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we're going to continue a message we

started last week in Acts chapter 13 so

if you would turn there with me Acts

chapter 13 and it starts with a prayer

meeting that leads to a couple members

of that prayer meeting being sent out as

missionaries and then there's an event

that happens in their mission trip that

we're going to focus on today so Acts

chapter 13 verse 1 says now in the

church at Antioch there were prophets

and teachers Barnabas Simeon called

Niger Lucius of Cyrene manan who had

been brought up with Herod the Tetrarch

and Saul and while they were worshiping

the Lord and fasting the Holy Spirit

said set apart for me Barnabas and Saul

for the work to which I have called them

so after they had fasted and prayed they

placed their hands on them and sent them

off the two of them Barnabas and Saul

went on their way sent on their way by

the Holy Spirit went down to SaLuSa and

sailed from there to Cyprus when they

arrived at Salamis they proclaimed the

word of god in the jewish synagogues and

jon was with them as their helper they

traveled through the whole island until

they came to paphos there they met a

Jewish sorcerer and false prophet named

bar Jesus who was an attendant of the

proconsul sergius paulus the proconsul

an intelligent man sent for Barnabas and

Saul because he wanted to hear the word

of God but Elias the sorcerer for that's

what his name means opposed them and

tried to turn the proconsul from the

faith then Saul who was also called Paul

filled with the Holy Spirit looks

straight a' de lima sand said you are a

child of the devil and an enemy of

everything that is right you are

full of all kinds of deceit and trickery

will you never stop perverting the right

ways of the Lord now the hand of the

Lord is against you you are going to be

blind for a time and not even able to

see the light of the Sun immediately

mist and darkness came over him and he

groped about seeking someone to lead him

by the hand when the proconsul saw what

had happened he believed 40 was amazed

at the teaching about the Lord father I

thank you for this awesome moment in the

history of the early church when you

demonstrated your power in a fearful and

terrible way God we are committed as a

church not to skip the difficult texts

in the Bible but look at them together

and see what you would say to us today

so we pause on this particular incident

then we pray Holy Spirit teach us Holy

Spirit reveal to us the ways that we

need to change to be more at the stature

to which you're calling us as Christians

and as a church please bless this

message bless our hearts and minds speak

to us Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus name

how about this huh a story about God

striking someone blind now some of you

are like amen that sounds like fun got

some people I'd like to you know let him

have it we'll talk about that because

there were some disciples like that in

the early church right there was one

time where Jesus was going through

Samaria the Jews and the Samaritans

didn't get along very well and they were

preaching the gospel and some of the

Samaritans rejected the message and

James and John whose nickname was sons

of thunder said Lord shall we call fire

down on them like Elijah did see that

happened in the Old Testament in the Old

Testament soldiers who came to arrest

Elijah were consumed by fire whole

companies of them hundreds of soldiers

consumed by fire because they tried to

mess with a prophet of God so James and

John were like they're rejecting your

message Lord should we to let them have

it call an some fire the Bible says

Jesus turned around and rebuked them and

said you don't know what kind of spirit

you are of and they went on to the next

town God does not call us to be

vindictive he doesn't call us to be

hateful he doesn't call us to nil our

enemies but God will also not be trifled

with and his power is awesome power and

his power can be scary sometimes when

that power is violated in an irreverent

way has happened in this story and we're

going to look at that together that God

is a holy God he is an awesome God he is

a powerful God and He will not allow the

enemy to impede what he will do on earth

and that's what we see happen here now

it's really a striking story and we're

going to look at it but we're going to

see that it is not a license to demonize

or call fire down on anyone who

disagrees with us but it is a calling

for us as a church to adopt a mentality

of spiritual warfare where we realize

that we don't move in a neutral

environment that there is a devil who is

seeking to oppose what God would do and

we as Christians are called not to be

naive about that to be aware of it and

to move in a certain authority that

displaces the influence of the devil on

earth so we'll continue with that here

Acts chapter 13 and you see now why the

story begins why this narrative begins

with the account of a prayer meeting

because ministry that takes spiritual

warfare into account must be based in

prayer and fasting and the power of the


spirit otherwise we're picking a fight

with big bad hairy ugly demons that were

not ready for we gotta pray we can't do

this on our own now in the narrative

here in the story of what happens the

