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Exodus chapter 24 verse 5 Lord you have

heard every word and I bow to you as the

wondrous God the Lion of the tribe of

Judah he who roars and sees his enemies

scattered before you lay out your word

like a scroll a hearts receive you in

Jesus name Exodus chapter 24 verse 5 the

last time we met here and just make sure

I get this right and don't edit the Lord

and then refer to my notes an awful lot

the last time we met here pastor Greg

brought a sermon as you know he's

following we're going through Leviticus

how about that series isn't that amazing

did you ever think you'd ever live

through a series on the book of

leviticus and actually want to show up

every sunday and see what was next this

has been an amazing series and the last

time pastor Greg brought a sermon here

on the Book of Leviticus we were talking

about fellowship offerings as part of

his series and he explained that in this

passage Exodus chapter 24 is the first

reference to a fellowship offering in

Scripture and this happened to be this

marks the covenant which is what

fellowship offerings are for is to say

mark a covenant a pact that we make with

God a covenant God's pastor Greg put it

God's marriage proposal between god and

his people so we're going to read

quickly verses 5 through 7 the Moses

sent young Israelite men and they

offered burnt offerings and sacrifices

young bulls as fellowship

to the Lord Moses took half of the blood

put it in bowls and the other half he

sprinkled on the altar then he took the

book of the Covenant which includes the

headings there is the tank as uten you

and I know them as the Ten Commandments

and read it to the people they responded

we will do everything the Lord has said

we will obey we will obey I don't know

how many of y'all that y'all and if you

read that home at home alone and what is

your honest gut sense you're honest gut

reaction when you hear the people of

Israel declaring those words we will

obey it's like watching a movie when you

know you know and you know you see you

know this person is going to be not that

you know this person is going to be the

victim in about 15-20 minutes but you

keep watching the movie anyway because

you know how it's going to turn out

how'd it turn out for them of course we

know how it turned out within days these

folk are dancing around a golden calf

off the bat they're violating the first

two Commandments probably even more

right we know that story but if somehow

you're visiting from a planet where you

don't know that story in your gut you

know how this turns out we will obey you

know why you know you know why we know

because of our own stores right because

of the times we hurt ourselves vow to

the Lord a meaning Lord all obey we will

obey whatever you say

so I noted free all who's this word

meant for this word today is meant for

people who actually care that wouldn't

and when you hear that anything that uh

pastor Sam hunt why would you have to

remind me great i'm talking to the right

people because I I need to be talking to

people who actually care when they know

that covenant was broken and it and it

and you're in our minds in our hearts

the holy spit just flushes with a at the

idea that we broke this covenant and

broke this word I'm talking to the

people whose hearts are drawn to God

drawn to him know that we need him and

we've cried out god help me help us Lord

and you've heard the Lord respond I'd be

happy to do that son now this is what

I'm requiring of you in that heart

though even when we know it's coming

directly from God and even when we know

it's for our own good obeying God to

questions will they we deal with these

two questions or move along my promise

number one why is it so hard why is it

so hard and number two why is obeying

God so important why is it so

indispensable perhaps the best way to

understand this is by examining

what I'm going to call it a a case study

in the Book of Jeremiah it's always

easier to see somebody else's story this

is the anatomy of one person's one man's

decision whether to obey God or not we

get to we get to parse someone's drain

of mind in their exchange with God about

this we're going to eavesdrop on the

conversation between a king at the end

of his rope with everything to lose and

a profit with fresh instructions from

God would you like to have some of that

fresh instructions from God you may have

never read this passage before but

something tells me even if you've never

come across this particular passage

before there's a lot about this

conversation that's going to sound

awfully familiar before we get to the

end so now let's turn to Jeremiah

chapter 38 this conversation between

Zedekiah King Zedekiah and Jeremiah

grace the Lord why is it so hard let's

start with verse 14 verse 14 then King

Zedekiah sent for Jeremiah the Prophet

and had him brought to the third

entrance to the temple of the Lord I'm

going to ask you something the king said

to Jeremiah do not hide anything from me

first a note about this third entrance

to the temple the third entrance to the

temple a little bit about where we are

in history this is hundreds of years

later we're no longer we're no longer in

the desert where we're in Israel and

we're no longer intense this is now a

house there's a maui temple erected to

the glory of God where the Ark of God

and not just the Ark of God but the

Shekinah glory the presence of god

dwells here at least for now because

