The Festivals of Israel: Dates with Destiny

intravenous today we are just beginning

to bring to a close a series even doable

for the old testament book of leviticus

which is a book teaching the people of

Israel about how they could come here to

the visible glowing Irish and hide our

God is manifest in the tabernacle enable

desert as may be going through this book

we talk about what it means to offer our

lives we need to talk about the

importance of holiness and where is a

single order we've been talking about so

about sacrifices they are capable

Testament how Jesus fulfills them and

today we're in fucking Leviticus chapter

23 about we certain cycle the festivals

and holidays that the people of Israel

is to celebrate and rear that they were

commanded to seven right so Leviticus

chapter 23 weird in study God's when

calls calls appointed times the holidays

and the people of Israel celebrating now

I know what you're thinking so if you

might be thinking finally I'll be coming

to this trip sure a couple months and

finally he's talking about the

festival's for the ancient Israelites in

a desert

I've been waiting for that thank you

very for finding it arrives at every to

see I don't even publicize for anything

here that's what you can see is that

these holidays against study these

festivals that they observe have awesome

and extreme relevance prophetically for

us today every one of those festivals

relates to you and influences how we

should see history how we should see the

world how we see myself it's as if these

vessels are storing a trauma of a play

that God is depicted to show what he's

doing in human history and showed where

we hid in the story so this is extremely

relevant for us in Leviticus 23 in the

Bible impulse enter God's appointed

times lividity is 23 we'll start in

verse 1 in center at first money to the

venomous 23 verse 22 the Lord said to

Moses speak to the Israelis and say to

them these are my appointed festivals

the appointed festivals of the Lord

which you want to proclaim as st.

