CLJ E 160612

we live in in momentous times we live in

times of extraordinary import thank you

so much d and wait where God is doing

something that is a extra extraordinary

unprecedented just on a magnet to that

we have never I believe seen before in

the human in human history and the

church needs to be prepared for the

times that we are living in we need to

discern where we are in God's chronology

and let me just give you a little bit of

context as to why I have chosen the

theme that I've chosen and the immediate

the immediate reason why I want to talk

about this topic is what pastor Greg it

just said the fact that we as a

congregation are considering and you

know at this point it to be perfectly

honest with you the momentum is toward

making this change after having talked

to so many of you and and also the

Latino portion of the congregation and

having done a lot of you know canvassing

of the congregation I feel that you know

that we have been given freedom by the

congregation to move in this direction

and so we are going probably in that

direction but we're still awaiting God's

you know final word because I think

changes of this nature of changing for

example an entire service and and two

portions of the congregation and the

place where they going to worship and so

on I could go on and on it is

significant a significant change some

that we have really considered very

carefully in much prayer much dialogue

and this this change I believe is it

should be understood and interpreted in

the light as I said last Sunday of other

other things that God is doing in the

city in the nation in the world and in

doing this microcosmic change if you

will in doing this change that are very


level of this congregation we are also I

believe establishing connection with the

things that God is doing at a much

larger level and that I believe he is

still going to continue to do in

ever-larger levels and so we are doing

really is prophetically preparing

ourselves for what God is about to do by

faith because it's a prophetic intuition

it's just a prophetic understanding that

I have of what God has been doing and

what he is about to do and that we

should simply sync with that by faith

because there's no guarantee that I've

seen precisely and that we are actually

were I think we are but I'm trying to

anticipate as much as we can and I'm

trying to just follow the the the

leading of the Holy Spirit so that we be

in sync with what God is doing and you

know when you do that it's dangerous and

risky because you know you can miss it I

don't claim any kind of infallibility I

don't claim perfect understanding but I

think what a leader what a spiritual

leader does is that when he or she

believes that God has spoken you simply

follow as we said last Sunday and so

this this move is all about that and I

think Greg I was so into what I was

supposed to present he said that

afterwards we will talk about it

downstairs in the time of a reception I

think we said that and so you're invited

to come and continue the dialogue about

it but what I wanted to do is use this

time to speak with you a little bit more

about this to add more insight more

understanding more process into what we

are seeking to do so that you better

because I think if people understand the


of what you one is doing if people

understand the foundations and the

principles that are governing a certain

move in an institution on the part of a

leader then there would be more apt to

buy into it and you know follow it more

gladly and with less less violence if

you will to that body of people so

that's what I'm seeking to do so let me

let me just say number one I pray that

the Lord will give me the gift of just

simplicity in speaking about some that i

think is pretty complex and also a lot

of material that i I'm sure I won't be

able to cover completely so may the Lord

just give me wisdom right now and

understanding and humility and

simplicity of heart to be able to speak

these things in a way that is

understandable to everyone that I won't

miss you you know in presenting these

things so I want to speak about this

fact that you know we are living in a

particular moment in human history where

extraordinary things are happening all

over the world and that not only are we

living a moment but we are heading

toward a consummation of that moment we

are living a process that has become

more accelerate accelerated and more

concentrated but it's a process that has

been going on I think this is the

foundation of time and that we need to

be ready for when that moment picks up

in a faster way and becomes more defined

we need to be able to be you know just

be able to run with it and as I said

that into my mind came the image of

somebody trying to catch a moving train

so what do you do when you you know the

train has already started moving you

start running with it right parallel to

it and we when you've achieved a pair of

speed to that train you jump into it

because if you just try to you know

stand still and grab a moving train just

gonna yank you with the huge violence

but if you're running along

and gaining speed with it when you when

it's time to jump you can do it so much

more easily and I think this is this

image that I've never employed it before

but i think is a wonderful one to what

we're doing God's moving train is going

at a very fast speed right now and the

church is seeing that train and we don't

also have discernment our goal should

start running in order to get on that

train because after one point is going

to pick up such speed that it will not

be you will not be able to board it so

you will have missed the opportunity and

I think what we are seeking to do and

what I really have been trying to do for

the past years of my life is everything

that I do is predicated on these

thoughts these ideas I'm simply perhaps

enunciated them much more explicitly for

the first time in this way more

insistently so we need to get on board

with God's process and that process

involves certain things it involves the

