Do not Fear; Do not be Discouraged

I'd like to say that this is a specific

father's day sermon but it it's actually

you know conceived as for everybody but

men this much i'll tell you about

today's sermon the enemy's most likely

to keep you from rising to keep us from

rising to our greatness as men and

inheriting the promise god has for us

our foes you're never going to see the

we don't wrestle against flesh and blood

Paul warned us but you're going to

battle these enemies all your life and

today i think the word gives them names

and gives us a strategy to confront them

and defeat them in Jesus name I invite

everyone to turn to Deuteronomy chapter

1 Deuteronomy chapter 10 we're going

back to the old test of it we spent a

whole spring there I'm missing I'm

missing pastor Greg's sermon series on

Leviticus you remember that how could

you forget that right the journey of

Israel out of Egypt and through the

desert you ever wonder how it turned out

we're going to we're going to get a

picture of how it turned out turn to

Deuteronomy chapter one beginning with

verse 21 Deuteronomy chapter one

beginning with verse 21 in this the last

of the five books of the law after forty

years in the wilderness Moses here

addresses the children of those who set

out from Egypt this is a kind of

Deuteronomy as a kind of prophetic pep

talk if you imagine that

Moses is reminding the children of those

who set out from Egypt why it took 40

years to get here and why their parents

never made it why their parents perished

and were buried in the desert along the

way 40 years 40 years earlier the Lord

had brought them to this very spot they

had been at this spot 40 years before

this is the gateway of the promised land

these are this is the banks of the River

Jordan they could see the promised land

from here what was left for them to do

was to rise cross the Jordan and take

possession of it but speaking of the

generation of their parents and he's

giving them he's reminding them of this

he's reminding the kids of this what

happened here 40 years ago look across

the Jordan can you see it that's our

destination you're your father's your

mother your parents saw this same site

across the river just like you came this

close to the promised land all they

needed to do was get up and take it but

despite all that God had done for them

to bring them this far despite all the

promises God had made to them despite

that God Himself was with them his

presence going before them as it had in

the wilderness amazingly something

stopped them something stopped their

fathers from entering the promised land

with God Himself before them and

something stops them cold that

generation was stopped cold and defeated

not by the amorite

one of the nation's across the river not

by the Canaanites but by a far more

dangerous set of enemies now this is a

set of enemies I've become accustomed to

I've learned to keep my eyes open to

them they sneak up on me I had to

contend with them even as I prepared

this sermon it wasn't the amorite of the

Canaanites that stopped them it was fear

and discouragement fear and

discouragement the word of the Lord you

tirana me 121 see literally look across

the river the Lord your God has given

you the land go up and take possession

of it as the Lord the God of your

father's told you do not be afraid do

not be discouraged do not be afraid do

not be discouraged Lord your word is

living an active Holy Spirit this word

is born of you and it is impossible to

sheriff faithfully without you dress it

with life breathe onto it and open our

hearts to it banish fear we call out

fear we call out discouragement we pull

it out of the cave where they live put

it out here in the open where we can see

it and we ask that you and your perfect

love defeat these foes in our presence

and cast them from our lives in Jesus

name do not be afraid okay we're going

to learn a little Hebrew this morning

because it's the only way to get through

the sermon today trust me this is not

pastor Sam showing off his Hebrew skin

cells because I have none to show you

know I read the my Hebrew from the side

of a cereal box and I put them here and

that's basically how i learned basically

here ooh this isn't about learning

Hebrew in a sense but there's but

there's some there's something in the

word this morning that unless we unless

we in do this hang with us a little bit

we're going to you're going to miss this

so the word that uh the word that

appears in Deuteronomy for do not be

afraid for fear afraid is yah day and

the word that you see when you see that

we're discouraged do not be discouraged

that word is cut off now here's

something special this now this awakens

is sort of like the lawyer investigator

immunes like really when I realize this

check this out these two Hebrew words

yah day Agatha fear and discouragement

these two Hebrew words appear together

in the same verse of scripture no fewer

than 17 times they appeared together in

the same verse in the Old Testament but

they appear together for the first time

in the Bible here after this they appear

together 17 times but the first time you

get a look at fear and discouragement is

here in Deuteronomy 121 now folks

something about Scripture if Scripture

repeats something as often as it repeats

this there's a reason for it there's a

reason the Lord wants us to get this

fear do not fear do not got a do not be

