August 6, 2017 9AM English Message, "Saul's Holy Spirit Baptism: A Case Study"


I wanna invite us to go to chapter 10 of

the book of 1st Samuel Wright First

Samuel Chapter ten and I want us to do a

kind of case study you know how they do

in a law school and in Business School

they teach you certain principles about

business in about law and how it

functions and then they have the

students focus on a case of a

corporation or a legal case where they

can go in-depth and see how the

principles that the professor has been

teaching the class are worked out in a

particular case in a particular

situation and so that serves as a kind

of reinforcement it also serves to

illustrate some of the principles that

are presented and it's a great way to

kind of illustrate and you know to see

in live some of the truths that have

been presented to to the class so we

have been speaking this past few weeks

about the Holy Spirit and about the

baptism of the Holy Spirit about the

spirit filled life about living in a

supernatural plane and the seeking the

fullness of the Spirit and that

dependency and awareness of the

influence and the resources of the

Spirit and the fact that as Scripture

teaches us and I hope that we've made a

case for the importance of seeking that

that experience of the baptism of the

Holy Spirit despite all its complexities

and despite the fact that there's so

much controversy and different opinions

about different things as I've said

before I don't think there's any way

that you can credibly delete this zone

of Scripture that is called the baptism

of the Holy Spirit the the fullness of

the Holy Spirit living in the gifts of

the Holy Spirit we have gone through

many different texts regarding this and

and you know this idea that you know the

Christian life is not just oh yes it is

enough in a way to trust in Jesus Christ

and to receive as your law

Savior of course that's the foundation

but on top of that there's all kinds of

other components that that are part of

the the growth of the believer and their

empowerment to be effective and

efficient in serving the Lord and and

carrying out the tasks of the Christian

life and and and part of it is growing

upon that foundation that is Jesus

Christ and not depending on just the

kind of a generic Christian experience

and I really believe that it makes such

a big difference when you focus on the

Holy Spirit and you you realize how

important it is to cast yourself and to

and to continually every task in your

life every situation every trial to

appeal to that resource that is the

Spirit of God and and to you know focus

your mind and format your mind in terms

of the supernatural lens where that

third person of the Trinity the Holy

Spirit plays a significant significant

role in everything that we do and

everything everything that we face in

life so in the first time you'll chapter

10 and it's interesting I'll begin by

saying that that this is particularly

interesting that we're going to the Old

Testament to speak about the baptism of

the Holy Spirit because you know you

think of the baptism of the Holy Spirit

and you think book of Acts you think

about New Testament you think about

after Christ baptizes in the Holy Spirit

and and you know the text that we have

explored in the New Testament about the

baptism of the Holy Spirit and in living

a life that is full of the Holy Spirit

but to go to the older Testament and to

find there an illustration of what

constitutes the baptism of the Holy


illustrated in the life of one man King

Saul is very interesting I think it's

doubly illuminating when you look at it

from that that perspective so in one

thing that we learn immediately just

even by choosing to see the baptism of

the Holy Spirit illustrated in the Old


we learn that this annoying thing of the

Holy Spirit this baptism of the Holy

Spirit was not something new that sort

of began with the New Testament the Holy

Spirit has been present throughout all

of eternity

and from the very beginnings of creation

we see the Holy Spirit being

instrumental in the creation of the

world even and men and women I believe

in the Old Testament experienced

baptisms of the Holy Spirit I think one

of the differences in the Old Testament

from the New Testament is the fact that

in the Old Testament this experience of

the baptism and the anointing of the

Holy Spirit was kind of reserved for

three classes of men priests prophets

and kings because these three types of

individuals had precisely very concrete

tasks to perform on behalf of the

kingdom of God they were being asked to

carry out huge assignments no a priest

leads the people of God into the

presence of God and officiate before the

Lord on behalf of the people of God a

king does extraordinary things as well

of course and a prophet requires that

anointing in order to prophesy

appropriately and accurately so it was

understood but of course you know the

number of prophets and the number of

priests and the number of kings was very

limited then you have that vast majority

of citizens were citizens of Israel

Israelites who you know they were kind

of they were not part of the party there

were simply observers looking at these

anointed people carrying other tasks

under the anointing of the Holy Spirit

industry in the business three types of

individuals were anointed with oil as a

symbol of the Spirit coming down upon

them and the saturating them and in

