God I don't understand

but I know that even now I want to focus

on those two words even now that is

those two words are power words they're

words that say that God even though all

of this is happening even now I know

that you're still God even though it

doesn't make sense to me even now I know

that you have not left me and that you

still can do something she still had

faith but she just didn't understand

what was happening it was a general kind

of confused faith there was pain in it

and Jesus says okay your brother will

rise again isn't that amazing Jesus now

is pointing her to the truth of her

faith of what that means she's getting

her general faith to be specific your

brother will rise again and she at this

moment I imagine through some tears says

I know that he will rise again in the

resurrection at the last time day she

believed somehow she believed that God

would give her brother life again

sometimes we just have to say it even if

you don't feel it sometimes you just

need to say the truth that you believe i

believe that he will live again but you

see sometimes we can believe the right

things but not believe in the right

person necessarily just because she has

correct faith she's an Orthodox Jewish

woman who believe that in the end God

would raise the dead but correct faith

is not always complete faith sometimes

we can believe the right things but we

don't believe them in the right way and

Jesus realizes that Martha's faith is

correct but it's not complete she

believes the right things but she needs

to believe in the right person she says

Martha I don't think you completely

understand what resurrection means

resurrection isn't just something that's

going to happen resurrection and the

life is standing before you at this

moment she needs to believe in the right

person and Jesus says I am the

resurrection and the life the one who

believes in Me will live even though

they die it is possible and I believe

that many of us come to church and we

have a faith we believe some of the

right things about God but we have not

yet understood who jesus is our faith is

correct but it's not complete and I

believe that Jesus is standing right

before us saying no no you need to

understand that the life is not just a

concept not just a religious idea there

is a personal connection with God that

you're lacking and it's time for you to

discover that and now is that moment

resurrection and the life they're

different things resurrection is what

Jesus does at the end of time when he

raises our bodies from the dead but the

life is who he is a divine spiritual

energy that Jesus had the key can

transmit to people and make them live

because he lives his life is contagious

life the Bible says in John chapter 1 in

him was life and that life was the light

of men the light shines in the darkness

and the darkness has not overcome it we

need to receive the life of Jesus into

us otherwise our spirit is dead that's

why becoming a Christian is often called

being born again because we receive a

spirit it's not just that we convert to

a different set of beliefs okay it's not

that we just start attending church we

receive the Holy Spirit into US and that

spiritual energy I'm not trying

to get all weird and you know kind of

science fiction with us but there is a

spiritual energy that comes into a

Christian and begins to bring them to

life they wake up your spirit wakes up I

am addicted to this process I tell you I

there's nothing I love more than meeting

people who are coming to church just

getting to looking for God and then they

begin to connect with Jesus that life

starts getting into them and it starts

shining out of them the Bible says if

anyone is in Christ he is a new creation

the old has gone the new has come there

is a life in you that is starting to

shine and eventually that life will

explode in a physical resurrection on

the last day Jesus is the resurrection

and the life that's why he said I am the

bread of life if you eat this bread you

will never be hungry again because that

bread that that that body of Christ

which is not just the communion supper

although that symbolizes it that faith

in Jesus gets in you and transforms you

and you just can't keep it back have you

had this experience yet if you haven't

Jesus wants you to know it's right there

for you that he is the resurrection and

the life but he doesn't leave it there

he looks at her at the end of this

statement any ass her do you believe

this you see there's something we have

to do we can't just passively listen we

need to respond and say yes Lord and

it's not just believing in certain ideas

it's in trusting yourself to a person

Jesus says I Martha says I believe that

you are the Christ the Son of God who

was to come into the world eternal life

is a relationship with God through Jesus

with Jesus who is the son of God and we

know him in that life then gets into you

and starts to transform you it works now

Martha needed to be at a graveside to

learn this and it's not easy but

sometimes it's in our moments of sadness

and pain that we discover who God is in

a deeper way it's then that we say do I

really believe what I say

I believe do I really believe in Jesus

or am I just religious God doesn't call

us to be religious churchgoers he calls

us to know the living Christ just like

job who at the end of his life or at the

end of his suffering I'm sorry before

his life was restored job said before my

ears had heard of you but now my eyes

have seen you there comes a moment where

you say God I've heard of you all these

years but now my eyes have seen you I

pray that our eyes be open just like

