Leviticus 25 - Jesus our Jubilee

some Leviticus then there are other

books in the Bible so we will look at

other books too but not quite done with

laviticus Leviticus 25 if you have your

Bible you've got Genesis Exodus then

book number three is Leviticus and right

near the end in chapter 25 there are a

series of laws about the land and about

something called the redemption of the

land now aren't you glad you change your

clocks for words you could make it to

hear about land redemption laws in

ancient Israel 4,000 years ago believe

it or not that relates to you and me

today in an awesome way because God is a

redeemer we're going to talk about what

that means that God is able to buy us

back from what has taken us away and so

that's where we're going today in

Leviticus 25 it talks about to special

events for the people of Israel in the

Land of Israel that they were to do when

they got there they're not there yet

there in the desert and these lands

these laws have to do with two different

things one a Sabbath year a Sabbath year

if a Sabbath day is a day off Sabbath

your is a year off sound good to anybody

sign me up a year off sounds great no

but then it goes further than that and

then there is not just a Sabbath year

we're going to be talking about

something they call that the god called

the Jubilee year and that Jubilee year

is what especially relates to us today

in the New Covenant so Leviticus 25

Leviticus 25 let me pray for this father

I thank you so much for the glory

encapsulated in these ancient laws I

thank you for the heart that gave them I

pray that these words that we read would

not be dead but they would be spirit and

they would be life to us I pray God that

what we read and talk about today

would provide a window into your heart

and that it would be transformative Holy

Spirit I pray you would take this time

and speak to each one of us as we've

been talking about by name in Jesus name

Amen Leviticus chapter 25 verse 1

Leviticus 25 verse 1 we'll start with

the Sabbath year says the Lord said to

Moses in Mount Sinai speak to the

Israelites in say to them when you enter

the land i'm going to give you the land

itself must observe a Sabbath to the

Lord for six years so your fields and

for six years prune your vineyards and

gather their crops but in the seventh

year the land is to have a year of

Sabbath rest a Sabbath to the Lord do

not sow your fields or prune your

vineyards do not reap what grows of

itself or harvest the grapes of your

unattended vines the land is to have a

year of rest wow I'm feeling relaxed

just reading it ah I need you whatever

the land yields during the Sabbath year

will be food for you for yourself your

male and female servants they need a

break too and the hard worker and

temporary resident who live among you as

well as your livestock even your cow and

your ox and donkey need a break and even

the wild animals in your land whatever

the land produces may be eaten okay

Sabbath year beautiful that once every

cycle of seven years the land rests the

people rest the the animals themselves

rest and then in verse 8 count off seven

sabbath years okay seven times seven

years so that the 77 Sabbath years

amount to a period of 49 years okay so

we're talking once a generation about

right then have the trumpet sounded

everywhere on the tenth day of the

seventh month on the Day of Atonement

sound the trumpet throughout your land

consecrate the fiftieth year and

proclaim Liberty throughout the land to

all its inhabitants it shall be a

jubilee for you each of you is to return

to your family property and to your own

clan the fiftieth year shall be a

jubilee for you do not so do not reap

what grows of itself or harvest the

unattended vines for it is a jubilee and

it is to be holy for you eat only what

is taken directly from the fields in

this year of Jubilee everyone is to

return to their own property once a

generation God hits the reset button and

everybody comes home to their ancient

ancestral lands that God gave them

originally talked about a family reunion

some people hadn't seen each other in

years it's time to come home it's time

to come together it's time to get the

land back now some people coming home I

get a little complicated right some

people might think a family reunion that

might be relaxing for you I don't know

well hey our God we're gonna see is the

God who unravels drama who provides a

fresh start and a new beginning and the

Jubilee was meant to be that for the

people a year to declare Liberty the

land restored everyone goes home because

some people had ended up leaving their

homes here's how it happens life can get

complicated you own some land one year

you have a bad harvest maybe there's not

as much rain something goes wrong you

don't have quite enough money from that

harvest to buy seed for next year so

what do you do you borrow some money to

buy seed to sow so you borrow some money

you get a little a little debt just a

little one and you start sowing the seed

and then it's another bad here just a

couple bad years in a row and next thing

you know you don't have enough money to

pay the debt so suddenly things get

complicated and you have to start

selling land

some of the land to pay your debt and

buy seed for next year and then whoops

the next year is got to be a really big

one because now you've got the debts as

well and maybe it's not so big and the

next thing you know you're selling all

your land and now your debt is starting

to get crushing and just to keep up with

it what do you end up doing in ancient

Israel you could sell yourself as a

permanent servant another word for that

could be slave into slavery and so God's

people who are meant to live in the

promised land because life gets

complicated could end up losing the land

losing their money losing their family

