'Click' on the box of God's salvation plan

Pastor Roberto Miranda


So I want to continue sharing with us

this passage of Jesus and the Samaritan

woman in the light of this purpose that

we have to become a an evangelistic

church a church that treasures Souls a

church that seeks that which is lost

Church that seeks to bring Jesus into

our community bring Jesus into families

into individual lives to heal them

precisely of the wounds that life

imposes on them and that we become

really passionate for for winning souls

that we live a lifestyle that allows us

to be valuable for the kingdom to be

instruments of God to bring others into

a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ so I

want to direct your attention to John

chapter 4 I started this meditation last

week and didn't get to finish it there

was a lot of stuff that was left and I

didn't want to extend myself too much in

the sermon so we we I left a sort of

half-completed but there's so much good

teaching here that I want to get back to

it and complete it also chapter 4 of

John you know that one of the beautiful

graphic passages of Jesus's heart and

his his evangelistic outlook is love for

a single human being you know we think

of Jesus having saved humanity and we

think of masses but Jesus was a master

at individual evangelism at valuing a

single soul and we see him many times in

in interacting with individuals like

Zacchaeus or Bartimaeus or the

adulterous woman Nicodemus the rich

young ruler you know he he never saw

individuals as unworthy of his attention

even though he was the God of the

universe even though he ever he

evangelized lots of people crowds and

masses followed him he knew the value of

a single soul

single human being and really that's

what we need to be aware of how can we

be used of God to reach people

individuals around us in our

neighborhoods in our houses in wherever

we are and so let me just uh sort of

position ourselves in terms of the the

passage itself and I want to go back a

little bit in Chapter four if you would

just put please the the text on there

and so they can start reading it from

the beginning and I'll just describe I

don't want to go over too much reading

the first part but you remember Jesus is

walking with his disciples he is

traveling and where he is going

requires that he go by a village that

was made up of Samaritan people and we

know that these Samaritans ethnically

were partially Jewish but also over the

history of many centuries of Israel's

life they had been become mixed they

they had not only become mixed

ethnically with what the Jews would

consider you know pagan and Gentile but

also they had become mixed religiously

and so their religion was an

amalgamation of different kinds of

beliefs some Jewish Hebrew and others

kind of a little bit suspect and so the

Jews really as they always did with

anything that rubbed in the wrong way or

that wasn't in accord with what they

wanted you know disdain them looked down

upon them and shunned them and and of

course the Samaritans reacted with the

same kind of sense of offense and

rejection and so there was enmity

between these two groups what we see is

that Jesus in trying to go to his

destiny did not circumvent he did not go

around this Samaritan village as the

Jews would normally do he goes directly

through it and he stops with his

disciples and it says that he sits down

near a well and his disciples go off to

buy some food for themselves and for

Jesus but he's sitting there and then

this woman draws near to him and Jesus

observes her and then approaches her and

asked her a question would you give me a

drink and the woman is kind of taken

aback because in this small village is

evidently a stranger and probably by his

accent or by his dress she was she

identified him immediately as a Jew and

so she's taken aback she's surprised

that you would talk to her particularly

also a man talking to a woman and this

man probably must have seemed somewhat

distinguished to her he must have spoken

in an educated sort of way and so she's

surprised she's intrigued and so she

asked him you know how come how can you

ask me for a drink

how can a Jew carry out this act of sort

of reconciliation almost in a way and I

think Jesus calculated very well what he

what he want he wanted to intrigue or he

wanted to I also I think he wanted to

position himself and he's in a

sympathetic win some sort of way because

at that moment Jesus is making some

himself frail and he's asking her for a


and so Jesus takes that opportunity to

kind of rhetorically ask her a question

he says you know if you knew really who

is asking you for a drink you would have

asked him and he would have given you

living water I mean that's cold language

there's a few things there that I find

interesting about Jesus's words number

one you know Jesus had a good sense of

who he was you know his humility did not

exclude the fact that he knew that he

was the son of God he knew that he was

Lord he knew that he had something

unique to offer to this woman and so he

asks her this question which is a cold

language and she interprets that

literally if you knew who asked you you

would ask him for water instead of him

asking you and he would give you living

water now she understands living water

as meaning water that is you know

running that is not static like that

well where the water just kind of

proudly rises up naturally into that

space and just lies there you're saying

I'm gonna give you water that is free

water that is like a river water that is

like a stream with even foam as it

rushes through the rocks and it jumps up

and the embodiment of you know joy in

life and dynamism instead of that stale

water which by the way is also a

symbolism here because some that there's

all kinds of comparisons that take place

throughout this path it's a very rich

passage and this idea of a living water

versus you know just still water I think

it's also a a symbolic and antinomy I

want to say but you know a opposites of

the on the one hand life that is just

religious and dead life religious life

