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word of God says in Luke chapter 2 verse

beginning with verse 21 on the eighth

day when it was time to circumcise him

Jesus he was named Jesus the name the

angel had given him before he had been

conceived when the time of their

purification according to the law of

Moses had been completed Joseph and Mary

took him to Jerusalem to present him to

the Lord as it is written in the law of

the Lord every firstborn male is to be

consecrated to the Lord and to offer a

sacrifice according to that which is

said in the law of the Lord a pair of

turtledoves or two young pigeons now

there was a man in Jerusalem called

Simeon who was righteous and devout by

the way Melissa I'm reading from the NIV

version so there might be slight

differences there but it's evidently the

same content who was righteous and

devout he was waiting for the

consolation of Israel and the Holy

Spirit was upon him it had been revealed

that to him by the Holy Spirit that he

would not die before he had seen the

Lord's Christ and by the way I want you

to pay attention to this man Simeon and

later on to Anna the other wonderful

character in this narrative so here he

had been revealed to him that he would

not die before he had seen the Lord's

Christ and moved by the spirit he went

into the temple courts when the parents

brought in the Child Jesus to do for him

what the custom of the law required

Simeon took him in his arms and praise

the God saying Sovereign Lord as you

have promised you now dismiss your

servant in peace for my eyes have seen

your salvation which you have prepared

in the sight of all people like for

revelation to the Gentiles and for glory

to your people Israel the child's father

and mother marveled at what was said

about him then Simeon blessed them and

said to Mary his mother this child is

destined to cause the falling and rise

thing of many in Israel and to be a sign

that will be spoken against so that the

thoughts of many hearts will be revealed

and a sword will pierce your own soul

too and there was also a prophetess

here's the other great character in this

narrative there was also a prophetess

Anna the daughter of Phanuel of the

tribe of Asher she was very old she had

lived with her husband seven years after

her marriage and then was a widow until

she was 84 and actually they're

different interpretations of that

passage in though in the Greek original

you know it she had been some so I think

the the most convincing interpretations

she had been a widow for eighty-four

years after she had lived her husband

for seven years and before that she had

been a virgin for however many years

before she married so she was probably

close to a hundred years old or more

this is why they emphasize this you know

she was very old and she never left the

temple but worshiped night and day

fasting and praying coming up to them at

that very moment she gave thanks to God

and spoke about the child to all who

were looking forward to the redemption

of Jerusalem now when Joseph and Mary

had done everything required by the law

of the Lord they returned to Galilee to

their own town of Nazareth and the child

grew and became strong he was filled

with wisdom and the grace of God was

upon him amen i wanna i want to pursue

two or three different purposes in this

sermon number one I want to continue

building on last week's sermon regarding

this this idea of radical commitment

radical life radical giving over and

yielding and and committing every aspect

of our lives to the kingdom of God and

to our Christian identity not living

from Sunday to Sunday not living


merely formally religiously but really

living out of passion burning for the

Lord like a candle that lights the

darkness and is just consuming itself by

cheer heat but giving light as well and

warmth around it I spoke of that idea of

radical yielding and selling out to the

Lord giving everything that we have

renouncing everything including our own

selves and our own preferences and even

our own original beliefs as we are

confronted by the Word of God and taught

how God sees reality and how God

interprets human the human condition

human nature human relationships and

even given those to the Lord and

adopting an embracing a new way of

looking at the world a new identity all

we yield all we sell all we give it all

and then we distribute it out of that

vital life that we lead and so I want to

sink in with that idea by showing you

two people who exemplify actually a

bunch of them because Jesus is a parents

also were sold out for the kingdom of

God when Mary was invited at to yield

her womb but to the Lord she said here's

the servant of the Lord do with me

whatever you will her womb was not her

own which is very different by the way

from many doctors that we here today but

I won't get into that because that's the

complicates things too much but anyway

everything that she had belonged to the

Lord and Joseph in the way that he

treated his wife when he wasn't sure

whether you know she had been unfaithful

to him but he chose in a very godly way

to react because he was not a man of the

flesh he was a man of the kingdom he was

generous he was loving he was

considerate and so he also exemplifies

this radical life in the spirit so these

people exemplify that and I want to

provide a graphic illustration of what

it is like to live that sold-out life of

the kingdom on the second hand as well I

want to sort of a preach a sermon to

celebrate Christmas and to celebrate the