adoption that means you know the the

bringing together the assembling in our

minds of a certain type of mentality a

certain type of outlook a certain type

of behavior a certain type of

institutional practice and personal

practice and leadership practice it

involves the adoption of a certain way

of living and acting in order for us to

be up to speed with what God is about to

do in the outside and what he wants to

happen within the church so that the

church is ready when the time comes to

be able to speak to and relate with and

somehow also affect that process that is

taking place at the cultural level at

the macroeconomic level at the level of

the geopolitical level

the level of nations relationships

between nations and governments and also

I think to the development of the human

of the human sensibility of the human

being I think humankind as a whole in

our time is going through a certain kind

of you know just accelerated development

of its sensibility its outlook the

critical powers of mankind in the 21st

century are unlike any other time in

human history because of the increase of

knowledge and of communications and the

availability of knowledge that the

internet provides us with I think are we

are we are experiencing almost like a

quantum leap in in in critical

understanding not necessarily in wisdom

and spiritual discernment actually our

intellectual advancement is outstripping

in a in a harmful way actually our

capacity to process it so we're like

little children who are highly developed

in certain things but we don't have the

maturity to harness and to use the

skills that we are acquiring so

mankind's intellectual development it

has increased tremendously as increasing

outside geometrically but its maturity I

wouldn't say increasing arithmetic it's

not increasing at all actually I think

it's going backwards and so the church i

think is the only sane institution right

now in the world and in this nation that

can understand what is going on and

provide the required in sight for the

time that humanity is living in and that

doesn't surprises are all so again look

at this you know God is a God of

processes and it's no coincidence I

believe that you had this presentation

of the casket empty I'm glad they added

empty because cascade is a very horrible

name for you know Christian

program but a cascade you know that you

see this God who has been living in who

has been carrying out through human

history an entire set of processes from

the time of creation to the consummation

that we see in Revelation we see a God

of processes a God of intentionality God

who plans and who foresees the future in

big swaths he said you know he to God

the time is everything is synchronous

everything is a Semel simultaneous he

doesn't see chronologically sequentially

like we do he sees an absolute

simultaneity he sees everything and he

also has all the time in the world he

has eternity so he had he can give

himself the luxury of thinking in terms

of centuries and even millennia and eons

and we only have 70 80 90 years here on

earth and so we we only see very little

pieces but God takes hundreds of years

sometimes to develop one piece and so he

is a God of process and we are living

that process and so again this teaching

that I'm bringing to you is predicated

on in other words dependent on this

prophetic understanding that God is

moving strategically in history to bring

the present culture that we are living

in to a point of unprecedented

transformation have I lost you yet are

you okay forgive me i'm not done on the

rest amazing you i'm just hope I'm just

hoping that I don't you know I don't

want to miss anyone and we have a

diverse group of people so we are you

know what I'm preaching what I'm doing

is it depends on that I've discerned

correctly that we are living that God is

moving strategically in history he's

doing things in history to move this

present culture living living in 21st

century to a point of unprecedented

transformation now we may not see this

in an obvious superficial level

but the required preconditions are being

established for this unprecedented

transformation according to God's

purposes why do I say this because if we

see the world the world is could

becoming increasingly chaotic the world

is increasingly distancing itself from

the paradigms of creation and the

intentions that God had when he created

humankind so the world's becoming

increasingly disordered and rebellious

against God's plans so as we see the

world as we see the violence the

criminality the poverty the human

trafficking the war the internal

squabbling Nations and so on we would

think that it actually it's the contrary

that the world is actually preceding it

in toward and increasing disorder and

chaos as opposed to perhaps seeing that

God is allowing this he is overseeing

the entire process and he is allowing a

certain level of disorder and chaos to

take place in order to bring about the

conditions that he requires and also in

order to bring humanity into the level

of humility and acknowledgement of its

own limitations so that it might finally

bow before the sovereignty of its

creator so God is allowing that to

happen in a way so I've said it before

we live in times of extreme importance

momentous times times of imminence and

of great moves that God is about to

unleash and I've site also perhaps so

intimated that we live in the most

complex advanced sophisticated culture

that has ever existed the only power

that I find in Scripture and I'm sure

it's in a minor scale is in Genesis

where you see that there was a point it

says in humanity's early development

that it acquired that you've heard of

the Tower of Babel humanity acquired a

point of sophistication and development

and I'm sure you know the scale was

different from today the 21st century

today is like thousands of times more so

but it came to

point that they establish themselves in

a valley where civilizations are

established and they acquired a certain

