CLJ Eng 150517

before I begin this morning I have to do

a disclosure so we are all on the same

page I am a new Yankee fan

just to measure the Rhinos

the Spanish I already knows that they

have to live with that

number 8 2010 I was cooking hamburgers

preparing my meal I got a phone call

about 10 to seven in the evening from

Isaiah's jr. asking me that what is for

dinner so we have hamburgers now okay

around 15 to 20 slider I got the police

knocking on my door this is the resident

of Isaiah's Rivera I say yes are you so

you've had an accident do you have to go

through to the hospital in my household

they know they keep everything on the

same place my wallet my kids my classes

my cell phone I don't lose those things

because if there's always on the same

place after those moves I was not able

to find my car keys and I searched and

searched and searched when I got to the

hospital being there before to do

pastoral care they brought me to the

room that special room that they give

you the bad news so they put me on their

own and I looking around and thinking

God has a funny sense of humor

after so many years committed to the

gospel after so many years going to

hospitals houses fingers careful people

I was in that room by myself waiting and

thinking when will be that moment that

the physician will come to this room I

will break the bad news

the physician comes with the nerves I

started telling me all the things that

are wrong with Isaiah's and I'm waiting

I'm very focused waiting for the bad

news so as his speaking I going yes ok

ok ok ok so he has hidden because I'm

saying okay I don't speak English I'll

ask me did you speak English he said

Jess are you waiting for the prognosis

so well we're gonna bring into to Beth

Israel but he's not out of the woods yet

so I got him in my car got to be this

ride with my my doral pick up my wife

she was here a church at that time

psycho brigands a vegan don't leave

Boston I'm going to Boston touchy wife

for me she does have no idea what's

coming next so was i met Vivian and I

break the news with drove together to

Beth Israel

and we met with it a little surgeon

72 hours no other time that they gave us

72 hours thanks God

now we were living in Massachusetts

thanks God that we were leaving the

United States thanks God so after the

physician left something will be lost at

a time we are thinking thinking 24 hour

past his brain keeps falling falling

falling they can establish eiver

close to yesterday in two hours my kids

began and I went to the to the intensive

care Ron I have the blessing that baby

and is a registered nurse so i told him

i began tell me display me and defy me

I'm going to pray for Isis what do I

know for what I gonna pray so she gave

me the details and I began my prayer

thanking God for isaiah's life praising

his name while he is laying down on that

intensive care unit on views Connor for

relative of Isaiah's are praising God

there is no bitterness because we will

trust him that God that we present

another I say as 21 years before still

still in control of Isaiah's life I

still have recovered go through a series

of different Hospital stained until he

is discharged to every half unit in


we were playing I will be accepted ah in

this rehab center because as we help him

with his rehabilitation the first day

that we go to this rehab center I'm

reading Isaiah to stay there this is the

welcoming that we receive from the

director of this rehab we are sitting

down with with her in her office and I

was expecting a set of questions about

isaias my sister saying I'm so sorry oh

I am so sorry but my mind is not here

today I just have a father coming to see

me and told me that he can no longer

continue visiting his son the hill

resigned the legal people and gave his

own to the rehab to the government that

was what Masada was our welcoming to the

facility a reality or life and today

story from the Bible some second Samuel

Chapter 9 there is another person with


chapter 9 verse 12 9

one of the worst nightmares for parents

of disabled children is the idea of

thinking ahead what's going to happen

but we are no longer on this earth was

going to watch over my kid who's going

to make sure that my planning his or her

future will be followed true if me or my

wife are no longer on this earth for a

normal family that's not an issue we are

siblings brothers sisters aunts grandmas

but for a special kid they need a

special people

not anybody could take care of a

disabled person especially if the heart

is not there I always keep a mite away

when God decide to send Jesus and Jesus

I for the mission I wasn't to come to

earth to die for us he was died on that

cross for every single person disabled

of not disabled so the son of jonathan

if you read the first verse mephibosheth

are not to pronounce that name so we

connect of him MEPhI so you hear method

to decimal and referring to jonathan son

my wife and i say was trying to teach me

how to pronounce that as i forget about

it tomorrow i will do a disclosure will

be easier so let us go messy you're

gonna give you a nickname of the 21st

century anyway he doesn't care he's