discouraged you not haha over and over

again now do not be afraid is often

translated yata is often translated as

fear and all of its cognate

it's fear afraid frightened all of its

tenses or terror but it's also

translated figure this as to revere it's

also translated as to hold in reverence

and this the other word its companion

word do not be discouraged ha Thoth is

often translated dismayed or terrified

or even to be odd to be awestruck select

that sense if a word had a face it would

be that it'll be that's what cut off

means Spanish I love it Spanish

translates it no this my yes literally

do not faint I I think that's that that

is like perfect do know this my yes when

when the rain of a letter reads that

word they figured okay the best

translation of this is don't faint

because the literal Hebrew how's this

for interesting her Thoth literally in

Hebrew means this shattered shatter

don't be shattered do not be afraid and

don't be shattered the implication is

this can you understand that it's it's

it's the purse you have fear and then

immediately after fear here's the

paralysis that follows fear the

paralysis that follows fear in a state

of a thought your capacity to dream or

imagine anything good is paralyzed for a

moment you literally lose your capacity

to succeed you couldn't succeed if you

wanted to in the state of your capacity

for courage is is frozen it's paralyzed

hence this courage meant it's actually a

great word this courage meant your

dreams are your visions for good is

shattered and sooner or later you can

expect to experience this indeed without

the Lord's intervention we without the

Lord's intervention the natural state of

human beings the natural state of human

beings is fear and discouragement check

this out the first time in Scripture we

encounter that word yah day we encounter

that word or for that matter any mention

of fear is in the in creation in the

Garden of Eden it's the first time you

encounter the word got a in Scripture

you encounter the word fear Genesis

chapter 3 verse 10 Adam answers the Lord

after after the fall and he goes off and

he covers himself with feet leaves and

he hides and the Lord calls Adam where

in the world are you and Adam answers I

heard you in the garden and I was yo day

because I was naked so I hid first time

you hear that word in Scripture I was

afraid because I was naked so I had now

what does this mean Adam was born naked

there was nothing but naked back then

really the whole clothing industry was a

was an open market after the fall once

we lose sight of God what is left to see

when you lose sight of God what is left

to see Adam sees himself naked now

you've used this word in this context

before pastor Sam I felt naked

giving that speech I felt naked well

what do you mean by that well usually

you mean I felt defenseless I felt

fragile I felt ashamed I felt ashamed

and God's response to him was who told

you you were naked who told you you were

naked he's are covering here's our glory

but in this moment if you once you lose

sight of God and what we are in God and

who we are through God what is left to

see if God's not your it within your

site and he's not your focus and somehow

you've lost sight of him what we see is

our smallness the only thing left we see

ourselves for who we are we see our we

see how fragile we are we see vividly a

record of failures and defeats and we

see a hostile world surrounding us that

can devour us in an instant there are

thousand ways to die a thousand ways to

die there are a hundred thousand

different ways to fail really and if we

allow fear to progress the

discouragement you will risk paralyzing

shattering anything good God has ever

planned for you you want

fear is actually an outgrowth of your

vision for your future many of our

failures and setbacks are not a result

of a lack of vision it's not a lack of

vision really that contributes for our

failures but a vision obscured by fear

you know I've often hear and I think

erroneously that the opposite to faith

is doubt it's I actually doubt plays a

role as a component of faith the

opposite of faith isn't doubt the

opposite of faith is fear it's fear you

see it you already see yourself

struggling to keep up with coursework or

struggling to find tuition money so you

never bother to go back to school and

get that degree you don't even start

what me study at this age you kidding me

you already see yourself going bankrupt

so you never even bother to start that

business in fact you never dare do

anything you don't take any sort of

risks including your relationships you

already see yourself being rejected

already you already see yourself being

hurt so you never run the risk of loving

anyone or making friends or calling that

brother or sister in Fresno or Santiago

that you haven't spoken to in years you

prefer to go to eternity without making

peace out of fear in fact you don't even

you have trouble even drawing near to

the heart of God to the presence of the

Lord out of fear the same that's the

enemy's secret weapon what if the Lord

rejects me what if I screw up what if I

can't hang with this what if I'm not

religious enough I'll fail so you don't

even try the irony is that out of fear

we actually are complicit in our own for

failures we participate in our own

defeats out of fear and discouragement

when that happens that the sort of the

Yahweh and the haha out of fear and

