The Fellowship Offering: A Meal with God

if you could open up your Bibles to the

book of leviticus chapter 3 easy to find

near the beginning of the Bible Genesis

Exodus and let's hear it all together

okay let's hear that a little more gusto

now love pittacus praise God one of the

most exciting books of the Bible

actually it is and that's what we're

discovering but it is one of the most

inaccessible books of the Bible for a

lot of people because it has rules about

the tabernacle offerings and sacrifices

and some of it can seem very technical

and confusing to modern readers but we

see that underneath that God has a

powerful message for us and God is

speaking to us about how to live in the

presence of a holy God of how to be

close to an awesome holy God and how

that glory can transform us so we're

talking about the beauty of holiness the

beauty of being a person that is set

apart to belong to God in a special way

that's what we're talking about these

days so I'd ask you to open up to

Leviticus chapter 3 and we have had some

technical difficulties thank you for

your patience during the worship but it

was good to have some no visuals for a

little while right we look at screens

too often in life right sometimes good

not to look at anything just just close

our eyes so it's all good but is it

working it's working though praise the

Lord so let's get the tabernacle up just

just the tabernacle we'll look at that

so this is the structure built by the

Israelites under the instruction of God

in the desert Moses and the people and

they would worship in the presence of

God and God's presence was not an

invisible presence at that time but a

visible manifestation of the glory of

God a cloud that hovered over that tent

and at night would turn to fire how

about that how about living in a

neighborhood where you look out the

window and there is the glowing glory

Shekinah glory of God and you know that

you're a sinful person how can a sinful

person dwell with our God who is a

consuming fire Leviticus gives the

answer of how to come before God with

the proper offerings and proper attitude

of humility now today we're going to be

talking about a particular offer

called the fellowship offering the

fellowship offering now I'm going to say

this is my favorite one although

everyone I'm learning about every week

becomes my favorite one so I reserve the

right to say that again next week okay

or whatever we talk about this again but

fellowship offering when you think of

fellowship what do you think about you

think of community you think of sitting

down at a table with a friend over a

good meal well that's what this offering

was meant to be it was God inviting

people to the table it's an offering

where you're not coming to ask for

anything you're just coming to say thank

you god I love you and I want to be near

you isn't that awesome often we come to

God with a list of requests right got

your laundry list go down to pray God

help me I need this I need that please

help me there's nothing wrong with that

many of the Psalms begin with the phrase

help and that's okay because our God is

close to us when we need him but how

beautiful when we come to God and say

God I'm just coming to be near you today

I just want to worship you I just want

to say thank you to you and just give

you myself today I'm not asking for

anything right off I'm just saying I

want to be near my god and that is a

beautiful thing and that's what this

offering is about so Leviticus chapter 3

it begins in verse 1 Leviticus 3 verse 1

and here's again the structure they

would come before this fire your average

Israelite come to the door be ushered in

close to the altar before the glowing

glory of God and that's where they would

offer their sacrifices imagine if you

came to church every week and you saw

the visible cloud of God hovering over

us you may not see that but that's the

reality we sung today may the glory of

the lord rises upon us and I so grateful

to the worship team for picking that

song because that's what we're praying

that the glory of God would rise upon us

every single week so Leviticus chapter 3

verse 1 about the fellowship offering

okay says if you are offering

is a fellowship offering and you offer

an animal from the herd whether male or

female you are to present before the

Lord an animal without defect you are to

lay your hand on the head of your

offering and slaughter it at the

entrance to the tent of meeting then

Aaron son's the priest shall splash the

blood against the sides of the altar

from the fellowship offering your to

bring a food offering to the Lord the

internal organs and all the fat that is

connected to them both kidneys with the

fat on them near the loins and the long

lobe of the liver which you will remove

with the kidneys then Aaron's sons are

to burn it that is the fat on the altar

on top of the burnt offering that is

lying on the burning wood it is a food

offering and aroma pleasing to the Lord

then it goes on in verse 6 to talk about

a fellowship offering that would be

something from the flock and it goes on

a little bit more about you know it just

