Grain Offering: The Spirituality of the Kitchen


Genesis Exodus Leviticus book number

three so Leviticus we're in chapter two

were working through some of the topics

of this book and we're using it as a

guide for how to be intimate with the

Living God how many people here belong

to Jesus how many people here maybe

you're not so sure but you might like to

did Jesus how many of us want to belong

to him more you know and be more fully

his that his name would be written on

our forehead that there's a word for

that in the Old Testament that belonging

and it's a word for that in the New

Testament as well it's the word holiness

means you wholly belong to God you are

set apart for the God who loves you and

who has purchased you at great cost and

the Book of Leviticus is all about the

beauty of holiness what does it mean to

belong to God what does it mean to

express that to him and what does it

take for God to make that possible for

us to belong to him and so that's why

we're working through this it began it

all began we talked about Exodus chapter

19 where God made a proposal to the

people of Israel remember that where God

makes a proposal he gets down on one

knee us you know theologically speaking

and said i would like to invite you to

enter into a covenant or relationship

with me in other words i would like to

invite you to be my people and I will be

your God that even though all the

nations on earth or mine you will be for

me a kingdom of priests and a holy

nation you will be a people who have a

special mission to belong to God and de

shine for him in the world and that's

our mission to God calls us to belong to

him God calls us to shine in darkness

for the one who bought us and that's

what we're talking

about in the book of leviticus so we

need to dig into this now the book of

leviticus gets a little bit interesting

because as we know it talks a lot about

sacrifices there's a particular

structure around which this book

revolves and do we have the picture of

the tabernacle on the list for today see

if you can dig that one up to sorry

about that poor Isaac I just I do this

to him every week you know we had

pictures of the tabernacle the

tabernacle is a movable temple that God

directed the people of Israel to

construct and set up in the desert and

his glowing fiery cloud of glory I mean

better than any special effects in any

Star Wars movie God was manifest present

among his people shining in a cloud of

glory in a tent that was set up and for

the people of God to dwell with a

consuming fire they needed to follow the

manual that God provided it's like

having nuclear power in your midst it's

powerful for good but it also could be

lethal if you mishandle it or if you

approach him along with oh good we

haven't used that picture before I like

that one thank you that's a good one so

here you can see it's a tent around

right and then you've got in the middle

another tent and that is called the holy

place and within that tent there was an

inner chamber called the Holy of Holies

and God's fiery glory dwelt there up

front there's a big burnt offering altar

for burnt offerings and then there's a

basin for them to wash up people would

come to this front entrance any

Israelite you see all the little tents

all around those are the tents of the

people of Israel so think about it you

live it you know 32 Elm Street and God's

moving in at 34 Elm Street and you're

like whoa the neighborhood has just

changed and I better be sure I know

to live with the neighbors because God

is a consuming fire so they would come

to the door and they would offer

offerings to God and they then would be

escorted sometimes in through the door

right up to before that 10 looking up at

that fire awesome awesome time of God

the people being in God's presence now a

lot of times we think of the law as a

burden because we know that it's

impossible to obey all the laws of the

Old Testament but the law was meant to

be a blessing for the people of Israel

it was meant to be a schoolmaster that

guided people to the Savior it was meant

to teach people what it means to love

and serve God and even in the New

Covenant even though things have changed

and we don't have a structure like this

anymore because there's a new temple

around now right what is the new temple

we are the Temple of the Living God and

we bring sacrifices of praise so we

bring a different kind of sacrifice the

arrangement has changed but we can learn

from this old arrangement because it's

still ours and it's meant to be a

blessing in our lives so that's what

we're gonna read about today and today

we're gonna be talking about the grain

offering the grain offering so you got

up early and you came here to learn

about offering bread to God can scan I

hear an amen amen Brett the grain

offering the grain offering is awesome

because this is gonna teach us about

something that is gonna rock our world

if we let God do it so let's let's pray

together as we approach this god I thank

you that you are not just the god of big

things and fire and thunder and

lightning but you're also the god of

little things you're the God of bread of

our daily bread and of our hearts god I

thank you that in the the minutia of our

