Disability testimony 150517

believe me have a ribbon for each one of

you this one at the blue and yellow

represents Down syndrome the bottom one

autism the gray one Parkinson's disease

the orange one multiple sclerosis the

purple one Alzheimer's disease and the

green one traumatic brain injury and

there are many many more medical

conditions that could cause a disability

in an individual but we have shows us

few of them we probably would not have a

space to put all of them but out I want

you to join us and the ushers will pass

by a pass on the ribbons and you could

choose the one that you want to wear

today so please yes but it's I'd like to

also a pastoral Vivian also leads the

the body ministry with our children's

ministry this is a ministry that helps

to connect individuals with children in

our church with special needs so that

they can be part of the sunday school

program so i don't know if you want to

talk a little bit about that there is

this this display will be in the back at

the end and there will be a sign-up

sheet for the clj body system these are

program consists of four volunteers /

children these children with

disabilities I need a one-to-one

assistant when they are in the classroom


wanna or sunday school so I want you to

think when someone asks you to volunteer

for anything anywhere church or outside

the church think that when you volunteer

you will be building up relationships

and this is your opportunity to build up

a relationship with the parents of this

child and with the shell itself so i

will appreciate some of you if you're

interested if you could sign up today

like i said is for volunteers for chil

so one volunteer / sunday the more

volunteers we have the better

depredation i also would like to

announce that we have a caregiver a a

group and we meet the first tuesday of

each month with four people to have

family members or loved ones caretakers

of people with disabilities and we meet

in this same floor in the room 102 at

seven o'clock so you are invited if you

think this will help you and again

please help us to a to serve as a

volunteer for these children god bless

you and you know we also have adults in

our church who have different intellect

types of intellectual disabilities and I

would love to if people are interested

in helping to mentor teach Sunday school

or teach the Bible together with such

adults in our congregation we could use

some help with that too is sort of peer

mentoring for people with different

types of intellectual disabilities I'd

like to invite brother Shelton Miller to

come forward and he's going to share

just a brief testimony from the

perspective of a dad you know some of

the the elements we know that his son


is an important part of our congregation

and and he is very much a presence he

blesses us and Shelton is a real example

for me as a dad if I ever told you that

but he's a real example for me his

relationship with David is something

that that really impacts me every time

I'm around it so I asked him to just

share briefly about his own experience

thank you pastor Greg hello everyone yes

I'm shelter Miller but those of you who

don't know me most of you too anyway

pastor Greg asked me to just come and

share a little bit i have about six

pages here won't take me long just to

share a little bit about raising an

autistic child my son david is 28 years

old now and i just want to share my

testimony our testimony not my testimony

it's this is about david not about me

but anyway um as a caregiver of an

autistic child the person family member

loved one there are lots of challenges

but there are lots of blessings and I

came to encourage and strengthen anybody

who might find himself going through

that or if you know someone else who is

you know that god is good so you know we

have hurdles along the way as we go

through life even with kids who don't

have special needs right but uh we

overcome those turtles I believe it

makes us stronger for the next one right

we get stronger and trusted God has

provided help for us along the way I've

seen that in our lives and as we raise

David so let's see God's hand in every

situation right and be a blessing be a

blessing to someone that you might know

because sometimes they need a little

help they might need some help but they

might need someone to help babysit up or

just to help any way you can but if you

know someone going through that there

are lots of challenges and sometimes

people keep it to themselves but they

really are they really do need some help

and I would encourage young people to

human services as a career okay they're

saying one in 16 children now mostly

young males boys will could have autism

that's a big number that's that's scary

but the people are going to need help

let me jump right into David situation

like I said David is 28 when David was

born i'm going to talk about the

challenges but then i'm going to come

back and talk about the blessings that

that we saw along the way david was born

a month and a half premature he only

weighed three pounds and ten ounces and

that that would that's a challenge

that's a challenge he only had it but he

had to here to stay in the hospital for

two weeks because when babies are born

that prematurely sometimes they don't

they're not able to swallow suck and

swallow they haven't learned that yet

that that happens in the last month of

development when the babies in the womb

so that was a challenge initially he

couldn't drink so they had to put a tube

down his throat in and squeeze the Moke

down into his stomach every couple of

hours and he would gag and you know but

then and then they would practice with a

little pacifier and in a few days he

learned how to he learned how to suck

and swallow praise the Lord that was a

blessing uh um thank God he didn't need

any artificial respiration I was another

blessing so he came home and then here

we go again he had an early illness he

got he got pneumonia at about three

months of age that was challenging in

itself but a blessing full recovery from

that and everything seemed of groups

everything seemed to happen normally in

his development as he was growing um he

was he was he was singing little songs

and and and and it was potty-trained I

swear was he was about a year year and a

half he was potty-trained once he

learned I don't I don't wet myself I

don't want to wear this thing I use that

he's never met the bed 28 years later

that is a blessing

that is a blessing believe me parents

know praise the Lord then at about two

years of age we started to see slow

language development a kind of abnormal

behaviors like spinning things and just

you know swinging your string and

humming for a little longer than you

would expect and then we had the autism

diagnosis and along with that came

denial shame guilt embarrassment even

anger anger at God right those were

challenges those were challenges and at

hate things like that can cause you to

turn from God don't let it draw closer

to him and he'll draw closer to you so

but but and and then then comes the

acceptance okay and what that acceptance

okay this is mrs. are a lot this is what

we have to deal with and then they were

able to overcome we seek out we sought

out support we had testing we had

different therapies and education that

was a blessing that was a blessing

things were turning around for him to

i'll be around 12 years old seizure

disorder out of nowhere started having

seizures but then we find out that's

common to people in the autistic

spectrum okay they have some

neurological things going on in around

puberty sometimes seizure disorders can

develop a challenge but it's been

completely controlled by medication

david is fine he lives a perfectly

normal life there's the blessing in

there we see God in every situation God

provides and so those that was note that

was a minor setback but you know what we

don't let that control David's life

David is we still have challenges david

has his language communication

disability which prevents him from

having full speech and communication

indeed support and he's going to need

support he needs it now who probably

needed as long as he lives that's a

challenge but the blessing in all this

God has

in is and will continue to be with him

david is handsome happy and healthy he's

a great bike rider basketball player

speller ice skater dancer in front and

this I know I know I know this one day

David and I are going to have all those

conversations that we couldn't have now

we're ever and ever and ever I'm looking

forward to that day god bless you

amen that's tough to follow that's a

beautiful fraud you know I've thought a

lot about what will be like in the

kingdom you know when God in the

resurrection we as Christians believe in

the resurrection of the body there's

going to be a new heaven and a new earth

and we're gonna have new bodies will be

no sickness sadness no more crying no

more tears and and as a beautiful man

who was a member of this church for many

years named Ronnie who went home to be

the Lord he's Severin's best friend and

went home to be with Lord a few years

ago and and he would a man he would come

and he'd sit there and he would just cry

through the whole service he would just

worship the lord and he was such a

beautiful beautiful soul and and I found

myself wondering you know I believe he

will be healthy and able to express

himself in the resurrection but I have a

hunch that the simplicity of heart that

he never lost that innocence that he

never lost will be will be preserved in

the resurrection that will become more

like him in that way that we will all

have that innocence in the presence of