that miracle where Jesus smeared the mud

on that guy's eyes to give him new eyes

just like God creating Adam with the mud

of the earth so that he could see the

glory of God in the face of Christ I

pray that God enable us like Martha to

say yes Lord I believe now then Martha

went back to the house and she found

Mary who was sitting in the house crying

she that Jesus is asking for you she

brings Mary comes out Mary and here we

come to our second encounter so in the

first encounter Jesus revealed his his

identity that he is the resurrection in

the life but in this encounter Jesus is

going to reveal his heart to marry and

to the people around her into us so Mary

comes out and the first thing she does

is she just falls at Jesus's feet crying

I don't know if you've had this

experience that when you see a loved one

in a moment of grief even though maybe

you see them all the time but it the

first time you see them in that moment

just something makes you cry because

you're seeing someone you love and it

just brings that to you and that's

what's happening with Mary she comes and

she just falls at Jesus's feet and what

does she say to Jesus look with me here

look what does she say to Jesus and I'm

looking here in verse verse 32 she says

lord if you had been here my brother

would not have died have you heard those

words before didn't Martha just say that

right now dead what does Jesus say you

know I I heard a seminary professor

mine said did Jesus say look Martha

already laid that trip of me would you

on me would you just leave me alone but

look I know I'm late I'm sorry all right

but I'm here no Jesus doesn't do that he

doesn't even answer her this time he

doesn't even interact and it says

something because here you know what we

could ask ourselves the question he

should just tell her marry you should

just be happy because Lazarus is going

to live again right stop trying just get

up does Jesus say that to her because

her grief is real her sadness is real

and Jesus is going to face in this

encounter death itself in all its

ugliness in pain now look what it says

in John 11 33 it said when Jesus saw her

marry weeping and the Jews who had come

along with her also weeping the Bible

says Jesus was deeply moved in spirit

and troubled now there's a couple words

that are important here the greek word

for deeply moved here is Embry mom I

Embry mom I you don't need to memorize

that I'm not going to quiz you on it

later it is a word for being disturbed

and angry and scolding even it's it

comes from the word for a horse that's

snorting and in the old test in the King

James translation it's translated jesus

groaning in his spirit I think that's an

accurate translation Jesus is groaning

in his spirit with a certain type of

anger at this moment and it says he was

troubled disturbed and shaken Jesus is

upset her and there's a groaning that's

happening why is Jesus upset he knows

he's going to raise Lazarus from the

dead right why is he so upset that he's

even vocalizing an in frustration I

believe at this point Jesus sees one of

the most precious people in the world to

him suffering and he sees what death has

done to this family and he starts

getting angry at it

see the world was never supposed to be

this way Jesus is angry with an

indignation indignant means you're angry

at something that's wrong it's not

supposed to be this way and you feel

indignant at it you're angry the world

is not the way it is supposed to be and

Jesus is at this moment experiencing a

hostility not towards people but towards

death itself think about the news we

hear every day think about the news we

heard in the past two weeks the world is

not supposed to be a place death was

never part of God's original plan we

were created for life sin is what oh

sure death into the world and so and uh

guys I don't know if there's a buzz I

don't know if you hear but just want to

come back to this think about the things

we've heard in the news this week did

anyone when you heard some of the news

did anyone experienced some anger spears

some anger a little bit now usually in

our society we channel that in different

directions sometimes we might channel

that anger towards people or towards

groups and sometimes it might be

understandable but here it is not anger

and a person it's anger at a situation

it's anger at a world where people can

take a gun into a restaurant and shoot

innocent people it's anger at a world in

which a wild animal can kill a child

before its parents the world was never

supposed to be that way and if you

wonder how Jesus feels about it he's mad

there's an anger it shouldn't be this

way sin and Satan have defiled a good

world have taken good people and a good

thing and have twisted it and have

demeaned people that God has created and

Jesus is beginning to experience

indignation you know my son asked me

once a couple years ago we were looking

at a picture of a mummy and it was a it

was a disturbing picture it wasn't a

mummy that was a neat one it

was one that was kind of distorted and

it was a gross mummy it was disgusting

mummy right and he was looking at it and

he asked daddy why did God make a world

where people end up like this kind of

tough questions for a 30 at night when

you just want to go to sleep right if I

God didn't make a world for this to

happen this is never what God wanted

humanity to be like sin did this sin

twisted this world and in this story we

see Jesus facing it head on and he asks

a question that I want to focus on he

asked where have you laid him and they

answer come and see those are important

