Healing of the Paralytic: What Do you Want?

your Bibles to John chapter 1 when you

started one and we're going to jump

around a little bit John chapter 1 it is

you'll remember we've been talking

together about the miracles that Jesus

does that are recorded in the Gospel of

John now call anyone like miracles mmm

some people skeptical of miracles nigga

we believe in miracles as christian we

believe God does things we believe that

God intervenes in the world and can do

whatever he wants he can exert the force

and energy in the creation and he can

even turn water into and we talk about a

couple weeks ago that's great water into

wine not into anything why no it is not

anti-scientific either because he just

intervenes he's an extra player in the

system and he can change chemicals if

you aren't because he did make them he

knows how to do that so as we talked

about the miracles or the signs as

they're called in the Gospel of John are

called signs because what does the sign

do for you on the street a sign it

points you somewhere it points you in a

certain direction it's showing you where

to know and these miracles are not just

meant to be a show that meant to be

assigned it points us to a different

reality it helps us see Jesus in a new

way and so each of these miracles is not

just an event but a teaching moment

where Jesus does something miraculous to

turn our mess as we

last week into a message for God your

mess becomes a message because that meet

you in if he does something and he shows

you something in the process and that's

what happens in the book of John Aziz

miracles are recorded now in John

chapter 1 verse 35 we read and we're

just going to use this as a launching

pad we're going to jump to signs number

two and three that Jesus did the

recording of the gospel drunk but in

John 1 verse 35 I'd like to focus on a

particular question that Jesus asks some

people who are following him because

this question and the fact that God

sometimes asks us questions it is in the

basis for what we're going to be talking

about the lesson that God was to teach

that it Jesus teaching numericals that

we're going to talk about today so John

1 verse 35 it says the next day so it's

the beginning of Jesus introducing

himself to his disciples calling them

and whatnot in verse 35 says the next

day John John the Baptist was there

again with two of his disciples when he

saw Jesus passing by he said look Elena

5 verse 37 when the two disciples heard

him say this they followed Jesus turning

around Jesus saw them following it asked

what do you want what do you want I'm

gonna stop right there Jesus turned

around he kind of said can I help you

hey what do you see another translation

is what are you looking for this quite a

question isn't it Jesus is the Son of

God right the whole universe is created

through him right as a

how do you know what they're doing there

because you really need to ask why does

Jesus asked questions usually it's not

to find something out it's to show about

something so if you ask them what do you

want what are you looking for and that's

the question I'd like to begin as we

reflect on the next two aracles because

I believe each of them is trying to get

the heart of things to the heart of

things with us what do what I really

want what am I fearful why did I come to

it what am I looking for as granular

father in Jesus name I thank you that

your signs don't just point upward they

also can't you work up if your signs are

going to show us something about

ourselves and our hearts and what we

really are looking for in life I pray

that your Holy Spirit that searches all

things would search our hearts and minds

and spirits and open up for us a new

understanding not just of who you are

but of who we are the good the bad and

the ugly and also who we can be

suspected in Jesus you could skip the

headaches in John chapter 4 John chapter

4 now the miracles recorded in the

Gospel of John are those the only ones

Jesus ever did right obvious a

rhetorical question at the end of the

gospel of john john says

everything jesus did all the bolts on

earth food container because he's

existed from eternity he did a lot of

Americans they're not all reported these

are reported so that you might believe

so the Apostle John with the guidance of

the Holy Spirit reported certain science

seven of them convenient that number

seven sounds in order to teach us

something about faith okay so Jesus had

done a lot of Harold's last week we

talked about changing the water into the

light but that was having a secret

miracle remember Mary approaches and

says they ran out of wine Jesus like

it's not time yet mom you know you know

that and I think what the big deal is

Jesus focused his miracles on the Jewish

festivals because those were being

fulfilled he did his urine as I pass

over a feast of tabernacles he saw the

fees that you know about who the Vatican

say that a bit of America so Jesus timed

it for the festival Marion said we need

a miracle and just like okay each a

half-wit I'll do this here to know but

it's going to be kind of a secret one

hardly anyone do about it just the

Apostles and the servants okay but then

came to time where Jesus did you water

miracles and its lead in John 4 verse 43

there's a reference to it okay John for