assemblies less operator get appointed

festivals dearer than that appointment

as there's an exit and me I love to use

the phrase having in a poor

nigga where nonsense at either place

recently where something's that happened

to even that person these are the

appointments with God and the people of

Israel now the first one is actually not

really one of the festival's it sort of

a weekly holiday in verse 34 then he

says there are six days when you may

work but the seventh day is a day

sabbath rest of the day sacred assembly

you are not to do any more grand it

means the Sabbath to the Lord so the

Israelites had a weekly holiday every

seventh day was there digging manually

got it was their day to get together to

the Lord it's a mess and to just be in

his presence does in my life it's not

just about work then you must feel

sometimes that our lives just about work

Teddy at ninety seven days a week how to

say there's more to life than that i

created the world in seven days six days

and rested on the seventh and what day

is all that comes when and where to stop

periodically remember that were made for

another world the Sabbath was sort of

like what I've ingrained in the

Israelites war between them in the Lord

symbol their devotions in it is really

the Jewish literature about the Sabbath

there's romance they write all songs to

suck they bond because it was a romance

to it was their time alone with the war

it shows that every

is sacred amen here the kids somewhere

inside upstairs I think like that you

think are no is it there's then it

transitions into seven festivals that

were annual seven holidays and these

were meant to be holidays that would

provide a framework for the year and

remain silent the harvest okay now i'm

just going to really through all of this

but I'm going to view this as read

through it I want you to think of them

as I'm able to skip certain sections

there's your need to figure out which

ones you've heard of before and how

maybe you have heard that they were

fulfilled in the New Testament which

ones do you know it in fulfill at least

once maybe I'm so freaking for to be

fulfilled okay so the day is 23 verse 4

says these are the wards appointed

festivities the sacred assembly smarsh

McLean have their appointed times verse

5 the Lord's Passover begins entirely on

the fourteenth day of the first money on

the fifteenth day of that month the

Lord's festival of unleavened bread

begins for seven days you must eat bread

made about peace on the first day hold

the sacred assembly and to know regular

for seven days present a food offering

and on the seventh day pull the sacred

assembly and you know regular work verse

9 the firstfruits the Lord sensible to

speak today is really sensational when

he mentioned okay I'm going to give you

a moodiness harvest bring to the police

a sheaf of the first great artist he is

dewayne machine before the Lord so to be

accepted on your behalf the feast is to

lay that on the day after the seven now

I can skip town verse 15 the festival

eats for the day after the Sabbath the

date brought the shape of the wave

offering count off seven full weeks

count off 50 days up to the day after

the 77 and then present and offering new

grains award for whatever you live bring

to lowes made of jute ensive eva- flower

big piece as a week of firstfruits to

the Lord okay so that's the festival of

weeks also called Pentecost skip down

now verse 21 on that same day you are to

proclaim the secret assembly and you

know regular work this is to be a

massive forest regeneration cover if you

live when you reap the harvest of your

land do not weep some very edges of

field work out the Delaneys of your

hardest need them for the poor and for

the floral design lugging carnival now

we make up to the festival's trumpets

verse 13 the Lord said to Moses say to

the Israelites on the first day of the

seventh month you're now that they

oppressed a secret assembly commemorated

with trumpet blasts dunno regular work

the food offerings to the Lord now we're

in transition to the Day of Atonement

verse 26 the owner said to Moses the

tenth day of the seventh month is the

Day of Atonement hold the sacred

assembly and deny yourselves at the food

offering to the Lord did not do any work

on that because it is the day of

atonement when it's always made for you

before the worry about those who do not

deny themselves on that steak I think

must be cut off in their people now sit

down verse 33 the festival of

Tabernacles the Lord said to Moses Satan

Israel is on the fifteenth day of the

seventh month the Lord's festival of

Tabernacles begins the Lord equity tents

in advance or seven day the first days

is able to suddenly dunno bringing work

for seven days present food offers on

board and on the eighth day pull the

sacred assembly presented offering

support it is the closing special


regular now skip down to verse 39 bit of

adhesive textures overnighted so we gave

our study money with a fifteenth day of

seven after you encounter the cross and

celebrate festivals of Lord for seven

days a week long holiday how about that

huh that's on no schools or week again

on the first day you are going to take

branches from Algeria trees from carls

pillows and other leafy trees and

rejoice before the lord our god for

seven days the ancient Hebrews new pet

party verse 41 celebrate this as a

festival to award for seven days each

year the amassing ordinance for the

generations to come celebrate it in the

seventh month Linda in temporary

shelters for seven days and camping out

all being before these really starts a

living suction shelters so their

descendants will know that I am yisrael

is it temporary shelters when you're

talking to about a usual i am the lord

your god so Moses announced Israelites

and appointed festivals of the Lord okay

now trip is really quick that when he

caught a father in Jesus name I think

father the holidays if you establish for

your ancient people speak to us today I

