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I want to read from John chapter 6

beginning with verses 39 actually let me

go to verse 38 John chapter 6 and Jesus

is speaking precisely about the nature

of his ministry and of his person

because everything is always needs to be

oriented toward him and I say and he

says here for I have come down from

heaven not to do my will but to do the

will of him who sent me and this is the

will of him who sent me that I shall

lose none of all that he has given me

but raise them up at the last day think

about that he says that his most

important purpose or having come to

heaven and and the the most ardent

desire of the one who sent him of course

the father is that he will raise up on

the last day those are pregnant

expressions and that he will lose none

of them that he will preserve them until

that day when they finally free of any

danger of denying him or being led

astray can be eternally secure in in the

resurrection all conflicts gone and

simply existing in the presence of God

and then in verse 40 he he a kind of

wrist a tree states that or rephrase as

that and and re strengthens what he has

said he says for my father's will is

that everyone who looks to the Sun think

about that expression who looks to the

Sun what is that what does that mean i

hope to unpack a little bit of that

meaning who looks to the Son and

believes in him shall have eternal life

and here again this expression and I

will raise him up at the last day so

Jesus is um connecting his own identity

a savior of mankind son of God to this

idea of raising those

believe in him those who express their

confidence in him on the last day and we

may even have time to explore that a

little bit but you know we know that

today Easter Sunday Christmas throughout

the world have celebrated already or are

celebrating will celebrate the

resurrection of Jesus Christ today is a

day where I think I just imagined the

throne of God hearing from Africa from

Latin America from Asia in different

time zones chris is getting up the idea

of coming to a church somewhere in this

orb in this world to proclaim the

resurrection of Jesus Christ and and

from the throne of heaven there will be

people or rather God would be hearing

people from all over the world hearing

Christ is risen Christ is risen Christ

it's just an endless chain every Church

and every little time zone every sector

of the world proclaiming that 24 hours

and then it continues the rather the

calendar of the church it's one of the

central doctrines of the Christian faith

the resurrection the fact that Jesus was

lifted was raised from the dead he did

not stay in the tomb the fact that that

Christ did not remain in the grave he

rose again after the third day of his

crucifixion in his burial and and we see

in the Bible recounted in beautiful

detail these women this women for

example who go to the tomb of Jesus to

anoint the dead that Christ they think

that he's dead the the fact of his

resurrection was so alien to their

biological mind that they couldn't wrap

themselves around that even though he

had said I will I will rise again but

they go in an act of reverence to adorn

the the dead christ and they find that

the stone has been rolled away in that

cave where he was buried and that the

body of Jesus is not there the tomb is

empty and we see that beautiful scene

were the Angels the two angels letter

they remind them that hey didn't he tell

you that he was going to rise again at

the third day and we also remember the

Bible tells us that that the Lord

we're two different people after he was

risen including Peter he spoke to Peter

he he he he spoke to the disciples those

twelve that were gathered he spoke to

Thomas we remember the story well he he

spoke to those two disciples on the road

to Emmaus were convinced that he was

dead as well and reminded them in the

scriptures it is written that I had to

go through this process and rice again

the third day and then Paul reminds us

in first Corinthians chapter 15 that

Jesus appeared to more than 500

believers at the same time before

ascending to heaven five hundred people

and an interesting he adds and some of

them are living today which gives

another element of authenticity to that

assertion I mean the fact that there

were some people alive when Paul is

declaring this because Paul was not part

of the original disciples and you know

people could have said you're lying Paul

but Paul says knows many of them are

still alive and they're spread around

the saying that the Lord was indeed

risen people could have contradicted

that many many times the Gospels were

written within a period of time when

these assertions were made and all kinds

of proofs could have been offered to

give the lie to such an outrageous

declaration as the fact that this Jesus

had been resurrected the resurrection is

the central doctrine of the Christian

faith because among other things it

guarantees and sort of underlines the

divinity the unique nature of Jesus

Christ none of the founders of the other

