Greg Bishop

Pastor Greg Bishop


Ephesians chapter 2 beginning in verse 1

if you're having a hard time finding it

again it's in those letters of Paul in

the New Testament Galatians Ephesians

Philippians Colossians go eat popcorn

right Gentiles eat pork chops whatever

you need to do to remember the order

Ephesians chapter 2 verse 1 to 10 and if

we have it to project it begins by

saying as for you you were dead in your

transgressions and sins in which you

used to live when you follow the ways of

this world and of the ruler of the

kingdom of the air the spirit who is now

at work in those who are disobedient all

of us also lived among them at one time

gratifying the cravings of our sinful

nature and following its desires and

thoughts like the rest we were by nature

objects of Wrath but because of his

great love for us God who is rich in

mercy made us alive with Christ even

when we were dead in transgressions it

is by grace you have been saved and God

raised us up with Christ and seated us

with him in heavenly realms in Christ

Jesus in order that in the coming ages

he might show the incomparable riches of

His grace expressed in his kindness to

us in Christ Jesus

for it is by grace you have been saved

through faith and this not from

yourselves it is the gift of God not by

works so that no one can boast for we

are God's workmanship created in Christ

Jesus to do good works which God

prepared in advance for us to do and

lord I thank you that you have prepared

good works in advance for us to do god

Massey has to be a theme already the

theme of Destiny of calling of the

purpose that you have for us and God I

thank you that that calling that destiny

reaches to each one of us here today

none of us is an accident

God and I pray in the name of Jesus that

your Holy Spirit would get the message

through today Lord I opened up my heart

we open up our hearts to hear the voice

of the Good Shepherd today speak Lord

because we are listening in Jesus name

Amen amen the title of this sermon is

called to shine diamonds of grace called

to shine diamonds of God grace every

time I meet a new person in this church

Saturday mornings in the breakfast I

look at that person I know this person

has a destiny to shine as a diamond of

God's grace and that's what I believe

this text is about and I want to start

with the last verse verse 10 where it

says for we are God's workmanship

created in Christ Jesus to do good works

which God prepared in advance for us to

do that's one of my favorite verses out

there all my favorite verses right every

week I say I listed my favorite right

sorry but the whole idea that each one

of us is created with a purpose and that

along with us God has created specific

things for each of us to do he's created

good works in advance from before the

foundation of the world things that only

you can do in your way and the God has

prepared those in advance for us to

discover and fulfill in God's timing and

I love that verse because in my own life

I like to think about that that my life

isn't an accident that God has stuff for

me to do stuff he's designed me to do

stuff he's designed for me to do and

that everyday is like a treasure hunt

wondering what's it going to be today

Lord what's the divine appointment

what's on your agenda for today for this

year for this month for my life that God

has things that he is set aside for us

to do that we are a people who is set

apart for a purpose the book of

Ephesians is really about that in many

ways in Chapter 1 we talked about and

this was about a month ago so I'm going


fresh our memories here in chapter 1 we

talked about how the book of Ephesians

teaches that Christians are

fundamentally a supernatural people and

I'm not trying to get weird on us but

it's a book that's talking about the

fact that as a Christian you have a dual

identity a dual citizenship yes by day

you are normal Clark Kent

putting on your your glasses in your

suit and doing your stuff but the real

you has a spiritual identity that is

already seated with God in heavenly

places that we have a spiritual dignity

as Christians a spiritual thing to do in

the invisible dimension the heavenly

dimension that is all around us it's a

dimension that god forbids people to

experiment with on their own that's why

we get a little concerned around this

time of year because different types of

spiritualism are prohibited by the word

of God but God says that as a Christian

now are you not only authorized to move

in those waters but you get to fly

first-class in that dimension that you

are privileged there that you are

blessed with every spiritual blessing in

Christ in the heavenly realm that we in

our spirit are already there that we are

a people who are blessed in Ephesians

chapter one it says that we're

privileged sons and daughters

predestined from before the foundation

of the world to be adopted as God's sons

and daughters privy to his master plan

to work in the universe and bring

everything together