parting his gifts upon them so it was

understood now in the New Testament what

you have is what I would call the

democratization sorry for the big word

I'm not even sure that it's a word but

it sounds good anyway and you know what

I mean it becomes a democratic thing now

it's no longer an elite kind of

phenomenon now all can prophesy all can

move in the gifts the Holy Spirit is for

those who are near and those who are far

says the Apostle Peter in one of his

first sermons now the Holy Spirit is for

God's body as a whole and all of us are

partakers of the anointing of the Holy

Spirit so that's one big difference that

you see clearly in the New Testament I

wish I could go into a and maybe a

little bit at some point I may be able

to touch upon the book of Joel regarding

this Universal experience of the Holy

Spirit and that's really the distinctive

of the of the Pentecost where now all of

a sudden it is made clear that the

resources of the kingdom of God the

supernatural resources of the kingdom of

God are for all believers and the

baptism of the Holy Spirit is

constituted into that kind of that

mechanism that instrument that God uses

in a special way to release that energy

that power in the lives of believers so

but here in the Old Testament we have

saw the first king of Israel being

anointed with the Holy Spirit and by

observing what happens in this case we

can abstract we can take out and we can

see some of the principles that we have

talked about carried out in the life of

this man so I think in that sense it's

particularly illustrative it's

particularly enlightening so we go to

chapter 10 and you know it's a long

story chapter 9 is part of the drama and

you know we in chapter 10 we sort of

enter into the middle of the action so

we have this young man Saul who has clue

about the the purpose that God has for

his life God has chosen sovereignty to

make him the first king of Israel but he

doesn't know a thing about that he's

immersed in his quotidian daily life he

nothing more ordinary than what he's

doing when God encounters him Saul is

out looking for some donkeys imagine

that his father has lost and he's

carrying out a task very typical of an

agrarian society these donkeys have gone

their way and nobody can find them and

so Saul's father sends him with a

servant to go find the donkeys all right

and soul is involved in that task

interesting I can't repress a thought

here that many times in the Bible you

will find God encountering people while

they're doing something and often that

something is totally unrelated to what

God hasn't planned for them but they're

in action they're moving they're active

when the Lord encounters Gideon do you


Gideon pastor Greg spoke about him a few

weeks back what is Gideon doing he's

pressing the what is it the wheat of the

corn would the wheat in a cave totally

clueless to the fact that he has been

chosen to perform an extraordinary task

that is beyond his strength and so what

is he doing he's working he's at it he's

doing things and many times you see in

scriptures you know in the New Testament

you have guys collecting taxes or

fishing you know they're doing something

they're active and the Lord chooses to

find them they're not well necessarily

they're you know drinking a lemonade in

a corner or just relaxing there at work

and this I've always seen that as a kind

of a little lesson there God rewards

people who are at work where restless

who are active you know it's much easier

for God to and

counter you for a particular assignment

or particular endowment when you are

active in his kingdom doing something

working serving you know many of us are

like just waiting ok Lord Here I am you

know that I'm available and and we're

passive and not involved in the kingdom

and you know God does not honor

passivity I think God honors more

dynamism people who are serving him and

doing the best that they can what you

know what they're able to find so Saul

is out there you know trying to find his

father's donkeys and God has chosen him

and God kind of organizes in

orchestrates an encounter with the

prophet Samuel and God has a told Samuel

that at a particular time the next day

he will find a man as he's walking in

the middle of the city and that that man

is the man that God has chosen to be the

first king of Israel and so you know it

things happen exactly as God that tells

a Samuel and he has an encounter with a

Saul and this is what takes place in

chapter 10 you know the Samuel tells

Saul a couple of very cryptic kind of

mysterious things about you know the

whole of Israel is yours

and salsa swap I mean I'm the I'm the

youngest I'm the smallest my tribe is

insignificant I I don't rate I don't

qualify which is again another

interesting thing about them you know

God doesn't choose necessarily the most

obviously qualified God has his

sovereign purposes in our lives and he

chooses whoever he wants not necessarily

the most qualified so anyway in chapter

10 verse verse 1 we have a Samuel taking

a flask of oil oil the symbol of life

and Holy Spirit healed

anointing power refreshment all these

things disassociations that were

connected with oil in the Old Testament

and in the New Testament as well Samuel

took a flask of oil and poured it on

Saul's head and kissed him it was always

like a kiss of consecration not

necessarily a kiss of affection more

like a kiss of appropriation and the

proximity of God the approval of God in