thank you Father each one of these old

ancient holidays tights fulfillment in

what Jesus did for us does for us now

and will do in the future police we're

afraid to reveal to us the majesty abort

plan and you will see how

with these vessels in Jesus amen now

first one of many players who talked

about how all of this look like islands

most of these really needs an heir

harvest right when they harvest their

bar the other meetings and things like

that so when I for us should we do

travel with these hot days now I'm going

to start right away with Colossians 2 16

and 17 as it will put up there we can

also call me apparently because a very

personal sub Christians about if you're

a real Christian you need to follow all

of these ancient festivals that were in

the Bible because they're anyone alright

but the fact is many of the old

testament cloths were serenaded ellen

nature they were pictures pointing

towards a reality that we've experienced

in the oven so in Colossians 2 60 and 70

be awesome also this there was not that

anyone judge you by what your great work

with regard to the villages festival a

new moon celebration rosanna the day

these are a shadow of the things that

were to come the reality however is

found in Christ something very clear I'm

not saying is a Christian you have to

celebrate these holidays when I can say

is it as a Christian you will experience

the reality that these holidays

symbolize they were meant to be pictures

of redemption in the calendar here

pointing to what God would do first and

you is Christian are meant to experience

what they represented now sometimes

Christians you love to go ahead and do

some of those to understand

that's perfectly beautiful and i love

that to me we were in the Jews for Jesus

every year and we did a savior very

often around Passover show the simplest

ass over him and that's a beautiful

thing but we're not under those laws

anymore because the reality is found in

Christ so each festival represent

something jesus did or lil to the

festival's I'm going to call that date

with destiny how about that sound like a

dramatic oh you have a dangerous Destin

you know each one of these holidays

represents an appointment a concept that

he knows specific dates where he's into

specific things for human history and

his destiny of dogs people the benefit

from that a common has an and so as we

setting this I hope we grow in a sense

of destiny now some of these festivals

book all of them that we were prophetic

in nature that a point to a future of

Navin some of them have already been

fulfilled by Jesus years all others are

familiar but others have yet to equal to

and here's what we're going to go with

this is I wanted to appreciate not just

what God has done for us but I want us

to be alert for what is about to happen

because I believe that if history is a

story if it's a novel that has been

bitten it's actually not a leg is being

written you would hire characters in

that story and I really

halfway through the book and we just

might be around to find Chuck and so we

as we look at festivals need to be

attentive to how story is unfolding

before our eyes and I wanted to do that

so let's go to all up and take a look

here we want to take money so if you

commit the first slide how do you

remember system and funds from your area

yeah I thought they don't say she put

this together for me so the feasts of

the Lord she held the pictures of

redemption in the seasons about this one

of the next one is all so I just want to

buzz through all of these really quick

okay so you've got these festivals the

first one pass over the second one

unleavened bread the third one

firstfruits Pentecost trumpets atonement

tavern x I believe that these vegetables

go in order of redemption history that

each one is a different chapter but

Jesus does to save us or will do to save

us in the future the startling pass over

this but that was so Passover familiars

are right pass over the equal division /

slaves in Egypt be confused by their

slave masters God sends Moses he says so

affair and saying that my people go

Pharaoh says no thank you look this as

I'm going to make you play after play

after play harden his heart said no

not even I think I slave labor is cheap

finally we come to the final and most

terrible play the plague on the first

floor where the angel of that were

passed through the whole community and

bring death to the firstborn of every

family and animal in the whole nation of

Egypt and if the people of Israel wanted

to be spared from that terrible plague

of the first war they needed to follow

the rules of the Passover they needed to

take a lamb and slaughter Berlin on XY

light and then they would take the blood

of the lamb and they smear it on the top

of their door frame and then that night

they would have a meal and conceal the

lamp together they baked bread it didn't

have time to rise don't even bother go

to easton make it flat bread without

East Coast matzah the monza they may

because they're having the meal is an

angel of death pass through the city now

has angel dust came through when he

would see the blood of the Lamb of the

Gorbals he would pass over that whole

resultant integer Passover every year a

14-month for a 14th in the first month

the people of Israel were to have a

Passover meal and consuming he that day

of event at least and celebrate at

Passover we got safe from death and he

didn't just do that but

definitely federal finally said okay

fine get out of here then he changes his

heart identities is an anyway and the

people of Israel both through the vet

see it got parts for water and he sets

them free that bill on the slaves on set

them free from death and set them free

from slavery and they ate them a people

that it would separate I've every year

on Passover now in eataly after the

Passover would be interviews I didn't

need you to stay with me come on you're

thinking happy medium any time to do

this right it has your coffee this

