Healing of the Blind Man: A Box becomes a Showcase

and that invite you to open up your

Bibles to the book of John chapter 9 the

gospel of not John chapter 9 just a

story i love felt led to preach on it

today one of the miracles of Jesus that

I believe speaks to us on many different

levels and its really impacted me this

week and I pray it be a blessing for you

too so John chapter 9 beginning in verse

1 John 9 verse 1 so New Testament how

about that not Leviticus it feels so

strange not to be talking from Leviticus

after six months Joe that's amazing any

of us are left here John chapter night

you guys can find that right kiddos

Gospel of John chapter 9 you can do that

yep John chapter 9 verse 1 says as Jesus

was walking along as he went along he

saw a man blind from birth his disciples

asked him rabbi who sinned this man or

his parents that he was born blind

neither this man nor his parents sinned

jesus said but this happened so that the

works of God might be displayed in him

as long as it is day we must do the

works of him who sent me night is coming

when no one can work while I am in the

world I am the light of the world after

saying this he spit on the ground made

some mud with saliva and put it on the

man's eyes go he told him wash in the

pool of Siloam this word means sent so

the man went and washed and came back

seen his neighbors and those would

formerly seen him begging asked isn't

this the same man who used to sit and

beg some claim that he was other said no

he only looks like him but he himself

insisted I am the man how then were your

eyes open they asked he replied the

man they called Jesus made some mud and

put it on my eyes and he told me to go

to Siloam and wash so I went and washed

and then I could see verse 12 where is

the this man they asked him I don't know

he said verse 13 they brought to the

Pharisees the man who had been blind and

now the day on which Jesus had made the

mud and opened the man's eyes was a

Sabbath therefore the Pharisees also

asked him how he had received his sight

he put mud on my eyes the man replied

and washed and I washed and now I see

some of the Pharisee said this man is

not from God for he does not keep the

Sabbath but others asked how can a

sinner perform such signs so they were

divided then they turned again to the

blind man what have you to say about him

it was your eyes he opened the man

replied he is a prophet verse 18 they

still did not believe that he had been

blinded had received his sight until

they sent for the man's parents is this

your son they asked is this the one you

say was born blind how is it that now he

can see we know he is our son the

parents answered and we know he was born

blind but how he can see now or who

opened his eyes we do not know ask him

years of age he will speak for himself

verse 22 his parents said this because

they were afraid of the Jewish leaders

who had already decided that anyone who

acknowledged that Jesus was the Messiah

would be put out of the synagogue that

is why his parents said he is of age ask

him a second time they summoned the man

who had been blind give glory to God by

telling the truth they said we know this

man is a sinner he replied whether he is

a sinner or not I don't know one thing I

do know I was blind but now I see then

they asked him what did he do to you how

did he open your eyes he answered I've

told you already and you did not listen

why do you want to hear it again do you

want to become his disciple too then

they hurled insults at him

you are this fellow's disciple we are

disciples of Moses we know that God

spoke to Moses but as for this fellow we

don't even know where he comes from the

man answered now that is remarkable you

don't know where he comes from yet he

opened my eyes we know that God does not

listen to sinner's he listens to the

godly person it does as well nobody has

ever heard of opening the eyes of a man

born blind if this man were not from God

he could do nothing verse 34 to this

they replied you were steeped in sin at

birth how dare you lecture us and they

threw him out Jesus heard that they had

thrown him out when he found him he said

do you believe in the son of man verse

36 who is he sir the man asked tell me

so that I may believe in him jesus said

you have now seen him in fact he is the

one speaking with you the man said lord

I believe and he worshiped him jesus

said for judgment I've come into this

world so that the blind will see and

those who see will become blind now some

Pharisees who were with him heard and

say this and asked what are we blind to

and jesus said if you were blind you

would not be guilty of sin but now that

you claim you can see your guilt remains

how about that story awesome i mean this

was made for a movie but let's let's

just pray dear God I thank you so much

that you were the light of the world and

that you still are and I thank you that

that light is still shining in the

darkness and the darkness has not

overcome it and I thank you God that we

are beneficiaries of that light shine on

us today Lord speak to us we pray our

hearts are open to hear the voice of the

Shepherd in Jesus name Amen how about

this I just I just love this story I

pray that it be is much blessing to you

as it has been to me this week just as I

look at it but just the way begins where

Jesus is walking along and there was a

man who was blind for

birth begging right so the disciples

asked the question an interesting

question rabbi who sinned this man or

his parents that he was born blind how

about that this poor guy was born blind

somebody must have sinned it must be