lives in the the mundane things of our

lives God you want to shine your glory

on us I pray God that what you teach

about this would change our view

of our daily life before the Lord God

speak to us God let your power will be

perfected in our weakness in jesus name

amen amen okay Leviticus chapter you

know what will yeah we'll go ahead and

start reading at Leviticus chapter 2

verse 1 okay here are the instructions

okay ready says when anyone brings a

grain offering to the Lord they're

offering is to be of the finest flour

they are to pour olive oil on it and put

incense on it and take it to Aaron's

sons the priest the priest shall take a

handful of the flour and oil together

with all the incense and burn this as a

memorial portion on the altar of food

offering an aroma pleasing to the Lord

the rest of the grain offering belongs

to Aaron and his sons it is a most holy

part of the food offerings presented to

the Lord if you bring a grain offering

baked in an oven it is to consist of the

finest flour either thick loaves made

without yeast and with olive oil mixed

in or thin lowes made without yeast and

brushed with olive oil if your grain

offering is prepared on a griddle it is

to be made of the finest flour mixed

with oil and without yeast crumble it

and pour oil on it sound like a cookbook

yet we're getting going here yeah and

because it's a recipe it's it's

following with it you know pour oil on

it it is a grain offering if your grain

offering is cooked in a pan it is to be

made of the finest flour and some olive

oil bring the grain offering made of

these things to the Lord present it to

the priests who shall take it to the

altar he shall take out the memorial

portion from the grain offering and burn

it on the altar as a food offering an

aroma pleasing to the Lord the rest of

the grain offering belongs to Aaron and

his sons it is the most holy part of the

food offerings presented to the Lord

every grain offering you bring to the

Lord must be made without yeast for you

are not to burn

any yeast or honey in a food offering

presented to the Lord you may bring them

to the Lord as an offering of the

firstfruits but they're not to be

offered on the altar as a pleasing aroma

season all your grain offerings with

salt do not leave the salt of the

Covenant of your God out of the grain

offerings add salt to all your offerings

if you bring a grain offering the

firstfruits to the Lord offer crushed

heads of new grain roasted in the fire

put oil and incense on it it is a grain

offering the priest shall burn the

memorial portion of the crushed green in

the oil together with all the incense as

a food offering presented to the Lord

now how many of you read that in your

devotions this morning right you just

happen to be on Leviticus I just kidding

it you should because this is great

stuff we're gonna find it but it's hard

for us we're like what's going on here

it's hard to understand it at first

bread it's as easy to understand as it

is to understand bread I want to share a

little story I was wandering around

Guatemala about 20 years ago got any

choppiness here some choppiness know is

the miner here the onion Guatemalans no

we don't have any in the room well I was

in Guatemala and I went to a beautiful

lake beautiful lake called Lake atitlán

that is surrounded by these spectacular

volcanoes and there's indigenous

cultures groups tribes living in each of

this cities around the lake and I kind

of mooched my way into staying with a

friend right who is he he was okay when

do you visit your family and his buddy

of mine moisei set jay was like I

haven't seen him in a long time is like

hey i'll buy you the bus ticket can I

stay with you he's this like shocked

like who is this gringo and what does he

want no we were friends we were friends

I stayed with him we stayed in their

house and they were an indigenous family

they were what the colonists that traje

tipico the the traditional garments

woven beautiful garments and I stayed

with them and they gave me a putana

purple fruit it was great and one

day I would the mother would get up at

the crack of dawn and she would spend

hours grinding flour grinding grinding

grinding that flower hours and hours

doing it and then she would make the

dough and she would make tortillas and

and I did there's a particular motion

that people who grow up in the sudden

will know about with the tortillas I got

to put my mic down for a minute she's

doing this right guys aren't supposed to

do that I wanted to make a tortilla so I

did they all looked at me funny cuz I'm

a guy I'm not supposed to make tortillas

rent is supposed to eat them but anyway

she she made these tortillas and she

made and we came back from church in his

church where they didn't even speak

Spanish they spoke sooth to heal it was

really cool yeah I didn't even notice it

so we're there we come back and there

was a stack of tortillas and scrambled

eggs right from the chickens running

around on the floor and there was coffee

so there's electricity somewhere they

plugged in they made coffee it was the

best breakfast of my life it was

the best torti I mean oh man i just took

tortilla filled with eggs ain't it and

it was just never-ending it was like an

endless stack of 20s and they were so