great religions of the world have any

pretensions to the idea that their

founders were physically bodily

resurrected Muslims agree and admit that

Muhammad died there's no claims of a

resurrection of Muhammad Buddhists have

I think they may even have a tomb

available that points to where the

Buddha died and they even go so far as

describing what he died of confucius

that the founder of a great ancient

religion also is dead so Jesus is the

only founder of a great world religion

that his people say he is alive and we

confess that we and there's all kinds of

for 2,000 years the the the most

intelligent most highly educated most

critically oriented individuals have

lived within that recognition and you

know many have tried to disprove the

resurrection of Jesus and they have all

failed and we are proof of that fact and

every time that people proclaim

Christianity dead or outmoded a whole

new generation of Christmas rises with

more energy and more enthusiasm than

ever because the resurrection of Christ

cannot be disproven many have tried in

in history and you know some have ended

up actually convinced and converted I

think of my own brother-in-law Eddie who

lives in Miami right now many years ago

a group of Christians started visiting

my sister sadi at her home and

evangelizing her and they would come

once a week and in Eddie who was a

Marxist atheist and a very

intellectually oriented individual very

highly educated was really annoyed and

when they came to the house he would

lock himself up in the bedroom and when

he grew really annoyed he said you know

I'm going to start reading the Bible

just to prove these guys wrong I mean he

was a very gifted a very intellectual

individual very verbal very eloquent in

his word so he you know he thought no

problem i'm gonna read the Bible and I'm

gonna prove all the outrageous crazy

things that these people are saying I'm

gonna contradict them well you know

Eddie today is a pastor in Miami

has been for many years he is a radical

believer he's I think is more Christian

than I am if such a thing be possible to

kind of compare and so on but he was you

know he was broken by the power of God's

Word you know it wasn't an argument it

wasn't an intellectual thing that did it

it was just the power of the word and

the energy of the risen Christ speaking

to this hard-headed individual the Bible

states what time and time again that

Jesus was resurrected and you know the

thing is that we also can live after

death if we put our hope in him that's a

very important thing it's not the judge

that the resurrection was a historical

event it invites us to also place our

hope and to live in the light of that

resurrection event Jesus declares in

John chapter 11 beautiful words I am the

resurrection and the life and listen to

this it says he that believes in me

though he were dead yet shall he shall

she live amen and whoever lives and

believes in Me shall never die and the

resurrection of Jesus is what guarantees

the the veracity the truthfulness of

that promise of Jesus that somehow he

extends his own resurrection power to us

who believe in him as we connect our

energies to him as we look to him and

place our trust and our belief in him

and you know it's interesting that in

this very passage Jesus says he that

believes in me whoever lives whoever

lives and believes in me so you know

there's an incidental through there that

needs to be underlined is that living in

Jesus and believe

him these two things go together there's

another interesting thing is that Jesus

asked Martha because this statement

takes place in the in the in the light

of you know Jesus speaking to about the

resurrection of Lazarus the impending

resurrection of Lazarus so when he says

and whoever lives and believes in Me

shall never die he says something very

interesting to Martha he asked it says

do you believe this do you believe this

it is important not only to to hear

passively about the resurrection of

Christ and to kind of be respectful

about it but it's also important to

affirm this belief with our own mouths

our own words our own actions our own

declarations he was not content to leave

it just like that you know I'm the

resurrection of his Martha what are you

going to do with that statement do you

believe in it and Martha of course has

he s lord I believe that you are the

resurrection and the life I believe that

you were sent of God you know there's an

affirmation it this is why the church

asks people to to confess Christ it's

not just some evangelical you know kind

of a formality it is something that all

over Scripture we are told that it is

important to make an affirmation a

deliberate public affirmation of our

belief in Jesus resurrection in his

character as the Son of God this

affirmation this declaration that we

believe is more important than a

declaration of marriage you know that's

an important thing and it says people

recognize the importance of saying I do

because it commits you it's a it's a it

invites confidence on the part of that

