CLJ E 160724

so much going on in the world around us

sorry I have to be honest I'm a little

scattered at where to start you know we

come into our safe place and God

thankfully we know Jesus Christ and we

have a temple to run into to run away

from but like going through the

headlines and I mean just the

extremities from local personal civil

international political so much going on

and Charlotte said something I prayers

she talked about the presence of God

that God could do what he does in his

presence we can't even think to

accomplish in a lifetime and so we thank

god for his presence and I am going to

attempt to uh to connect the presence of

God the ultimate heaven eternity to

where we are today I believe that a God

wants to remind us that the gospel that

our salvation receiving Christ and being

delivered and set free and all of that

that a very very crucial part of the

gospel is understanding eternity is

taking eternity seriously is having a

healthy and active view of heaven amen

and so I know that uh you know I'm

looking out on a lot of young younger

focus well sister Catherine listen I'm

getting ready to go to college I have

plans for this you know I'm hoping to

marry and have children and that's great

that's exactly what I wants us to do

because we're going to talk about

eternity and think about heaven it's not

that we're going to diminish what God

came for for us to do the good works

here okay so I just want to establish

that but it is it is quite important

that we function with heaven in our view

I'll point out one thing the book of

Proverbs this is for all of us but

particularly younger adults and young

people and youth the book of

proverbs was intentionally meant for

young men and women in the ancient times

in order that they memorized it to know

how to grow and live godly the book of

Proverbs for all of us but for

particularly for young people this was

brought to my attention and it made

sense proverbs is not in order proverbs

is just wisdom wisdom choices every day

we live for good or for bad the choices

we make every hour will either benefit

or detract from little choices big

choices and that's how the book of

Proverbs is sort of scattered everything

is it's confronting us as life confronts

us and so it's trying to teach us that

these decisions for good or for bad are

very important but godliness the choice

of godliness is what helps our young

people to grow into godly adults

understand eternity and look forward to

it amen and so I'll just I'll just start

with john three sixteen and i'm going to

be i'm going to try to do it gracefully

but i'm going to be jumping around in

different verses amen it says I'm

reading the English standard version and

every version everybody we all have yeah

they're all speak God's Word to us

clearly for God so loved the world that

He gave His only Son that whoever

believes in Him should not perish but

have eternal life that's a very common

verse of scripture when we go down to

John 3 20 and 21 it says for everyone

who does wicked things hates the light

and does not come to the light lest his

works should be exposed but whoever does

what is true comes to the light so that

it may be clearly seen that his works

have been carried out in God and so we

want to understand how our works and and

just a fine

do the Word of God how our works are

connected to Eternity how our lives here

are connected to Eternity and I had the

honor of speaking at the women's tee and

I'm gonna I just want to pick up on a

point from that in Ephesians Ephesians

28 29 says for by grace you have been

saved through faith and it is not your

own doing it is the gift of God not a

result of works so that no one may boast

but then when wen we so before we came

to Christ before we knew ourselves as

Christians before we encountered and had

that experience with the Spirit of God

we didn't know obedience we didn't know

godliness and and wait that is it's

important from this verse says we didn't

do anything to deserve it the only thing

we did was respond we encountered the

presence of God unlike the presence of

another human being nothing like when

you meet that man or that woman that you

know who is going to be your spouse

nothing like that nothing like even when

we see our first child and these are all

precious times in life but they

encounter with the presence of God that

is something it connects in a different

way those other things connect to our

spirits I believe but they encounter

with the presence of God it's a joy and

a humbling all mixed together because

this is holy God our Creator the one who

put us together and that's a mystery we

could spend eons trying to figure out

but then we see ourselves we reflect on

ourselves and I know from testimonies of

people who receive Christ much younger

as teenagers or even children as well as

people who receive Christ older it

doesn't make a difference we see our

unworthiness we see our deficit we see

that as mere humans without knowing our

Creator there's something terribly wrong

and there's a yearning of the desire in

our heart that causes us to respond to

that presence and bow our knees and cry

and be thankful so there's this joy

we're thankful thank you that I came to