that is limited to rituals and you know

history and the custom and habit and

culture as so many people I want to do

in every religion there are people who

they get hooked onto the the mechanical

aspects of religion know they we all do

that in a way almost unless we watch out

you know religion and even Christianity

can turn into something which is purely

habitual you come you know you pay your

respects you get dressed nicely and then

you go out and have lunch and then you

forget about your spirituality until the

next whenever maybe not even next week

the next holiday the next month when you

come to church again and you do that and

you sort of get hooked on to and plug on

to the ritualistic aspects of your faith

but that faith doesn't really penetrate

into your psyche into your emotions your

habits into your practices it is not it

is not something that you sort of live

out and that lives itself through you

you have a kind of a mechanical

connection to it it's it's nice it's

better than nothing but it's not a

living thing it's not a vibrant thing

it's not something that you feel some of

that occupies your every thought it's

not something that you are willing to

die for it's not something that pen

traits your habits and your decisions

your work life your marriage or

relationships it is an external thing

and I think that this is this is what

Jesus is trying to establish here about

this because he enters into a kind of a

dialogue with this woman and you will

see that you know at one point for

example look at verse 21 Jesus declared

believe me woman a time is coming when

you will worship the father neither on

this mountain nor in Jerusalem because

there was this competition between the

Samaritans they said we win we know the

the real God and in this mountains

because apparently they were near a

mountain you know that's this is where

the presence of God dwells and there's a

dialogue that they carry out between

this this competition that they have of

a Samaritan religion and the Jewish

religion and so Jesus says you know a

time is coming when you will worship the

father neither on this mountain nor in

Jerusalem in other words neither in a

Samaritan way nor in a Jewish way and I

know he says you Samaritans worship what

you do not know but this is being a

little confrontative here we worship

what we do know for salvation is from

the Jews not because the Jews were the

great thing really but because you know

they they had the Old Testament they had

the knowledge of God yet a time is

coming and has now come when the true

worshipers will worship the father in

spirit and in truth for they are the

kind of worshipers the father seeks so

you see this um this whole thing you

know and it continues on you know they

the woman alludes to all the historical

background of their faith and their

closeness to Jacob's Well and all this

kind of stuff and he says you know it

all of none of that matters it's not

about religion even the Jews themselves

were lost in their own religion and

that's why Jesus came to revitalize and

to confront you know the the religious

people of the time the the Jewish

leaders they were lost in their own

ritualism their own dead practices and


God had become just a set of laws I mean

onerous really burdensome a legal system

that they just simply paid attention to

it wasn't the living thing

and so Jesus is using this imagery of

living water versus still water that is

stagnant in a way and it's saying I have

come to give you something that you need

if you knew what I represent what I

represent is a relationship with God

what I represent this discipleship what

I represent this life lived in

relationship to God and to me is

something that you will own by

confessing it and by acknowledging it

you know in a kind of deliberate sort of

way you'll make a decision to accept

this not something that would be imposed

upon you by history or culture and so

this is this competition between

Stillwater this well which is historic

in its background it was a well where

Jacob that Jacob gave to the Jewish

people that they still retain because

that's what they were positioned and you

know Jerusalem so he says it's not about

any of that he's trying to rescue her

from from this so there there's you know

this dialogue and so Jesus says to her

you know I would give you that living


she doesn't understand fully his

language because he doesn't know who he

is and he's slowly leading her into that

so I think there's another point that is

important here in this in this passage

what let me just here here's something

that that I think we should not go by

just whoever drinks the water I give him

will never thirst as opposed to that

other water that she is trying to get

indeed the water I give him will become

in him a spring of water welling up to

eternal life and I I didn't want to pass

that by because I think it's important

for us to remember this idea of eternal

life because of what it means in terms

of salvation and the whole language of

eternity which is so important for

evangelism unless you are cued into

eternity really evangelism doesn't

really would not really mean a lot when

you think about it it is eternity that

that gives evangelism urgency and gives

it relevance I want to leave that there

for a moment

so Jesus our you know comfort the next

stage that he leads her because it's

like almost like a

trajectory a journey that he takes her

through slowly and gently and then he

knows that there's another piece that's

really important for true conversion to

take place

number one you see him kind of taking

her away from just dead religion number

two he's positioning himself potentially

as the vehicle that God is gonna use for

her transformation and number three what

he does now is he confronts her with her

past he confronts her with actually her

present as well and so he tells her in

verse 16 he told her go call your

husband and come back I think he knows

that he you know she's she's a tender

soul that she's going the way that he

needs her to go but there's something