words in the Gospel of John to say come

and see when they first came to Jesus

they said Jesus where you're staying and

Jesus said come and see in other words

you can come into my world this little

interaction Reese is where have you laid

him and they say come and see he's

asking to go into their world and

they're inviting him see it's one thing

to go to a graveside it's another thing

to invite Jesus to come along and that's

what she does she invites him along and

Jesus goes along to the gravesite it's

like he's becoming one of us and he

shares in this moment and he comes to

that graveside it's like Jesus is an

incarnation God becomes a person knows

how we feel and what did Jesus do when

he got there did he come up to the

graveside whistling I know what I'm

gonna do no what did Jesus do the Bible

says two words jesus wept Jesus cried

with them and again I we might wonder

why is he crying if he knows that his

friend in just a couple minutes is going

to come out of that cave why did jesus

cry you see I think at that moment Jesus

is weeping along with Mary and feeling

her tears and not just hers I think

Jesus is imagining the tears at a

thousand grave sides at a thousand def

beds in a thousand hospitals a thousand

battlefields I think at that moment


weeping along with mothers morning their

children parents morning for the other

their their husbands and wives that he

is morning along with all humanity that

has cried throughout the centuries that

at that moment Jesus is tasting it and

he's crying with us and he gets up and

again there's that word again he gets up

from that crying angry he gets up

groaning in his spirit it shouldn't be

this way it was never supposed to be

this way and this is the moment have you

ever seen in the movies where somebody

is is being attacked by bad guys and

then your hero starts getting mad you

know kind of like the Hulk only good you

know and gets that fire in his eyes and

he gets up and he turns and he faces the

bad guy that's what Jesus does here

Jesus with anger and fire in his eyes

gets up and decides I am going to kill

death even if it kills me our hero is

getting mad for us sometimes people feel

like God is mad at them and God does

grieve over sin he gets angry but God

gets mad for us he fights for us and

Jesus is getting up and he is facing

that grave and he is coming at it with

anger in his eyes and here's the third

encounter of this story Jesus is going

to reveal his power when he says take

away the stone I imagine a little anger

at his voice it had been four days now

the ancient rabina chol belief was that

the spirit of the person hovered around

the body for three days and then if he

couldn't go back in then the person is

finally dead so after four days death is

irreversible I would think after 20

minutes right but whatever the case for

them it was four days and Jesus said

four days he's in the grave he says you

take away that stone and martha has her

complaint again Lord by now there's prob

ibly a terrible odor and I can just hear

Jesus again saying Martha Martha he

doesn't say that here but I could just

hear it in the tone of his voice Martha

didn't I tell you that if you believed

you would see the glory of God like

Martha hang on here it's all going to be

good now i know what i'm going to do

take away that stone and they take it

away and i imagine them scurrying away

people are gathered around the entrance

of that cave and Jesus prays saying

father I thank you that you always hear

man oh you'll always hear me but I'm

saying this for them really but at that

point it's like he's channeling the the

power of heaven to do something amazing

he prays and then he cries out Lazarus

come out you ever know somebody who has

a voice that you will obey right maybe a

particular member of your family who has

a voice that when you hear it you say

yes sir or yes ma'am well Jesus put on

his daddy voice right here or his mommy

be put on he put on that Lazarus you

will come out or you will come out

you're not going to think about it

you're not you're coming out now and

this this Authority we're talking the

voice of creation the voice that said

let there be light the voice of Yahweh

speaking from Mount Sinai the voice

speaking out of the burning bush this is

the voice of God that thunders the the

thunder of many waters of Jesus speaking

with authority from heaven saying

Lazarus you will come out now and it's

an amazing picture the Bible makes it

very clear that he was still wrapped up

so and in those days they would wrap

them around right at the ankles in the

hands and they had the shroud over his

face so he comes waddling out you can't

walk when you're tied like that but you

can waddle and he's waddling out can you

just imagine the response of people

attacking just the stunned response of

people as this man emerged from the tomb

and there's an interesting detail jesus

said untie him and let him go

untie him and let him go you know it's a

good picture for us isn't it people come

to Christ they're alive again but

they're still tied up with the old grave

clothes sometimes and I would imagine

the Bible says he raised him from the

dead he doesn't say he cleaned all those

clubs I imagine they were stinky cloths

that needed to be untied and folks if we

want to be a church of the resurrection

we're gonna have to untie some messy

grave clothes that people still have

wrapped that they can't untie themselves

even though they've come to life they're

going to be need help getting unbounded

we're going to need to help with that

and Jesus calls us to be the part of the

process and he is coming out and he's