Apostles got together the prophets and

teachers and together they fasted and

prayed and worshiped the Lord and as

they did we talked about this last week

the heavens were opened up the Holy

Spirit was poured down on them in a

special way and got the Holy Spirit

spoke to them and told them to set aside

Paul and Barnabas so they were these two

people did not just decide to go and do

ministry they were called to do so they

were empowered to do so God had prepared

them for a particular mission and so the

group that was there fasted and prayed

again and laid hands on them and sent

them they were prayer powered they were

spirit powered and they were going to

need it because the Bible says our

struggle is not against flesh and blood

but against the rulers against the

authorities against the powers of this

dark world and against the spiritual

forces of evil in heavenly realms

sometimes I think we as Christians can

get a little cocky and just get out

there and want to just be like the

gunslingers and not realize what we're

messing with not realize that we're

dealing with spiritual opposition and we

better be how do we put it last week

prayed up prayed for by someone in

authority over us and prayed together

with people that are by our side no Lone

Ranger Christians out there just get you

know to you know kick in the devil out

of places all by themselves no we are

part of an army and a soldier needs to

be under authority and together marching

in step so that together we can face

down the work of the evil one and that's

what we're called to do and that's what

this text is about right because

ministry is spiritual warfare now some

folks are going to be like wow this you

know some people may be new when just

exploring Christianity and you're here

and you're like this sounds downright

medieval you know you you seem like

relatively smart people you know


but what's this talk about the devil I

don't believe we need to be paranoid I

don't believe in in some mythical

creature with red pajamas and a

pitchfork and none of that but we do

believe that there is a parallel

dimension to our world there is an

invisible dimension the Bible calls it

the heavenly realm it's a dimension that

we can't see it's invisible but it's

very real right now that should be

relatively easy for people in our

generation to accept right how many of

you are reading the Bible on a little

telephone you know that you've

downloaded the message from somewhere

and messages are going around an

invisible space and we take it for

granted that there is connectivity that

there is an invisible dimension all

around us that influences the physical

world works like that in the spiritual

there there are angels there are demons

there is a spiritual existence around us

in which we live and move and have our

being we can't see it but it's real and

it does influence us the air is not

neutral the Apostle Paul put it this way

you referred to the ruler of the kingdom

of the air as the spirit who is now at

work in those who are disobedient that

the air itself is evil the air have you

ever stepped out of air conditioning

into a humid day maybe yesterday right

then you feel the difference in the air

well there is a spiritual atmosphere as

well and it is not neutral now in this

spiritual dimension we believe that

there's a spiritual government of evil

in this heavenly dimension the Bible

talks about it like this it talks about

rulers and powers and authorities Jesus

referred to the devil as a ruler of

sorts as a type of prince or a king he

called him the prince of this world that

the devil actually has certain Authority

in the heavenly dimension that he has a

place Satan when he was tempting Jesus

remember the story when

Jesus was in the desert and he'd been

fasting forty days and the devil came to

him in temp 'some and at one point he

offers him all the glory he shows him

the glory and splendor of all the

kingdoms of the world and he says it has

been given to me and I can give it to

whomever I want if he will bow down and

worship Me Percy remember what Jesus

said right to get thee behind me Satan

you know he says I will it is written

you will worship the Lord your God in

him only I am the king of kings and Lord

of lords but I'll do it my way not your

way but Satan was right that he has a

certain Authority in the heavenly

dimension of this world it has been

given to him because humanity has sinned

and rebelled against God and in a way he

has legal right where there is darkness

the Prince of Darkness has a right to be

and so we see this government that

functions in an organized way in the

Book of Daniel there's an interesting

story I fav where'd the Book of Daniel

he was a prophet in the Old Testament he

was in exile in Babylon modern-day Iraq

really and he was praying one day for he

were not one day he had taken three

weeks to fast and pray and at the end of

it an angelic figure appeared to him and

the angel says to him I've actually came

right away right when you started

praying I was dispatched but I was

detained by and the angel says by the

prince of persia and I was doing battle

with this prince of persia so he seems

to be referring to a spiritual entity

that somehow had authority over the