that must be done before she can truly

be healed and so he he tells her go tell

your husband to come and so of course

what does he try to do she tries to hide

from her sin as we all you know will try

to do and we will come up with the

greatest and most complex excuses that

we can come up with the most complex

elements of justification intellectual

arguments all kinds of other things in

this case denial and and so she says you

know III have no husband but he he tells

her you you know you're right about that

the fact is you had he have had five

husbands and the man you now have is not

your husband you know there is there six

men in your life what you have just said

is quite true you know I'm thinking of

this mind that we just saw in this young

woman ravaged by the vanities and the

violations of life sensuality

materialism relational brokenness and

how that image of God is sort of

distorted and broken in her I think this

woman was was like that in a way she's

broken by sensuality you know she may

she probably wasn't a bad person you

know she may have been attractive and

used by men

she was just unlucky in love so to speak

I think there's a lot of people in this

world right now who are there in all

kinds of horrible situations drug abuse

and crime and violence and all kinds of

things and you know the things that

they're not really evil in this in the

deep sense of the word they are not

corrupted in their heart they have

simply been manipulated by life they

have had a broken past broken childhood

and yes they have cooperated in many

ways and ultimately they are responsible

for their actions

but truly you know they're not evil in

their heart and their rescue of all and

I think we have to understand we have to

when we're evangelizing we have to

connect with the goodness in people if

you don't love people and you if you

don't discern the goodness and a person

the nobility the potential then your you

will never be a good evangelist you have

to really cue into that element there of

you know something rescuer for something

good that has been just covered over by

the distortions of life and so Jesus

sees this woman and he knows he knows

that she has you know a past

supernaturally he knows this and by the

way I think when we're seeking to be

evangelistic we need to ask the Lord for

Supernatural understanding knowledge

supernatural moments and appointments

and god-given opportunities and inside

and miraculous interventions of the Holy

Spirit when we pray for someone let's

pray that the Lord will give us

supernatural anointing declare healing

in their lives and all kinds of other

things because this is important for the

evangelistic work and I'll talk a little

bit about you know the supernatural and

how that's important for us to cultivate

more of a supernatural outlook and

mentality which we have talked about in

the past but see that Jesus knows I mean

as the son of God he has supernatural

insight a gift of knowledge and he knows

that this woman has a huge past and so

he lets her know you know that opens her

up as gifts do we have to pray that the

Lord we

we'll give his Church supernatural power

to break the enemy's yoke Satan has

artificially shut the minds of

individuals in this culture and there is

a helmet of impenetrability in their

psyche and the capacity to hear from God

and to feel God's Spirit is covered with

all kinds of cultural intellectual

rational stuff that prevents them from

from knowing the gospel Satan

artificially shuts down the capacity of

nations and cultures and individuals to

to know God and to feel God that is what

the Apostle Paul has said that if our

our gospel is hidden it is hidden among

those who are lost says among whom the

the enemy of their souls has hidden has

a sort of penetrated study the light of

the gospel will not shine on them and we

need to pray that the world would break

that he would break it miraculously so

that they can then ha they can breathe

and they can hear the gospel in the way

that they should so he uses this

supernatural insight and he confronts

her now here's something else I think is

important that you know he doesn't

offend her unnecessarily this woman

doesn't react in offense because Jesus

has you know opened up her past and why

is that

I think for two reasons number one I

think is because Jesus has earned her


he has taken time to win her over he's

he approaches her in a winsome sort of

way he's stopped it's a relationship

with her he's sympathetically he's not

rejecting her and I think but at the

same time he's being clear and you know

this is something about the style of

Jesus that I have always found

illuminating for me for my style as a

pastor that somehow we have we have

established this artificial

dichotomies forgive the Sunday word it's

artificial exclusive you know

opposition's that either you are all

love and you know you you don't talk to

people about anything that is

confrontative you know God is accepting

he is he he accepts all you know he's

totally forgiving

he is completely tolerant and therefore

we should simply offer them Jesus and

that's it that's one side of you know

these artificial dichotomies that we

have constructed in the 21st century a

particular place like America and so

there's a branch of the church that says

do not speak about sin do not say

anything that could alienated people

about values or anything like that and

there is another branch of the church

which is all attack

it's just blunt denunciation it is it is

a kind of you know the declaration of

sinfulness in people that has no element

of mercy compassion tolerance love hope

in them and you know what amazes me

about Jesus is that he was able to be

both he was able to be clear about sin

and what it was but at the same time he

was loving and he offered hope and this

is clear over here and I think this is

the kind of tone that the church needs

to find as we try to be evangelistic

truly we cannot abandon truth we cannot

sort of minimize the the wreckage that

sin brings and that practices that

destroy the image of God in us bring