when we get to this scene in Jeremiah 38

if the Book of Leviticus and

and the five books of the beginning

Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers and

Deuteronomy tells you the beginning of

the story by this time by the time we

get to Jeremiah we're talking about near

the end because now Babylonians have

encircled Jerusalem and the temples days

and the city's days are numbered and

Zedekiah this King is the last king

before their exile to babylon now what

about this third entrance the third

entrance was thought to be a private

entrance for the exclusive use of the

king and his officials connecting you

know how we've been praying the Lion of

Judah we've been praying for like a a

connector and now we have a connector

between this building and that building

and the other building well there were

connections here to this was King

Zedekiah's private connector between the

palace and the temple and but it was

more than that it was also a space where

the Kinka consult alone with priests and

presumably at other times where Kings

cared about consulting alone with God

the king could go into this space isn't

it beautiful and be alone with God there

between the palace and the temple don't

we all have our places like that where

we can connect with God when we're at

the end of our rope where we can go and

we're desperate to hear from God I hope

you see this place is your third

entrance I hope you see this sanctuary


place like that and it's here where

Zedekiah has at least his third this is

his third conversation and it turns out

his final conversation with Jeremiah the

Prophet verse 15 Jeremiah responded to

Zedekiah if I give you an answer will

you not kill me even if I did give you

counsel you would not listen to me but

King Zedekiah swore this old secretly to

Jeremiah as surely as the Lord lives who

has given us breath I will neither kill

you nor hand you over to those who are

seeking your life some background the

first time Jeremiah brought a word from

the Lord to this king they beat him

within an inch of his life and locked

them in the house of one of his one of

the Kings officials and he almost dies

the second time he brought a word to

this came they threw him in a dry well

where he stood in mud up to his waist

for days and he almost died could you

blame the man for being a little

reluctant to give this man it did give

this fella a word for the Lord it's his

help what we're doing this again what

now what what what now the rack the

electric chair what what but the King

insists in the strongest possible terms

he says no I swear nobody's gonna

q what are you hear from the Lord

Jeremiah what does he want from me can

you see the scene that they're just

alone he's looking around making sure no

one else is hearing this and in this

third entrance is private space the King

says awesome will you please you know

and I can oh no I could almost hear in

my this is a very different kind of

movie from the kind that pastor Greg's

been talking about here I'm hearing you

know bombardment in the background and

hearing you know arrows flicking against

the walls of the temple I'm hearing

boulders being tossed over the walls by

catapults I'm hearing screaming the city

coming apart the king in his last good

robe a prophet who still hasn't cleaned

off all the mud caked on his legs and

the King saying listen do you have a

word from the Lord can you tell me

anything what does he want from me now I

think about this why does this King

insists on hear the word of the Lord

from Jeremiah if he's already heard the

same message twice and he didn't like it

either time so why does he insist I bet

you many of y'all can answer the same

question i'll give you two reasons

number one because things aren't going

well things are really really not going

well right and despite the cheap advice

was getting from perhaps as well-meaning

cronies and his friends this King

consents as much as he reacts negatively

viscerally to the Word of God it is

bones he knows that there's power that

there's life and authority in the Word

of God even if he doesn't like it in his

gut though he knows this is his only

hope so he keeps asking even if he

doesn't like it he knows in his don't

you have friends like that in their gut

this that's what people say that's what

people think and but the Word of God

goes beyond our minds gostrey it cuts

the Word of God cuts between our sinews

and our bones and go straight to our

move to where we dwell people know it's

the folk who are arguing with you in

your office or at school or whatever

they know it's true you don't need to

contain know it you're not arguing over

what's true anymore they know it in

their God that's why they keep listening

to you that's why they keep coding you

that's why they keep arguing with you

that's why they keep bringing it up

because they know in their gut there's

life in this perhaps reason number two

the king also hopes and maybe God has

changed his mind this time you know that

God was I just kidding I was kidding the

last two times then the god baby would

let him off the hook

give him something a little easier to

swallow but God hasn't changed his mind

it's the same word verse 17 then

jeremiah said to Zedekiah this is with

the Lord Almighty the god of israel says

if you surrender to the officers of the

king of Babylon your life will be spared

and the city will not be burned you and

your family will live but if you will

not surrender to the officers of the

king of Babylon this city will be handed