government of the country of persia and

this angel was somehow in the individual

in the invisible wren duking it out with

this demonic entity that had authority

over that nation and so the angel talks

about how he had to call in

reinforcements he called in the

Archangel Michael and there's a battle

in the heavens and Daniel is praying and

that's opening up spiritual power and

it's mysterious and bizarre and better

than any science fiction movie you can

see right right nowadays you see science

fiction well this doctor just read the

Bible if there's plenty there to imagine

and what was going on so we believe that

this government the spiritual government

is actually organized in a certain way

that there are entities that rule in a

sense over different countries over

different families may be over different

entities I personally believe sometimes

there's different spiritual entities or

forces over different neighborhoods

different parts of the state different

parts of a country you go from one part

to another and you just feel the

difference there's different sins

different problems different dynamics

and there's a spiritual component to

that so there's an organization to it so

in this government we believe that is we

preach the gospel and help people to

become Christians that we're actually

stealing people from Satan's government

or nation and and having them come over

and profess allegiance to a new king the

Bible puts it this way he has rescued us

Jesus has rescued us from the Dominion

of darkness and brought us into the

kingdom of the son he loves amen anyone

anyone experienced that you were on that

side and now you're on this side because

God snatch it now some of us are in

process somewhere like I'm on this side

but I still kind of feel like I'm a

little bit like on that side right

that's called the process of

sanctification whereby the kingdom of

God fills our mind and our thoughts but

we belong to a new king you know we are

we already belong there we are out of

darkness and we've been moved into light

and now that light is filling us little

by little amen but it is a process but

we believe that it's a conflict of

kingdoms that as the church grows as we

spread the gospel in any way we are

we're moving into enemy territory and

stealing people away from the enemy and

bringing them over to God side now if we

expect that to be a peaceful process

we're mistaken the enemy is not going to

let go II

easy jesus said that he said don't think

I've come to bring peace on the earth he

did come to bring a certain type of

peace but he said I've come to bring a

sword where people be divided against

each other you know mother against

father son against daughter friends

again have you experienced that maybe

when you became a Christian and started

following Jesus there were some people

around you who weren't happy about it

they liked you the way you were no they

don't like this new you right they

sometimes it's a conflict it's a pattern

of change in it and and there's a

there's a clash of essences going on its

territorial in nature the kingdom of God

is forcefully advancing and forceful

people are laying hold of it right now

if you read the Gospels in this way I

and invite you as you read through the

stories about Jesus look for some of

this territorial spiritual warfare kind

of stuff because it's there there's one

story in particular where Jesus was

crossing a lake going to what was called

the region of the gadarenes right and as

he's crossing the lake a storm is

whipped up and their alma and of course

Jesus is sleeping right he's not worried

he's just he crashed in the back but the

apostles are freaking out there like

don't you care that we're about to die

and she's like what what were you

worried about what and then he gets up

and he rebuked the wind and the waves

and completely still now when he gets to

the other side the first person to come

out and meet him is a man that the Bible

tells us was a maniac who was possessed

by a legion of demons this man didn't

live in a normal setting he lived in the

tombs he would cut himself with rocks he

would howl out day and night in agony

and they tried to bind him with chains

and he would break them with

supernatural strength because he was

inhabited or possessed by a legion of

demons and he was totally unsettled but

when he came before Jesus Jesus rebuked

those demons and set him free now if you

notice the demons pleaded with Jesus

saying please don't send us out of the

region for some reason they wanted to

stay there that was their spot and you

know what Jesus let him stay

said look I don't care go into the pigs

because I want the person right the

person will be set free he sent the

demons into the pigs they ran into the

water then the people came along and

they saw the man who'd been possessed by

a legion of demons remember how the

story goes he's sitting down dressed and

in his right mind listening to Jesus and

they were blown away and they pleaded

with Jesus to do what to stay with them

and keep healing people they pleaded

with Jesus to leave the region in other

words we like our demons we like our

crazy people we like our sin are

neurosis and our misery leave us alone

isn't that crazy but it happens because

there are spiritual forces in heavenly