under one head things that are spiritual

things that are natural that one day

it'll all come together

in a glorious consummation and we get to

be part of it that we are rich in the

spiritual realm that we are powerful in

the spiritual realm that same power that

God worked in Christ when he raised him

from the dead is available to you today

right now but Jesus is now seated at the

right hand of the Father in that

invisible dimension but he sent his

spirit from there into here so that we

in flesh and blood might be the fullness

of the one who fills everything

in every way if someone wants to say

where's Jesus you say well through his

holy spirit he's speaking to you through


I'm his hands and his feet and his voice

and his eyes not Jesus but he's speaking

through me I'm the foot I'm his body on

earth the fullness of him who fills

everything in every way we are awesome

people called do something special

called to shine his glorious grace we

are living breathing singing examples of

the fact that God is good and that is

our destiny then and now now chapter 2

takes us back a step or two because

before we really realize that we are

diamonds called to shine God's glory we

need to remember something we need to

remember that every diamond and I'm no

geologist but I understand that every

diamond was originally a piece of coal


is that true we have some science people

in the room we need to appreciate

profoundly the fact that none of us

deserves anything from God we need to

know how rotten we are to know how good

god is and chapter two is all about that

let's take a step back now this is

important because in the city of Ephesus

there were some very spiritual people

who would do witchcraft who would even

cast out demons who were not Christians

and they did it because they were

Ghostbusters because they were powerful

magic man magic women and they were

famous and they had the money and the

women and they and they were because why

because they were something special it

was all about them

and God wants to make it very clear

they're nothing it's all about Jesus

through you but remember that you also

were nothing and are nothing and that's

part of the glory of what God does

through you you and I don't deserve

anything from God but punishment now

that's important to realize and we're

going to talk about that because we need

to remember where we came from how easy

is it to forget and to become proud in

1st Corinthians the Apostle

Paul writes brothers and sisters think

of what you were when you were called

not many of you were wise by human

standards not many were influential not

many were of noble birth but God chose

the foolish things of the world to shame

the wise God chose the weak things of

the world to shame the strong God chose

the lowly things of this world and the

despised things and the things that are

not to nullify the things that are so

that no one may boast before him

remember where you came from pastor

Robert o talked about the woman at the

well who had had multiple husbands and

was shacking up at the time looking for

love in all the wrong places

no hoping that that person that

relationship could satisfy the emptiness

inside and jesus said I've got living

water that can really satisfy you

because you're precious to God many of

us were like that though many of us were

people who were looking for - to get

back at the world because of the traumas

of our life like that man we learned

about who was around the well who had

suffered misfortune in his life he'd

been born paralyzed and spent his time

blaming everyone else there's no one to

help me sometimes because we've suffered

we try to numb the pain with drugs or

with alcohol or with sex or with Netflix

or whatever it is it could provide a

moment's distraction and God found us

there and said you don't have to live

like that some of us might have been

successful maybe we were living the

American dream but we found that we were

empty inside that there are certain

things that only God can fill and we

were tortured by neurosis before God

found us as for you you were dead in

your transgressions and sins spiritually


the pastor director has been talking

about this in recent weeks that apart

from God there is a part of us that is

dead not just turned off but not living

not existence that we

might be living physically but

spiritually there is no life in us I

know for me in my own story I was raised

in a church background and I would even

pray and go to church but there came a

time when someone told me have you ever

tried inviting Jesus into your heart and

really giving your life to God and not

just being religious but experiencing a

new birth in your heart and in your

spirit and I thought well why not that

sounds fun

you know I'm 16 why not I'll try a

little did I know what I was about to

get into because when I gave my heart to

Jesus when I invited him in and he came

in it's like something in me woke up and

I would read the Bible and be like I

have that I was raised in this but I

