The value of a single soul: Jesus and the Samaritan woman

Pastor Roberto Miranda


The book of John the the Gospel

according to John chapter 4 the

well-known story of Jesus in his

encounter with the Samaritan woman and

it says here that the Pharisees heard

that Jesus was gaining and baptizing

more disciples than John although in

fact there was not Jesus who baptized

but his disciples when the Lord learned

of this he left Judea and went back once

more to Galilee now he had to go through

Samaria this is where the story really

begins fully he had to go through

Samaria so he came to a town in Samaria

called Sychar near the plot of ground

Jacob had given to his son Joseph

Jacob's Well was there and Jesus tired

as he was from the journey sat down by

the well it was about the sixth hour

around noontime when a Samaritan woman

came to draw water jesus said to her

will you give me a drink for his

disciples had gone into the town to buy

food the Samaritan woman said to him you

are a Jew and I'm a Samaritan woman how

can you ask me for a drink for Jews do

not associate with Samaritans jesus

answered her if you knew the gift of God

and who it is that asks you for a drink

you would have asked him and he would

have given you living water sir the

woman said you have nothing to draw with

and the well is deep what can you get

this living water are you greater than

our Father Jacob who gave us the well

and drank from it himself as they're

also his sons and his flocks and herds

jesus answered everyone who drinks this

water that's the physical water would be

thirsty again but whoever drinks the

water I give him will never thirst

indeed the water I give him will become

in him a spring of water welling up to

eternal life the woman said to him Sir

give me this water so that I won't get

thirsty and have to keep coming here to

draw water he told her go call your

husband come back I have no husband she

applied jesus said to her you are right

when you say you have no husband the

fact is that you have had five husbands

and the man you now have is not your

husband what you have just said is quite

true sir

the woman said I can see that you are a

prophet our fathers worshiped on this

mountain but you Jews claim that the

place where we must worship is in

Jerusalem Jesus declared believe me

woman a time is coming when you will

worship the father neither on this

mountain nor in Jerusalem you Samaritans

worship what you do not know we worship

what we do know for salvation is from

the Jews yet a time is coming and has

now come when the true worshipers will

worship the father in spirit and in

truth for they are the kind of

worshipers the father seeks God is

spirit and his worshipers must worship

Him in spirit and in truth the woman

said I know that Messiah called the

Christ is coming when he comes he will

explain everything to us and Jesus

declared I could speak to you I'm he

blessed be the word of the Lord I want

to speak this morning to you precisely

about around this drama that you saw

Express the earth through the the

artistic group that I just presented

before us it's total it's not

coincidental but you know it was not

planned but really I want to speak to

you about speaking to others and

presenting to others precisely this

drama that you saw expounded here

through the artistic presentation I want

to speak about the value of a soul the

value of a human being and the need for

us to be effective witnesses and

effective instruments to present Jesus

Christ to a lost humanity I want to

speak about our church becoming

a church that is evangelistic in Outlook

that that takes preaching the gospel

seriously and sharing it with others

along with many other members of our

congregation we have been becoming

involved in an effort in the past few

weeks to to become precisely more

intentional about doing evangelism blast

a couple of Saturdays ago we went out to

the city and by the way the English

ministry was involved through our

outreach to the homeless and some of the

men and women who work in that ministry

also went to the Albany Massachusetts

Avenue area and distributed tracts and

spoke to people and you know God blessed

us in being able to present the gospel

to those individuals who needed it in

that area but also we fanned out to

different neighborhoods in the city and

I know that there's all kinds of

reservations that people have about

doing that kind of thing you know this

is Christians who believe in the

scripture and believe in the gospel

about how effective it is but I can tell

you that it was a wonderful effort and

and I know that God blessed in so many

different ways but I want to make sure

that our English ministry is also

brought into this what I hope will be a

a continual activity of doing

evangelistic outreach that I think the

Lord very clearly I know the Lord very

clearly wants us to become an

evangelistic congregation that we

acquire an aggressive in the best sense

of the word a proactive outlook about

bringing others to saving knowledge of

Jesus Christ and what I want to do this

morning is by looking at how Jesus

approached this woman you know what I

think is one of the most graphic

illustrations of personal evangelism