level of complexity in their culture and

they decided to build the tower to the

glory by the way now humanities building

all kinds of towers to his glory New

York City dubai on and on you know it's

interesting this this yearning for

towers that are higher and higher and

higher I think it responds to something

there is a spiritual element to that but

they wanted to build this tower in

memory of its own of itself man is

always seeking to glorify himself and is

he's always seeking to break the bonds

of design and of submission to the great

designer who is God because that's in he

that's in in in the in the inner drive

of the creature is to become independent

of his creator and by the way I don't

have time but if you look at sounds to

words as you know why do the nation's

what is the word they rumbled it they

rage and they seek to break away why do

the nation's rage and the people plot a

vain thing the kings of the earth set

themselves and the rulers take counsel

together against the Lord and against

his anointed saying let us break their

bonds in pieces and cast away their

cords from us that's what humanity has

always sought to do and now in our time

humanity's tried to do the thing that

the same thing that had tried to do back

in the types of Babel just break away I

don't know what level of sophistication

of that first culture acquired but it

must have been something that was quite

of concern to the Creator because God

decided to you know just scramble the

communications mm-hmm because often has

to do with communications just like it

has in our time so he scramble the

communications and instead of one single

language he just always on people's

founders all speaking languages they

didn't understand with each other in

order to just destroy that process and

why because you know

DD understood that humanity has

something in it it's creative because

God has endowed with almost infinite

creativity and when mankind sets itself

to doing certain things it's like a

rebellious teenager will do it no matter

what and it has a capacity God knew that

humanity had the capacity to do

extraordinary things and to break away

more and more from the Creator so he

stopped the process and I think this is

this sound too has spoken to my heart

very profoundly in our time because it's

for our time it's a messianic sound by

the way and look what happens what God

says does he who sits in the heavens

shall laugh the Lord shall hold them in

derision in other words you say were

these puny creatures trying to break

away from my design it's such a

ridiculous enterprise so that the first

reaction of God is to just laugh in

amusement and then he shall speak to

them in his wrath and distressed and in

his deep displeasure that's why I like

the King James it's just so beautiful so

poetic yet I have set my king on mine

holy on my holy hill of Zion so we are

living in those times or humanity just

like in the time of Babel is saying

let's break away from the Creator we can

do it we're tired of this is a

dictatorship and if you see the time

that we are living in culturally that's

exactly what mankind is seeking to do

you look for example at the power that

man has acquired through the d codifying

the genome and now he's not in now

having the codified and broken it down

into its component pieces now he knows

that he can manipulate it so he set

himself about manipulating the human

gene in such a way as to not only cure

disease but also redesigned so a lot of

the stuff that was signed science

fiction just a few years ago is now very

much within the realm of reality as a

matter of fact this morning I read that

there's a Chinese doctor who has spent

actually 30 years here in America he's

not a quack highly developed guy he is

about to perform an operation to do a

whole body implant implant so he's gonna

take the head of someone and

planted to another body and seeking to

do that now it seems pretty it seems

really at this point on impractical but

the fact that he is seeking to do that

and that others i'm sure seeking to do

it as well says something about what we

are in the human thing redesigning the

human being that's very much within the

realm of possibility right now and and

then we see you know we see the same

thing the increasing awareness of

parallel universes and seeing the

awareness that you know we live in a

very mysterious world different I

mentions parallel universes physics is

no longer just you know matter it's

about energy the brain is not just brain

how it's mine the quantum brain the

understanding that we we are our

possibilities are absolutely

extraordinary so that now religion and

science are sort of coming back together

the way that it did before the

Renaissance in the 16th century and all

of this is happening in our time and

this this extraordinary changes I think

are very revealing of what humanity is

seeking to do and this is why God who is

jealous of his control and his

sovereignty for the right reasons will

not allow that to proceed up to a point

where it's irreversible because of the

saint of the human kind is experimenting

in probing in Iran's that it's not

legitimately meant to and it doesn't

have a capacity to it's going to do

great damage to itself and the church I

think is the only institution capable of

retaining its sanity in such a way that

it can deal with the debris that is

going to result from that

experimentation and from God what God

wants to do so I think we're living in

that time we're given what God is

seeking is doing giving what the mankind

is experiencing the church needs to be

aware of these processes and realized

that it is being called to recon

figure itself in such a way that it can

speak to and relate to this increasingly

sophisticated humanity and that it can

serve that humanity in the way that it

needs to be served so that I understand

very clearly for example here in America

there's a huge emphasis on the church

the evangelical church becoming more

culturally advanced more culturally hip

