Signs in John: How Big is your Jesus?

John chapter six if I could invite you

to open your Bibles we were going

through a series out of the Gospel of

John we're studying the seven signs in

the Gospel of John seven miracles that

the Apostle John focuses on and

highlights to make a point about who

Jesus is what is a sign do on the street

it points you in the right direction

hopefully points you on which streets

you should be on and that's what Jesus

as miracles do they point to things that

are true about God and they're still

pointing us today and the one we're

going to talk about today in John

chapter six we're not just talking about

one we're talking about two two miracles

that were grouped together for a purpose

we're gonna be talking about the

multiplication of the loaves and also

when jesus walks on the water and we're

going to see that these two miracles are

put together not by accident but because

God has something to say to us today

through those two miracles so if I could

invite you to open your Bible to John

chapter six and we'll read the first

paragraph and then we'll we'll pray

after after I give a little introduction

here but in John chapter 6 and verse 1

it says some time after this Jesus

crossed to the far shore of the Sea of

Galilee that is the sea of Tiberias and

a great crowd of people followed him

because they saw the signs he had

performed by healing the sick then Jesus

went up on a mountainside and sat down

with his disciples the Jewish Passover

festival was near so just to set the

stage a lot of people were starting to

follow Jesus he had a big following a

big group of people who were seeking him

out not necessarily because they really

understood who he was but because Jesus

put on a great show not only did he put

on a great show doing miracles that were

spectacular and interesting but they

were hoping maybe he would do some for

them right they were following Jesus for

the miracles now to a certain point

that's not necessarily a bad thing

because people look for God and for

whatever reason and God meets them where

they're at and then he

takes them along but sometimes it gets

to be a little too much and Jesus needs

to clarify who he really is and there

comes a point where the first reason you

came to church isn't good enough anymore

where God is saying now I want more if

you've been coming because you're

looking for something and that's fine

you're looking for peace you're looking

for hope you're looking for help you

feel good seeking god that's a good

thing but there comes a point when

you've got to understand and grow up and

mature into what Jesus really means to

you and that's what chapter 6 is all

about and I just want to share a little

story about this I think I had my own

sincere but i would say rather

superficial spirituality when i was a

high schooler freshman and sophomore in

high school and I had a friend who was a

Christian who was talking to me about

Jesus would have meant to really be a

Christian to give your life to God and I

was digging it I was like that's cool

Jesus Christ Superstar yeah that's fun

all right I'm into Jesus right you know

I'd say my rosary when I needed

something and it was cool i had a faith

and it was sincere but let's just say it

wasn't that deep yet and i asked my

friend who was an artist also if he

would do a painting for me and i think i

may have shared this a couple years ago

for forgive me for those of you that

have been here if you've heard it before

but I said I said buddy would you do a

painting for me of my three heroes

Martin Luther King Mahatma Gandhi and

Jesus the three big guys and for some

reason my friend had a problem with that

house like what you got a problem with

Martin Luther King what kind of person

are you use it no no no Martha Kings

good Muhammad Gandhi good nothing wrong

with them but Jesus is not Martin Luther

King he would be the first to tell you

that he is about Jesus Jesus is in a

different category right and that's what

Jesus shows in John chapter 6 e they had

him along with the other great heroes

the other great prophets of the past the

other great leaders and Jesus is like

you know what this has gone on long

enough it's time to whittle these

numbers down a bit make a point about

who he

really is and so he sits down with his

disciples right in the Bible when you

see someone sitting down it means

they're about to teach it's the opposite

of here here right in in school and in

church the teacher standing and everyone

else is sitting right although maybe we

could try to flip that one week that

would be nice I'll sit and everyone but

that's what they in the old days the

rabbi would sit down to teach and let

everyone else stand right and so Jesus

is sitting he's about to teach it's

about to be the Passover Jesus's

ministry spans three years three paso

verse the first Passover he started

doing the miracles he did the water to

wine and then some other things happen

in this Passover he's going to do these

miracles and in the final Passover he

fulfilled the Passover by giving his