already dead the story goes that he's

five years old his grandfather is the

king so his ribbon in palace he has


that we desire to have he's been taking

care it could be the next after his

father to give in to the tron but

something happened not expected his

father got killed his grandfather also

got killed his relatives all well kill

was the costume the tradition that was a

felon King dies the one that is coming

which was david has the authority the

power to kill everybody so Murphy

babysitter hear the news the his father

just passed away he grandfather passed

away she grabbed the kid star running

fails and because he fall now he's lame

from his feet now he cannot walk and

remember that i mentioned when i open

the sermon that I thanks United States I

tanks die live in Massachusetts because

Murphy was taken from Palace to a

silicon lo debar to be amazing let me

put it you know if he wasn't the twenty

percent to let me put a fee into the


people should not know what Murphy is so

we could spare his life there is no

medical attention like we have today

there were no hospitals imagine for a

five year old kid water turning point in

his life that was from going and playing

in Palace three people bowed to him

being on the grandfather lab walking

around the gardens and now he is in the

closet people cannot pronounce his name

hearing other kids playing bother me to

keep him inside nobody can know that his

Jonathan son let's go outside now when

it's dark I was reading a book about

historical context of disabled people

back then and then used to take their

kids a relative out after 11 p n so

nobody was outside and they could be

outside so he was deprived of receiving

the sunlight to play with kids growing

up normal not too long ago I want to see

visit the family and

there is a husband a wife they took it

we are talking on the living room and I

hear noise coming from one of the room

now so I'm thinking I'm thinking maybe

they have a dog and because you know the

password don't like dogs because I was

bitten by a dog so they put us up in the

room so after half an hour of the noise

I you know I said to myself let me be

polite and let me tell you that they

could bring the dog out so thanks God I

didn't said bring the dog out I said you

know if he cannot be happy in the room

you could bring it out they were taking

care of a nephew I'll stick tick nephew

that when people come to their house

they put it on the bedroom so nobody

could see it chain so this is the same

thing that Murphy is receiving

think about this if Murphy have his

parents alive people will be doing to me

feel like a fee you know let me open the

door ah yes let me put a red carpet let

me carry you now because they love messy

they want to be in favor with the king

you know in Spanish we call that a

Kuwaiti you know like yes oh yes yes you

know me to take care of it because it

with the girls in the King would take

care of us but in this case there is no

parents there is no relative alive that

is the worst nightmare for a disabled

person nobody blood-related alive and

after David secure his drone has

everything under control he acts

verse 3 of chapter 9 i'm ready for the

new bayesian new international version

is there is the one still left on the

half a soul to who I can show God's

kindness his asked him if there is

somebody alive he's asking for a yes or

a no answer how this servant respond

yeah they're still a son of jonathan is

crippled in both feet Debbie didn't act

in what condition the relative is Debbie

didn't ask for any prognosis he asked is

there still anyone alive and we're

talking about many centuries ago now

today 21st century are gonna bring that

now to home and I going to speak from

when I when I pre she in the Spanish

side and I come with a ministration or

story I always tell them so nobody Calif

ended I gather stories when I was living

in New York so there is no connection in

Massachusetts okay when I when i'm

working in my circular job and people

want to describe somebody but they don't

know the name they go see yeah yeah yeah

you know the fat black or the fat latino

they don't go by mr. Smith Oh mr. Rivera

Oh mr. Johnson of a pastor ah this is a

good one natural a volunteer visit I am

a funeral home and the person said oh I

taught that they they how bastard

Roberto said yeah the gringo the path of

the gringo and I said pastor Gregory oh

yeah that one but you know the reality

is the realities does not funny because

we have a name we have a personality we

are somebody so this this this urban was

telling David you know even that he has

a son that still alive his handicap

using a different category don't waste

your time that's what he's trying to

tell him don't waste your time there is

nothing that he can do for you because

our love our welcoming our Christianity

in showing others our love is based in

what my neighbor can do for me so I

could show he no showed her my love and

in this case may be the servant was

thinking maybe he thinks that Jonathan

song could be a soldier could be a

general but his handicap

he sent he sent a messenger because he

