Leviticus 10 - When God's Throne Room becomes our Living Room

so i invite you to open up your Bible to

Leviticus chapter 10 today Leviticus

chapter 10 for those of you who are

regulars with us you know that we are

going through this book of the Old

Testament that talks about what it meant

for the people of Israel to worship God

in an amazing supernatural structure

called the tabernacle it was a structure

that they built by the guidance of God

under specific instructions and God's

visible presence dwell among them his

glowing fiery Shekinah glory dwelt in

that movable temple in that desert and

the Book of Leviticus is all about what

to do when God moves into your

neighborhood because God is a holy God

and how can a holy God dwell among a

sinful people without melting them in

His Holiness how can a sinful people

worship the Living God the Book of

Leviticus gives us the answers to that

so we have been talking about that and

this particular chapter is a challenging

and difficult chapter we're actually

going to start in Chapter nine but it's

a difficult one last week we talked

about the people who were ordained to

serve in that Tabernacle maybe we could

just show a picture of the tabernacle

behind me we we talked about the priests

the men who were set aside by God to

manage the sacrifices to come into God's

presence to teach the people about how

they can offer make offerings to God and

these priests were clothed in special

garments we talked about that last week

in their ordination and what we're going

to talk about today and read in the

Bible is about the day of their

ordination sort of like a president gets

inaugurated into office well the priests

were inaugurated or ordained into their

spiritual function and it's an awesome

day it's a day of worship and I believe

that that song we just heard is


because this book really as a whole and

specifically this chapter is all about

how to come into God's presence what

does it mean to worship the living god

who is a consuming fire and this

particular chapter is a difficult one

it's a sobering one it's one that we

might be tempted to skip over and you'll

know what i mean when we read it but I

have learned that God doesn't want us to

skip over difficult texts in the Bible

the ones that are more difficult to

understand the ones that might shock us

are sometimes the ones that have the

most beautiful message for us I don't

want to miss that personally and I don't

want us to miss that and I believe God

in His mercy will help us understand

what this means so that we can dwell in

that secret place with God with proper

understanding and depth so we're going

to read that text but before we do I

want to begin with a little imagination

exercise okay before we read into this I

want you to imagine if you will for a

moment that you are invited to visit the

White House wow you're invited to visit

the White House and to you go through

all the different security clearings

they do background checks they call your

kindergarten teacher they call your best

friend they take your fingerprints they

do a retina scan disease if you've seen

the movies right then the day comes you

go there's somebody you're gonna come to

particular entrance you're gonna meet a

particular person you'll get into a

particular limo right they'll take you

up to a particular door you'll go

through security clearance after

security clearance all the different

doors and you're going through the white

housing you can't believe you're there

you're in the White House right and then

you get there and your heart starts

beating like you get a meet them

president with your vote affirm or not

it's a big deal you're meeting the

president you're getting up there your

hearts beating you go in there and the

door opens and they let you in and your

meeting with the President of the United

States wow what an experience that would

be huh now I want you to imagine that

instead of doing it that way you get

drunk at a bar and you decide to jump

the gate at pennsylvania avenue and make

a mad dash across the White House lawn

so that maybe you can get up to the

window put your nose up against and say

hey Viva Barack I don't know whatever

you want to say two different ways of

approaching the person in power now I

want us to think about that illustration

a little bit and we may understand a

little better what happens in the story

that we're about to read let's start in

Leviticus chapter 9 and this is talking

about the ordination of the priests

they're coming to not just the White

House they're coming to the palace of

the king of the universe they are

ordained to minister in his presence

Leviticus 9 verse 5 and it says that

they took all the things that Moses

commanded to the front of the tent of

meeting and the entire assembly came

near and stood before the Lord and then

Moses said this is what the Lord has

commanded you to do so that the glory of

the Lord may appear to you and Moses

said to Aaron come to the altar and

sacrifice your sin offering in your

burnt offering and make atonement for

yourself and the people sacrifice the

offering that is for the people and make

atonement for them as the LORD commanded

and then it goes on to say that they

offer a series of sacrifices and that

sacrifice symbolized that the blood of

those sacrifice atones for their sin

because they're about to come into the

presence of a holy God and then down

