Psalm 37 - A Believer's Guide to Poise under Pressure

invite you to open up your Bible with me

to the book of psalms chapter 37 and I

know some of you like what what about

Leviticus Vadhu Leviticus since nineteen

no 2000 it's been a long time no and no

trick this time I'm not going to have

Robson stand up and interrupt and say

pastor Greg you should be preaching

Leviticus Psalm number 37 some number 37

and if you have your Bible it's easy to

find just flip open to the middle and

you'll hit the Psalms and we're going to

be reflecting on some number 37 today

and I'm going to be using a different

translation because I just really like

the way this particular translation does

this Psalm i'm going to be using the New

Living Translation and this song is

about last week remember we talked about

how God blesses his children how he

delights and blessing his children and

taking care of them now we talked about

that and we're celebrating that today

because it's happening in many lives but

many times the blessing of God shines

brightest not during the good times

during the hard times during the times

when there are people and situations

that perhaps are trying to push your

buttons anyone to have ever situations

where people or situations push your

buttons some of our buttons are bigger

than others right some of us have lots

of buttons that are easily pushed what I

mean by that these people don't know how

to get under your skin and then work

with the public right now the public

what's the public I guess that's us

right biddin would work with the public

anyone ever had to deal with a customer

that takes out there bad mood on you

anyone ever had a difficult boss with

unreasonable expectations perhaps some

of you are difficult bosses with

unreasonable expectations repent and you

have employees who just won't cooperate

right maybe you have a co-worker or a

person you know who's competitive and

jealous and really looking for you to

make mistakes they're out to get you I

don't want to feed our paranoia and our

persecution complex but sometimes it's

the reality of life the office politics

complicated situations and difficulties

happen sometimes it's not personal

sometimes it's just circumstances right

the economy takes a downturn and it

seems to leave us in the smoke behind it

maybe just circumstances that seemed to

be against us and what do we do then how

do we respond do we fight back do we

just take it do we get angry and anxious

and defensive usually we do and that's

why God wrote Psalm 37 because he knows

that life gets complicated he knows that

it's one thing to praise God all happy

on Sunday morning and to be at the altar

but then sometimes Monday morning it's

hard to keep that same attitude we walk

out of here and everything seems

different and God knows and that's why

the Bible is full of verses and chapters

that help us face the nitty-gritty of

real life psalm 37 verse 1 begins with a

famous phrase and i will read that in

the NIV this says do not fret because of

those who are evil or be envious of

those who do wrong for like the grass

they will soon wither like green plants

they will soon die away the New Living

Translation says don't worry about the


or envy those who do wrong fret what

does it mean to fret what does it mean

to worry the literal Hebrew comes from a

phrase that was used by the key Bruce

about your nose getting hot now I don't

know about hot noses but I get the

impression it happens when you're angry

it deals with getting heated up your

blood pressure is rising you're getting

agitated you're getting worked up you're

getting impatient anxious angry and with

an impulse that seems irresistible to

speak your mind bad combination and it

whenever felt like that has anyone ever

acted on that impulse before how did

that work out for you when we follow

that urge that frustration were hot the

heats up the Bloods up usually we do and

say things that we will later regret and

God knows that again and that is why he

wrote Psalm 37 there's an ancient

Chinese proverb that says if you are

patient in one moment of anger you will

escape 100 days of sorrow I don't know

who the wise Chinese guy who said that a

long time ago but he was very wise or

she one moment of anger a hundred days

of sorrow last week we talked about

patience and poise patience and poise

remember how we talked about the

different blessings of God God provides

for us God protects us and then the last

one was kind of weird we say God

provides us with poise under pressure

the verse in Leviticus 26 said I am the

Lord your God who brought you up out of

Egypt so that you would no longer be

slaves to the Egyptians I broke the bars

of your yoke and enabled you to walk

with heads held high you don't have to

bend over under a load of slavery you

can stand upright and you can look

people in the eye you can look life in

the eye you don't have to be ashamed

anymore poise dignity self respect we

talked about how that burden that

oppression for us is not just social and

political but is spiritual the devil

wants to oppress us and put us in

bondage to addictions and descends we

can't stop but as we sang today where

the Spirit of the Lord is there is

freedom we can stand up we can be free

now that poison ables us to have

patience when our buttons are pushed in

the book of James 19 it says let every

person be quick to hear slow to speak

and slow to become angry for the anger

of man does not produce the