over to those Babylonians and they will

burn it down you yourself will not

escape from their hands such a deal huh

as well you know as the Lord has done

with so many of us he gaves it a Kiah a

choice he gave Zedekiah choice and he

tells that a guy Zedekiah I'm gonna ask

you to do something hard I'm gonna ask

you to do but something perhaps the

hardest thing that you've ever had to do

it may not make sense to you and maybe

the last thing you ever want to do but

if you do it I will be with you and

you'll live through this oh you'll save

yourself you'll save your family you'll

save the whole city but if you ignore me

God tells them if you don't pay

attention if you don't trust me if you

don't Oh

you lose everything you lose it all

sooner or later if you serious in this

walk you get to the point where God

gives you a choice what does that acai

juice verse 19 King Zedekiah said to

Jeremiah I'm afraid everyone say I am

afraid I am afraid of the Jews who have

gone over to the Babylonians for the

Babylonians may hand me over to them and

they will mistreat me ah finally a

glimpse at Zedekiah's heart it took

three interviews three encounters with

the word of God but sooner or later the

Lord will reveal our hearts and they lie

open you know many times these choices

these hard obedience choices as more

about our hearts than anything else it's

more about our hearts than anything else

you'll have access to every tree here

just don't touch this one Abraham your

son you know the one I'm talking about

right your only son the one you love him

tomorrow morning my parapa bring a knife

you know father is there any other way

is there any other way could you pass

this cup

me can you pass this come for me

whatever you say though it's about our

heart it's known what's in there he

knows what's in there but he wants you

really to see to know what's in there

and at the core of Zedekiah's heart we

find that the DA fear fear you know when

we struggle to obey more often than not

it isn't because of lack of information

what does the Lord say and it or it

isn't because of lack of Revelation what

does the Lord say more often than not

it's fear fear Zedekiah is afraid that

the Babylonians I would hand him over to

a group of fellow Jews who had gone into

exile earlier probably collaborating

with the Babylonians who would get even

with him in classically Old Testament

unspeakable ways that's a real fear even

though God gives him his word that this

isn't going to happen God promises him

that won't happen but he fears it anyway

verse 20 they will not and by the way if

this sermon has a theme verse it's verse

20 out of Jeremiah 38 and we'll see and

by the way if there was a spare bottle

of water out there before I keel over

halfway through the sermon that be also

alright verse 20 they will not hand you

over Jeremiah reply obey now the word

here in Hebrew in Hebrew tradition it's

a powerful word it's shema that's a

great we'll get to that eventually it's

it's strewn all over the book of the law

and it means this it's a Hebrew word

that means listen to thank you for

listening hallelujah it says obey the

Lord America's obey which means listen

to pay attention to pay heed to in the

Old Testament you might hear the word in

our King James's Park parking too yes

obey the Lord by doing what I tell you

then it will go well with you and your

life will be spared but if you refuse to

surrender this is what the Lord has

revealed to me all the women left in the

palace of the king of Judah will be

brought out to the officials are the

king of Babylon it doesn't get any

better those women will say to you how's

this for humiliation they misled you and

over can you those trusted cronies

friends of yours your feet are sunk in

the mud

the same thing they did to Jeremiah your

friends have deserted you all your wives

and children will be brought out to the

Babylonians you you yourself will not

escape from the hands but will be

captured by the king of Babylon and this

city will be burned down what part of

this don't you understand Zedekiah then

Zedekiah set to Jeremiah this stays

between us don't let anyone know about

this conversation or you may die here's

the verdict Zedekiah feared these people

more than he feared God if you come to a

different conclusion please see me

afterwards I would really appreciate it

he feared the opinion of his officials

his friends and his cronies more than he

feared God although in the end the very

thing he feared is precisely what i

needed up happening to him and to the

city you know why here's my theory

because who or what we fear or Revere

who or what we fear or Revere is what we

tend to obey who or what we fear or

reverence or a Revere is what we tend to

obey and this is a very very common

pattern whether we want to admit it or

not we fear or revere something more

than God even if that thing that we fear

or that thing that we

Revere ends up killing us in the end I

mean in this line of work we hear this a

lot it's a it's see if you denote this

pattern and you know parental advisory

this is where it gets hard pastor I know

that God can never bless this

relationship I'm in and I'm carrying on

it's drying up my soul it's destroying

my home by marriage but I'm afraid I'm

afraid that if I break this off I'll

just die have you heard that I'll just

die my world will come apart what does

God say God answers obey and it will go

well with you and you will live faster i

know god is calling me to break free