wants Murphy at the palace he's in a way

form a fee to come to Palace eating away

form a fee to decide and think and pray

and meditate to come to Palace the game

issue an executive order I want Murphy

impalas colima and if I happen in our

days and suddenly on you sidewalk where

you live 4 black SUVs stop and we say

the Secretary of State coming up one of

those SUVs not given your doors and

asking you their president want to see

you that's a solid the same thing that

happened to Murphy the cleans people are

outside and the king wants to see

it comes to Palace expecting the words I

gonna get killed is my time and David

said to him don't be afraid do not be

afraid i will show you kindness for the

sake of your father janata i will

restore to you all the lambda belong to

do grandfather and you will always eat

at my table you may have Evan bean curry

and drop it let me drop by someone that

was trying to save you drop by someone

else fall drop it into a place where you

do not belong now we cannot walk

straight now sometimes every time that

we try to to get on our feet we fall

down every time you try to walk do you

fall down every time that you make a bow

to the Lord do you find yourself having

to take it back or every time you

promised the Lord I will not do that no

more you fall down

by telling you today you maybe be

content depress in a shame of sinful

state in the liberal city but because

you are alive because you still alive

there is hope get up the king is

knocking on your door

I know that you are crippled by despair

maybe the death of a lost one maybe you

are disabled because a disease maybe

things from your past some are in pain I

implore you to the eigenvalue today Jim

can come out come on you can't come out

once we are before the King's presence

Murphy says something he told a bit what

is the reason of the purpose for you

mercy you know I i am like a dead dog

which was a common phrase at the time to

define you as the law of the lower how

many of us in our journey at some point

felt like a dead duck where was God

where is God he may be sleeping I wanted

something to Diane Sylvia Brian Shelton

Catherine and Viviane

the King the king has taken a city are

his table for your kids na mara if we

are not ready alleluia the samurai we

pass away began having invested money

for the kids college fund pension

retirement properties besides that the

King has an empty seat with his or her

name waiting for decade so you can rest

you could praise God we have not

forgotten you he has not forgotten you

society maybe by the King has a special

place at the table item pastor regular

that we wanna be that they were solving

people that's a precious because that's

an eternal promise the game coming from

the sovereignty of God nothing could

change that not in conscience that God

has spoken God has spoken and that

should be enough to trust his word that

when I leave this world I could go in

peace because my king he will be taking

care of my kid your kid you kids you


I want to finish with this an


about 40 years ago or 50 years ago I

believe my uncle was driving a pickup

truck in the Mantis in Puerto Rico and

he saw this lady with a big basket on it

on her head with fruit I missed up and

he came very right because if I compel

you know she has to walk up to the town

so about five miles with that basket she

coming to the pickup truck as his

driving it looks to the rear mirror and

you think that she still have the basket

on her head so when we when he got to

the to the town he likes her why you

didn't put the basket on the side that

was the whole purpose of giving you a

ride and she said ah has been so many

years carrying the basket the I didn't

notice the happiness the load like curry

on my head until you pointing out when

you come to the table and you see at the

table skin nobody could see your feet

nobody could see your disability nobody

could see you witness because a Kings

table covers your disability the Kings

table cover you witness the constable

called you all may the lord bless you

made low gallo

many people like you open to people in

the kindle shooting the loss and the

compassion and the understanding

somebody every person what can I do for

a couple that has on a stiff dick son I

don't know how to you know I don't know

what about if you approach this copper

and said to them when you think in the

future to have a date I could be the

babysitter so you took her go out and

have dinner dozen well idea showing you

people love understanding and that we

all share the same needs in I say as

Union case I have to place the church

when I got the admission this before

when I got today to the Beth Israel if

group of the military were already there

so before I got the news I was

encountered I was welcoming from men's

from this church to all day the entire

rehab people make their own issue to

travel to middle bottle passwords

friends went to the hospital

even the software team from this church

open the arms to I say us now I wish and

also acting the ice MVPs all you need to

pay anymore what I'm trying to say is

that he been to happen two billion and