Christmas spirit which we will also do

next week but we want to celebrate the

Christmas period we want to we can never

have enough of the Christmas story

and.and to ponder on the events and the

characters and the themes surrounding

the idea of the advent the coming of

Christ into the world so I want to also

use this opportunity this is why I've

chosen that passage so these two

purposes and of course I want to inspire

us I want to challenge us I want to

invite us to embrace these examples to

embrace these truths and to incorporate

into into them into our own life and

behavior these characters are we see

here Anna and Simeon particularly they

are exemplary they're like paradigms

they stand out as a fundamental models

of a beautiful spirituality and we must

learn moral and spiritual lessons from

them and this is why they're so

beautiful to observe one thing that we

see here is this this presence of the

Holy Spirit in this entire text you know

Luke of course you know Luke wrote as

well what other book that look right for

you scholars of the scriptures the book

of Acts the acts of the Holy Spirit the

move of the power of God in the initial

stages of Christianity and so Luke had a

particular understanding of the power of

the Spirit and the work of the Spirit in

human life and in the church and so it's

no it's not strange at all that in the

Book of Luke in the Gospel of Luke we

see a lot of examples of the Holy Spirit

and Jesus is often identified as that a

being who baptizes in fire and in the

Holy Spirit in here interesting enough

this whole narrative is governed by the

presence of the Holy Spirit both Simeon

and Anna are moved they react they live

in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and

I will speak more about that in a moment

look emphasizes the role of the Spirit

around the Ministry of Jesus and this

one thing that we need to know when you

think about Jesus Christ that he is the

Baptizer in the Holy Spirit he is the

Holy Spirit and everything surrounding

Jesus birth is connected to

the Holy Spirit yeah and so we see this

that the Holy Spirit is not just

something that happens in the book of

Acts the day of Pentecost the Holy

Spirit is working that at the very

beginning of creation where it says of

the Holy the Spirit of God hovered over

the the earth and over creation and the

world was created by that creative

spirit of god and throughout the entire

Old Testament you see the Holy Spirit

moving in very powerful ways including

baptizing people with the signs and

wonders and an act of power so we see

him here in this narrative in in the

life of these two beings governing their

behavior leading them controlling them

implanting visions for the future that

now are realized in this moment that we

are here seeing here and so I want us to

first begin understanding that you know

that when God moves whenever you see God

moving in a powerful way you will see

probably or you will be experiencing

without knowing it or noticing it the

power of the Holy Spirit Christmas is

all about the Spirit of God birthing

Jesus you know the angel told Mary that

you know when she says how can this be

how will I conceive this holy being and

the angel says you know the Spirit of

God will come upon you and we'll sort of

impregnate you spiritually with the life

of God and that being that is going to

be born will be perfect man and perfect

God it will be a creation of the Spirit

of God so Jesus himself was moved by the

Holy Spirit interesting enough God

himself Jesus in his mysterious

incarnation it moves in his human

dimension by the initiative and the

guidance of the Holy Spirit we see this

in his birth we season in Baptism when

he's baptized you know the holy spirit

appears in the in the form of a dove and

as a sign of his baptism and then he the

right after it says that he was led by

the spirit into the desert to be tested

and to go through a very foundational

confrontation with Satan and when you

read Isaiah the great prophecies of God

Jesus's birth you also see the fact that

he is full of the Spirit of God and so

it's not strange at all that here in the

life of Anna and Simeon when Jesus is

involved in a very important moment of

his a journey you see the Holy Spirit at

work as well leading and we'll see a

little bit more of that specifically in

both of them so the Holy Spirit is

leading them into something very

profound and very beautiful one of the

things that we see about Simeon and Anna

besides this this idea of the Holy

Spirit working in them is that they were

very simple people you know they were

not priests Anna's a woman could not be

evidently a priestess they were not

highly educated from anything that we

can tell here they probably lived a very

anonymous life and yet God God had

something very powerful in relationship

to them and and you see this in the

whole Christmas narrative a lot of

simple people being used by God and

being preferred by God so you see the

Shepherd's for example who were people

actually were impure in a way by they're

dealing with livestock and so on as a

fourth and with animals and yet God

chose to through his angel announce to

them the fact that the Messiah had been

born and sent them to where they needed

to worship the Messiah John the

Baptist's parents were simple people

Mary and Joseph were uneducated simple

people and now you see Simeon and Anna

as well and this leads us to a couple of

I think useful conclusions practical

conclusions number one you know God