walking and he's untidy can you imagine

when he's looking Jesus in the eye again

we didn't read it but after this what

did they do of course what do you think

Martha and Mary are going to do to

celebrate all this let's eat let's get

the food going so there was a meal given

and Jesus is on or and Lazarus was there

at the table do you imagine the

conversation Lazarus was it like to be

dead my goodness I know it's crazy here

you are and they're eating and Jesus is

there and Martha is serving of course

what else is she going to be doing and

Mary what else is she doing listening to

Jesus and she takes that perfume and

pours it on Jesus's feet and the house

was filled with the fragrance you see

after the resurrection there's new life

in their celebration and there's a meal

Jesus is the resurrection and the life

and he as our hero fights death for us

and conquers it decisively that is the

hero that we have that's what this

miracle says it's a huge banner that

says you have a hero that Jesus has

finally done it but he knew that this

was just a picture because you see

Lazarus what's going to happen to

Lazarus after this after the meal after

everything several years later what do

we see what eventually happened to

Lazarus he died again he's one of those

unusual people who has the privilege of

dying twice

some of us have experienced that several

times we know how it is you see that's

still not the answer his mortal body was

resuscitated but we need more than a

resuscitation we need a resurrection and

that can only happen if death itself is

not just reversed but undone from within

jesus knew for me to really conquer

death I'm gonna have to get in the grave

with them it's not enough for me to weep

outside the grave and call them out I'm

gonna have to climb in and bust out from

the inside you ever seen the movie The

Matrix since we're talking movies today

you know the end of the movie that weird

thing with that guy you know that dude

that neo guy jumps into the bad guy you

know the suit guy he jumps into him and

busts out from the inside if you haven't

seen the movie that's okay don't have to

just imagine that scene he goes inside

and he busts out from the inside that's

what Jesus did to death you know it's

interesting that wait a minute who would

wrapped Jesus's grave clothes you ever

wondered about that see Lazarus was like

this he needed the clothes unwrapped how

about Jesus the Bible makes it very

clear that his clothes his grave clothes

the the the wrappings were left neatly

laying right on the stone where he was

put it was all laying perfectly neatly

as if he had just floated right out of

them you see Jesus's body is not just

any body Jesus's body is the

resurrection body of the new creation

physical physical enough to eat physical

enough and not to eat you know that

obviously but physical left for him to

eat right physical enough to touch Jesus

had a physical body but it was a body

that belonged to that new time when

we're going to have spiritual bodies

when there's going to be a new heaven

and a new earth and there's going to be

new trees and new clouds and new brass a

new fruit and new rice and beans and new

are a buzz and and and we're going to be

we're going to be in a new heaven and a

new earth and we're not even going to

need a son because the glory of God is

going to shine on us you know

maybe there's a son but you can't see it

because God's Shekinah glory is going to

be so bright and those bodies are

physical but they can pass through walls

as my son says they can teleport and

that body just came and floated right

out of those clothes I imagine you know

legend has it that there's a shroud with

the image of a face who knows but can

you imagine the face just burning its

image as he came out I could why not who

knows you know jesus is alive Jesus

conquered death from within I said the

last enemy to be destroyed is death

itself then death and Hades were thrown

into the lake of fire and Jesus didn't

need any help moving the stone alley to

do was this and was young and he's

walking out and it says that this will

one day be our future because of what

Jesus has done that what happened to

Lazarus is going to happen to us but

much better because we're not going to

have to waddle out of our Braves at the

end of time the Bible says in a flash in

the twinkling of an eye on the last

trumpet for the trumpet will sound the

voice of Jesus and the dead will be

raised imperishable and we will be

changed and then the saying that is

written will come true death has been

swallowed up in victory where O death is

your victory where O death is your sting

God has done it and there will come a

time I believe this with my whole heart

when this world will be transformed and

our bodies will be resurrected spiritual

bodies and we will be with the lord and

he will reign from Jerusalem and the

kingdoms of this world will become the

kingdoms of our God and there will be no

more death or mourning or crying or pain

he will wipe every tear from the eyes

for the old order of things has passed

away and there will be one seated on the

throne who will say behold I make all

things new

our God has done it we have a hero we

have someone who goes to the grave with

us who is not dispassionately distant in

your suffering and your grief and the

people that you've lost and the pain

that you've experienced the things in

your life that happened that never

should have happened when you wondered

where's God where were you if you were

here it wouldn't have happened those

things God says I love you and I cry

with you I grown with you it should have