my life the church was also part of that

II been the church was part of the

progress and the rehab the shedule he

had to tell me I say as we go through

people I love you that should show me to

the action that they love me I remember

Tom pop salt also when i say i was

studying taking this approach it class I

remember him leaving the house every

Wednesday with Isaac for an hour or two

to find out that I was being with pastor

Gregori every Wednesday to go over this

approach it classics taking the time so

my family is thankful to the church

because it shall show me to that even

where is the Christian family looks like

we are not perfect she's not perfect and

I painting here a perfect perfect

situation and saying imperfect people

stepping up to the plate and showing

their neighbor what God love looks in

the face of this earth digest we are not

perfect but we love each other we are

committed to Christ cause whether god

bless you clearly okay okay

wanting to show to respond to this

sermon is think thinking about meditate

what can we do in the present time to

alleviate to share the blessings of

other families Vivian spoke at the

beginning about the body system being

friend with Beckett Nagas coming you

know if you have friend with that kid

through the body system you are allowing

that family to stay at the service and

join just present you could do it

through awana to Sunday School what a

beautiful see that that family could be

sitting down with not thinking about

what happened happened to the kid

because a brother or a sister from

church is taking care and we have the

blessing to have plenty services you

could stop for the second service

I mean if you can can do that what about

getting next to them once in a while and

asking then are you guys doing how's

your spiritual life and that I can do

how many of us are being able to invite

these families to our homes how many are

willing to do that or we only are

Christians in church is what I call

social Christianity the way we work to

those door we look at recent heaven when

we leave the church I don't know what we

resemble but the reality is my awareness

has to transcend the church my awareness

has to transcend my comfort zone because

God awareness for us transcend having

dehiscent the best of the best to die

for you and to die for me I don't want

to happen the signature which are they

gonna do I think let me tell you don't

tell me that you love me show me with

actions that you love me because a time

alone that you have to put your life and

define what you believe and then I will

know who really believe I will be able

and committed to die for the cause if

you cannot love you bro

sister you don't know if God God bless

you people and then I'd like to open up

some time for prayer just here at the

altar as we close now this message we

talked about so many things that I think

strike deep for so many of us and the

bottom line is that there is a place at

the table for everybody that Jesus calls

and that includes every one of us what

one of us doesn't have some sort of a

disability right my legs work okay Milo

allergy works relatively well but there

are things that don't work I have phones

in the flesh is there anyone here who

can say they don't have some disability

of some sort we are all week in some way

and through our weakness God's power is

perfected it's part of the beauty of the

gospel and I want us to be a place as is

the Spanish side the English side where

everybody can come and know that they

have a place at the table here there may

be people you know and that they can

come as they are at the table we're all

equals in the kingdom of God amen and so

that's just a beautiful message so I'd

like to open up a moment of prayer at

the altar for maybe this speaks to some

P is maybe weeks to you and in a

situation in your life your family your

relatives or someone you know that you

care about that you want to lift up to

the Lord in a special way also maybe

you've been touched in your heart that

you want to serve in some way whether

it's with children as I mentioned we

have adults in this group two three

adults with with intellectual

disabilities who could use some we could

use a Sunday school teacher who meets

with them once a month or so and maybe

just praise with them talks about the

gospel there's all kinds of ways so

maybe you want to just make yourself

available to the Lord I don't have a

sign-up sheet up here but you're just

saying to God God use me in this area so

let's take

sometime before the Lord and this or

maybe you feel a calling somehow in your

own career or your future to serve in

some way in this way so I know my wife

works with a stroke recovery support

group at faulkner hospital and and just

she gathers people and she shares really

the gospel with people in a beautiful

way and so very often in our employment

situation we have ways to show the love

of christ and so i'm going to invite us

all to stand and let's open up the altar

it and just have a little bit of time of

prayer as we close in worship will sing

a little bit and then and then I we're

going to pray to