delights in using humble simple

unqualified individuals whose heart is

right with him and we spoke about that

last Sunday that God loves to work with

people who are committed to him who love

Him who are committed to his word are

committed to his principles are yielded

to him are generous and loving

pleasing to him those are the people

that he looks for and and those are the

people that he will choose to work with

so that the glory will always be his and

not man's end up so you know if you see

yourself as somebody who is unqualified

and you know not to gift it and not to

exceptional well you're a perfect

candidate to be used of God what will

make the difference your heart your

commitment to the Lord your desire to

see him use you your passion for the

kingdom of God your willingness to give

up whatever is necessary for God's

kingdom to be advanced radical living

radical commitment to the Lord that will

attract God's attention and God's moving

on your behalf remember that scripture

that I quoted in the Old Testament where

it says that God the eyes of God Rove

all over the world they hover all over

the world seeking those who are of a

perfect heart for him in order to show

himself powerful on their behalf and so

Anna and Simeon exemplified that these

are people who would be disqualified

they have no pedigree they have no

special qualities and they are elderly

as well Anna is over a hundred years old

that probably and she's a woman and yet

here is the power of God in two thousand

years ago using her in a very powerful

prophetic way here we are talking about

her 2,000 years afterwards and Simeon as

well as an old man simple man not a

member of any guild or anything like

that and here you have the Lord using

this man so powerfully in such a

privileged way so never see yourself as

disqualified and if you are disqualified

praise the Lord that means that you are

qualified to be used of God you know God

is not interested in social status

external appearance he's not even

interested in your past you know your

past may disqualify you totally

radically for service to the Lord and

man God because of that wants to use you

so powerfully as long as you yield can I

hear named men at least I know that

you're there that you're alive that

you're awake amen God wants to use you

receive that that that are calling

and don't let any fear or any sense of a

guilt prevent you from welcoming the

Holy Spirit to come into your life and

do something powerful through you the

one thing that enabled a simian to do

what he did also was that he was filled

with the Holy Spirit he was a man of the

Spirit there are many moments where you

know the Holy Spirit is mentioned in

relationship to Simeon in particular in

verse 25 toward the end it says that the

Holy Spirit was upon him wow that that's

not that it was upon him in one moment

when he appeared that the temple know he

lived with the Holy Spirit upon his life

all people who do any great thing in the

kingdom of God their field of the Holy

Spirit the Holy Spirit is upon them in

in our language spent the casa language

we would say he was filled with the Holy

Spirit he was spirit filled and and so

this is this is what we see here he

lived in the spirit and this we're

talking about right here in this moment

we're like in a no-man's land between

the Old Testament in the New Testament

Simeon and Anna are you know they're

sort of right in between the the

Pentecost hasn't happened yet Jesus has

not started his ministry so technically

it's like they are in the Old Testament

and yet here you have this man full of

the Holy Spirit being led by the spirit

in a very powerful way so it says that

the Holy Spirit was upon him and then in

verse 26 it had been revealed to him by

the Holy Spirit that he would not die

before seeing the Lord's anointed by the

way Christ means anointed and then in

verse 27 moved by the spirit he went

into the temple courts so this man his

whole life was suffused was infused in

the Holy Spirit and whatever he did he

moved in that spirit and this is what I

want for you and for myself you know

that in our life we would be so in

communion with the Spirit of God we

wanna we want to birthday Pentecostal

people and not some other point we will

continue talking i know you have heard

and we have talked about her in the past

but i really would like for us to

initiate a time of preaching about

living in the power of the Holy Spirit

living a Pentecostal life because

there's nothing like it when when the

Holy Spirit speaks to you just last

night I was sharing with my wife a dream

that I had last night I won't even tell

you about it because I'm still thinking

about it it was such a powerful thing

and I think God spoke to me God visited

me and you know and in those dreams they

come to us with this this community this

lion of judah church is the product of a

dream it's not a dream about a

revelation it was a dream a revelation

in a dream you have heard about it

perhaps and you should have if you're a

member of our community but God reveals

himself to his people and when we obey

Him and move in in in that direction you

know powerful things happen so Simeon

was a man who was moved and lived in the

Holy Spirit and this is what enabled him

to transcend that to go beyond his age

his social status and to be used

powerfully of God so that is one thing

you know he was a man full of the Spirit

number two these people both Anna and

Anaheim's herself also was that you'll

see later on you know a prophetess the