punishment of some sort isn't that what

we do when there's a misfortune when

there's a problem when something someone

suffers with oh well someone must have

done something bad we want to make sense

of it right so they say someone must

have said and I love the way they frame

the question who sinned this man or his

parents sort of like when someone asks

you so do you steal or do you lie right

you're like well how do I answer that

question and say you know sometimes we

assume that anything that bad that

happens in our lives is punishment from

God do you ever assume that you

everything what did I do to deserve this

alright and sometimes we might think

that about others and and we think that

because sometimes it's true sometimes we

suffer negative consequences because of

our actions and we're never been there

done that right and sometimes we do

suffer the negative consequences of our

parents actions it's just a fact that

the sins of the fathers and the

generations affect their children and

grandchildren and it can go on down we

were talking about that in discipleship

class just this week but it's not always

that way it's not always that something

that goes wrong means God is punishing

you not always it's important to realize

that because otherwise not only are we

miserable but we feel guilty on top of

it right we actually make it worse than

it needs to be Jesus I love the way he

answered in the book of Job it answers

that question I talked about this a lot

job was a good man he loved God he did

the right things and everything went

wrong and it wasn't punishment doesn't

mean that he never sinned but it just

means that he was not being punished for

something that's not what was going on

there so jesus said this is not a

punishment need

this man nor his parents sinned he said

and look at what it says in verse in

verse 3 but this happened so that the

works of God must be or might be

displayed in him so this problem this

misfortune is actually an opportunity

for God to do something beautiful it's

an opportunity for God to shine on and

through this man do we see problems that

way it's an amazing story you can think

about it because the way I look at it

the people wanted to put this man in a

box they want to say you were blind from

birth that's who you are you're stuck

that way they want to put them in a box

and our God is in the business of making

windows in those boxes and turnin boxes

into showcases of his glory man you ever

felt amen you can clap that's good yes I

took a long time to pick up have you

ever felt stuck in the box you ever felt

like you just can't get out I'm trapped

this way I was born this way I just

can't change God says you're not stuck

sometimes other people want to put you

in that box and say you're like this

right you're like this you can't change

because you're just that way some people

say good equity it's just my I'm meaning

grumpy because I was just born that way

I can't change as me cut off that or no

i got a boy i said i see now see they

don't want to change and people want to

put them in boxes and God says don't

stay stuck in the darkness I am the

light of the world I can change your box

into a window there's a beautiful box in

our house two of them actually they are

made out of glass and we've discovered

that if you touch them they do fall

apart we have discovered that inside the

boxes although it wasn't the kids it

with adults it was visitors inside these

boxes are too precious beautiful


dolls right spectacular beautiful

treasures and they are in these glass

boxes so that you can see this beautiful

thing Jesus is saying you know what this

man is actually meant to be someone who

is going to be displayed a person who's

going to be a trophy in a trophy case

for the king of heaven and earth to show

what God can do with a human life he was

not born this way because of sin but so

that the works of the father might be

displayed in him the Bible says we were

chosen before the foundation of the

world that we might be blameless in his

sight for the praise of his glorious

grace God has chosen you before you were

born he had a destiny for you he said

this person is going to shine for me in

a way that no one else on earth can and

i am going to display them not just to

the world but to the powers and the

principalities it says that God's intent

was that now through the church the

manifold wisdom of God would be made

known to rulers and authorities in

heavenly realms there are angels and

demons watching what God is doing in

your life they're watching the bible

says angels long to look into this

they're like i really believe that when

some people come to the altar and give

their life to jesus and things start

changing the angels are nudging each

other saying i can't believe this is

that the same guy we're going to get to

get to that later if you notice

something look at what Jesus says when

he talks about night and darkness in

verse 4 Jesus says as long a dissident

as it is daytime we must do the works of

him who sent me you notice anything

interesting about that Jesus doesn't say

as long as it is daytime I must do the

works of my father he says as long as it

is day we we must do the works of the

one who sent me in other words this band

is meant to do the works of the father

he's meant to do things that God has

given him to do in this life and God

wants to shine through this person but

first gotta cure his blindness huh got

to open his eyes and this miracle I

believe that when Jesus did miracles

they were literal miracles but they also

taught a spiritual lesson so this whole

parable this whole event also deals with