from this addiction whether it's to

pornography or drugs or alcohol or

gambling you name it but i'm afraid of

what folks will say if they find out

about my struggle I'm afraid of

committing to a program like team

challenge or living waters and failing

at it and God answers obey and it will

go well with you and you live pastor I'm

afraid of forgiving that person who

betrayed me and hurt me I can't even

imagine living without this resentment

or this pay

God answers obey and it'll go well with

you and you'll live pastor I know that

there are some practices that God hates

but are part of doing business at my job

whether it's lying cheating taking

advantage of others cutting corners etc

and I'm afraid if I object I could lose

my job and then what God answers obey

and it'll go well with you it'll go well

with you and you will live this is what

it comes down to when you get to that

threshold moment and the irony is if

you're doing things right if you're

following Christ sooner or later you're

going to get to this threshold moment

when you get there will you do this even

if it makes no sense to you even if it

feels like you will die in the attempt

God answers obey and it will go well

with you and you will live what is it so

important why is obedience so important

because you know what if you're paying

attention there's no escaping it

throughout Scripture beginning with the

Lord's instructions about the tree of

life in the first pages of Genesis

through all of the Lord's dealings with

Israel in the Old Testament throughout

the Gaza

Bulls of Jesus Christ and through the

new testament to the very last pages of

the book of Revelation you see the same

thing you see a god seeking a people who

would obey him why why is this such a

big deal why is this so important to the

Lord I'll give you two reasons number

one and we could project that image

realm Thank You Isaac number one because

obedience is God's love language

obedience is God's love language now

what do I mean by that this is a

shameless plug for a book written by

Gary Chapman it's his book the five love

languages no those of y'all who are in

marriage or for some reason have had a

moment of temporary insanity and want to

get married actually it's wonderful but

this is your instruction they'll pick up

a copy it's you see it's wonderful book

I've been serious it's a wonderful book

and in his book Gary Chapman says that

each of us has our own preferred love

language there's five of them that he

identifies number one gifts you know

it's Christmas flowers chocolates a

Lexus SUV depending on the taste

in your particular household number two

quality time you know turn off the game

but it talked about Sakura Levitical

sacrifice I turn off the game for you

master turn off the game go for a walk

hand in hand down the bike path together

or maybe even you know a date at

cheesecake factory after work or

something quality time number three

words of affection words of affection I

love you I admire you you know but this

it turns out that after a while this

this one is much more effective sweetie

you look terrific in that dress tonight

yeah there's a tip you guys are getting

all kinds of tips number four for acts

of service acts of service and the many

of the congregation side paso defined it

looks like a guy's okay great take out

the trash start from there ask your wife

she probably has a list

and number five physical touch holding

hands a kiss on the cheek etc etc Sarah

Sarah but here's the key here's the key

to this and this is don't miss this

point dr. Chapman's point is this the

secret to love is not to impose my love

language on my spouse or my loved ones

but to learn their love language to

learn their love language and love them

according to their love language in

other words it's not you know love as we

think best or in our own way this is not

Frank Sinatra you know how to do more

way that's not what that's not love it's

not you know love as we think best all

right I may prefer in other words I'm I

prefer to write marina a poem I was an

English major I wait the law I could do

that you know right marina a poem or

bring her a bouquet of flowers usually

from stop and shop but when I she loves

it but but what she really loves when I

washed the dishes like I did this

morning or spend three hours picking up

10 bags of collecting leaves off our

enormous driveway the woman swoons

you know the fashion of fires in your

eyes again this is boy I hope it's

autumn all year-round weight the snow

comes in honey you're really gonna wow

we're really good not a wonderful time

then you have any idea how many people

of her complain another angle to this

how many people have heard complaining

about fathers who say I love Joe my own

way I love John my own way I you had a

roof over your heads right you had food

on your table you had clothes on your

back right but Bob you were never around

that's the old song you never came to

the game even if you weren't you were on

the bench the whole time but the idea is

pop you never came to the game you never

once I never once saw you hugged mom I

never you never once all your on us it's

not loving her own way miss Ahmad army

manita it's not loving the way we think

best for people that we care about

especially god is this beginning to make

sense especially god there's a phrase

that has been bantered in political

circles has become quite fashionable

love is love okay i'm going to become a