morning right after the Passover he is a

beast called the feast of unleavened

bread a seven day holiday a festival

week how many people like how that a

week right need to go away on vacation

you can now go school work probably it

was meant to represent an era of timing

so seven a complete time so during the

beads about leavened bread where to eat

only marks up all week and it was a

sacred assembly of a big cabinet

services beginning from in now right

during this sunday right in the middle

of that week after the Passover on the

first day after the Sabbath we have a

piece of first fruits okay so it's all

clustered together now that meant to

beginning of the hardest they bring

their very first Barney sheep and in

bring it's important you're not to

sacrifice it you wait a bit and then a

pretty sets to be a to have a good day

huh so barley cheap is waiting for first

week and that is a habit of the first

day after the Sabbath the first day of

the week okay attention

that's me an important thing all right

so you've got those three vessels and

then you count off seven weeks 49 days

and on the 50th day was the piece of

Pentacles never heard that phrase before

Pentecost be what happened he tested

this was a continuation of the first

fruits festival but a chant is bringing

your virtue you bring a bunch of stuff

because your heart is really broken now

so is if on the first fruits you bring

your first dollar you earn on Pentecost

you bring your first paycheck because

now it's really rope that were any money

they bring it because of people of

Israel eventually idiot to celebrate

this to commemorate what god damn Mount

Sinai man appeared to Moses hey is why

they celebrate the first fruits of the

harvest keep putting it together the

celebrate what God inside poses any

ideas why I would do that think about

what happened I'm sorry God gave the bog

and people became a people it was the

first fruits of those people the first

generation of

ok so those are the first four beasts

and here's what I would say make them

all in fulfilled in Jesus input is

another how about Passover that's an

easy one right that's an easy one we see

Jesus who said when Jesus game what did

I would have to say about he said he

hold but I am God who takes away the sin

or less backspin sober so Jesus the Lamb

of God that takes awaits in the world of

the slide in scope accidentally and then

Jesus is eating the Passover meal with

his apostles is on sound familiar he

sits down at the table he's having the

Passover with them it says guess what

hopes this meal is now fulfilled he said

Jesus we took ready defense and broke it

he did something he said this is now my

body which is given for you then he took

pick up and said this cup is the New

Covenant in my blood do this if you


in reverence of me the Passover is

Michael right here jesus said he

fulfilled hassle he was that win it's

sacrifice for us his blood covers the

door of our house in first Corinthians 5

chapter 7 listen whatever suffers

greatly is 57 b it says Christ our

Passover lamb has been sacrificed Jesus

has been sacrificed for me for you to

send us free from death and not the

physical slavery although that's also

something that happens but it sets us

free from slavery to sink sink and death

the blood of the Lamb sets you free amen

then begin I want to look at it first

thing against the piece of 11 pet do you

know that you are supposed to celebrate

this easy spiritually every day of life

it lasted a week that points to a whole

area of our lives if we can put up the

verse restrict his house every day it

says the me know if you're interested if

you have accepted Jesus a sacrifice for

you you are forgiven for yourself the

Bible says that anyone is in Christ he

is a new creation the old has gone the

new has come amen we are new creations

but having it myself the real change

overnight thank you accept Jesus you

believe that Jesus died for you

the next morning after your baptism me

you have a fog it's not so Christian

maybe you see something and it's I'm

going to cause you said I thought you

just have baptized I thought your sins

wrong wash away did I see what their to

go there we have had a little more

Clorox to the water circle in everything

more well that's when the feast of

unleavened bread is all about it was a

piece about taking the east out of the

dough we make the break okay for the

Israelites at peace the Nixon no ties

would mix through the whole look it came

to symbolize corruption and sin and that

is a hypocrisy everything bad in your

mind and heart exciting is the yeast

that meets us through the book of dough

that is you any so the feast of

unleavened bread means there's a whole

process now sectional to when we get the

east out songs expectation how do you

must eat get the East out don't we

become matzah

possible look at this bursts it

correctly it's had a lot of east okay if

you read the book of Corinthians first

Wednesday's 57 everything um yeah that's

good the Corinthians had some rotten

attitudes right it was super annoying it

was spiritually afraid and saying it

promises to be tough they also were

gently sexually immoral and naked as we

also cause that my glad your spiritual

is happening estep and set the beginning

of verse seven actually and we don't

have an era the Apostle Paul says you

guys your post is not good don't you

know it in verse 6 all right a little

east let us a whole bag though your bad

attitude is seeping through anything you

do your corruption your hypocrisy so he

says in the mid verse 7 get rid of yeast

so you may be a new 11 batch as you

really are for christ our passover lambs

and sacrifice mercy therefore let us

keep the festival the festival of an

inbred not really old bread leaven of

malice and wickedness but when the

unleavened bread of sincerity and truth

I love if he's department leavened bread

I want that week to be my week to be my

life of getting to these out of

Jeanette's with symbolism mother now