was 43 it says after two days we can

talk about this after two days that he

spent in Samaria we'll get back to that

he left for Galilee that's Jesus's home

region right now Jesus himself in

pointed out that a prophet has no honor

in his own country when you ride to

Galilee the Galileans welcomed said they

had seen all that he had done in

Jerusalem in the past

customer festival for they also get in

there so once more he pathetic Cana in

Galilee where he had turned water into

wine and there was a certain royal

official whose son a city attorney with

this man heard that Jesus had arrived in

Galilee from Judea he went to him and

begged him to come and heal his son and

was close to death verse 48 unless you

people see signs and wonders Jesus told

him you will never believe the royal

officials had served come down before my

child of God go jesus replied your son

delivered the man took Jesus at his word

and departed and while it was still on

the way the servants method with the

news that his boy was livid when he

enquired us to the time when his son got

better they said to him yesterday why

did he have to move the fever left her

then the father realized that this was

the exact time in which Jesus had said

to him your son to live so he in his

whole household believe this was the

second sign Jesus performed after coming

to Judea yeah

number two now a look at this particular

miracle it doesn't really start out

happy necessarily right Jesus it pointed

out that a prophet has no honor in his

hometown they know him too well right he

grew up here's Jesus what's going down I

mean there's that element of it but they

had seen apparently miracles that he

could go on the Passover back earlier

that year and we know that he must have

done a bunch a bunch of miracles signs

at that time because we read in John

chapter 3 that egg ademas approached

Jesus its Lord God must be with you

teacher because no one could you decide

you're performing was not believe you so

Jesus between a bunch of miracles and

people were getting impressed it was

getting interesting people are starting

to travel to see some miracles the best

show in town Jesus is doing tricks and

if I'm kind of bad you put it that way I

do that intentionally because that's the

way so people were a pair of doing he's

done a bunch of tricks he's done a bunch

of miracles it's been a great shovel

it's really interesting and see more

spectacle going on you know I just

wouldn't work trust me about that

because sometimes we could be that way

right we church religiosity can come in

and turn church into a show it was ever

been to show we come to worship the

Living God become the different hearts

to God we come to serve and we

come to experience his presence together

we could come to see a show but although

because tempting sometimes it's got

those romantic things in life at the

same person I used to know what I did

and we get excited about what about it

but our heart sometimes can be

superficial so Jesus says that if you

don't see signs and wonders as people is

never going to believe it was a

shallowness to their faith right and

instead that Jesus was visibly

frustrated because you just spent today

and it's hard target in church on Sunday

sometimes I cry it's alright cool so

there was okay because at two days in

Samaria two days in Samaria and Samaria

was a bicep was was considered low a bad

place they were racially mixed Jews and

their spirituality was also super ties

and mixed it was a place that people

look down on if you were a conservative

working on Jewish person and she doesn't

just spent two days there he struck up a

conversation with a woman at a well who

was famous for her immoral lifestyle and

Jesus had talked to her about not just

getting real water of living water is it

you're looking for love in all the wrong

places he even tells her supernaturally

why don't you go call your husband and

she's like I don't have what I living

with this guy I've been it's like that's

true you've been with several guys it's

having children it says when you're

looking for love in all the wrong places

let me eat you living water algeria

satisfied the real love you're looking

for this woman nope is it tells everyone

comes to the guy who told me all this

stuff that I never done in my life and

crowds came to see Jesus and it listen

to his words and then they say it's not

even about what the sort of told us

anymore now we see with our own eyes

amigo de Jesus is the savior not just of

the Jews which is the savior of the

world and Jesus had a two day love fest

with these Samaritan people who had good

hearts who had teachable heart to send

Jesus we want a living water that you've

got to give they were looking for Jesus

for the right reasons and now he comes

to this place where people just wanted

Jesus would you please do tricks for us

and he gets frustrated right he says I

hundred but of course this day on this

official there's nothing to talk to him

he doesn't necessarily want a trip he

wants a healing right his little boy is

sick and at the point of death all he

wants is a miracle he's a kind of care

if you're Mickey Mouse I just want my

selling a better right he's not

interested in Jesus he's interested in

his problem right can't you believe him