into a soul and into a culture there are

things that are contrary to the way God

has built and designed us and if we

practice these things then we will be

putting the machine to operate in a way

that it was not designed to operate and

sooner or later it will wreck

the machine so this is what we say to

people we say it out of love if you

practice this if you do this if you live

this way they can be anything and I mean

there's a thousand sins that I could

mention some of them practice within the

church by the way but if we minimize the

the the the consequences of that then

we're not doing anybody a favor but then

if we also just denounce them without

showing the love of Christ without

earning a right to speak into their

lives in a certain way I mean if what we

have is just this naked prophetic edge

just to say things bluntly then I think

that we we will lose the culture we have

to pray to the Lord inside and wisdom so

that we can combine the tools just the

way Jesus did what a beautiful way he

did that and by the way another thing

that Jesus does that enables him to be

an effective evangelism is that he makes

himself weak in a way he he acknowledges

I'm thirsty and he asks her to give him


it makes him vulnerable it puts her in a

position to help him in a sense and that

I think lowers her defenses as well if

he would have come as an arrogant Jew

asking a this despicable Samaritan woman

for water he wouldn't have gained entry

into her soul but he says give me a

drink and you know what do I get from

that I think there's another element

here about the church and being

evangelistic whether an individual level

or whatever is that you have to make

yourself frail and transparent and the

church needs to let people understand or

let the outside culture know that we are

as broken as anybody else and maybe we

have seen that this morning in ways here

you know the church the church is made

up of individual neural

logical systems I'm gonna put it that

way some of them really messed up others

but in a state of advancement some close

to just being taken to heaven but it's

made up of broken people the church is

made up of broken individuals beginning

with the head pastor I think the

difference is that we are acknowledging

it and I hope that we all are that just

by the group by the sheer grace of God

can we stand before him and even more

grace to manage his assets the word

worship leading his church just by the

sheer grace of the Lord and we

acknowledge and we come to the Lord and

we say father we are broken we are

sinful have mercy on us and when we when

we speak about sin we should speak about

it gently we should speak about it sadly

and we should speak about it

acknowledging our own sinfulness so that

people don't see this judgmental person

just pointing out their sinfulness now

let me tell you this though that many

people out there will be resistant to

the church and to any any sort of

declaration of sinfulness in the world

and when they feel threatened they will

no matter how gentle you want to be no

matter how fragile or transparent you

want to be they will tell you that you

are being judgmental that you are being

mean-spirited that you are attacking

that you are being self-righteous and

all this kind of stuff but we should

make it very difficult for them to do

that at the very least we should be

clear that you know we that the church

has all kinds of sinfulness within it I

like this expression I don't know if

it's in a user as much in English but

like let's say who must be tunnelled the

church is a hospital you know I would

say even more I think the church is an

insane asylum and if you walk into an

insane asylum you should not be

surprised that you see people talking to

themselves or walking around with their

bathrobe open or you know

people screaming out or with their hands

thinking that they're Napoleon or

whatever it is you shouldn't be

surprised because that's what our

hospital is that's what an insane asylum

is and often the psychiatrist's need

more therapy than the patients do

actually you know so I tell people do

not be surprised when you see crazy

things happen within the church because

the church is a place of recovery we are

all here on the treatment and we will

only be healed when we get to heaven and

so we should be powerfully aware high up

there I just realized that we have

people up there as well sorry I just you

know we should be so aware of our own

brokenness and so we should announce you

know the gospel but let's let's not run

away from saying you know there's a way

there's a there so there's their

requirements repentance is importance is

important for salvation if you do not go

through that threshold of recognition of

sin then you cannot enter into salvation

because sin is that obstacle that will

always prevent you from entering into

that perfect zone where God dwells and

this is really what what people don't

understand when the church is there to

say you know that there is you need to

acknowledge your sin there are barriers

there are definitions there are

differentiations in behavior that God

has established and God is a he yes he

is a been inconceivably loving God but

he's also inconceivably just and holy

and he dwells in that holiness and he

has every right in the universe to

define how you will enter into this all

saving priceless communion with him

especially in eternity where there will

be no barriers between him and you you

will enter into his

absolute intimacy in heaven and this

this holy holy God has every right to

define how you will have intimacy with

him eternally because you will be in

extreme intimacy and so this is the

problem that if you are if you have

committed one single sin if you have had

one single moment of imperfection in

your life and does anybody here dare to

say that they haven't a an evil thought

stolen candy in the supermarket a rough

word to your husband or wife small.i

adulterers act all kinds of things I

mean myriads billions trillions of


we all have been trapped in one way or

another not once but countless times and