and sometimes even losing their freedom

now if the laws of the Old Testament are

a window into the heart of the lawgiver

we see that God cares about people whose

lives get complicated God cares about us

when our lives unravel when one thing

leads to another and he says I will stop

those patterns at once a generation and

i will give everybody a fresh beginning

in my land it's the year of Jubilee so

let's read a little bit more about this

about the debt part of it verse 14 verse

14 if you sell land to any of your own

people or buy land from them do not take

advantage of each other you are to buy

from your own people on the basis of the

number of years since the Jubilee and

they are to sell to you on the basis of

the number year number of years left for

harvesting crops were 16 when the years

are many your to increase the price when

the years are few your to decrease the

price because what is really being sold

to you is the number of crops did not

take advantage of each other but fear

your God he's watching and I am the Lord

your God so in other words they were to

know that once every 50 years if you

sell the land that person supposed to

get it back so the price should change

depending on how many years to the

Jubilee you're actually selling years of

crops to one another they were supposed

to do that verse 18 if you do this if

you follow my decrees and be careful to

obey my laws you

live safely in the land and then the

land will yield its fruit and you will

eat your fill and live there and safety

now you may ask what will we eat in the

seventh year if we do not plant or

harvest our crops I will send you such a

blessing in the sixth year that the land

will yield enough for three years while

you plant during the eighth year you

will eat from the old crop and will

continue to eat from it until the

harvest of the ninth year comes in gotta

trust god this is going to work out it's

a step of faith which is why the people

of Israel did not obey this law and

which is part of what led to the

consequences of their losing the land

completely so the land could rest the

way it was supposed to verse 23 the land

must not be sold permanently because and

here's a key point we're going to come

back to God says the land is mine and

you reside in my land as foreigners and

strangers throughout the land that you

hold as a possession you must provide

for the redemption of the land which

means people can buy back what they've

already sold or lost now let's down in

verse 25 here talks about how things can

get complicated if one of your fellow

Israelites becomes poor and sells some

of their property their nearest relative

is to come and redeem what they have

sold if however there is no one to

redeem it for them but later on they

prosper and acquire sufficient means to

redeem it themselves they are to

determine the value of the year since

they sold it and refund the balance to

the one to whom they sold it they can

then go back to their own property but

if they do not acquire the means to

repay what was sold will remain in the

possession of the buyer until the year

of Jubilee it will be returned in the

Jubilee and then they can go back to

their property in other words you sell

the land you lose it you can have a

relative buy it back for you or if you

end up saving up enough money you can

buy it back for yourself but if you

can't then God steps in every 50 years

and says I will buy it back for you and

that's the year of Jubilee and the

consequences of that are not just

getting land

but also getting free look at this

skipping down to verse 39 if any of your

fellow Israelites become poor and sell

themselves to you do not make them work

as slaves they are to be treated as

hired workers or temporary residence

among you they are to work for you until

the year of Jubilee then they and their

children are to be released they will go

back to their own clans into their

property of their ancestors because the

Israelites are my servants whom I

brought out of Egypt they must not be

sold as slaves do not rule over them

ruthlessly but fear your God let's skip

down to verse 54 even if someone is not

redeemed in any of these ways they and

their children are still to be released

in the year of Jubilee for the

Israelites belong to me as servants

they're my servants whom I brought out

of Egypt and i am the lord your god

awesome awesome this is relevant for us

today this is not talking about some

sort of utopian socialism no no people

get to own the land right but nor is it

just sort of the social Darwinist

capitalist every person fight for

themselves and just let nature take its

course no God intervenes this is

something special this is a country that

for a period of time was the kingdom of

God on earth it was a time when the

people of Israel for a season got to be

a country ruled by King Yahweh the Lord

was their king they were his servants

the land was God's king and he

bequeathed it to them awesome a picture

of the way things were once with Adam

and Eve in the garden and a picture of

the way the things will be once again

when Jesus comes back and he will be the

king of kings and the Lord of lords and

the government will be on his shoulders

this is a picture of heaven and it's

also a picture spiritually of what God

is already doing and we're going to see

about this because there's a future

a future for Humanity of owning of being

owned by God and of owning what God has

give them now this Jubilee reasserts to

baseline truths it's based on two truths

that I want to emphasize truth number

one is in verse 42 of Leviticus 25 25 42

it says because the Israelites are my

servants whom I brought out of Egypt

they must not be sold as slaves God is

saying i bought these people i rescued

them from slavery in Egypt I used plays

to set them free and I brought them to

myself so that of all the nations on