literature with you I gag when I hear

that and it's not the preacher in me

that guy's really here's our it is the

english major in me but gags when he is

out it's the lawyer in me that gags when

he hears that it's the linguist in me

that gags when he hears that love love

is love isn't that cute love can't mean

whatever you want it to me it can't mean

words must have meaning they must convey

particular ideas that are solid you if a

word means anything you want it to mean

anything you you choose it to mean to

fit our fancy soon and this is the

danger it will mean what nothing at all

it loses its currency love cannot mean

whatever we want it to mean the news

flash god is love

god is love and he and only he gets to

define what that word means a definition

needs to come from someone and he has

reserved that definition for himself he

gets to define what the word means and

folks the ultimate expression of love is

the love God with all your heart with

all your soul with all your strength

with all your mind to love him that's

the ultimate expression of love you

can't love your neighbor or anyone or

even yourself until you do that until

you do that until you love God not as we

think best or in our own way but as he

expects to be loved speaking his love

language and he's been real clear super

clear to love him we must obey Him even

a call him Lord and he is recorded in

heaven how many times we've used that

word in this service alone and that's

fine but do please know that that word

has a meaning calling him Lord ie you

own my soul you all my soul you rule my

life you rule my life to call him Lord

is implicitly a commitment to obey Him

throughout scripture if one thing is

clear is that obedience is God's love

language if you love me declares Jesus

in John 14 15 what keep keep my

Commandments and when another king of

Israel Saul attempted to love God his

own way by pretty words and by offering

God a sacrifice of animals thats all

actually how's this for ironic he's

trying to love God by offering him stuff

that he disobeyed in getting in the

first place you know I I don't even want

to touch what that would be like at home

if I tried that on Medina you know did I

tell you to do that did I tell you

something how would that work at home

this is what Saul tries to do and the

prophet Samuel gives gives us all a

lesson on God's love language in first

time you'll 1522 he says does the Lord

delight in burnt offerings and

sacrifices as much as in obeying

the Lord literally don't put the Ox

before the clock in a different this is

not about the oxen or the sheep or the

doves or the grain offerings it's about

obeying him that the Lord delight in

these burnt offerings to obey is better

than sacrifice and to heed to Sh'ma to

listen to pay attention it's better than

the fat of ramps and again Jesus

concludes his sermon on the mount in the

Gospel of Matthew warning verse 21 of

chapter 7 of Matthew not everyone who

says to me Adonai Adonai Lord Lord will

enter the kingdom of heaven but only the

one who does the will of in other words

the one who obeys my father who is in

heaven many will say to me on that day

Lord Lord did we not prophesy in your

name and in your name dried all demons

and in your name perform many miracles

then I will tell them plainly and if

you're not patient if you're paying

attention to this it should make you

shudder wake up at two o'clock in the

morning in a cold sweat to even think to

even imagine the Lord saying this I

never knew you away from me you

evildoers I never I never knew I never

knew we were never intimate we were

never close you never spoke my love

language I never knew you why there's a

second reason here

why obedience is so important because

obedience is what distinguishes the

people of God for the rest of humanity

in your Christianity which you know I

really the truth project fans may pick

that up it's an awesome it's a classic

oh my gracious and there's a reason they

call it classic that's amazing in mere

christianity CS lewis poses an

interesting question isn't this isn't

this an interesting question the first

chapters of mere christianity ask this

why would god is it this all of it why

would God create beings capable of

disobeying him if obedience is so

important to them rocket hit around that

why why in the name of common sense when

God literally create these wider toys

that are capable of doing the opposite

of what he wants to do and then he puts

a tree in the middle of the Blessed

garden for them to see every day and

pass why what is he what was he thinking

why would God create beings capable of

disobeying him if this if obedience was

so important you know why because some

of them will obey him some of them would

try regardless of the times they lived

in or the culture they lived there or

the shifting laws or fashions or fancies

what was cool

and and okay and permitted in the places

they lived in whether it was Corinth or

Rome or New York or or Boston or

Cambodia's killing fields or the Middle

East or India oh and whatever the cost

at whatever cost their reputations their

jobs their careers their families or

prison or the gulag or the sands of the

Coliseum or the sort of Isis on some

beach in Libya or the cross these crazy

people choose to obey God there's always

somebody in history that does that it is

worth it it's worth it because from them

God forges a people who are

indestructible from them God forges of

people who are uncomfortable God says

these people these crazy people who dare