his life and kissed him even saying has

not the Lord anointed you leader over

his inheritance it's a rhetorical

question of saying God has anointed you

as a leader over his inheritance and

then he proceeds to to give him a some

very specific prophetic utterances and

predictions not all prophesy is

predicting what Samuel happens to be a

particularly gifted prophet and you know

he can he can see in three dimensions

and in full-color things that are going

to happen and he's very accurate and so

God is concocting an entire drama here

and so Samuel prophesized to solve when

you leave me today you will meet two men

near rachel's tomb at zelda on the

border of benjamin they will say to you

the donkeys you have you set out to look

for have been found and now your father

has stopped thinking about them and is

worried about you

he's asking what should i do about my

son so imagine samuel is able to

perceive these things in his mind

clearly because he is a very very gifted

prophet then secondly you will go from

there until you reach the great tree of

table or three men going up to god at

bethel we'll meet you there one will be

carrying three young goats another three

loaves of bread and another a skin of

wine they will greet you and offer you

two loaves of bread which you will

accept from them he's visualizing these


he's see them happening even before any

of this takes place you will accept them

and after that you will go to Gibeah of

God where there is a Philistine outpost

the Philistines mean that invading army

that oppressive army that was oppressing

Israel and controlling Israel as an

imperial presence in Israel the

Israelites were under siege and under

the control of this Philistine army and

as you approach the town you will meet a

procession of prophets so he meets a

second group of individuals this is a

company of prophets coming down from the

high place what is the high place the

place of worship both pagan prophets and

Israelite prophets worshiped in the high

places as symbols of you know closeness

I guess through to the heavens

and so these these men will be coming

down from having worshipped okay and

perhaps having done other kinds of acts

of sacred acts of worship before the

Lord you will meet a procession of

prophets coming down from the high place

with liars that is a you know like this

the sort of the antecedents are the the

background for you know guitars and that

kind of thing

liars like harps tambourines flutes and

harps being played before them and they

will be prophesying you know there's a

lot of mystery here as to what it

exactly what does it mean that they were

prophesying you know prophesy it's a

very complex thing by the way I just

take a moment here to you know prophesy

we think prophecy is what Samuel has

just done which is to tell the future in

a very specific way that is one aspect

of prophecy but prophecy prophecy is

much more than that prophecy can be also

declaring God's praise and doing it

under the anointing of the Holy Spirit

sometimes when we sing in we're asked to

sing kind of a free song in the spirit

not not the kind of thing that we do

here but the song that just comes from

us that we are improvising in the spirit

that that can be prophesying

prophesizing can be declaring under the

anointing of the Holy Spirit the

goodness of God and the attributes of

God under a kind of special anointing of

God uh sometimes can happen I think

we've many times are prophesying we

don't even realize it

in times of worship when we just feel

taken by the Lord and we are led into a

moment of exultation and enthusiasm and

we thank God for what he has done in our

lives and and and many times yes we can

even get impressions about what God

wants to do in our life and so on and so

forth or we may see somebody and feel

that we need to give them a message and

so on so prophecy is a very dynamic

thing I think when it says here these

men were prophesying I don't think

necessarily they were foretelling the

future they were under a powerful

anointing of God and they were declaring

God's mysteries and God's goodness and

greatness and worshipping Him worship

has now in in the Christian form let's

say the Christian hydration that has

become what we do here in the morning so

and so forth but you know worship is so

much more dynamic it's so multi-faceted

much more complex now we're used to

thinking many times and what we do

really in the church we have sometimes

turned it into a very formal sterile

kind of affair but worship in its true

form I think has elements of prophecy

elements of prediction elements of

ministering to the needs of people

mysterious supernatural manifestations

of the power of God and all these

different things so let's look at

prophecy as a very complex very

encompassing thing don't just limit

yourself to you know foretelling the

future so these men I don't have a

little more to say about that they

they're coming down and they would they

Samuel says they would be prophesying

and in this particular situation

something also happens the Spirit of the

Lord will come upon you in power now

that's an important distinction here the

Spirit of God will come upon you in

power and I think that that's a great

definition for the baptism of the Holy

Spirit it when the Spirit of God comes

down in a particularly powerful intense

sort of way into your life and that can

often be accompanied by by an external