body as the sacrificial lamb and rising

from the dead three pass over this is

the midpoint of Jesus's ministry

something's about to happen it's time

for midterms and Jesus has a test in

mind but first let's pray how father in

Jesus name I thank you for your word and

I thank you for what you want to do here

among us today and I thank you that you

sat down to teach those two thousand

years ago and you're still teaching

today Jesus I pray God that you would

send your spirit and reveal who you are

more to us today god I pray that the

signs you perform back then would still

point us to the truth that you meant

them to have Holy Spirit speak to our

hearts you're the good shepherd and we

are your sheep and we want to hear your

voice today so guide this meditation I

pray in Jesus name John chapter 6 verse

5 ok you with me when Jesus looked up

and saw a great crowd coming toward him

he said to Philip where shall we buy

bread for these people to eat he asked

this only to test him for he already had

in mind what he was going to do Philip

answered him it would take more than

half a year's wages to buy enough bread

for each one to have a bite another of

his disciples Andrew simon Peters

brother spoke up here's a boy with

five small barley loaves and two small

fish but how far will they go among so

many jesus said have the people sit down

there was plenty of grass in that place

and they sat down about 5,000 men were

there Jesus then took the loaves gave

thanks and distributed to those who were

seated as much as they wanted he did the

same with fish when they had all had

enough to eat he said to his disciples

gather the pieces that are left over let

nothing be wasted so they gathered them

and filled twelve baskets with the

pieces of the five barley loaves left

over by those who would eat and after

the people had saw the sign that Jesus

performed they began to say surely this

is the prophet who is to come into the

world Jesus knowing that they intended

to come and make him king by force

withdrew again to a mountain by himself

when evening came his disciples went

down to the lake where they got into a

boat and set off across the lake for

capernaum by now it was dark and Jesus

had not yet joined them a strong wind

was blowing in the waters grew rough and

when they had road about three or four

miles they saw Jesus approaching the

boat walking on the water and they were

frightened but he said to them it is I

don't be afraid then they were willing

to take him into the boat and

immediately the boat reached the shore

where they were heading the next day the

crowd that had stayed on the opposite

shore of the lake realized that only one

boat had been there and that Jesus had

not entered it with the disciples but

that they gone alone then some boats

from Tiberias landed near the place

where the people had eaten the bread

after the Lord had given thanks once the

crowd realized that neither Jesus nor

his disciples were there they got into

the boats in the winter copernum in

search of Jesus now here we have a very

interesting discussion that happens I

can ask you to bear with me okay it's a

little long but it's important so when

they in found him on the other side of

the lake they asked him rabbi when did

you get here and jesus answered very

truly I tell you you are looking for me

not because you saw the signs I perform

but because you ate the loaves and had

your fill

do not work for food that spoils but for

food that endures to eternal life which

the Son of Man will give you 4 on him

God the Father has placed his seal of

approval then they asked him what must

we do to do the works that God requires

jesus answered the work of God is this

to believe in the one he has sent so

they asked him what sign will you give

us that we may see and believe you what

will you do our ancestors ate manna in

the wilderness as it is written he gave

them bread from heaven to eat and Jesus

said to them very truly I tell you it is

not Moses who's given you the bread from

heaven but it is my father who gives you

the true bread from heaven for the bread

of God is the bread that comes down from

heaven and gives life to the world sir

they said always give us this bread then

Jesus declared i am the bread of life

whoever comes to me will never go hungry

whoever believes in Me will never be

thirsty but as I told you you have seen

me and still you do not believe all

those the father gives me will come to

me and whoever comes to me I will never

drive away for I have come down from

heaven not to do my will but to do the

will of him who sent me and this is the

will of him who sent me that I shall

lose none of all those he has given me

but raised them up on the last day for

my father's will is that everyone who

looks to the Son and believes in Him

shall have eternal life and I will raise

him up at the last day and at this the

Jews there began to grumble about him

because he said I'm the bread that came

down from heaven they said is this not

Jesus the Son of Joseph whose father and

mother we know how can he now say I came