to who attempted to obey me they trust

me these people obey me these people

love me and the gates of

hell will not prevail against them it's

worth it wrapped in the mantle of his

love it's worth it what can we fear at

that point now think this through and

this is where grace breaks through fear

perfect love casts out all fear perfect

love casts out this is where we declare

as pastor greg was in what who if God is

did it's Christmas right Emmanuel Wright

God is with us right if God is with us

who could be against us who can be

against us what can separate who can

separate us from the love of God it's

persecution gonna separate us from the

love of God it's a sword gonna separate

us from the love of God is losing my job

gonna separate me from the love of God

it's my reputation gonna separate me

from the love of God what can separate

me from the love of God for you

conquerors through him who loved you

it's worth speaking the man's love

language it was tapping into his hearts

it's worth it and folks it's that's the

record of history to obey God is to be

on the right side of history it should

be on the right side of history history

begins and ends with God ruling the lord

over all when the nations of this earth

are reduced to dust and great names are

forgotten in the wind the Lord of Hosts

Jesus's Jesus this Messiah sits on his

throne ruling the universe through the

power of his word it's worth it and the

thing is he knows this jesus knows how

this book ends he knows how this story

ends he goes no your story ends he knows

how your eternity hands and because he

knows this he

bangs you obey it will go well with you

you deny yourself take up your cross

follow me it'll go well with you trust

me lord knows your life ok he knows your

life he knows your drama he knows you're

drowning sooner or later following

Christ this is where this is where this

is Christianity this is the Christianity

of history this is this is what's this

is what makes Christians heroes because

at some point in your walk following

Christ is going to bring you to the

threshold of a new life that's why

they're in this room that's why you keep

hanging in cuz you know that god I want

to God if the following Christ is gonna

bring you to the threshold of a new life

and that's where radical obedience

becomes costly because the face

the fair the toll that you'll be paying

to cross that threshold is costly Lord

if I do when you're asking i'll die what

if i stop doing what you're asking I'll

die and my beloved that is the point

that's the point we obey Christ this is

called radical obedience you obey Christ

and part of us will die Zedekiah

discovered that whoever seeks to save

his life will lose it so we come before

the Lord and say Lord whatever needs to

die whatever needs to go let it go you

are one fit my notions my fashions my

principles my good-luck see my car it's

let it

I he sees your drum he sees your heart

and what he sees you going before the

Lord and saying boy what if I I do this

is it feels like I said this is ripping

the opposite gonna this is killing me

but this I do this for you Jesus I'm

doing this because you asked and he's

gonna draw near you he's gonna shield

you he will embrace you this Holy Spirit

will feel you you'll be clothed in his

peace you'll be crowned with his

righteousness and you're gonna hear him

whisper and you will wake up your eyes

and going to realize how I lived through

that but I'm good Wow weird that way to

go oh I never thought I could feel so

awesome to us me says the Lord trust me

says the Lord trust me it'll go well

with you it'll go well with you you will


does it work for that amazing grace you

know I could almost hear it did these

sermons don't think the creatures down

here in the back of our minds this is

pastor Sam please preach a sermon long

you know obedience nobody wants to hear

about obedience preach a sermon on love

I I've just spent the last hour

preaching a sermon on the love of God I

have never preached a clearer sermon on

the love of God then I just have this is

the love of God they go hand in hand and

in Jesus name I pray that you discover

that I'd like you to some of the Amen

who worship assuming those of you also

need the hope who need the Lord of you

at this richest structure and stretch

out your hands to hear enough and had

this moment alone with him and listen to

him pay heed pay heed to pay attention

what is he saying what is he asking what

does he want what does he expect and

he's asking with a smile and he's asking

with love and he's asking is your

created yeah he's asking is the one who

knows how to fix you he's asking as your

healer Jehovah rum for offer he's he's

asking because

what's wrong with here and what he knows

what needs to be cut out of you because

it isn't helping it's not it's sapping

your life it's sapping your holiness

it's happily righteousness it's keeping

you from walking through the door that

he has from you it's barring you from

the blessing

then he has for you it's a lonely walk

but when you walk through that threshold

you may leave your friends behind you

many of your colleagues behind you may

leave the folks who on who you who you

depend on to admire you behind and you

stand through will pastor Sam who do I

have left your walk into a room when you

cross that threshold and the only one in

that room will be Jesus you'll be alone

yeah yeah I'll be passes out girls

you're finally alone with God finally

thank you Jesus