izing and expressing bringing out of

that energy and expressing it's like

when you when you hurt your hand or with

a hammer or you you're tall or or or you

have some particularly wonderful

experience what do you do you you laugh

you you express surprise or delight

because it's a way of taking this energy

that it's inside of you and getting it

out into the open and so when the Holy

Spirit comes into you in a very powerful

way you do certain things you know some

some things happens you feel certain

things that are not the usual and and so

I think this when we talk about the

baptism of the holy spirit in its its

way and it's Pentecostal way you know

we're talking about an experience that

is accompanied by strong emotion by by

strong feelings and and again I'll have

more to say about that at some point but

I want to start that I think sometimes

you can be you can be infused with the

Holy Spirit like Saul here

I mean Samuel anoint him with oil and I

believe that when Samuel anoint him with

oil and kisses him he receives an

impartation of the power of God but it

is like a a legal impartation almost he

receives that it's there he gets it he's

given a legal document of access to the

power of God but nothing happens in his

emotions when David it's anointed the

same thing it doesn't tell us that he

speaks in tongues he falls to the ground

he laughs in Christ it's just a legal

transaction takes place and that's all

and you see that many times that you

know the Gideon I think when the angel

looks at Gideon and and and says isn't

isn't the Lord with you all mighty

warrior you know there is an importation

of power upon Gideon but Gideon doesn't

experience that power

all impartation until the moment he

blows the trumpet that it says that the

Holy Spirit came upon him and clothed

Gideon with the Holy Spirit it's like an

armor fell over his whole nervous system

and over his entire person and there

when he blows that trumpet boom that's

an explosion of power in his life and

you know sometimes you may you may

receive an importation of the Holy

Spirit in in worship in times of

ministry whatever and you may think

nothing happened because he didn't feel

anything but it is there and then there

will be other times in your life I think

when you will have opportunity for that

to be kind of activated and to become

very much a part of your experiential

life so I'd like to draw the distinction

between those two because sometimes you

know people they have been anointed with

the power of the Holy Spirit they have

received the Holy Spirit into their life

and they feel well nothing happened

because I didn't feel anything you have

to believe it you have to receive it you

have to own it you have to confess it

and then look for the manifestation as

you walk in your life and try to live

that Pentecostal life and to be remain

open for those moments when God will

manifest himself am I making sense to

you here I hope that I'm okay I just

want to because it's a complex thing and

I think a lot of people are scared away

from the experience of the baptists of

the Holy Spirit because sometimes we

tend to make it very simplistic that the

Gospels do and and I think we

unnecessarily alienate a lot of people

from seeking the experience of the

baptists of the Holy Spirit it's a very

dynamic thing and it's a process and it

can take a long time and and you should

just keep working at it keep seeking

keep confessing keep working it out

until it becomes a reality in your life

and again I'll have a little bit more to

say about that so the Spirit of the Lord

will come upon you in power and you will

prophesy with them and you will be

changed into a different person once

these signs are fulfilled do whatever

your hand finds to do for God is with

you to meet as the center of the entire

text that verse 6

and verse 7 so he assigns a goal and you

know to do your thing and then in verse

nine assists asks all turned to leave

Samuel God changed sauce heart God

changed Saul's heart and all these signs

were fulfilled that day I'm intrigued by

this expression of God changed Saul's

heart heart being the seat of the mind

of emotions in the Bible of the essence

of the personality God just turned it

around did something transformative in

his life and this is the ideal

manifestation of the baptism of the Holy

Spirit it's a change that takes place

when you are filled with the Holy Spirit

it should take place and I think it does

take place in the problem is that many

times we do not give it time to manifest

ourselves we underestimate what took

place we do not dedicate energy to

bringing it into full expression because

there's a part that we have to do

there's a potentiality there a potential

is birthed in us of an absolute change

and then it takes time for that change

to be manifested and part of it depends

on our own cooperation with it this is

why Paul yes Paul tells Timothy in 2nd

Timothy 1:6 that you know fan into flame

the gift of God that is in you see the

gift is in there just by the imposition

of my hands the gift entered Timothy's

life when Paul imposed hands on him but

now it is Timothy's duty and

responsibility to sign it into flame in

other words to to bring it into full

manifestation to bring it out into the

open to make it observable by everyone

who is around him the gifting of God

that is in him so when you receive the

impartation of the Holy Spirit when

somebody who is anointed imposes hands