below at the very end in verse 22 after


of the sacrifices have been made all the

people are gathered around this

structure and why don't we show it again

and then Aaron lifted his hands toward

the people and blessed them and having

sacrificed the sin offering the burnt

offering and the fellowship offering he

stepped down and Moses and Aaron then

went into the tent of meeting and when

they came out they blessed the people

and the glory of the Lord appeared to

all the people and fire came out from

the presence of the Lord and consumed

the burnt offering and the fat portions

on the altar and when all the people saw

it they shouted for joy and fell face

down Wow how about that for a worship

service how about that they had put the

offering on that altar that's in front

of the tent with the fire coming out the

fire appeared came out of that tent and

consumed the offering that was on that

big altar and all the people gathered

around it says and in the original

Hebrew they just screamed for joy the

word in Hebrews deal is for the name

Gale comes from that it's a shouting for

joy it's a celebrating before God and

they fell face down and they worshiped

God it was an awesome awesome day this

was a time of revival a time of people

worshipping and that's what the

tabernacle is all about a sinful people

can come into the presence of a

consuming fire of a holy God and they

can worship and that fire consumes their

offering and they are received in God's

presence awesome now this day then takes

a suddenly tragic turn the same day two

of Aaron's sons try something and I'd

like to read beginning in chapter 10

verse 1 and we as believers who care

about revival who care about the

presence of God who care about the

spirit moving

who care about worship need to read

chapter 10 of Leviticus verse 1 it says

Aaron's sons nade AB and AB iku took

their sensors put fire in them and added

incense and they offered unauthorized

fire before the Lord contrary to his

command verse 2 so fire came out from

the presence of the lord and consumed

them and they died before the Lord Moses

then said to Aaron this is what the Lord

spoke of when he said among those who

approached me I will be proved Holy in

the sight of all the people I will be

honored Aaron remained silent this was a

moment of incredible incredible judgment

verse for Moses summoned Misha elinala

Elza fans sons of errands uncle ozl and

said to them come here carry your

cousin's outside the camp away from the

front of the sanctuary so they came and

carried them still in their tunics

outside the camp as Moses ordered then

Moses said to Aaron and his sons le azar

anitha mar do not let your hair become

unkempt and do not tear your clothes or

you will die and the Lord will be angry

with the whole community but your

relatives all the Israelites may mourn

for those the Lord has destroyed by fire

do not leave the entrance to the tent of

meeting or you will die because the

Lord's anointing is still on you so they

did as Moses said now as that day

progressed Aaron and his other sons made

other offerings to the Lord that they

were supposed to eat when they made

offerings to the Lord the leftover food

was to be eaten by the priests and that

day Aaron and his other sons his

surviving sons did not eat from the

offering and Moses came to them and said

what are you doing you are you playing

with the rules again and a heron said

you know what I didn't make that

offering for the people i made that

offering for me because i'm a sinner too

and that's why i didn't eat it because

when priests make offerings for

themselves they don't eat it

all for the Lord and Moses said you get

the point don't you and this is a word

to the people of Israel about what it

means to come into his throne room let's

pray for a minute father as we continue

to dig into your word here I pray Holy

Spirit that you would teach us about

what it means to draw near you oh holy

spare speak to us we pray in Jesus name

so these sons of Aaron ada burna boy who

decided to improvise their priestly

function they decided to get creative in

God's presence now sometimes creativity

is good amen if God calls you to be an

artist I hope you're creative and open

to trying new things but if you work in

a nuclear power plant I suggest you do

not get creative with the protocols in

the book and say well let's just try it

different today and see what happens

right there's a time for creativity and

there's a time for following the rules

and doing things according to the

instructions God has appeared in fire

above the tent he has consumed the

offering this is not the time to try out

a new creative mixture and pop in on the

presence of the Lord so what did they do

that was so bad now the word for this in

the King James Version you may have

heard it referred to as this that they

offered strange fire to the Lord strange

fire and so you've heard that phrase so

the question is what were they doing

some people have thought perhaps they

were trying a different mixture of

spices together that maybe was the way

pagans offered to their idols perhaps

that could be it there's other people

who think that

there could be another thing behind this

I'd ask you to skip ahead with me to

Leviticus chapter 16 a few chapters

later the beginning of the day of

atonement this is a chapter that gives

very clear instructions about how the