first I mean who wouldn't feel that way

not as a child he went back to his

desperate he comes to Jesus with

desperation and jesus meets him where

he's at I think many times I can come

back to that original question what are

you looking for why are you here what do

you want very often become to that out

of desperation I'm here because I've got

nowhere else to turn sometimes we come

because we're desperate we have a

problem and that drives us to seek God

and that's okay for starters but God

doesn't want us to stay in an

inspiration so what does Jesus it says

going your self alivet it meet somewhere

is that the man on his way home he eats

the surface he was a wealthy man and

servants calmly tell them your son is

better really what time just want to

talk me up from a master solution set up

and then something amazing happens this

man believes in Jesus and not just him

but his whole family he moves from

desperation to discovery of who Jesus is

and his little boy is not just healthy

but his little boy is saved his family

is safe is he god doesn't want to just

heal or body he wants to heal her soul

he wants to heal your heart he doesn't

want to set your body free he wants to

set your mind free obviously like


with your model for the music makers he

wants more than just helping you with

your problem i do believe not para sanar

problems I really do I think we can talk

to God about our problems and he'll meet

us there right but he wants to take us

way beyond that that problem is just an

opportunity for him to meet us it's

opportunity for him to show you that he

loves you he cares about you that he

knows about name he wants you not just

to be physically healthy he wants you to

be spiritually cold you want you to have

a good life and now that we serve a god

like that his arms are bent to point us

to him and God wants to do that now the

next time we're going to cover two today

we're going to cover two sides it begins

in John chapter 5 i am number 3 miracle

number three of the Gospel of John now

this one gets a little bit intense folks

because we're going to meet somebody

where Jesus is very concerned about this

person body and also his heart mind and

attitude and that becomes very important

and here's where we're getting in to the

answer to that question what do I want

what am I looking for wickedness even if

we hear another question that Jesus

Jesus asks John 5 verse 1 some time

later Jesus went up to Jerusalem for one

of the Jewish festivals ok Jewish

festival either often doesn't aracles

read festival now there is a Jerusalem

near the Sheep gate a pool which in

Aramaic is called Bethesda which is

surrounded by 5 cover

colonnades here a great number of

disabled people used to buy the blind

lame paralyzed one was there have been

an invalid for 38 years when Jesus saw

him lying there and learn the admit I

keep it in this condition for a long

time he asked him do you want to get

well sir the into late reply I had no

one to help me into the pool with water

is stirred while I am trying to get in

someone else goes down ahead of me then

jesus said to him get up pick up your

mat and walk at once the man was cured

he picked up his mat wat the day on

which this took place was a Sabbath and

so the Jewish leaders said to the man

who had been healed it is the Sabbath

the law forbids you to carry you Maddox

but he replied verse 11 the man who made

me well said to me pick up your mat walk

so the acid who is his fellow who told

you to pick up and walk the man who was

healed has no idea what it was for Jesus

had slipped away into the crowd that was

there later Jesus fountain in the temple

and said to him see you are well again

stop sinning or something worse they

happen to you the man went away and told

the Jewish that is that it was Jesus who

made him well about that he turned him

in turn them in to it to the bad guys

wanted to hurt how about this man and

how about that question we're going to

come back to this question Jesus listen

in the audience says do you really want

to get them how about Heather you go

into the doctor's office you got all

these symptoms

do you want to get better i couldna find

a new hospital right but that's an

important question and it's particularly

important for this man he's in this

pathetic situation it was a place in

Jerusalem around the temple where there

was a pool and the Jewish the people at

the time believed had healing miraculous

powers they believed that an angel

coming areata clien stir the waters and

if you get into the waters first you're

healed ok and the Bible doesn't tell us

if it was really an angel little two

waters if someone really not me it just

tells us that people believe that ok

until they're laying around waiting to

go into these magic waters and you're

feeling Jesus sees everybody just laying

around laying sick depressed Israel it's

called a pool of mercy bethesda means

that but it's really the pool of misery

but the pulpit becomes a pool of mercy

through Jesus right you to notice what

he does this miracle it doesn't use any

water this time because he's making it

very clear I don't need water to you I

have a voice it's great welcome back sir

then we need our guests imagine when the

water stir maybe it was beautiful and

elder probably the fountain became up of