goes on more with that then it talks

about what to do to a goat and then it's

gets all the way ahead verse 17 where

we're going to read in verse 16 the

priest shall burn them on the altar as a

food offering a pleasing aroma all the

fat is the Lord's verse 17 this is a

lasting ordinance for the generations to

come wherever you live you must not eat

any fat or any blood okay now skip ahead

with me to the book of Deuteronomy

Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers and

then Deuteronomy so skip two books ahead

Deuteronomy chapter 12 verse 7 it talks

about this offering a little bit more as

Moses is reviewing the law for the

people Deuteronomy chapter 12

Deuteronomy 12 let's hear everyone stay

together Deuteronomy Deuteronomy

here you go you're like Greg I'm just

waking up it's 10 man Deuteronomy okay

Deuteronomy 7 Deuteronomy 7 it's talking

about the sacrifices and says they're in

the presence of the Lord your God you

and your families shall eat and shall

rejoice in everything you have put your

hand to because the Lord your God has

blessed you now skip ahead to verse 17

you must not eat in your own towns the

tithe of your grain a new wine and olive

oil were the firstborn of your herds and

flocks or whatever you have vowed to

give or your freewill offerings or

special gifts instead you want to eat

them in the presence of the Lord your

God at the place the Lord your God will

choose you your son's your daughters

your male and female servants and the

Levites from your towns and you are to

rejoice before the lord your god in

everything you put your hand to so this

is a celebration meal you offer an

offering part of it is consumed on the

altar and then the rest is consumed at

the table you your family your friends

and your priests in the presence of God

this is Old Testament Thanksgiving

supper right here so let's pray that God

will speak to us through it father I

thank you for the fellowship offering in

the Old Testament and I thank you for

what you want to say to us through it I

thank you for your invitation today to

draw near to your tabernacle and to be

before your glory God I want to have a

heart that says yes Lord I'll come and I

want to be among a people that has a

heart that says yes to your invitation

so speak to us today as we go through

this in Jesus name how about that

command from God you know sometimes we

talk about fasting you ever heard about

fasting when you abstain from food to

pray in a special way when that we're

talking about not fasting unto the Lord

but eating unto the Lord right eating is

every bit as Holy as fasting when done

unto the Lord now that's a good say amen

to that right some of you like amen

eating unto the Lord I'd like to do that

today eating serving him by consuming

food in his presence and saying God

thank you for this gift you've given me

I can only imagine some of the feelings

that an ancient Israelite might have had

as they looked forward to the meal at

the fellowship offering there's a psalm

have you ever heard this one psalm 84

how lovely is your dwelling place o Lord

Almighty they're thinking about this my

soul yearns and even faints for the

courts of the Lord my heart of my flesh

cry out for the Living God even the

sparrow has found a home and the swallow

a nest for herself where she may have

her young a place near your altar Lord

Almighty my king and my god blessed are

those who dwell in your house they are

ever praising you better is one day in

your courts than a thousand elsewhere I

would rather be a doorkeeper in the

house of my god than dwell in the tents

of the wicked I hope you feel like that

I hope you feel like that every Sunday

every week you like how many days to

Sunday how many hours I got to go to the

altar of God not just because you want

to hear a sermon or you want to come to

a building because you want to worship

the Living God and be at his altar god I

need you this altar is a place that

beckons us where you want to be close to

God now part of this offering as we just

said is that it was meant to be a meal a

sacrificial meal it was often offered in

combination with the grain offering

remember that last week remember i had

the flower the olive oil the salt the

grain offering and that makes sense

doesn't it because if you can be eating

you want to have your meat and potatoes

right or your meat and bread or your


and beans where the beans you know you

want to have the mixture of stuff so God

arranged that in the offerings you've

got your meat offered and you've also

got your bread offering and isn't food a

love language for how many people here

is food your way of expressing love for

people there are some of you how about

how many of you are good at receiving

that love language maybe maybe you're

not so good at cooking it but you'll be

on the receiving end of it right it's

like that in any culture right I think

of my grandmother my Italian grandmother

with the Lord right now her Italian

risotto oh my gosh Italian pasta and

risotto danielly and yellow for poor guy

he's thinking about Mama's result oh

this Thanksgiving how about how about a