on you place places of the anointing of

God in your life you would do one thing

number one you receive it by faith

you make that moment a sacred moment of

in absolute deliberation in

intentionality you say yes thank you

Lord I have it I receive your Holy

Spirit and then you said you enter into

a new journey you believe that you have

that power of the Holy Spirit in you and

now there's a task ahead which is to

bring it into full manifestation okay

now I want to make that very clear even

if it takes a bit more time than I would

like because I have so many other things

I want to talk with you but you know I

may have used I don't know sometimes as

I speaking in the Spanish congregation

and I don't know what I said in one

service or in the other but if not

repeated when a woman becomes pregnant

in that moment of Inception that moment

of birthing of a new creature by the

encounter between a man and a woman a

mysterious encounter a life is generated

and you know many many times a woman who

is now pregnant will not know that she

is pregnant she has if something has

happened inside her womb but it's so

impersonal and yet so significant she

doesn't even know that it's there it has

happened until later on as it grows as

that that that embryo begins to multiply

and grow and Davao and Davao and Davao

then it becomes something that you know

you can see in a in a material machine

or you can she can feel it in her body

her body starts to swell and all kinds

of changes begin to take place in her

anatomy and in her biological system and

that potentiality of life that is real

because when when a woman conceives as

you well know with genetics and so on

and so forth all the elements of what

that person is going to become are there

in the in her chromo in the chromosomes

of that embryo in the genetic

composition it's all there it's all

written down from there on it's just

simply a fulfilling of that it's a it's

like the writing into into reality of

something that is completely there in

that genetic code

and I believe that that's really when we

are impregnated by the baptism of the

Holy Spirit God's intentions for our

life his his plans his endowment this

specific gifting is all there and now

it's a matter of editors you know

flowering into full expression and that

is the task of an entire life sometimes

where Pentecostals tend to make of the

baptism of the Holy Spirit like an act

zero-sum everything

suppose we oversimplify it's a process

it takes a long time and it takes

cooperation between us and God and faith

and working it out the Bible speaks

about working out our own salvation it

doesn't mean that we're saved by works

it means that the salvation that God has

declared over our lives is composed of

so many different elements and each of

us is supposed to cooperate with God so

to speak to make the specific

manifestation of his salvation real in

our lives and we got to work it out and

just as we have to work out the reality

of the Holy Spirit and of the of the

baptism of the Holy Spirit in our life

but there is a change that takes place

God changed Saul's heart there was a

potential there God impregnated him with

his life and soul who was a perfectly

ordinary man so ordinary that he he was

shy beyond anything that you could

imagine and he was imperfect in so many

different ways but God has changed this

identity and has given him some

capacities that he doesn't even know

that he has inside of him and that

that's mysterious but we have to

understand that as well so many times

God baptizes of this Holy Spirit

baptizes with a calling with an

endowment and we don't even know that

we're carrying something at me amazingly

powerful and we have to be possessed by

that mystery you have a call in your

life you have you have a gifting

in your life you have a mission that God

has given you if you're a believer you

have been endowed with something

mysterious and powerful and I hope that

you live your life with this sense of

mystery that you are you are you are

impregnated with the life of God you are

carrying the gifting in the endowment of

God in your life and that has all kinds

of implications amen well there's a

little stirring there I hope that all

it's a new universal thing that you can

believe that you know so God changes him

but I think it was a changing in

potentiality and when they arrived at

Giga baya

a procession of prophets met him the

Spirit of God came upon him in power and

he joined in their prophesying when all

those who had formerly known him saw him

prophesying with the Prophet they asked

each other what is this that has

happened to the son of Kish is Saul also

among the Prophet a man who lived there

answered and who is their father

so it became a saying it's all also

among the prophets after saw stop

prophesying he went on to the high place

so that's that's a narrative and I've

taken some moments there too to kind of

even use the narrative as a springboard

for some lessons you know that I as I

said illustrate these different ideas

about the the baptism of the holy spirit

so you see number one again Saul has a

task God has chosen him to be king over

Israel this is a task way beyond his

capacity and so he requires a special

anointing and a special endowment from

God there you have in a nutshell what

the baptism of the Holy Spirit is Christ

has called this church to perform an

impossible task to disciple the nation's