moral and spiritual blindness that God

opens our eyes so that we can see and

and it's all sort of a parable of that

and Jesus says that he is the light of

the world and that he's going to shine

on this man and he is going to use this

person to shine for him now how does he

do it Jesus if he wanted to could just

snap his fingers and heal the guy right

you just snap his fingers right he could

just make it go away but how does Jesus

heal this blind man first look at me

just till you're convinced I'm not

making this up looking at verse 6 after

saying this Jesus what did he do you can

all go ahead and say it out loud what

did Jesus do he spat on the ground now

please don't do this in church right but

Jesus did it right he spit he made mud

and he rubbed the mud on the man's eyes

yuck why in the world he did it what do

it hey this is a this is not just a

miracle this is a messy miracle this is

disgusting what is and you know what

it's not the only time he did it Jesus

did this a couple other times in the

Gospel of Mark he says he once pulled a

man who couldn't hear or talk he pulled

him aside he spat on the man's tongue

outside said this is disgusting I know

but it's in the Bible my kids are here

to this is Thrones now they're going to

be like Jesus did it but Jesus spat

the Sun spaten his and his in Anna's on

his hand rub the ears sighed deeply and

said be opened and the man could hear

and talk there was another story of a

blind man again Jesus spits in his eyes

and then the man opens his eyes and he

can only see people like trees walking

around and then Jesus prays for him

again touches him again and then he can

see what's up with all this spitting

anyone have any opinions right okay I

had a little theory okay if you'll bear

with me one of my theories in the Gospel

of Mark in both cases where Jesus back

it was right after he was rebuking the

disciples for not understanding the

truth about him he had just done the

miracle of multiplying the bread and the

lobes you know that miracle where he

multiplied you know a few sandwiches

between thousands of people and then the

disciples right after that forget to

bring bread into a boat and they're

worried that Jesus is angry because they

forgot to bring food in the boat Jesus

is like you're worried about food after

i just multiplied among five thousand

people he said when when i multiplied it

between 5,000 how many baskets did you

picked up 12 when I did the miracle a

second time and multiplied you know

however many others how many baskets do

you pick up seven they said are you

still so dull don't you get it then he

takes the man who can't hear and he

sighs deeply and spits and opens his

tongue in his and his ears as if to say

these people are not going to get it

unless I actually spit on them to

somehow wake up their capacity to

understand the second miracle he did was

for a blind man right after Peter had

said what Jesus said said who to the

proud say I am and Peter said you're the

son of man you're the Christ who was to

come into the world and then just a

little later Jesus says okay now I have

to go to the cross and died and Peter

takes him aside and said no no it'll

never be that way don't do that Peter

rebuked him and Jesus rebuked him back

and it was right then

right around that time that Jesus spat

on the man's eyes and he gradually began

to see again as if to say the only way

people can understand the truth is if

God touches them in the most intimate

way to give them the capacity to see who

Jesus is and what's Jesus doing here

he's healing blindness a person who

can't even imagine what color is imagine

if you're born without sight try to

explain to the person what a beautiful

sunset looks like trying to explain to

them why my favorite color is yellow

they can't even see they can't even

imagine the concept of color Jesus is

saying they're not going to see unless I

touched them in the most intimate way

and give them a new capacity to

understand spiritual things Jesus made

mud and read that I win in the Bible

that you see God using mud to make

something can you think of any other

place in the creation of humanity God

took the mud and the dust and he made a

man and a woman and then he made them

with a woman from the rib right so he

used mud to make the man in the same way

he is doing a new creation he's making a

new thing he's giving this man new eyes

as if he were back in the Garden of Eden

again and it's messy sometimes God's

miracles in our lives will be messy

sometimes it's not going to be neat and

clean sometimes God is going to do

something that scanned Eliza's you and

even grosses you out and you think that

can't be God God wouldn't spit and make

mud and rub it in eyes well he did

multiple times God is going to jump out

of the boxes we put him into amen and

sometimes your miracles might be messy

they might be gradual if you notice when

he puts the mud on his eyes he doesn't

magically see the man has to do

something Jesus says now you need to go

to this well you need to wash it off

this isn't just your not going to be

passive recipient you

to do something to participate in this

miracle it's like that in our lives I

believe with all my heart that God could

give us new eyes to see him to see the

world around us you can give me a new a

new voice new ears to understand but

it's not going to happen overnight I

need to obey and participate in that

miracle and you do too God wants to do

this miracle but we need to be willing

to let things get messy for a while we

need to be willing to obey and to do

what he says to do it as we go things

will happen you know there's a story in