that we see in all of Scripture that we

learn from how Jesus did it and how we

can also do it ourselves how to become

effective evangelistic soul-winners now

I do realize that because of certain

cultural conditions that we experience

in the 21st century it's it's somewhat

more difficult and challenging to do

proactive personal evangelism

particularly I think within the

english-speaking communities here in

Boston because why do I say the

english-speaking is because many times

you know the the this culture has been

so penetrated by a you know resistance

to the gospel a rationalistic attitude I

think a an overemphasis on privacy on

pluralism respect for other people's

space and so on and so forth that it's

often really really challenging and

difficult to kind of approach people

even in our jobs even when they know us

and we know them and we have all kinds

of relationships with them as colleagues

and so on and so forth you know the

there's a kind of a helmet around the

mind of so many people in particular as

I say in those kinds of communities

about hey this is my space these are my

beliefs don't enter in there if you

think your religion is better than mine

or your personal convictions are more

effective than mine then you're

offending me and you're offending my

space so there's a kind of a reticence a

hesitation for us sometimes you know for

example I know at least in our Latino

community you know for whatever reason

there are many that I could explain I

don't want to get into that it's

sometimes easier to approach people

about the gospel but we live in a very

secularized society where often it is

more much more difficult to tell people

about God and about Jesus Christ and so

on you know what I mean I just want to

draw that fact that we realize that in

the environment the cultural environment

that we inhabit it's often very

difficult to talk to people about Jesus

Christ and I think by the way that is a

personally I believe that it is a

demonic kind of influence that has

slowly been generating this kind of

culture and society that makes it very

difficult and that very hostile to

preach the gospel it's part of the

enemy's efforts to neutralize the work

of the church and to prevent people from

coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus

Christ do you know that the Bible says

very clearly that if people are


they are perishing because says the

prince of this world the Prince of

Darkness has put a veil over people's

eyes he has put an artificial resistance

a blindness if you will to receiving the

gospel he says if the gospel is hidden

it is hidden among those who are lost

among whom the this the Prince of this


has availed their understanding and

their eyes that the the the light of the

gospel might not shine among them so

scripture is very clear that there is a

an artificial effort on the part of the

enemy of man's soul to blind us to blind

human beings to put all kinds of

obstacles on the way of the church in

its call to preach the gospel and so I

think part of the effectiveness of

preaching the gospel in our time is

finding ways to break through that veil

to break through that artificial barrier

that the enemy has placed and all kinds

of other things that I may get a chance

to mention that prevent us from you know

reaching out to people and being

affected what I cannot do is imagine

that somehow you know God would be

content with us just saying well you

know it's so hard to preach the gospel

in the 21st century to do active

evangelism to share the gospel in our

places of work in the streets in our

with our relatives and our other people

in our neighborhood so you know let's

just resign ourselves to kind of passive

techniques and that's it I mean I I

really respect the beliefs of many who

feel that you know this time that we're

living in that the best thing is to just

kind of win people over with a kind of a

general approach you know sort of what

we call lifestyle evangelism you know

let's just walk around in our normal

lives and live good lives and somehow

provoke people to to ask themselves you

know who is this person and and why do

they believe and and somehow that they

will gravitate toward us and that they

will ask us about Jesus

so you know I think that that's a really


approach but I believe that if we if we

depended on that I suspect that not many

people would get saved there are too

many obstacles in our time too many

things that the enemy puts in in in the

way of people to just depend on you know

a lot of Christians kind of living out

there and hoping that somehow people

come to us what I see in Scripture is

that there's a word that says go all

right in his last appearance with his

disciples as it's registered in the book

of Matthew Jesus says to his disciples

go to all the world and preach the

gospel to the nation's this idea of

going rather than people coming to us I

think is crucial and what I see in the

whole narrative of particularly New

Testament after Jesus is coming to the

earth is that there's this this idea of

a church reaching out of the church

going to the world going to people and

preaching the gospel I wish that it were

like that I wish the way were just kind

of you know hey let's find nice