to preach the gospel you can imagine

what an impossible task it was for those

timid ignorant believers in the first

century in this small place that was

Israel and Jesus is saying go to all the

nations preach the gospel turned them

into disciples teach them and format

them according to the principles

the kingdom this is an impossible task

for them they that's why they needed the

power of the Holy Spirit Saul is an

inferior man in so many different ways

and God is asking to become a king God

is asking to free Israel from the

Philistines an impossible task so he

needs the anointing and so you see this

principle for utterly weak people like

we are we need an especial endowment

from God so if you're feeling weak if

you're feeling incompetent you're

perfectly your perfect candidate for the

anointing of the Holy Spirit don't think

oh I have too many defects I have too

many flaws I have I haven't gone to

seminary I haven't done this I haven't

done that hey what God needs to say

vessel upon which to pour his anointing

that's all if you have if you're if you

can become a vessel you can be anointed

as well

Paul Saul had a task and so he needed an

encounter with the power of the Holy

Spirit that's why in the New Testament

we have the same thing you have people

being asked to be kings and priests and

evangelists and they also need an

endowment of the Holy Spirit or the Holy

Spirit it's very logical by extension

that's what the baptism of the Holy

Spirit is the baptism of the Holy Spirit

is for service it is a an endowment that

we will be able to fulfill the tasks

that we have in the Christian life the

second thing that you see here quickly

is that this anointing this reception of

an anointing is mediated it's made

possible by an anointed man of God

Samuel transfers in a way his anointing

to Saul and again you have the same

thing in the Christian walk that

generally we depend on people who know

of the power of God anointed people

there is a transference element believe

me in the whole spiritual economy that

people who are anointed who know about

the power of God who are gifted you know

imposing hands on others that they might

receive the power of the Holy Spirit and

that's an important element that's the

principle behind the imposition of hands

all imposes hands places hands on

Timothy that he might receive the Holy

Spirit when we pray for others and

we likely plays our hand on their

shoulder or we place our hands on their

head or whatever or when somebody's

being consecrated for the ministry it's

a continuation of this idea of a

transference of power from somebody who

has that power by the grace of God upon

somebody who's to receive that power and

then become also someone who transfers

that power to others and that's a

beautiful thing so you see again this

element here of Saul being anointed and

being touched by this anointed prophet

and I see here a principle also the

importance of associating with people

who know of and have experienced the

power of God of attending a church that

emphasizes the power of the Holy Spirit

of finding yourself as often as you can

in environment where there is a presence

and the radioactivity of the Holy Spirit

because many times you can catch things

when you find yourself in environment so

the Holy Spirit is moving or when you

are in conversation and relationship

with anointed people don't look for

people who will tell you no that doesn't

exist that's not for us that that was

for you know the old times of the

Prophet and the Apostles look for people

who are anointed and associated with

them have conversations with them seek

their company seek their anointing pray

with them have them pray for you because

in the in the in the kingdom economy a

lot of energy is received I told you

about when I went to that

african-american church many years ago

in California and something happened to

me there nobody pray for me but I was in

an environment where the Holy Spirit was

present in a very powerful way and when

I came back I'm talking about 30 years

ago I I knew that something had happened

in my life I didn't speak in tongues I

didn't you know roll on the floor but I

knew that had been an environment and

that changed my ministry in my life and

that led to an extraordinary

transformation in the life of my church

so anointed people like Samuel imposing

hands praying for people who need that

anointing it's an important part of the

experience of the Holy Spirit there's a

third thing now in this particular

sector my teaching here we also see that

Saul is a very flawed the very imperfect


he's an entirely sinful imperfect man

and if you read the bio the biography of

Paul later on you see all his

imperfection at work and yet God has

chosen him and there's a complexity here

God choose a soul to teach Israel a

lesson because Israel had rejected

Samuel it had rejected God's direct

influence on the life of Israel they

wanted to be like the other countries

that had a king so God chooses an

imperfect man because that imperfect man

is later going to show them you know how

what a mistake they have made but the

fact is that our soul is an imperfect

man and yet God chooses him to carry out

his designs and his work Saul is to free

Israel from the Dominion of the

Philistines and that's that that's what

he does and you know again I want to say

to you about imperfection imperfection

and the baptism of the holy spirit

number one you do not have to be perfect