this this stain in our soul cannot enter

into this holy place where God dwells

and live in intimacy with him and so you

know this is why people say well you

know but I'm a decent person I'm a good

person I'm a religious person the

Samaritan woman was probably a religious

woman she was very familiar with all the

rituals in the history of her faith but

she had she had a huge problem and Jesus

had to solve that problem and this is

what I think the Christian faith does in

a way you know so that problem of sin is

very important because if you agree then

that you are a thoroughly imperfect

being how can you enter into this

perfect place unless some sort of

accommodation is made and this is what

Christ did see so this this this this

loving God but also this holy God who

will allow you to enter into his eternal

intimacy has defined a way you will not

have anything impure

enter into that eternal dimension and

this is what Jesus Christ did he he God

solved his own dilemma of his holiness

and his love by paying the price through

his son for our sinfulness and as we

enter into God's plan and we click there

you know how in wherever these days when

you're you know if you're gonna do

something any any kind of a transaction

in the internet there's a little box

that says I agree right that's your

signature and you know what happens if

you don't click I agree you can't you

don't go any further

yes or no you know what I'm talking

about I wish I had more knowledge of the

internet just to give you exactly what

I'm saying here but if you're gonna make

a financial transaction you're gonna use

iTunes or whatever you have to say I

agree and that's your virtual signature

well you have to say that to God's plan

God has fashioned a way of having

intimacy and entering into his eternal

domain Jesus is death on the cross his

substitutionary death

and you have to click I agree to enter

into that plan there's nothing mean

about that God is allowing you an

extreme privilege he has a right to

define it so the church in obedience to

God's Word preaches what God has said is

the way to enter into that eternal

relationship with him and so this

element of this this situation this

thing of sin has to be resolved and

acknowledge that you have to go through

that threshold this is what the church

does we're simply imitating what Jesus

did in here you have it before he goes

on he knows he's going in the right


there's something that we need to

resolve here we need to you need to

acknowledge who you are and this needs

to be taken care of and so he does that

and I think we need to find God teachers

as a church to walk that

fine line of holiness and mercy and


let us not throw one away at the expense

of the other if we do that we will be

limping all the time teaches to be both

compassionate and to be loving and let

us find a way to do that

I pray that our church will always be

right what we need to be in terms of

Jesus's methodology regarding evangelism

so you know this woman then as I say she

tries to get Jesus into this whole thing

of religious I think in a way she was

you know she was trying to you know get

it get him entangled in a religious

discussion so that's when she start

saying you know I can see that you're a

prophet our fathers worshiped on this


but you Jews claimed at the place we

must worship is in Jerusalem and so he

leads her out of that entanglement it

says remember it is through it

relationship it is through worshipping

God in spirit and in truth

that the solution is found it's not

religious ritual it's not religious

competition it's a relationship and we

must always ask ourselves do I have a

personal intimate relationship with

Jesus Christ is he my all do I have

communion with him do I have dialogue

with him that is what it's so important

and so the woman says you know I know

that Messiah called Christ is coming

when he comes he will explain everything

to us and this is where the you know

Jesus just hits her right in the heart

he declares I who speak to you a.m. he

because that's what it's all about you

know he has been traveling like an arrow

toward his bull's eye and all that he

has done is simply to lead her to that

moment of recognition where she will see

him for who he is

the Son of God

and we must lead the people to that

everything that we do it depends on

Jesus he is everything he himself has

said I am the truth the way and the life

no one comes to the Father but through

me and this is a big stumbling block in

you know for all educated people

particularly for all culture the people

it is so difficult to accept this idea

that of all the religions in the world

only one of all the wonderful spiritual

geniuses that humanity has to offer

Ghandi or Buddha or whoever Krishna or

whoever it might be

Mohammed that there is that there's one

who is superior to them all and not only

superior but unique in his capacity to

save and it's capacity to enter us into

a relationship with God and again you

know it's either either you believe in

either you believe in that I mean

there's no way that I mean I there's no

way that you can be intellectually

honest and say that you believe the

scripture and that you believe Jesus's

words and escape this claim of Jesus

that he's the only one who can save and

that you need to click I agree in order

to benefit from God's plan so this is

why he's in such a blunt way he says I

am he I am I am this Messiah that you

guys speak about because remember they

had a they had a Hebrew background as

well they had they did use the Old

Testament Scriptures and the Scriptures

speak about this Anointed One this

Messiah who would come says well here

I'm talking you're talking to them right

now you see it would have been

incomplete the whole dialogue if he had

not led her to that recognition you will

remember the the encounter between Jesus

and Nicodemus which is another example

of personal evangelism where this very

religious man Nicodemus

he's a member of the Sanhedrin he's a

very respectable man a very fear

god-fearing man and he comes to Jesus at