feel like I've never heard it before

it's like the words were jumping off the

page on to me I would go back to Mass

and I would hear the words I'd be like

why didn't everyone anyone ever tell me

what this means this is amazing it was

like I had been blind and then I could

see even the world look difference I

often say this it looked to me like

everything in the world had been turned

into HD HD right the HD TV I go outside

and it's like the sky is bluer than I've

ever seen it I see people with different

eyes because something in me had been

dead and was alive again because even

though I was a nice kid nice kid right I

didn't kill anybody

nice guy right not going around robbing

banks the Bible says that you are dead

in your transgressions and sins the

Bible says all have sinned and fall

short of the glory of God and someone's

visiting today and saying but I'm a nice

guy really I'm a nice lady I do nice

things I know when I was when I was in

college there was a roommate I've shared

this story before but I loved it so much

and and he came to me and he wasn't a

Christian and he said I understand how

you people in the Christian Fellowship

need Jesus you know you got problems I

get that you know that's good I'm glad

it helps you all you people right he

says but I'm a nice guy I'm a nice guy I

I really I try to be nice to people

help out I don't do bad things really

I'm good and you know I'm just I'm

looking nodding thinking you're really

dead in your transgressions and since

but I decided not to tell him at that

moment right if I got the feeling he

wasn't really on board yet

but I did try something I tried fasting

and praying for him and you know fasting

abstaining from food for a day or two

and praying in a focused way I still

drank coffee but I've stayed from food

and and praying for him and about a

month later he came back to me and

apparently he had had some interesting

experiences in that time he had tried

experimenting with multiple girlfriends

right to see how that would work as he's

such a nice guy why not share the

goodness around right you know and he

had discovered that that is not the

wisest thing to do things went south he

came back looking kind of Haggard and

tired the hair a little messed up you

know he says you know what Greg I am the

biggest hypocrite there is I seem like

such a nice guy I seem like I care about

other people and I even thought I was

but really it's all about me it's all

about me I'm just in it for myself I

manipulate people I use people I pretend

I do this and that he says I I can't

believe I said those things to you

before and I was like okay well now

we're ready to talk you know Jesus said

the the healthy don't need a doctor it's

the sick welcome to the club

we were all dead in our transgressions

and sins when we followed the ways of

this world see the literal in the in the

original text in the original Greek it's

the ways of this age see we are living a

certain version of reality that will not

last forever we're living in an insane

time in human history

and I'm not just talking about 2017

because I think we all know 2017 is an

insane moment in human history in many

ways right there's craziness going on

well it's not just this year it's all of

human history is crazy the world is not

the way it's supposed to be they're not

supposed to be children who are over

well we're dying in the woods and don't

have anyone to help them that is not the

way God created the world

there is not supposed to be Wars and and

the crimes that are going out are on

people are not supposed to be living the

way we live towards one another God made

the earth and said it is very good but

things turned and went wrong when we and

there's a world that is twisted and

distorted and out of whack and

Christianity is all about God coming to

set things right again

there is a world system around us that

is nuts that is crazy that is out of

whack it tells us that happiness is

found in this life it tells us we can be

our own gods it tells us that we can do

things our own way and have it all it

tells us all kinds of insane things

there is a world around us that we

follow and sins that's what that which

God calls sin are normalized as

acceptable and even good and and the one

who stands for what's right the way God

wants things to be is seen as the crazy

one we live in a crazy world and we all

lived among everyone else following the

ways of this world we followed also the

ways of the ruler of the kingdom of the

air and that an interesting phrase again

that's in verse verse to what we

followed the ways of this world and of

the ruler of the kingdom of the air the

spirit who is now at work in those who

are disobedient do you know that we are

breathing polluted air now some of us

live near certain highways and really

know that vividly well right that's why

we thank God for civil service to help

us work on that but we are breathing

morally polluted air the atmosphere of

the world is contaminated with not just