fresh I'd never tasted anything like it

never forget that moment best breakfast

in my life it's all about the bread

right the bread every culture makes a

big deal out of bread in one way or

another right well there's tortillas or

our APIs or grains in the form of rice

right or were loaves of bread or

pancakes or where or crepes or whatever

you want to call it donut set Duncan you

know there's bread when we celebrate

what do you do for a person you you bake

them a cake all right when you're

friends with someone what do you

normally do with them you often sit down

and you eat with them you know what

someone taught me some of the word

companion you know what that means khong

with on breaking ah nope and bread I on

breaking so breaking bread together is

your companion isn't that cool it's how

we share its bread you know I it really

struck me in a very deep way you know I

was hearing all this horrible news out

of France's we're praying for them and

one little clip and one of the news news

things say the next day the bakeries

were open and people were buying bread

that's they didn't need to say anything

more what does that mean the bakeries

are open and people are buying bread it

means if bread is being made and if

bread is being consumed then life goes


that's the message because bread is the

stuff of our lives right it's what you

eat it's the cereal it's the its wits

your rice and beans now it's symbolic

for us of everyday life right if I ask

you what's your bread and butter I mean

that's what's your thing what do you do

all the time right we talked about it

being our sustenance in the Bible God

gave bread from heaven in the desert

miraculous flakes of bread that they

would gather and eat what do you pray in

the Lord's Prayer give us this day our

daily bread this is the stuff of our

lives well when we offer bread to the

Lord when people offer bread to the Lord

in the Book of Leviticus what they're

doing is offering the most essential

daily ingredient of their sustenance

from everyday life there's not fancy

they're not offering necessarily you

know a steak or a sushi dinner here this

is bread being offered to the Lord it's

the stuff of our daily life in a way

this is God and here's kind of a fancy

way of saying it but it's God

consecrating that which is most ordinary

in our lives God taking that which is

most normal everyday little ordinary

little stuff and making it shine and

grow with his holiness and be a token of

love between God and His people they

brought him bread it's a beautiful image

of them offering to the Lord and it was

often offered in combination with other

sacrifices right they would sacrifice a

goat or a bull or a sheep and then the

meat would be burned and the whole idea

is it's a combination right it's me what

is it meat and you should say meat

potatoes right rice and beans right you

you combine different foods while

they're offering the bread and the meat

the old idea is this is a meal with the

Lord this is this is sitting down at the

table with God now a typical grain

offering the people didn't consume but

the priests did all the leftovers they

ate it this was their food this is what

they lived on so this was in a sense a

meal offering to the Lord and it becomes

then something symbolic of their

spiritual life right it becomes

something more than bread when they

bring it to God it becomes a message

that's like God said and in the Old

Testament the book of Deuteronomy and

then Jesus repeated a man does not live

on but on got man does not live on bread

alone but on every word that proceeds

from the mouth of God they offer the

bread to God and saying god I need bread

to eat but my soul needs your word to

live I need bread to eat but there's

something more than eating for me to

really live a human life jesus said to

the Apostles once he was in Samaria and

he was sharing the gospel with people

and they were coming and they were

listening to the good news about the

Messiah and they asked him me and Jesus

is like you know what guys I have bread

to eat that you know nothing about and

like did you go out did he go out

shopping already did he and Jesus was

like my bread is to do the will of him

who sent me and to finish his work it's

like eating for me jesus said and Jesus

said there is something that satisfies

in a way that you can't even imagine and

Jesus said I am the bread of life the

one who comes to me will never go hungry

again all of this means we recognize

that God provides for our daily needs

but that he also provides for deeper

needs he helps us live before him

and our life is consecrated to him so

let's let's talk about the grain offer

in here the ingredients here you could

do it in two different ways okay stay

with me i'm not a big cookbook guy but

I'm gonna do my best all right you could

do it in two ways you could just bring

the ingredients to the priest the

ingredients flour olive oil salt and

incense actually specifically it was

frankincense was what they had to bring

I didn't have any frankincense laying

around the house so just imagine

frankincense burning here okay so we

have these ingredients they would bring

them either they could bring them as as

uncooked ingredients to the priest they