never happened but we live in a dark

fallen world but God is not helpless

Jesus rises from that weeping and says I

will conquer death for you none of us

can do it ourselves we all need a hero

we all need a Savior we all need someone

to do this for us and we come to that

point and say god I thank you that I

don't have to even try to do this myself

you're gonna fight this battle for me

because you went into the grave for

three days and you came out yourself and

you reign in glory seated at the right

hand of the Father you have done the

victory you've conquered death you've

conquered Satan you paid the penalty of

sin and we can now live without fear of

death anymore we can live in freedom and

enjoy now our hero may seem absent at

times it may seem like he's far away and

he doesn't understand but he does he is

coming he is the one who commands death

to run away he's the one who is the

resurrection and the life who puts that

indestructible life into us if we'll

have faith in Jesus and he now turns to

us and says and now do you believe this

and that's how we need to answer today

do I really believe and we can say that

today we're going to have the Lord's

Supper in just a moment and this is a

moment for us to say god I thank you

that I don't have to fight this battle

myself I thank you that I have you to

fight for me I thank you that you went

into that grave and you blew it up from

the inside and you came out the other

side and that I can believe in you I

believe that you are the son of God the

christ the king who was to come into the

world now I'm going to invite us we're

going to celebrate the Lord's Supper

today and this is a moment for us to

come and say Jesus these symbols remind

us that you tasted death for us and that

you came out the other side of it and

Jesus I believe I believe but I want to

invite you and I'll invite the musicians

to come on up to and get ready I want to

invite you if you've never made that

decision to put your trust in Jesus

don't wait until your deathbed to do so

amen it's much better to accept Jesus

before you're about to die okay now you

could I believe you could accept jesus

at the last minute and it's it still

counts right there's a story of a man

who was dying next to Jesus on the

crosses right he was next to Jesus he

was a thief and he says he looked over

at Jesus and said you know what we're

here because we deserve this but this

man's done nothing wrong he said

remember me when you come into your

throne and Jesus looked at him and said

I tell you the truth before the Sun sets

tonight you'll be with me in paradise

because his spirit was going to be with

God in paradise and one day his body

that was sleeping would also wake up and

he would be alive again so you can

accept jesus at the last minute and

that's okay but why take that chance and

not just taking the chance you see when

we receive Jesus in our heart we receive

life into us and that life of God

transforms us and you can see it in

people's eyes it's a joyful thing when

God begins to work in you from the

inside out don't wait now is the day of

salvation now is the day when God

invites us to say yes Lord I believe

that you are the Christ the King and I

trust in you so if you want to make that

decision today I'm just going to invite

us all in a moment of Prayer to get real

quiet before the Lord and I want to

invite you to open your heart to God so

let's all just pray here father I thank


that you know what it is to suffer I

thank you God that you tasted death for

us lord I thank you that at that

graveside you wept with people that you

love and that you know how we feel even

when it seems like you're far away you

are not far away you are the

resurrection and the life and now I want

to ask if there's anyone here everyone

praying I'm going to ask everyone just

close your eyes and let the peace of God

just just be with you if today you want

to make that decision to accept Jesus in

your heart as your Lord and Savior you

haven't done it before you're not sure

you've really made that commitment now

is the time i invite you to raise your

hand good and high before the Lord as a

statement of faith saying Jesus I

receive you in my heart god bless you

god bless you yeah is there anyone else

who wants to make this decision you want

to accept Jesus in your heart god bless

you Greg god bless you anyone else you

want to accept Jesus you want to say God

I believe that you are the resurrection

in the life and I don't want to wait for

the last minute I want to know that life

now anyone else don't leave from here

without making that decision amen amen

now Greg and a young man here I'm gonna

invite you to say this prayer with me

okay we're gonna say a prayer and I just

ask you to repeat this prayer with me

yeah just just you right we if you want

to Yakima Shelton could you stand with

him that's good yes God knew now I'm

going to invite you to say this prayer

with me just repeated and if you want to

also stand with Catherine you can and or

with shell now I invite you just to to

repeat it as if anyone else wants to

it's not too late is there someone else

someone else who wants to come up and

accept Jesus in your heart I don't want

to rush through this okay okay i invite

you guys to repeat this prayer with me

okay it's a prayer of inviting Jesus

into your heart okay dear god I thank

you that you love me I

confess that I am a sinner but I believe

in Jesus that you died for me on the

cross and that you rose again I invite

you into my heart Jesus to be my Lord

and Savior change me today and give me a

new beginning in Jesus name Amen praise