effective winsome ways of living out the

gospel and that's what we have to do and

somehow God will bring the souls to us I

wish it were that easy I have found that

you need to whenever you preach the

gospel and you invite people to Jesus

Christ you have to make yourself fragile

you have to take risks you have to risk

denial you have to risk sometimes even

offense but there's no easy way of

really obeying that call of Jesus to go

to reach out and the Christians we have

to become involved in all kinds of

initiatives and ways of reaching the

gospel I mean imagine if it occurs to me

right now imagine if coca-cola this huge

corporation that is known all over the

world and said that some of us are

addicted to its product were to say well

you know enough people know about

coca-cola so let's just

let the goodness of our product reach

out to people and you know they'll come

no coca-cola knows that and that's why

it invests hundreds of millions of

dollars just and all over the world

perhaps billions at least a billion

dollars or more just in making sure that

people buy its product they know that

it's there they sponsor festivals they

spend huge amounts of money in prime

moments in on television they make sure

that coca-cola is in people's face in

all kinds of systemic ways and all kinds

of overt interventions you know at the

moment to make sure that this thing

stays there all the time in the presence

and that every new generation every year

people are reminded coke is available

because there's a lot of other competing

products there's Pepsi and there's all

kinds of other colas that are available

these days so I think it's the same

thing with the gospel we cannot depend

on some sort of passive reception of the

gospel the the thorny thing is that the

the Bible in in myriad sorts of ways

numerous sorts of ways shows us that you

have to go out you have to get involved

in personal evangelism that each

believer is assigned the task of being

one resource for the gospel and for the

kingdom and that if we all do our job

empowered by the Holy Spirit with a

proper message that God will do his part

and that the gospel will continue

growing and that people will come to a

saving knowledge of Jesus Christ so you

know we all need to be personal soul

winners every generation of believers

has to embrace the assignment of being a

personal worker in the kingdom of God

now I know that this idea of a personal

soul winner

sounds a bit you know old-style little

all southern ladies you know preaching

the gospel and

and you know some redneck preacher in

some backward backwoods little church

you know preaching the gospel that's

what we get in our minds you know

sophisticated Bostonians here and you

know perhaps not become too

sophisticated really for the biblical

assumptions and the images that we have

in scripture that are required to give

birth to really evangelistic people

people who preach the gospel unashamedly

but no matter how sophisticated we get

the the model for evangelism is still

the Bible the call to evangelism the

style for doing evangelistic work is the

scriptures and we could learn a lot from

the master evangelist himself who is

Jesus I've always been intrigued by this

story of the Samaritan woman and how

Jesus engages in personal evangelism now

you have to understand this is a mass

this is a mass evangelist par excellence

Jesus by the way there's this little

popping is that is that still okay do

you hear it my people tell me that I

should put it in all kinds of ways I'm

trying my best but somehow it still

happens so I'm gonna just preach the

gospel and forget about that you're

gonna have to help me out there sometime

later on you know what intrigued me is

that Jesus you know we see him at many

times preaching to big masses of people

and yet here he is spending his precious

time speaking to one person a woman 2000

years ago imagine and a Samaritan woman

a Gentile woman whom the Jews would have

looked down upon because she was kind of

a a mixed breed some sort of mutt

you know spiritually speaking a mixture

of all kinds of different religions some

a little bit of Judaism a little bit of

paganism a little bit of all kinds of

histories coming together into this

hybrid people who were the Samaritans

there were cousins

I think racially even but they didn't

speak to each other and the Jews looked

down upon them and the Samaritans you

know reacted to that disdain with which

the Jews consider him but we we see

Jesus giving such value to one soul and

I think Scripture left that story there


Marko's with the need to evangelize the

need to be soul winners - - and and I'm

asking the Lord these days you know the

Lord is really challenging me as a

pastor of this church to become radical

about guiding our congregation into an

evangelistic outlook and there's no

going back I'm asking the Lord father

seal me with an absolute conviction and

urgency about preaching the gospel in

every way that we can all the time so

pray for me and pray for us your leaders

and pray for the church that we might

really become masters at evangelism for

the glory of God of course you know one

thing that I see in this story is that