mix it the priest take a little bit of

it in a handful they go to the altar

they put it on the altar they'll put

some of the frankincense on top and they

burn it and up goes this offering to the

Lord then the priests take the rest and

say praise the Lord it's consecrated

they bring it to a table in a holy place

and they cook it in their own way and

they eat it that's one way to do it the

other way to do it is to cook it before

you go to the tabernacle and there's

three different ways you could cook it

you could cook it in a little oven now

oh cool yeah yeah yeah that's the yeah

that's the frankincense that's

frankincense it's like these like gummy

it's like gummy incense you know imagine

a little cum cuz it's used from gum

resin from a tree in southern Arabia

we'll talk about that later and so

that's burning so it's going up and it

smells smells like my dad's pipe when I

was a kid you know he shouldn't have

been smoking that it was bad for him but

who did it I don't attempt to anyone but

it smelled good okay so it's going up

going up the offering now were you could

cook it before you get there you could

either cook it in an oven which the

ovens were like that yes they're like

clay ovens they put coals in it and you

take the rod of dough and you just stick

it to the side

and it cooks against the the oven

there's different kinds of ovens there's

some round ones there are some that were

more enclosed but would be up here but

made out of clay and then they would

just peel it off and you'd have a loaf

of bread or you could cook it on a

griddle on a griddle so do we have any

griddles that i thought i sent you a

girdle I don't know a griddle was kind

of a concave kind of like a pan that

they would make really hot so it's kind

of curved and you would you would have

it curved up and you just put the dough

on it nice and flat and it cooks sort of

a sort of a pancake yeah yeah just like

that yeah that's that's the kind of

griddle they would use they stretch it

out and you laid it becomes kind of a

hardened kind of pancake like a cookie

kind of thing you know and then they

take it off it's all hard and they

crumble it up and that would be part of

the the offering for the for the

sacrifice other way you could do it is

you could fry it in a pan put that olive

oil right in it and just fry it up you

ever had tortillas like that oh it's so

bad for you but it's so good you know

it's like really good fried or league

ricci really good that's olive oil it's

good oil right it you know it cleans the

arteries yeah anyway so they would put

that in the pan and they you could fry

it up and bring it like toasted kind of

tortillas kind of things to the to the

Lord so different ways you could do it

the priest however he would do it he

would take a small portion bring it to

the altar nif we could show it being

burned again and he would put it on the

altar to be burnt as what they called a

memorial offering and we'll talk about

the meaning of that phrase and then the

rest is consumed by the priest this is

how they lived right they didn't they

weren't allowed to have normal jobs they

had to work in the tabernacle and they

would eat what was left over so how

about that huh so isn't that useful for

your daily life right now you know how

to offer a grain offering to the Lord in

the tabernacle if only we could find it

right but what this says to us

especially for those that cooked it

where did they prepare all of this stuff

where did they prepare it

prepared it in their in their kitchen

probably if they whatever they had for a

kitchen around the oven in their homes

and for me this speaks to them and to us

about the spirituality of the kitchen

you know how many peoples love language

is food right some of us it's our love

language for expressing it some of the

Tsar's love language for receiving it a

lot of you your love language is food

well god is kind of into that juicer the

Jews were into that back then I want to

pre show a picture of a of a little

Israelite name you know who is my

daughter the little picture of a little

Israel like oh we're gonna have to find

that okay to take a minute we're gonna

get the little Israelite up there a

little bit later but imagine you're

cooking how many of you I know I've some

people like to talk about the

preparations for a holiday that alpha

and is sometimes the holidays can be

very sad for some people who are not in

a position to prepare the way they once

did or the way they would like to and by

faith in Jesus name you will be able to

do it again someday and we declare that

in Jesus name but the whole idea is part

of the preparation for the holiday is

all the cooking all the smells all the

work that goes into it but it's not

always just work because it's an

offering to celebrate holiday there's a

celebrity a component to it this is from

your kitchen to the table of the people

you love well here this was from their

kitchen to God's altar you're cooking

GOG got a cake you're expressing your

love language to him it's a beautiful

symbol of expressing their heart to the

Lord now the whole family probably would

have been involved in this right the

whole family their kids around these

people because this was not a quick easy