night trying to hide from his colleagues

and he comes to Jesus again with really

nice rhetoric and conversation about

yeah you're a great man you do

extraordinary miracles and so on but he

had not said the key word you are the

son of God you are the Christ

and so Jesus read that we don't have

time right now but read the dialogue

between Jesus and Nicodemus and Jesus

stops him dead in his tracks and he says

I tell you this sir unless a man is born

of water and the spirit he cannot be

saved no one can see the kingdom of God

unless he is born again and this idea

you know in in chapter 3 verse 6 flesh

gives birth to flesh but the Spirit

gives birth to spirit this idea you know

a human essence cannot enter mere human

essence unredeemed untouched by the

grace of God through Jesus Christ cannot

enter into eternity

it requires an encounter with Jesus and

this whole dialogue between Jesus and

Nicodemus is about that you know about

the the the this son of man needing to

be lifted up before the eyes of the

world that's what the church does when

we preach the gospel we bring Jesus and

we lift him up and Jesus said you know

in the same way that in in in a Jewish

history when the Jews were being killed

by serpents in the desert because they

had offended God and Moses took a out of

bronze and fashioned himself a serpent

because of God had said okay I'm gonna

have mercy by the way this is

interesting because when when these are

Jews this sinful Jews are dying and

perishing because of their offending God

and these serpents are coming from all

over the place in the desert and biting

and killing people God gives him gives

Moses the answer the prescription as to

how to stop

the dying fashion yourself this serpent

and and lift it up and let people look

at it anybody who looks at it will be

healed or will be prevented from dying I

mean what an extraordinary image this

idea of this looking can you imagine how

these people looked if you tell if you

told me that by looking at this bunch of

flowers here I'm dying of whatever and

that if I look at it I would be healed

how would I look at it my eyes would pop

out like those cartoons mooing mooing I

would just dig into those flowers with

intention ality with the desperation and

and this is the way we're supposed to

look at Jesus we're supposed to regard

him as that hope you see unless a person

has that moment of encounter where his

will is emotions everything focuses on

Jesus there is no healing no salvation

and so Jesus in speaking to Nicodemus

says this is the way that you will have

the peace that you're looking for you

have to look upon me and you have to

focus I mean yeah there's so many verses

here in verse 13 chapter three no one

has ever gone into heaven except the one

who came from heaven the Son of man just

as Moses lifted up the snake in the

desert so the Son of Man must be lifted

up that everyone who believes in Him may

have eternal life look at that that

everyone who believes in Him may have

eternal life what do you do with that

either you deny it or you believe it

either Jesus is crazy either you know

this is a distortion of his true words

and how could we say that we did never

knew him we never heard his true words

all we know about Jesus is what the

Bible says about him and then how can we

choose what we believe and what we don't

we don't believe this is him speaking

and he's saying that everyone who

believes in Jesus will have eternal life

and so this is this this uniqueness of

Jesus as the source of salvation is so

important that we present it to the

world that's what the church does but

look at this thing about eternal life I

wanted to take time and you know just

have a few five minutes more but wow I

mean this is a mimosa important piece

about the church being evangelistic

allow me to unfold this for a moment

here why does Jesus give so much

importance to this woman why does he

divest himself of his divine glory to

come into the smelly body of a human

being and incarnate into man and live a

life of hardship and then put himself on

a cross on their unimaginable agony both

physical and psychological experience

death and sin he fully God and fully

pure and perfect why would he do all

these things unless there was something

absolutely urgent that needed to be

accomplished why does he preach to this

woman what does he give her his time

because there's a soul to be saved

there's an eternal balance that is at

stake here

and you know the whole thing of

salvation as I said earlier depends on

this idea of eternity if you chop away

eternity then the gospel has no meaning

if it's all simply you know a good

system for social transformation or for

living you know productive lives man I

give me Nietzsche or give me Plato I'm

happy with you know just good philosophy

why would I accept this very

contradictory complicated even confusing

theology there are cleaner systems I

think that the true value of the gospel

is about eternity

salvation or lostness that is were

really Jesus did all this in order that

we might be able to have eternal life to

have communion with this perfect God and

he is that the way into that communion

with God and so this is why he says you

know that everyone who believes in Him

may have eternal life the preaching of

the gospel is accompanied all always I

would say in one way or another with

this idea of eternity where are you

going to and where am I going to spend


there's eternal life and there is

eternal death and so in verse 16 the

very famous verse for God so loved the

world that He gave His one and only Son

that whoever believes in Him shall not

perish but have eternal life

here's the the conflict if you will the

conceptual conflict perishing and have

having eternal life what is this

language that Christianity uses over and

over again eternal life eternal death

being lost being destroyed these are

languages and terminologies that the

gospel uses continually continually it's

in every I mean go through the whole

gospel and this is Jesus it's not his

disciples you know so exaggerating the

words of Jesus this is Jesus himself the