righteousness of God quick to listen

slow to speak how many of us actually do

that some of us do most of us don't

especially when we're fretting right

slowing it down taking a deep breath

before you fire off that email strike

back speak your mind take five minutes

and read Psalm 37 now this Psalm is a

long some we're not going to read the

whole thing but it's it's worth reading

the whole thing but the reason it's so

long is because it's written in the

ancient Hebrew form of an acrostic an

acrostic means every verse starts with a

different letter of the alphabet a is


amazing an apple B is for beautiful

beaches c is for you know so we still do

a car acrostics don't we in the Bible

usually part of the Bible is written in

an acrostic form when something is so

important that it's worth thinking about

from A to Z okay so the the you know the

the part in Proverbs about the virtuous

wife that we read on Mother's Day a lot

that is in an acrostic form because

she's worth praising from A to Z right

in the Song of Solomon the love poetry

from husband to wife is acrostic usually

instead of a to z head to toe I know we

have children in the room so I'm not

going to go any further with that one

today we'll save that for Valentine's

Day next year okay pg-13 but the whole

idea is going from beginning to end I

think that the reason why someone a

psalm 37 is written yeah as an acrostic

is so that when we're fretting when

we're worked up will slow down and will

count you ever tried to slow down and

count to 10 well that's ancient wisdom

right there slow down and go over your

ABCs of how to trust God in the middle

of difficult situations before you do

and say what you're thinking of doing

and say count count to 10 a to z so

let's read that together let's read it

together psalm 37 i'm going to read the

New Living Translation you got that

Isaac great I can reverse 12 11 it

starts by saying don't worry about the

wicked or envy those who do wrong for

like grass they will soon fade away like

spring flowers they soon with her trust

in the Lord and do good then you will

live safely in the land and prosper take

delight in the Lord and He will give you

the desires of your heart verse 5 commit

everything you do to the Lord trust him

and he will help you he will make your

innocence radiate like the dawn and the

Justice of your cause will shine like

the noonday Sun be still in the presence

of the Lord and wait patiently for him

to act don't worry about evil people who

prosper or fret about their wicked

schemes stop being angry turn from your

rage don't lose your temper it leads

only to harm for the wicked will be

destroyed but those who trust in the

Lord will possess the land soon the

wicked will disappear though you look

for them they will be gone the lowly

will possess the land and will live in

peace and prosperity sound familiar the

lowly the humble will possess the land

you heard that anywhere before when

Jesus was giving the blessings the meek

shall inherit the earth he was referring

to this some so let's pray about this

father in Jesus name I pray that it

would be your Holy Spirit that speaks to

us today Oh Lord it's one thing to talk

about these things it's another thing to

do them I pray God that is we reflect on

the wisdom of this Psalm God that it

would unleash a poise and a patient's

when we're under fire and that we could

know that God is with us so who can be

against us and that we would handle

situations in a way that is filled with

grace and wisdom and your spirit so

speak to us I pray in jesus name amen

amen some a37 oh by the way just in case

you're not feeling persecuted today you

know maybe no one's out to get you

you're just living your life and

everything's cool this is for you too

because we all need to learn how

to be at peace and quiet in our spirit

and believe me someone will come along

and try to bother you sooner or later

and you'll be able to apply this okay

but if it's not happening now that's ok

that's ok first off in the beginning of

psalm 37 don't worry about the wicked or

envy those who do wrong the evil you're

looking at the problem you're facing

isn't as big and as permanent as it

seems in the moment for like grass they

will soon fade away like spring flowers

they will soon with her when you have a

situation where something's in your face

it looks huge it's all you can see it's

big it's exaggerated and the nature of

anger is to focus on it so that it gets

bigger so the first step for God here

teaching us is to step back and realize

that this tiger is not as big and nasty

as it seems this too shall pass start

there start with that perspective and

then begin to adopt an attitude of faith

the great Charles Spurgeon a preacher

from a couple hundred years ago said

faith cures fret faith cures fretting

faith is the medicine we need because

when we start trusting God our anxiety

starts to go down so before you stand up

to fight get down on your knees to pray

for a minute right take five instead of

raising your fist raised your hand to

the Lord and let that faith start to get

activated jesus said don't let your

hearts be troubled you trust in God

trust also in me he said peace I leave

with you peace I give to my peace not as

the world gives so don't let your hearts

be troubled and don't be afraid there is

a piece of God that if we will trust in

him that God will give to us that is

bigger than circumstances and that is

what we're trusting and this is not easy