discouragement we're no longer thinking

rationally reasonably wisely and we say

things and do things we wish we didn't

say or do out of fear that we later

regret in other words we sin yepper too

oh boy facebook is forever folks

remember that remember that and that's

what you know and that's what that's

what happened here sort of like that you

know a an Old Testament version of

Facebook that's what happened here verse

26 of Deuteronomy chapter one how did

these people respect how did that first

generation the father's how did they

respond to the pep talk Moses had but

you were when he says you he's talking

about you know we there earlier

generation there there there our

forefathers you were unwilling to go up

you rebelled against the command of the

Lord your God sure he's talking about

their fathers but he's warning them that

same spirit lives in you the thing is in

Jesus name we can break that generate we

can break those generational curses if

your father or mother your forbearers

died in the desert out of fear and

discouragement it doesn't mean that you

are destined to God can break that curse

so he's saying but you were willing to

go up you rebelled against the command

of the Lord your God verse 27 you

grumbled in your tents and said the Lord

hates us what are you kidding me the

Lord hates us so what's the deal with

the Red Sea

to deal with the manna from heaven and

what's the deal whoo water out of the

rock are you the Lord hates us are you

nuts are you nuts the pillar of cloud

did that mean anything to you the column

of fire hello the Lord hates us are you

crazy the Lord hates us so he brought us

out of Egypt to deliver us into the

hands of the amorite stew destroy us

verse 34 when the Lord heard what you

said he was angry and he solemnly swore

no one no one from this evil generation

shall see the good land I swore to give

your ancestors how's that for tragedy

they're standing at the very door of

God's promise to them and they shut the

door themselves through the confession

of their lips through the confession of

the ellipse careful what you say about

yourself be careful what you say about

your children be careful what you say

about this life these promises that the

Lord has given you through the

confession of their lips and through the

thoughts of their hearts hearts born out

of fear how is this even possible pastor

Sam how could how could they see what

they saw and hear what they hear and yet

succumb to fear and discouragement and

not cross that River we forget there's

three things there's three things in

this pep talk like Deuteronomy on the

eve of conquest these there are three

things that God is reminding his people

we forget what God has done for us

we forget what God has promised us and

we forget that God is with us Emmanuel

we forget what God has done for us we

forget what God has promised us and we

forget that God is with us that's

starting with the first let's go back to

verse 29 of Deuteronomy chapter one we

forget what God has done for us and

Moses trying to save this trying to talk

them out of fear and discouragement

reminds them Moses here saying then I

said to you and their forefathers do not

be terrified do not be yeah they do not

be afraid of them the Lord your God and

this is actually a good time to put up

Adam to put up that slide the Lord your

God who is going before you will fight

for you as he did for you in Egypt

before your very eyes and in the

wilderness then you saw i love this

phrase and happy father's day here you

saw how the Lord your God carried you as

a father carries his son all the way you

went until you reached this place and in

spite of this you did not trust in the

Lord your God who went ahead of you on

your journey and fire by night and in a

cloud by day to search our places for

you to camp and to show you the way you

should go the antidote to forgetting

what God has done for us is to remember

what God has done for you giving thanks

this isn't the first time you've heard

me talk about Thanksgiving here this

isn't the last time I promise you you'll

hear it is a major spiritual discipline

your life is impoverished if you're not

if it's not something you're engaged in

has got squiz by the way how do you see

something like this and ever forget you

saw it how do you oh yeah have to call

him a fire well this is different those

guys are tall those guys are really tall

you know god only knows yeah I call him

call him a fire pillar cloud bread from

heaven etcetera etc how do you forget

something like this but you know what we

all do the Lord literally pulls our

fanny out of the fire you know it was

him and the next time you faced a

challenge somehow we are capable of

forgetting this so quiz for you guys has

God done anything anything has God done

anything for you worthy of credit or

thanks quiz survey survey has God done

anything for you worthy and I'm

anticipating a tough crowd if you are

here if you can hear me if you have

breath in your lungs if you have the

capacity to reason that much God has

done for you you have made it this far

whether you know it or not you're at the

banks of the Jordan this Sunday morning

you're closer to your promise then

you've ever been in your life today this

morning here you can see the promise

from here it's across the river and God

brought you this far and if most of most

of us can confidently say that the Lord