the Old Testament about a man named

naman who was leprous he had the skin

disease of leprosy and he came to the

prophet in Israel and asked the Prophet

tehillim and he expected the Prophet to

wave his hand over the wound and say

abracadabra and you're all better right

but instead the Prophet i think it was

Elijah says you know what you need to do

you need to go dip yourself in the

Jordan River seven times apparently the

Jordan River was more polluted than the

Charles River he's like why in the world

who do I want to make myself worse right

there's all kinds of nice rivers back

home and you want me dipping in all this

pollution and and and but then his

servant says he asked you to do

something great you would do it wouldn't

you go ahead and just do it the man had

to obey he dips in this messy water

seven times and he comes out with skin

that is nice and clean like a baby

because he had to obey he had to Humble

himself see if God is really going to

heal us we need to humble our pride a

little bit you know that's why the altar

time is so important and not that that

there's other ways to humble yourself

but it's a symbol of coming before God

and getting on your knees and saying god

I need you and I'm willing to look silly

I'm willing to let you do anything you

want to do in my life and I'll obey you

I'll go where you send me what's the

name of the well where the man way

anyone remember what's the name of the

well it's in it's in

seven though he told him wash in the

pool of Siloam it means sent that

interesting Jesus sent him to the well

Jesus who was sent for the father sent

into the well and from that well he is

going to be sent to the world to display

the works of God now he has a mission

see that's not just going to heal you so

that your life is better I want your

life to be better I want my life to be

better I want blindness to be healed I

want brokenness to be healed I want us

to have new beginnings but God sees much

more beyond that see he wants to heal

you and then send you to the word the

world to display the works of God to be

in that showcase for the world it's just

the beginning so he goes he's seeing he

goes he washes he's seeing what do his

neighbors say isn't this great i love

this i love this story of the way his

neighbors interact with him in verse 8

it says his neighbors and those who had

formerly seen him begging ask isn't this

the same man who used to sit in bed some

claimed as he was but others said no it

only looks like him I have seen this

many many times that when a person has

an encounter with Jesus people don't

even recognize them they're like is this

the same person they don't even like

you've got to be kidding me can you

think of stories like that people are

like is this the same hi who was here I

have been with people on the streets who

meet Jesus things change and then I'm

with them and people like is that they

don't even recognize them because God

does new things I bet people sometimes

where the sadness on our face is so

heavy just in life because of anxiety or

depression or whatever we suffer with

and then Jesus gets a hold of us and

people don't even recognize you but then

they're saying it looks like him but he

looks different it's going to be like

that and you're going to have a mission

to do the works of God the main work of

God is this very simply what are you

supposed to do believe on the one that

God sent that's what Jesus said the work

of God is

this believe in the one he has sent

that's Jesus our faith is the greatest

example of anything that you can show

the world when people see that you

really believe in Jesus that will make

the difference in their lives just

simply be and then that's doing the

works of God it says you're saved by

grace through faith this isn't from

yourself it's the gift of God it's not

by works so that no one can boast you

cannot and I cannot earn our salvation

can't earn your way in but once you're

saved look at what it says you're going

to do we are God's handiwork Ephesians 2

10 created in Christ Jesus to do good

works which God has prepared in advance

for us to walk in I believe that I

believe that God has stuff for you to do

that no one else can do that God has

prepared in advance for you today not

tomorrow but today he's got something he

wants us to do in our job every day is

to walk in those good works is to find

out okay god what's it going to be today

what person do you want me to encourage

what way can I serve what wake up how

can i change the world today God has a

mission and we're doing the words in the

greatest work we can do is simply

believe in Jesus and let people see that

it's called your testimony your

testimony your testimony is your story

of how you met Jesus and what he's done

in your life that's your story it's no

one else's story and your testimony will

impact people more than 10 sermons from

up here I guarantee it because people

are seeing a real life that's changed

before them and it doesn't take much you

can have a testimony in the first five

minutes after accepting Jesus into your

heart what was this man's testimony

there was this man named Jesus who spat

made mud rubbed it on my eyes for some

reason I had to go wash in a pool I came

back seeing that was his testimony that

was it and it started to rock the world

around him and

change society what's your story maybe

you feel like you don't have a story yet

if you are here you already have a story

God has begun to work in your life now

what he's begun is not yet complete

right there's still more mud to be

washed off of the side I've still got