more able to speak to you know the the

idiosyncrasies of 21st century American

culture I think by the way it's doing so

in a misguided sort of way in many cases

I think we haven't waited correctly we

have understood correctly the need to

speak clearly and and contextually to

that very sophisticated culture but I

think in seeking to do so we have

abandoned the methodologies of the

kingdom of God at times not always but

many times and we haven't understood

well that the technology that the church

uses is very very it's very mysterious

it's unlike the technology that the

world uses we cannot say oh we need to

speak to the to this culture and then

seek to do it through a rational process

to determine what ways we're going to

speak to that culture this these things

have to be God illuminated we have to go

into the scripture we have to go into

God's methodology and our technology you

know our technology many times seems

weird but it is absolutely powerful and

we have to have the integrity to remain

within it so I'm Joseph in the Bible

Joseph illustrates many of these

principles that I'm talking about and

joseph has spoken to me extraordinarily

in the past years 34 years and now I see

him you know cropping up and I see what

I believe is the confirmation of many of

these elements everywhere that i go I

think Joseph the story of Joseph how

many have

you know about the story of Joseph in

the Bible if you haven't I encourage you

to read about it because Joseph is like

a paradigm Joseph is a model he's a

prototype you know God speaks in

paradigms in Scripture many times the

the narratives of Scripture are simply

paradigms that we are meant to interpret

and 2d codify and to apply to the life

of the church into our own lives so I

think that for this process that I'm

describing Joseph is an example of that

where you know and I see Joseph us as a

prototype of the church by the way and

of believers in dependable believers who

are being called to play a Joseph role

in in what's happening and by the way

also I really want to say that a lot of

this stuff is very applicable to your

own individual drama in life whatever

place you find yourself this is not just

kind of you know pie in the sky stuff

about macro thinking for you and for me

in our own lives the way we live out our

marriages the way we live out where we

find ourselves in this time in life

would you maybe in the middle of a

crisis you may be in a financial crisis

you may be in a marital crisis you may

be in a moment of individual identity

crisis you may be seeking for God to do

something extraordinary in your life to

change your life in a certain way

because you need a break through this

kind of stuff is also applicable to you

if you have understanding to apply it as

well so Joseph he illustrates this these

principles in a very powerful way and he

is an example of the church or what God

is doing because Joseph was told from

very young that he was meant to rain

to exercise authority to do something

extraordinary and so he had dreams and

because of these dreams you remember the

story as soon as he revealed his dreams

as soon as he spoke about it a process

was immediately unleashed to bring him

into the realization of those dreams but

in a way that seemed a contradiction of

those dreams because what did they what

his brothers do they sold him into

slavery and of course they didn't

realize that in doing so they were

simply already sending Joseph off into

the into the process I got us on leash

for him because he needed to get to

Egypt because Egypt was where his

coronation was going to take place how

many know that sometimes God uses

painful process is to get you to where

he needs to get you it's a it's a theme

in Scripture so Joseph is sent to Egypt

in a very painful way and there he goes

through a process of development

information personal development

formation which was all part of God's

grand plan for his life so there you

have Joseph the church being formed

disciplined broken prepared put through

a set of experiences quietly invisibly

almost in isolation so Joseph is simply

here living his own what he thinks

personal drama and his life is going

from bad to worse but the gifting of God

is evident in his life it's there in

moments in redemptive moments when he

you know everything that Joseph touches

turns to gold I mean it really just as a

gift of leadership because God had

empowered him to do so but God needed to

form his character and God needed to put

him through certain administrative

processes do you realize that everywhere

he went he was putting administrative

authority in the house of Potter far

where he's put first the captain of the

guard he the captain gives him

management over his entire house so he

had to deal with management and

leadership and then he has that moment

where he's accused falsely and then he's

put in jail but what happens here

the the the captain of the jailer of the

guard realizes them this man's

administrative gifting and the blessing

that he has that everything he touches

turns to order and so he puts him as

well in charge of the entire jail and

through that God is preparing him

because all of these processes create

character understanding humility and by

the way the importance of character in

the church at this time is like unlike

any other people of God need to be

people of character and if you are in

God's plan God is going to be shaping

you and putting you through processes to

instill in you the character of Jesus

because you cannot rule you cannot

manage you cannot administer unless you

have character it's an important piece

you need to have management experience

and also character the two and character

is only acquired through experience and

if you want God by the way to shape you

and form you and your personality ask

him to take over the management of your

life and to put you through all kinds of

things it can be a very severe trainer

so don't be scared if you find yourself

at the top of the you know the what do