person that you're saying I receive you

as my wife or I receive you as my

husband and we do it publicly we do it

before our loved ones and our community

because it's something of great

significance when people become American

citizens they swear the oath of

allegiance they do it in a very public

ceremony or they receive their their

certificates they they are certified

American city

since children I don't I really I

confess I don't know if they still do it

they used to in all the other days when

when you were in school you give it you

the Pledge of Allegiance in a baseball

game in a football game some of the

things that become outmoded these days

but human beings recognize the

importance of affirming something

deliberately that is important if you

buy a house you don't just tell the real

estate people yeah I buy it fine you

know and that's it pays when you can and

however you can know they they wanna

they want to commit you they ask you to

sign a mortgage and they keep that there

as a sign of the fact that you have

entered into an agreement and a

commitment so you know it is a when we

confess Christ as our Lord and Savior it

is a sign of the seriousness with which

we accept the fact that Jesus was

resurrected we accept the claims of

Jesus as the risen Lord it is the

acceptance of a new citizenship it

requires a formal contract a specific

moment they ceremony that we can

remember and go back to that kind of a

photograph that is taken of our inner

commitment it is even a declaration of a

new identity a rejection of a lifestyle

of adopting a new life a new way of

looking at life living now in Jesus

Christ in the light of resurrection of

his divinity it's an important

commitment and therefore it requires an

affirmation now Jesus says who lives and

believes in me again you know we accept

we enter into a way of living and and

when we accept Christ as our Lord and

Savior and that's an important thing

because we say these things and we don't

know what necessarily what they mean

he's our savior because he guarantees

our eternal existence a resurrection but

he also our Lord and becoming our Lord

you know it's an ancient word it means

he becomes our owner sort of so to speak

he becomes our you know our chief

executive of our life

our manager he becomes the determining

factor of everything that we are and

everything that we do we now live life

through this recognition that Jesus

Christ is who he says that he is our

Messiah is our Savior we began than to

rearrange our priorities we begin to

rearrange our lifestyle are our

preferences even our sense of humor our

way of relating to others the way we see

our finances the way we see our

profession the way we see sickness and

and marriage and prosperity and poverty

and all the different things that are

sailors throughout life we now look at

all of that through the lenses of Jesus

Christ his revelation the Word of God we

continue to live I mean AB you more than

ever we have the opportunity to live

beautiful lives normal life so to speak

we can traffic and cotton hold Commerce

and work and have professions and enjoy

go to the movies enjoy great art travel

and see this beautiful world I got us

created but all the time we are living

that in the light of our condition as

followers of the risen Christ so it's

not just a verbal statement it is also

the adoption of a lifestyle and the

rejection of another lifestyle all of

that and the through the light of the

fact that Jesus has risen and he has won

for himself as he has won the victory

has won for himself a status unlike any

other status that every knee shall bow

that every tongue shall confess that

Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the

Father that is what you and I are

supposed to do if you have not done that

yet I urge you to declare your

affiliation to declare your submission

your subjection to that risen Lord that

is Jesus Christ and this fact that he

rose again is the guarantee of one day

we to being delivered and freed from the

bondage of death and entering into a

free existence in full communion

unimpeded uninterruptedly

not as some intermediary thing as we do

now here in this world but really

looking at the father face-to-face and

enjoying his company completely because

we are made pure and perfect we can

enjoy him purely and perfectly all of us

for your death all of us one way or

another you know we fear that you might

say well I don't fear death perhaps in

one way but I'm sure if you see a dog

barking at you he may be chained but if

he's barking at you and you're close to

him and he's training to break those

those chains you are going to be

impressed by that and you're gonna feel

you're gonna experience some level of

fear even though you know there's a

powerful chain he can't break away from

there but the fact that he's barking at

you you and threaten you you you are

touched your impacted by that so when we

think of that all of us experienced a

certain kind of holy fear it's an

impression of you know this great event

but when you know when we become