to receive the baptism of the Holy

Spirit you don't even have to be have it

all worked out you don't have to be in a

special state of holiness you will never

be finished in the Christian life God

will always find you right in the middle

of your imperfection and you will be

ministering in imperfection throughout

your entire life you will always be

struggling but imperfection is not a an

absolute requirement for God to use you

neither is it for God to baptize you

yesterday I had opportunity to talk to

someone you know but precisely about

that it it was a a couple of days ago I

could never remember but you know the

fact that sometimes people are going to

partake of the Holy Communion or they

want to be baptized in water and they

feel like no I don't have a I have too

many sins I have too many struggles in

my life I can't do it you know you

always will what you have to do is

commit yourself to the grace of God

confess your sins be aware of your

imperfection God does not reject a

contrite heart after the Bible says you

don't have to have it all worked out in

order to be able to participate of the

goodness of

God so Saul is a very imperfect man but

there's another element here about

imperfection that is really important

which is that after he is baptized with

the Holy Spirit he continues to be an

imperfect man and this all makes huge

mistakes in his life after receiving the

anointing of the Holy Spirit I see a lot

of people sometimes rejecting spirit

filled churches and believers because

they are sometimes very flawed and say

well how can this person they say that

they have the power of the Holy Spirit

and yet look at them doing this look at

them doing that what you see in

scripture very clearly that the baptism

of the Holy Spirit is not for perfection

I don't think there's as long as we're

in this body as long as we are animated

by this imperfect nervous system we will

always be sinful we will always make

mistakes we will always offend God we

will always offend others as well but it

is the sheer mercy of God working in our

lives and so you know the baptism of the

Holy Spirit doesn't make you perfect it

makes you strong yes it gives you a

voice it gives you a conviction it makes

you very intense it makes you passionate

it gives you a sense of authority when

you witness to others it gives you a

conviction of your salvation that is

very strong very powerful it empowers

you in many powerful ways but it doesn't

necessarily make you holier it gives you

power to become holier but it doesn't

kind of with a magic wand God touches

you and all of a sudden you're you know

your collection of virtues it's not that

simple now am i saying that that size

that holiness is not important of course


am I saying that you don't need to

strive for holiness am I saying that you

can just take for granted the call to

holiness no never take for granted the

call to be holy before God but as you

pursue holiness pursue it in a state of

acceptance knowing that you know God is

with you as you seek to become more

acceptable to him and as you stumble as

you fall and as you make mistakes

working out his salvation God is working

out his perfection in you you will make


and you know I i anoint that people will

make mistakes and sin the important

thing is that that you always seek to

take the anointing of God that is in you

and you know perfected read the Word of

God become more informed about the Word

of God that the Word of God fill your

life seek more yes the holiness of God

pray more ask God to change your

character that you might become more

like Christ ask for the fruit of the

Spirit to become more a part of your

life some people just depend on the

anointing the power but they forget that

they also need the love and they need

the character of Christ these two things

are always in dialogue with each other I

think Saul took it for granted okay I

have the power and that's all and then

he proceeded to live his life just in

regular way and that was his undoing

when you have the anointing of God many

spiritual people and churches they

become so full and anointed and so

enamored with the gift that they forget

the other part the character of Christ

the fruit of the Spirit so Saul was

imperfect in the beginning he was

perfect imperfect also even later on in

his life he neglected to continue

perfecting they get something we need to

do after anointing Saul Samuel

prophesized three encounters three

encounters that await him and I've often

wondered about the meaning of these

three encounters it's not totally clear

but I'm sure that there was a reason for

all three of them it is clear that all

three of them contained prophetic

individuals as well as places that have

special spiritual meaning Rachel stume

Bethel the Philistine outpost they all

have spiritual meaning and they all have

a meaning in Saul's life as well the

first encounter connects a soul with

Abraham of the past I think it was a way

of connecting him with that that

tradition of Abraham and the father's

the second in Bethel is related to a

secret place where we're men of God like

Abraham and Jacob had profound

encounters with the spirit the third

this Philistine outpost relates to

Saul's future struggles with this

invading military power the Philistines

when you have the anointing the

principle that I see here when you have

the anointing of the Holy Spirit in your

life it will be full of supernatural