Dominican comer la bandera the rice and

beans and platano verde and oh man morir

soñando died dreaming is the name of

the drink the I dreaming in Cuba what is

it ropa ropa roba vieja I called it that

means old clothes I called it a ropa

sucia by accident and all the Cubans

laughed at me dim sum you ever been for

dim sum basmati rice and none I get this

Thanksgiving I'm gonna be eating some

sushi and some sashimi some good raw

fish I eat it more than kennis mm-hmm

we're gonna be in California for

brother's wedding to to Thanksgiving

dinner food is a love language it's a

way we say we love you and it's way we

receive love from people well God like

that way to food and a meal is a way we

often honor a guest right a person that

you want to honor you want to feed them

and sometimes they will eat right yeah

you you said you eat right cuz you're

honoring a guest or maybe you're

celebrating something you're celebrating

a wedding a wedding is always combined

with the meal right afterwards maybe

you're celebrating a birthday right we

talked about this last week what do you

do on a birthday

bake a cake all right the cake or a good

flan or something like that you're

celebrating an anniversary see the meal

is not just about the food it's about a

message that is given through the food

see the meal has a message so also the

meal here that we're reading this meal

with God in his presence after this

sacrifice was a meal with a message it

was a love language between God and His

people it's a way that people say god I

love you and that God says to his people

I love you too it was a meal with a

message now there are some elements of

the meal the carry meaning we talked

about that last week with the grain

offering now in this case did you notice

something in the Indus accra fice the

people are not allowed to eat did you

notice that you're not allowed to eat

the fat or the blood so we talked about

the meaning of that again this is for

the ancient Israelites Jesus now said

all foods are clean you can eat as much

fat as you want just it's just not good

for you right but usually we think of

fat as a bad thing right we usually

think of the fat in the food is what you

want to trim off not so for the ancient

Israelites now isn't that weird isn't it

gross in here is talking about the

animal and you're taking the fat off of

the loins and the liver and the kidneys

you're like how is this gonna help me

this week to serve God right well it's

gonna help you because it's in the Word

of God and the fat and my buddy I have a

friend who's a who's a theologian who

studied this a lot and I'm stealing from

him shamelessly throughout this urban

series and he actually went to visit a

butcher to learn how they would do this

he went to a butcher and observed the

process it's not interesting you know

what do you do for your job I go to

observe butchers but ok so he goes to

the butcher and he observed how they

would remove the fat and how he said it

actually is easier than you would think

they would open up the animal and the

fat kind of falls off it kind of slides

right off yeah grow so take off the fat

now we think why would I want to give

the god

you know fat is we think of that as

something that's negative right you want

to but in the Old Testament in these

days the fat was good they considered

that a luxury they consider that a

delicacy in fact they would have sayings

if they said we're gonna live off the

fat of the land it means you're gonna

live off the best of the layer you even

say that about grain we're gonna live

off the fat of the grain Green doesn't

have fat obviously but they're talking

about the best part now wouldn't you

admit to that fat does make food taste

just a little bit better sometimes those

pasta elite those downstairs how would

they be if we took all the fat out the

whole idea for the Israelite is you give

God the best part you give God the first

part not just any animal but an animal

without defect and offering fit for a

king and not just during the offerings

but the Israelites were to abstain from

fat all the time including at home you

know I do wonder if God knew it was bad

for them too so he kind of put that rule

in there i don't know maybe there was a

little element of that but i think the

point being is that in every meal when

you trim the fat and you get rid of the

what you consider the best part you're

saying that for God the best of me the

best of what I have the best of my life

is not for me it's for god I hope you

live the Christian life like that that

we view God as so important in my life

that he is not the second or third

compartment or category of my life my

first question every day is God what do

you want from me today not my second or

third or fourth question but my first

question god I don't want to give you my

leftovers I don't want to give you my

scraps I want to give you the best part

of me

I am that my life would be for you now

the second rule at the meal was no blood

now in Leviticus 17 verse 10 it says the

following I will set my face against God

is speaking any Israelite or any