you call those the cyclone huh the

roller coaster sometimes you know you'll

be looking down and I have to go down

that way yes you do because God and he

knows we your you you have your seat

belt and the thing won't fall apart

you'll get there but it's gonna be scary

that's the thing if you want God to

shape you tell him to take over your

life and ask him passionately and then

give him full sovereignty don't question

him and he'll shape you that's what he

did with a Joseph so he is shaping

Joseph but of course Joseph is probably

asking himself what happened to those

dreams that I had what happened to these

promises that God gave me he forgot

about it but no God hadn't forgotten

about it the church today in the 21st

century may ask itself over after 2000

years of history and of Jesus and not

having come did God forget about it how

many times have we said that he's coming

and he's never come but no God is very

much in the process because he's shaping

a church also the Bible says that God is

Jesus is coming to to pick up a church

that is without what is a wrinkle

or staying right so that means that the

church is in the process of perfection

or perfecting as well and God thinks in

terms of thousands of years not in

hundreds of years so to us it seems like

it's taken so long but God is there I

mean he probably just in the time that I

took him to laughs that's that's along

this two thousand years have gone that's

all for us they seem to be an eternity

you know how many times did it take from

the moment that God tells Abraham going

to this land that I will show you in the

moment that the the Israel Israelites

leave Egypt how many anybody knows 445

150 years and they took Joseph several

years in that furnace of testing

preparation formation so while Joseph is

living out his personal drama while the

church now in our time is driven out

experiencing and living out its own

internal drama information at the add

another level at the level of the macro

level there are other things that are

happening that need to come into

confluence they need to come into union

they need to kind of sink in so Joseph

is here living his stuff out and for

example when he meets these two guys who

are in prison with him who are officials

of the of the Pharaoh he doesn't know

that that's part of the plan but it

takes a while before that part of the

plan you got a setting up the foundation

for it these two men he gives them a

prophecy interpretation of a dream one

of them is executed by Pharaoh the other

they forget about Joseph but God hasn't

forgotten about Joseph in the macro

world in the world of Egypt Pharaoh is

having a dream that upsets him terribly

because he knows that the dream is

meaningful but he doesn't have the

meaning of it Pharaoh is put into crisis

himself and he knows that something is

about to happen but he doesn't know the

nature of it but who has the answer who

has the knowledge joseph has it because

God has gifted him with a capacity so

when the moment comes Joseph is called


the chamber of the Pharaoh to interpret

the dream because God had a set of the

the conditions for that to happen and so

Joseph here's the dream from Pharaoh

about these seven cows its healthy cows

beautiful cows that are gorged and

devoured by seven scrawny you know

absolutely ravenous hungry cows and they

just engulfed them completely and then

seven wheat Spears the same thing

healthy and then overcome and devoured

by seven scrawny Spears of wheat and

joseph has revelation all knowledge so

he interprets the dream it says Pharaoh

this is what's happening seven years of

great abundance will come to Egypt the

greatest nation in the world of course

who has power over all the other nations

around it seven years of abundance will

be overcome in such a powerful way that

you will forget about those years of

abundance and you need to prepare

yourself for it and establish a plan an

administrative plan in order to prepare

for it and be able to navigate those

seven years of extreme famine so when

you see this this would meet where you

have what Joseph was experiencing his

spiritual powers his his interpret

interpret powers were being honed

through his experience and at the same

time Egypt the land that was possibly an

important role in the life of his of his

family his the nation and other nations

was also being moved around and prepared

these two forces were to come into

alignment and into dialogue with each

other and I think that this is what's

happening right now in the world

the geopolitical level all kinds of

things are happening where Pharaoh who

would be to me a type of governance and

secular power Pharaoh is being led to

crisis to the point where has doesn't

have the answers to a point of impotence

and Joseph is being prepared to provide

the answer at the two levels that

Pharaoh requires knowledge that the

church has revelation level and

administrative level and that's really

one of the big things that I want to say

to you about I want to speak to you

about because that's a key thing so

joseph has you know tells them what what

the dream means and then gives them the

way he says you know take one fifth of

every year of the of the harvest and

store it and I imagine that what

scripture gives us is a very you

summarized way but you can imagine what

administrative complexity must have

required to store that amount of grain

over seven years the physical

construction the establishment of an

entire bureaucracy managerial

understanding planning and so on and so

forth for that to happen and also to

collect that and to have all the

organizational you know complexity to

carry that out but that's what joseph

has he has that administrative gift

given by God and so when Pharaoh here's

this man who can interpret what he has

dreamt so well and then also has the

knowledge to apply the interpretation as

I say why do we have to go around

looking for asking for resumes from

people to find out who's gonna lead this

this is the man he has both so he puts

Joseph in command of the land up to the