universe 36 there was also a prophetess

Anna so you see also you know her own

spirit filled a nature as well these are

people radically fiddled with the power

of the Holy Spirit and they were

faithful people they were faithful to

the revelation of God they had kept what

the Spirit had committed to them many

many years before Simeon I how long how

many how many decades have been had

Simeon been living under this what was

it was it an impression was that a

prophetic word was that a revelation was

that a dream was a revision but he knew

God had somehow told him that he would

not die without seeing the beginning of

the Messiah's ministry

what an amazing thing to know that you

know you you could you could wake up

every day and said well I didn't see I

haven't seen the the the birth of the

Messiah so I don't know I'm gonna throw

myself from a 30-story building and I

cannot die not at all but you know he

knew he knew that he could not die he

had an insurance that before if he had

not seen that the coming of the Messiah

he was okay he was safe and he had lived

under this impression and again I know

some of us who live under census of

God's calling you know we deal with that

and you know of things that God has

spoken to us and we still have not seen

them but we live under that impression

and you live your life in a kind of I

don't know it's it's a very strange

state of yes or no doubt and conviction

and belief and and one day you wake up

really full of the conviction that yes

it would happen another that you doubt

all of this by the way is a part of the

Incarnation process I often wonder about

Jesus have you ever wondered did Jesus

know when he was a child for example

that he was the son of God that he was

divine that he would die on a cross I

you know I personally think that that

was a kind of a a gradual process of

increasing lucidity and awareness of who

he was his parents did not know fully

imagine Mary an angel appears to her and

tells her about this child but he says

something you know this being this

sacred being and you know he will be

born under supernatural circumstances

and God will do great things but she

didn't have a fully worked out theology

about who her son was we see her in

different pieces of narrative kind of

wondering you know who is this thing

that had been born in my house what is

he and how should I treat him should I

bow before him or can i scold him if he

breaks the China you know they didn't


here in this particular passage they

leave with a sense of wonder you know

about what had just taken place Simeon I

think knows more about Jesus in a way in

his ministry then then then she does

Mary who conceived him in verse 33

assess the child's father and mother

marveled at what was said about him when

when Jesus is speaking to the doctors of

the law in the temple you remember that

famous story where he separates himself

from them and they were worried to death

where is he another indication that they

didn't know really fully who he was they

found him in dialogue with the doctors

of the law you know just eyeing them

with his knowledge which is very

uncharacteristic of his age and Mary you

know just you know a lot of things he

just kept in her heart God was slowly

unfolding certain pieces of the

revelation when she leaves the presence

of Simeon and Anna she understands a

little bit more but she doesn't

understand everything about this holy

child and as I say I suspect that Jesus

himself and I don't want to get into

those areas because they're so sacred

but you know we can speculate I think

Jesus himself had a I don't know a life

inside of him that was palpitating and

speaking to him about his divine nature

is calling but God unfolded that I think

slowly throughout his entire life as he

remained faithful to the revelation of

God and I think I there's something here

for us as well that's why I take the

time to dwell upon that and I'm breaking

the order of my sermon as I have it here

but you know I think it's organically

the place to speak about it which is you

know all of these people Simeon himself

he's told you know you will not see

death now I suspect that it was

something that you know that he had

received the in his spirit it was like

you know when God speaks to you

prophetically like that

let me tell you something 30 some years

ago I may have told you this story when

we moved from the south end we spent our

church who spent six months in a manual

gospel center when we were begun in 1982

and the founding pastor then took us to

a church that we inherited in

cambridgeport I know nikka visited that

church and was a member of that church

when we were there in cambridgeport she

was a baby at that time but you know she

did 30 years ago 25 years or maybe

there's about 25 years ago 20 she came

afterward but anyway I don't want to

make you older than you are either but

you know and some of you may remember

that time anyway we went to a

cambridgeport we inherited this

beautiful red brick 19th century

building for free they gave it to us for

free and by that time the church was

about 60 people 50 40 people I remember

and I was by then the sunday-school

teacher for adults and so I was standing

like right here and there was a bunch of

adults in the chairs like in the first

two rows there and it was the first time

that I stood there in that new building

to give the sunday school class of the

adults when I stood there like this and

here i am i'm a graduate student at