earth they would be my treasured

possession even though all the nations

are mine they will be for me a kingdom

of priests and a holy nation a special

people that belongs to me and because

that people belongs to God no one and

nothing else can own them they are to be

a free people freely serving the Living

God amen that is what it's about no one

and nothing has the right to own or

control one of God's servants because

someone is already in charge of my life

I'm not available I belong to him his

name is written on my forehead no one

else's nothing else can be written their

gods serve it holy to the Lord now the

second part of that the corollary is

that God as king with his servants moves

into land and he gives each family each

person attractive land and here's the

other point God says the land belongs to

me and I have given it to you

temporarily as stewards and the point

being no one can take away the land God

had given to his people get where I'm

going with this what God has given to

one of God's servants cannot belong to

anyone else

no one can take away from you what God

has entrusted to you for his glory

because you belong to him now this

provides a window into the heart of God

write the laws in the Old Testament give

us a window into the heart of the law

Giver they help us see who God is we've

said this before a lot of people think

the God in the Old Testament was grumpy

he was difficult he was angry he was

mean and the god of the New Testament

got real nice no no god is love he

always has been loved he always will be

loved god is holy holy holy he always

has been wholly he always will be God is

the same yesterday today and forever and

these laws show us the heart of God they

show us that throughout history God has

been in the business of restoring lives

that have unraveled that's good news

that's good movies that's Liberty

throughout the land that God cares for

people who find themselves stuck in

situations that they feel they just

can't get out of maybe there's things

that have happened to them that they had

no control over maybe there's some bad

decisions they made and then they can't

quite make it right but for whatever

reason they felt stuck and trapped God

cares about people who feel like that

God cares for the poor he has always

will God cares for people who are

oppressed for those who feel trapped or

overwhelmed by forces beyond their

control God is into canceling debts

breaking bondage and restoring families

and that is good news that's the heart

of God that we see in Jubilee that's

God's vision for Humanity God cares for

people who feel isolated and lonely who

have been separated from their families

who don't know how they can possibly go

home he restores their hope their

opportunity their future and their

dignity God brings people home

prese prese god is the god of jubilee

and he still is the heart of the father

Jesus told this amazing parable remember

the parable about a father who had two

sons and one of the stuns asked for his

inheritance early he went and he

squandered it he made his own bad

decisions and then he was left living in

the mud serving you know feeding pigs he

was jealous of the pigs because of what

they were eating and suddenly he snapped

into his senses it says what am I doing

here my father's servants live better

than this I know what I'll do I'll go

home I'll go back to my father and i'll

offer myself as his slave as his servant

it's better than this and the Bible says

Jesus said that the father when he saw

the Sun a long way off you know the

story he must have been standing at the

door looking out the window every day

saying maybe today he'll come home God's

heart God's Jubilee heart longing to see

the sun's come home and then one day he

saw him in a distance he's like it can't

be you know the story he runs out you

know I'm just I visualize an old you

know slightly overweight you know big

bearded Jewish patriarch running out

there no dignity no nothing my little

boys coming home he runs out and he hugs

him and falls on his neck and kissing

the Sun goes into a spiel father I'm not

worthy you know I've sinned against God

and against you I am no longer worthy to

be called one of your sons he's got it

memorized right he's been practicing the

father's like yeah that's a very nice

speech whatever save it for later call

the servants get that kill the fatted

calf we're going to have a feast get a

robe for my son what does that robe

represent represent his inheritance this

boy was going to be rien heritage I'm

not taking you as a servant I'm gonna

take you as a son I'm taking you as a

son and he puts the robe on him and he

puts the ring a representation of his

authority in the household as a son

again he brings him

and they eat they celebrate they do

great things because it is time to

celebrate that this son of mine was dead

and is alive again he was lost and he is

found and we need to celebrate well

along with all the Angels right that's

the heart of the Father and it's the

same heart of God in the Old Testament

it's the same heart of a God who wrote

the Jubilee laws for the people of

Israel it's the heart that longs for

God's people to come home who longs for

God's people to be free that they could

know that they belong to God and that

what God has given he never takes back

he gives it to them to belong to them to

be God's children and and he is their

King and they are his people now this we

see if you would turn with me to the

book of Isaiah chapter 61 we see this

prophesied by Isaiah this concept of

Jubilee would one day become part of the

mission of the Messiah because the

people of Israel like I said there is no

record of them ever actually obeying

this law it would have required people

giving land back all right setting

slaves free people don't do that easily