level of being the second in command and

I think that there

we have an answer of what I'm talking

about what the church needs in our time

which is that God is preparing the

church and God is preparing humankind

for a transformation as I say of

unprecedented dimensions and the church

will play I believe a significant role

in that and God needs men and women

leaders Christian leaders congregations

individuals who like Joseph will allow

themselves to be put through the process

so that they can have the skills at both

levels that are required for that

intended interaction that we see

explained in that in that passage on the

part of God between the church and the

powers that rule the human realm that's

what we need to be we need to be

preparing ourselves we need to be living

out our personal lives our institutional

life our ecclesiastic life in the light

of that expectation so what do you do if

you if you believe that well of course I

think we need to be preparing ourselves

we need to be tightening our operations

we need to be learning about leadership

we need to be developing our our

congregational life tightening

everything we need to seek excellence

and everything that we do we need to ask

the Lord to give us organizational and

administrative acumen and rigor we need

to be studying more and more in the area

of management and administration and

governance and to become more and more

effective in the in the administration

of our systems but it cannot be a merely

natural intellectual process it has to

be a god lead God lived spirit breathed

process we have to live it all out

prophetically because again as I say the

technology that God gives is so much

more economical and so much more

efficient than the technology of the

world so that sometimes the techniques

that we will use being a mixture

both spiritual principles and

intellectual principles will seem

ineffective and weird to the merely

natural mind because these principles

have insight about human dynamics and

and human processes that the natural man

does not have you know what the Bible

says this is that the spirit the natural

man or woman of course we did we

understand that the natural man only

judges in the natural right it's only

capable intellectual mankind

intellectual rational humankind can only

process rational things at the rational

level because that's there that's the

level of their paradigms but it says

that the spiritual man judges all things

why because the church the spiritual

person can move comfortably both in the

intellectual realm and in the spiritual

realm you can move in rational knowledge

and in spiritual knowledge and we need

to cultivate both both in our lives as

parents as a as a husband and wives as

workers as intellectuals as pastors and

leaders of all sorts we need to be

cultivating both because it's what I

want to say also that the times that we

are living in what God is requiring of

us requires both left brain knowledge

and right brain knowledge and that's a

metaphor which is very basic and I

people you can you can use metaphors

only up to a certain point and the brain

is very integrated but yes I think

psychologists will tell you that there

are certain things that the left

hemisphere of the brain mostly

specializes in and the right hemisphere

of the brain or does other things as

well you know psychologists will tell

you a neurologist at the left side of

the brain is more adept at dealing with

synchronous logistical logical

sequential processes math and other

things scientific things things have

required more just a specific

exploration the right side of the brain

is more synthetic it sees more

simultaneously it's these things more

globally if you will music art you know

these kind of things now that both

hemispheres they connect I mean they're

not totally separate from each other

they have in the middle all kinds of

ways of connecting with each other but

they they also specialize in certain

things and I believe that just to make

it easier for ourselves in our own lives

we need to ask the Lord to give us the

capacity to move in both ways we need to

be very adept at dealing with the

managerial with the rational with the

intellectual with the administrative

with the details we need to be detail

oriented people we need to be looking at

the entire sphere we are operating in we

need to be mindful of little things

because little things have import for

the big things and that's one of the

problems I think why you sometimes we

don't develop in our own lives more

professional in otherwise is because you

know particularly let me speak as a

Latino here for a moment I don't want to

offend anybody else oh I'll speak about

my own race you know Latinos we're just

we we love and we were happy we we

celebrate we you know we take things

easy and that's why we have such

dysfunctional societies many times I can

say that you can't say it but I can

because we are people a friendship and

family and and love and compassion and

the integral in so many ways because

that's the way we think I think the same

thing can be said of Africa as well im a

im gonna venture here a bit but that

beauty in that capacity to enjoy life in

to see life in that way also renders are

sometimes incapable of producing

functional societies because those

functional societies require systems

protocols and and objective practice is

that we're not good at because we rebel

against what that requires because it's

against our cultural temperament and so

we end up being dysfunction i think that

happens to all of us as well in all of

our different cultures that are so

beautiful and and we need and the church

also because the church often thinks in

spiritual terms so why do we have to

worry about the color of the carpet or

how clean the bathrooms are or

governance or administration we have to

we have to be insistent on that we have

to develop as much as possible our

people and our culture in such a way

that we will become a people of

excellence of specificity of detail and