Jesus positions himself for that

encounter with the Samaritan woman I

mean he could have gone some other way

he could have gone the way that all Jews

are went to where he needed to get to

they went around Samaria because they

didn't want to get contaminated they

didn't want to meet these people that

they had such disdain for Jesus

on the contrary and this is why the

gospel here mentions that he had to go

through Samaria

because Jews did not go through Samaria

to go to another place if they had to

but Jesus goes to Samaria and not only

does it does he go to Samaria but he

stops at a place now think about this

the the Son of God who knew this woman's

intimate history I am sure would have

known that this woman was going to come

by for that particular meeting I did not

catch Jesus by surprise I think he sat

there to wait for her because he knew

that she was coming this knowing Christ

who knows all kinds of details about her

life knew that this woman was going to

approach him and I think the fact that

it was it is a woman and a Samaritan

woman is destined to teach us one thing

which is that no soul should be

disregarded whether it's somebody who's

just down on the street you know totally

drunk and you know filled with drugs or

smelly or whatever it is a poor person


rich person a secular person an atheist

whatever it is there's no soul that is

beyond the loving reach of God that God

would not value can you say amen to that

do you believe that there's no soul it

can be by their because they're too rich

or they're too poor it doesn't matter

because they're too intellectually

oriented or absolutely uneducated for

the Lord the eternal kernel the eternal

nucleus that the life of God that is in

that individual the eternal nature of

that person the soul of that person is

what is really valuable because that's

all that that essence that eternal

divine essence that God places in every

human being has a eternal destiny you

know a god doesn't get in it's not like

you know for God there's some sort of a

big garbage pile somewheres you see in

Star Trek you know sort of floating in

space of souls

somewhere out there you know that it's

not longer working so you just throw it

out in space souls have eternal if they

have an eternal nature and they continue

to exist after this life that to me is

sort of the most revealing thing that

this essence that makes us human it

doesn't isn't somehow you know squished

or dispelled or somehow made to

disappear because the the impartation of

nature of divine of divinity and of

eternity that each one each of us has I

would say is irrevocable it is there and

so I will continue to exist forever the

problem is that the spiritual system is

such that there are only two places

there are two places that you can go to

continue that existence and that you

need to be clear as to where it is we

need to make clear to people that this

life is not all there is and that after

afterwards there is something and that

god this intelligent creator who has

designed the universe has designed us

has also designed a system for the

continuity of life after

by the way have you ever seen a dead

person have you ever been to a funeral

and seen my wife and I were watching a

movie the other day and there was a with

the presentation of a young woman who

was part of character in the story and

who was dead in the the casket and you

know no matter how dead they tried to

make her you could tell that she was not


a multi-million dollar production the

best that Hollywood can make and this is

a high quality scene could not somehow

when they focused her face which they

did produce a genuinely dead impression

you could tell that it was a living

being that had been you know cosmetics

have been used to make her as dead as


but you could tell that life was still

throbbing in that face which doesn't

happen when you see a dead person I

happen and Gregg has even more

experience than I do in in celebrating

funerals and officiating funerals when a

person when you see a person that you

have known particularly and you see

their face you know that they are dead

there is something that that dissipates

when when you see a person who has

passed away and what is it why why could

we identify why is it something that

always provokes mystery when you see the

face of a deceased person because the

essence that soul has been extracted

from that body and what you have is a

chemical composite the true biology of

that being that's all that is there left

and we experience that kind of

experience a holy fear a sense of

mystery every time I see a deceased

person because I realized that that

particular essence is no longer there

and I am made to understand the mystery

of human life all over again and that

for me is one of the greatest

apologetics by the way of the truth of

the gospel there is a difference between

a person whose soul has been extracted

from them and a person who still has

that throbbing living essence

in them that gives them a recognizable

human appearance and that essence is

what Jesus sees in this woman beyond her

formal clothing and her you know

cultural trappings and all the

artificiality that human culture

introduces into a person he is attached