it is available to us if we will tap

into it through faith that peace is

there for us so trust in the Lord it

says in verse 3 and do good can see why

the Bible needs to tell us that

sometimes when you have been doing good

and then bad things happen and you say

well enough of that right the Israelites

delivered from Egypt and then suddenly

there's no water in the desert it since

you know what we were happiest slaves

everything was good back then we ate

onions garlic sofrito here empanadas and

here I'm just eating all this comilla

gringa you know I want to get out of

here I want to go back to my slavery

this is gonna happen to you if you're

seeking the lord I do believe God will

bless your life will change for the

better I believe that but I can't

guarantee there won't be problems

because he now that there's this devil

that's not going to be happy that you're

seeking God who's going to throw every

kind of obstacle he can at you and try

to complicate your life and discourage

you so that you want to stop doing good

so that we say well I forget that I'm

going back and so we need to persevere

we can't look back we need to know that

doing good will pay off and simply hang

in there and keep doing the right thing

there's a beautiful verse where it says

in in verse 3 the second part of the

trust in the Lord and do good dwell in

the land and enjoy safe pasture it

actually in the keyboard is really

complicated no one knows how to

translate all these different opinions

it actually says feed or pasture on

faithfulness in other words your

faithfulness will feed you in the long

run I don't know it's a mysterious

phrase it's beautiful the idea that your

faithfulness will nourish your life over

the long run if you don't give up let us

not become weary in doing good the

Apostle Paul says in Galatians 4 at the

proper time we will reap a harvest if we

don't give up to that farming image


you plant that seed and your weight and

I hope we got some gardeners here it's

spring time you're planning that seed

and after a couple days it's not growing

so you dig it up to be sure it's still

okay no you gotta wait eventually it

will pay off keep watering it keep doing

what you've got to do now I want to talk

about the process of lowering our

spiritual blood pressure okay we're

going to talk about that that's what

this song talks about we're gonna divide

it into three r's okay the first one is

to rejoice the next one is to release

and the last one is to relax amen relax

I'm just making those up it's not but I

mean it's in the Bible here that's I'm

gonna try to okay verse for verse 4 take

delight in the Lord and He will give you

the desires of your heart that's pretty

cool that's a beautiful delight yourself

in the Lord and He will give you the

desires of your heart choosing joy when

things seem negative is a powerful thing

you see usually we think of joy as a

feeling joy is happiness because things

are going well so I'm feeling joyful joy

is much deeper than that joy is

happiness that is based not on my

circumstances but it's based on faith in

the Living God joy is a decision to look

above the situation it's a choice just

like misery is very often a choice right

we're miserable because we want to be

miserable and I don't care what you say

i'm going to stay miserable until I

decide to rejoice in the Lord trusting

that he'll give me the desires of my

heart it's interesting Inc in in the

book of Philippians the Apostle Paul

writes to two ladies who were in a nasty

church fight you know that can happen

you know church leaders you know cuz

they're all passionate about what

they're doing they can disagree not

heads you know and it's not because

they're bad people they love God they're

just passionate and they're intense

because they're believing in God and so

they just step on each other's toes and

they get in fight it happens okay it's

as old as the early church there were

two ladies in Macedonian the Church of

Philippi called name cinta k and avo do

or you odia right and they were in a

nasty church fight the Apostle Paul

writes to them please ladies agree with

each other in the Lord he asked someone

to get involved and help mediate and

then he says something he says rejoice

in the Lord I say it again rejoice how

does that fit when someone's annoying

you and making you angry the last thing

you want to do is rejoice I'm mad don't

talk about happy mad you're not gonna

rejoice then it says it goes on it says

amazing things it says um be anxious for

nothing but in everything with prayer

and supplication with Thanksgiving make

your requests be known to God in other

words instead of focusing on your anger

choose joy choose to give thanks for

something but what if you're not

thankful for anything well I gotta find

something right you can thank God like

there was a great testimony today thank

you for food that's not there some

people I know people who can't eat we

should be thankful right and that

Endicott thank you if he's God thank you

because you are good and your love and

doors forever even though the situation

is bad even though this person is bad

you are good and your love indoors

forever and instead of focusing on what

I hate I'm focusing on what I'm grateful

for and that is like a air deodorant

that goes to the source of the stink


and begins to neutralize that stink at

the molecular level thanksgiving and joy

clears the air what if i don't want to

sing no now today we came wanting to