priest is supposed to go into that inner

portion of that tent one day a year on

the Day of Atonement and how he is

supposed to do it and this instruction

was given the very day of the deaths of

made a banda by who so at the beginning

of Leviticus 16 this is what the Lord

spoke to Moses after the death of the

two sons of Aaron who died when they

approached the Lord verse to the Lord

said to Moses tell your brother Aaron

that he is not to come whenever he

chooses into the most holy place behind

the curtain in front of the atonement

cover on the ark or else he will die for

I will appear in the cloud over the

atonement cover and then he talks about

this is how Aaron is to enter the most

holy place and it gives very clear

instructions so basically saying that

the priests are not permitted to come

into this Holy of Holies whenever they

want right Nate Avenue by who just

decided that they would pop in on the

Shekinah presence of God now is our God

some magical force is he some

spectacular light show or is he indeed a

king now if you've ever read the book of

Esther you ever read the book of Esther

remember how in that story Queen Esther

wanted to intercede on behalf of her

people of the Jewish people so she

wanted to appear before the king but she

was terrified to visit the king

unannounced because in the ancient Near

East if you just visit a king without

being invited to do so bad things can

happen to you you don't just barge into

the throne room whenever

you won and that's exactly what Nate AB

enna by who did they broke protocol not

just anybody but God's priests his

leaders committed high treason against

the king and invaded that space treating

it as if it were not special space at

all and the message of Moses to erin was

clear among those who approached me that

is the priests who come near to God's

presence I will be proved Holy in the

sight of all the people I will be

honored and there was silence in

response because Aaron knew that Moses

was right now why such drastic judgment

right there might be some visitors here

who are maybe this is your first time in

church in many years of your like wowza

this is what hardcore church it's

talking about God zapping people it's

it's a little bit intense right this can

be kind of hard core for some people to

swallow is God just some angry god that

we need to fear with anxiety you see a

capricious being you know some people

tried to say the god of the Old

Testament was like that but then he

changed in the New Testament and became

loving I don't believe that I believe

God was the same God in the Old

Testament as he is in the New Testament

amen God is a God of mercy God created

people out of love he visited the

Israelites in slavery he heard their

groaning he set them free from slavery

he invited them into a cover mental

intimate relationship with himself he

said if you will obey me then I will be

your God and you will be my people even

though the whole world is mine out of

all the people on earth you will be for

me my treasured possession a kingdom of

priests and

and a holy nation God in His mercy chose

Israel and it was all conditioned on

their obedience he is the king and they

are his people now think about our own

system of government how let's think

about our own legal system there is a

particular crime called perjury you

familiar with that it means you lie

under oath you say I saw this and you're

lying under oath that is a crime that

can send you to jail for many years and

people can say but what's the big deal

they told the little white lie well

here's the big deal the whole system of

legal courts in our country is based on

the premise that testimony given under

oath will be true so violating that

attacks and undermines the whole system

of justice upon which it is built now

here God is the king of his people when

his own priests decide to take matters

into their own hands and disobey Him

publicly before his very throne they're

undermining the whole system of

relationship between God and his people

his plan to use this people to invade

the planet and save the world is

undermined publicly when his priests

violate his word in this way at stake is

the view of God Himself is God a king to

be worshiped and obeyed or is he a

mascot to be used as an inspirational

symbol amen you see for idolatry in the

ancient world their idol was like a

mascot you worship it and you get good

luck you manipulate the forces of nature

and you bring your idol here and you do

this and that and you're kind of using

your idol for your good God is making it

clear I'm not a little Idol to be used

I'm not a mascot to just be a rallying

point for your nation I am a king to be

worshiped and obeyed and that's the

arrangement between us and that's

exactly what native and about

who flaunted in his presence and this is

important for us because in the old

testament as well as the New Testament

we cannot love God until we properly

fear him if some of you are wondering

fear God that oh that just doesn't sound

good something you're saying I'm out of

here man no no fearing God is a good

thing when it's laced with love and

understanding and reverence it's the

kind of reverence you feel for a great

leader that you treat with respect and

reverence we talked about the analogy of

the White House right it's not that you

fear well you reverence the office and

that place of authority is God a holy