to the essence that will be forever

alive and that goes to one of two places

either perfect relationship and complete

intimacy with the creator or complete

separation with all of the accompanying

consequences of either one of these two

states and that's what preaching the

gospel is really all about

so Jesus knowing that he people's this

is himself for an encounter with that

woman and this idea of position really

when I wrote it down in my notes really

brought something you know when we came

to Boston from Cambridge many years ago

20 years ago we came because we wanted

to position ourselves we were in a very

convenient place in Cambridge for very

very comfortable very nice and but we

felt that we needed to position

ourselves to be more conveniently

located and by the way as I've said

before our aspirations were very modest

we just we're Latino so we wanted to

serve the Latino community thinking oh

Jamaica Plain Roxbury Dorchester via

Victoria you know all the places were

Latinos because we were in Cambridge

port it was across the river and it was

far away and it was a mainly an Anglo

European environment and so on and so

forth so we wanted to reposition

ourselves and then we got here

positioning ourselves and going through

all of the discomforts of doing that

actually opened up a whole host of

opportunities to preach the gospel and

then the Lord informed us you know you

came here just to serve the Latino

community but hey I got I got a surprise

for you you also call to minister to the

angler European to the African American

to the Asian community to all the

different communities in Boston not just

Latinos so the Lord expanded our

understanding and this is why we engage

in these kinds of things that we do here

in the church because we want to reach

all peoples to Jesus Christ and so we we

we have positioned ourselves for doing

that and you need to position yourself

we all need to position ourselves

through our lifestyle for example to

have more opportunities to preach the

gospel to others once you acquire an

evangelistic outlook this idea that God

has called me he's made me responsible

for announcing the gospel to others then

you need to like you need to find ways

you need to position yourself at work in

your neighborhood in your relationships

you got to become a moving target for

opportunity for opportunities to preach

the gospel you have to become

intentional in the lifestyle that you

lead that's why I think that being

called to evangelism has to become a

throbbing continual understanding it's

not something that is incidental to

being a believer

I think scripture tells us that this is

the main reason this is the main reason

that it's a reason for being it's our

purpose in life to be evangelistically

effective how many of you I say how many

of us can say that we have one a soul to

Christ that we have been instruments of

God to bring someone to knowledge of

Jesus Christ can can we say that and if

we not it's not to condemn not to judge

not to make anybody feel bad but if if

we cannot say yes you know I have been

that God has used me to bring many

people to Christ or one person to Christ

if you cannot say that then I pray that

this morning you will feel a holy desire

you feel challenged actually that you'll

be delighted to be made uncomfortable to

say you know Lord I'm gonna find ways

I'm gonna start praying I'm gonna start

asking you that is what I am asking the

Lord these days father I want to I want

you to use me actually to design

strategies that our culture

adequate for the time that we are living

into the challenges of evangelism make

me a master evangelist for my people and

help to help them become master

evangelist for the gospel and that our

church can become a an aggressive Church

that you know in a year or two will be

full-on in the 9:00 a.m. service can you

believe that this morning and not just

because people have transferred from

some other church or whatever that's

wonderful if the Lord calls into but no

I would love to see some of those people

who are out there coming to the Lord I'd

love to see you know single mothers with

their children coming I'd love to see

men who are you know successful but lost

the coming to the Lord I'd love to see

fam whole families healthy and

functional but who realize that they

need Jesus Christ coming because

somebody here has to let them know that

we're here and that the gospel is being

announced here can we just fill

ourselves with that image this morning

can we say father make us aggressively

evangelistic father give us an anointing

for bringing souls to Christ I I'm

saying that right now I tell you what

take a moment right now let's pray with

me Holy Spirit of God in the in in in

the urgency of this words right now

father I pray that you will take out any

kind of fear in us anything any obstacle

any indifference father to preaching the

gospel Lord anoint us with an

evangelistic fervor and teach us how to

be an effective evangelistically

anointed Church and people in the name

of Jesus we pray amen but I'm not

finished if you're really happy and

you're getting ready to go home to your

lunch I just want to say a couple of

more things here so you have to position