foreigner residing among them who eats

blood and I will cut them off from the

people for the life of a creature is in

the blood and have given it to you to

make atonement for yourselves on the

altar it is the blood that makes

atonement for one's life so because of

the importance of the blood of an animal

the people were not to consume that they

were to drain the blood from the meat

from the animal as a symbol of saying

god I recognize that the life of the

animal is in the blood and you are the

creator of all life now that's important

because in our generation it seems like

we live in a world and a culture that

celebrates death we really do and it's

not just overseas that there's a

celebration of death but it's right

among us our own entertainment our own

types of Roman Colosseum's that we have

in our entertainment God is the author

of life and all life is holy and to be

treasured and valued every human being

and animal is created by God and to be

valued as such now it's not just that

but the blood was used for atonement we

talked about this a couple weeks ago

that that blood is meant to be the blood

of the animal in place of my blood could

see the penalty of sin is death but the

gift of God is eternal life and Jesus

died in place of me and his blood is the

sacrifice that sets me free so every

time they would drain the blood they

would remember I

need forgiveness from God every time

they would do that they would say I need

a sacrifice to be okay with God this was

a meal with a message no fat no blood

that was for the Lord but there was a

biggest message that was here that I

want to emphasize see in that culture in

that society meals had a special meaning

a meal was ratifying a covenant between

two people let me say that in different

words a meal was a way of making an

official agreement or contract between

two people two kings two nations now how

do we ratify a contract or a covenant

today what do we do you've got a

covenant you got a contract and what do

you do you sign on the dotted line right

you sign or maybe just between two

people what do you do you maybe you

shake it we shook on it if someone

violates that but you shook on it right

the handshake that's a symbol of the

fact that I made a promise and I'm going

to keep it how about in a wedding what's

the what's the symbol of the covenant

between the two people that you give

right what are some of the symbols right

you have the big ceremony give the ring

as a symbol now is the ring any magical

lived without talking Lord of the Rings

here it's not magical but it's a symbol

of a promise being made right well in

the ancient world a meal was coven ental

you see in the ancient world the most

important relationship you could have

with a person was family blood is

thicker than water right when the

ancient world blood was much thicker

than water when your family that is an

obligation to that person forever and

you're never going to be unfaithful to

them well when you have a meal with

someone in essence you're saying we

now family we belong to each other we're

making an agreement that we're not going

to break and the 1st fellowship offering

that we read about in the Bible was a

covenant Emile manga asked you to go

with me to Exodus verse in a chapter 24

okay if you have your Bible Exodus 24

maybe we could find it Exodus 24 this is

the 1st fellowship offering that we read

about in at least in this section of the

Bible Exodus 24 and it's one that Moses

offers and I want to read this because

this is the background for the

fellowship offering and it's what God

invites us to so this is going to be

very important for us personally Exodus

24 verse 1 there at Mount Sinai God is

up there in the glowing glory right and

then the Lord Yahweh speaks to Moses and

says come up to the Lord you and Aaron

need a band a by who and seventy of the

elders of Israel you ought to worship at

a distance but Moses alone is to

approach the Lord the others must not

come near and the people may not come up

with him when Moses went and told the

people all the Lord's words and laws

they responded with one voice everything

the Lord said we will do what's the

moment in the wedding I do right better

say that nice and clear right I do I

will yes we will do it the people of

Israel are accepting God's proposal to

be his special people to be his

treasured possession on earth to be a

kingdom of priests and a royal nation

everything the Lord has said we will do

we're saying yes to the Covenant to the

proposal you have made Lord verse 4 then

Moses wrote down everything the Lord had

said and he got up early the next

morning and built an altar at the foot

of the mountain set up 12 stone pillars

representing the 12 tribes of Israel


sent Young Israelite men and they

offered burnt offerings and sacrifices

as fellowship offerings to the Lord

Moses took half of the blood and put it

in bowls and the other half he splashed

against the altar then he took the book

of the Covenant and read it to the

people and they responded again formerly

at their wedding with God we will do

everything the Lord has said we will