end of systems so that we can get to the

point that we need to get it's not just

rational man that had governs that realm

it's not just the white anglo-saxon

society forgive me here for establishing

artificial separation I'd say it we have

the same gifting but we simply don't

want to use it charismatic people

Pentecostal people we are that's one of

our problems we we we love so much the

spirit prophetic intuition revelation

that when it comes to dealing with

specific specifics it seems so tasteless

and so bland that we don't want to deal

with it but its necessary its required

the two left brain right brain Joseph

had both Joseph is able to see what God

is doing in the spiritual realm and the

revelation already

he knows what a dream is and he knows

how to interpret it so he has spiritual

knowledge he has anointing he spent the

coastal but then when it comes he says

now what you gotta do Pharaoh is do this

this establish a system established

protocols to prepare whole bureaucracy

think in systemic terms prepare yourself

so he can also think in that other

secular rational ground and both come

together and so what this church again

the time is already gone but now I'll

just you know summarize something that

needs to be more nuanced but what I

think this church is being called to do

Lion of Judah English speaking Spanish

speaking African American Latino white

asian afro-caribbean you name it what I

think God is doing something here this

church is a type of joseph's church and

God is weaving something very strange

and very mysterious here among us and I

think you have come you have come into

this mysterious synthesis that God is

seeking to establish for a reason for a

purpose this is a god-given it's not an

experiment it's it's a god-given

reflection or an exercise and we need to

see ourselves in that light and what I

have told with a Latino church there is

you need to see yourselves we need to

see ourselves as it's this it's you know

God has simply used the Latino church to

birth something because God often uses

the poor and the outsiders who are

willing to think in his terms he doesn't

use the intellectuals who are often so

sophisticated they kept in to it the

spiritual things so he will use simple

materials so I've told them you know you

we have to stop seeing ourselves as

simply a Latino church to minister to

the Latino conjugation I used to think

that when we came into boston but then

God opened it up to in another way and

he gave me the

the revelation through that dream of the

Lion of Judah in the city in in codified

form I've been just unpacking it for the

past 20 years so you know this church i

think is meant to play a role somehow in

that process maybe i just at the level

of the city maybe at a larger level and

so we are living at this dynamic out you

are being brought you have been brought

into this soup for a reason and you need

to see yourself lucidly as if you're

looking at yourself from a corner of the

of the ceiling living out this process

we need to live this process out

intentionally we need to be making the

preparations I believe that this shift

of the 9am service to a larger context

is part of that process it is a way of

bringing the Latino church into a fuller

understanding of its destiny to be

simply an instrument for what God wants

to do at a much larger level that goes

beyond the Latinos includes them but

goes beyond it and that is the glory of

that Latino church that will sacrifice

certain things so that God may do

extraordinary things in the future and

so if you see what god is doing then you

can do you can you can make the

sacrifices and the english-speaking

group that is such comfort here living

in such a nice experience and growing

healthily and having a great leader and

a great two great leaders i should say i

did sound it should also understand that

they are called you are being called to

make a sacrifice as well with great

trepidation but you have to do it I

think we have to do it in order for God

to bring us to the level that he needs

to bring us you know the most difficult

thing to do is to make great decisions

that affect your life significantly on a

prophetic intuition with nothing to

guarantee that you have seen right or

sensed right that only great spirits can

do because most people await the fool


asian of God's plan before they move and

by then they missed out it's like buying

it's like buy real estate here in the

south end now if you were about 20 years

ago you'd be laughing your way to the

bank like we are but you have to do it

at the right time you have to do it

before it becomes evident that's the

great distinction of minds that think

strategically and if we are able to

understand before the real estate goes

up what God is doing now in the world

and through our church then we perhaps

can be ready for what he wants to do we

have to be willing to make the changes

we have to be willing to tinker we have

to be willing to explore we have to be

willing to in a godly given way you know

experiment and to to probe to see what

God is seeking to do and we need to do

it in a certain way and that is what I

think we are living now we'd remember

that what we are doing is in the light

of what God intends to do and he's doing

at a larger level I've told people many

times over the years I'm like Noah

building an ark when it hasn't rained

ever because we have been building these

buildings preparing ourselves in this

place or God put us strategically for a

reason and I don't think we've seen yet

what it is really all that we have been

doing is walking in the desert all that

we have been doing is simply preparing

ourselves and rehearsing something and

like Joseph being shaped formed

configured tested taught and prepared

through these different cultures that I

see so beautifully reflected here what a

marvelous tapestry of humanity you guys

incarnate right now as I look at you the

full variety of humanity is right here

in these seats and that is no

coincidence that is part of what God