believers when we follow Christ we put

our faith on that risen Lord then you

know the sting of death is lost I think

that's what the Apostle Paul means you

know it's that it's that edge that many

people feel about that the despair the

questioning the the lack of assurance

the the sense of wow what I am what I

have what I've gained all that I've

achieved is going to just end in a

dead-end street total silence because

that's what happens when we die all the

beautiful things that we have acquired

all the relationships that mean so much

to us the important that we give to our

body our mind all our achievements our

relationship to this world all of that

is kind of dead end closed and that is

an impacting thing for many people who

don't have Christ thinking about the

coming death is and should be a source

of a great fear but the Bible says that

he who believes she who believes in

Christ does not die eternally you may

die for an instant but have eternal life

you know that yes you die for a moment

because you know the law needs to be

accomplished and

people die because they're imperfect and

their sinful but in the very moment that

you die if you died as a follower of

Jesus Christ instantly you are

transmitted and translated into another

existence and eternal existence that's

why Jesus says you know delay there is

no death that's what the Bible says that

really for those who believe in Christ

there is no death ultimately because it

is so transient so temporary so

insignificant in the light of this new

existence that you are entered into this

is why he says this is the will of him

that sent me that everyone who sees the

Son and believes in him shall have

eternal life and I will raise him up at

the last day you know this last day that

Jesus speaks about is the day of

judgment it's it's a somber idea the day

of judgment the bible says that one day

everyone will have to appear before the

presence of God all of us all of

humanity each one of us individually

will have to come before the throne of

God don't ask me how that would be done

will be done like virtual you know

internet style all of us you know God

can do that you know he can judge the

entire creation in one instant because

the dimension would be a very different

dimension and and that day it would be

you know I don't know if it's a day of

24 hours it'll be an eternal thing but

each one of us will have the opportunity

to come before the throne of God and our

actions will be judged and it says that

we would be judged for or whatever we

have done whether it's good or whether

it is bad but we will have that

opportunity to present ourselves and in

that last day those who have Jesus says

who have placed their eyes on him who

have put their faith in the Sun and have

believed that he is the resurrected

Christ will be able to remain fully

before the presence of the Almighty God

they will have perfect communion with

him but one who has not set their hope

there i fixed on christ it says it will

be condemned they they will be consigned

to an eternal exist

apart from the presence of God and I'm

not sure exactly what that translates

into in reality but it is something that

I know that I don't want for myself but

for the ones that i love you know I tell

people that God when he creates us he

puts the essence of his being his

divinity in each one of us it's like a

drop of infinity when a child is

conceived he's included in the mix of

their humanity the very life of God the

very nature of God is imparted to every

human being and then as a person

develops that spark of divinity is in

them and this is what makes us human

this is what makes us different from

everything else you know that

biologically I was reading I made that

assertion the other day and I said and I

gotta check that you know the difference

between genetically between a human

being and a chimpanzee I mean we share

98.9 or something like that of the same

genetic composition and so you can see

that it's not the biological content

that makes us this creature that that

can almost like angels we make we

compose symphonies and great works of

art and beautiful skyscrapers and we

send people to space and and we create

computers and technology and and we sing

like angels and and get married and love

and sacrifice ourselves for our country

or for each other these these sub

prerogatives these these are these

virtues of humanity are only privy to

creatures of God human beings it's not

their biology but their biology is

simply an encasement of their divinity

and so that divinity that is in you you

know God who is a God of irrevocable

declarations that divinity he can't he

doesn't just kind of take it and throw

it in a garbage

segment of creation you know when you

die if you don't die in Christ something

has to be done with that eternal

substance a cap we recycle it can be

made to disappear and I think this is

one of the greatest logical arguments

for existence after life and you know

the difference between living in

condemnation and living in the presence