and so the people of Israel did not we

don't know if they maybe they try to do

some sabbath years we don't know but

there's no record of it and I would

think there would be a record of it if

they did it and it would have been

awesome and so God after several

generations said you know what the land

hasn't rested my people haven't rested

you violated my covenant they lost their

right to be in the land for a season

till they came back but God says that

that Jubilee is still God's heart and

that Jubilee will come true one day so

in Isaiah 61 please look at this with me

this prophecy by the prophet Isaiah

predicts the coming Jubilee under the

Messiah the Messiah supposedly speaking

is speaking prophetically through Isaiah

when he says the spirit of the sovereign

Lord is on me because the Lord has

anointed me

to proclaim good news to the poor he has

sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to

proclaim freedom for the captives and

release from darkness for the prisoners

to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor

and the day of vengeance of our God to

comfort all who mourn to provide for

those who grieve in Zion to bestow on

them a crown of beauty instead of Ashes

the oil of joy instead of mourning in a

garment of praise instead of a spirit of

despair and they will be called Oaks of

righteousness a planting of the Lord for

the display of his splendor they will

rebuild the ancient ruins and restore

the places long devastated they will

renew the ruined cities that they that

have been devastated for generations

strangers will Shepherd your flocks

foreigners will work the fields and the

vineyards and you will be called priests

of the Lord you will be named ministers

of our God you will feed on the wealth

of the nations and in their riches you

will boast instead of your shame you

will receive a double portion and

instead of disgrace you will rejoice in

your inheritance and so you will inherit

a double portion in your land and

everlasting joy will be yours for I the

LORD love justice I hate robbery and

wrongdoing their land their their

inheritance have been stolen in my

faithfulness I will reward my people and

make an everlasting covenant with them

their descendants will be known among

the nations and their offspring among

the peoples all who see them will

acknowledge that they are a people the

Lord has blessed now look at the end I

don't know if it's isaiah i don't know

if it's the church but someone starts

celebrating verse 10 i delight greatly

in the lord and my soul rejoices in my

god for he has clothed me with the

garments of salvation and arrayed me in

a robe of his righteousness as a

bridegroom adorns has had like a priest

and as a bride adorns herself with her

jewels for as the soy

Oh makes the sprout come up and the

garden causes seed to grow so the

sovereign Lord will make righteousness

and praise spring up before all the

nations now that is a Jubilee that is

the time when God's people will be set

free and that garment of heaviness will

take it off and the spirit of joy the

spirit of heaviness removed the oil of

joy will crown their heads priests of

the Living God they'll rebuild the

houses that have become decrepit and the

lands and there will be celebration and

joy that is the Jubilee we're waiting

for its the Jubilee the people of Israel

were waiting for the time when the

prodigal can come home so guess what

Jesus did at the beginning of his

ministry did you know that some of you

might already know this Jesus's life

mission statement is pointing back to

the Jubilee jesus said that is what i

have come to do Luke chapter 4 Luke

chapter 4 verse 14 look what Jesus says

he goes home to Galilee his hometown he

had already started you know doing some

healings and teaching and doing things

but he then was in the desert being

tempted by the devil for 40 days and

then he returns to Galilee his hometown

in the power of the Spirit and news

about him spread throughout the whole

countryside Luke 4 verse 15 he was

teaching in their synagogues and

everyone praised him and Jesus went to

Nazareth where he had been brought up

and on the Sabbath day he went into the

synagogue as was his custom he stood up

to read and the scroll of the prophet

Isaiah was handed to him unrolling it he

found the place where in so Jesus was

preaching that day in the synagogue ok

he gets the scroll in its Isaiah 61

Jesus says verse 18 the Spirit of the

Lord is on me because he has anointed me

to proclaim good news to the poor he

sent me to proclaim freedom for the

prisoners and recovery of sight for the

blind to set the oppressed free to

proclaim the year of the Lord's favor

bowl and then he stopped and people were

like wait a minute wait a minute the

verse doesn't end that way

right like if I came up here and said

for God so loved the world that He gave

His one and only Son that and then I

then I stopped you would say that

whosoever believes in Him should not

perish because you know the verse right

you know you went to awana you got it

memorized right your parents made you go

probably you know this is you know you

know the verse they all knew these

verses they memorized that they're

waiting for it the verse says in the

Book of Isaiah to proclaim the year of

the Lord's favor and the day of

vengeance of our God but Jesus stop

there he stopped after the year of the

Lord's favor the year of Jubilee he said

I have come to proclaim the good news

now there will be a day of vengeance a

day of judgment will come when he will

come and set the universe right but now

is the time when the Jubilee has been

proclaimed and they would have been like

wow he stopped halfway an incomplete

sentence see Jesus then rolled up the

scroll in verse 20 he gave it back to

the attendant and sat down the eyes of

everyone in the synagogue were fastened