yourself and we must take advantage of

every opportunity that we have to let

friends and colleagues at work know that

we are Christians that we actively

attend church and to do so in a

non-threatening non alienating sort of

way and again you have to be appropriate

you know there are places where you know


it probably may not be smart for you to

you know preach the gospel during times

of work I know right now that it's a

very hostile environment in schools and

and you know certain places so you have

to pray to the Lord that he will give

you you know appropriate ways of that he

will open ways that are not hostile or

provocative in an in an alienating sort

of way to preach the gospel we must we

must preach the gospel I'm thinking of

you know the story that we had enacted

here through the mine this morning you

know think about this if you believe

that the gospel narratives are true that

Jesus is the Son of God that he came

from heaven that he became a man for us

that he went through all the discomforts

of leaving his divinity in its glory and

the putting it in this little box that

is a man if he lived a life of you know

all kinds of pressures and and then if

he went through the agony of the Cross

which is not just physically

incomprehensible but spiritually

emotionally incomprehensible if he made

himself totally impure being absolutely

pure and just if he went through the

crucible of death God himself and human

as well he if he put himself through all

of those extraordinary discomforts and

you ask yourself why because if anybody

can be saved according to the Christian

narrative and I'm thinking to mostly

Christians here this morning if if

humanity could have been saved in any

other way except through him why would

he have gone through all that he did why

would God have invested so much in the

narratives that we have in Scripture and

the whole apparatus of Christianity why

would that have been necessary if

anybody could be saved that through

their own religious convictions and

their own decent ways of living why

what logical reason what need would

there have been because we could have

you know just as any other religion can

be saved by its own teachings then you

know we could have been saved through

what we had maybe we could have

developed other religious beliefs by now

2,000 years later but no God sent his

son and it's clear in Scripture over and

over again that Jesus himself says and

all the apostles that

there is no one comes to the Father

Jesus says I am the way the truth and

the life and no one underline no one

comes to the Father and that coming to

the Father means has salvation access to

the Lord

communion with him no one comes to the

Father but through me and when he said

that there were other alternative

religions then and he knew that there

were the group the Greeks and the Romans

were around and he knew that there were

other alternative religions in other

parts of the world that were still

undiscovered by the Western world and

yet he says no one comes to the Father

but through me so you know that alone

should show us that we need to make

every effort we need to place ourselves

we need to position ourselves we must

pray for opportunities to share our

faith with those that are around us we

must pray that unbelievers know that

that we know will come to a saving

knowledge of Jesus Christ we must pray

that the veil will be taken from their

eyes I suggest that you start

identifying some people that you know in

your neighborhood in your your sphere of

work relatives write them down in the

back of your Bible write them down and

pray for them that the Lord will bring

them to a saving knowledge sometimes you

may be driving around the city and the

Lord may impress you with somebody

fleetingly a mother going with her baby

crossing the street and said Lord I

bless the soul and she come to a

knowledge of Jesus Christ we must pray

consistently for the power and the

anointing to speak about the gospel with

grace and authority we must ask God to

take away the fear of sharing the gospel

and of letting others know about our

Christian identity and then we must

start taking baby steps

to let others know of this anointing

that we have this urgency that we have

to preach Jesus Christ you know maybe at

some other point I'll take some time

maybe the next time I am with you I will

continue you know starting this passage

because there's so much jewelry so much

wonderful stuff here about how Jesus

takes this woman and guides her through

a process but if I can do anything today

just to impress upon you how urgent that

was for Jesus to preach the gospel to

this woman and how urgent it is for us

to do the same thing I mean he takes so

many risks in preaching to this woman he

violates the the ethics of his Judaic

rabbinic nature because Jews did not

preach through Samaritans they were

utterly lost I mean in a way he puts

himself at risk in his reputation

because here you have a rabbi which he

was obviously identifiable as a Jew of

course as a man and as a teacher before

his disciples of speaking to a woman in

a very you know kind of it wasn't a very

public place at that moment even though

it was a place where people picked water