moral evil but spiritual evil it's not

just a spiritual atmosphere that is

toxic and polluted and even fatal but

there is actually an organization to

that spiritual air that is around us

now haven't you felt that at some times

you go into certain places and just

something feels heavy in that area you

just feel in the air something's wrong


there's something that is not right

around me sometimes it's just an

intuition sometimes you're really

sensing the facts that there is another

reality that we can't see around us but

it impinges on the way people think and

act and behave it infuses their thoughts

their philosophies their whole systems

that are given over to it because whole

regions of the world are under certain

rulers of the principality of the air

that the spiritual dimension is actually

organized there is a ruler in that

dimension now Christians we do believe

in in a real devil in a real Satan and

again if you don't believe that just

watch the news for five minutes

I tell you what happened in Las Vegas is

not just unfortunate it is demonic some

of the suffering in the world is not

just unfortunate there is an enemy who

comes to steal kill and destroy and the

book of Ephesians throughout this whole

letter is tracing the spiritual

organization of evil in that invisible

dimension and how it influences us there

are rulers over different countries over

different neighborhoods different

conspiracies of evil that are

spiritually founded that people have

bought into that we have bought into it

says in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 that the god

of this age you see our God is the real

God right he's the god of the universe

he's the God of eternity amen amen ok we

needed a little good news though we'll

get to good news so but this age you see

we are living right now in enemy

occupied territory enemy occupied

territory Jesus referred to the devil as

the prince of this world in a sense he

has a right to rule on earth because

people have given

him that right by choosing evil and

rejecting the king of kings and Lord of

lords and that's why God became human to

invade this planet and begin a

revolution a spiritual revolution in

which the kingdom of God would spread

and overthrow the ruler of this planet

this rule the prince of this world it

says the god of this age has blinded the

minds of unbelievers so that they cannot

see the light of the gospel that

displays the glory of Christ who is the

image of God you see as people it's not

just about the devil it's not just about

the world it's about us right we go

along with it we have gone along with it

if the world is trying to sell us a bill

of goods well they have found an

interested customer in us right the

devil finds an easy target in us we want

to buy what the world has to sell we

want to believe the lies we like the air

polluted we have an original sin in us

that wants to go the wrong way there is

no one good the book of Romans says not

even one my buddy who was a nice guy

needed a reality check he needed some

humble pie and so do we if we're ever

going to discover the glory of God's

grace we were by Nature it says here in

Ephesians objects of wrath wrath now so

I use that word I mean where else are

you going to hear the word wrath except

in church

it sounds like old fashioned Puritan

speak right this is this is in the Bible

now pastor Roberto made a really good

point we don't believe that the wrath of

God is imposed we believe the wrath of

God is automatically present where there

is evil the intervention of God is to

remove the wrath but the wrath is

already there the anger of God towards

sin moral evil is fundamentally

repugnant to a holy God there is an

almost chemical reaction

between the two like hey and fire and we

were because of our sin so permeated by

moral evil we were by nature deserving

of wrath what do we deserve from God

nothing but punishment now you don't

hear that often and it's scandalous to

many of us because we have grown so

accustomed to mercy I'd like to share

another story that I also share heard a

few years ago but I'm just gonna share

it again so if you've heard it before

you know you just bear with me here

there's a professor a great book written

by a theologian named RC spruill and he

writes a book called the holiness of God

and he was a professor in an in a

Seminary and on the first day of class

he had a sort of an amphitheater of

students maybe a hundred students and he

told them now every Friday there's going

to be an assignment that will be due and

if you don't bring the assignment

completed you automatically get a zero

on that assignment ok very clear

expectations for the class

now the second week of class about three

or four students show up without the

work done and they're they're like

Professor sprawl please have mercy on us

we're really sorry them things came up

and they had stories there was this and

that and I couldn't get to it and please

just give me a couple more days and dr.

