"Gideon, symbol of the Pentecostal life"

God willing this will be closing

meditation on the theme of living life

in the power of the Holy Spirit which we

have been doing for a long time with

several interruptions here and there

because of events and things that have

taken place Travel and so on and so

forth but our mind has been often

concentrated on this idea of living in

the power of the Spirit of God the Holy

Spirit and seeking the Baptism and the

endowment of the power of God so I want

to speak today about Gideon as a symbol

of the Pentecostal life and I'm gonna be

summarizing at times and also pointing

out to some of those distinguishing

elements of a Pentecostal of a spirit

filled life and I use Pentecostal not in

the sense of you know a denomination but

in the sense of an Outlook disposition a

way of living the Christian life that

goes beyond denominations it goes beyond

you know church groups or anything like

that it's just for everyone for every

believer the call of God and it's in the

Old Testament it's in the New Testament

as well so let me just read a few verses

from chapter 6 of Judges verse 1 it

speaks about the Israelites who did evil

in the eyes of the Lord and for 7 years

sort of the the number of completeness

and fullness for 7 years you know he

gave them into the hands of the

Midianites lifelong enemies of Israel

and because the power of Midian was so

oppressive the Israelites prepared

shelters for themselves in mountain

clefts caves and strongholds that's what

happens when we live out of the will of

God whether nationally or individually

God often will release us it's not that

he will actively judge us is simply that

he will leave us to our own designs and

what happens when you live life just on

your own designs you do not have power

against powerful enemies who can oppress

you and will oppress you when the church

is disobedient when nations the

disobedient when individual

leaves out of the will of God this is

what happened so what you reduced to a

defensive posture in life this

Israelites prepared shelter for

themselves in mountain collects caves

and strongholds just to hide that their

food and hide their possessions from is

ravaging enemies and verse 6 it says

that median so impoverished the

Israelites that they cried out to the

Lord for help the key here is they cried

out to the Lord when the Israelites

cried to the Lord because of Midian he

sent them a prophet so here you have

this crying out what do you do when

you're in need and part of that need

because all of it is because of your

disobedience you cry out to the Lord and

this was a pattern that the Israelites

followed for many many years they God

blessed them they became indifferent and

proud and satisfied they worshipped

idols and then God centered discipline

on them through enemies and then they

cried out lord help us and so here he

God sends them a prophet and the Prophet

reads them the book and says hey you

guys have done this and this and that

and I have sent the prophets to you

letting you know that you are

disobedient I have asked you not to

worship the gods of the amorite since

will and you live but you have not

listened to me so what does God do

before helping he confronts and this is

something again that is a pattern for

life as a whole this is not just there

you see that over and over again God is

going to help but he needs to he needs

to inform he needs to confront he needs

to let the Israelites know why they are

in the position that they are in and

this is something we need to understand

many times you know when we when we

announce the gospel when we tell people

God can deliver you God can help you God

can save you you know we should not make

things so easy for them that we neglect

to let them know in a generous way by

the way and sometimes you know you have

to know the right time to do that you

can do it gently you

do it generously you can do it with a

loving heart and a smile in your face

but sometimes we need to inform people

that there are things that need to be

done in preparation to receive God's

blessing we should not be in such a

haste to bless people and to get them on

board the gospel that we neglect to let

them know that there are certain

conditions that the gospel requires that

be fulfilled in order to receive the

blessing of God and sometimes the church

is in such a haste to get people on the

train of salvation that we neglect to

let them know that there are things that

they need to do to remain and to be

blessed and so God informs them you have

not listened to me having done that

having cleared the way God then

addresses and goes to the man who is

supposed to be the instrument of this

provision and this salvation do you see

a pattern here that it's important that

we follow that pattern and that pattern

is repeated over and over again in the

scriptures that's the thing that we need

to remember these things are here for

our information and they're all part of

that whole Pentecostal outlook about

holiness and obedience and confession

and repentance before we can truly be

instruments in receptacles of the

blessing and the salvation of God that's

a pattern everywhere you will see that

all over the scripture so now we enter

into a man who God has chosen the life

of a man who got us chosen and so now

the national drama becomes a personal