us friend people's real living it down


way these are people people with one

person gets in the water beats everybody

else it's a miserable seen this man had

apparently spent how long doing this 38

years that's long time why would it be

specific about 38 years yeah maybe it

because it just happened to be 38 years

in silence right there's a lotta sort of

effects of the Bible but if you're a

Jewish leader of this you would think

does the number 38 pop up anywhere else

in the bible does the number 38 have

meaning in this story can you think of

anywhere we might get the number 38 for

the Bible I didn't deter took me a

little more but just run a search 38 in

the Bible and you will find that in the

book of Deuteronomy after two years of

this taping from slavery in Egypt

remember the people injured were slaves

they skate from slavery they spent two

years in the desert Moses goes up Mount

Sinai he gets the law building

Tabernacle two years passed and now it's

time to go into the Promised Land

different place called connect they send

out some spies will go and check out the

promised land and intent of this well go

back and say no way if we try to come to

that land they're gonna kill their big

they have big cities they got walls that

they were devices we talking about are


powerful he has called us out of slavery

not so we would just die in the desert

he's got a future for us at the other

tenants entao we're going to kill Moses

we're going to appoint a new leader and

we're going back to Egypt because we

were better off as slaves can you

believe that and they even talked about

why they wanted to go back to slavery

back there we've got onions they wasn't

really good onions back there garlic we

got to be big lots of stuff we were in

Egypt we were happy and then Moses track

us out of slavery of made us come in

this miserable desert where we eat this

boring bread every morning called manna

let's go back to be slaves again you'll

often find but God has set us free we

start reminiscing about the old days if

you have a happy Rebecca think we're

good when I was in the world doing

whatever i'm happy and even slavery in

the comments i can sometimes seem like

how we think because we've got plastic

doesn't rhythm is a new challenges we're

going to talk about that so they are

saying no because even though their

bodies were free from slavery they're

right words they were still slaves in

their minds they still weren't used to

handling freedom for 38 years after that

day they laundered miserably

desert for 38 years doc said you wanna

die in the desert ok I Vanessa God could

set their bodies treated but they had to

choose to set their mind they had to

choose that and God let them make their

choice for 38 years they wandered in the

desert you see the comparison this man

had spent 38 years sitting by this

weather people routine we're talking

about routine today well he had a

routine I got up I just go there I live

around I feel miserable then the water

surface trunk with people I don't get it

first I get angry I started to be but I

go back to make her be miserable again

and he did that every day monthly 20 12

months a year for 38 years it may be not

used to it again coming back to the

question what you want what are you

looking for it Jesus if you really want

to get free do you even want to get

better now why would anybody want to

stay miserable why do you want to be

miserable these it's it's what I'm used

to it's the devil I know but to leave

these bullies even sleep this misery

means I gotta face a new high title oh

that's gonna be like it's scary to leave

your prison cell I have friends good

friends who spent many many years behind

bars it is very hard sometimes

to get out because it's like oh my gosh

I really moves so fast everyone's are

running around really fast there's a lot

to do there's a stressful by going to be

kept in check laughs I've got a

stressful you know I just want this

quiet and it's hard to adjust to freedom

it's scary to leave your prison is

typically your misery and when your

misery oh I actually did a little Google

search and I found a psychologist or

Argentina my god Ansel and you go and

you see this enough patronizing she

wrote when you're miserable people feel

sorry for you pretty good huh not only

that I often feel obscurely guilty as if

you were misery when it's someone i'll

read their faults this is good she's

obviously be all right there's power

than making other people feel guilty but

people love you and those who depend on

you will walk on eggshells to make sure

that they don't think of anything that

will increase your misery you're in

charge your miseries controlling

everyone around you like decide

apparently had chosen it's busy okay

it's safe it's familiar the Israelites

from her the misery of slavery the

paralytic how to paralyze mind as well

as a paralyzed body so Jesus asked the

question do you want to get better if

you wanna get well what you think would

be a normal answer to that i'll be here

at the hospital and you're sick if

someone asks if you want to

yes yes of course I wanna get better I

want to go home get me out of here you

know possibly some fun place right

anyone is there a day or two or more

it's not fun pretty saws of these is

because they help us get better but no