down from heaven stop grumbling among

yourselves verse 43 jesus answered no

one can come to me unless the father who

sent me draws them and I will raise them

up on the last day it is written in the

prophets they will all be taught by God

everyone who has heard the father and

learned from him comes for me no one has

seen the father except the one who is

from God only he has seen the father and

very truly I tell you the one who

believes has eternal life I am the bread

of life your ancestors ate the manna in

the wilderness yet they died but here is

the bread that comes down from heaven


anyone may eat and not die I am The

Living bread that came down from heaven

whoever eats this bread will live

forever the bread is my flesh which i

will give for the life of the world then

the Jews began to argue sharply among

themselves how can this man give us his

flesh to eat you with me still you

waking up Jesus saying heat my flesh

it's getting a little interesting jesus

said to them very truly I tell you

unless you eat the flesh of the Son of

Man and drink his blood this is in the

Bible you have no life in you whoever

eats my flesh and drinks my blood has

eternal life and I will raise him up on

the last day for my flesh is real food

and my blood is real drink whoever eats

my flesh and drinks my blood remains in

me and I in him just as the living

father sent me and I live because of the

father so the one who feeds on me will

live because of me this is the bread

that came down from heaven your

ancestors ate manna and died but whoever

feeds on this bread will live forever he

said this while teaching in the

synagogue in Capernaum and I'm hearing

it many of the disciples said this is a

hard teaching who can accept it aware

that his disciples were grumbling about

this jesus said to them does this offend

you then what if you see the Son of Man

ascend to where he was before the Spirit

gives life the flesh counts for nothing

the words I have spoken to you there are

full of the spirit and life yet there

are some of you who did not believe for

Jesus had known for the beginning which

of them did not believe in which would

betray him he went on to say this is why

i told you that no one can come to me

unless the father has enabled them and

from this time many of the disciples

turned back and no longer followed him

you do not want to leave to do you jesus

asked the twelve Simon Peter answered

him Lord to whom shall we go you have

the words of eternal life we have come

to believe and to know that you are the

Holy One of God how about that now that

was a little long thank you for sticking

with me right the dialogue at the end

got a little long but it's important

because that's where they try to make

sense of what Jesus had done but let's

go back to the beginning here John 6

verse 5 Jesus looked up saw a great

crowd coming toward him and said to


where should we buy bread the Bible says

he said this just to test him because he

already knew what he was going to do

does God tests us does God tests us

anyone here enjoy tests you don't have

to raise your hand because then people

pick on you like they did in grammar

school there's a couple of you anyone

here have test anxiety some of you are

about to take your discipleship test

right now after klien well test anxiety

Phillip add some test anxiety why does

Jesus pick on Phillip who's Phillip

anyway he's not one of the big guys you

don't hear much about him he's one of

the twelve but he doesn't do a whole lot

at least we don't hear about it why does

Jesus pick on Phillip at this moment

what do you think part of it could be

simply because Philip was from around

there they're out in a big open field

out in the wilderness there in the

middle of nowhere it's it's it's the

wilderness there is grass but the middle

of nowhere and Jesus asked Philip you're

from around here what should we do and

Phillip gets a little bit of test

anxiety right now God has been doing

this for a long time with his disciples

the word disciple actually means student

learner student or follower if you want

to be jesus's disciple it means you have

enrolled in Jesus university right

you've heard of monster University well

this is Jesus University it's even

scarier in some ways because the tests

are very practical and a little

overwhelming sometimes if you want to be

jesus's disciple you must experience his

testing its part of it he's been doing

it from the beginning adam and eve he

puts him in the garden but there's one

tree of which they shall not eat right

god calls noah and he has to build an

ark even though it hasn't rained yet if

that's not a test what is he asked

Abraham to offer his son Isaac the Bible

explicitly says he was testing Abraham's

heart God tests people Joseph who had

been called to a great destiny to do

great things to save people he has to

than some time in jail and in slavery

before he rises to greatness he's being

tested God tests his people and he's

testing Phillip right here how about job

and when ever had the book of Job job

really got tested major test Satan had