drama and these two dramas the drama's

of a nation and the drama of an

individual intermix

they play with each other and we should

not lose sight of the two for me really

the most important one is the personal

drama in a way because the national

drama for me is simply a context a

framing narrative to better understand

the ways in which God deals with

individuals so in verse 11 it says that

the angel of the Lord came and sat down

and found a man

who belonged to Joe watch the obvious

right the Sun under the in a land that

belonged to this man Joe wash and wear

his son Gideon was stretching wheat in a

winepress I'm reading verse 11 to keep

it from the Midianites now when the

angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon he

said the Lord is with you mighty warrior

the Lord is with you mighty warrior it's

a declaration of something that is there

or something that could also become more

and more real as time goes by it's both

God is with you

how does Gideon react Oh Lord yes thank

you for that in that announcement that

declaration of power in my life I'm

honored know he says if the Lord is with

us why has all this happened to us where

are all the wonders that our fathers

told us about when they said that not

the Lord bring us up out of Egypt he's

neglecting that the Israelites have

offended God that they have sinned this

is what God is the only player in the

drama the Israelites are also players

and the fact that God is not manifesting

his power is because their sin is

holding it back but he replies with a

complaint and almost with a rejection of

what the angel has declared on his life

but the Lord this is an angel of the

Lord but it kind of says the Lord long

stories about the often is in the Bible

I wanted loose time with that but this

angel saw sort of a sort of an

incarnation an expression of God's very

person as if where God Himself speaking

so this angel is speaking as if you were

the Lord because he is the Lord's will

and word being exemplified here so the

Lord turned to him and said go in the

strength you have go in the strength you

have and save Israel out of medians hand

am I not sending you I think by the way

this is one of the key verses in the

entire narrative and in the entire

journey of Gideon this versi right here

and hopefully I will get it out get a

chance to show you that but Lord got a

Gideon ass again complained doubt

argument how can I save Israel my clan

is the weakest in manas

and I am the least in my family again

you're seeing a drama here unfolding and

being set up for us the puny

disqualified unqualified timid weak

human being being chosen by God for a

mighty task who cooperates in his own

sense of inadequacy and inferiority but

who with the power of God will become a

vessel and an instrument of God's

liberating power and this is what we are

all of us

unqualified weak puny argumentative

doing our best many times to trip over

ourselves and to be an obstacle to God's

moving in our lives and yet God chooses

us God chooses whomever he wills God

chooses the most inadequate the weakest

because he wants his power to be

manifest not us God is after his own

glory even as he expresses his

generosity so I'm the least in my family

the Lord answered I will be with you and

you will strike down all the Midianites

together this is power people this is

why I think is this the biography here

that we're seeing it unfolding is such

an example of the the dynamics of the

spirit filled life and what we can do as

well it's not me it's God in me amen it

is not my endowment and my skills it is

God's power gifting working through me

as I have an encounter with the Lord

that initiates the release of that power

in my life and through my life so that I

can do the things that God wants me to

do whether it's evangelism whether it's

to break through into financial

sufficiency for myself whether it's to

acquire a miracle for my family whether

it is to break through the the shackles

of a persistent depression or anxiety or

neuroses or resentment or low

self-esteem whatever task I have whether

it's national liberation that's in the

case of Gideon I am not sufficient to

make the to create the victory but God

in me is no matter how I feel as long as

I move in faith assuming that what God

has given me it's there and that it will

carry me through this is a dynamic

people of God of the power of the Holy

Spirit this is a dynamic of the

Pentecostal life this is a dynamic of

the spirit filled life being and

unfolded before our very eyes I will be

with you and Gideon replied well if now

I have found favor in your eyes give me

a sign that it is really you talking to

me again the doubting Thomas the man of

lowly endowment the doubting person

challenging and yet God has four

sovereign reasons because in him God saw

the potential and there was something in

Gideon's heart that pleased the God and

that like when he chose David when he

chose Moses when he chose a Elijah on

and on there was something Esther there

was something that pleased the God that

was hidden inside so hidden that the

individual themselves did not know of it

if you examine all the callings of God

you see this essence of doubt lack of

expectation of God's calling surprised

at being called by God obstacles of

character failures of life in the past