of God is the fact that if you accept

Christ your destiny your you're

beautiful positive perfect existences

accepted but if you don't make your

peace with God then you know God says

what am I going to do with this thing

this is this this eternal thing that I

have created and unfortunately that

eternal essence which is your

personality your humanity goes to

another dimension to exist to continue

existing because it is irrevocable but

unfortunately it cannot be before the

presence of God it exists in another

dimension which is what the Bible speaks

about Hell or all those other things

that we don't like to talk about in good

company like the one we have this

morning but it is a truth that we need

to pay attention to we have two

possibilities we accept Christ as Lord

and Savior as risen Lord or we by not

accepting him reject him and each of

those two things has great consequences

to believe in the resurrection of Christ

is not optional it is a requirement of

the Christian faith first Corinthians

chapter 15 verse 17 says if Christ has

not been raised look it up if you want

to if Christ has not been raised your

faith is futile read useless your faith

is useless it's not worth anything and

you are still in your sins so believing

in the resurrection is not some sort of

theological nuance it is the very

essence of our belief it's what

guarantees that we have truly believed

in Jesus as the Son of God so each of us

needs to affirm that belief this morning

and we haven't had a chance to do it in

a way that is

read then we must do it and do it in a

way that and this is a great opportunity

I want to suggest that you know you

start thinking about that as i finish as

i wrap my message of this morning you

know I see beautiful faces from over

here my god I see lovely lovely human

beings of all ages and all appearances I

need to want to use each one of you is

precious before the Lord and you have

such potential in you and I want you

this morning to extend your

understanding of your life beyond the 70

80 years that you will live on this

earth or 60 whatever and to begin in to

say it today I'm going to leave from

them from here having made the most

important decision that I can ever make

in my life having placed my eyes on

Jesus in a deliberate way and having

confessed him as my Lord and Savior and

just just let that take care of it you

know there's one last thing that I want

to point to you it is that belief in the

resurrection it's not just a you know a

doctor in a historical doctrine the

doctrine that we all Christians a

subscribe to it's not just the dodging

that is essential to salvation but it

has some very practical benefits as well

in one of the most practical benefits

that I find in belief in the

resurrection of jesus and his divinity

is that it gives me it gives me peace

about life and about death it gives me

peace I can live my life and I can

contemplate my death peacefully

I week ago or so i was visiting the

house of a frying or die's if Ryan Ortiz

is a man who was a member of our

congregation for many years I developed

a very good relationship with him gentle

innocent almost in a way meek and when

he accepted Christ I mean he accepted

him completely his life was transformed

he was a very generous man toward the

congregation through his business and he

earned the affection of many members of

this congregation and he was with us for

many years and i got a call recently

from other members of the church telling

me he had been sick for a very long time

it had been at different bouts with a

illness cancer for several years and

then I got a call saying that his wife

had asked that I come and visit him

because the doctors had said that he

only had four or five six months to live

so immediately I went over to see him at

his house and I found that indeed he had

been battling with death in a very very

profound close way I found the shell of

the man that I knew he had lost a lot of

weight he was in bed he could not get up

using his bedroom a very nice bedroom

with windows that illuminated that space

beautifully interestingly enough you

know one thing one detail that I didn't

mention to him because I didn't think it

was appropriate but through his window I

could see a cemetery about a hundred

yards in the back of his house and of

course my eyes were set on that as I

contemplated the fact that here i was

looking at this man who clearly was

unless the Lord did some extraordinary

miracle we die very soon he could not

get up from his bed he was weak and he

was looking at eternity in a very real

way all of a sudden but you know what

impressed me the most that what I saw in

that bed was a man

yes he was ready to meet his maker I

mean physically speaking but he was at

peace with himself with his God with his

death and with his life he knew that he

had placed his hope in Christ I asked

him about that and he was absolutely

radical in his confession of Jesus as a

savior he had prayed many times I was

impacted by his eyes you know the eyes