right in the middle of all of this they

celebrated the feast of firstfruits okay

let's come back to that is good

so a feast of firstfruits was right

after the Passover but not the next day

you would have to pass over a birthday

night ever then you skip a couple days

and then on the first day after the

settlement you bring the first fruits

you can't think of anything important it

happens in human history on the first

day after the Sabbath on the first day

of the week maybe it would now keep in

mind for them the last day will be the

sound of this Saturday right so the

first thing that week would be Sunday

you think of something good that

happened on the first Daniel easy how's

the years later it would be some women

Bogota Marta to go to and play the

second Cibola stole my sedan going long

on someone that they believe that were

eater Savior and when they got there

they got someone I already wrote that

stow it away and fixable but in there

because the tomb was empty and then

someone that she fought very hard it was

the gardener she was obvious he said

what did they do with my morning

see the bus earnings is Mary it's like

woe is you the first day of the week

first nineteen fifteen or about that

sharp Romans chapter 8 to Jesus is the

firstborn from among the dead Jesus is

the first fruits of the Resurrection the

first fruits of the new age that God had

inaugurated first great that's 15 verse

20 as put that I thank you first grade

is 15 verse 20 since but Christ has

indeed by the way I put a lot of horses

today and say I need you hang with me

they're going to be on there and also

that window there's a packet of all the

verses printed out it's not I think it's

better if it works

and they said so first rank is 15 20 of

23 says Christ has a deep and raised

from the dead the sea right first fruits

of those who fall asleep it goes i'm

talking about that jesus is the first

weeks of the harvest but there's more to

come see that's just the first little

cheat to Jesus some of those people that

woke up in their graves but Jesus rose

from dead right so there's a little

chief of party but then you count around

seven weeks and you come to the day of

Pentecost and you have 120 people

praying and gathered and you're praying

and as they pray something happens on

the day of Pentecost remember the

subject level 1 don't have to beg us

they're praying and suddenly they start

hear the thumping but we could never

gonna give me the kids upstairs of us

are on the roof it's the rushing of

mighty winds blowing from the house and

fire comes in and they're kicking

hopefully that heart by little house

because the fire comes in the rest of

each one of them and then also bubble

spirit spirit and start speaking in

other languages the Apostle Peter who

just cover one

deny you the new Jesus goes outside and

preaches that Jesus in explorer and

Christ and we know how menu is a today

3000 if not people were born in the Old

Testament outside are with the celebrate

event also an hour pending us a new

people is horn the people of partner and

we tried to X on the nation and language

joining out by the law but by a common

experience of the power of the holy

spirit the feast of Pentecost is

fulfilled the first fruits are coming in

of a harvest and it's good it's time to

celebrate feast number 124 check check

check check God is fulfilled every one

of them and we are part of it so leave

that for now but we found through you go

and that's what I want to talk about

here the rest of us right here the other

feasts now how do you want to earn a

year right that's what months so you

inspect the final feast to be maybe in

the 12 month right I know the final

feast begin not at the moment they begin

in the seventh month and all three of

our cluster in the seventh month why

seven the number 72 this perfection this

is a picture of human history it's all

going to be completed for the symbolic

leaving the seventh month how do you

know what it all starts to end listen to

the truck

still in space

it has a bird this has been fulfilled

but right the Feast of Trumpets is a

table Gaven a blow those trumpets I

don't know they were fancy silver

trumpets or if English so FAR's were

kids both of them i believe it was loud

and i believe essentials of people's

finances and gathering and purples

promise well see the neighbors that was

like a musical trailer being blasted

thing up like a symbol of the fact that

heaven is being open and now heaven is

connected with earth that special way so

trumpets were blasting an outside I work

while the cloud of fire cover lamented

trumpets blasting just what were they

conquered Jericho and the walls taken up

as some angels musta push them down but

those trumpets Pierce out of the earthly

dimension into the spiritual dimension

we were symbol of one world connecting

with the other sometimes they represent

a battle happening sometimes the targets

were home when a king was coordinated in

cramped we're waiting for the trumpet

folks and some of us might be alive to

hear it if you look with me I've got a

simple diversity Quasimodo first

Thessalonians 4 17 2 15 17 we might even

live in the same and this is why we need

to talk about because we need to

recognize the signs as they

or 1st Thessalonians 4 according to the

Lord's own work meets under the meat was

still alive who are left until the

coming of the Lord will certainly not

precede those who fone see for the Lord

and self will come down from heaven with

a loud command with the voice of an

archangel and with the trumpet call God

and the deputy Christ will rise first

now Jack we was still alive and left to

be content with them in the clouds to

meet the Lord in the air and so we will

beam it aboard for as a wild Feast of

Trumpets that's many boards of that any

forward to that day and he believed that

Jesus came once if he rose from the dead

and that he will come again in person to

set up his kingdom on earth who believe