harvard very involved in my academic

career thinking I'm gonna be you know a

teacher of a college professor my whole

life was in you know involved in

academia those are my expectations for

life and so I I had known we desire to

be a pastor no inkling that I would be a

pastor and it you know in an hour our

pastor was a wonderful guy we were in

love with him very gifted his wife also

very gifted and we thought this guy's

going to be here forever he had planted

that church as a whim almost but you

know that the church had done well and

we didn't know that there were other

things behind the scenes related to him

and his wife and a commitment that they

had in the University of Porto Rico to

have to leave because they had they had

committed to once you finish her

doctorate to go back to work

I we didn't know that we thought we're

going to have this wonderful pastor for

the rest of our lives and we're going to

build three tents and be happy forever

and ever as a growing Latino church in

cambridgeport and so here I come the

first Sunday that I am teaching Sunday

school to this a small group of adults

and as I stand before to begin the

lesson this feeling washes over me I can

only describe it as that because it was

a sacred moment and I remember until the

day I die it just came over me it was

just a feeling but my brain interpreted

in this way that the Lord was telling me

this church this community has been

founded so that you would pastor it now

here's this guy who's clueless it

doesn't want to be a pastor has no idea

he's thinking actually the opposite but

the impression in my spirit was that it

was it was a feeling it was it was

something that was very clear i could

not i could not explain where it came

from i looked at the pastor who was

sitting nearby and I thought I want to

make sure that he didn't hear that you

know because imagine you know you're

pastoring a church you're planting a

church and God is saying to some young

kid you know that the church actually

has been planted so that he would pass

her it so he looked okay and I was fine

you know then after during lunch my wife

here who was a committed Catholic at

that time I told her what I had felt

that she said this maybe maybe a slight

changes in the in the narrative but

essentially she had had the same

revelation at that same moment that she

was going to be the wife of a pastor I

think that's what you got me Jay that

she was going to be the wife of a

password she was pursuing her own

graduate work had come here to do

graduate work at Boston University and

you know had no inkling of anything you

know about that but God spoke to her and

and here we are my mother I think also

had a similar because my mother was a

very prophetic woman she had the same

similar is that correct a similar

revelation and you know things went as

usual but I was impregnated by that

prophetic word a year and a half later

the pastor

suddenly announced out of nowhere and

funny who was there also she would

remember the pastor announced out of

nowhere really that they had to return

to Puerto Rico and all of a sudden the

church was left without a pastor there

was a little bit of process of several

months they tried valiantly to remain to

get the University of for the rigor to

change their mind how about her

commitment to go back but they would not

budge so she had to return and they had

to return and left the church for me to

hold it until the next pastor came that

was 30-some years ago Here I am still

waiting for the my replacement I always

like to say that in sun sea but you know

here we are pastoring this church that's

the way God works you know and

throughout all that time you know what I

waited I said god how are you going to

do that I you know I just put that into

a mohawk home adducing I just put it on

hold there I just let the Lord simmer

that revelation but I lived out of that

revelation now God has impregnated me

with other pieces of information and I'm

still living impregnated by then I hope

I'm notice all the simian or Anna before

they come into realization but I lived

in the light of them and they are sort

of a source of agony and a source of

great expectation as well enjoy but I

live that way you know and you must live

that way my point being that you know

when you are full of the Spirit when you

learn to live the life of the Spirit you

will be moved back and forth you would

be radioactive you God will speak to you

God will will show you how to do things

and how to move and you have to choose

whether it's God whether it's your

hormones or whatever and you have you

act by faith can I tell you another

little story at the risk of this maybe

I'll take I'll have to take her up next

Sunday or something like that or no this

is because I'm stuck here but um and I

know that he can't see me over the

internet because he doesn't speak

English so that's good if he sees me he

can't understand it but the other day my

wife and I were in a salon and that's

another story altogether but I'm sitting

there waiting for her and and there's a

gentleman a man who is some really and

again this is he was seriously in

chronically overweight a young guy

and you could hear him huffing and

puffing as he swept the room and I

became seriously concerned about this

young guy you know and really being in a

very difficult very dangerous situation

it seemed like he was going to have a

heart attack and you know I had seen a

little scene in the car when he kissed

his wife goodbye in that morning I was