this point thank you that I've

encountered you thank you for saving me

so there's this joy and this agony all

mixed together and so right there we

choose to receive God we believe that

God is real that there is a creator that

we just didn't pop out of the sky and

then we choose to still we see ourselves

and in our humility we respond there's a

response it's called the conversion so

converting is not only something we use

a term we only use for people who may

have been of another religion but we all

converted we all changed our mind we all

changed our position that no we were

walking in a path that was not godly

though he created us all good we were

lost and we responded we changed and we

converted so at that point then we begin

to understand we know who we are we know

a purpose we have a sense of purpose we

know where we are going we are no longer

lost and then we begin to walk it out

with God and he begins to help us define

our what we are supposed to do for the

kingdom of God on this side of eternity

and what it's supposed to look like

through each of our individual lives

amen not everybody is going to to serve

in an official way within the local

church some people are going to be

entrepreneurs and the integrity that

they function in business will reflect

the godliness of eternity yeah and then

they may be able to have conversations

with coworkers when they're having a

barbecue some people will be teachers

and they will be pouring in to other

other people's children of all races and

nationalities coming from all

backgrounds and even though we need to

be careful that we don't

we don't break the rules of government

and we don't go into schools and

proselytize but just the way we handle

other human beings these children the

way we pour in hope the silent prayers

that we can say over them so that's a

reflection of godliness some of us will

be stay-at-home husband's I'm going to

switch it up a little bit because God is

not in the box and life isn't either

some of us will be stay-at-home husband

and our job will be to support our wife

to support and be the backbone of our

children to be that close father to our

daughters that many of us would have

wished we had in a father our fathers

had to go out to work but that close

father in our daughters to understand

that we are precious and to give us an

understanding of relationship to be that

model for the young man to know how to

go out and what our responsibility is

but knowing that God still sees us as

his little son and we can cry and be

weak on his shoulder in spite of what

society says about us and so I'm just

giving us examples of how the the

Christian life are Christian a new life

our new life in Christ looks like what

that may look like in everyday life so

we respond in Ephesians 2 still in

Ephesians 2 goes further at verse 10 it

says for we are his workmanship created

in Christ Jesus for good works which God

prepared beforehand that we should walk

in them so there's a job description

drafted for each one of us before we

actually realize that we belong to God

that we are children of light and not of

darkness interest in a job description

right some of us are looking for work

and have been for a long time and you

know that we look at the employment

statistics in different states in

America and and this is the not a lot of

work in some areas but we all went

you have comment it to be a citizen of

the kingdom of God you do have an

assignment you have a purpose you have a

job amen and that is to be a

representative of God on this earth

that's the greatest job assignment ever

we were created the Bible says in

Genesis in the image of God let us make

man let us make humanity in our likeness

the Godhead spoke because we are to

represent God whether we have a job on

earth or not whether we are suffering

even or not there is a hope there is a

presence of God that even in our

suffering scripture shows over and over

again that even in suffering and

existing in an unfair world how many of

us realize that this is an unfair life

we insulate and we protect our children

as much as possible and my parents and

my older sisters and brothers they

raised me in a way to think that there

was nothing I could accomplish they

encouraged my creative arts gift I was

the baby of 8 and the closest sibling to

me was eight years older so I spent a

lot of time with my making my own

adventures and and just just just all

kinds of things reading and there was

nothing I felt like there was nothing I

could accomplish and I was one in 1967

and that was just coming off the cus of

the civil rights balance but I didn't

realize any of that I lived in New York

and we lived in an area in Brooklyn that

was fairly I guess I would call it

progressive in that era one of those

intentional places for the black

community to really be able to establish

themselves in a fairly decent way and

get some roots and owned homes so I

wasn't subject to what was really going

on an outside and that happens we

insulate our children today I have two

adult children but one is be 25 tomorrow

and one will be 33 in August

and that's a whole other testimony but

God is faithful and they are in his