sing this was good i should have

preached a happy sermon right we came

one to say but there's some days you're

gonna come in your you're not gonna want

to sing i'm mad i'd want to sing God's

advice just sing anyway it'll do you

good eventually you're busy I don't want

to be a hypocrite no you're not being a

hypocrite you're singing by faith you're

raising your arms by faith and next

thing you know the air is starting to

clear and you're starting rejoice and

God says as you rejoice in the Lord he

will give you the desires of your heart

that is an amazing promise because our

desires begin to align with God's

desires we begin to want what God wants

and he begins to bless us and there's a

mentality of blessing we talked about

that last week in the midst of this

difficulty where I feel like

everything's against me I make a choice

to know wait a minute everything's not

against me God is for me blessing means

I believe that God is smiling on me that

he is actively involved in orchestrating

my life in a good way the Sun is on my

face the wind is at my back like the

Irish proverb I talked to last week the

road rises to meet you and the music of

your life is in tune delight yourself in

the Lord and He will give you the

desires of your heart and I start to

meditate on that and suddenly suddenly I

start feeling like god is good I started

remembering you prepare a table before

me in the presence of my enemies you

anoint my head with oil my cup overflows

surely goodness and loving kindness will

follow me all the days of my life and

suddenly that grumpy customer can't ruin

my day anymore because there's someone

else who's already made my day rejoice

now the next step of it verse 5 37 verse

5 commit every

thing you do to the Lord trust in him

and he will help you commit what you do

commit the situation to the Lord the

original Hebrew of this refers to

rolling a large stone that's the same

word is used for that if you ever felt

like your problems are a big stone

you're carrying on your back God is

saying just roll it on to me you know

it's okay to complain to God in prayer

just read the Psalms thus arms are full

of verses that say oh my god how long my

God my God why have you forsaken me all

these things are going wrong with prayer

and supplication you're just venting to

the Lord and that's okay there's a

difference between grumbling and venting

to God lamenting to him when we lament

to God and we roll our concerns on him

we're talking to him when we're

grumbling and complaining were

complaining about God instead of

complaining to him God wants to hear how

you feel he wants to hear what you're

thinking you don't have to edit yourself

you can be raw with the Lord you can

roll it on to god there's a beautiful

verse in first Peter 57 cast your cares

on the Lord because he cares for you to

cast means you throw it on to him I was

going over this verse with Charis for

her awana homework one night my daughter

and she said to cast your cares on God

because he cares for you and we were

talking to says sort of like your

parents care for you right and so

there's some things you don't have to

worry about because they'll take care of

it so you can let them worry about it in

for you and I thought yeah that's

exactly what it is you know in some of

these situations we did you say God I'm

gonna let you worry about this for me

I'm just gonna let you worry about it

because you're with me and you're going

to take care of me and I'm going to

release it to the Lord Jesus himself did

this when did Jesus have to vent to his

father can you remember the part

in the garden of gethsemane before the

cross the Son of God got down on his

knees and he told the father father if

there is any way this cup can be passed

from me is there any plan B and he sweat

blood he let God know how he fell but

then he finally came to a place where he

had rolled it off and he said but not my

will but thy will be done release

release release it to God take that fist

and do this release it to God so we

rejoice we release and then finally we

can relax that's my favorite part right

there that's a good one relax it says in

verse 7 be still before the Lord and

wait patiently for him and then in the

translation I've read before be still in

the presence of the Lord and wait

patiently for him to act let your blood

pressure come down take a deep breath

let the adrenaline pass away and remind

yourself that God is in control that's

important because when we're feeling

like a situation or a person is against

us we give that person too much control

we think this person is in control of my

life and I feel victimized by it instead

of sitting back and saying God you are

in control your overall things I can

relax because I know my redeemer lives

the Apostle Peter called this the beauty

of a gentle and quiet spirit sometimes

you just got to say it's not worth it

I'm going to let God fight this battle

I'm it's just not worth it and then we

begin to rest in him there's a beautiful

Psalm Psalm 62

if you want to turn there with me please

do so I'm 62 there's a bunch of Psalms

in the Bible about this by the way i

encourage you to find these Psalms and

use them when you need them Psalm 62 is

a really good one I'm going to read it

in the New Living Translation begins by

saying I wait quietly before God for my

victory comes from him he alone is my

rock and my salvation my fortress where

I will never be shaken so many enemies

against one man all of them trying to