waiting in my car long story there but

it was a very affectionate moment and

i'm watching this guy for a good hour

plus and i hear the lord saying speak to

him now can you imagine speaking to a

stranger about something as intimate as

that but I just I just knew I had to I

felt and so I'm tossing and turning Lord

is this you is this guy gonna just punch

me and you know stunt my whatever growth

i have left because he was pretty big

and hefty and you know I I finally said

lord if I die I die by perish I perish

I'm gonna go like Esther and I'm gonna

approach him and I sat down I first

identified myself as a pastor so that he

would have mercy on me in case Eddie and

I wanted to provide the context but I

opened my heart to him and tears started

welling up in his eyes as I spoke to him

and I gently asked him to take care of

himself and his wife and child and he

told me his story was an immigrant that

just recently arrived the United States

and I believe we had a wonderful 15

minutes I i gave the entire curriculum

about how to lose weight in the power of

the Holy Spirit if you want to hear

about that come to me later on at the

end of the service I won't charge you

for it but no you know I was able to

really have a god moment there and i'm

so glad that i followed the urging of

the Holy Spirit I shudder to think that

I could have left that space without

speaking to him and without discharging

that great responsibility i had but i

could have chosen not to you know and

probably probably god I don't know God

would probably understand maybe not

because I'm experienced enough that he

would blame me for not hearing him but

you know

this is when you live the spirit-filled

Life it is like that God is always

speaking to you God is always moving you

you you're not normal you're abnormal

actually and you know Simeon and Anna

were like that they were living under a

an impression or a prophetic word the

revelation and it took him a long time

and I want to encourage you as well you

know if God has delivered a word to you

if there's a dream that you feel is God

conceived in your life there's a vision

if there's a calling if there's an urge

in your life if there's something that

says to you there's more to your life

what you are living is not all that God

wants for you if you're under some sort

of bondage that prevents you from

entering into the fullness of what God

has for you and you know that god has

something do not stop hearing that voice

do not give up do not settle into

complacency do not conform to your

situation you need to fight for what God

has told you and you need to build it

toward it you need to invest in it you

need to struggle you need to rekindle

that vision every day of your life you

need to struggle against hope and

against the doubt and and just stay the

course as simian must have done all

those years waiting God when is when

it's going to happen we're tired of

these Romans you know with their boot on

our neck who tired of this Israel that

is so decrepit spiritually we want the

Holy Spirit to come we want the

visitation of God and there it is that

day Simeon wakes up and God says to him

it's time move go to the temple because

the anointed of God is going to be there

today and i'm going to do something

special he waited because he was a man

of God because he was obedient and

that's what faith is you know faith is

not this conviction and absolutely yes I

know you know you will fight against

doubt many times faith is that


inclination to hold on to something God

has told you despite your flesh saying

hey give it up you're crazy sometimes

you may wake up full of energy and

enthusiasm within the next moment you

might beat out in doubting that's faith

that's the life of faith stay the course

keep fighting for your destiny keep

fighting for what God has told you do

not give up keep fighting for whatever

it is a dream of finishing school of

learning to play the piano for buying a

house or being used by God to bring

others to a saving knowledge of Christ

of breaking through some sort of bondage

some addiction depression whatever hold

on hold on hold on live in the light of

that yearning live in the light of that

calling stay the course prey into that

yearning water like a plant feed it and

just stay at it and if you fall off it

get back on the horse and continue until

you see the realization of that word of

God in your life this is what simian

exemplifies amen yes if you want to clap

for the Lord and and to reinforce that

word in your life do never give up on

the dream or the division or that

calling to greatness to be more than you

are now and stay if God is giving you a

specific vision stay at it God wants to

use you and God wants to reveal himself

to you what an amazing moment when

Simeon enters I mean you have these two

people did Simeon and Anna know each

other I'm not sure I suspect not maybe

well maybe they saw each other maybe

they knew each other because two elderly

people always in the temple I mean I'm

not practically lived in the temple so

they but here they come one day to this

holy appointment God is telling them and

the temple was a huge place is not like

this i mean the temple was a village as

big an ana woman probably you know could

not enter into the sanctuary itself so i

must have been in the court somewhere

God gave him the address yeah there was

a holy GPS working in their innards and

they come and here they see these humble

people Mary and Joseph bearing a baby

the Lord says that my friend Simeon and