Sproul says ok it's good you can bring

it on Monday that's all right don't

worry about it

the next Friday not just three or four

students ten or twelve students come

without having their work done but

they're like oh we're really really

sorry but some things came up and we

didn't get to it but we know last week

you would you please give us a break

this week and dr. Sproul decides okay

okay you can bring it in on Monday I'll

give you a break this time the next week

a quarter of the class a third of the

class comes in without their homework

and he's like um excuse me um I only

have you know a third of the pay of 2/3

of the papers here what's going on and

then oh you know we're really sorry just

didn't get around to it but we'll have

it for you Monday and he's like wait a

minute here wait a minute

the original agreement was that the

assignments were done on Friday okay so

he started he started getting angry he

started to experience wrath okay so he

starts going down the list

he says Anderson do you have your

homework no f-zero Brown do you have

your assignment yes okay Carter do you

have the assignment no zero you do it

zero rows here and he just got out his

red pen 0ff what do you think everybody

said yeah it's not fair he said oh oh

mr. Jones you think I'm not being fair

right now well if I remember right you

didn't have your assignment either of

the other two times either so if you

want justice I'll be happy to go back

and give you the zeroes that you richly

deserved you know you see justice

becomes scandalous to us when we are

accustomed to mercy and grace unless we

realize just how bad our sin is just how

deserving of God's anger and displeasure

it is we can never appreciate how

amazing it is that God has shown us

grace Amazing Grace how sweet the sound

that saved a really nice guy who

deserved it like me right I really

deserved it I was you know you were you

were the cutest puppy in the shop and

that's why God had Grace on you no you

were the ugly one you were the bad one

that's why it's amazing grace otherwise

it's logical grace logical grace he

chose me because I deserved it had a

great resume of course he would want me

in his kingdom know what makes it

amazing is that you don't deserve it and

neither do I and that is the key to joy

and happiness I know that's gonna sound

crazy but once I know what I really

deserve from God and I appreciate what I

really get Amazing Grace how sweet the

sound that saved a wretch like me I once

was lost but now I'm find was blind but

now I see thank you Jesus it goes on to

say look what he says in verse 4

I think it is Ephesians 2 verse 4 it

says out of his great love God who is

rich in mercy made us alive with Christ

even when we were dead in transgressions

it is by grace you have been saved in

the book of Romans it says that that

this happened at great cost Jesus had to

die for us to purchase us for God to pay

for our sins how many of us would even

be willing to die for somebody maybe

you'd be willing to die for a good

person but God demonstrates his love for

us in this Romans 5 that even while we

were sinners Christ died for us he died

for us

when we hated him he died for us when we

didn't deserve it and that's what makes

it so beautiful and he made us alive

with Christ

he brought us it's like you deserve to

go to jail and instead you win the

lottery you deserve to be fired and

instead you get a promotion we deserve

to be dead and instead were alive again

thank you God that's part of why I love

ministering in settings where people

don't pretend and people sometimes

there's there some people you'll meet

who know they know I don't deserve why

should be dead I should be dead ten

times over I already was dead it's a

miracle I'm even here God has saved me

and there's a joy because we know we

know what we deserve and we know what we

get were mephibosheth at the table if

you know the story from the Old

Testament revived made alive again you

see Christians don't just need we don't

just need a reformation of life remember

the story pastor Roberto was was sharing

out of John chapter three Nicodemus came

to talk to him a religious leader and he

says good teacher we know that you're

from God and Jesus said okay let it

unless you're born again you can't even

see the kingdom of God you don't just

need a nice conversation you don't just

need a new religious affiliation you

need a resurrection you're dead rather

you need to be risen from the dead you

need a new birth in your heart and

spirit and to come alive again

and that is the beauty of Christianity

becoming a Christian is actually an

organic experience there's something in

us that springs to life again that's why

in the book of in the story of the

prodigal son the father said this son of

mine was dead and is alive again he's

lost and he was found it's like you were

blind and now you can see colors you

were deaf and now you can hear Mozart

you were you were dead and now you're

breathing sweet air again praise the


if anyone is in Christ he or she is a

new creation the old has gone the new

has come praise God it doesn't stop

there he also raised us up with Christ

he made us alive but he didn't just

leave us lying there on the on the


he also took our hand and rose us up you

know the story of Lazarus who've been

dead what was it four days in the tomb

and Jesus furious at what death had done

groaning together empathizing with the

pain of the people there cries out

Lazarus come forth I am the resurrection

in the life the one who believes in Me

will live even though he dies

come forth Lazarus and Lazarus came out

and the Bible says he was still wrapped

in the in the mummy clothes right

apparently they wrap him in and so it's

really kind of a vivid image of him

doing this there's a reason why Jesus