kill me to them I'm just a broken down

wall or a tottering fence they plan to

topple me from my high position they

delight in telling lies about me they

praise me to my face but cursed me in

their hearts let all that I am wait

quietly before God for my hope is in him

he alone is my rock and my salvation my

fortress where I will not be shaken my

victory and my honor depend on god he is

my refuge a rock where no enemy can

reach me Oh people trust in him at all

times pour out your heart to him for god

is our refuge wow if I can learn to say

God I'm gonna quiet my heart before you

I'm gonna steal my heart before you I'm

gonna breathe again it's like a drink of

cold water you know I've heard I'm

trying to drink more water and be more

healthy right you know get into your

later forties you like gotta gotta do

that you know gotta take care and the

doctors I've been reading they say that

a drink of cold water actually can come

an agitated mood right I don't know if

that's true but I'm gonna choose to

believe it and it'll help motivate me

right but I think about in the Bible it

says there is a stream whose river there

is a river I'm sorry whose streams make

glad the City of God there is a stream

when we come into God's presence and we

begin to really

drink from that presence it's like a

long drink of cold water it's almost a

physical sensation as you feel that

living water just flow over your whole

body and suddenly you're not as worked

up as you were before be still and know

that I am God the word says the Lord

speaking I will be exalted among the

nations I will be exalted in the earth

when I remember that God is in charge

and that he will win then I can be still

before him I could relax and I can be

meek and humble because I know that the

meek will inherit the earth and that

gives me perspective on a situation now

I want to step back again does that mean

then that you don't stick up for

yourself does that mean that we

passively accept that which is evil

right what if someone had told Martin

Luther King just relax right where would

we be now no you don't just relax when

there's evil but psalm 37 still applies

it's because when we do this when we

release it to God and we have a

perspective then that meekness is not

weakness we become strong because we're

at peace and we're not fighting from a

position of fear but we're standing up

to evil from a position of calm trust in

God I know that God is in charge I know

that he ultimately has the victory I

know that he is with me so I can

courageously do the right thing Martin

Luther King said while we robbed what

we're talking about him he said the long

arc of history bends towards justice not

beautiful in others it might take a long

time but it's gonna bend in my favor

because god is alive and he's working so

if i come to a place of peace

then it's time to ask for a sit-down

with that unruly boss that unreasonable

boss or to send the email or to deal

with a difficult person because I'm in a

place of peace and I'm going to deal

with it with more wisdom and not from a

place of anger and frustration amen so

that is what we needed a Jesus was the

example of that wasn't he how did Jesus

handle his trial before Pontius Pilate

think about it he's on trial the Son of

God he didn't do anything wrong

condemned to death the Pontius Pilate

they're looking at what did Jesus say

did he argue with him no he said he had

already been shouting the night before

in the Garden of Gethsemane he'd already

had it out with his father he'd already

come to a place of peace so he stood

calmly and quietly before Pontius Pilate

the Bible says pilot marveled he says

don't you you're not even gonna answer

me don't you realize that I have the

power to kill you or let you live what

did Jesus say you almost wonder if

there's a chuckle you he would have no

power over me unless if we're given to

you by my father in heaven it's like you

maybe you may be on the throne at this

moment but the meek will inherit a

throne that can never be destroyed and I

know I know who's in charge here and

because of that perspective it's almost

like perspective and there's one psalm

that says lead me to a rock that is

higher than I am no I'm go to a rock I

climb up that rock god leads me up and

I'm suddenly looking down on the

situation and I see the big picture and

I see that God is in charge and that big

bad guy is not so big and bad anymore

there's a bigger and tougher God who is

running the show and I can become before

this evil because I know who will

ultimately win this battle Jesus was the

example of that of that quiet confidence

no jesus knew that he would eventually

win this battle the Bible says that he

saw the end of the story it says for the

joy set before him Jesus endured the

cross scorning its shame and then he sat

down at the right hand of the Father he

knew it looks like I'm losing right now

right looks like I'm losing it looks

like the evil has all the power but in

the end there will be joy I will rise

again and what I am suffering will

result in people being saved and

restored to relationship with God I

believe that Jesus in some mystical way

actually sensed the joy of each one of

God's children that would one day be

forgiven because of the sacrifice he was

about to make for the joy set before him

he figured you know what this is worth

it this is worth it and it gave him calm

he knew that pilot had a temporary crown

but he would inherit a throne when we