one chooses to go there on vacation

right what did this guy say he said

certainly / 7 John 5 or 7 sure evilly

required species bloody that's cool says

I have no one to help me into the pool

when the water is certain while I am

trying to get in someone else goes down

ahead of me or use a lot of excuses here

doesn't yeah a great way to stay

miserable is to blame everybody else for

your misery right leave especially blame

your parents they got kids blame them if

you've got it kind of spouse that's an

easy target there because of all your

noses don't look at salsas here blame

your church blame society is everybody

else's fault I have no one to help me

and I don't want to exaggerate this we

need to help one another people need

help i need people to help

right I need not rich people that we

work together so it's good to be

interdependent and collaborative that's

good thank God teaches them but there's

a difference between that and using that

as an excuse to say well I just can't do

this because no one's helping me it's

someone else's fault and not only that

every time I try somebody gets in my way

a great way to say miserables is to say

everybody's against me and they're

blocking me every time I want to do

something they mess it up with you than

those bad people whoever they happen to

be today they're in my way they're

blocking me then getting in the window

no Jimmy I go yeah he's talking about

real people he's wrestling with every

time the water sir okay he's got some

real enemies there it's pretty messy but

we blame we find excuses in proverbs

says the sluggard says there is a why an

outside in the street I'll get eaten if

I go outside so I may as well stay in


when we don't want to change we are very

good at inventing a thousand excuses why

we shouldn't change because no one's

here to help me because I've been worth

against you because it just won't work

because this is not you're looking a

weekend although they literally go wrong

so we never try we have that attitude

and Jesus had to ask you do you really

want to get better and so Jesus finally

and oh you know and one thing else I

wanted to say is almost like this man

was so identified with his condition and

they can become his identity he became

his problem he ceased to be a human

being he became a paralytic it's pretty

important for us to realize that it's

dangerous to own our problem and let it

identifies us even big ones you are more

than your problems you are more of your

situation you are a human being created

in the image of God who might be facing

certain struggles and challenges and

illnesses but you are not that

compliment you are not that condition

and don't let the world put that name on

you we got to do that progressively

folks and

be careful the way we talk about people

anyway if you know someone who's

struggling with a particular illness

don't just call them a patient yes

they're patient in a hospital there's

nothing wrong with that but they're a

human being a person who has this

illness is struggling with it or a

situation there are no problems here

there are people here who are dealing

with problems and if we view people that

way as men and women created in the

image of God with dignity with the

future with a purpose who are struggling

with certain problems but they are human

stuff my god it will communicate the

dignity that comes right from heaven and

then people start saying I can breathe

in here because I'm not just feeling my

body free I'm turning to feel my mind

free and there's a killing if we are all

in process guys we are all paralytics we

are all in this situation and we are not

paralytic anymore we are going to be a

follower of Jesus Christ who's going to

get free do you want to be a slave where

you want to be a chosen people a royal

priesthood a holy nation about special

possession that you may declare the

praises of the one called you out of

darkness into his marvelous light who

are you people of Israel slave the

longer i am a royal priesthood I'm a

prince princess called to declare the

glory of God and self-esteem is unjust

base are getting in touch with my own

breakers it's getting in touch with

identity before not repeat calls seem to

be so Jesus talented this Mandy says you

know what just get up I think there's an

edge of this once i'm sorry the whole

story has a quality to this business

ain't get up pick up your own mat

implication don't have anyone else to

care if you that you get up you pick up

your back and you are away from here

away man i did your 38 years I come to

see place these are my friends I hate

them up my friends but I know that like

a hit walk away from here Matt and yell

and go in the main classes because Jesus

is for this is that powerful what he

says yeah

you can just see it and came to be him

and hits a powerful voice but that voice

could heal his body and challenge to me

to begin to take responsibility for his

own life begin to see you like to walk

upright with a new kind of dignity and

find a new normal a new identity a new

modus operandi the way of operating but

really it's not going to last without

being tested by the enemy when you get

set free and human spirits of blessing

there will be challenges to that and

quickly yeah the people of Israel where