process it was made out of fine flour

fine fine now I brought here are some

portions just so you could see probably

this is generally close to the portions

they would have used so I've got here a

five-pound bag

of white whole wheat flour I don't know

if they the grains they would have used

would have been wheat and anyone guess

the other one wheat and barley right so

you ever see those now they're trying to

make a big deal of that in the stores

the ancient grains well they really are

ancient grains they were you thinkin

fact that wheat and barley so I got a

five-pound bag that's about how much

they would have brought and this is a

one and a half liter thing of olive oil

and so here we go olive oil grains so

that's about the portion that probably

would have done and then they would have

had salt as well now the reason I have

these here is for you to see that this

is not just a little handful this is a

significant portion right this is a lot

it's a lot of it's a lot if you're

making it this is a lot now I could have

put this all in fancy containers but

instead I just did it with containers

from stop and shop right because this is

ordinary this is God consecrating that

which is ordinary and every day but it

becomes wholly when it's offered to God

so there's big portions here and it took

a lot of work no imagine there's someone

doing this with their daughter they're

preparing it and the daughters like why

do we have to do the fine flour the fine

flour how do you make fine flour has

anyone ever done that before you grind

it not you you grind it and you grind it

and you grind it and it takes or you

don't know they grind it somehow it's a

lot of work it takes a lot of time right

to do it and it's a lot of it and the

olive oil you better believe they didn't

bring the cheap stuff like I bought from

stop and shop they made the good stuff

the finally pressed olive oil the best

ingredients there were and so this was

costly and time-consuming now it's not

going to break the bank for most of the

families because they eat this stuff you

know on a daily basis but this took a

lot of time to do they dedicated a day

or two to prepare this offering this

involved a significant amount of their

resources right and so I found a little

Israelite cooking her

her offering there she is a widget

that's not her she has a beard and a

shofar oh okay no she's coming now

alright so I wanted to show you this

picture because this is the picture that

comes to mind for me as I think about

what what a typical Israelite family

might have been doing is they were

preparing that they were together

getting all of this together and there's

that little Israelite there's a little

she she gained a little weight for the

picture she got a little you know those

cheeks got even cheekier you know it's

good it's good yeah we're gonna put her

on a diet it's all good but just kidding

it's obviously it's the picture I'm just

being silly but she's cooking an apple

pie here so there's the apples and

there's the stuff that she's very proud

of herself she's helping mommy to do

that and I just think of all the

associations with a kid helping mom do

this now I wonder an Israelite woman and

by the way this would make a great skit

for a women's retreat someday if you

have any actresses among us but I wonder

if she's doing this and she asked mommy

mommy why are we doing this again why

are we doing this why are we taking all

this time mommy's gonna say because we

give God our best we give God our very

best but why are we we give him our best

because we're thanking him for his

goodness in our lives and hours and

hours of preparation and that lesson

gets throw through you see the offerings

in the Bible some of them were meant to

be atonement offerings where they kind

of were a blood was spilled to atone for

sins but some of the offerings weren't

meant for atonement they were simply

meant for people to say god I love you

and I want to give myself to you I heard

a beautiful phrase that true worship

means wasting ourselves on Jesus we

waste our lives on God where we give to

the Lord in abundant extravagant insane

ways we waste ourselves for him we give

to the Lord and if we could have a

picture of the altar again maybe we'll

come back to the Israelite later but

just a picture of the answer can you

think of anyone in the New Testament who

offered a very tangible type of offering

to Jesus and wasted her resources on

Jesus now there were there were women

who supported Jesus out of their

personal means but there was a woman who

was not so rich who took remember what

it was she took her perfume he was her

dowry worth tens of thousands of dollars

this was her life savings she took the

most precious perfume and the Bible says

she burped she burst into a house where

she probably and she broke that that

bottle and poured it over Jesus's head

in his feet and she wept on his feet and

dried the tears with her hair she was

doing an offering of her heart to Jesus

it was wasteful people were like we

could have used this money to give to

the poor she's like she's preparing me

for my burial she's giving to me she's

wasting her resources on me out of love

and out of gratitude the Bible says the