has done much more for us you remember

Psalm 103 praise the Lord on my soul oh


being raised his holy name praise the

Lord my soul and forget not all his

benefits forget them not who forgave all

your sins who heals all your diseases

who redeems your life from the pit those

of us who have been there who crowns you

with love and compassion who satisfies

your desires your desires for pete's

sake with good things so that your youth

is renewed like the Eagles do not forget

his benefits the same God who led you

out of Egypt the same God who carried

you as a father carries your son is

carrying you still has carried you this

far and if he had that he has this to

whatever it is that he had back then he

has this to we forget we forget what

he's done for us and the second thing we

forget we forget what God has promised

us we forget what God has promised us

the key the source verse verse 21 of

Deuteronomy chapter 1 see the Lord has

given you the land English majors

present tense frozen perfect he has

given you the land go up and take

possession of it as the Lord the God of

your father's told you do not be afraid

do not be discouraged there's a

highfalutin theological term called

realized eschatology now and not yet it

says the things that did I get that

right cut well we'll fix it later as

pastor said greg did he get that right

but I stole it from him did he get it so

it's basic

be saying the Lord says the Lord gives

you rushers a promise and because he's

God and the doors he closes no 101

course he closes no one opens and the

doors he opens no one closes what he

says is done in his mind in his heart

it's it is it's already there's no past

there's no present there's no future

with the Lord it is truth or falsehood

and if he's made you a promise it is

done there'll be some drama you're gonna

grow into it I mean that you're going to

grow into that suit the Lord has

promised you but in his mind in his

heart before the angels of heaven and

the demons in hell the word is done he

has given you has given you the lamb

yeah you just got here yeah it's your

first Sunday yeah you haven't been to

church in 20 years God has given you the

victory already it's done it's a promise

you know one of the most responding

catalogs or promises we find in all of

Scripture you find in the book of

Deuteronomy God made this set of

promises to this generation that's about

to cross the Jordan and now we're

adopted children of Israel this applies

to us too it's in Deuteronomy 28

Deuteronomy 28 see this is a Deuteronomy

really it's a set of speeches it's a pep

talk you know it's a pep talk halftime

right before the big game we're about to

turn turn turn we're about to cross over

and meet those Anna kites and Canaanites

and Emma rights we're gonna blow them

away in the dust okay kit ok team ok

team you've got this god's with you we


do this rough it is a pep talk it's a

into gigantic do that's what Deuteronomy

is it's just one long prophetic pep talk

and in this pep talk the Moses says if

you fully obey if you get this if you

obey the Lord your God and carefully

follow all his commands that I give you

today the Lord your God will set you

high above all the nations on the earth

and before you say who me keep listening

do not deny this word that the Lord has

for you all these blessings will come on

you and accompany you if you obey the

Lord your God you'll be blessed in the

city and you'll be blessed in the

country does it really matter where you

end up where you end up you'll be

blessing the shelter you'll be blessing

the apartment you'll be blessing the

house you'll be blessed in Boston you'll

be blessed in Orlando you'll be blessed

in Santiago you'll be blessed in

Tegucigalpa you will be blessed and sent

high above the fruit of your womb your

children the generation that will follow

you the work of your hands the fruit of

your womb and the crops of your land and

the young of your life stop the calves

of your herds and the lambs of your

flocks everything connected to you

everything that you have borne

everything that you have intended will

be blessed your basket and you're

kneading trough will be blessed your

refrigerator in your pantry you will be

blessed when you come in and bless when

you go out if you stay the Lord will

bless you if you go the Lord will bless

you if you turn to the left the Lord

will bless you if you turn to the right

the Lord will bless you he's got you

he's will he will bless you the Lord

will grant that the enemies who rise up

against you will be defeated before they

come out for you from one direction

they'll come to you but flee from you


the Lord will send blessings on your

barns and everything that you put your

hand to the Lord God will bless you in

the land he's giving you the Lord will

establish you as his holy people as he

promised you on earth if you keep the

commands of the Lord your God and walk

in obedience to him then all the peoples

of the earth will see that you are

called by the name of the Lord and they

will fear you they will fear you the

Lord will grant you abundant prosperity

in the fruit of your womb the young of

your life stop the crops of your ground

in the land he swore to your ancestors

to give you later it promises you know

the Lord will make you the head it says

not the tail if you pay attention to the

commands of the Lord your God that I

give you this day the antidote to