have perspective we have perspective

also on evil we know that evil will not

eventually win that God will deal with

them the Bible says vengeance is mine

says the Lord no it says the wicked plot

against the godly in Psalm 37 verse 12

they snarl at them in defiance like a

angry dog verse 13 but the Lord just

laughs for he sees their day of judgment

coming God is not fazed right God

doesn't think about that for a minute

God isn't like oh my gosh what am I

gonna do what am I gonna do no God is


secure on his throne right he is in

charge he knows what he's going to do he

knows that this evil they're like little

ants trying to fight with him he just

he's just laughs God we could know that

you know what sometimes when people are

really nasty we should actually pity

them not fear them we should pity them

interesting story a buddy of mine he he

married a woman from Mexico right and

he's a he's a gringo like me they were

in Mexico trying to learn Mexico there

in Mexico and I don't think they're

married yet they're driving somewhere

and a police officer pulls them over in

in mexico city in mexico city you don't

want to be pulled over by a police

officer if they're you know and this

police officer pulled them over dark

alley late at night and was looking for

a bribe right he's looking for

protection money you gonna pay me a

little something so that I don't take

you downtown now my friend was like okay

honey let's let's pay the nice man and

be on our way she didn't quite have that

attitude you're she said to him she said

realmente malaspina she said you know

what I'll never forget that phrase

because I just learned it from a free

element they my life pain that you know

what I'm really sorry for you I'm sorry

for you you think you've got to push

around people and get bribes when you

should be she said get me that enough

and my buddy was like honey let's just

give the nice man some money and go go

along on our way you know she's like I

feel sorry for you what kind of how do

you look at yourself in the mirror you

know and that Gotti let him go so it

worked you know she had read Psalm 37

she had perspective she wasn't afraid

although all right guys she had some

good healthy attitude I know of people

you know there's people who are gonna be

just nasty nasty do you

you know I heard of another story a

friend of mine his grandparents owned a

bakery in New York and Italian bakery

they're making beautiful Italian food

pastries you know the good stuff and

some people on sunday morning coming

from church don't like their biscottis

and just chuck it over the counter it

abuelito Anna bolita you know if

someone's gonna do that then they have

other problems okay they have other

problems not I'm not trying to criticize

New York here okay New York I'm sure

most people are nice why they are

persons got problems problems and you we

need to feel sorry for them and they say

you know what this person is obviously

if they're gonna do this to me they're

gonna do that to someone else they're

gonna have other problems in their life

and really they need help they need help

now doesn't mean you to hurt you to

chuck the biscotti back over the counter

and so you can take your business

elsewhere I mean after you've taken five

minutes relaxed released repented then

you say okay now you can go to another

store but you do so as a Christian who

doesn't need to just fight back you do

it as a person who's confident almost

like this is it almost a child who

doesn't know any better and there's a

certain mercy that you take towards it

realizing that what goes around will

come around if people are gonna live

like that they're not going to get very

far verse 20 said the Lord's enemies are

like flowers in a field they will

disappear like smoke someone says the

righteous they're like a tree planted by

streams of water which yields its fruit

and season whose leaf does not wither

everything they do prospers we have

perspective on evil we know that evil

will not carry the day even though it

looks like it's winning at the moment it

won't win in the end having perspective

also realizes that God is ultimately on

my side now I need to take a little step

back here sometimes we get in problems

and difficulties because we asked for it


since we want to talk to the youth here

when your parents are asking you to do

something and they're persecuting you

know maybe they got a point right we

need to be teachable here we don't just

assume that anyone who ever disagrees

with me is evil and I'm always you know

so we don't I don't want us to have that

attitude either but we do realize that

God is ultimately on my side and he's

watching over me for my good look at

this beautiful verse in in Psalm 37

verse 23 to 24 beautiful beautiful verse

Psalm 37 23 to 24 the Lord directs the

steps of the godly he delights in every

detail of their lives though they

stumble they will never fall for the

Lord holds them by the hand do you know

that God delights in every detail of

your life if you're a child of his you

know I had a little i had a little dad

moment i was in the young adult group we

were praying and suddenly i just thought

of how God looks at us the way I think

of my kids when they're off at school

sometimes I'll just imagine them right

there at school sitting at that desk you

know doing whatever they're doing

getting in messes causing problems

hopefully not too much at the playground

you know and I'm imagining it all the