most loving entity that you could ever

conceive speaks of this idea of hell I

mean it's a word that is used it can be

offensive to the intellect but it is a

very valid word we speak of heaven but

there can be no heaven I mean really if

you think about it can there be a heaven

if there is not a hell where do we get

our concept of heaven

we get it from the Bible what authority

do we have to take away the concept of

Hell if the two emerged from the same

texts from the same person Jesus really

is in the in the New Testament he's

about the only one who speaks of Hell if

you look at all the Gospels in the in

the New Testament you have allusion

to lostness and salvation and so on but

the one who had the most graphic

references to hell was Jesus and and

truly that what the gospel forces us to

ask is is this question what happens to

me when I die and where do I go where

does my spirit go Jesus came to suffer

all that he did for one thing to make

sure that none of us will be lost that

whosoever believes in Him shall not

perish but have eternal life for God did

not send his Son into the world to

condemn the world but to save the world

through him whoever believes in Him is

not condemned but whoever does not

believe stands condemned already because

he has not believed in the name of God's

one and only Son right there to

unpackage you know the people say Oh God

is such a such a cruel God to send

people to hell you know no God simply

erected a system that if you accepted

and you enter into it it has positive

consequences if you don't

it has part it has negative consequences

you know God doesn't delight in sending

anybody to hell I think he wants

everybody to pass the test he wants

everybody to get an A and it's as easy

as saying I received Christ as my savior

I acknowledge him before men I confess

him actively I click on the box that

says I agree it's a it's a system you

know as as as fully formed as any other

scientific system and this is what he

this is what he's trying to accomplish

both of Nicodemus this individual and

the Samaritan woman it's interesting

that one

the woman is completely lost has a very

imperfect past very sinful Nicodemus a

man of the law a very religious person a

very decent man very respectable

esteemed in this community they and they

both get the same treatment in different


they both need Jesus Christ they both

have to accept them and this is what we

need to do people you know why am i why

am i saying all these things here this

morning because number one I want us as

believers we have the treasure already

you know I know where I'm going if you

ask me right now Roberto if you die

there right now where would you go would

you go to heaven or would you go to hell

I can tell you without any hesitation I

will go to heaven

I have eternal life I am saved and you

might ask me oh yeah wow man you're so

you're so conceited why how can you say

with such earnest no it's just that I

know that it doesn't depend on me it

depends on click in the box and I click

the box

I click the box and I believe what God

says that Jesus has said he's at the

door he knocks if anybody who opens the

door and lets him in he will come in

it's a transaction just like any other

business transaction he did his part I

did my part I'm cool I'm going to heaven

again not because of anything that I

have done or not done

it's not about my righteousness it's

about clicking the box it's about doing

what God has prescribed

hey and if I asked anyone here if you

died right now why would God say hey I'm

gonna let you into my intimacy by

perfect intimacy you're gonna be inside

of me I'm gonna be inside of you there

gonna be no barriers why should I let

you have that kind of intimacy with my

extreme holiness and you might say well

you know I'm I did a lot of good things

in life I behaved well I lived a decent

life I was a good mother a good father I

went to church I I helped a lot of

people you know find their way in life I

was a great philanthropist or whatever

whatever and God will say you know and I

would say to you you know from what I

know that's not the way

to experience salvation that is not the

way to enter into God's extreme holiness

because he says that it's not by works

it's not by anything that you do or do

not do it is simply by acknowledging

that through the justice of Jesus Christ

you can enter into intimacy with God

if you haven't done that then you're not

going there

or you might say you know who can say I

don't know nobody has the right to say

that yes they do according to God's plan

they have a right to say whether they

are going to have it or not if they do

what God has prescribed they they can

say it not because of their own again

but because of God's justice and

consistency in his character how many of

us this morning

and be assured not I was gonna say when

you get out of this door but maybe not

maybe I should say that in the next 30

seconds because who knows a beam might

fall from the ceiling and you might die

right now

those those lives in Las Vegas having a

great time

clueless about what was going to happen

the next second

if they go to heaven did they you know

what where do they go

I'm no one to judge God knows but if

they had not made their peace with

Christ then I'm sorryi with pain in my

heart with great sorrow you know they

they they're lost

I would like some day to talk a little

bit about that lost and said what that

what that means is well maybe you know I

see a sister assented do you give me

permission to talk I think we need to

you know sometimes I think the church

has lost the language of damnation and

perdition l and so on because it's

medieval I think it's a very

sophisticated taking myself we need to

find our way back

this is why we don't do it more

evangelism because we're not aware of

what we are we're Souls we are spirits

encased in a physical body that enables

us to interact with a physical world

that's all it is

but the precious thing that you have

inside of you is your soul your spirit

the image of God in you