mud on my face pic let this guy you know

maybe the process goes on but it has

started and it's real if I have accepted

Jesus in my heart if I'd begun to come

it's already beginning you have

something to share you might feel like

you don't know how to share the gospel

all you have to do is say I believe in

God he's changed my life that's all you

got to do and then people say really

would tell me about it and then you just

tell your story and it makes a big

difference you have a story to share and

that will have an impact now I need to

warn you though sometimes your story

might be a little unsettling to the

people around you when ever heard the

story of the gadarene demoniac you ever

heard that story this is a man from the

garrisons and he didn't just have one

demon inside him he had hundreds and

hundreds of demons inside him right he

was so insane and so out of control with

supernatural demonic power right from

the movies right that he when they tried

to chain and he would rip the chains and

he tried he couldn't wear clothes

because he would rip his clothes off and

so he lived separated from society in

the tombs in the graveyards and he would

spend all night long doing what howling

in sadness and agony when Jesus came to

him this man came running up to him fell

on his face and started pleading with

him the demons pleaded that Jesus

wouldn't send the demons away from the

region and he said fine I don't care

where you go as long as you get out of

this guy and

said how about those pays which is like

fine go into the pigs you know because

you belong in pigs not a person right so

go into the pigs the pigs all thousands

of rush down go off a cliff and drown in

the water and the man the Bible says

after all this dot dressed got cleaned

up and was in his right mind and the

Bible says that when the neighbors came

and they saw the man sitting and dressed

in his right mind under control lucid

focus looking at Jesus listening

attentively with his clothes on the

Bible said that his neighbors were

afraid were afraid see it's called in

Psychological terms cognitive dissonance

see if you're changing and I'm not used

to that I'm used to you being crazy I

want you to stay crazy because that's

what I'm used to that's normal right

this blind this man who was a blind

beggar there people who wanted him blind

in begging because they're used to that

now he's different you know what those

neighbors did they heard about the pigs

and they got angry about the pigs and

they played with Jesus to leave their

region they said Jesus you're freaking

us out you're not only that you've cost

us some money already you know we had a

whole system here and you're messing

with our little system please go you

know what Jesus did he left Jesus won't

go where he's not welcome right he's a

gentleman he comes and he invites us but

we need to welcome him this man's

transformation shook the world of the

people around him because God was

jumping out of a box the people had him

in now the Pharisees had God in a in a

box right the Pharisees were the

religious leaders of the day the man was

dragged before them and they get upset

they get angry

and they say Jesus did this on a Sabbath

how dare he spit and make mud and he'll

someone's eyes on the Sabbath that's the

day of rest god this can't be god this

can't be of God because Jesus was

jumping out of the box that they had him

in here's a question I want to ask what

are the boxes that we might put God in

and say God has to do it this way right

God has to meet me in this particular

way if something strange is happening

well that can't be gone you see there

are movements all around the country

there's some people who actually

criticize move the charismatic movement

because strange things happen people

have miraculous ability to speak in

tongues or there's healing that happens

or when people are praying they might

fall over and they think that strange

that can't be of God they even call it

strange fire from Leviticus 10 we know

that's not an appropriate application

but it's strange right so God can't do

strange things Jesus Pat made mud rubbed

it in eyes on the Sabbath now I'm not

saying that everything that is strange

is of God but just cuz it's strange

doesn't make it strange fire it still

might be of God we need to ask the

question what's the fruit of what's

happening here is a person's life being

changed as Jesus being glorified if it's

God it's going to make a difference in

our lives even if it's different for

what I'm used to to really be a

Christian means getting out of our

comfort zone now the Pharisees were not

willing to do this they say this can't

be gone he did this he broke the Sabbath

and I love the way the man interacted

with him we even laughed as we read it

where that they say what do you say

about it I'd say well he must be a

prophet so wait a minute was Jesus a

profit well yeah I mean Jesus was sort

of a prophet but he was a whole lot more

than that right so this man had his eyes

opened but he only spiritually partially

understood a person doesn't need to have

all their theology right in order to be

a genuine Christian yet they're in

process there

changing they're going to come along if

they're sincere God will reveal the

truth to them okay so we need to allow

ourselves to have a messy church amen

want to have a messy church with people

walking around with some mud on their

eyes people who still think maybe Jesus

is a prophet they don't really

understand there were some people who

were new really new believers here I

never forget and they had had actually

demons cast out and they came to to the