forgetting his promises is know the word

know the word know its promises chisel

them into your heart and life chisel

them into your heart in life you know

Deuteronomy again in chapter 6 it has a

very very Father's Day Father's this is

a very very important little note how to

run how to run a household that does not

forget the does not forget the Lord's

promises in verse 6 of chapter 6 it says

these Commandments I gave you today you

are to be one you are to be it are to be

on your hearts it says these

commandments that I give you today are

to be on your hearts impress them on

your children chisel in on them talk

about them when you sit at home and when

you walk along the road when you lie

down and when you get up tie them as

symbols on your hands and buying them on

your foreheads what you do what you

think write them on the door frames of

your houses in on your gates know the


no these promises so we forget what the

Lord has done for us we forget his

promises and then we forget that God is

with us we forget that God is with us in

verse 8 of chapter 31 31 verse 8 31

verse 8 Moses Moses declares to them the

Lord Himself goes before you and will be

with you he will never leave you nor

forsake you do not be yacht a do not be

yer a do not be thathe do not be afraid

do not be discouraged the antidote we

forget that God is with us the antidote

is is see his presence become conscious

of his presence become a constant

worshipper of God some a bit of advice

and this is almost this is a this is

kind of a sermon in and of itself but I

really encourage you to create a habit

of cultivating the presence of God of

cultivating the presence of God in the

morning before your first conversation

very important before your first

decision before your first intervention

with a human being with that first cup

of coffee in your hand and your Bible on

your lap seek cultivate the presence of

the Lord and throughout the day to the

degree that you have the capacity to do

it control over it throughout the day

worship Him if your work environment

allows it perhaps listening to

Christians to the christian station you

know on Spotify or or or

what's that other thing that I have on

my pandora god knows what Carrie you

know it lives on the kari jobe station

or Hillsong or or Jesus Culture Fernando

Ortega is one of my favs who's in the

worry but he's great Zeus are the young

romero marcos witt I i still have tapes

tapes of Marcos when I'm ancient or even

listen to a recorded message on YouTube

thanks bran for making that happen

something else that's important do a 360

degree review of the space around you I

mean make that a habit be consciously

aware of his presence what do I mean by

this you know be aware of how it affects

your mind in your heart ask yourself and

I Drive the people that hurt crazy

because I'm out constantly asking is

this the kind of environment that would

draw the presence of a holy God is this

a place where the Holy Spirit is

welcomed the phrase I use at Herc is

would with the holy spirit wear his

fuzzy slippers here you know could he

just hang out here does he feel at home

in this space so you avoid gossip and

petty conflicts do that anyway you weigh

our words and our attitudes you think

twice before pressing sand on that

volcanic email so as not to offend the

Lord or to have him withdraw his

nearness his presence this is worship

this is worship this is praise to be

caught to just have your spiritual

antennas up and just Zone in on the

presence of the Lord there may be times

maybe even entire seasons of your life

when you may not

feel the presence of the Lord no matter

how faithfully you cultivated do not

fear and don't be discouraged it's not

it's enough to know that whether you

feel him or not that he goes before you

that he goes before you that he is with

you that he will never leave you nor

forsake you as that scripture says

finally this bit of advice if you're

going to yaw to anything yacht a god

fear God Roosevelt you know this quote

we have nothing to fear but fear himself

I'm a big fan of Roosevelt but he was

only half right okay if you're going to

fear something or someone fear God now I

said that the word got a and cut off

appear in Scripture 17 times right the

first time we see it is in Deuteronomy

121 you want to know when the last time

it is that we see it the last time we

see these two words together in

Scripture you a high five is in the book

of Malachi the book of Malachi Malachi

chapter 2 verse 5 Malachi chapter 2

verse 5 is the last time in Scripture

you see these two words but in a very

different context in this context

they're our friends isn't this weird

check this out Malachi 2 verse 5 my

covenant was with him a covenant of life

and peace and I gave them to him this

called for reverence that words actually

yeah a-and he revered me that word is

cut off and stood in awe haha he stood

at a thought of

i name you see it is for this that fear

and reverence in all that yacht a and

how thought were invented God invented

these these emotions he wired Satan did

not Satan didn't create a comma or a

backslash in your life or make up a

constitution he may be he may be

manipulating them but he didn't create

you God wired these feelings this what

what the Bible translates his fear and

awe in you but why at the sight of the

glory of the Lord when you realize who