said he'll deny you to your face and God

said no he won't devil says oh yeah and

they get this thing going right they

test Jobe and we see that jobs heart

even though he struggled even though he

was miserable his heart passed the test

and so also God tests his people so

Phillip immediately is asked what are

you gonna do and so he says well Lord

you know what we should do you are the

son of God so why don't we have you

multiply some bread among these 15,000

people write that what Phillip says yeah

Lord you can do anything right no is

that what we do when we're tested when

we are tested amen and I can hear the

Lord's voice speaking right now when

we're tested we usually do exactly what

Phillip did we get out our calculator or

no maybe you get out the app that finds

local grocery stores right then you

figure out how much it would cost and

you start calculating how am I going to

do this that's what we usually do when

we're in a test Phillip I hate to break

this to you fail the test the good news

is he's still in school Jesus so things

still move along ok we can fail a test

or two but thankfully he had a good

friend named Andrew you ever heard about

Andrew before we don't talk about him

much but Phillip and Andrew seem to be

two apostles that hung out together a

lot and so they would be together and

Andrew comes out of nowhere and he says

well here's a little guy in Greek it's a

little boy ten-year-old little guy

here's a little boy he's got his lunch

he's got five fish and he's got a couple

or five loaves and a couple fish but he

says house what second it what's what's

that going to do among so many andrew

still had doubts still had questions he

didn't know what was going to happen but

he passed the test and that's the first

point i want to make here the passing

the 10

God doesn't mean that you know how to

solve the problem it means you know who

can solve the problem and you turn to

him it doesn't mean you know how he will

solve the problem but you believe that

he will and you bring to him what

pathetically little you have and say God

please do something passing the test

means you believe God can do something

and that's what Andrew did Andrew was a

beautiful disciple you know he's not

famous for what he did but he's very

famous for the people he brought to

Jesus Andrew invited his brother Simon

to Jesus before Simon became Peter

Andrew brought the little boy to Jesus

and Jesus multiplied the loaves we all

forget about Andrew but Andrew had a

faith a quiet faith and what he did

really made an impact and there's other

cases in the in the Gospels as well

Jesus is testing them in the wilderness

can you remember another time in the

Bible when people were tested in the

wilderness if you've read your your

Bible you remember from Sunday School do

you remember a big group of people a

nation of people that had just escaped

from slavery in the nation of Egypt and

they were led into the wilderness and

the minute they're out of slavery

they're tested and again I know we

talked about this last week but I want

to come back to it some of us are

experiencing dramatic changes in our

life God is doing amazing things you've

come to church you've met Jesus you're

seeking god that's a good thing but you

will be tested once you're out and then

you think what's going on here I was

happier back there as a slave when I

wasn't tested well you weren't but you

think you are at the time right so

anyway they're tested in the desert in

the Bible says in Deuteronomy 8 remember

how the Lord your God led you all the

way in the wilderness these 40 years to

Humble you and test you in order to know

what was in your heart whether or not

you would keep his Commandments he

humbled you causing you to hunger and

then feeding you with manna which

neither you nor your ancestors had known

to teach you the man does not live on

bread alone but on every word that comes

from the

of God God will engineer testing and his

favorite classroom is the wilderness the

wilderness anyone ever felt like they

have experienced a desert season in your

life when you are feel alone you feel

isolated you don't see solutions around

you you feel kind of lost your wandering

is it ever going to end believe it or

not that is God's classroom where the

testing happens and some good things

happen now what's the first thing Jesus

does if you look in John chapter 6 look

at what he does in verse 10 jesus said

first have the people sit down okay step

one we got 5,000 men you probably got

another 5,000 women and another five or

ten thousand kids he got fifteen twenty

thousand people let's get them sitting

down okay and there's plenty of grass in

that place why would the Bible include

this little detail that there was plenty

of grass there and he has them sit down

some of you heard me preach on this from

the Gospel of Mark before think about it

can you remember any other time in the

Bible when God makes people lie down on

grass on green you see where I'm going

with this now I don't think this the

Apostle John said oh you know people

need to know there was grass so let's