the pattern repeats us of over over and

over again and God reassuring us no you

have the power

my spirit resides in you you can do it

and people of God this is what God is

telling us this morning as well it is in

you and so you know he asked for a sign

and you read the story I don't have as

much time God gives him the sign and

that same night let's jump to verse 25

the same night the Lord said to him take

the second Bowl from your father's heard

the one seven years old

tear down your father's altered to bail

and cut down the Asscher a pole beside


his father is involved in idolatry this

is a sign of how far idolatry and

spiritual corruption

has penetrated the fabric the spiritual

fabric of Israel

Gideon's father is involved in that as I

look at our nation I see the same thing

idolatry in all kinds of forms

disobedience abandonment of God's

dictates and design in every aspect of

the life of our nation the church has

divided pastors themselves preaching bad

doctrine corruption within the church

and we asked why isn't the power of God

manifesting in the church why isn't the

power of God manifesting in my own life

we have to ask ourselves those questions

and so here we discovered that Gideon's

own father is involved in idolatry and

witchcraft worshipping a false idol that

is really a demonic presence and God

asks and cut down that idol build a

proper kind of altar verse 26 of the

Lord your God on the top of this height

and using the word of the ash or a pole

that you cut down offer the second ball

as a burnt offering in other words this

is an element of substitution here use

the same material that is being used to

dishonor my name and to practice

witchcraft and demonic worship and with

that would build me and consecrate that

cursed material to my glory there's an

element of substitution and inverse

equivalency if you will here which is

part of the whole spirit round there's a

lot of dynamic spiritual dynamics here

but notice this also not only there

needs to be confrontation of the

sinfulness of God's people that takes

place and repentance but there also

needs to be an element of spiritual

warfare and spiritual warfare is very

much a part of the Pentecostal mentality

you cannot have a truly Pentecostal I

believe biblical mentality without

factoring in the presence of Satan and

his demonic elements into the reality of

the human realm and I think a lot of the

mistakes that God's people are making

the Evangelical Church in America today

is because it is woefully ignorant

of the elements of spiritual warfare and

so we do not understand how things that

we do believe confess are affecting the

capacity of God's Spirit to manifest

himself the way he wants because we are

clueless about spiritual warfare and

about how demons take advantage of

sinfulness and unbelief and bad

practices within the church to

neutralize the power of God within the

church and the fact that many times our

actions and our confessions they affect

the state of a nation and the state of a

church and the state of a family it's

not just God and man there's a big

player in the picture which is Satan and

his demonic powers and they need to be

taken into account they need to be

confronted they need to be neutralized

and so that I don't have a lot of time

maybe someday we'll get into that whole

area but that's another whole thing

about spiritual warfare and the demonic

and how it works and so there's an

element here of spiritual warfare and

God asks Gideon before I can work

through you through your family you need

to take care of that thing very

important this huge amounts of teaching

there and so Gideon obeys and and you

notice something interesting that Gideon

again according to his timid shy

cowardly ways in a way does it at night

so that people won't see him and yet

they find out anyway because you know

and it's and it's another thing you know

in our nation right now is again you get

lost in all these different elements

here but in our nation right now that

needs deliverance

there is a spiritual warfare and you

know I think at times I feel that the

Church of Jesus Christ in its desire to

be a blessing doesn't realize that part

of the the resolution and the

transformation that our church that our

nation needs and that society's need

involve an element of confrontation and

clarity and forcefulness and tearing

things down

and offending people and so if without

offense the gospel does not advance you

see there's an element of spiritual

warfare and when we try to avoid offense

we always end up playing defense

I like that write it down so I don't

forget it you see we we end up and in

the end it always ends up we have to

have it anyway we have to have the fight

let's not avoid it we we try to be

subtle and you know we turn ourselves

into a donor trying to be gentle and and

winsome and all these other things and

there's nothing wrong with that but

people let me tell you something in the

end it is spiritual warfare the gospel

is about scandal

the gospel is about confrontation Jesus

said that the gospel is about division

the gospel is about two things that can

no co-head cannot cohabit the kingdom of

God and the kingdom of this world and

that's just mathematically

scientifically spiritually there's no

way that you can avoid those laws there

will have to be confrontation you may