church at the ask price of Roberto to

pray for them because they have problems

with demons in their house he prayed for

them they got free they started feeling

happy they started getting to know God

they came to church and one day pasado

Bertha refer to what Christians believe

and the daughter leaned over to the

mother and says that's what we are now

mommy were Christians now that must be

what it is because they were wondering

what religion is this anyway where am I

if this we're Christians this is all

active that's it but Christians and you

know I was like come on you didn't get

that he had told you but it just hadn't

gotten through yet we need to be willing

if we really want to be an evangelistic

church to have a messy church to have a

church where things get uncomfortable

but where people are jumping out of

boxes all over the place they starting

to shine for the live in God it gets

exciting but it gets uncomfortable and

look at what the man says then I love

the way that men ask him again okay now

tell the truth who open your eyes oh and

notice how they call his parents and

when you become a Christian your

family's life might change a little bit

too okay if your parents or if your

relatives are not Christians in the same

way when you meet Jesus your relatives

might be like are you crazy now are you

in a cult or something that's why

especially young adults I want to talk

to your parents so they don't worry as

much although maybe they'll worry after

they talked to me I don't know but the

whole idea it's gonna it's going to

shake things up at home a little bit

right so their parents get called in and

they get us is this really your son now

they're afraid to own it because if they

say he's really are some then they get

kicked out of the synagogue to it

doesn't mean they just can't go to

church it means the synagogue was the

center of the society maybe

you're shunned from society you're

ostracized the parents were nervous they

were like well why don't you just talk

to him it looks like him it's my son I

don't know what happened just talked to

him so the parents life is getting a

little shaken up but things get really

bad where the Pharisees asked him again

tell us the truth give glory to God we

know this man is a sinner you know debt

that I threat he says whether he's a

sinner or not I don't know but he opened

my eyes he says I've already told you

and I love the way he says do you want

to become his disciples to I think this

man was being sincere I think about why

do you want to believe in him to Vienna

he's like a little kid he's a because

think of it he this guy I didn't have

much chance to go to school he in those

days they didn't have schools for the

blind you know that's he but he was like

like a child he was preaching to these

arrogant learning but arrogant people

and he said he comes and they say you're

his disciples we're disciples of Moses

but we know where he came from but it's

for this man we don't know where he

comes in love with the man says now that

may it starts finding a little bit of

attitude just a little bit says now

that's remarkable you know even a child

could see you don't know where he came

from but he opened my eyes you say he's

a sinner but if he's a sinner then why

would God listen to him now that's

remarkable in other words a child could

explain it to you you see the fact is

they don't understand because they don't

want to understand see there's two kinds

of blindness spiritual blindness there's

blindness because people don't see

because they don't want to see jesus

said this is the verdict light has come

into the world but people loved darkness

instead of the light because their deeds

were evil and everyone who does evil

hates the light and will not come into

the light for fear that their deeds will

be revealed see people and sometimes

there's a confusion that is a chosen

confusion like when someone asks you to

do something you want don't want to do

right and you just pretend you don't get

it right I'm sorry could you repeat that

under if I understood exactly what you

that worked for me really well in

Spanish right

to do something destroyed by jingo no no

NTN no comprendo gringo I'd I just

pretend I don't understand the spanish

you know that way I don't have to do it

and I didn't I must have missed that

memo it was in spanish right well the

Pharisees wanted to pretend they didn't

get it because they didn't want to see

they didn't want to see and so this man

is preaching to them and at the end of

it look at what they say to him at the

very end of it they say you were steeped

when I got to look it up again because

it they really said it they really let

him have it the word in verse 28 says

they hurled insults at him if you want

to be popular being a Christian is not

the way to get there okay I hate to say

this there will be some friends who will

make fun of you when you don't do what

they're doing there's nothing you can do

about that the idea is to say I want to

please God not people it's not easy it's

not easy now listen to what they say at

the end in verse 34 to this they replied

you were steeped in sin at birth how

dare you lecture us then referring to

the blindness again they're referring to

the fact that he was born blind that you

were so distant and that's why you were

born blind how dare you talk to me they

want to stuff him back in the box people

are going to try to put you back in the

box how dared you appreciate you know

sometimes it happens like that people

who come from a tough background who

maybe even spent some time incarcerated

and God gets ahold of their life and