they came out of slavery immediately

found themselves we're in a desert

without water or food fixing it and fix

it while in st. hidden if you called it

the promised land how does it bug and

just give it to them they get to conquer

air when God heals us and gives us

blessings and calls us to a new life

there will be new challenges it's hard

because we think oh once this problem is

this I'm never going to be sad again I'm

going to be happy forever I remember

you look at about the Red Sox you know I

see you anyone who is playing under a

certain age doesn't know what we went

through 86 years of the res has lucy

tragically and the gear breaking my

heart nineteen seventy eight of ten

years old Bucky Dent Tolbert I won't say

the whole phrases I have a Christian but

I went to pride in one's hand Bill

Buckner I was there because that lead me

to it was therefore that the cadets oxen

once they win i'll be happy forever oh

my tacos will go I was happy for a long

time it was good about forever because

what is that buzzing out that there are

new challenges new battles and what as

soon as I got calls you the temperature

and see the Lord if you start feeling

good again there's going to be enemies

and then you can be tempted to go back

to slavery will wanna dive into this to

me I'm finally doing

and I have other problems how does the

promise no problems he says take our

paper cover girl I'm with you in that

you're going to win every combo and here

to develop spiritual muscles but their

new muscles when the people of Israel

came out of Egypt at first God led the

long way so they wouldn't have to fight

battles right away because they weren't

ready for it but there are other times

in history Israel would have got

actually engineered situations in prices

where they had to to fight battles in

order to learn how to fight how to be

strong god will actually allow some

problems in our lives so that we can cut

our teeth on them and learn the dogs

good and honest cable and learn it all

so that I can do this I really can do

this how can you call me out of this and

I thought but here I am I'm doing it I'm

riding the bike if you followed you

scrape your knee but like I'm doing this

I can get back on the bike after I call

it's great lady the man who was

paralyzed he did to learn those lessons

but he gets challenged the Pharisees

come and say what are you gonna care of

your dad was up for those of you that my

tummy furniture chakra

the Jews at that time and her strict

rules about what you can and can't do on

Sabbath bed you were supposed to rest

you're not allowed to work this man is

carrying his mat he had been paralyzed

for 38 years and all they can say is why

are you carrying her event there's

something wrong right but why did they

say wow there's a lost God in their

relation to their rules right you can do

that today we're not careful so they say

why are you carrying her mouth now the

man answers a question right he says the

man who told me to get up and healed me

told me to carry my back wall she fights

to answer the question and you know

under normal circumstances I was just

answering question but we know later we

see this man's true heart and attitude

come out if he was actually continuing

to blame he says 1 i'm just scared by

that because he told me to do it go get

him not me I think he's still passing

the buck in a certain way and we notice

how Jesus finds him and tells him

something profound look with me in John

chapter 5 in verse verse 13 oh no verse

14 later Jesus Fallon two minutes ever

attention sea monkey well again stop

sinning or something worse to happen to

you that's how we know that he still got

the bad attitude in some way and she's

like look you've got to change your

attitude you kind of sucks in

happen to you it has important point I

want to make here because sometimes

people view sickness our misfortune as

punishment from God and we talked about

this a lot here but it's worth repeating

then I believe that is the case

ninety-nine percent of the time I think

usually it's the way it was reviewed in

John chapter 9 where there was an who

was blind from birth and the disciple

simply assume this man must deserve it

who said this man or maybe his parents

that he was born blind in other words

somebody must have said and he says

nobody said about this man or his

parents this has happened so the

authority of God might be revealed in

the works of God might be met in other

words this situation this problem is not

a punishment but an opportunity for

God's lording to be showcased his name

is not trapped in a box he is a showcase

of God's power okay and we read that in

Old Testament Joel who suffered terrible

ratings and his friends came to him and

said what he must have done something

wrong and jokes is now I didn't at the

end of the story Roger that says no he

didn't he's in other pics are on but

that's not the reason for this so I

don't believe that when we suffer were

being punished but and here's an

important caveat here jesus said stop

sinning or something worse will happen

to you when we said when we have that

attitude there are consequences there

are a whole variety of consequence in

extreme case

even in the New Testament yes there is

much to the sickness and even then the