try to do it gently and quietly and non

offensively but in the end they will

find you out the world would recognize

that you are not part of the world and

they will make sure that there is a

confrontation because again there is a

demonic Kingdom behind at all and that

Kingdom will not admit of competition so

in the end they find out that it was

Gideon who did it and they come to kill

him there's a very interesting situation

there about spiritual warfare in the end

you know what

Gideon's name new name is Jerry bail

meanings let bail contend against him

because when you are signal out by God

to do something extraordinary for his

kingdom you will be in enough warfare

with the enemy

there will be spiritual warfare and

confrontation but with the enemy and

those that are under the enemy's control

long story there but anyway you see the

dynamic I mean this is this that this is

the paradigm you know what a paradigm is

is like a prototype it's like a

structural example of some of the


over and over again what you are seeing

here is this structure of spiritual

reality lived out by God's people

throughout the ages in times of

contention and and difficulty in

confrontation and we are living in such

a time by the way and we need to clothe

ourselves with the power of God so there

you have it this morning I read in the

New York Times the story of Jack

Phillips a humble cake baker in Colorado

who refused that to bake a cake for a

gay a gay wedding because of his

sincerely held religious belief

sincerely held you may disagree with

this approach you may disagree you may

think it's counterproductive you may

think that it's needlessly confrontative

you may think that it is it doesn't

express the generosity of the gospel he

believes he's sincerely held beliefs

that's a very important way of putting

it this this humble cake Baker who

refuses because he feels that it

violates his religious beliefs his life

at work have attained national

prominence now and in his case in his

case will soon be heard by the Supreme

Court of the United States and his life

has become a symbol of the struggles the

spiritual struggles that are taking

place in our nation today an ordinary

human being like Gideon has become a

powerful symbol of Christian belief and

of the spiritual battles that presently

are being fought in this nation Gideon

is such a figure in the Bible an

insignificant timid young man turned

into a powerful instrument to free a

nation from oppression this narrative of

a Gideon summarizes many of the things

that we have said regarding the spirit

filled life that we have been talking

about this Israelites have cried for

help and God has chosen him to be the

man for God's purposes God needs a man a

woman to come

and take over the task he will assign

this huge task to an unqualified

individual in this case mobilizing an

entire army against a no pressing enemy

and all you can imagine all kinds of

military skills and strategic qualities

are being are required of this man and

yet God chooses the most inadequate and

insignificant individual without any of

the skills required because again as we

say this is the essence that is trying

to give us a lesson so he chooses the

most illustrative the most graphic

example of that and he chooses this puny

man because it's about God's power

within and the whole story if you read

chapter six seven eight and nine and ten

even about the story of Gideon's life in

his ministry you will see all these

elements you know mixing in all kinds of

ways so there's this idea that by our

strength we cannot please God we cannot

serve him effectively or live the kind

of life that he expects from us because

we are structurally inherently

unqualified and God's power needs to

come within us and live itself out

through us so we need we need a special


supplementary strength that can only

come from an infusion of God's Spirit

and power if you look for example the

classical text of this dynamic is in

Acts chapter 1 where Jesus says to the

the disciples in verse 4 chapter 1 acts

on one occasion while he was eating with

them he gave this command do not leave

Jerusalem but wait for the gift my

father promised which you have heard me

speak about for John baptized with water

but in a few days you will be baptized

with the Holy Spirit and so he's

implicitly saying this is what you need

in order to carry out the task you don't

have the power within yourself this is

the basic premise of a spirit-filled

Pentecostal life and then in verse 7 he

says to them it is not for you to know

the times or dates the father has set by

his own

but you will receive power when the Holy

Spirit comes on you and you will be my

witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea

and Samaria and to the ends of the earth

whatever it is that you need God to do

it can be anything I mean take is

preaching the gospel and fill that with

any other thing in your life any great

task anything that is beyond your

capacity whatever it is it needs to be

undertaken in the power of the Holy

Spirit and asking God for the anointing

and doing it in the proper way by living

a life as much as possible that is

worthy of that beautiful gift that will

be in you because there must be a

struggle for holiness and by the way as

long as there's a struggle and a desire