transforms that and they get out of

their cell and they begin to shine for

Jesus and they begin to preach and use

the gospel and some people who know

where they came from might be like how

dare you try to teach me now whereas God

has a mission for that person God called

a person to preach and to shine his

light we need to let people out of the

box the Pharisees wanted to stuff them

back in the box and they kicked him out

of church they said you just get out of

here i love that Jesus went and found

him Jesus went and found him and he came

up to him and because the Bible says

that God chose the rejected things you

see he was rejected by these leaders but

God chose the rejected things of this

world that despise things I think

that are not to nullify the things that

are God chose him and Jesus comes and

finds this man and I love it and he says

do you believe in the son of man at

first I don't know if he knows he's

talking to Jesus I'm not sure maybe he

does maybe he doesn't but he says who is

he sir tell me so that I may believe in

him that is the heart that will see a

heart that says you show me the truth

and I'll believe it not you show me the

truth and I'll make excuses to avoid

obeying it how about the question where

jesus said love your neighbor as

yourself and the man says now who

exactly is my neighbor he's looking for

excuses not to obey instead of saying

show me a neighbor that I can serve I

want to find a neighbor so Jesus and say

so this man is saying tell me sir that I

might believe in him he's got this

teachable humble heart and look at what

happens it's a beautiful story he says

you have seen him seeing again and in

fact he is the one speaking with you and

the man answered it said lord I believe

and he worshiped him the word for

worship there's a lot of different words

for worship the word used here means he

fell down prostrate and he worshiped him

he was probably clinging on to his feet

on his face because he didn't worry

about his dignity anymore he had already

been at the lowest point he's like I

don't mind looking silly all i care

about is worshipping this jesus that i

can see there's a verse in Isaiah 33

that says your eyes will see the King in

his beauty and view a land that

stretches afar when God touches our

heart we begin to see Jesus in a new way

I was 16 years old when this happened to

me right I was raised in a church and

I'm very grateful for that a good church

background beautiful family I'm very

blessed but it was when I was 16 that I

prayed and gave my heart to Jesus and

invited Jesus to come live inside of me

and I'll never forget opening up the

Bible and I

had read parts of it before but feeling

like I was reading it for the first time

I remember going back to mass going back

to church and being like I get these

words now I've been hearing them all my

life but I finally get it I felt like I

could see its like before I wasn't able

to but then I could even the world

looked different to me I I remember

going out i was saying relatives and

Cape Cod going outside to mow the lawn

and I was like who turned the world into

HD color out here everything looks

different but it wasn't the world that

has changed it was me it was my heart

your eyes will see the King in his

beauty when we have a humble and soft

heart before him and let him do it and

the key is knowing that God wants to

shine on me and he wants to shine

through me jesus said full of joy

through the Holy Spirit I praise You

Father Lord of Heaven and Earth because

you have hidden these things from the

wise of the learner and have revealed

that to little children yes for this was

for your good pleasure God wants our

hearts to be the hearts of children I

encourage you to find people who have

childlike hearts simple hearts that

believe in God and get close to them and

get contagious with it doesn't matter if

they've been Christians for five minutes

but if they have that heart that's what

I want to be around it's the kind of

person I want to be and is the kind of

people I want us to be maybe

sophisticated in the way we think maybe

but humble and childlike in the way we

feel that we have hearts that are simple

before the living gone and then we do

that our life begins to shine you know

the chapter that comes right after this

is the chapter where jesus said I am the

good shepherd I know my sheep and my

sheep know me I call my sheep by name

and they follow me because they're my

sheep that comes right after this

because this man was one of his sheep

that he called and he responded to the

voice of the Living God I want us to be

people who respond to the shepherd you

know on friday night i was up here on

the balcony looking down at the awana


time imagine 150 kids wear any people

here any people are 150 kids worshiping

down here jumping around Jonathan up

here make it a full of themselves doing

great serving Jesus right it was great

kids are jumping around down here

worshiping and I look down I felt like

God I'm looking at 150 frames for you

i'm looking at a hundred and fifty

people who are shining the light of the

gospel what do we see when we see people

someone in a box or someone who is meant

to shine out of a showcase what do we

see when we see ourselves when we need a

person we think about it God is calling

us to shine for him now getting out of

darkness is not going to be easy there's

going to have to be some spitting in

some mud involved right but if we're

willing to get in the mud if we're

willing to obey and go to that pool and

go where were sent thank God will send

us to the nations i just touched by the

people who are going to albania because