God or a good luck charm or a mystical

force to be manipulated God is to be

treated with respect as a king to be

obeyed and that's the point that he was

making here and worship is about coming

into God's presence with that reverent

heart before him now this is really

important because when we talk about

reverence and respect we don't want to

mean that that means as Christians we

need to come God super formal right

you're not allowed to clap you're not

allowed to sing you're not allowed to

dance because you've got to be reverent

right there are some people in fact some

theologians who actually equate the

strange fire the native and a by who

offered with the expressions of the Holy

Spirit in the charismatic movement never

heard that there's a particular teacher

that there and who I who I actually love

and respect everything else he says

except for that he says that that

worshipping God by speaking in tongues

or or dancing or shouting or whatever is

strange fire perhaps because it's

strange right so you think it must be

strange fire and there's all kinds of

theological arguments that he puts into

that but I would like to bring up just

one image have you ever fought in the

new testament of that

woman who came in to the Pharisees house

when Jesus was eating at the table and

she came into that house and she knew

Jesus was there and this woman was a

prostitute but she came into that house

and she said Jesus is there I gotta get

to Jesus and she comes up to him and

she's weeping at his feet and kissing

his feet a prostitute is kissing Jesus's

feet at dinner and she's crying on his

feet and slobbering all over his feet

and then she's like oh I've made a mess

what am I gonna do I'll use my hair to

dry it off I'm sorry folks that strange

just because something strange doesn't

make it strange fire because she came to

God with a heart that recognized who

Jesus was that he is a king that he can

save me it it doesn't matter it's about

a heart of reverence and obedience and

Jesus said you have sinned much but you

love much no your sins though there are

many are forgiven so don't be worried

don't even worry about people who are

going to judge you based on other

misguided conceptions of reverence

reverence for God is obeying his word

it's submitting to him it's seeking

salvation in him treating the throne

room as it really is meant to be because

you see this tabernacle wasn't just an

exciting tent that they decided to build

right in the book of Hebrews chapter 8

it says that there is a true tabernacle

set up by the Lord and not by a mere

human being know that there is a


universe that we're getting real sci-fi

on us here called the heavenly dimension

that the Bible talks about and in the

heavenly dimension there is a tabernacle

set up not by people but by god and it

says in the book of Hebrews 85 that they

the priests serve at a sanctuary that is

a copy and a shadow of what is really in

heaven and this is why Moses was warned

when he was about to build the

tabernacle see to it that you make

everything according to the pattern I

showed you on the mountain following the

instructions was important because this

structure modeled or paralleled another

structure in the heavenly dimensions as

if this is a portal between the two

worlds and inside the Holy of Holies

there was something called the Ark of

the tabernacle you've heard of the

raiders of the lost ark right by the way

that's not in the Bible right it's just

you know a movie but that's all about

this structure it's a boss it's a chest

overlaid with gold and their angelic

beings woven into it and within that

that that chest was the Ten Commandments

as well as some other items of important

significance for them but especially the

Ten Commandments and this was called the

Ark of the Covenant because the Ten

Commandments was the agreement between

God and his people and God said that he

SAT enthroned above those cherubim this

box was his throne among the people of

Israel now I want to be very clear here

I don't think God was limited to this

tent right God is in all places level

one knows omnipresent right hey men in

all places where can I go to flee from

your spirit where can I go from to hide

from your presence if I go to the

heights you are there if I go to the

depths you are there God is all present

but in this place he chose to manifest

his power and his glory in a special way

that was his throne they were coming

into the throne room now I wonder what

made a banana by who thought they were

doing what did they think the tent was

did they think it was sort of like no I

don't want to exaggerate here but sort

of like a circus tent will you come in

and to see something exciting I mean is

it as a place to see a pyrotechnic

display again maybe they thought we

bring in another offering there's going

to be more firefly and that was wild

let's do that again it's not what they

thought I think this is a place for

entertainment by definition a throne

room is inhabited by a king who sits on

the throne so by insulting the throne

room they were insulting the one who sat

on the throne what did they think he was

and God makes it very clear I am not

some two-bit little deity that you can

play with I'm not an energy i'm not a

force and i'm certainly not a

pyrotechnic show but i am a king to be

respected and obeyed now this is

important for us because how do we view