clutches thank God but but you know when

I when I was raising my children things

weren't as thick and dense and and and

it's almost like today Ivan I feel like

you can almost feel and taste um the the

tents the tense environment we live in

even if you don't watch the news even if

you don't read the newspaper but but

things filter in we hear conversations

on the train to and fro and like I said

it's a broad-reaching tensions it's not

only one issue there are things

happening just simultaneously

internationally and locally it's amazing

but we have been chosen to exist in this

time of God's redemptive plan you and I

I think it's X that that when Paul is

talking and acts he says that God chose

the time in places that every person

would exist in his plan realize that God

chose where we would be God understood

how we would respond how we would

process it God understood he knew that

we would suffer he knew that we would

have many many unanswered questions he

knew that we would come to realize that

life is unfair so how do we respond to

an unfair life as Christians how do we

respond to that we often think about

John Tenten where Jesus says that he has

come yeah to that we may have life let

me read it directly because I want to

read it in the tents he says it John tan

tana starts it says the thief comes

only to steal and kill and destroy I

have come that they may have life and

have it to the full yeah and we say that

Jesus came that we may have life and

have it to the full Jesus was he said he

said that they may have life he was

speaking to the Pharisees he was

speaking to the religious leaders who

were teaching who were were over

religion at that time and he was you

know there were there were some issues

we know going on with Jesus and the

Pharisees and he was making a point many

points but I want to pull out one he was

letting them know that their teachings

and the teachings of others like them

which was more so man-made doctrines

from tradition tradition mixed with

scripture the Old Testament scripture

that didn't lead to salvation it didn't

lead to the salvation of god what it did

was it was a cross separate separatism

it separated Jews and Gentiles and and

it had the Jews still hoping for a

political leader that would declare that

their nation over other nests

ethnicities as the nation chosen by God

that that was a and understandably they

didn't have the whole picture so this is

what it looked like was coming but jesus

said that's not abundant life I came

that they may have life and it more

abundantly and that abundance has a two

of two sides to it a dual part that

abundance was is for now right that we

like I said that we come to know we are

we get a purpose and we get a sense of

direction we're no longer loss but that

abundance had a lot it was intricately

tied to eternity because again we don't

live in a fair world and if we over

invest over invest in this life if we

put all of our hope in what we will

establish and what we will build on this

side of eternity we are going to be

shaken our faith will be shaken and our

spiritual knees will indeed buckle amen

what do I

mean by that when people live I'll speak

of people who don't know Christ people

that don't know Christ right now I

couldn't I couldn't bear it if I didn't

know the Lord I couldn't bear it if I

didn't have a definite confident truth

that God that my Creator really existed

I couldn't bear it for so many reasons

so imagine that we live in an unfair

world and there are a lot of people that

aren't saved yet there are a lot of

people unsafe their baby is continuing

to be born so when we look I said oh

there are so many churches and there's

so many of this no I was speaking with

it with a man of God you know his

attitude was totally different he said I

don't know we don't have as many

ministers as doctors we don't have as

many ministers as this and as many

ministers is that souls are important

the kingdom of God is important and

we're a part of redemptive history and

so when when we wouldn't when people

live without a sense of God a sense of

who there are a sense that their life is

not only for now but it's also for

tomorrow it's also for eternity and

eternal a supernatural existence and

that's not floating around we know that

we've been taught about attorney that's

not floating around as some as some

mystic oh the Bible clearly says that

that we have bodies we have glorified

bodies Romans I think Romans 8 Paul

talks about when he talks about you know

that we grown inside even unconsciously

when you know we really want to be in

our true place with God he says that

that the sons of God the men and women

of god they look to the redemption that

of their bodies let me get that straight

it literally says their literal bodies

he's talking about that that believers

are eagerly awaiting the redemption of

their bodies for eternal life des romans

8 28 but when we don't have that view

connected in our gospel properly then

what happens is the works that we do

sometimes end up being our works and not

God work God's

works why because we want to get

everything out of this life that we can

amen live for today tomorrow isn't

promised yeah young people middle-aged