Corinthian soon who abused the Lord's

Supper by any drunk during the work

separate abusing poor people while they

were having over supper the Apostle Paul

says that's why somebody about the

sacred fall asleep so in extreme cases

of blasphemy of using the things about

extreme cases there might be punishment

like that but in most cases sin does

have consequences doesn't it when we

live with a bad attitude we will suffer

for it and even sometimes illnesses

right anyone know this dress if you had

a anyone with that I think we all do it

some photo me to this all kinds of

attitudes that can have physical

manifestation and on the other side of

the property say that cheerful heart is

good medicine I know I hope personnel

hurt but who has severe allergies Gary

severe allergies he's allergic to

everything but when he goes to care he's

good for two weeks no capo allergies

they magically go away he said you can't

walk around sometimes our body when our

attitude is positive there's even

physiological components to it of

endorphins each release our healing

powers or immune system going up all

kinds of the things happen it doesn't

mean that there were sick because of a

bad habits but it does mean that a bad

attitude can lead to problems if I

choose to be miserable I will be visible

go if I choose to be miserable I will be

miserable not just in the desert but

also it promised Maya pmish the death

managed to make Adam and Eve miserable

in the Garden of Eden they were

dissatisfied without how things about

America there wasn't something more than

the Dartmouth in paradise it's the

attitude of a mind in the heart and

she's a said you kind of dealing with

that attitude or something worse is that

happen because you're miserables

attitude will find more misery and one

of the sand dune illness he goes and

turns Jesus in this is the guy who occur

if he did it now do you see the

contracts couple weeks ago they were

talking about about the blind man who

was healed he's been blind from birth

and when he's standing before the

authorities and they said who is it open

your eyes on the Sabbath and me month

with his spilled he worked on this out

of he must be a sinner you know what the

blind man says how they never heard of

the day school in his life he just looks

at them and says a sinner and he opened

my eyes what are you talking about and

then they said no we held each one

reason why I'm asking any questions and

maybe house completely sincerely do you

want to become his disciple to

I love it wanna follow Jesus I think he

really meant it and anyone they say one

you were steeped in sin at birth you

were right when you were watching you

must be simple it's you get in your box

at stay there because you know what when

you get out of your box everyone around

you is going to want to put you back in

the box because you getting under the

box week maybe they should get out of

their box to the right okay so they're

going to try to drag you back to that

full of misery and I know I found a cool

with mercy and I'm going to go that way

but sometimes people visit cognitive

dissonance it happened so you know

they're telling of the blind man after

he was picked out of the synagogue this

is the sign number cream that we talked

about a couple weeks ago Jesus those

invites him to and he says that this man

was born blind he says do you believe in

the suddenly the son of man you believe

in them aside the man says just tell me

who he is when I can believe him to tell

me who is he I believe popular and then

I just imagine you know if I'm making

the movie I had in his eyes hidden

bigger and lightening up as you realize

that this thing is not just a profit the

kids in this is with the blind man in

the investor in John chapter 9 Bible

says he worshipped and the word of Greek

is for prostrate it's down on his knees

and he clings kidneys holding asleep he

worshipped Jesus is not just a prophet

Jesus is not just a teacher Jesus is


Batman eyes were open to see is one man

worshipped the other turned him in to

his accusers because Jesus could heal

his body but the man had to choose his

own attitude God is a gentleman Ghana

will not force us to change our attitude

he invites us he presents the signs that

point us in the right way he gives us

the grace to follow but at the end of

the day he made us with a free will and

he makes us a sign to answer the

question he asked do you want to get

well and he won't answer the question

torrance we need to answer yes now

sometimes you might say yes I think so

there was one point where Jesus looked

at a man who suffered this even Isaac

said do you believe that I can do this

I'm gonna start and Jesus a over the man

said I believe help my unbelief as I do

believe as much as I can I want to

believe but I know I said now what I

wanna do you want to maybe you don't

even want to get better yet do you want

to want to get better at least if you're

willing to be made willing God will take

back all we have to give God is an inch

of good attitude and he'll take you from

there and so I'm going to end with that

question what are you and I lying around

waiting to happen what are we waiting

for what are our excuses who are we

blaming now there are some things

outside of our control don't get me

wrong I'm not going to say that we can