dimensions that have brainwashed people

people actually prefer their misery I

shouldn't say people we sometimes prefer

our misery that's the devil we know

right at least we understand that right

but this whole Jesus thing that's

blowing arm that's just a little to

different people choose the slavery

sometimes so there's a clash of powers

that come together so that's what

happened when Paul and Barnabas went to

an island that had never heard the

gospel before the island of Cyprus

anyone here from an island originally

anyone here from islands let's see some

happy hands no you're from a beautiful

beautiful island's beautiful islands

right this also was a beautiful island

Barnabas was from this island right

happy people there Barnabas was a happy

nice guy right I get the feeling that

was the culture he goes to this island

but this was an island that didn't know

anything about Jesus so they go to this

island and they're preaching and i

believe the principality over the island

of cyprus was not happy about this he

was like they're going to take away some

of my people now apparently the demonic

ruler over cyprus had a human agent that

he had him that he was employing to

influence and control the island i

believe that that happens

that the spiritual forces of evil will

find human what do you call it human

channels human conduits sort of

lightning rods to use them to help

promote the evil purposes in that region

so this particular person had two

nicknames and we get the first one what

was his first nickname in verse we're in

verse yet bar Jesus was his name right

I'm totally in the wrong page okay how

about that page right verse 6 there they

met a Jewish sorcerer and false prophet

named bar Jesus now in Hebrew the word

bar means son it's one of the words for

son so it's son of Jesus now here as we

look at how this guy operates we learn a

lot of the strategies of the evil one

the Bible says we are not unaware of the

devil's schemes so the devil does have

strategies he has schemes he has plans

and we need to be we can't be naive

about them we need to be aware about

them so we see how the evil one was

operating through this this person bar

Jesus bar Jesus means son of Jesus and

the first thing I think that the enemy

had done is created in that island a

pseudo Jesus a replacement Jesus you see

what's going to be more deceiving

somebody who comes who's evil who's a

little urn or someone who looks just

like Jesus who acts just like Jesus

who's really nice who's really kind

who's really idealistic who's who

presents himself as attractive as sort

of a substitute Savior this is one of

Satan's oldest plays from his playbook

right if you were a football player just

look at history and you'll find times

when whole countries are unsettled maybe

there's economic depression maybe it's a

time of war and people are scared and

they're nervous and a long

a leader who promises hope and

prosperity and people will follow that

leader anywhere that leader wants to go

and that leader can sometimes become a

false Jesus we need to be careful don't

get me wrong I'm not saying that we need

to be paranoid either we cannot saying

that every leader politician needs to be

Christian but we need to be aware that

the worst cult leaders the worst you

know evil tyrants and history are the

ones who present themselves as a

substitute savior who seemed good when

they're really evil I bet you the

Antichrist will seem like a really

beautiful person I bet you the

Antichrist will probably even have

spirituality and spiritual power and be

deceiving to people that's the issue

with deception is it's deceiving right

isn't that profound you know deception

is deceiving but it's the things that

seem good they sometimes can lure us

away a false substitute Jesus that is a

good copy and we're never seen

counterfeit money before I never had

probably haven't I don't know it because

counterfeit money looks just like real

money that's the whole idea right to

make it look and feel and smell like the

real thing number two alignments as in

verse 6 a Jewish sorcerer Jewish

sorcerer if you can't replace the real

thing you can mix that which is false

with that which is true and dilute the

mixture he took Judaism and magic and

mixed them together the Bible is very

clear in the Old Testament if you're

Jewish you're not allowed to be a

sorcerer okay no Jewish magicians right

that those were two spiritual enemy at

energies that were in conflict with each

other but this man had brought them

together there's a word for that it's

called syncretism when true spirituality

is mixed with pagan spirituality it

happens all the time anyone had any

experiment if some of you may have had

experience with it right

I've shared the story of and I'm sorry

to go back over but it's very common in

Latin America to do something called

Santeria right where you take asunto you

take a saint catholic saint and then

they'll do pagan magical rituals with

that st. statue right and they'll set up

the candles and do do rituals with it's

called Santeria it's a syncretism of

Christianity with either African or

indigenous paganism it's bringing them

together I saw that in Guatemala I've

shared this story before i was in

guatemala wandering around latin america