obey verse 8 Moses then took the blood

sprinkled it on the people this time and

said this is the blood of the Covenant

that the Lord has made with you in

accordance with all these words verse 9

Moses and Aaron made a bana by who and

the seventy elders of Israel went up and

saw the God of Israel and under his feet

was something like a pavement made of

lapis lazuli as bright as the blue sky

but God did not raise his hands against

these leaders of the Israelites they saw

God and they ate and drank how about

that this was the 1st fellowship

offering and the first coven ental meal

between God and his people the blood was

sprinkled on them as a symbol of the

fact that they were being this was a

covenant in blood this was a blood

covenant and then they saw the God of

Israel if we could go back to the

tabernacle picture and they saw that

glory and underneath the glory was a

blue firmament looking manifestation

anyone know what lapis lazuli is do we

have any it's a certain blue stone

indigenous to South America and

Afghanistan go forget it I don't know

how I read a commentary okay so blue

stone bright blue shining stone

underneath this glory of God as if he's

standing there before them

and they're sitting down at a meal

looking at this could you swallow easily

oh yeah yeah give me this yeah give me

more of that no he comes like go the

glory of God is there it's burning it

could fry me and gods like eat it's cool

we are in covenant together he had

exactly what he said it's cool see he

said it's alright we are now family the

first covenant meal now every time a

normal Israelite with with his family

would come to the front entrance and

offer a fellowship offering and a grain

offering and have that meal they are

renewing their vows with God they're

saying just like Moses and those elders

represented us and sat at a table and

formalize the covenant between God and

His people i am going to renew the

Covenant today me and my family as for

me and my house we also will serve the

Lord it's a covenant renewal it's an

anniversary dinner it's saying god I

still love you more than ever God we

belong to you and I want you to think

about some of the feelings that people

might have had as they participated in

these meals imagine you're a kid in the

family right we showed the picture last

week of the the little female Israelite

preparing an apple pie for God remember

that picture her cheeks were really big

right maybe I don't know if we still got

it floating around but she was preparing

imagine the kids in the family they're

preparing the bread they're grinding the

fine flour they're pressing the olive

oil and mother is explaining why it's

because we're gonna go to the tabernacle

next week and we're gonna offer a

fellowship offering to God because we're

God's people and we belong to him and

he's been good to us and we're gonna say

thank you to him and then the family

would go as a group and just imagine

them working their way through the camp

and they're holding the bread and

they've got maybe the goat for the

offering and they're walking along

and they go and then they come into the

view of this glory up close can you just

imagine what it must have been like for

the kids ah just that gasp remember the

first time ever ever anyone ever had a

first time going into a soccer or

baseball stadium and you go and he's

like it's real it's real it's not just

on TV and it looks so big and so green

and so real and they're this well you're

coming into the glory you see that from

a distance and they come to the front

door can you imagine the hard starting

to be like oh my gosh we're really gonna

do this we're going to the tabernacle

and and there at the front door and who

meets them but this priest right wearing

their majestic garments will talk about

this in future weeks special ephod a

special breastplate with jewels on it

and a special turban and it says holy to

the Lord and he's got the big beard and

the whole thing and there he is the

priest greeting you at the door and he's

there and he asks you what are you here

to do and your father says we are here

to give a fellowship offering and the

priest says why he says because we want

to express thanksgiving to god because

he's been good to us and you're just

standing there and it's awesome the

priest takes some of the grain offering

remember last week he takes some of that

bread and He pours oil by olive oil on

it and he takes some of the frankincense

the fancy incense that you brought that

you guys had to pay a fortune to get and

he brings it to the offering and he

burns that on the altar and you start

smelling that frankincense going up oh

it smells so good you've never smelled

anything like it and it's being offered

to God and your your father said this is

a pleasing aroma to the Lord because

when we pray it's a pleasing thing in

God's presence then they take the animal

and they slaughter the animal you

imagine your kid you're wincing ah as

you see that animal be butchered and you

hear the sound of its and you see the

blood and you remember sin is sad

sin is costly sin results in shed blood