say yeah it was grassy that day no he's

making a point that God is showing him

Jesus is making a point he says you know

what you think I'm just a miracle worker

but I'm something much more than that

I'm the Good Shepherd I know my sheep

and my sheep know me the Lord is my

shepherd he makes me lie down in green

pastures and Jesus saying I can restore

your soul like no one else can I can set

a table before you I can anoint your

head with oil you're a couple overflow

goodness and loving kindness will follow

you all the days of your life just watch

so he takes the bread that was given to

him they got it out of this boy's lunch

box right got a Star Wars lunch box

there gets it out and what did he say to

say abracadabra right

minga bada-boom Zach gobble nope you

know what Jesus doesn't need to spice up

his miracles right in fact sometimes he

seems to mess up his miracles right

remember we talked about the spitting in

the mud on the eyes right why does he do

that I don't know we talked about all

kinds of different reasons but Jesus

sometimes does miracles in a very quiet

way you're going to find that in your

life if you're expecting a lightning

bolt to come down and zap solve your

problem you know what it might not be

like that it might be a very quiet

miracle that might be a process that you

barely even notice remember we talked

about the miracle of the water and the

wine most people didn't even know a

miracle was happening Jesus didn't go up

to the water and go no no he just said

go fill up the jars with water and then

serve it and it was wine sometimes God's

miracles seem so ordinary that if we're

not careful we could miss them but God

is doing something miraculous around us

may God give us eyes to see what he's

doing around us so he takes the bread he

doesn't say abracadabra hocus pocus what

does he say when he takes the bread what

does he say in verse some we're in verse

11 he took the bread and what did he say

he said thank you that's all that's the

magic word the magic phrase I should say

thank you is the phrase that reflects an

attitude that is the channel for the

miraculous among us so much of the time

because thank you recognize is that

there is someone bigger than me that

there is a giver who can give and I am

grateful to him and he has given to me

in the past and he'll give in the future

because he is the bread of life and so

he says thank you you know what you know

what thank you is in the Greek I'm just

going to blow your mind a little bit

here you know in the original Greek

thank you is the word yo gotti stowe

sound familiar if any Catholic

background no that's good Eucharist and

here he's multiplying bread every time

we come to

the table we're saying thank you thank

you for what you've given thank you

sometimes it's hard to say thank you

sometimes we're more apt like Philip to

focus on what we don't have than what we

do to focus on our need rather than

God's power to supply so Jesus says

thank you he multiplied he gives the

loaves out they pass it out it feeds

everybody they pick up the leftovers

remember we talked about this at another

point how many baskets have leftovers do

they pick up anyone notice in the text

12 what a coincidence how many apostles

12 apostles each one has their basket

full God is saying remember who your

Good Shepherd is remember to say thank

you I am your provider this was a test

that you failed but God passed for you

remember this because you're going to

need to remember because there will be

other wildernesses where you don't know

what you're going to do and remember

that i have provided in the past and i

can provide again in the future amen now

the crowds are pretty impressed by this

right because Jesus shows that he is

powerful believe it or not this isn't

the first time in the Bible that someone

multiply bread did you know that there

was a prophet named Elijah whoo-hoo

multiplied a little bit of flowered a

little bit of oil for a long time to

feed a widow in her household and then

his mentee his protege Elijah multiplied

20 loaves among a hundred people not bad

but Jesus multiplied five loaves among

five thousand and then everybody else

Jesus is not just Elijah he's not just

Elijah he's not just a prophet but

that's not what the people thought right

because there's another person who's

involved with a bread miracle in the

Bible i'm doing a lot of bible quizzing

today you're bearing with me remembering

some of your sunday school who is the

guy who's in the desert with the people

and there is a miraculous provision of

bread every morning right remember that

manna in the desert ever

morning the Israelites would pick up

flakes of bread and in the morning the

next morning fresh bread for them to

pick up and so Moses did this and Moses

said I want you to be ready because

another prophet like me is coming and

when he comes you must do everything

that he tells you to do so the people

think this must be that profit this must

be the Moses that we were waiting for

now what else did Moses do he led the

people who were in slavery in a