Anna that is the Anointed of the Holy

Spirit he is the Christ he is the

desired of humanity and he's going to

change cosmos and and I can imagine the

Holy all that Simeon must have felt to

see the dream of so many decades finally

fulfilled and so he takes the child in

his arms and you know I can never not

wonder at this beautiful and ironic

moment where the created takes a creator

in his arms the Christ that had formed

the atoms and the molecules of the

universe is lying in the hands of a

composite of those atoms that he himself

put into burden into creation the

all-powerful God in the hands of a an

all frail creature and Simeon takes the

life of God in his arms and blesses him

and presents him it's an amazing moment

and what a privilege you know God

reserves those privileges for people

like you and I who are sold for the Lord

who live in the spirit who palpitate for

the kingdom who have given it all for

the Lord you know what simian says when

he realizes that one of the things that

he says when he has this child as the

prophecy begins to unfold more clearly

in his spirit you know he says this

famous uh you know in the Latin neun de

metis now dismiss master in this very

very beautiful this idea master now you

are dismissing your slave your servant

your doulos that's the word in the Greek

now you are dismissing your servant

a couple of interesting things the word

the terminology that um Simeon uses here

Sovereign Lord as you have promised you

now dismiss your servant in peace for my

eyes have seen your salvation you know

Simeon is so sold over to God's purposes

that when God's purpose has been

fulfilled in his life he feels I have no

other reason to live anymore now you

free me from life now I'm free to go to

depart for you for Simeon living out

god's purpose that was all that mattered

at that point when he has fulfilled his

destiny he wants he wants his a trip to

heaven he thought yesterday oh god now

hold me here for next 30 years I can

watch this thing unfold now Lord now you

dismiss your servant your slave and I

emphasize that you know two things the

word that is used in in in the Greek

original number one he says your servant

your Doulos which is literally your

slave you know we have a kind of

sanitize that word your servant but the

word is used is that for a Greek slave a

Greek Greco Roman slave whose has no

independence of his own in any way but

serve so now you lord the word Lord is

fascinating in the Greek it's a very

specific word he could have used the

word curios which is Lord in the Greek

no he uses a more scandalous word

desperta which is you know them from the

Spanish and you know des botta or your

death spot is the Greek originally

original which means master you know

death spot is the word that is used for

a dictator so it's a very cutting word

that he a cutting expression now master

you are dismissing your slave in peace

now I'm free to go and you know maybe

that reveals something about why simeon

was such a wonderful candidate for God's

use of his life and God's prefer

preferential treatment of this godly man

he was utterly sold out to the kingdom

he was completely given over to the Lord

he lived in the light of God's

revelation and intention in his life and

career now that that is fulfilled he has

no other reason to live his free to go

now do we live our life like that

remember that last Sunday we again we

spoke about you know losing our life

selling everything to the Lord hating in

a way you know mother and father in the

sense of just being so detached from it

dying to the world not holding on to

things the kingdom of God being

everything to us the revelation of God

and the Word of God being everything to

us living in utter communion and

intimacy with the Lord Simeon

exemplifies all of these things in that

moment where he says now master you

might my governor my dictator which i

lovingly embrace you dismiss me you let

me go and I go in peace I have no other

reason to live can we live our life like

that that we have meaning and this world

has meaning in so far as he God uses it

for his glory and for his use and profit

we live like that i want to invite you

to embrace that radical understanding of

yourself in your life your career your

gifts your finances your children your

family your body your energy all that

you have live it for god

and yes you can have a great time in

this world as a matter of fact nobody

can have as much fun as a believer in

this world or enjoy all the goodness of

creation as a believer I can tell you

got cleanses your palate so the water

tastes better than wine because you are

at peace with God and you can enjoy

everything nature music art love

friendship culture because you are you

are sanitized your capacity to enjoy

creation is so perfect when God deals

with you but even then the world doesn't

hold anything on you you you take the

world very likely you live this world

only because it's there but your eyes

are on eternity you live a very light

footprint on the world and the world on

you like Simeon

your joy comes from being used of God

and seeing God's plans realized in your

life when you live like that you will

have many revelations like Simeon you

will have extraordinary moments if you

get bored with Christianity it's because

you need an adjusting an adjustment

Christianity is an adventurous thing

Christianity is scary it's terrifying

it's beautiful it's exhilarating it's

terrifying it's humiliating and humbling

many times for yourself but it's a great