you're safe I want to tell you that you

will never be perfect and totally

acceptable to God there's the thing

about Gideon he continues continually to

true for to trip over himself and yet

God continues to use him because he's

sincere he wants to please God but we

must that that is a pattern that needs

to be followed over and over again and

so this Jesus says to them you need to

do something extraordinary preach the

gospel to nations and bring them into

submission to the values of the kingdom

of God wait until you receive power and

then only then can you move do not leave

your house without asking for power for

the day's work you know how a servant in

the old times you know used to come I

remember back in the Dominican Republic

it seems like that where a lowly servant

of a wealthy family would come in the

morning to the lady of the house I have

seen this thing I remember as a little

boy and and say to the the woman in this

case who manages the you know the day's

cooking and stuff like that and asks the

lady of the house for money to buy the

food to do this to do that and the woman

that the owner of the house gives the

money to the servant so they can go and

take care of those things and then carry

out the day's work this is what we do

every day every day when I get up I come

to the Lord and say father I need this I

need to preach a sermon this morning I

need enough energy and stamina to last a

whole day I don't have it within me I

need the power for evangelism

conviction and so on give me my supply I

need my supply this morning and God will

give it to you because he when he

assigns something he makes sure that you

have what you need to carry it out

victoriously amen

you got to believe that but you got to

go in the power of God and so this is

the end of the essence this power that

Gideon needs needs to come from the Lord

we are shown over and over again in this

passage Gideon's timidity and doubting

nature as he himself says he's the

youngest the smallest the least

accomplished of his small family in his

small tribe he continually contradicts

God's understanding of his own person

and yet God assures him of his presence

and of Gideon's own personal power

but then again gideon contradicts it you

see this an entire sequence follows i am

with you yeah but i'm the smallest i am

with you yeah but why are these things

happening to us i am with you it reminds

me of moses you remember moses calling

the burning bush God's power manifesting

so you say man if a burning bush

appeared in my in the middle of my

bedroom and my you know she didn't catch


and God told me to do something I would

not fear at all I would be the more

boldest person in the world and yet

Moses doubts and he rejoins over and

over again I'm a stammerer I've never

spoken in public and what if the Jews

don't believe me what if the Pharaoh

gets angry at me and God is saying come

on man I'm with you I am the one who's

calling you I'm the one who's providing

for you and then God gets exasperated

with Moses almost to the point of

killing him actually but this is pattern

over and over again God's power is in us

even when we don't believe it and we

have to trust in him we have to live in

that Pentecostal sufficiency and

provision it is about power manifesting

itself in the week and the fact that we

need to seek the power of God and to

move in it always in order to accomplish

the tasks and the challenges of the

Christian life most of us Christians

evangelical Christians in particularly


generically in the power of God

somewhere along the way in the back of

our minds we understand yeah it's for

God's glory sure it's God who does and

so on so forth but it's generic we don't

own it we don't live in it we don't

confess it we don't rehearse it

we don't reinforce it we don't practice

it consciously that is the difference

between a Pentecostal man mentality it

needs to be owned it needs to be

confessed and needs to be lived in and

needs to be practiced it needs to be

reinforced it needs to be enriched you

got to live in that agony every day like

an athlete every day doing your

exercises every day and this is a

mystery of the supernatural life but

there are many natural dynamics that

apply to it as well when we refuse to

deal with too elegant to think that

somehow God's power requires daily

exertions and we give God more credit

than he really asks for there is this a

lot of stuff that you need to do that

there's a sermon that some day it's left

there in the ink blot the ink bottle

about agency being the distinctive

outlook of a Pentecostal life agency

I'll tell you about that maybe some

other time agency personal agency it

depends on you once God has done his

work it depends on you don't give God

more credit than he requires that aside

the whole thing of the Calvinistic

outlook I think many times we give more

God more credit and more glory than he

himself is asking for and we rob

ourselves of the glory that he has given

to us as his creatures his creation

expressions of him that deserves some

credit as well but don't get me started

on that that's another matter

there so we need to own you know I'm

trying to I can talk all I want about

the Pentecostal light but if you don't

get that that you have to fire into

flame the gift of the spirit that is in

you remember the the angels relationship