rebellion fought by God himself to be

delivered from slavery now in that time

people were under bondage of Rome the

Roman Empire was oppressing them so what

are they hoping Jesus will do revolution

yeah Jesus can be our King they try to

make him king by force and Jesus like

not that kind of King I'll be a king but

a different kind of King so he withdraws

and hides and now it's time for the

second miracle to show that Jesus is

bigger than they think he is so they get

in the boat and they go into the water

it's a lake as anyone ever been in a

lake that's surrounded by mountains

before see some hands right I went

laking in Guatemala in Lake atitlán it

was beautiful i was in a anyone you know

bin lake atitlan choppiness i come on go

go to go to model go to like a dealer

with those beautiful lakes in the world

surrounded by a bunch of volcanoes right

i hung out there for a while in 1998

went out in a canoe and it started

getting a little windy out there and

when there's volcanoes all around the

lake the wind can pick up rather quickly

i discovered right and i was in a kayak

and luckily i was a good kayaker right

i'm right get back to shore as quick as

I could I survive a storm can pick up

quickly Jesus puts them in the boat they

go into the water a couple miles into

the lake it's the middle of the night a

terrible storm anyone ever been in a

storm at sea before know how scary it

can be I've talked to some fisherman who

tell me Fernando Cortez talked to him

about a storm at sea will you feel like

you're going up a mountain and coming

down a mountain she says the most

terrifying thing he's ever experienced

for days on it they're in this storm now

this is test part two

the first part of the test was you don't

have what you need and you don't know

where it's going to come from the second

test is a crisis where you feel in

danger and they don't know how they're

going to save their lives there will be

situations in life where we will be

tested like this and there is a natural

emotion that happens it's called fear

test anxiety that doesn't need to be

your enemy fear can be your friend if

you realize okay this fear is part of

the test we're going to get through this

and they really do because then they see

Jesus walking on the water out to meet

them right you remember the story he's

coming out to meet them but then they're

more afraid of this weird ghost-like

figure that's walking across the water

than the storm now they got an extra

thing to be afraid of and Jesus said

don't worry about it it's just me don't

fear it's me and they're willing to take

them in the boat and everything's okay

now there's a little something I want to

point out again here again remember your

Bible we got the combination of

miraculous bread and the combination of

a miraculous deliverance through water

everyone's thinking and it's around pass

over time everyone is thinking exodus

everyone is thinking Moses and the

people of Israel escaping from Egypt

maybe Jesus really is that Moses figure

and she's like not quite when Jesus said

it's me in the original Greek he used

the phrase that said I am I am anyone

remember in the Bible when Moses met God

for the first time there was a bush that

was burning and it wasn't consuming the

blush and Moses comes near and he's

talking to the Lord and the Lord calls

him to set his people free and Moses is

like what's your name Lord who should I

say sent me and God said I am that I am

sent you God says if they ask you who

sent you say that I am has sent you so

when Jesus

walking along says don't worry I am

that's what he's saying now I want to

pause for a minute here and do you have

that painting Isaac Bruce you have that

painting I heard a sermon awfully long

time we don't go at gordon-conwell where

someone was talking about this beautiful

painting that I want us to show which is

Christ at the United Nations building in

New York and there's this impressive

painting where you see Jesus knocking on

the door of that building he's knocking

on this big building and the preacher

who is sharing this with us said that

that his his son looked at this painting

and said daddy that's silly Jesus isn't

that big amen somebody knows how big is

our Jesus the Jesus who walked the earth

two thousand years ago the Jesus who did

these miracles the Jesus who died on the

cross no longer exists that Jesus died

and he is now risen in a glorified body

his eyes are shining with fire out of

his mouth a double-edged sword Jesus is

no longer Jesus of Nazareth he is king

of kings and Lord of lords Jesus is the

one who has exalted to the right hand of

the Father and who is greater than any

of us can possibly imagine he fills

heaven and earth through his spirit now

how big is your Jesus so Jesus on the

water says don't be afraid I am and

throughout the Gospel of John he uses

that phrase I am The Good Shepherd I

know my sheep and my sheep know me I am

the bread of life the one who eats this

bread will never be hungry again I am

the way the truth and the life no one

comes to the Father