that young submissive to college system

be silly Jesus coming pretty close in

person and the kingdoms of this world

become the kingdoms of our listen for

America's 15sec psychohistory we will

not all sleep up we will all be changed

he's the purpose isn't it affects

formation in a flash in the twinkling of

an eye at the last trumpet for the

trumpet will sound and the dead will be

raised imperishable and we will be

changed on these are trumpets there will

be a transformation

these mortal bodies that feel aches and

pains if you replace with Morris new

bodies and moving together to the Lord

and those that die before us will be

raised believing in Jesus on Sunday

that's an alarm clock right that wake up

dead I mean we will be new we will see

Jesus card now that's the time the final

artist from after time of tremendous

tribulation of the Bible says well he

might have your own theories and our all

pieces together it and you're free to

kind of have your views and I you know

I'm not trying to lay all out a detail

here but we do know some of the major

contours jesus said in Matthew 24 29

everyone this is immediately after the

distress of those days of the

tribulation of the interns the Sun will

be darkened and the moon will not give

its light the stars will fall from the

sky and heavily behind its shape of a

whole universe is going to roll up like

a scroll unit that's then are sturdy

will appear the sign of the Son of man

in heaven and then all the peoples of

the earth will mourn when they see the

Son of man coming in the clouds of

heaven with power and great glory I was

not so our clouds know jesus is coming

how close does it be the spiritual

dimension and natural

veil that separates them and when you

unzip it almost like cold air in certain

turn hot air their steam it's almost

like a chemical reaction between the two

coming in the clouds of heaven and then

it says that he will send His angels

with a loud trumpet calm they will

gather his elect from the four winds for

one another's to the other wow that's

coming that's from less important for us

today truffles because especially the

election season especially in times of a

look at our world weeping what was going

on we need to those Christians that

history is going somewhere and someone

for you today we know or King ultimately

is set things right if we are weeping

that they have trumpets now the trumpet

thing is all chocolate thing they would

glow it from it actually not just a

feast of trumpets the baby bull purpose

every month they had festivals cobbled

new move festivals so if beginning of

the new moon festival every month they

can look from it that symbolize actually

being ready for the judgment of God

couple times now think about the cows

were here in all of these are celebrated

in the seventh month okay this are

counting from a hassle it is celebrated

in the seventh month then how many

trumpets have already been sounded

usually you have a new moon about once a

month they are not strong

I think it's something like that to you

get trumpet number one trumpet number

two chocolate barfi four five six this

is the seventh and final trumpet

announcing that history is coming to an

end announcing as you remember a place

in the Bible where it talks about set

the trumpets blowing a whole book

remember maybe some of yours into a

revelation right book revelation is

structured around seven trumpets each of

the first six depicts a different

judgment people dissenters and then in

revelation 11 and still seeing that has

revelation 11 15 it says the seventh

angel sounded his trumpet that they were

loud voices in heaven we said the

kingdom of the world has become the

kingdom of our Lord and up is the side

and he will reign for ever and ever then

escape that ours verse 18 it says the

nations were angry and about this compet

went well there's an important or try

this app and a time has come for judging

the dent so this trumpet blasts the

seventh trumpet blasts inaugurates the

coming I believe of Jesus Christ back to

her and inaugurates a cycle of vents

that deal with final judgment or trial

of humanity so the girlies the ghe Jews

would take 10 days in morn innocence

between the east of trumpets and the

next major feast which was the day of

atonement now the gentleman and he was

young before oh by the way this is

called the Nissan truck

roaches are like you like new years it's

like that it's do everything started it

where's the southern month I don't

really get but they call that they have

a couple millions right they have a cell

phone is but one sort of an error in

open court day of summer now the David

told me thank you was an amazing high

holiday for the people of Israel

remember the tabernacle scene we talked

about so much there was a particular

place in a tabernacle you were never

allowed to accept the lineup was a good

one place was that you see if you've got

the tent with authority achievement

having several is pathetic you got the

tank about the tabernacle tape and

you've got the column of fire coming out

of the middle of it which was called the

Holy of Holies it was the inner sanctum

of the tabernacle separating my thick

curtains and in that sense we're in that

inner place there was a G full of

incense and there was the Ark of the

Covenant this was that chest and it's a

convincing and it was a cover called the

atonement cover the mercy seat a slab of

solid gold and then we'll cheer him on

either side of this right middle would

cover fire wood would be and you're not

intersect them no one's locks with me

because no didn't even eat eggs dad's in

there because blowing Shekinah for shiny

there was only one nurse in the high

priest once a year on the atonement was

allowed to go into that room to pop of

the blood of the sacrifice for the

people he would take the blood sprinkle

it over and burn incense eligible back

soon with David's old man and has

increased would do this a cloud would

rise and images vidyard way that the