had unwrapped the guy let him go you

know he's free because I think

everyone's like who's gonna touch him


is it the zombie the Living Dead you

know no no no Jesus unwrap him these

Jesus doesn't just leave us there

breathing on a hospital bed now no he

raises you up he gets you out he raises

you up with Christ and then he seats you

with him in the heavenly realms now in

the Bible when it talks about someone

being seated or sitting down that

doesn't just mean they're tired and they

need a rest where is Jesus sitting what

on a throne the Bible says that God

raised Christ from the dead and seated


his right hand in the heavenly realms

far above all rule and authority power

and Dominion every name that is invoked

not only in the present age but also in

the one to come and here's the kicker

you're sitting with him now I don't know

how you picture that I don't want you to

picture it you know if you google you

know google it sometimes you find people

trying to imagine us squeezed into a

seat with Jesus you know like in a

taxicab in Latin America you know I had

that experience we're a totally full cab

and we pull up and they open the door

and I'm like oh we're full next thing I

know strong you know a person sitting

next it's like oh I guess I guess we're

not full there's there's real pro hi

there you know and it's a lady or

something it's not like that when it

says we're seated with Christ it means

we share the throne with him we share

authority with him you believe that

there is this dark kingdom of the air

all around us but the king is now seated

at the right hand of the Father he

defeated Satan by paying the penalty for

sin overcoming death he's seated at the

right hand of the Father he's extending

his kingdom here the natural dimension

and we get to rule with him in this

process we have spiritual authority


awesome that the darkness is being

pushed back the Prince of this world is

being cast out original blessing is

replacing original sin and we are

clothed in majesty now there might be

some people here who have already

accepted Jesus who are genuine

Christians who don't feel like they're

seated in Majesty ruling with Jesus but

that is your reality the rest of the

book of Ephesians is going to talk about

lining up our thoughts with our reality

in your spirit you are already seated

with Christ in heavenly realms you have

authority you have power you have

dignity and there's a purpose for all of

this we are revived we are raised and we

are restored to the status God

originally meant humanity to have back

in the Garden of Eden and here's the

purpose for it and this is the main

point of the message so I really ask you

to pay attention to this to verse 7 in

order that in the coming ages

see there's going to be another age when

this insane season of human history will

pass creation will be renewed the way

meant to be in the beginning in order

that in that coming age after Jesus

comes back he might show the

incomparable riches of His grace

expressed in his kindness to us in

Christ Jesus all of this has a purpose

you have a destiny you have a purpose in

life and before it's to do anything on

this earth your purpose is to shine as a

living breathing singing dancing example

of the fact that God can raise the dead

a diamond of God's grace we are meant to

be displayed as a beautiful jewel of God

and I actually believe this refers to a

moment in the future when when this

natural realm is peeled back and that

which is spiritual becomes visible and

you can actually see all the the

millions of angels around us that we can

see the demons coming under judgment

that at that time when this mortal is

peeled off we will be glorious who you

really are in Jesus will shine with

unencumbered glory and beauty and we

will be like diamonds that God pulls out

of his jacket and shows the universe

look at what my love can do to a person

now the beauty of a diamond is that it

doesn't have necessarily beauty in

itself it's the power that it has to

reflect and refract the light you are

meant to be a diamond that captures the

grace of God and shines that grace of

God in a way that only you can do that

you have been chiseled out by the Lord

to shine as a diamond of His grace

expressed in his kindness to you in

Christ Jesus that will be an awesome day

the Bible says angels long to look into

these things they will look at this

story you know you watch movies and

stories that inspire you that make you


any story that touches us

based fundamentally on the cosmic story

of God's rescue mission of humanity he

is the hero who sacrifices it all for us

he makes his enemies into his children

he makes dead people live and shine

again the whole universe is going to say

Wow and we will shine and show the

majesty of his grace to an amazed

universe now that's your destiny starts

now by the way it starts now

it is by grace you have been saved by

faith and even this isn't from

yourselves it is the gift of God so that

no one can boast do you and I really

know that you don't deserve anything but

punishment from God you really know that

I don't know I know sometimes to think

well I'm okay

no I don't deserve anything I have

nothing to boast about I was dead and

God found me and made me alive he threw

the life preserver and I just grabbed it

and got saved not even it's like he

found me already dead and did CPR ko ko

ko ko ko' and I'm alive again if you

know you don't deserve it stop living

like you do you have nothing to prove to

anyone you have nothing to lose if

people think you're a sinner well that's

true if they think you were dead while

you were that's the beauty of it we're

recipients of undeserved mercy and love

and there is nothing more freeing than

that the Bible says let not the wise man

boast of his wisdom let not the strong

man boast of his strength let the one