on him and Jesus began by saying to them

today this scripture is fulfilled in

your hearing can you imagine and

everyone's it's like Wade only way to

one winner you just said the Jubilee is

here not just any Jubilee but the

Jubilee that's going to cover the whole

earth the Jubilee when everybody's going

to be set free did you believe that only

the Messiah can do and Jesus is sitting

there quietly saying the Scriptures

fulfilled in your hearing today see

that's what Jesus came to do he came to

blow that trumpet and say set the

captives free it's time for people to

come home it's time to set people free

good news to the poor Jesus did that his

whole ministry was about bringing the

Jubilee to broken people whose lives had

unraveled because of the debt that they

had incurred not financially but because

of sin now I do believe that there is a

financial component to all this I think

God cares about the physical poor I

don't want to super spiritual eyes this

Jesus cared about the widow whose son

had died and she didn't have anything

else to leave live on Jesus cared about

the man Bartimaeus who was blind and had

to beg for his food Jesus cared about

the marginalized the Gentiles the

handicapped people who didn't have any

other option in society Jesus cared

about them he cared about the physical

poor good news to the poor and we also

should amen but beyond that there is

also spiritual poverty you see even if

we're not in jail physically many of us

are in jail spiritually there are

invisible chains that bind us you ever

seen the Christmas Carol right you know

Ebenezer all those chains that were

being lugged around it's a ponderous

chain you've built right isn't that the

way he put it we have chains that we

carry Jesus right after he proclaimed

this went into the synagogue and as he

was preaching as he was preaching a

person stood up and started screaming it

was freaky he started screaming saying

what do you want with us I know who you

are son of David he was possessed by a

demon and Jesus said you be silent come

out of this man in Jesus name and people

said who is this he teaches with

authority and gives commands to evil

spirits and they go and she said that's

right because I've come to set the

captives free and there are people all

of us because of our sin the devil has

access to our life and I don't mean that

just symbolically I'm not trying to

freak anyone out right but we have

sinned legally when we sin there is a

debt incurred and the enemy the devil

the word for that is prosecuting

attorney accuser he has a case against

us he has access to our lives and many

of us have let him in we've opened up

all kinds of windows in the house and

the bugs have flown in spiritually

speaking and we get stuck you've heard

the phrase we use this in discipleship

level 2 about the monkey on your back

right right that monkey grows and grows

and grows he got fed and fed and fed and

then he's not a little pet monkey

anymore he's a big gorillas as I want a

banana now and you have to feed him the

devil has people chained and jesus said

i have come to set the captives free

because I've come to proclaim the year

of Jubilee and I'm going to take care of

the debt and we're gonna let people go

now jesus also what else did he do

during his ministry he did a lot of

healing didn't he well there's two

particular stories sometimes sickness

can feel like a type of slavery and I

don't believe that sickness is a result

of of our sin some people when they're

sick think oh god must be punishing me

I've been bad right and the answer is

well yes of course you've been bad

you're human you send yes we need Jesus

to forgive us but we don't believe that

every sickness is God punishing people

job was very sick and he was a good man

who didn't do anything to deserve it

there was something else going on but

sickness can feel like we're trapped by

it like were burdened by it and there's

one story in the Gospels of a bleeding

woman she'd had a flow of blood for 12

years she was ceremonially unclean she

anyone she touched became ceremonially

unclean she had tried doctor after

doctor and she'd spent everything she

had you ever felt like that you tried

everything you try this you try that

this doctor this psychologist this

program this and nothing seems to work

in her desperation she thought I know

that this man has power and if I sneak

up and I just touch that tassel at the

end of his garment I know is going to be

okay she snuck through the crowd and it

said that immediately when she touched

the hem of His garment her bleeding

stopped and she felt in her body that

she was and the word they use is freed

from her suffering now Jesus didn't let

her sneak away into the crowd because he

she was still going to feel like a slave

she was still going to feel unclean and

Jesus like we got a chain heal not just

your body we have to heal your heart we

have to heal your mind so he stops

looking around who touched me right and

he's in a big hurry he had to heal some

girl who was dying but he was a

wait a min i got time for this he

stopped and he looks around somebody

touched me the apostles his bodyguards

say yeah there's a lot of people

touching you everyone's crowding up

against you Jesus and Jesus like don't

talk to me that way somebody touch me

different you know and he's looking

around and then finally the woman comes

forward trembling because a woman who

was ceremonially unclean shouldn't go

around touching rabbis but Jesus is like

I'm not just any rabbi and you're not

just some unclean woman Jesus looks at

her and says daughter me huh daughter

you're not unclean anymore you're my

little girl do it is me Nina you're my

daughter he says daughter your faith has

healed you and then look at the language

he used go in peace and be free from

your suffering you see Jesus came to set