with Gideon begins by saying the Lord is

with you you are a mighty warrior he has

it already in him there are two moments

of what I call impartation two moments

of impartation

that are akin to a Pentecostal encounter

in Gideon's by a biography right in the

beginning two moments where you see this

coming down of the power of God into

Gideon's life and remember what we

always said the Pentecostal life is

about that moment where you have to own

it's like receiving Christ as your Lord

and Savior there has to be a moment you

may have generically you know receive

Christ ages ago you may move in kind of

a general understanding that Jesus is

the Son of God but you have never

married him there's never been a moment

when he places a ring in your finger and

and you receive him this is what we do

about receiving crisis of how somehow we

try to change the dynamics when it comes

to the Holy Spirit it's the same thing

you have to receive the impartation and

then you have to move in it by faith

just as you receive Christ and here you

you believe that he indwells you and you

move in that assumption it's the same

thing with the power of the Holy Spirit

but there has to be a moment there has

to be a crisis it has to be a

confrontation there has to be an

initiation that you need to engage in

and then you have to live in it and you

have to enforce it every day and

reinforce it every day of your life this

is the essence of the Pentecostal

tongues prophecies all those things are

great but I think we get lost in the

foliage and the essence of what it is to

be a Pentecostal so there are two

moments of impartation let me just point

them out to you I'm gonna go haphazardly

here the little time that I have left

this moment when the angel appears to

Gideon verse 14 I'm reading from the NIV

but as I always said you know I love

there are moments when the NIV fails you

out of its simplicity and is desired to

be colloquial and I think it flees the

the full meaning of the original

languages which I think the the King

James Version often does retain much


so here's as the Lord the Lord turned to

him and said go in the strength you have

now here's what the King James Version

says and the Lord looked upon him I like

that better because I think there's con

there the Lord looked upon him I believe

that there's intentionality there there

was a moment of the eyes you know

crossing the eyes confronting each other

and I believe that that was a moment of

impartation it was a moment when the

angel of God representing the power of

the Holy Spirit transferred to Gideon

something the angel the Lord looked upon

him and said go in this thy might and

thou shalt save Israel from the head of

the Midianites have not i sent thee i

like that better than am i not sending

you this is have have i have not i sent

thee see and that this is a this is the

essence of the Christian life right

there we we go in the might that we have

received from God's impartation every

day of our life so everything that we do

to be a father in the head of a family

to be a leader in a significant ministry

with guys who don't want to be saved

even and you got to save them by force

looking at my friend right here

Hosea Khanna who Miguel Khanna who uses

who I always confuses but I know who you

are a Miguel is a wonderful man of God

who serves a Teen Challenge in Puerto

Rico and leads a whole ministry there

how difficult that ministry is but God

says have I not sent you go in the power

that you have God has looked upon you I

think we have sufficient strength in us

to do what we need to do through him and

so there is a moment there of

impartation we need to have that moment

in our life when we stop wrestling

questioning being theologically

sophisticated and simply obey this

dynamic that is in the entire scripture

over and over again this moment of

encounter this moment of reception so

the other moment which is the decree and

I know Greg pastor Greg spoke preached

about that a few weeks back the really

powerful moment is in verse 34 verse 34

when he's supposed to blow the truck

and call the people of Israel together

for deliverance and to fight against the

enemy and look at this verse 34

okay let's even go back to 33 now all

the Midianites Amalekites and other

Eastern people joined forces and crossed

over the Jordan and camped in the valley

of Jezreel they know that something is

afoot and that there's resistance in the

air that's what happens when the church

arises the the the hordes of the enemy

will rise up there will be struggle

so here's verse 34 then the Spirit of

the Lord came upon Gideon and he blew a

trumpet summoning the obvious rights to

follow him again the English translation

does not do justice how does it say when

the Spirit of the Lord came upon him you

clothed him this is really the original

language the Spirit of the Lord clothed

him can you imagine right now can you

visualize a a garment of power

glistening in its brilliance and

exemplifying supernatural endowment

descending from heaven and depositing

itself on this man I'd love to see a

scene done by a great movie director of

that moment where all of a sudden a

supernatural garment dresses this man

and just enters into his being and

invades his neurology and clothes him in

and out and when he blows that trumpet

that trumpet had a sound in it that was