on a scholarship i went up a mountain in

chi chi castanon go we got any Japanese

here in the choppiness wandering around

I went up a mountain in chi Chi casted

angle and there was a shaman right doing

a ritual there was a couple there and

was twisting the head off a chicken and

pouring coca-cola on it and doing a

pagan a satanic ritual right in that

weird that's really the poor coca-cola

and they do it and they're doing the

magic then I go down the mountain and a

couple hours later I'm sitting there

drinking a good don't they or something

like that and and there I see on the

steps of the church that same shaman

doing catholic prayers on the on the

steps of the church right she had

synchronized Christianity or Catholicism

with paganism and by so doing you

contaminate it so it can be as simple as

a Christian who hasn't gotten out of the

habit of looking at their horoscope and

every day anyone for everyone from that

background right now you don't have to

raise your hands of course what do i do

asking questions like that right it's oh

yes I do that but you know the horoscope

that would based on the stars they tell

people what's going to happen in their

life and what they're like well some of

us were in the habit of looking at that

every day right it was just part of what

we did you become a Christian and God

says hey I have an idea why don't you

let God run your life instead of the

stars right because that is actually

kind of a pagan world view that

depending on the shape of the stars

that's going to determine what's going

to happen and so so as Christians we

need to sort of start stop doing that


start following Jesus and let him be my

guide right so we can do syncretism in

big ways like the shaman in Guatemala

that I saw or we can do it in little

ways but ways that it's time to clean

house here and say that let me become

fully Christian in my world view it's a

process for people so this'll I misguide

was a false Jesus and a Jewish magician

and finally I want to point out he

became the advisor to the governor of

the island I have you ever noticed that

before that this sorcerer this demonized

false Jesus had become the main

counselor to the governor of the whole

island as if the devil decided to send

his his agent into a spot where he could

have the most political power possible

to amplify his influence over the island

I believe that's one of Satan's tricks

he will send people that that are using

his way of thinking into positions of

influence in society whether it be in

government think about other other ways

you can influence society as a whole

there's governments there's schools no

maybe controlling what gets taught in

the universities or the high schools of

the grammar schools and if you can

change the thinking of a school you can

change a generation maybe it could be in

the arts movies right Hollywood if you

can influence movies well there's

millions of people consuming those

movies so that is some of the the

strategies that the devil uses which is

part of our strategy actually as a

church of why we have something like the

higher education Resource Center because

we believe that what we need to have a

voice in the formation of people's

education so that our people with a

Christian worldview can also be in

positions of influence in society and

and have an influence that's positive

not to impose our faith on people but to

bring a Christian worldview to the

public square so we see here that the

enemy has his strategies of how to

influence and and he's whispering in

this man's ear Sergius Paulus

was a politician who was a man who

wanted to hear the gospel he wanted to

hear about Jesus and Elias was there

saying don't listen to them he was

trying to convince him that it was wrong

now there is a time for Christians to be

diplomatic and there's a time for us to

draw the line and we need to discern

that the Bible says though we live in

the world we do not wage war as the

world does we're not talking about

physical conflict amen the weapons we

fight with our not the weapons of the

world on the contrary they have divine

power to demolish strongholds we

demolish arguments and every pretension

that sets itself up against the

knowledge of God and we take captive

every thought and make it obedient to

Christ there's a battleground of the

mind and the ideas and if we stay quiet

we lose God calls us to speak up

sometimes look at what the Apostle Paul

did this he spoke with a rather strong

voice if Acts chapter 13 verse 9 it says

then Saul who was also called Paul

filled with the Holy Spirit looked

straight and limas and said excuse me

could we talk about this a little bit

more because I think maybe we have it

just is that how he approached it no he

said you are a child of the devil now

that doesn't seem like a very diplomatic

way to approach the situation not first

thing I want to say we as a church are

not separate ists right we don't believe

in separating from society and just

pointing and yelling and shut we don't

believe in that we you're going to see

this it election season politicians will

traipse through right and it is our

philosophy that we as as the Church of

God that represents spiritual authority

that we are to respect people in civil