Shekinah glory upon receipt of the art

like his judgments in his throne and he

and the blood and the smoke and the

incense would cover our sins from the

eyes are holding up and our sins to be a

phone for every one of the priests in

this picture we've been talking about

the priestly garments he had very

elaborate regalia with purple garnets

jewels in a turban but here he's not

looking like that is he he's just

wearing white linen gives it about four

clear out soon if if the symbol heads

you know what nobody is a dress up fancy

in this moment this is quick photo op

ready everyone is like those and he

comes in and we talk more about their

talk about another day but he's doing

this one second when he comes out they

were and of course the blood was from

animal sacrifice especially a layout and

a goat there was another goat when he

would come out of here if you would take

and he would pronounce the sins of the

people over that

Joe's greed jealousy hatred murder

violence sexual immorality every city to

the Krishna think of he proclaimed it

over the head back home and then one guy

then they go how to leash and check it

out to a wilderness let it over with it

because i want i separated our students

or us as far as the ecs ruffle West it's

all been on that seat go taste it your

critique oh that's right I'm sorry

animals the Day of Atonement before

throne with God our sins are finally

paid for well that will be fulfilled it

is begun Passover lamb the sacrifice but

that day the day of atonement will be

fulfilled after the trumpet column

during the great trial of humanity when

that great dog sits on the white throne

judgment it opens the books and seize

the means and reads our sins and we all

stand guilty before a holy God and then

in the courtroom our Savior appears what

is it a little bit Revelation it says

that he will come dressed out in white

linen in white linen why because he's

the priest of the day of the phone but

look he had a bowl of blood now

Ebola blood because his white garden is

dipped in his own blood you see he's

going not the sanctuary with human hands

as in Hebrews 9 24 actually a copy of

the real sanctuary he entered heaven

itself now to appear for us in God's

presence as our defense attorney as our

advocate during that trial and he goes

into that holy place with a robe dipped

in his blood but he doesn't do it to

sacrifice himself again just as the

people are testing the diamonds after

that face judgment in Hebrews 9 28 it

says so price was sacrificed once to

take away the sins of many but he will

appear second time now to bearson this

time it's a great salvation for those

who are waiting for him Jesus goes into

that holy place Jesus are hired feast

with his own blood is they're going to

have to have a year year after year this

is it this is the perfect sacrifice in

that day in a heavenly trial he will pay

the price finally he already hated the

nebula quiet in the court room where the

penalty is paid and arrow the boat is

being sent away not a physical goat but

that's that serpent on the ages right

back evil Satan they said I the

wilderness are usually the fire where

you have heart no more back

it's free the earth has been groping in

childbearing you see the world is not

the way it's supposed to be is not

supposed to be future and I supposed to

be more it's not supposed to be sickness

of bereavement or all this division uh

now suppose we had we def wasn't even

first ones plan and all of that is the

result of sin but Jesus offers that

blood that's when everything's gonna

change creation be set free from

espanish to decay and intervene to the

quarry screen with the children of God

and now it is time for another week long

festival now it's time to feast of

tabernacle this is the party piece this

is the baby this is a final feast at the

end of all things the people of Israel

would travel to the tabernacle this one

of the Feast of Tabernacles and they

would put their tents all around the

Shekinah glory of God not just for one

day or two days before a week and they

would make those tents have a leafy

beautiful branches and he would camp out

for the week and you bring the end of

the harvest the harvest is over

everything is gathered a nap now it's

time to eat the harvest they bring it

neighbor to eat ada party and have fun

for a week awesome awesome and around

glowing Shekinah glory God camping out

his families and the main camp under the

camper but I hear it's fun

could you make possible days in the

woods I know that's covered give it out

there and they are recognized authority

of God and it's like heaven on earth

there remember usually these little

texture you came out of Egypt but you

know what in the new with the promised

land cosmic for primus view houses and

we're gonna be about his glory and it's

going to be awesome the feast of

tabernacles tense is yet to be fulfilled

now at the end of it all after seven

days but like all other fees there was a

party up and gathering on the HP what

wait a minute seven is the number of

completion harrigans culture and it's

all over is all done and now it's time

for the eighth day a new history a new

world where things are going to be

different now this is prophesied know

that in the people of Israel in

Jerusalem a feast oh they still some

redness now as we know the glowing

should kind of worried about to knock

continue with the temple in the second

example he didn't have it so they would

do something very different they would

light up they call the court of the

women which is it about you and in rehab

these enormous gigantic

oil lamps huge barrels of oil and makes

it a lot better Chris without requiring

the ladder delighted and at night for

the feast of tabernacles every night

they like post labs and it would be like

fireworks of july for the spoon the

whole temple area Chloe the highest

place in the city we see it for miles

around the light shining from that

temple it is during that peace that