but through me I am the resurrection and

the life the one who believes in me

though he dies yet will he live I am

when he was arguing with the with the

Pharisees and he said and they asked him

do you think you're greater than our

father Abraham he said before abraham

was born I am he wasn't it's not that

Jesus has bad grammar he is nothing

before abraham was born I was now he

said before abraham was born I am you

see you guys think I'm Moses and Moses

would be pretty cool right you're great

to have Moses around again but Jesus

says I'm not Moses I'm the one who spoke

to Moses out of that burning bush I am

the one who made war against Egypt and

turned the the Nile into blood and I am

here now to turn your water into wine

see the connection says I am the one who

separated the red seas and brought you

through and I am the one now walking

over the waters to get you to the other

side of the lake jesus said I am the one

who gave the bread in the desert you

back that manna and now I'm not just

giving bread I am the bread of life eat

of me how big is our Jesus Jesus is

bigger than we can imagine see being

Moses wouldn't be controversial they

wanted a political leader Jesus says I

am NOT walking over this water to be

your superstar I'm not walking over this

water to be an entertainer or even to be

an inspiring teacher or a moving leader

or whatever else you want me to be I am

walking over this water to be your God

now here's the question and this is the

question that is being asked on the test

are you willing to invite that Jesus

into your boat now this is important

because that Jesus isn't someone who's

just going to come along for the ride

right when he gets in the boat the boats

going to go where he wants the boat to

go what if I don't want to go there no

Jesus isn't along as a passenger right

Jesus is there to be your Lord in that


when we are tested and when God reveals

himself to us there is that question am

I willing to meet Jesus not just for who

I want him to be but who he really is

and needs to be in my life and that's

why the test is so important because if

I'm willing remember our question last

week the man who had been paralyzed for

38 years what's the question that Jesus

asked him remember he said do you want

to get better are you willing same word

and there's the question that the man

answered saying oh I have no one to help

me into the water and everyone gets in

my way where the answer needs to be lord

I am willing to have you get in my boat

to receive you the Bible says for all

who received him to those who believed

in his name he gave them the right to

become children of God are you willing

to receive Jesus for who he is no more

games no more messing around no more

playing this is getting serious and one

of the other Gospels that said that they

were more afraid after the storm than

before because they realized who was in

the boat with them they were afraid of

the storm but they were terrified of

Jesus because they realized how big he

is and God got their boat to the other

side he took them through to the other

side of the water now when Jesus landed

at the other side we meet the crowds

okay in the crowds that dialogue with

Jesus and this is going to be the last

section we're going to talk about I

debated whether or not to include this

because it makes things a little long

but it's important the crowds come to

Jesus and they actually come to test

Jesus because when Jesus is little you

test him and try to make him fit into

what you want him to be in your life so

what do they want they come to Jesus and

they say hey Jesus Moses multiplied the

manna in the desert what will you do for

us and he was saying you're not looking

for me because you saw signs even you

just want a meal right is there anything

wrong with that there's nothing wrong

with a meal if you're hungry amen but

there's something wrong if that's the


reason I'm coming to Jesus is just so

that he'll gimme gimme gimme gimme Jesus

like I'm not saying a clause right not

Santa Claus Jesus is saying this to them

and there and they start dialoguing they

start quizzing him they start testing

him just like the people of Israel did

in the desert and Jesus says I'm not

just gonna give you bread I am the bread

you need the real bread the bread that

will really satisfy you and really bring

you eternal life is my body given for

the life of the world the father has

sent me from heaven for you now here's

where things got complicated for them

because this is Jesus's home region

basically and some of these people knew

Jesus and they say how can you say you

came from heaven it's just Jesus he

played on our little league team we know

him he's from our town it's just little

Jesus they start grumbling because Jesus

is getting out of the box that they have

him in and she is like you know what

it's time just to rock the boat a little

bit here no pun intended he starts

saying you know unless you eat my flesh

and drink my blood there's no life in

you now if you came here and heard a

preacher saying those kinds of things