good the bad and the ugly and I'm just I

just love him and I'm just thinking

about I think that's why God is with us

he is attentive to every little detail

of your life every problem every good

thing everything you do your victories

your failures your foibles and quirks

all your contradictions and he loves you

and if I think like that and I am a

sinful human being how much more does

your heavenly Father think about you you

know if our son asks for bread he won't

give us a stone he holds our hand and

even if we stumble we're not going to

fall flat on our face because God's

gonna hold our hand there will be times

when we trip up but God's not going to

let you go all the way

there's a beautiful verse that says

though the right just falls seven times

still he rises again I don't think it's

that he just picks himself up by his

bootstraps it's because there's a hand

saying okay let's get up again it's okay

if I have perspective I know that God is

holding my hand he's gonna work this out

that even though I might be losing now

God will help me win in the end the meek

will inherit the earth no it says we are

hard pressed on every side but not

crushed perplexed but not in despair

persecuted but not abandoned struck down

but not destroyed my god will take care

of me in the end once I was young it

says in verse 25 once I was young and

now I am old yet I have never seen the

godly abandoned or their children

begging for bread you heard a sister

Chantelle read that God will take care

of what I need generally now that's sort

of a proverb that if we do the right

things eventually things will go right

now it's important to realize sometimes

things won't go right even when I do the

right things and that's why God wrote

the book of Job to show that sometimes

there are good people doing the right

things and they still have to ask for

some bread it doesn't mean they're bad

it doesn't mean they're failures but it

means that they are never abandoned

right they even though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of death I will

fear no evil for you are with me your

rod and your staff comforts me I might

be going through a hard time but I am

never alone and because of that i live

in victory even in the hard times we

will win this fight in the end the cart

the phrase inherit the land is repeated

in one form or another seven times in

psalm 37 you will end up on top of this

situation now there's one final point I

want to make as we bring this home true

peace what we've seen in all of this has

more to do with our hearts than with our

situation right with the attitude of our


that we are such such winners in God's

eyes that we can afford to be confident

even when there are battles that face us

we can let God fight our battles but it

goes beyond that and this is what I want

to close with see in the New Testament

Jesus takes this one step further this

psalm says that we can keep doing good

in spite of our enemies Jesus takes it

the next step he said you are such a

blessed child of God that we can do good

to our enemies are you crazy jesus said

you've heard that it was said love your

neighbor and hate your enemy but I tell

you love your enemies and pray for those

who persecute you that you may be

children of your father in heaven if you

really want peace it's not just all of

these calming and trusting disciplines

we've talked about but at the end of the

day saying I will choose love instead of

hate I will choose to forgive instead of

hold a grudge people who have to get

even who have to fight our miserable

people people who can forgive are the

happiest freest people you will have

from heat real winners know that they're

living under God's smile and they have

nothing to prove and nothing to lose

many are asking Oh Lord who will bring

us prosperity the righteous person says

let the light of your face shine on me

Lord you fill me with greater joy than

when their grain a new wine abound in

peace I will lie down and sleep for you

alone Lord make me to dwell in safety

and poss a acostar a yah SI misma

dormire porque solo tu he ova me haces

vivier confiado i know my redeemer lives

doesn't matter what happens i'm blessed

and that frees me to love people around

me and the darkness that might try to

come against me there's

to be a light that's much stronger

that's gonna shine out of me amen I

invite our worshippers to come and i

invite you to adopt this attitude

through the week know that your God is

faithful to you he's got you by the hand

and he will use you as an agent of light

even in the dark situations you might

find yourself in amen i invite you to

stand with me Father and Jesus name I

thank you for this song and I thank you

for the reality God that you are over

all things god I pray in Jesus name for

your people god I pray that we would

walk with our heads held high no matter

what no matter where mark on that we

would be children of the king who walk

with a poise that cannot be ruffled

father because we know who our defender

is the god is with us so who could be

against us father I pray God for an

attitude of expectation of blessing in

our lives God that we would face each

situation knowing that God is for us and

that he will work things together for

our good as we trust

in him I pray that we would be men and

women of peace in every situation of our

lives God that we would have an inner

peace God that fills our homes that

fills our families our church and our

community in Jesus