Jesus it up and say guess what everyone

this is a very poor imitation I am the

light of the world whoever follows me

will never walk in darkness when you

have it see that's why he got so angry

I've he was saying all these faces are

parties about me and even waiting the

same there was another customer part of

the festival Brittany would draw water

and the priest would walk with the

streets with the water at some of the

bridges on either side that makes the

water and wine called the border crosser

it is very glad that Jesus said again a

very poor copy of the reality that's

about sorry John 7 verse 37 on the last

and greatest day of the festival the

festival festival integra net Jesus get

up and setting a higher voice Jesus y el

descaro let anyone who is thirsty

me a drink whoever believes in me as

scripture said rivers of living water

will flow from within them now that is

the festival of Tabernacles

and this is prophesied not just in the

New Testament one of the Old Testament

in the book of Zechariah Zechariah 12 to

14 there's a very elaborate it's almost

like a taste of the book of Revelation

but it's a new investment and there's a

very sobering texture of the final

battle of Armageddon and a terrible

place of serenity there's one with all

the nations of gathered fighting against

Jerusalem where people's flesh will rot

were sitting on their feet and it goes

in vivid detail about something that is

just horrific the only other times the

imagine but then it says in verse 30

Zechariah 14 it says then the Lord will

go out and fight against those nations

together gets Jerusalem as you find

something happened on that day these

people stand up about two hours east of

Jerusalem and Mount of Olives will be

split to from east to west then the

Morrigan our Civic I'm skipping way

ahead I don't know where it said then

we're going on behind and always hold

you once with verse 6 on that day then

we give your son like were cold frosty

darkest given me you need a demon

release milord with no distinction

between ninety two day when evening

comes there will be light and on that

day digging water will flow out of juice

in half men to the east of the Dead Sea

half the west center versatility the

Lord will be Jimmy over the whole /

activity one more it hits me

meaning they now skip ahead to verse 16

then the survivors for all the nations

that had attacked Jerusalem will go up

here a commuter she became aware of

eight and to celebrate the Feast of time

at the end of all things this is the

feast we will suffer it together under

King Jesus and it will be awesome this

is where history is going but in that

celebration there's not going to need to

be a water Sarah if you had a revelation

22 starting in verse 1 the angel showed

you awesome John the river of the water

of life as clear as crystal flowing for

the throne of god damn definitely look

the great street of the city and if

you're going to be building shelters

would be congratulating have plenty of

trees and Vikram because it says on each

side of the rivers of the tree of life

during 12 props up through you and his

food everyones and the leaves of the

tree of the unity of the nation's no

longer will there be any curse the

throne of God enough again will be in

the city and his servants will serve Him

they will see his face and his name will

be on their foreheads and will be no

more night no need to lie class because

look at this they will not need a light

of a lamp or light of the Sun to the

Lord God will give them

and they were reign forever and ever

river of living water trees and these

with healing in there all of us people

gathered around Shekhar the board from

every tribe the tongue in Asian language

camping out before God in a new heaven

and a new earth goddess where history is

going the harvest is in the legal to out

pronounce his glorious light the Bible

prophecies and earth will be filled with

the knowledge of glory or sometimes come

let's see these fees tell us where

history is though they tell us will

about this people where we fit in the

story and so how does that apply to us

be thankful for the peace that have

already been fulfilled Christ crime

awesome desire house for me thank God

I'm keeping the feast of unleavened

bread my life is changing in the East

out the first fruits and how could jesus

is risen from the dead

come the first fruits of the harvest and

of the spirit of the people of God but

i'm still waiting the night romantic

love and still waiting for the ultimate

trial would seem will be ultimately

dealt with forever asim bleeding for

that grape festival when we gather

around chicago and that's right now

that's how that fits that's our future

as a people if we know that that we did

preparing for that there are we Alice in

boxes in new accounts mercy offer your

bodies as living sacrifices holy the

separation that's what we do we respond

by worship you guys ain't gotta belong

to you god I want to be part of that

story I am a dancer it's a father we

come before you drown

you that you are in the author and

finisher of our faith Lord sometimes it

seems like the world is spinning out of

control we don't see how things are

going to work out sometimes I run lives

seem so cock chaotic and topsy-turvy I

thank you that your cock those were

things are coming is we have to work out

all things for good for the zoology

they're called it makes your criticism I

think if you formulas you predestined

esta you can

I your son geez


we will be a people who live in light of

eternity now that we live this day and

right of the ESPYs that's come value

within each day listening for that

trumpet then we will live each day

grateful for that product let us be a

people or perfect we know that we have

dates with destiny who know that the

story will unfold beautifully and

immigrants are

and all of these things we fulfilled

I pray this will give us peace this will

help to stay focused and it'd be

impressive enough in Jesus