supernatural it may have sounded

physically like any other trumpet but it

had a content in it that was unique and

that the spirits of those men could

discern subliminally perhaps but they

could discern there was something in the

sound that had the power of convocation

because the power of God why did he need

that power that moment that trumpet

needed to sound full compelling powerful

divinely anointed and that's what

happens when the power of God clothes

you and fills you you can do things that

are not natural to you you can witness

to others about Christ you can and

declare certain things in life you can

confront the enemy in a way that is not

your power your endowment others will

see something different in you because

you have that power the enemy will sense

that authority in you and you will be

able to do what you need to do in your


now it's very complex I give you that

but that is the essence of it this is

what you need to believe my dear

brothers and sisters always when you're

fighting thank you any any kind of

battle in your life seek that endowment

he had it already at that moment there

was a new task he needed a new anointing

so that he could do what he needed to do

I there are two other points quickly I

would just read what I have here my

notes that I see in this narrative of

Gideon that I want to underline because

they also speak to the dynamics of

living in the power of the Holy Spirit

the first thing I've already said I want

to summarize it here the first one of

these other points is that Gideon is an

utterly imperfect man he is full of

defects and throughout his life he makes

many mistakes and some of them very

costly why do I underline that because

this is again you may feel puny you may

feel that you don't you're not up to the

task you may feel that you've offended

God in the past you may feel that you

don't have all the healing that you

require to go in the power of God but

that's this is the whole thing about the

Gideon story time and time again we see

him expressing all kinds of doubts

contradicting God's plans for his life

asking for signs lacking the vision at

one point even making a costly mistake

about an ephod day he builds something

that then turns into a point of a great

spiritual warfare against Israel that

opens a door for demonic attack in the

life of his nation and his own

life his family because he doesn't

discern properly the the spiritual

dynamics he makes many many mistakes the

thing about Gideon is this and you know

I I tend to identify with Gideon in his

timidity and his fear many times even

though I don't allow that to rule me

I'll clarify that and his imperfection

and yet I know that when God said

something I objectively receive it I

believe it and I move in it no matter

what my emotions say that's the problem

anytime you get into all kinds of

trouble by faith and then you are

agonizing when the waters up to your

neck but that's you got to do you got to

live the Christian life has to be lived

in deficit always you got to be doing

more not they're taking more than you

can do otherwise you're not up to it

and so this is the thing you know he's

an utterly imperfect man and yet God is

working through him all the time so

don't let imperfection rule you and hold

you back the second thing is that

throughout this narrative we see Gideon

grow gradually into becoming and being

that mighty man of Valor that God

initially declared him to be it doesn't

happen immediately if you read from

chapter 6 through chapter 9 or 10 in in

the book of Judges you will see this

timid boy become a truly a man of Valor

a man who commands men a man who

undertakes initiatives a man who does

what needs to be done a man who

disciplines those who come against him a

man of authority from that man who God

says you have it in you it's in you who

doubts it and doesn't show it to that

man because because again the gifts of

the Spirit are developed as you move in

them by faith if you're waiting until

you feel the conviction you might as

well go home because initially it would

be an impartation of faith as you own it

as you receive it as you believe it as

you confess it as you move in it as you

reinforce it

even richer and nourish it it slowly

develops in you until the gifting

becomes an actuality a reality an

observable thing to you and to others

but you got to begin by faith see that's

where it all begins

you can watch this transformation of

Gideon from that wimp who says if the

Lord is with us then why are we in this

trouble to this point races you know

follow me in the name of Gideon and and

god this is this is about transformation

these teachers of something after an

initial in after an initial in filling

of the power of God that power is

gradually realized in us through

practice through living by faith in the

power of God as we move by faith the

power becomes stronger if we don't use

it we lose it or it becomes stagnant

it's a dynamic thing not either/or but

rather something that grows according to

how we use it by faith this has also

been a theme of the teachings that you

have received throughout these weeks

about the Holy Spirit the baptism I

believe that it is more about how we

assume by faith that we have it and

about choosing a moment of affirmation

and belief a moment of initiation that