the captives free there's another story

of a woman who was hunched over you know

the story she would walk with a some

type of scoliosis issue where she would

walk hunched right you know the you've

heard the story and on a Sabbath day

Jesus saw this woman in the synagogue

and every was wondering if he was going

to be so gutsy as to try to heal someone

on the Sabbath day apparently they

thought that was work right so you're

not allowed to work on the Sabbath no

healing people you know this is church

not supposed to heal people here and

Jesus is like you guys don't get church

you don't get the Sabbath and so Jesus

called the woman up she's hunched over

and look at the language it uses in Luke

13 verse 12 when Jesus are he called her

Ford and said to her woman you are set

free from your infirmity can you imagine

how dramatic it must have been as this

woman and the Bible says for 18 years

had been like this for the first time in

her life she wasn't looking at the

ground she was looking up looking Jesus

in the face boy that would be I don't

fenton ones put that in one of the Jesus

movies but they need to because you

could do it from her perspective and you

see the ground for 18 years the ground

the ground the ground and then wool and

there's the face of them

who has made it so that i can walk with

my head held high and Jesus said should

not this woman a daughter of Abraham

whom Satan has kept bound for eighteen

long years not be set free on the

Sabbath from what bound her Jesus is in

the business of setting people free he

came to proclaim the Jubilee and he came

to people who felt stuck in their sin

see jesus knows that it's not so easy to

stop once you started doing something

wrong right my son asked me this daddy

why do I always want to do what's bad if

you tell me not to do it suddenly I want

to do it and I said well you are human

sorry it's even way and once you start

though you get stuck in your sin you

know I have a special a special empathy

for people who struggle with addictions

because with friends who have addictions

to different substances and just feel

like they can't stop I see myself in

that with my own sin and struggles and I

know that that horrible feeling that how

am I ever gonna stop doing I know it's

killing me but I'm doing it anyway and

you feel trapped you feel chained to it

I had a friend of mine who he visited he

lives in LA and he visited Vegas with a

group everybody goes to Vegas I guess

and he went to Vegas and he was there

and in the spirit God gave him a vision

when people were sitting there at the at

the slot machines are not going to say

you're you're in sin if you go on

vacation to Vegas but the gambling is a

problem and and he saw people gambling

and he and it's like he could see people

chained to the slot machines it's like

they were chained to it and he could see

the chains around them because they just

couldn't stop and sin is like that Jesus

came to people who felt stuck in there

said I wonder if that's why jesus said

whoever sins is a slave to sin all right

and I wonder if that's why Jesus when he

saw the paralytic they lowered a man on

a mat who couldn't walk who couldn't

move his arms who would stuck there and

Jesus looked at him take heart son your

sins are forgiven

because he knew this person has a

physical infirmity but what really keeps

us stuck and trapped as our sin and she

said be encouraged I can set you free

Jesus went to the tax collectors who

were addicted to money and addicted to

to doing it the wrong way and and what

was it Matthew or whether there was a KS

is one of a Matthew was one of them

Zacchaeus comes down from the tree they

have dinner together they're having a

feast at his house and say K stands up

and said I'm going to return anything

I've stolen and repay it for full that I

going to give half of what I own to the

poor and Jesus said today salvation has

come to this house because this man too

is a son of Abraham he's not a slave of

sin and money anymore he is a son of

Abraham and his inheritance is more than

money his inheritance is being free to

serve the Living God you know I've said

this I've shared this testimony before

you'll forgive me for repeating myself

but is so impacted me a friend of mine

who I met through the church through his

family in church had had made some

horrible decisions committed some crimes

received a sentence of twenty six years

in prison so long not just a little

while 26 years and I visited this this

man after the sentencing and I was

wondering what kind of shape is he going

to be in and I saw him and he was

looking at me with a glow in his eye and

a glow in his face and he said I'm freer

now than I ever have been he said when I

was out there it was all drugs it was

all sin it was all sex and and I feel

free inside and he says I just know I'm

going to be okay and he meant it and I

was as I said they're looking at this

guy with this light shining at him and I

said blessed are the eyes that see what

I see blessed are the ears that hear

what I hear because God is the one who

sets the captives free Mary Magdalene

one of Jesus's closest followers worked

as a prostitute before she followed

Jesus Jesus had to cast seven demons out

of her and she was sitting right next to

Jesus's mother at the foot of the cross

she was the one Jesus appeared to first

on Easter Sunday Mary that's the first

word that's the first person who he

called by name because I have bought you

back from your sin I bought you back

from your lifestyle and I have made you

mine I have redeemed you and I have

called you by name God is in the

business of setting captives free he

sets us free from our neuroses from

anxiety and depression and fears that we

feel like how am I ever going to stop

feeling this way I felt like this since

I was three Jesus says I can give a new