people older people we all hear that

from someone we know well you know hey

you never know what tomorrow holds and

that's true we see it in the news right

but because that is true doesn't mean

that we try to get all the satisfaction

on this side we will never be fully

satisfied on this side our plans will

crumble we will seize catastrophes and

tragedies and I'm gonna call some things

I want to be very sensitive to people in

your personal situations but we will see

children with terminal illnesses we will

see parents burying their children we

will see car accidents that make

absolutely no sense at all we'll see

things like that we'll see our brothers

in Egypt our cop Coptic Christians

getting taken by terrorists and having

your head removed because they believe

in Jesus Christ we'll see missionaries

who set up the the ability for people to

know God years and establish their lives

on another country disappear never to be

seen again is this fair is this right

you know proverbs we need to be very

careful because proverbs if we if we

begin to look at proverbs another

scripture if we as Christians think that

when we cross every T and dot every I

according to two living godly that bad

things won't happen with fooling and

again our spiritual knees will buckle

and what happens then the world's way

the world understanding of life and the

true meaning of life will begin to

filter into our gospel and we'll begin

to see to wonder because the world once

that is

action now they want results now and I

know that god is able I know that Christ

is real I know from my time in this

church I know from my own life I have

heard testimonies i have seen God pick

people up pick me up from places and

deliver me and set me free never to turn

back again I know that there are all of

us have issues in our life that we don't

we say the Lord God rebuke the devil

right it's the gods shrimp that rebukes

the devil but I can stand confidently

and say you know what Satan that's an

old story save it that's old you might

have had me for five years over and over

with that one but God has delivered me

he has renewed my mind by the washing of

his word we need to know the Word of God

for ourselves and so again life is

unfair how does that connect to heaven

our hope is an eternity we must have a

real view of eternity you know why Jesus

says that he came to give us life and

have it more abundantly right so we

talked about on this side this side we

see we understand that well what the

abundant life is definitely connected to

to to heaven that's going to be our

fulfillment of everything in heaven so

many scriptures that we read about Jesus

it mentions eternity it mentions eternal

life God's glory well he came as a human

and walked on earth right he came to us

he took on a human body and walked on

earth that we may know that we may

understand he died for us but he's

calling us all he's preparing was was

these good works that we that we may be

that we may do these good works that he

planned before him well what's the point

of the good works well a big part of it

is to establish his kingdom on heaven to

draw others that's what our ancestors

the children of Israel that's what they

were to do go to the promised land go to

a place where they didn't know godliness

they were practicing forms of religion

that was seeking a God there it was

something with the gods but they had it

all jacked up they had thousands of gods

they had gods that they they had to feed

the gods to to n2a to please the god it

was a whole diff he was relating to the

agricultural systems well if we please

this God then our crops will go they had

they were seeking something they knew

there was something bigger than them but

they had it wrong the children of Israel

were to go to the promised land to help

people understand pastor the birth of

has to the pastor's here to talk about

Boston yeah we are here in the city of

Boston this is a place for so so

transient college students and so many

different cultures it's a hub it's right

on the water and we are here and every

other Church it's here and every other

place to establish the true and living

God and that may people may be drawn to

it but it doesn't stop there once they

know who they are they know what they

have to do and they know how to do it we

understand how to exist in this life we

understand how to roll with the punches

in Christ then didn't we then they also

need to know you're going home you're

going to a better place it doesn't stop

there so Christ came and he dwelt here

and he's calling us out in preparing us

sister Catherine by preparing us for

what preparing us to go there the Bible

says he dwells here with us this

building these churches temples and

Tabernacles the Old Testament point of

the tabernacle was for the presence

Charlie the presence of God that was a

special place and that was before they

had the Holy Spirit on the inside like

we do that was a the ancient Israelites

could say when they went into the temple

they were really there was something

special about that presence it was

different today the Bible tells us that

we're two or three are gathered but it's

similar it was a temple God said