of an emaciated person they look bigger

all of a sudden but they were bright

they were at peace his smile was it just

shown and it expressed satisfaction and

conformity with this faith his moment

had arrived we had a wonderful

conversation I was there for over an

hour with him and a couple of his

relatives we spoke about a lot of things

we pray that yes the Lord might raise

him even and do a miracle but at the

same time we knew that that would

require something really extraordinary

his time had come in a way but he was at

peace and we we prayed that the Lord

would strengthen him and guide him and

that room was filled not with despair

not with uncertainty not with remorse

not regret about things that could have

been done and were not done because he

knew that his sins were forgiven and the

risen Christ had given to him his

justice so he could he could come

completely confidently before the father

because he was covered with Christ's

justice his forgiveness and he knew

where he was going and so I left you

know I left that that day as I have left

so many times when I have visited

believers were on their deathbed would

really are convicted of of what they

have believed I left uplifted and

affirmed in my pastor it because I man

what what more can one do then to bring

others into that saving knowledge of

Jesus Christ what is more important what

is more valuable than that

hmm and and so I left convinced of the

usefulness so to speak the validity of

the gospel because it gave a frying

Ortiz piece about something as our

miners in as overwhelming as that chasm

that awaited him was not a chasm

actually it was a bridge but he could be

at peace and I've seen that over and

over again and I have seen it in the

faces and in the countenance and and the

behavior of relatives who have lost

loved ones who know where their loved

ones are going we celebrated here the

other day I mean a family came from

different parts of Latin America to be

at the funeral of an elderly member of

the family and yes there were tears you

know as we bless them on a Sunday they

came after the funeral but it was also a

time of a piece as well when my own

mother died I knew that the you know she

had lived a full life was with Christ

she had finished her race she had done

wonderful things here to bring others to

Christ death was simply a moment of yes

tears but it was a momentous of

celebration I could preach sermon the

next Sunday everything was like the next

day she died on a saturday i believe it

was and i felt great about it about

being able to preach with peace in my

heart in my soul even as I grieved for

the absence of someone that was so

special to all of us because I knew that

she had placed her faith in Jesus Christ

so this morning you know I encourage us

all to make our own confession of faith

in Christ

and the to own that tremendous

recognition that the Lord that Jesus was

not left in the tomb but heroes in the

iron and for you to say yes I believe

Jesus right now is asking you I'm gonna

ask you to lower your head for a moment

and pray for those who are here pray for

yourself pray for those around you pray

for those who are visiting and let's

take this moment to a firm in our own

belief in the resurrected Christ amen if

you haven't done it yet would you would

you like to do that right now I want to

invite you to do the most important

thing that any human being can do to

sign the most important document

virtually than anybody anybody can sign

there's a little box that says I agree

okay and you gotta just press the little

box right now and say yes Lord I agree

you have risen from the dead you are the

son of God you are the savior of my soul

you are Jesus the Christ the sent one

and i am your creation I don't have

justice in myself I cannot come freely

before the father and and rely on my own

good works I need your good works

assigned it to me and so I recognize

these things and I confess you right now

as the guarantor of my eternal life you

are my foundation for eternity risen

Christ and this morning this Easter

Sunday I confess you that's my lord I

confess you as my savior i do it again

and if that affirmation has grown cold

in your life if it has kind of gone into

the gray and you want to recover it and

make it a live thing again you want to

just restore the full color of it i also

ask you to do that this morning and

reaffirm your faith in christ and if you

have done that this morn

I'm gonna ask you to raise your hand

right now and to confess Christ publicly

as your Lord and Savior would you like

to do that right now I'm gonna raise my

own hand and say Jesus you are my lord

you are my Savior I accept you i receive

you i confess you young people who are

here this morning with you for a moment

abandon your sense of embarrassment and

confess crisis your Lord would you raise

your hand right now those of you who

love their privacy and who feel sheepish

about doing something like this would

you raise your hand and confess Jesus

Christ as your Savior if you have not

done that before if you want to reaffirm