heart I can take out a heart of stone

and give you a heart of flesh you can be

transformed by the renewing of your mind

where the Spirit of the Lord is there is

freedom it works Jesus works jesus is

our jubilee Jesus is the one who sets us

free you know being in prison and I you

know have friends many of you have lived

this experience and I have many friends

who have lived that for a season it can

be very lonely very isolating very

lonely and it's like that in life some

people may not be in a physical prison

but they feel all alone broken families

broken friendships hatred bitterness we

see in our country racial strife people

feel isolated and separate from one

another and Jesus comes and promises

freedom see the enemy came to steal kill

and destroy but jesus said that's not

what I have for you I have come that you

might have life and that you might have

it abundantly freedom physical freedom

emotional freedom spiritual freedom i

have come to set the captives free jesus

said you will know the truth and the

truth will set you free you see the

Apostle Paul tried to get free himself

at one point we talked about this in

discipleship just this week in Romans

chapter 7 he was trying to stop doing

stuff he knew was killing him right

we don't know what it was but it was bad

apparently and he said in Romans 7 verse

14 such as hard as I try I just don't do

the good that I want to do but the evil

I do not want to do that is what I keep

on doing he says I'm a prisoner of the

law of sin at work with me what a

wretched man I am who will set me free

from this body of sin and thank God he

came to understand thanks be to God

through Jesus Christ he delivers me and

now instead of the guilt and the shame

that I live with the Bible says there is

now no condemnation for those who are in

Christ Jesus the devil can't condemn you

anymore now it's not automatic that

freedom came at a price you see to be

bought someone has to pay a price to buy

you back from the slavery into which we

have sold ourselves the devil can accuse

us and can condemn us because of our sin

Jesus came to buy us back now like I

said in the Jubilee you could have a

relative by your lender and buy you back

from slavery but what if you didn't have

anyone to do that well you could try to

save up enough to buy back your life but

what if you couldn't save enough to do

that God says I've got good news for you

I am your Redeemer I am the one who will

purchase you I will pay the debt you owe

and that is why the day of Jubilee the

year of Jubilee began what day of the

year did you catch this it began on the

tenth day of the seventh month which if

you remember from a couple weeks ago is

the day of atonement it was on that day

that the priest would go into the Holy

of Holies in that Tabernacle with the

Shekinah glory and you go into the inner

place where the law was in the tab in

the in the Ark of the Covenant and the

glory was hovering over and he would go

with the blood of a sacrificial lamb and

goats and bulls and he would go in there

and he would smear the blood over the

cover as if to say this blood is the

blood of the Covenant this is the blood

that is paying the debt incurred by all

the sins of the P

people and the incense would rise and a

cloud would cover the Shekinah from this

sinful man who was offering a sacrifice

the message is the Jubilee is not free

freedom cannot just be given freedom

must be purchased to purchase a person

from their slavery from their debts and

God is giving a message on the day of

Jubilee that the price that must be paid

is the blood of a sacrificial lamb Jesus

says I am coming not just to proclaim

freedom but to buy your freedom and I

will do it with my own blood and that

blood will work because now when Satan

comes to accuse you of sin you can say

my penalty my sin has been paid for by

Jesus I am guilty but the debt has been

paid I don't belong to you anymore I

belong to the Living God I am free

because he's paid the price for me

praise God jesus is our Jubilee he's our

Redeemer he's our savior he is the one

who says you now belong to me I have

bought you with the price that's why in

the New Testament even though slavery

was still going on greco-roman world he

said do not become slaves of men because

you were bought with a price get free

get free because you are my servant no

one else can own you nothing else can

own you said sin no other sin can own

you flee from sexual immorality because

you were bought at a price therefore

honor god with your body you are now

redeemed by the Lord we are his and that

is why he rescues us from all slavery we

are a servant of God no one and nothing

else can own us permanently no person

can claim hundred percent ownership of

you not a king not a master not a

political party it's important for us to

emphasize this around election time no

government owns us not a sin not a drug

not immorality not an illness of fear or

a neurosis Noah dick

Shin we belong to God his name is on our

forehead he's bought me with a prize and

so nothing else can claim me and that is

what the Jubilee is all about that's why

Jesus proclaimed it that's why we live

in proclaiming that you believe the

people getting people free you know

what's amazing even death cannot have

the final word over us even death Jesus

went to the grave of his good friend

Lazarus and he saw all the crying and he

himself wept at that grave but then he

said no no no no no I'm going to turn

this around he said I am the

resurrection and the life the one who

believes in Me will live even though he

dies and the one who lives and believes

in Me will never die Jesus is the king

who rules not on the basis of paths of

some sort of inheritance from being

descended from a priest but on the basis

of the power of an indestructible life

Jesus is the resurrection and said God