authority whoever they are right the

Bible says we are to honor the king and

that was not in a democracy that was in


Roman Empire right so we when people

come through whether their candidates

for the Senate or for mayor or for

governor they've all come right then

well come through right here we welcome

them and we say you are welcome to give

a brief greeting and then you know

that's it we will not endorse you but we

will honor you so we have an attitude

here that is not conflictive it's

collaborative we work together with the

government on all kinds of things right

we have a program called valles badar

which is a program worth the wait it's a

it's a curriculum helping teach

teenagers to abstain from sexuality

until they're older married Amen is the

idea and so we try to teach as a

curriculum and we receive government

money to do that one of the only places

in the country that still does that

right and but we were doing something

that we believe coincides with our

values of what we want to teach what we

believe is good for society so we're

willing to work with the government

pastor Sam was on the search committee

for the new superintendent of Boston's

public schools he had a voice he was

invited to that table to have a voice to

participate so we believe in working

together with civil authority we also if

people come from other religions and

want to visit us or talk to us or

collaborate on a particular social issue

we are going to treat them with respect

we're going to we're going to honor them

we're going to treat them well we're

going to be kind we're going to be

gracious so we are not separatists here

we're not people who believe we should

sit up high and just shout at everyone

else in the world and tell them how bad

they are we don't believe in any of that

but we do believe that we are

spiritually revolutionary at the end of

the day we are preaching that Jesus is

the new king and the spiritual rulers

and principalities need to submit to

Jesus's authority we're challenging

people to reject their old allegiance

and become allegiance to transfer their

allegiance to King Jesus we're

revolutionary and there's a time

for conflict now the Apostle Paul was

politely talking to sergius paulus he

came humbly he came respectfully there

was good dialogue but it's a different

ball game when there is a Jewish

sorcerer trying to stop a person from

accepting Jesus the Apostle Paul said

you are a child of the devil he goes on

to say you are an enemy of everything

that is right you're full of all kinds

of deceit and trickery trickery will you

never stop perverting the right ways of

the Lord now the hand of the Lord will

be against you and you will not be able

to see the light of the Sun for a time

he was struck blind now sometimes I

think maybe we are just a little too

nice a little too nice sometimes now

don't get me wrong all the things I just

said that we do I believe we need to do

that we're called to do to be in society

we are to be in the world but we're not

to be of the world what I mean is

sometimes when we're on the workplace or

in society or in the public square we so

want to be seen as respectable that we

don't take a clear stand for what we

believe there's a time to be

confrontational now some of us got no

problem with that we have no problem

with being confrontational so it's like

yeah all right let's go get up you know

but if you notice the verse starts by

saying that's all full of the Holy

Spirit did this most of us when we're

confrontational we are not full of the

Holy Spirit will full of something we're

full of our ego of our anger of our

attitude we're not full of the spirit

you see this is dangerous territory if

we act in fleshly anger then we are

actually undoing the work of God we need

to do this in the Holy Spirit it seems

like there's almost a curse going on

here right the man is struck blind

doesn't the Bible say that we are to

love our enemies and bless those who

curse us in another place doesn't it say

I tell you do not curse bless do not


Jesus when he was being crucified pray

father forgive them they don't know what

they're doing didn't you do that he

didn't curse them what about Stephen as

he's getting stoned to death was he

cursing them he says Lord don't hold the

sin against them he's praying for them

we are called to bless not to curse

there was a time when the Apostle Paul

was in jail in Rome and there were

people out on the street preaching just

so that Paul would get in more trouble

and you believe that they're preaching

insincerely did the Apostle Paul curse

them you know what he did he made a joke

about it he said they're preaching Jesus

I win you know win-win you know they're

preaching christ i win I'd the gospel

spreading he actually laughs it off he

doesn't curse them but there is a

difference because those men who were

preaching on the streets of Rome even

though they were insincere bad people

because they were trying just to get

Paul in trouble they weren't really

sincerely preaching even though they

were in sincere at least they were

preaching the true gospel that's the

issue at stake the Apostle Paul had no

sense of humor when a person was trying

to change the message of the gospel

because he said I'm not ashamed of the