make everything perfect with we're more

humid there are circumstances but there

is something in our control our attitude

will I say yes to Jesus that's something

no matter where I am I got Riggs do with

him a way do I want to be he'll do you

want to be here and if we do and he will

look at us maybe with eyes and have a

bit of an edge of in love so you can do

this now get up take your mat walk like

a good coach you said yes sir get out

there you do it and it as you walk

doesn't just heal your body they started

to heal your mind if you start to

develop a new normal to where those 38

years of seeing yourself as apparently

they change and you begin to see

yourself as a healthy person and that's

not going to happen overnight we need to

be transformed by the renewing of our

minds and get in touch with our new true

identity it's going to feel fake at

first he's gonna think I'm just thinking

it I'm really just a pair

live I belong there miserable but he's

willing to just act like he's healthy

even though here he doesn't feel like it

in the recovery language but fake it's a

naked kind of been you're just going to

have healthy until you are but it goes

well beyond that because you're not

faking anything you really are healed

you really are a new creation in Christ

if anyone is in Jesus he is a new

creation the old has gone the new has

come I more than a conqueror through him

who loved me if God is for us who can be

against us this is the reality of my

life it's not funny even though i feel

like the old reality is more true but i

will tell myself Bob's truth and if

according to that that I will walk in

newness of life and won't happen

overnight it will happen you just take

that first step and then you take that

second step into the Pharisees how to

make your life miserable and you say you

will be as disciple too he'll take your

seat that Senator doesn't matter i'm

still going show me who the son of god

is that i can worship Him and you're

going to experience something new and

after a little while some about miracles

are gradual sometimes a good time but

then you look back and said I didn't

really a good person the opening begins

to become a distant memory where you

vaguely remember that old like that

sometimes I wow that seems like so long

ago I never forget because I remember

from where God has brought me but at the

same time it's almost like it was

dream I think that's the way will feel a

heaven will look back and see I can't

even believe it but I remember God's

race team when I got on that day took up

my man amen now I'm about you I think we

need to physically stand in response to

a message right I don't think any accent

that got moved in the worship leaders to

leave us in a very aggressive way today

because sometimes Jesus says that

sometimes he wants to shoot this a bit

what's a wake us up so if you're

comfortable yet to do some father and

jesus maybe come before you and I thank

you that Jesus has the voice the voice

they cannot just heal a person who's

paralyzed appraisal from the dead your

voice and goes through eternity it's the

voice of the shepherd and it's a voice

is powerful and strong and I thank you

that your voice is calling each person

hereby name you know us you know where

we come from it you know where we're

going and more so awesome we are lying

around choosing our misery choosing our

anxiety choosing our depression choosing

our eight choosing our presentment when

you offer us illness of life and you ask

us do we want to be healed and Jesus we


say yes or yes we think so of our

unbelief we're a little scared of what

he looks like because we've never known

that its new and we're little scared

about it we don't quite know but we know

we have to say yes to those up because

you love us and you see who you save us

to be God I pray in Jesus name but here

in this moment and throughout this week

before you when you asked us what we

want what we're looking for the do we

want you to resolve things in our lives

to changes and we would have the grace

yes show me a mess of abandons so that I

can worship Him my eyes are just

starting to be on show me one help me

walk out I wouldn't just heal our bodies

but the comedian our minds

my heart's the truth can be scary

sometimes we would rather live in a

dream of Lord we know that the truth

will set us free that you are the way

the truth and

and so now show us which was this review

and the truth

we trust ourselves and I have to give an

opportunity before we transition to the

side so if anybody wants this moment to

say yes to Jesus maybe for the first

time maybe was just started coming to

church maybe becoming a long time but

you want to accept Jesus in your heart

you want to see

I invite you to do that right now right

where you are silently by raising your

hand to the water and say yes Lord I

fight you into my heart as my Lord and

my Savior God bless you ask you in the

back is there anyone else wants to make

a decision the first time you want to

become a Christian you want to receive

Jesus as your Savior is there anyone

else and I know it might be too pleased

with simply say yes or I received you

Jesus yes Lord I know on the sinner but

yes Lord I believe you died for me yes

Lord you are my Savior and I am your son

your daughter