who boasts boast about this that he

understands and knows me that I am the

one who exercises goodness love and

mercy on earth that's your boast you say

I serve an awesome God look what he did

in me I was dead and I'm alive again and

now here I am and you shine for the

glory of God and it starts now the good

works prepared in advance for you you

are God's handiwork the original Greek

word for that that paul wrote in is the

word and the

here's the Greek word bow amma poem a

poem ii does that sound like a word we

might know you are god's poem you're an

expression of his creative energies what

does a poem do it expresses the soul of

the author like normal prose can't we

are created and it's the same word it's

only used one of the time the New

Testament in Romans chapter 1 where it

says that the all of God's creation

people can see God's beautiful eternity

eternal qualities from what has been

made they see the trees and the stars in

the sky and the laws of physics and they

say wow there's a God that made all this

well in the same way God has made you

and me in order to show that he is a

good God and that he created us for good

works Jesus said let your do let your

good deeds shine like a light before men

that they might give glory to your

father in heaven we have a mission to do

we have an agenda that God has written

there's things that we have been created

to accomplish to be fishers of men to be

people who build the temple of God to do

good works that God has created so that

we can be like a diamond shining for his

glory isn't that awesome

now that's a reason to get out of bed in

the morning that's a reason to push

through the dark difficult times maybe

you struggle with addictions that's a

reason to push through and get the help

you need because I've got a mission I'm

supposed to shine for God's glory that's

why we we go to the the seminar that we

announced earlier because we say I've

got all these problems and struggles but

the real me is seated in glory with the

Lord and I've got a mission to shine for

His grace and the one who began the good

work is faithful to complete it I have

things to do in the kingdom of God now I

invite us to embrace this grace of God

and to live and every action of everyday

will shout god is good and life is

filled with meaning now there might be

some people here who are not sure maybe

you're maybe you're not really sure

about all this maybe you're new to


maybe you're just starting to come and

you're not really sure have I ever

really ain't been risen from the dead

the way he's talking about maybe I'm

still dead in my transgressions and

since I want to be sure I'm alive today

is a day maybe that is written on God's

calendar for you where you can cross

over from death to life maybe God has

chosen this to be your moment to make

that decision and we're going to end

with a prayer in a moment as we've been

doing these days where we open up the

moment for us to say god I don't deserve


but I would like the life that I'm

hearing about today I want to say yes to

you I want to receive Jesus in my heart

as my Lord and Savior and I invite you

to stand with me and we're gonna take a

moment and pray maybe you're struggling

intensely and you know that you're dead

in your transgressions and sins maybe

you're not maybe things are going well

for you but there's an emptiness inside

that tells you there's more there's more

to life than this let's pray father in

Jesus name I thank you God that you have

done it all for us lord god I thank you

for your amazing grace Lord God we don't

deserve it Lord God but I thank you God

that in spite of what we deserve that

you have given us the opportunity to

know you Lord that you have given us the

chance to have a new beginning in life

to have a new song in our mouth to have

a new mission and a new purpose and to

be new in our heart and soul and lord I

pray especially I pray for all of us

first god that we would live with a

profound sense of gratitude that we

would know God that because we don't

deserve anything from you but we receive

everything from you that our whole life

can be a thank you our whole life can

shine with gratitude for what you have

done in the Lord I pray for anybody here

today who has still yet to take that

step of faith and to receive Jesus in


hearts and I pray that today you would

give them the ability to make that

decision I invite everyone to close your

eyes in prayer right now and if there's

anyone here in that situation and you

want to pray to make Jesus your Lord and

Savior I invite you to make that gesture

today by raising your hand good and high

if you haven't done it before I invite

you to raise that hand and say god I am

making that decision today to receive

Jesus into my heart is there anyone here

who wants to make that commitment God's

salvation is available to us his

purposes are being fulfilled right now

but we need to receive it by grace

through faith we need to say yes Lord I

choose to trust you today is there

anyone who wants to make that commitment

today right where you are I'm going to

invite you to take that step of faith

anyone here I see I see a gentleman

there I'm not sure if that's why you

have your hands raised maybe it is is

there anyone else who is making that

decision today anyone else now might be

the day that God has decided for you

amen I'm going to invite you those of

you that have your hands raised right

where you are to look up to heaven and

say this prayer with me right now God is

looking at you I see you and just say

dear God I thank you that you love me I

don't deserve it but I received the love

that you have for me today I believe in

Jesus as my Lord and Savior I ask you to

change me and to save me and to make me

alive again in Jesus name

amen and amen god bless you