establish a place for my people to come

together as a community and worship Me

but that's prepper preparing us for

heaven because we're going and I'm

pointing you know I don't really know

exactly where heaven is

and I'm not ashamed there's a lot of

things that are mysteries I know the

Bible talks about a new heaven and a new

earth and in New Jerusalem and we need

to keep in mind that we're going to God

space so he's preparing us over here in

our good works and our loving each other

and I forgiving each other over and over

again i forgiving and are loving and I'm

not getting hard hearted and are not

getting bitter yes we can get angry yes

yes it's fine Bible says beat angry but

let you let the Sun not go down on your

anger that means deal with it deal with

it how not deal with it just on your own

look in the songs there are many places

in Scripture that we see broken and

confused and hurt people of God going to

God I said why I don't get this guy but

we have to be connected to the word

because you're not gonna get that from

just hearing a sermon every Sunday

you're not gonna you're not gonna

remember the verses especially not with

someone like me I'm trying to be like I

jump all over the place that's just

where my that's just I'm a I'm a teacher

and then I need to be mindful of that

but you need to know this stuff for your

own self you need to be able to draw on

this for your own self when your plans

have been quite anybody know what it's

like for it for a plan of life to be

absolutely crushed as the crumble

anybody know about that if you don't I

do it hurts it's confusing the wind is

not out of you but what am I gonna do am

I gonna honest okay well you know what

now life has no meaning it's just it's

not worth it it's no purpose in it what

does that lead to hopelessness we're not

called to hopelessness we're not called

to hopelessness we have a greater

promise we have a greater vision there

we are part of the redemptive plan of


I keep saying that everyone understand

Redemption we were bought back we were

bought back we were on our way to hell

22 it to an eternity to a place of

darkness and I don't even I know you

pretend to know what that's like but I

know it's horrible it I can't I don't

think any human being the Bible says we

can't really fathom it people joke

around and say things like oh well all

my friends will be there I'll go there

that's not true they don't mean that in

the heart of hearts when they stand

before the judgment seat of God trust me

amen be encouraged be encouraged and so

again we are being prepared to dwell in

heavenly realm how do you feel about

that have we ever thought thought about

that those good works we're doing

they're preparing us our attitudes our

understanding to go to God's place I

want to read Hebrews Hebrews 12 18 to 29

and this is interesting I want to just

give you know it's an interesting verse

of scripture it's a nice little but it's

talking about it saying you know it's a

little bit it can sound a little harsh

God doesn't want it to be harsh receive

it in the spirit that is being said but

he's comparing when the israelites went

to the mountain of God when they first

would deliver from Egypt and they didn't

know who God was and they got to the

mountain of God and he's talking about

their experience there and getting to

know God and bringing them to the truth

of a bigger a much bigger picture than

what they could ever imagine I'm just

going to start it at actually Hebrews 12

verse 25 prior to that he's explaining

Paul is explaining how when when the

people were at the mountain God was up

on the mountain and he spoke he said

bring the people I'm gonna speak to them

directly Moses and he spoke to the p

and it was it was terrifying His Majesty

and His Holiness and it was terrifying

even from far up on this great mountain

no one could touch the mountain not a

beast listen his holiness was there and

he spoke and so Paul is saying and they

were afraid they said oh you know what

Moses that's fine you know what we hope

that's enough from now on please you

speak to us feel let God speak through

you and so that's that's a little

background to this but Paul is talking

to the dis Church in the New Testament

times in our area he's saying at verse

25 Hebrews 12 25 see that you do not

refuse him who's speaking for if they

did not escape when they refused him who

warned them on earth much less will we

escape if we reject him who warns from

heaven at that time his voice shook the

earth but now he has promised yet once

more I will shake not only the earth but

also the heavens this phrase yet once

more indicates the removal of things

that are shaken that is things that have

been made in order to in order that the

things that cannot be shaken may remain

therefore let us be grateful for

receiving a kingdom that cannot be

shaken and thus let us offer God

acceptable worship with reverence and

awe for our God is a consuming fire 28

let us be grateful for receiving a

kingdom that cannot be shaken is anybody

grateful about eternity this helps us

amen we don't have to be afraid we don't

have to shy away from thinking about our

Heavenly existence it doesn't take away

he's not supposed to take away from my