gospel it's the message of salvation for

everyone who believes first for the Jews

and then for the Gentiles this is the

message of life and you had no sense of

humor when a person tried to pervert

that message look at what he said when

there were people who had tried to

confuse the Galatians look at what he

says he says evidently he wrote in his

letter to the Galatians there are some

people who are trying to throw you into

confusion they're trying to pervert the

gospel of price and then listen to what

he says this is Galatians 1 verse 8 but

even if we were an angel from heaven

should preach a gospel other than the

one we preached to you let them be under

God's curse wow my goodness as we have

already said so now I say again if


is preaching to you a gospel other than

the one you accept it let them be under

God's curse that's strong language you

see the gospel is about salvation and

when it comes to people trying to

deceive then the Apostle Paul used

authority to stop it from happening now

there is a difference between authority

and attitude attitude means don't mess

with me that's an attitude we kind of

need to repent of right we need to

become more humble authority says don't

mess with God authority steps in to

protect people and to protect the gospel

authority means I recognize that just

like the enemy has a kingdom that God

has a kingdom to and i'm a member of

that kingdom see kingdoms function along

legal lines and even the spiritual world

functions along legal lines Satan

himself is a lawyer did you know that

and I don't want any lawyers in the

house but I don't want lawyers to feel

like I'm bashing on them right but you

know what the word Satan means the Satan

it's a legal term prosecuting accuser

it's a legal term he stands before the

court of God and he accuses God's people

he functions on legal terms God

functions in the spiritual realm on

legal terms you know why did Jesus have

to die on the cross for us why couldn't

he just say you know what I forgive you

I'm the king so let let's just forget

this ever happened you can all come to

heaven why did he he himself asked the

father lord if it is it possible for

this cup to pass from me is there any

other way we can do this and God like no

other way the law must be fulfilled see

in a spiritual realm there is law there

is Authority and even God submits to the

authority in the law that he made and so

the hbu

of that is that now the new kingdom that

is coming has more authority than the

kingdom of darkness that currently

exists there is more power see when

Jesus died on the cross he paid for all

sin and he conquered all accusation the

devil might have when he rose from the

dead he conquered death and now death

doesn't get to have the final word

anymore Jesus is now the rightful king

over this planet because he died on the

cross and rose again now someone might

ask so why didn't he just set up the

kingdom right away he why didn't you

just take it back because he wants to

give people a chance to change their

allegiance from the kingdom of darkness

to his kingdom so that they can be on

his side when he comes back and sets up

the kingdom he came with authority have

you ever noticed this in the Gospels

that everything jesus did had authority

to it now i'm not talking about volume

authority doesn't mean you can yell

loudly right Jesus taught with authority

in the sense that he taught the Bible as

if he had written it right remember the

story where Jesus was sitting and and he

was writing in the sand with his finger

and some people came with stones to

stone a woman who had been caught in

adultery remember the story and they

asked Jesus they said Jesus the law says

we should stone to get to death this

sinful woman and Jesus just kept writing

in the sand ignoring them and then he

finally looks at them and says you who

were without the let the person who was

without sin throw the first stone

remember that you ever wondered why he

was writing in the sand with his finger

never wondered why he does that do you

know of any other place in the Bible

where you read about the finger of God

in the Old Testament on top mount sinai

the Bible says that Yahweh the Lord

wrote the Ten Commandments with his

finger Jesus was saying you people think

that your judges of the law

I wrote it and that's why Jesus could

teach with authority when he came and

found people buying and selling in the

temple he made a wimp and he chased him

out as if that temple were his father's

house right with authority Jesus rebuked

the storm as if he was the one who had

made the wind and the waves in the first

place with authority as if he had a

right to rebuke that storm Jesus acted

with authority he rebuked the Pharisees

he encouraged people he forgave sins as

if every sin ever committed were

committed directly against him and that

he had the right to forgive them or

judge them he acted at every moment as

the rightful king of the world who would

one day come to judge the living in the

dead Jesus lived with authority and

that's why when he said at the end of

the book of Matthew he says all

authority in heaven and on earth has

been given to me therefore go and make

disciples he was giving that authority

to you and to me he was conferring it