and your shook up a little bit and then

they strip the fat off of it and it's

disgusting and they take the fat and

they burn the fat of the altar but then

and it starts smelling kind of good

start smelling like a good cook out

anyone here like like cookouts like

barbecues this is a barbecue with God

that cooking the fat they cooking the

good stuff to the Lord symbolically God

is consuming it of course God doesn't

God says very clearly do I eat the meat

of bulls or do I drink the blood of

goats of course not God isn't some pagan

deity that they thought they'd have to

feed but it's symbolic of him being at

the table with them right and they smell

the cookout and then the me then they

take the meat and they're cooking the

meat and then it's time to eat they the

table is spread and you're sitting down

and you've got the bread and you've got

the meat and you're looking in your

parents and your cousins and your uncles

and the people you love or around the

table and the priests are there at the

table and you look up and you see the

Shekinah glory overarching this Wow

awesome what's it like to go out to

dinner but this is going out to dinner

folks they're sitting in the glory of

God and I wonder if this is what was

behind some of the Psalms thats a taste

and see that the Lord is good I think

this is behind some of the Psalms where

it says but as for me it is good to be

near my god I have made the sovereign

Lord my refuge I wonder if this is what

was behind psalm 23 itself which uses

technical temple language when it says

you have prepared the table before me in

the presence of my enemies you have

anointed my head with oil my cup

overflows surely goodness and loving

kindness will follow me all the days of

my life

and I will dwell in the house of the

Lord forever and ever this is my home

can you imagine Israelites feeling a

fair amount of nostalgia for this and

longing for it some of the most poignant

memories of their lives and I've been

thinking about that lately because we're

entering the holiday season and the

holiday season is often a very sad

season for many people because we feel

nostalgia for better times we remember

an idealized picture of our childhood

and we remember holidays that were

perfect maybe in a country far far away

maybe with people who are no longer with

us anymore and in the midst of that

nostalgia we can often feel happy but

very sad well God invites us as his

people to redirect that nostalgia

towards a different table towards a

different home and say God this is my

real home this is my real house your

presence is my home your table is my

table and I long to sit down with you at

the feast in the kingdom of God we need

to remember that these 1st fellowship

offerings were not experienced in good

times they were in the wilderness they

had just escaped from slavery they would

they didn't know what was going to

happen next they had battles ahead of

them there was sin going on in the camp

this was not a good time this was the

desert well the good news is God invites

you to fellowship with him even during

the deserts of your life even during the

hard times when you don't know how

you're going to handle the future you

don't know what

coming next where things are messy

people are worshiping golden calves

they're fighting with each other but it

doesn't matter because right now I'm

sitting a table with God it's during the

hard times the first Thanksgiving itself

historically in this country was not

during the good times it was during the

hard times that's when we really enjoy

fellowship with our God you know even

the Lord's Supper if you think about it

because this whole table this whole

feast points to another table another

feast the Lord's Supper the Last Supper

that Jesus had with his apostles was a

joyful supple supper but it was also

bittersweet wasn't it they knew this

very night or jesus knew at least he's

going to be arrested he's going to

suffer unspeakably tomorrow but at that

moment he's at the table and he says I

tell you I will not drink from this

fruit of the vine from now on until that

day when I drink it anew with you in my

father's Kingdom see there is another

feast that awaits the people of God

Christians believe in something called

the resurrection that after this body

dies and sleeps for a season of time

while my spirit is in God's presence

that there will come a divine alarm

clock it's a trumpet that an angel is

going to blow and believe me you won't

sleep through that alarm you will wake

up there is no snooze button you will

wake up and you want your

will rise again and this earth will be

made new and jesus promised that men and

women will come from east and west and

north and south and take their places at

the feast in the kingdom of God with

Abraham and the great saints of all

there's a table waiting for us there is

a table in Revelation it says blessed

are those who are invited to the wedding

supper of the Lamb you're invited to

that table you got an invitation that is

stamped and that is the table we long

for in this life we groan but we're

waiting for a new feast before us and