work down here it's funny a CS Lewis

who's an author in his book that many of

you know I'm sure mere christianity

people quote from it all time he talks

about the idea of looking

at heaven but being on this side of

Earth it's not um it's not just some

fantasy that we we baked up to make

ourselves feel good and no one should

leave here sir Oh sister Catherine

wanted us to to focus on heaven because

the world is so messed up and things are

so unfair and she just wants us to it is

you know some people say oh just just

have faith just have faith that's true

but sometimes we need works not

sometimes all the time sometimes we do

have to go in the spirit of love God and

the speed of God and stand on our

convictions and act into you understand

so you understand what I'm saying do we

understand the balance CS Lewis says a

continued looking forward to the eternal

world is not as some modern people think

a form of escapism or wishful thinking

but one of the things that a Christian

is meant to do it doesn't mean that we

are to leave the present world as it is

if you read history you will find that

Christians who did most for the present

world were just those who thought most

for the next when we live for today when

we figure you know what this is it after

I die whatever I might as well have all

the fun I might as well build up the

bank account as big as possible I might

as well get as many degrees as possible

I might as well just make live

carelessly not not planning and if when

we when we live like that we're not

doing any good on this side not only are

we not doing ourselves any good but

we're not doing the people around us we

are models and they won't understand why

we're doing it could trust me the

President of the United States any

president is not going to award you for

your godliness your boss is not

necessarily going to ward you for your

godliness the Lord told Abram says be

not afraid Abram when he told him to

leave and go cuz I'm a beginning to make

you godly i'ma teach you about the true

God and you're gonna have nations and

because you're obedient the redemptive

plan my

plan to get my human beings back that I

created in my image because of you is

gonna be a great success he said Dave

him go and he said be not afraid we'll

be afraid but the Lord gives is our

comfort our God of work I said be not

afraid I am your reward God said I am

your pay I am your salary how about that

is that good enough for anyone here

today but we need to go and we need to

believe and we need to stop looking for

satisfaction in the things here let me

explain something to you my husband and

I believe strongly in social advocacy if

God allow our golden years to roll on

we'll be pouring our life into social

advocacy and not just for Black folk but

for all people amen but particularly for

the ones that we know the ones we relate

to what our experience relates to but

for everyone we want to build bridges we

believe that everybody needs everybody

and the only way we can figure that out

and begin to get that right but we're in

Christ when we're in Christ when we look

at revelations jumping my point was we

believe in social advocacy and so I keep

going back to this don't leave here

thinking I'm saying it doesn't matter

what we do here but we need to keep that

in perspective so that when every

project doesn't work out when certain

impacts in the communities don't seem to

bring forth what we hoped when unfair

things happen in just how do we pick up

the pieces from here understand we have

to have our hope in eternity or we won't

go on we won't go back and pick up the

pieces we have to keep going back and

picking up the pieces that's what I

think that you know it's happening I

think there's an awareness now of some

things that are finally being shaken God

has allowing some things to be shaken he

says things are being shaken that can be

shaken and I hate to say this I said

it's to my husband and this is me he's

not God but the casualties of

I have come to understand that says and

when I say understand that I don't

really understand it I've come to accept

it there are casualties of war when

things shake things go flying people get

hurt innocent people get hurt amen but

revelations revelations um let me find

you I know some of you out there could

just quote it for me talking about that

that a view of heaven see what happens

when we put it in our low notes back in

the days used to have to flip the Bible

we try to make things a little easier

for ourselves and I can't even find it

on well here we go praise God see he

said go to the Bible that's what you get

for going to your notes revelations 21

verse 22 we encouraged be encouraged do

good here but there is a greater place

and I saw no temple in the city this is

John speaking this is the book of

revelations chapter 21 verse 2 he says

and I saw no temple in the city for the

temple is the Lord God the Almighty and

the lamb and the city has no need of Sun

or moon to shine on it for the glory of

God gives its light and it's lamp is the

lamb by its light will the nation's walk

and the kings of the earth will bring

their glory into it and its gates will

never be shut by day and there will be