raised him from the dead freeing him as

if death is a trap as a chain God freed

him from the agony of death because it

was impossible for death to keep his

hold on him he shared in our humanity

that by his death he might break the

power of the one who holds the power of

death that is the devil and free those

who all their lives were held in slavery

by the fear of death where Oh death is

your victory where Oh death is your

sting death has been swallowed up in

victory thanks be to God he gives us the

victory through Jesus Christ our Lord

Jesus has a life that can even overcome

that Christians can live confidently our

God our God has purchased us we belong

to him and as a son and a daughter of

God he has given us an inheritance that

even though we might squander it for a

season we can never lose it permanently

if we're really a son or a daughter of

God may be weird like those Israelites

who lost it for a few years who sold

ourselves into slavery but jesus said

okay that's enough of that I am going to

buy you out of slavery i'm going to buy

back your house i'm going to get your

family back together because God gives

us our life back the devil cannot steal

from us what God has given your

salvation Your Holiness your dignity

your joy your peace your love your

emotional and psychological health your

family and your future come from God and

no one can take that permanently if

we've lost that for a while well it's

time to say Jesus you're my Jubilee

bring me back home I'm going to claim

that back the enemy has come to steal

kill and destroy that but you've come to

give me abundant life and I am going to

live in that abundant life I'm going to

come home you've given me my life back

this is a picture of heaven it's a

picture of a world set free it's an see

the whole world is messed up by sin this

world and it's important for us to make

this point is not the way it's supposed

to be there was never supposed to be sin

there was never supposed to be hatred

and death there was never supposed to be

even sickness and none of this was part

of the original plan sin actually

twisted the creation the Bible says that

the creation itself groans now is in the

pains of childbirth eagerly awaiting

longing for the time when it will be set

free from bondage to decay and brought

into the glorious freedom of the

children of God the whole world will one

day enjoy a jubilee the trees the plants

the animals the earth will have its

Jubilee there will be a new heaven and a

new earth because the first heaven and

the first earth will pass away and there

will be a trees that give leaves with

healing for the nations and a river of

life flowing from the throne and we will

be his people and God Himself will be

among us and be our God the Bible says

he will wipe every tear away from our

eyes because he knows that those years

of losing what we had originally had

years and years of slavery and it hurt

and we need to come home like that

prodigal son and maybe we need to cry it

out on his shoulder that's why a lot of

Tears happen at the altar there the

tears of the prodigal sons and daughters

sometimes there's different things that

happen but coming home

home and to say god this has been hard

and I just need to cry on your shoulder

for ohio but i know i'm home now but i'm

afraid even now i might go back and

she's like don't worry about it i bought

you I'll hold on to you you're in the

palm of my hand no one can snatch you

out of my father's hand my father is

greater than all the old order of things

has passed away behold I make all things

new the Jubilee is when God hits the

reset button and makes the creation new

no longer will there be any curse the

throne of god and the lamb will be in

the city and his servants that's us will

serve him in verse 4 of revelation 22

says they will see his face and his name

will be on their foreheads there will be

no more night they will not need a lamp

or the light of the Sun for the Lord God

will give them light and they will reign

forever and ever no more a slave now

princes and princesses raining together

with King Jesus in the kingdom of God

that is our identity that has already

begun that is in process but it happens

in every life that invites Jesus in and

as we are about to come to the Lord's

table today we're about to celebrate the

price that was paid for our freedom I

have to give you an opportunity if you

are here and you want to invite Jesus

the Jubilee to set you free today I want

to invite you to do that and I'm going

to ask you if you want to make that

decision today right where you are i

invite you to stand before the Lord and

to say lord if you have not accepted

Jesus and you want to stand up and say

Jesus or maybe you have backslidden and

you're coming back I invite you if you

want to make that decision to stand in

the presence of God right now and say

Jesus I belong to you is there anyone

who wants to make that decision today

and I'm going to ask us to bow our heads

in prayer and give people this moment to

make this decision father in Jesus name

we are the prodigal we are the ones who

need to come home and have that name

clearly written on our foreheads again

and see that we belong to you we are

your people Lord God bought with a price

and again now in this moment I want to

invite if you want to make that decision

to yield your life to Jesus a fresh so

that you can participate of this don't

don't hold back you just stand before

the Lord and I want to pray for you

right where you are is there anyone who

wants to make that decision today I want

to give you a moment to do that praise

You Jesus or father I pray in Jesus name

that you would let your children know Oh

God that you are setting them free god I

thank you that there is no debt too high

because you paid it all there are no

chains that are too strong that you

can't break amen