the place of worship because when we

worship we come into spiritually

speaking the holy place i'm going to

talk about how that's possible but how

do we view it are we coming into what

kind what is the tabernacle is it is it

a spa where people come to just be feel

good no to have a certain feeling a

concert hall where they come to be

entertained is it a place where you come

just for a show it's certainly not a

place for a drunken priest to barge in

and experience experiment with a fancy

new mixture of incense amen it is

certainly not that so what is it when we

come to worship God we come in to the

throne room of the crate king and that

presence transforms us when we view God

for who he is his real holy presence has

an impact on us go with me to Isaiah

chapter 6 if you will Isaiah chapter 6

later in the Old Testament just before

right near the sort of the middle of the

Bible Isaiah chapter 6 in verse 1 there

was a prophet who had a spiritual

experience in which he entered the

throne room of God and he had a a vision

of the presence of God he had a worship

experience and look at what happens when

he does Isaiah 6 and verse 1 it says in

the year that King Uzziah died I saw the

Lord high and exalted seated on a throne

and the Train of his robe filled the

temple above him were Seraphim each with

six wings not just statues real ones

with two wings they covered their faces

with two they covered their feet and

with two they were flying now sometimes

we think of angels we think of cute

little you know cuddly angels my

daughter has a blanket with little angel

on it that's very nice these angels were

not comforting these angels freaked him

out verse 3 and they were calling to one

another holy holy holy is the Lord

Almighty the whole earth is full of his

glory and in verse 4 it says at the

sound of their voices the doorposts and

thresholds shook and the temple was

filled with smoke and verse 5 we see

Isaiah's response to this he says world

to me

five I am ruined for I am a man of

unclean lips and I live among the people

of unclean lips and my eyes have seen

the king the Lord Almighty you see when

we worship God in his throne his

presence undoes us our pride is melted

our anger is washed away and we are

undone in his presence and we say woe to

me God what am I doing here suddenly we

realize he stays word to me i'm a man of

unclean lips he's especially remembering

what he said earlier that day right

anyone here was never sinned with their

words right anyone anyone hands we all

have sinned he shall Florida this fall

short of the glory of God Isaiah the

great prophet knew he was a man of

unclean lips but then in verse 6 it says

one of the Seraphim flew to me with a

live coal in his hand he'd taken the

tongs he touched my mouth and said see

this has touched your lips like a like a

hot coal your guilt is taken away and

your sin is atoned for when we

appreciate the holiness of God we

appreciate the forgiveness that God

gives us through Jesus Christ that's

what happened here you see we can

appreciate salvation unless we

appreciate that we need to be saved amen

you see when we invite people to come to

Christ we do make all kinds of wonderful

promises you come to Christ I do believe

you'll be happier I believe God will

heal your wounds I believe he'll bless

your life I believe he can heal

marriages and homes we seen that over

and over again all kinds of great things

happen we become Christians and I want

that for every one of us but really at

the end of the day we need to be saved

from the judgment of God for our sins

our sin has separated us from God we are

guilty before a holy judge we are in

trouble we need to be saved you see if

we don't deserve it he said we can't

claim that God owes me anything right

sometimes people live like that I'm

entitled no God doesn't owe me anything

if you ask God to give you what you

deserve that is not a good request to

make you know you know you know you

wanna say well you should go where

you're treated as you richly deserve

well that's not gonna be good I deserve

nothing but God's judgment I failed in

so many ways but praise God God

demonstrates his own love for us in this

while we were still sinners Christ died

for us he paid the penalty for me his

blood was shed in my place and I am

saved by his grace but I can only

appreciate that if I know I am in the

throne room of a holy God and I need

forgiveness and then God does that work

in us and when I am undone when I am

made humble before God when I am broken

before him then God can heal me and put

me back together again it's when we are

undone that we are healed you see the

reason why we need to talk about this

text is because only a holy God can

truly forgive genuine sinners and then a

fake God can't do that for us the force

can't do that for you as good as the

movie might have been the force can't

take away your sins and bring you into

the presence of Jesus we need

forgiveness really and with I understand

a holy God it's that holy god that's

going to transform me and set me free we

don't need a watered-down version of who

God is we need the real God as

terrifying as it might be sometimes

because it's in the presence of that

holy God

a high experience His grace and his love

and I understand how truly amazing grace

is cuz I don't deserve it I don't

deserve anything but judgment and God

forgives me and he heals me and he lifts