you know I hope you would you might

think you're in a cult right it's

sounding kind of weird things are

getting strange but Jesus says my words

are spirit in their life he's speaking

figuratively but he's intentionally

trying to drive them away in a sense to

say are you here for the right reasons

if you're just playing with me then I'm

going to play with you a little bit

don't get me wrong Jesus isn't playing

with people but he is shocking them he

is scandalizing them now I want to pause

for a moment here we don't do anyone any

favors when we take anything offensive

out of the gospel we don't do our church

or the people we're trying to serve any

favors when we edit the Bible of

anything that might be offensive or

scandalous we don't need to adapt the

Bible to what we find appropriate God

speaks and we need to fit into what


says it's the Bible and God's message is

going to offend every human being who

wants to do things our way and we have

to decide it's not about what I want

you're not my little Jesus you are the

great I am and I will adapt to you and

finally he turns 22 Peter a number of

people left right and some of the

apostles were grumbling too and Jesus

turns to Peter and the 12 and he says

how about you guys are you going to and

I can just imagine them looking at each

other like we'd really like to because

you're just freaking us out here but

where else are we going to go where else

are we going to go you alone have the

words of eternal life and Peter says

I've come to believe that you're the

Holy One of God if Andrew passed the

test Peter just got an a because he came

to see who Jesus really is sometimes

when God tests us he's going to blow her

mind he's going to ask us to do things

that shock us that are difficult for us

that offend us that scare us and we say

God I don't want to do this but God is

saying you got to do this and those are

the moments where we're really tested

and we really meet Jesus for who he is

and not just who we want him to be now I

want to end this with the question for

us today what are the tests that you

might be going through in your own life

what are the situations the challenges

it could be a situation of need that

you're facing it could be a crisis it

could be a question it could be just

whatever what is your test that you're

dealing with in your life right now you

know at the end of the day I believe

there is only one question on the test

you take out the piece of paper out of

that folder and written on that test is

one question how big is your Jesus how

big is Jesus for you the answer to any

test of God is not necessarily a

solution the answer is

faith I trust you I don't know what to

do I don't know how you'll solve it I

don't even understand what you're doing

now but I trust that you're in control

and that you are going to make things

work the way you want and I've invited

you into my boat and welcomed you not so

that I can keep staring it where I want

to go but so that you can take me to the

other side where else can I go you alone

have the words of eternal life now we're

about to come to the table here today

and have lord's supper together as we

remember that these symbols the bread

and the wine just like jesus said

they're like the miracles their signs

that point us to this reality when we

participate we let go and we say God I

am willing to follow you wherever you

lead even though it doesn't make sense

to me even though it looks like it's

gonna kill me Jesus I have come to

believe and trust that you are the Holy

One of God and I will lean on you today

amen so let's pray together father in

Jesus name we come before you and we

thank you that you are not the God that

we think you are that you are so much

bigger jesus lord I thank you that you

know what you're going to do when you

test us I thank you Jesus that you are

never caught by surprise you're never

confused you're never wondering you know

what you're going to do in these

situations Lord even though we don't

understand god I pray father for all of

us in the different testings that we're

facing the different midterm exams that

we might have in our own lives Lord

Jesus I pray that we would come to you

like Andrew with that little boy and

just a few loaves and fish and say I

don't know what this is going to do but

I give it to you i pray that instead of

looking down and grumbling and

complaining that we would look up and

say thank you God because I know that

you are good and your love and doors

forever father I pray for a spirit of

faith among

not that we are great but that we serve

a great god who is able to do anything

above and beyond what we ask or think

and as we come to this table today Lord

we yield our hearts to you you are the

bread that's come down from heaven we

think we're hungry for so many things

but we're we're really hungry for is you

your sacrifice that makes it possible

for us to know God whatever are the

reasons we came to church today I pray

that the reason we come to this table

would be to know the Living God and to

experience your salvation in Jesus name