one who's been forgiven much loves much

there are people who come who think it's

too late for me after what I've done and

I tell them I'm not too late you're

gonna love much you're gonna worship the

Lord more than anyone else and you know

what it says after that offering that

that woman pours on Jesus it says a

little detail about what the house was

like afterwards the house was not just a

little messy right there but the Bible

says the fragrance filled the house you

ever wondered about that that's a

reference back to these offerings in

Leviticus a pleasing aroma to the Lord

when we offer ourselves to God there is

an aroma of perfume that fills the house

a pleasing aroma to God that lingers in

his presence there is a devotion that in

some way that I can't even begin to

understand pleases God that makes him

happy the way when a little child comes

and gives you a quarter you know what my

little girl she lost our little

Israelite lost a tooth couple weeks ago

right she lost a tooth the tooth fairy

has uh has a scale back a bit but she

did find a buck under her pillow and I

was like now the first tooth she got a

couple you know lip glosses and a note

from the Tooth Fairy written all fancy

right I I wasn't the one who did that

but the Tooth Fairy in our house did

that and she finds this right and and

she said daddy last time the Tooth trade

did this not any other thing this time

the Tooth Fairy just gave her a buck

right and I was like oh how's this gonna

go over you know what I went I saw her

anymore she's a daddy daddy look look

look what she brought me this and she

said I'm gonna use this to buy Noah and

his she mentioned his favorite toy and

she started making her Christmas list of

everything she wants to get for people

with that dollar and I'm like yes that's

the attitude it's an attitude of taking

well I want to give to the Lord no I

want to plus now do you think that we

really need that but it blesses your

heart when we give to the Lord whatever

we do for God however small and

insignificant it may seen God sees it

God feels it God receives it it lingers

in his presence like a perfume that

you've opened up in the room God blesses

now this was very tangible for them

because it wasn't just the ingredients

but they used frankincense to it wasn't

incense it was frankincense this is the

good stuff it was imported from southern

Arabia they had gotten this gum out of

trees and they turn it into this fancy

incense it was so fancy than in the


it is paired with gold saying Kings will

bring frankincense and gold to the to

the house of God one day and in the New

Testament there's some particular guys

three wise guys actually there's

probably more than three but the wise

men right the magic what did they bring

to Jesus MA gold and frankincense gifts

fit for a king this is the beautiful

incense that's gonna burn it so as

they're offering the offering this

fragrance is going up and it's being

offered to the Lord as a fragrant

offering you know what that means that

is a symbol for us in the new testament

of our what does it symbolize our

prayers to God in the book of Revelation

chapter 8 it says an angel had a golden

censer in heaven and the Apostle John

sees a vision that he stood before an

altar and he was given much incense to

offer with the prayers of all God's

people on the golden altar in front of

the throne the smoke of the incense

together with the prayers of God's

people went up before God from the

Angels hand where we pray it's like an

incense that's wafting up before the

Lord and there is a change in the

atmosphere and it goes into the heavenly

dimension and it doesn't matter who you

are it doesn't matter what you're going

through a grain offering is a valuable

offering the incense of your prayers a

sacrifice of praise lingers before him

it's an aroma pleasing to your God and

he receives it from you doesn't matter

how old you are to start doing this now

why do we do this it says that the

fragrance being offered up was a

memorial portion so as you're offering

it it's memorial you're praying for God

to remember you now does God have a bad

memory right did he need to study for

tests and then he'd forget some but no

no God can remember what does it mean

then that I'm asking God to remember me

seeing the Bible st. when I say God

please remember me

don't forget me I mean God keep watching

over me to take care of me today because

I need you remember me in the Book of

Psalms 84 it says what is man that you

remember him and the Son of man that you

care for him when God remembers you he

cares for you now that's important

because I don't know if anyone here has

at times felt forgotten by the Lord and

you start wondering God have you

forgotten because things just are coming

together the way they're supposed to or

maybe I've done some things and you've

just decided no more I'm done with you

the Bible says Jesus said never will I

leave you never will I forsake you God

remembers his people in the Old

Testament that God remembering resulted

in good things there's a man there was a

king in the Old Testament named Hezekiah

who was told that he was gonna die he

turned his face to the wall and said

Lord remember how I've walked with you

he wept before the Lord and was healed