that this morning confess him if you

want maybe with a word right there

quietly with your lips say Lord I

acknowledge you as my savior I receive

you as my savior I receive you as the

resurrected Christ I put I agree in that

box affirm that in your heart right now

and remember that the Bible says if you

live in him not only if you believe in

him but also if you live in him so I

want to ask you as well to adopt a new

lifestyle as you confess Christ as your

Savior you may put your hands down and

there's a photograph of you by the way

in heaven right now eternally it will be

there when you come to the before the

throne of God if you live in that but I

want to ask you you know to to refresh

your commitment to Christ and to the

Church of Jesus Christ it's not to a

congregation we're not here to get your

money or to you know get your body for a

couple of hours or you can fill our pews

we want to serve you we want to bless

you we want to be a place where you can

grow and we can offer you the resources

to become a healthy Christian

the contagious believer somebody who can

bring others your classmates in school

your teachers your colleagues you can

bring them to the most important

recognition of all that Jesus has been

raised from the dead that he lives and

lives forever and that you now through

your affirmation through your connection

with Christ you also have eternal life

in him why don't we stand and take a

moment again just to affirm that state

that status of a resurrected believer of

an eternally existent believer of

somebody who has that possibility now of

existing in Christ take a moment to do

that and as I pray father in Jesus name

Lord you have seen each one of these

individuals here who has expressed their

belief in you this morning we commit

them to you father we have confessed

that you are our Lord and Savior you are

the risen Christ we commit to live in

you to live for you to live with you to

live in the light of your principles in

your commandments and we commit to grow

in the knowledge of your word in the

knowledge of your principles in your

Commandments and to live the life of a

true believer a true Christian I bless

your people this morning as they have

come before you

bless those who are still struggling

with their own commitment father confirm

their belief and bring them to a saving

knowledge of you lord thank you for your

presence thank you for all that has

transpired this morning in Jesus name we

pray amen and amen you know we're going

to be here I'm going to ask the pastors

and elders and others of the

congregation to stay here at the end of

the service and if you want to speak to

someone about what you have done and and

you want to receive resources from us

you know we will be doing this regularly

and we want to make sure that we also

can lead you into that fuller life as a

believer so at the end of the service

you know I'm gonna be here and I'm going

to ask that you know if you have made

that that commitment to Christ that you

not live leave just having done it

privately say it to somebody right next

to you if you came with your mom or you

came with a friend you know tell them

you know I made that commitment it's

important that you verbalize it it's

important that at some point you come

forward and declare that belief in

Christ and if you want to do it even

right now or at the end of the service I

really invite you to do that that's at

that such power okay and so I'm gonna be

right here waiting for you and as we

sing that song if you want to come even

then and you want me to pray for you

then this altar is open and we bless you

and I hope to see you again and I

declare the goodness and the blessing of

God the life of the resurrected Christ

in your own life god bless you give a

hand to the Lord distorted

and then

forever he is glorified forever he is

glorified for

he is lifted high for


his real son he is

yes he is alive

for war

this is bro

in 5 4




it is


it is



my floor




believers who are who are confessing

that and if you're still struggling

there about this invitation I urge you

to not lose this opportunity to declare

Christ as your Savior as the risen

Christ come forward would love to pray

with you briefly and just commit you to

the Lord I mean it is this moment of

affirming what you have done publicly is

so important say it to someone they let

someone pray for you and commit to

living that Christian life for me we

want to take this time as long as it's

necessary to bless those who are

affirming their belief in Christ so

father we bless them

we declare the blood of Christ

covering them saving them confirming

them as citizens of your kingdom is

there anyone else I alguien mas this

anyone else who wants to come and affirm

their faith in Jesus this morning come

right now not waste this beautiful


thank you for


we sing

please take

we sing


we say

we sing

me sick

yeah we see

we sing

now it's all

we sing

we say

where is it

the leather solid

please say

his love



Andy is gone




it is