no night there they will bring into it

the glory and the honor of the nation's

but nothing unclean will ever enter it

nor anyone who does what is detestable

or false but only those who are written

in the Lamb's Book of Life that's us

that's us guys

I just want to to look back to even in

our biblical history of situations you

know the the Bible never ever presents

life as fair God descriptions don't

print don't display life is fair we say

snapshots of situations where people are

doing mighty things through god people

that are called by God ordinary people

great kings but it never presents

situation that life being fair so we

could go back even early to Moses the

story of Moses when he was a baby and

they were in Egypt and in the Pharaoh

just because the Egyptian ruler just

because the Jews people were becoming so

big they were just populated just

because they were growing the community

of the Jewish people were growing

decaying the Pharaoh who they were

serving him it wasn't like they had

their own nation in their own Kings they

were just communities of people but just

because they were growing so large he

decided oh you know what we need to

start killing their babies and so he had

all of the nurses the midwives who

delivered the babies for the Jewish

people he sent it along it says start

throwing them into the sea is that seem

fair to you Moses was saved but when we

stop and think about it others weren't

but we see the midwives thank God for

the midwives God always positions people

of hope people who believe thank God for

the midwives who said we're not going to

take a party to this and so they helped

preserve let's think of let's think

about let's think of they owe me the

Book of Ruth that store was about a man

who from Jerusalem who there was a

famine there was no food there was no

rain he picked up his family and took

them to another part another out of that

that area and it was his wife was Naomi

and he had two sons and his two sons

married to women and these were godly

people the place where they came from in

Jerusalem even though it was a time when

when Israel was really idolatrous but he

did that that area of people they was

standing their ground in the midst of

craziness they was serving the true God

he went on the way back he was figuring

okay things are better now well he dies

then one of his sons dies and then the

other son dies so now you have his wife

and the two daughters and laws heading

back after all of these years to their

countrymen but without the husbands and

in that time that was significant and

even if it was now that's a tragedy does

that seem fair to anyone here the Bible

never explains why they died say got

sick don't get an explanation about that

and what happened naomi was broken she

was shaken and rightfully so but she had

Ruth God always positions people of hope

we will have weak times in our lives

this is not about pretending that you're

so strong in your faith Oh God is going

to make everything all right and you got

to go into a room and crying you don't

want anyone to see you because they're

going to think that shouldn't you don't

have faith no no because that would that

would make Psalms totally unbiblical but

it's the deposit of hope you understand

we have been given a deposit the Bible

says that is a guarantee we have a

deposit in each

every one of us that has received Christ

that there is a great guarantee there is

a greater thing there is something

greater than this and so we are going to

allow the kingdom of God to come through

us on this side of eternity we're gonna

do our best to live godly make godly

decisions why is that important why is

it important for us to make golly

decisions because other people are

looking we don't live in in little

insulated capsules do your best to build

life on godly decisions start right

where you are some things we can't go

back and fix amen we can't go back and

fix some things but we also can't con

god they're things that we can fix that

we can't go and make recompense that we

can humble ourselves and acknowledge no

this is wrong that's right I need to

choose right and I don't care who thinks

like mix oh if it makes me look like an

idiot but you know it doesn't matter how

much you know if God says you're gonna

look like a fool because you're gonna

correct this because you correct this

thing people gonna get Lucas Oh see she

was wrong see he does it so that's

that's that's what is how valuable is

that to you is that more valuable

valuable to you than obedience to God

and so some people you know receive

pricing the Bible you know I look at

that scripture some people use about

save some by fear and it depends on how

you read that and different that saving

somebody feel is this with fear with

fear save some despising the very

clothes that you know that they are in

this sinfulness but some people think oh

yeah okay I'm gonna receive Christ yep

I'm saved I got my ticket in I'm going

to heaven I'm dead they had an encounter

they heard a pastor or somebody talking

so adamantly about Hell and it sounded

like such a horrible place oh heck I

want to go to heaven yes yes yeah yeah

jesus i received you we can't con God