me up and he calls me with honor and

dignity and gives me a new beginning

you've got to be kidding me and I

understand that is that's that's

ridiculous that's unbelievable that is

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that

saved a wretch like me and then twas

grace that taught my heart to fear but

grace my fears relieved because in the

presence of that awesome God who is

really who is fearful I also experienced

his grace and I can rest in him I can

sit down with him that is awesome what a

privilege not a privilege that I can the

God's throne room becomes my living room

praise the Lord that is a good thing you

see the key is coming to God on his own

terms and not trying to dictate the

terms upon which i will come to God

right is he made a banner by who they

tried to set their own rules of how they

were going to come into God's presence

they tried to invent their own religion

but we don't have the Liberty to invent

our own Christianity right right we

don't have the Liberty we don't have the

discretion to tinker with the Bible and

what the Bible teaches the Bible is our

authority sometimes it may not be

politically correct sometimes it may

offend me but I'm the one who needs to

change not it right

he's the king not me amet obedience

sometimes God may command me to live and

way that I don't want to live no I don't

want to do that I want to do this but

though God's Word says that I don't want

it God you not what did Jesus say when

he do you think Jesus wanted to go to

the cross as a human and then he wasn't

in sin for not wanting it he just didn't

want to get crucified and separated from

his father and he said father is there

any plan B is there any way this cup can

pass from me please can we just try

something different but if not he said

Lord not my will but thy will be done

thy kingdom come Thy will be done on

earth and in my life as it is in heaven

it is according to your will God is in

charge and we serve God in God's Way now

another thing that this speaks to me and

I have to talk about it even though it's

aimed specifically at leaders is this is

a very sobering word to people in places

of spiritual leadership so I'm really

kind of preaching it myself right now in

in chapter 10 verse 8 11 this is what

the Lord said to Aaron he said this is

after everything happened everything

went down he says you and your sons are

not to drink wine or other fermented

drink whenever you go into the tent of

meeting or you will die this is a

lasting ordinance for the generations to

come so that you can distinguish between

the Holy in the common between the

unclean and the clean and so that you

can teach the Israelites all the decrees

the Lord has given them through Moses

now what does that imply it implies that

the day of their ordination need a

banner by who were celebrating a little

too much okay now that's a problem but

it gets to be a real problem when your

job is to interact with the Shekinah

glory of God amen

there are some jobs where you should not

be drinking on the job amen if you are

work in a nuclear power plant please do

not get drunk before work if you are a

surgeon I would really rather you were

sober when you're going to open me up

amen if you want the captain of and if

you're the pilot of an airplane and you

are drunk and your judgment is impaired

well then all the passengers are going

down with you Stace over stay focused

and I'm not just talking about alcohol

and talk about keeping your head staying

focused if you're a leader this is a

very sober thing you need to be sharp

james chapter 3 verse 1 says not many of

you should dare to be teachers because

those of us who teach will be judged

more strictly yak god please have mercy

right but this is a sober warning I

think about this a lot the Apostle Paul

to Timothy watch your life and your

doctrine carefully no so in leadership

there needs to be sobriety a certain

reverence for what we're doing that we

are dealing with profoundly holy things

the Holy Word of God the Holy hearts of

people and you are not to abuse that

profound privilege stay sober stay

focused and to the people in general God

says to all of us to work out our

salvation how with fear and trembling

fear and trembling now don't get me

wrong I don't think we need to live with

anxiety I don't think we need to walk on

eggshells but we need to know God you

are king of my life

and I belong to you and when I come into

that throne room I do not do it lightly

and I have good news because that throne

room is an awesome throne it's a throne

of a king who is not to be trifled with

but the Bible also says that it is the

throne of grace listen to what it says

in Hebrews chapter 4 we do not have a

high priest who is unable to empathize

with our weaknesses see some people may

come to church well maybe they won't

come to church if they had a hard week

and they think all after all I've done

how dare I come into the presence of a

holy god I shouldn't even come to church

not at all if you have had some sins and

problems and struggles this week you

need to come more than ever because

Jesus your high priest has gone before

you buy his blood he's opened up the

curtain between the two dimensions and

he invites you to come in as you are so

that that Shekinah glory of God won't

destroy you but will transform you amen

in Hebrews for us as we do not have a