they're not in a box you see people in

normal Bostonians don't go to Albania to

talk about Jesus with caution outside

normal Bostonians don't do that we hang

out we watch the Red Sox over the summer

we don't go to Albania what do you do it

they know I'm not gonna stay in a box

I'm gonna go where god says me and you

say I'm not stuck anymore I can go into

new things and do new things because God

has called me to shine for him he is the

light of the world and he's put that

light inside of me if we will do this if

we will go it leads not just to shining

for him but it leads to a new level of

worship we see Jesus in a new way I'm

going to invite a martyr come back up

and OB and I encourage us I want this

kind of church I want to church full of

this guy I want to be like him when I

grow up I want to be this man who says

God you just show me who you are so that

I can believe open my eyes so that I can

see I want us to be a messy glorious

shining church that God wants to display

to the world and

no what we already are you might not

feel like it you might not think so but

we're already there but we are called to

go much further than that and that

includes every one of us but we need to

say yes to the Lord we need to let him

do what he wants to do in our lives so I

invite you to do that today I want you

to stand with me and we're going to

close this time with a prayer of opening

up our hearts to God or saying God we

are willing to have you open our eyes so

that we can see in a new way father we

come before you right now Lord and I

thank you so much for this story and I

thank you that is not just a story I

thank you that it really happened god I

thank you for the way you sometimes jump

out of the boxes will put you in Lord

and you do things we wouldn't expect

Lord in different ways but you had good

purposes Lord we might not understand

and right now God but someday we will

understand that you're doing something

beautiful lord I thank you Jesus that

you are the light in the world and you

shine in darkness and God I pray Jesus

that you would shine into our darkness

today now I invite you just just in this

moment think about what are the boxes

that you were born with or that you feel

like you're stuck in what's your box it

could be that you feel blind or lost in

some way that could be an emotional

struggle that you just feel like you

can't change that you would just it's

just not going to be any different it

could be a situation you feel stuck in

and people are even asking who send you

or what's going on think of your box

and know that Jesus is walking by and

let's give it to him right now and say

know her I'll give you this this box

Lord I don't want to stay stuck in here

Lord God I want to come out of this and

shine for you I want you to change me

and heal me and set me free we need to

renounce excuses we don't want to just

say I was born this way I can't change

no more excuses no more excuses in Jesus

name God forgive me for making excuses

and just saying that I'm stuck like this

nothing's going to change no Lord you've

called me to be a new creation in Christ

the old has gone the new has come I can

do all things through Christ who

strengthens me we need to confess if

there is some way that God has told you

or sent you to do something and we're

resisting and saying god I'm just

waiting for you to do it but God is

challenging you to put put legs on it

and do something new to take action to

participate in the miracle and we're

being passive Father forgive us for just

sitting around and waiting for you to do

it god I pray in Jesus name that you

would do the miracle in our lives we

don't want to be like that other man who

was sitting by a well just waiting for

someone to carry him to the water Lord

we want to obey and respond Lord Jesus

we don't want you looking at us and

saying do you really want to get well

Lord we want to be free forgive us for

the ways we choose to stay in darkness

because it's comfortable because we

don't want to see reality as I

is Oh God we're willing to have our eyes

open even if it means seeing unpleasant

things about ourselves of the world

around us oh we renounced that we

believe in you Jesus God we choose to

put our faith in you forgive us for the

boxes we put you in I want you to think

of anything anyway you feel like you've

limited God in your life where you've

told them God you could do anything but

that god I pray father that you would

get us out of our comfort zone lord I

remember for so long I thought I

couldn't leave the suburbs and go into

the city and you told me don't don't

tell me where you can and can't go or

who you can and can't minister to God I

pray Jesus that we would let you out in

the boxes that we put you in Jesus you

want to do a new thing among us god I

pray we wouldn't stay stuck in our old

ways in Jesus name I pray finally that

you'd open our eyes to worship you to

worship you and just as I close this

prayer if there is somebody who wants to

accept Jesus in your heart as your Lord

and Savior for the first time today

you're willing to do that and you want

to say Jesus I want to accept you in my

heart today I invite you to raise your

hand to the Lord today nice and high and

say Jesus I want to pray to accept you

in my heart if that's you today I invite

you to make that decision a man is there

anybody who wants to make that decision

today to receive Jesus in your heart as

your Lord and your Savior now is the

time to do it

and then I see father Jesus name lord I

pray God that we were trusting you lord

though let your light shine on us and

through us in Jesus name