ride and you better tighten your

seatbelt if you ask the Holy Spirit to

it lead your life because it's a

beautiful thing unpredictable but

there's no other way of living and God

is seeking as we said in the life of

Jehoshaphat father asa was the opposite

of that God is seeking men and women

whose heart is perfect for him like

Simeon and Anna this prophetess was

always praying and fasting I don't have

the time to develop all of that we're

going to leave it there but Anna also

you know continually fasting continually

praying continually being in the house

of the Lord it's a fanatical life what

praise god i want to be a fanatic like

that i want to be radically sold over to

the kingdom of god amen i want you to

live your life like that why don't you

renounce with me right now why don't you

renounce right now the love of the world

and commitment to this world and embrace

a god madness a craziness about the

kingdom of God I want God to possess me

I want God you know to have such a hold

of me that I'll be laughing in the

street and people want to commit me

because I'm hearing from God all kinds

of wonderful things the Holy Spirit is

controlling my life live like that right

now embrace that call embrace it take a


if you want to close your eyes bow your

head bend your knees come over whatever

but please take a moment to underline

and put in boldface this call radical

life radical commitment the newborn son

of god yes I can't escape another thing

this is very important Simeon speaks

about the consolation of Israel Jesus is

that I think Jesus is being born in a

very particular way in this time the

21st century 2016 2017 following years

extraordinary things are going to happen

and maybe they have already begun to

unfold and nobody knows about it's not

in the newspaper but things are

happening right now things are happening

things of God are being born

extraordinary moves of god extraordinary

life of God is taking place

serendipitous spirit-filled moments are

taking place in this congregation in

other places all over the world God is

preparing a scenario it's not in the

news yet because God is working like

that and there was no newspaper in

Jerusalem that said the Messiah has been

born and two people from the city of

Jerusalem saw him and met him but it

happened the world that have been have

been transformed I think something like

that is happening right now for the

consolation of the new Israel God's

people God's people like Israel is right

now are in exile that humiliated by a

dictator which is spiritual dictator the

Church of God is in shambles the

utensils of the temple are captive the

instruments of the Holy Spirit are not

in our control as God wants them to be

and God's people in God's church is full

of formalism and religiosity and the

Church of Christ is its head is down

we crestfallen and Jesus Christ is doing

something extraordinary in history and

he will come for the consolation of his

people there will be a time of great joy

for the people of God great power great

vitality I have weight that day I

celebrate and I welcome it this morning

and I want to live my life in

expectation of it and I want you to live

like that as well we don't want this

church to be just a bunch of religious

people coming together or sunday and

then forgetting about Christianity the

rest of the day the rest of the week we

want to assure in a radical living holy

living committed living scary living

people have got embraced that call right

now receive Lord we repudiate everything

that is conventional and we say no to

the world into the flesh and all the

things that militate against your

purposes for this community and we

embrace that power of the Holy Spirit

teaches how to be a spirit-filled that

people radical for you terrifying for

the devil and for hell Jesus Christ

awaken awaken us awaken us right now

Lord we embrace your call we embrace

your power Holy Spirit of God coming

flood us visit us baptize us

and no loss and place yourself in our

place father in the name of Jesus make

this a radical community for your

kingdom Holy Spirit of God Holy Spirit

of God if you resonate with that with

that would you just stand right now and

do it in a prophetic way say yes to that

call we want to see dead people walking

in this world full of the Holy Spirit we

want to see many of us died into the

world to our dreams living for God and

when we come in here a beautiful concert

of praise of people who know what it is

to live praising the Lord in their homes

and their work in their cars radically

committed to the kingdom of God I have

thrown their watches into the water no

time measured when it refers to God

Jesus Christ we want you Holy Spirit of

God seal us with your revelation this

morning I impregnate my brothers and

sisters with your holy visions your holy

vision statements your holy Val

governing values for the life-lord we

renounce normality right now and we

embrace the supernatural for your glory

Jesus for your glory nor for your glory

come begin with me Lord begin with me

Holy Spirit of God Phyllis Phyllis on

you fill us a new visit Boston father

visit Boston Lord let this church be

like that church in the Book of Ezekiel

its waters running north south east and

west and healing the nation's father we

embrace that vision today let your

church be exalted and consoled again

father we glorify you we bless you lord

thank you thank you Jesus thank you lord

thank you lord hallelujah give the Lord

a hand give the Lord a hand