the fellowship offering was a picture of

that feast and that first fellowship

offering took place on a mountain right

Moses on the mountain with God what God

invites us to that same table but it's

different it's on a different mountain

and it's prophesied in in Isaiah 25 and

it says on this mountain the Lord

Almighty will prepare a feast of rich

food for all peoples not just for the

Jews anymore because now all peoples who

believe in Jesus become part of that

holy nation that royal priesthood it

won't be a banquet of aged wine the best

of meats and the finest of wines and on

this mountain God promises he will

destroy the shroud that in folds all

people the sheet that covers all nations

he will swallow up death forever the

sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears

from all faces he will remove his

people's disgrace from all the earth the

Lord has spoken we are invited to that

table a table where there will be no

more death no more dying no more

sickness no more sin it's a table of new

beginnings where the voice from the

throne says behold I make all things new

it's going to be real food guys it's not

symbolic it's going to be heavenly food

heavenly bodies but physical nonetheless

this is going to be a

amazing and we are invited and we need

to remember that we have a place at that

table because a spot has been reserved

for us at great cost in the fellowship

offering there was the moment when the

animal was sacrificed and the blood was

splashed wasn't there well your place at

the table has been purchased for you at

the highest cost in the universe jesus

said this is my blood of the Covenant

which is poured out for many for the

forgiveness of sins Moses sprinkled that

blood over the people and Jesus says I'm

a new Moses and my blood will be poured

out for you so that you will be forgiven

you broke the Covenant but it's okay you

can come back and be forgiven and you

can have a place at this table and

that's the message that I want us to

hold on to today there is a place at the

table for you you might feel like you

don't fit anywhere in Spanish there's

the saying of a said oh la izquierda

sometimes you may feel invisible well

God sees you God remembers you and he

invites you to the table and we have our

own fellowship offering table don't we

we're gonna have words of others to

imagine it right there we're gonna have

the Lord's Supper here again today that

is our covenant meal just like Moses had

his covenant meal and said this is the

blood of the Covenant jesus said this

cup is the blood of the new and better

covenant made in my own blood for the

forgiveness of many this is a place

where you come and you don't come alone

you come together with the people of God

because part of being God's covenant

people means you're part of a new family

a spiritual family and we are together

at this moment God has made us a new


Kingdom you know last week during the

Lord's Supper Sammy was up here and and

they were doing a worship song and Sammy

reminded me he says he can they do this

a they did this at your wedding and

that's like really oh yeah of course I

remember it's like it was all to such an

amazing blur I you know he's like I

remember I was standing right there you

know and I was like yeah and I was like

to thank you for thinking of that and

you know that communion tasted even

better right what is the proverb say

better a dry crust where there is love

then a great banquet where there is

hatred you are in the people of God love

the people next to you look for the

people next to you when we have these

receptions which are down to the

basement now by the way go down there

and meet someone new look for someone

who looks sad learn their name even if

you should know it by now ask again

anyway like I do and love the people

around you because you are part of the

covenant people of God and you might

feel lonely well step out you be the

first one to make a new friend you're

part of a new family forgive any

grievances you have against one another

the Lord's Supper in many liturgical

traditions is called the Eucharist

Eucharist you know what that means in

Greek it means a wakati still I give

thanks this is Thanksgiving we thank God

that He gave His one and only Son that

anyone who believes in Him might not

perish but have everlasting life this

table is for you and God invites you to

this table now maybe you don't know

Jesus yet today's the day to open up

your heart and say Jesus I receive you

as my Lord and Savior maybe you already

know Jesus the majority of you this is

the day to renew your covenant with him

and say God your table is my table your

house is my home

I belong to you today you're my god and

I'm your son I'm your daughter and Jesus

says don't wait behold I stand at the

door and knock if anyone hears my voice

and opens the door I will come into him

and dine with him and him with me so

what do you say you want to come to God

today you want to draw near to him today

doesn't matter what you're going through

if you believe in Jesus or you want to

believe in him today than this table is

for you amen