he is and who we are in the light of his

glory it's inescapable this God is ha

thought this god is awesome this God is

worthy of all in Spanish the word that

we translate as awesome is there me bleh

I like that in other words worth fearing

worth fearing our God is Tammy bleh our

God is they met our God is awesome

angels hide their faces from his glory

Beeman's shudder at the sound the very

sound of his name even they stand in

hatha even the demons stand in all of

his name death and hell bow before him

and are subject to him to him our God is

awesome now without his mercy our

instinct like Adams is to hide from

God's presence to come in contact with

this turn

durable awesome God the instinct is to

faint does my god or die in the presence

of his of this awesome God which is why

he's made a covenant with us which is

what is saying here he's made a covenant

of peace with us and he invites us to

draw near to Him he's made a covenant

with us this is a this isn't in this is

an engraved invitation I want you to see

my glory and I want you to draw near

when God assumes his role his proper

role ruling over our lives he becomes

our accession he becomes our fear are

all all other fears seem small and petty

who do you what do you fear let me ask

you right now and you know here's a neat

little trick another little survey what

are you feeling right now you know what

I've noticed you can feel all kinds of

things in the Lord's presence you could

feel joy you could feel peace you can

feel even conviction for your sins one

thing that I've never felt in the

presence of the Lord is fear you have

the work of being afraid when you're in

the presence of the Lord you know what

in the presence of the Lord you know

what do you but now work real hard

because at this moment it's hard to even

conjure a fear but when you do fear what

do you fear people's opinions death

failure if you must fear anything hey

let's trade that let me you know this is

a this is like a BF Skinner behavioral

psychologists we're going to let's trade

something here if you're going to fit or

if you're going to fear something try

this the terrifying thought of God

hiding his face from us fear that the

the thought of God withdrawing his

presence from us even for a second fear

that but if you're in the presence of

this God perfect love casts out all fear

so I'm invite you to stand with us for a


praise the Lord

and I saw the worshippers so that

they're on deck I'm sure so come out

come out wherever you are bless God amen

praise the Lord I didn't fear for a

moment no no you know I hadn't thought

this through do this it's an invitation

symbolically in Jesus name if this

sermon made any sense to you at this

moment i invite you to cast your fears

before the Lord do this literally extend

your hand towards this altar this is for

you fear and discouragement has just

limited the greatness

impede and you know what Satan needs to

keep fear alive it's his most potent

weapon most of what he does in our lives

most of Satan's interventions the crappy

things he does to our finances to our

government to our schools to our cities

to your loved ones to your families the

crappy things he does are aimed really

at inspiring these two things that in

itself isn't his target his target isn't

so much you know the cancer or the you

know or the letter from the bank or you

know the grief you got at school or you

know what you're unsafe husband said

last week or those are those are

annoyances but that's not his objective

Satan's objective is to use that to

inspire fear and to inspire

discouragement all right so something

crappy it happened to you or something

you've lived through something crappy

did it discourage you did it awakened

fear in you voila

you're getting it now that's the

strategy that's what he does that's what

this battle is all about have an arsenal

and you say back to him greater is he

who is in me then he was in the word

that's a promise that's a promise that's

a promise I can do all things through

Christ who strengthens me that's a

promise that's a promise the righteous

may fall seven times but each time the

Lord lifts them up that's a promise

that's a promise and in Jesus name now

cast your fears cast them on them it's

Lord in Jesus name I I declare that you

are greater I declared Jesus you you are

awesome you are magnificent the demons

tremble at the sound of your name you

are you fill the space with your majesty

there's a reason we spend as much time

on worship as we do this god is huge

this God is beautiful this god is

marvelous this guy feels space and time

focused on this God focus on this God

who nailed your fears and who nailed

your discouragement on the cross of

Jesus Christ and that's what we do Lord

on this altar master we cast all fear on

this alter the Lord God we lay our

discouragement and we declared you Lord

God that your victory is our victory

your triumph is our triumph we are your

people we are your people and we are

your blessed tribe you have made us the


and not the tail you have promised to

bless us your plumbing supplies are

going you have promised a bless or

coming there is none who can stop you so

march on Lord God go before us go before

us arise Lord let your enemies be

scattered and we your people will follow

you to the gates of hell if necessary we

will follow you because you are in

control and you know what you're doing

in Jesus name