that is what gives you value otherwise

you're 99% chimpanzee that's you know we

share the same biology the monkeys

same genetic content almost we have a

soul that enables us to do extraordinary

things and please I beg you to consider

that let's lower our heads for a moment

or any way that I want you to take a

moment right now to think about that the

mystery of Christianity

I am a soul you are a soul you're a

spirit in this encasement that is your

body and you should not give more

importance of that body because that

body is simply a convenience it's a

vessel what is truly important is what

the vessel contains your soul and that

soul has extraordinary value to God he

made it

it's his eternity in it and it it goes

someplace it has eternal living and it

can be quality living or horrible living

but it have you made your peace with

Jesus Christ and his claims can you

truly say in the depth of your heart

that yes if I died right now

I don't have to be concerned about my

insurance policy

because I know that I know that i know

that i paid my peace with god

by acknowledging Christ in the plan that

God has fashioned for my salvation can

you say that with assurance if you can i

braid with you may the Lord bless you if

you cannot if you have not done that if

you cannot be sure and maybe you have

even you haven't even thought about it

but I want to ask you this morning to

think about it seriously it is the most

important question that anybody could

pause it to themselves have I resolved

that this issue of where I will spend

the eternity

am i clear on the most important

question that any human being could ask


and if you have if you cannot say with

assurance yes I know who Jesus is for me

I know what he means I have entered into

relationship with him then I would ask

you right now to do what he or the

Samaritan woman if you were Nicodemus

what would you do you would say yes I

know I believe that the Samaritan woman

you will see what she did she went home

she brought back her entire village and

he said this is the man this is the this

is the Messiah this is the Christ she

accepted him and she was saved

Nicodemus became a disciple of Jesus

it's clear from the texts a follow can

you say that

if you want to do it right now I would

ask you to make a transaction inside

your soul right now and say father I

believe that Jesus is who he says he is

the salvation of my soul I receive him I

acknowledge him

and look look at Jesus look at him with

your will with your mind with your

emotions with your spirit and focus on

him like those Israelites did with the

serpent in the desert

look at him for what he

claims to be and accept him for what he

says that he is say Lord I believe that

you say who you are who you say you are

right now I believe it and I make a

motion of my will I shift over to your

side you are

the Christ the Son of God sent for my

salvation and for the guarantee of my

eternal destiny I confess you as such

would you do that not for me not for my

pleasure I have nothing to say in this

matter but I have this this love for

your soul that I want to make sure that

it's it reaches its a destiny just

receive him right now ask us Christ to

come into your life and if you want to

confess him publicly I invite you to

raise your hand or I fight if I can pray

for you what would you do that right now

he says that he who confesses him

publicly will he would be he will

confess him publicly before his father

as well and if you want to do that right

now I invite you to acknowledge Christ


take a moment to think about it would

anyone here like to do that anyone if

you don't know if you haven't had that

relation if you haven't done that if

you're not sure that Jesus is the lord

of your life would you do that now you

know this is such an amazing thing for

many people to do but it is an

extraordinarily important thing for us

to humble our intellect

and to humble our sense of privacy and

dignity and do what all these sawdust

evangelists have been doing for many

many years you know it's almost area

typical and yet unless we we do that

you know at some point you will have to

do it and I don't want to force you

if you're not ready to do it perfectly

understandable but I want to encourage

you to at some point in your life if

you're able confess Jesus publicly maybe

confess it to three or four friends of

yours whatever

but it is important because all the

people that I see in Scripture somehow

they they became known for being

followers of Jesus and they paid the

price and they also received all the

benefits of it so may I just have put a

seed of disquiet in you restlessness

please go home and think about this very

important element of who is Jesus Christ

for me

and click on that box as soon as you can

then begin a life of relationship with

Christ grow in the faith study his word

get to know this extraordinary being

that is Jesus Christ let him just grow

within you and just dispersed himself

through every fiber of your being every

nerve every sinew of your life let him


all present in you so father I bless

your children this morning I believe

that your word has entered into many of

us I myself have been strengthened just

by processing your word in my conviction

of Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I

thank you for that I pray that every one

who leaves this place will either be

completely at peace with you or restless

that they need to know more about you

for your glory Lord not for the glory of

any man or an institution thank you for

what Christ did thank you Jesus for the

price you paid for my salvation thank

you because life is so much more for us

than just this puny existence

we have entered into eternity and we

thank you for that

I less your people this morning and I

send them off with the peace of God and

the love of God in their lives and in

their families thank you in Jesus name

and the people of God say Amen may the

Lord bless you and may we be a convicted

people that we need to share the gospel


let's share the gospel pray that the

Lord will give you opportunities to save