high priest who is unable to empathize

with our weakness but we have one who

has been tempted in every way just as we

are yet he did not sin let us then

approach God's throne of grace with

confidence so that we may receive mercy

and find grace in our time of need the

throne room is the most terrifying

beautiful spectacular comforting and

thrilling place in the universe you were

made to worship in the throne room you

were made to be their God a great cost

gave his son so that you could come

close you could come through that

curtain Jesus the high priest won't

before you he opens the current remember

when Jesus crucified what happened to

the curtain it was torn top to bottom

open up you could go into that presence

and you behold the glory of God but how

can i after all the things I've done I

don't want to get fried like made a

banner by who no no you come in humbly

you come in a broken the Bible says a

contrite and broken spirit you will not

despise oh god you are submitting to the

king when you confess your sins you are

reverencing his holiness when you come

honestly not playing games with God not

trying to use God for yourself but

submitting yourself to him and God will

set you free in second Corinthians

chapter 3 it says whatever anyone turns

to the Lord there is a vole that is

taken away the veil is taken away and

the Lord is the spirit and where the

Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom

and we with unveiled faces behold the

Lord's glory are transformed with

ever-increasing glory into his likeness

which comes from the lord who is the

spirit you know what that means you

worship before the glory of god and you

confess your sins by the blood of jesus

you are forgiven that glory does not

destroy you that glory transforms you

that glory sticks to you and that is an

awesome thing when you get to know Jesus

and i am the throne room is addictive

folks once you taste it you gotta go

back there is a thrill that is a there's

something about is like I gotta get back

there you're in that throne room and

there is a glory that is the the human

hearts deepest desire deepest thrill

deepest excitement there is nothing like

that as we submit to God he transforms

us and sinners are welcomed into that

space and that's what we're doing here

that's why we're a mercy church we said

come as you are don't clean yourself up

before you get here

come with a humble heart come to that

throne room and that glory will

transform you you let the blood of Jesus

hear you and set you free that is the

place where welcome and when we do that

then this dance that we saw becomes our

reality he sits down with us the throne

room becomes our refuge we take it

seriously but it's a place where we come

and we can take off the veil and we can

be in his glory and he sits down with us

and comforts us his throne room becomes

our living room because his house

becomes our house in Jesus name now I

invite you if you haven't yet received

Jesus now is the time to do it God loves

you and he calls you to himself and we

are going to as his people come before

him i invite you to stand with me and

let's draw near to Him i invite you to

close your eyes with me and just

visualize that you're in that space

you're in that throne room that fire

over that arc it's there it's awesome

it's an otherworldly light shining on

you and the word says therefore brothers

and sisters since we have confidence to

enter the most holy place by the blood

of jesus by a new and living way open

for us through the curtain that is his

body and since we have a great priest

over the house of God let us draw near

to God with a sincere heart and with the

full assurance of faith having our

hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a

guilty conscience and having our bodies

washed with pure water you are qualified

to be in this space Jesus's blood is

your security clearance he has washed

you and you are welcome in the

of God but we must receive it's our

invites you Father I pray in Jesus name

that there wouldn't be a single person

here who has not given their heart to

you as their Lord and Savior we need

forgiveness before you and I want to

invite you if you are here and you have

never accepted Jesus as your Lord and

Savior and you want to do it right now

oh you gotta do i invite you to raise

your hand before him and say this prayer

of faith with me if you are here and you

want to accept Jesus as your Lord and

Savior i invite you to make that

statement before him raise your hands

before him good and high and say god i

want to accept you as my savior today

amen amen and for those of you that are

doing so i invite you to pray with me

this prayer dear god you are an awesome

consuming fire and I admit that I have

sinned and I have fallen short but I

believe in Jesus as my Lord and as my

savior I trust him to forgive me and I

invite the Holy Spirit to move into my

heart and transform me I want to be your

son I want to be your daughter and

follow you the rest of my life

in jesus name amen amen father I pray in

Jesus name the we as a people God would

be a worshipping grateful people father

that we would come before your presence

every Sunday together as a community and

every day on our own knowing God that

you have entered us into that awesome

holy space and we need not fear but we

worship with reverence and awe for our

God is a consuming fire in Jesus name