we receive by faith and then proceeding

by faith to live out that baptism that

endowment of power that we believe we

have received by faith it's about taking

that moment taking ownership of it all

the other stuff you know is secondary

really it's more about what you do with

it then then actually having a moment

where you are physically shown that you

have it we have put the cart before the

horse in many Pentecostal circles it's

about believing and moving in that

belief so I live us with the words of

the Apostle Paul in 2nd Timothy chapter

2 chapter 1 verses 6 and 7

which in a way summarize this whole

thing Paul the veteran church planter

and evangelist addresses this young

aspiring minister that is said Timothy

and verse six he says for this reason

Timothy I remind you I had Mohnish you

to fan into flame the gift of God which

is in you through the laying on of my

hands just like they gained your says

God is in you the power is in you you

are that mighty warrior Paul is saying

the same thing to Timothy you have it in

you I place my hands on you I declared

something prophetically apostolic Leon

your life you have it beating you have

it pulsating like a a an embryo of

powerful divine life inside of you now

fan it into flame develop it practice it

bring it into full manifestation through

practice and faithful living out fan it

into flame

for God did not give us a spirit of


you know we have to I'm rebuking in one

part of the spirit of the Gideon in my

own life I've been rebuking it for

60-some years of my life

maybe not 60 point 50 something I get

carried away with my own rhetoric year

but it's a struggle continual struggle

and I have to say to myself you know God

did not make me a wimp God did not make

me a victim it's not about this thing or

that thing that factor society or

whatever I don't expect anything from

human beings or from life this world is

not capable of giving anything good to a

child of God it has to come directly

from God he's my provision he's my


he's my resource man cannot do evil or

good to me you have to live in that



God has not given you a spirit of

timidity what has God given you and me a

spirit of power of love and of

self-discipline or a sound mind or some

other that's what God has given you a

very balanced anointing power which is

aggressive and overcoming and

overwhelming love which tempers power

and which turns it into servanthood and

love and graciousness toward others and

a sound mind which enables you to

distinguish the difference and to live

in a way that is lucid and and precise

and and way a healthy way of thinking

and of computing life prudent and wise

this this is what the the provision of

God for your life you have all that you

need inside doing those three things you

have all the computer needs you have it

how many can say I have it can you say

that it with me I have it own it believe

it believe it let's stand for a moment

let us stand and and as you stand say

father thank you you are clothing me

with your power right now I'm like a

lion roaring right now and getting out

there and trampling on the hordes of

hell they will be afraid of me when they

see your power within me they will part

to the sides when they see this anointed

man a woman of God walking not because

of Who I am

but because of who you are in me

hallelujah and father I thank you

because we're not qualified none of us

is thank you because we have made sure

that we're unqualified and yet this is

at the moment where you can come in and

clothe us with power Alleluia

I receive that power God I receive that


I receive the provision for my day for

my life for my family for my finances

for my health for my emotional stability

I receive it in Jesus name

I will move in your profession I will

not be defeated because you are in me Oh

hallelujah I own your provision I own

your blessing

I own the presence of your spirit in my

life I will not be intimidated by

circumstances or by supernatural demonic

beings or by my own doubt

all Holy Spirit of God clothed your

people right now with a double portion

of your anointing clothe me father we

receive and in Jesus name hallelujah

oh yes fill our congregation feel our

congregation fill those who are here

those who are not father fill us with a

new anointing let us live in your power

hallelujah let us live in that double

portion that you have given your people

praise the Lord I am more than

sufficient with the power of God in me

for whatever task life throws in front

of me I renounce doubt and I renounce

timidity and fear and I embrace this

sufficiency that says you will not die

you will live you will not fail you will

succeed you will not come short you will

have more than sufficient for the

journey as a matter of fact you will be

able to share with others says the Lord

you will be given you are given more

than you need for yourself so that your

oversupply can bless others as well

says the Lord this morning if you

believe in me if you move in my power

not in your sufficiency because you will

never be able to accomplish it in your

power live in my power every day live in

my sufficiency every day put your

emotions in check every day and live in

faith in what I have declared this is

the word of the Lord for God's people

this morning and we say Amen praise You

Lord hallelujah be glorified be


thank you Jesus