wants to do because this is something

for Humanity it's something for four

different socio-economic groups and

ethnic groups and nations and we are

simply might simply a microcosm of what

God wants to do so to you individuals by

the way and I close with this I

speaking out briefly to you know to you

individuals that are living out

situations in your life that are very

challenging and very difficult I want to

tell you I want to encourage you to I

was going to say don't give up hope no

retain hope in your life the tasks that

are ahead of you may seem extremely

difficult you may be in a situation you

may find yourself in a situation where

you have absolutely no idea of how to

get out of it you may be in such a

dilemma in your life right now

financially personally emotionally

traumas that you have experienced

situations that you have faced in your

life and you are entangled by ropes that

are so entangled amongst themselves that

even if they wanted to cooperate and

just let him go they couldn't themselves

that's how entangled you are and so you

absolutely do not have the solution but

you know this is not the words most

important I should tell you God has the

solution but that's I don't want you to

say amen to that what I want you to say

Amen to is this that not only has got

the solution but he is willing to give

you the methodology and the power to

break away from your situation the

knowledge the wisdom the revelation of

knowledge and the circumstantial

knowledge to break away from where you

find yourself and if you if you ask him

passionately if you value this kind of

technology this kind of knowledge that

God has in his hand and he can give to

whomever asks for it passionately he

will give it to you so don't look at the

difficulty of your circumstance as I

tell the church don't look at the

difficulty where we find ourselves but

I'm saying not to individuals do not


at the thickness of your predicament do

not look at how impossible it seems to

break away from it because God is not he

does not care about difficult or easy to

him everything is yes and they men so

the I would say this to you the more

difficult your predicament the more glad

you should be because the greater God's

glory will be involved in releasing you

from your predicament and I don't care

how again do not look at how difficult

it is if you are willing to engage for

the long run if you are willing to

engage for the long run and to follow

God's leading he will take you out of

your predicament I say this in full

assurance of what I'm saying to you so I

want to invite you to stay at it stay

engaged because God is the giver of

great technologies God is the giver of

great knowledge of great wisdom the

church needs to be asking God right now

give us that wisdom give us that Joseph

paradigm give us that wisdom so we can

make small decisions in the quotidian in

the daily and also in the macro and you

need to ask yourself the same thing god

I need I need specific answers for my

sexuality at a specific answers for my

marriage I need specific answers for my

finances any specific answers of my

housing and if I cific answers my

emotional entanglement you need it ask

the Lord for it the Bible says that if

you treasure knowledge has gold and

silver knowledge wisdom will bless you

and will draw near to you but you need

to treasure it and you need to know what

you are asking for so right now I invite


if you want to close your eyes or not if

you want to stand or not whatever I

simply ask you embrace what I'm saying

and ask desperately the Holy Spirit and

say father I do not have the answer as I

say in my own life in my own ministry

right now say Holy Spirit I am locked I

am in a profound dilemma I am desperate

and I do not have the solution hi i have

been disqualified i am in a jail and i

do not know how to get out of it and the

world has given the right diagnosis

which is that there's no hope for you

but i know that there's hope for those

who are in you so holy spirit I ask you

right now come into my life come into my

spirit and drop your knowledge into my

spirit just download it into my spirit

and I believe that you will give me the

power and the understanding and the

wisdom to now live out my life and my

personal drama guided by you like Joseph

was guided over the years I don't know

how long it will take me but I know that

it will happen because I have put my

hand in your hand

and I have asked you to come and take

over my life and to give me the wisdom

that I need and to give me the power and

the knowledge that I need I do not have

that power I do not have that wisdom

it's too complicated for me but I have a

desire so Holy Spirit take over my life

take over my life i have received Jesus

as my Lord and Savior I have made him my

conduit for that knowledge and that

power that I'm asking you for so Holy

Spirit through the blood of Christ and

through the name of Christ who is my

only intermediary I ask you come and

fill me with the power through me with

the wisdom break the chains lead me into

that I mention and I will live it out

according to your design I will not

rebel against you I will not question

you I will not fight against you i will

let you leave me even when I don't

understand why something might be

happening i will believe that it is you

not circumstance is not the devil not

man you leading me through that process

I embrace the process and I invite you

to take over take over Holy Spirit

there's no failure possible to those i

believe in God there is no failure no

defeat possible I declare success spirit

of success victory

in everyone who enters into that process

and embraces it by faith so Holy Spirit

I thank you this church this ministry by

these words that have been shared father

activate your power accordingly and we

give you thanks that we give you glory

and we expect great things that will

delight and surprise us and it will all

be for the glory and the honor of Jesus

Christ our Lord amen and amen thank you

thank you lord