encounters and associations with people

and situations of power you walk in a

supernatural context and you are always

experiencing contacts and messages from

the Holy Spirit when you have the spirit

in you your life I mean don't don't

don't take for granted anything that

happens in your life always seek with

the message that God has behind it God

is always speaking to us in all kinds of

mysterious ways in our lives encounters

that seem completely meaningless and

normal God is speaking to us through it

and you need to take time don't take

your life for granted your life is

charged with meaning if you're a person

who is anointed with the Holy Spirit

finish with this forgive me I know I'm

taking the time and going into extra

time but the baptists of the Holy Spirit

leads to a kind of transformation God

changes his heart changes the man in a

sense we are changed into another person

and then it's interesting that the

Apostle rather the prophet Samuel says

when these signs are fulfilled do

whatever your hand finds to do for God

is with you I cannot admit that if I

omit that out of the sermon and in aa

meeting a very very important piece of

this whole thing I just read from a

couple of notes that I wrote here this

idea of doing whatever our hand finds to

do we have the anointing of God in our

lives this is equal to a dynamic life

living a dynamic life of undertaking

initiatives on behalf of the kingdom of

God and everything that we do not

wasting our time or hanging back or

being passive but rather leading a

dynamic enterprising life because we

have the power of God with us

I sometimes grow impatient with people

that I've seen in the congregation were

gifted evidently they have things to

contribute to the life of the church

they have wonderful value to add to the

kingdom of God and yet you know they're

just cruising or they're letting their

their shyness take control of them and

there's all kinds of needs around them

that they could be attending to and

helping advance the church or the

kingdom or ministering to someone but

you know they're so lost in their own

sense of inadequacy or their own natural

temperament or you know their sense of

limitation and just their you know

phlegmatic nature if you will and you

know sometimes I just love to get inside

of them for a second and and animate

them and to you know push them into

action when you have the anointing of

God in your life you are supposed to

work that out you're supposed to invest

even if you don't feel like doing it

even if you don't feel like you have

what it takes just under take it by

faith you should not be passive in the

kingdom of God do whatever comes to you

whatever your hand finds to do if you're

a housewife if you work in a factory if

you wash dishes if you drive a bus if

you operate on people in the hospital if

you manage a corporation or simply work

cleaning the floors of that corporation

whatever it is whatever your hand finds

to do God is everyday providing

opportunities for believers to be used

he's always putting in before us a

person to pray for or to minister to or

to call on the phone and see how they're

doing or to invite them to dinner and

just be a friend to them or to speak to

them about the gospel and witness to


he's presenting opportunities but we are

you know just thinking the head and we

choose to ignore those opportunities

we're not we're not vigilant to those

moments when God may want to use us and

we are not even aware that we have a

gift inside of us a God says I will be

with you as you undertake my assignment

by faith I'm not going to let you fail

my gift is in you live that active life

and to me that's one of the most

significant aspects of this whole

teaching you have the gift of God in you

you may not feel it nothing may have

happened in you but the clock is ticking

now and God is telling you like he he

told Joshua you know I've given you the

land everything that your feet step on

is yours now be courageous be of good of

great strength in spanish 'as it look

listener i have told you to be valiant

to be courageous and to and to make

efforts that the idea i believe in the

original you have you you are not just

anybody you have the gift of God in your

life God wants you to revel in to

recognize it and to enjoy being a

warrior for the kingdom of God is

servant to experience the thrill of

being used by God but you got to get out

there and do it by faith and as you do

it by faith the road will develop that

gives more and

that baptism of Holy Spirit will become

more and more manifest in your life you

will have those moments of thrill of

just enjoyment and order Wow enthusiasm

when you see God work in your life

you're missing out on something very

special if you're living a passive

Christian life you are holding the gift

of God that is in you and you're

supposed to put it into manifestation

amen so thank you Father thank you for

these illustrations thank you for these

teachings we pray that actually we will

not be like Saul will be like him in

receiving your baptism but will be go

will go beyond him in seeking to perfect

your gifting in us and bring it into

full manifestation adding fruit of the

Spirit and being diligent in bringing

our spirit into full full expression we

thank you for this time lord thank you

for the joy of being in your presence

lead us out of here in peace knowing

that we have had an encounter with you

in Jesus name