our confession comes with conversion

changing of mine making every effort to

let the holy spirit in us

have its way amen when and this matters

for eternity we don't wait till we get

to eternity it's but now I works now and

I really don't can't explain exactly how

I do I really can't explain exactly how

but all I can tell you is as you read

through the New Testament as you read

different things that Jesus says and

then Paul says about eternity our works

now are absolutely connected to our

eternal life so our glory with God in

heaven it's connected it matters we are

learning we are being groomed up and so

I pray that we live with heaven in view

and I associated with with the rear view

mirror for any of us drivers or people

let that ride with people often you you

know we can be on a road that has hardly

any cars and just driving and we don't

really have to look in our rearview

mirror you know we can sort of tell

we're both so we don't need to say but I

don't know I Drive my rearview mirror is

so important to me the side view mirror

is just as important that rearview

mirror is like CC heaven as that

backdrop that rid of you remember that

that's just let's just check in with

that rearview mirror it was a story

about the man is God he was blessed in

so I'm so blessed and I have this and I

have that let me build up a barn cuz I

got so much I can't even store it

anymore come on in the next day he

passed the Bible said what a fool he was

he was not redeeming the times you worm

insensitive to heaven I'm thinking how

much he could have done to bless others

to teach other not to just give them

food but to give them seed and teach

others how to establish crops we have to

think like that and we are doing

phenomenal on this earth listen the

Church of God every local church we can

feel helpless at times

but every local church who is following

Jesus Christ in truth is being used by

God for the successful redemptive plan

of God we are being used we may not feel

like we're making an impact but we are

the churches all over the world who

bowed their needs Jesus Christ and

follow the scripture are being used they

are having an effect they are having an

impact if it's nothing else but standing

standing guard so that the enemy can't

get through standing guard locking

shoulders lock and belief locking prayer

we're winning God is he can't fail and

so to tell the truth and we see this in

biblical history many people who were in

Israel they couldn't get with God's

program number one they didn't have the

patience to wait for God they wanted

things now whether it be justice whether

it be a exaltation and power they wanted

it now many people won't be able to get

on board with God's program and you know

what a news flash it'll be people in the

church but you know what it doesn't make

a difference it never started stopped

the forward move of God's redemptive

plan Jesus came his first coming he came

humbly Isaiah 53 I believe it says he

came just humble as a servant he didn't

he has nothing in particular that would

get your attention about him he didn't

have one a big bright neon blazer he

didn't hate it I'm telling you what the

scripture says Isaiah 53 I believe he

didn't have any any remarkable things

that she would say oh look at those

those beautiful gray I saw Wow is he oh

you know he was buff door good no God

knows but you get my breathing in that

interesting but he was a lord in our

Savior and we worship he says he he came

just humble yeah he came to suffer yeah

he came to preach but he is coming again

and when our Savior our Redeemer comes

again he is coming as judge and King and

CS Lewis says something very interesting

we know that verse that says that Jesus

Christ looking unto Jesus Christ the

author and finisher of our faith he

writes our faith he starts our faith and

he ends it right says CS Lewis says you

know when when the when the author steps

on stage he was talking like a play you

go to theater when the author when the

one who wrote the play steps going stage

it is over we need to understand that

amen let us not have bitterness or

hard-heartedness distract us from good

works let not have an unanswered

questions and big wise with ! distract

us from our good works tussle these

things out with your God with your Lord

he's waiting in with his arms open and

you know we will get answers the Holy

Spirit does answer us many times

something that didn't make sense begins

to make sense through his word but we

have to stay in the press we have to

stay connected to our faith we have to

stand firm in our faith be encouraged

amen I'm just going to close with a

scripture and then I'll proverbs 3 328

it says let not steadfast love and

faithfulness forsake you bind them

around your neck write them on the

tablet of your heart so you will find

favor and good success in sight of God

and man we see on earth right and we God

trust in the Lord with all your heart

and do not lean on your understanding

and all I'm going to change it to our


our ways let's acknowledge him and he

will make straight our paths let us not

be wise in our own eyes fear the Lord

and turn away from evil it will be

healing to our fresh and refreshment to

our bones god bless you guys