up but some some students of the Bible

say that she picked at the sixth hour

12:00 noon because it was an hour when

other women did not go to take get water

it's a woman's task because she had a

very bad reputation she was a you know

she had a kind of a loose lifestyle she

had had five quote-unquote husbands and

the sixth one she wasn't even married to

so imagine it in a little hamlet 2,000

years ago what the reputation of this

woman proudly as soon as other married

women saw them walking with her husband

they hid their husbands right away

because you know they didn't want her

putting any thoughts into their minds

and yet Jesus approaches her values her

expresses love to her

spends time talking to her there was an

urgency about the importance of this

human being this soul and III want to

impress us this morning I'm gonna stop

here and we'll get into the specifics of

the of Jesus approach next time that we

see each other but notice that he

doesn't think well you know God God is

good and I'm gonna position myself here

I'm you know she'd know that I'm a Jew

by my attire maybe the Lord will provide

an opportunity for her to approach me

and talk to me you know one last thing I

do want to say is this

I am so aware again of this what I've

mentioned to you before about how how

difficult it is right now in the time

that we live in in a in an

extraordinarily rationalistic city like

Boston it is to preach the gospel

Boston is like the the walls of Jericho

it's it's absolutely impenetrable and

yet I refuse to think that there is

anything impossible or even difficult

for God you know what keeps me tethered

to the idea of preaching the gospel in

Boston not just to Latinos but

undertaking this other much more

challenging thing of reaching out to

African Americans and white anglo-saxon

European and you know Asian and all the

other peoples that populate the Boston

you know and being a Latino which I

think has placed places at a

disadvantage often because you know

there's there there are cultural

differences that make it difficult why

do we feel that we can do this and that

we can bring others on board to be a

powerful evangelistic presence in Boston

to the South End community to all the

different communities in this area why

what what propels me to do that because

I think that there is nothing that is

too difficult for God can you believe

that do we say that but we don't know

what we're saying many times

I believe that God is powerful enough

and III throw this as a challenge to the

devil himself I believe that God is

powerful enough wise enough intelligent

enough to provide us with a technology

that is appropriate for the 21st century

challenges that we face just as he was

able to do it with Jews 2,000 years ago

and to conquer the entire world and to

make Christianity such a absolutely

powerful and I think if it's not more

powerful it's our fault it's not God's

fault all that stupid mistakes that we

make all the bad witnessing that we have

been given throughout history all the

stuff that we have made to trample upon

the purity and the beauty of the gospel

has been an impediment to many people

coming to Christ but I believe that here

in Boston in Athens which is Boston I

happen to believe that there's a formula

in God's mind and heart waiting for us

to set about to throw a revolution into

evangelism just as Goliath was there

threatening and challenging God's people

and a humble David anointed by the Holy

Spirit took the challenge and said who

is this unbeliever unbelieving giant who

is threatening the armies of God and he

took the challenge and God provided him

with the power the anointed strategy I

think you can do the for us as well so

I'm gonna I'm asking the Lord Father

give us the formula give us the

technology give us the methodology give

us the attitudes to become effective in

reaching people for the Lord reaching

people for the gospel I am refusing fear

I am refusing defeatism I am refusing a

timidity and I'm saying Lord I embrace

the challenge we embrace the challenge


is anybody with me this morning or are

you scared by what I'm saying can you

can you embrace that right now in the

name of Jesus I'm saying I'm speaking

straight to the devil in Jesus name we

challenge you Satan we want to do the

Father's will this this morning and ever

and and we want to do it according to

the dictates of Scripture and we believe

that the your supernatural power Spirit

of God is enough to produce a spaceship

for the 21st century challenges just as

you produce ships in the first century

to do what we need to do and that you

will anoint us and provide that teaching

and that instruction and that

methodology to do what you have told us

and that we need to do so father this


we pray that we will be filled with the

Holy See

with a sense of disquiet regarding your

invitation for us to become winners of

men and women soul winners convicted

servants of your gospel give us your

anointing in the light of sin surprises

with your response thank you for your

word in Jesus name we pray amen and amen

god bless you this morning let us go out

there maybe you can win a soul this week

for Christ amen

bring them to the church god bless you