upon us so that we would have the right

to act in his name not in our own name

but in his name but he said you are the

ones who've been with me in my suffering

he says I confer on you a kingdom you

have spiritual authority you are a

chosen people a royal priesthood a holy

nation God's special possession the you

may declare the praises of him who

called you out of darkness into his

marvelous light do you know that you

have authority do I know that I have

authority that when we go into dark

situations and we face darkness we want

to stand up for God that we have a right

to do that that when we speak and when

we pray and when we see God's kingdom to

come we have a right to see that happen

and God can give you the power to see it

and through you and through me we have

authority I think sometimes we don't use

the authority that we have no we are

sons and daughters of the Living God and

we all too often allow ourselves to live

under the rule of darkness and evil and

sin rather than standing up and saying

wait a minute I'm a son of the king why

should I tolerate this or we go into

situations where someone else is being

abused or oppressed or suffering the

evil one is having his way and we enter

in timidly fearfully when we should

enter in and say this is not right and

we take a stand for what's right and we

speak for what's right now I do believe

we're to be loving and gracious have the

character of Jesus but we're not to be

so nice that we don't stand up to a

limas no we're not to be so polite that

we don't use the authority that God has

given us God has given you authority

it's spiritual authority and it will

work in this life I want to end with a

dream that I had as a as a teenager I

had this dream I was a new Christian

maybe 17 years old and and I had a dream

that has stayed with me for many years

and in the dream I was it was very brief

I was sitting there and there was a a

black panther looking at me in the dream

and I in my dream perceived I don't want

to freak out any kids this is pg-13 okay

if you're here you're old enough to

handle this just a dream but there's a

panther that was looking at me in the

dream and I knew that that represented

evil forces right and in the dream the

thing lunged at me and I'll never forget

the fear in me that that this provoked

it was coming right at me and in the

dream sort of a reflex reaction i said

in the name of Jesus I rebuke you and

I'll never forget the way it stopped and

frozen midair and hit the ground right

in front of me and I'm looking at it in

the dream and I'm there

forget its eyes looking right at me and

every muscle in its body tensed like it

wanted to keep going but couldn't and

I'll never forget I had my hand and in

the dream I was shocked I was like wow

it works now it doesn't work because the

name of Jesus is some sort of magical

incantation right there's some people

who tried that in the in the book of

Acts where they tried to cast out a

demon saying in the name of Jesus whom

Paul preaches we command you to come out

and the demon said well we know Jesus

and we've heard about Paul but who are

you and this guy this one demonized guy

beat up these seven people so it's not

that we have a right to do this and not

but if we are a child of God even if you

accepted Jesus yesterday you have

authority to the over the devil and over

evil you have authority in the name of

Jesus we need to use that we need to not

have attitude but authority and say we

are children of the king and wherever I

go there will be light shining in

darkness and the darkness cannot

overcome it and we need to take a stand

and use that it's not using magical

incantations it's not about using the

right words it's about having the faith

to know that what I believe will happen

because God is the king of kings and the

Lord of lords the Apostle sometimes we

want God to do things and he's waiting

for us to do them in his name and it's

mysterious to me but the disciples once

asked when Jesus had risen from the dead

they said Lord are you now at this time

going to restore the kingdom to Israel

you you've won they can't kill you

you've risen from the dead is is the

kingdom of God going to come now on

earth and Jesus said it's not for you to

know the dates and the times the father

has set by the by his own authority but

the Holy Spirit will come upon you and

you will receive power when the Spirit

comes upon you and you will be my

witnesses here in Jerusalem out in Judea

and to the ends of the earth in other

words yes the kingdom will come

but it will come through you with the

power of the holy spirit flowing through

you you need to do this by the power of

God flowing in your life God's not going

to do it for us he chooses to do it

through us it's amazing it's an amazing

privilege to move in that kind of

authority and to know that God will use

us with all my weaknesses and all my

defects that he's going to use me as his

agent on earth to change things and to

help people come to know Jesus Christ

and we pray thy kingdom come Thy will be

done here on earth as it is in heaven

well as we pray for that we move in that

amen so let that happen in in my home in

my family in my marriage with my kids in

my school in my neighborhood let thy

kingdom come just as it is in heaven