the Bible says that as the Israelites go

into battle just don't go fight in your

own strength blow the trumpet and God

says when I hear the trumpet I'll

remember you and deliver you from your

enemies anyone going into battle anyone

got some some Giants you're fighting

well say God remember me because I need

you I'm not even gonna try to do it by

myself there was a woman many women in

the Old Testament who were unable to

have children and there's one particular

case where it said God remembered Rachel

he listened to her and enabled her to

conceive he remembered her and gave new

life God remembers us what did the thief

on the cross say to Jesus when he was

dying and remember the story he's dying

next to Jesus he looks to Jesus and says

we before he said that I he said

remember me Lord when you come into your

throne cuz god I need you and I need you

to remember me and to have your eyes on

me because a Bible says apart from you I

can do nothing we live with a constant

sense of dependence on the Lord I don't

live by bread alone but by every word

that comes from the mouth of God the

grain offering was a chance for people

to say God my bread comes from you

physical bread the bread of life if you

don't remember me I'm a goner a memorial

portion before the Lord of pleasing

fragrance to him now there's an

interesting detail you hanging with me

now I know we're going through the

cookbook but the working through it all

right good there's another ingredient

here anyone can tell what ingredient

this is salt salt anyone like salt like

it too much right there's too much

sodium in our yeah buddy what are you

gonna but salt they're supposed to add

salt and the Bible makes a big deal of

it it says don't forget to put the salt

of the Covenant in the bread anyone know

why what does Saul do what assault do

salt preserves right that's why there's

so much salt and our foods because it

sits around for months on end he needs

to be if called preservatives right so

we view it in a negative way but but it

was a good thing back then because you

don't have refrigerators you're not

freezers so the salt preserves food so

when they would make a covenant between

two people you know what do we do to

make a covenant when you're buying

something when you're signing and it

will you do you sign on a contract

you're making an agreement you're making

promises formally how do people enter

into the marriage covenant right what do

you do you get married you exchanged

rings you have a ceremony on the Old

Testament they would usually have a meal

and they would have a lot of salt there

on the table I don't know what they

would do with it I don't know if they

pour it on the food or if they just

sprinkle it or I don't know

food with the salt was there to

symbolize that the agreement between you

and me is permanent till death do us

part I will not break my agreement so

the offerings with salt in it when that

mother and that daughter would put salt

in the little girl would say why the

salt mommy and and the mother would say

we're putting the salton because the

salt is permanent and preserves and so

also God's love for us is never failing

one of my favorite verses in the Bible

and it's great because it's right in the

middle of the Bible if you just flip the

Bible open which you shouldn't do that

just read through it but I flip it open

the beginning I think at Psalm 1 136

says praise the Lord for he is good his

love endures how long forever no matter

what happens today no matter what is

gonna happen tomorrow no matter what

happened yesterday god I praise you for

you are good your love endures forever

you will never let go of me you will

never give up on me anyone feel given up

on sometimes and when feel like giving

up God doesn't give up God won't let go

of you his covenant his commitment to

you is permanent jesus said never will I

leave you never will I forsake you

Romans chapter 8 what can separate us

from the love of God shall trouble or

hardship or persecution or danger or

sword as it is written weird like sheep

to be slaughtered but no in all these

things we are more than conquerors

through the one who loved us nothing can

separate us from the love of God neither

death nor life nor Angels nor

principalities for the present nor the

future nor anything else in all creation

can separate you from the love of god

that is in Christ Jesus he won't let go


we'll do what he's promised to do in

your life and that's what the salt mint

as they put it in God thank you because

we can count on you you are permanent

now there were some things that they

were not supposed to put in one thing in

particular did anyone catch that what

are they never supposed to put in the

bread they offer to the Lord no yeast

again i'm not a big bread guy i don't

really i understand yeast is used to

leaven the bread and help it help it

rise right now they also said no honey

and they think perhaps because honey

would combine with yeast and the 11 and

influence now what's the deal with you

know nowadays we can you can eat all the

geese do you want no big deal right but

in those days it symbolized something

for them it symbolized sin yeast

symbolized hypocrisy and sin how does

yeast work in the bread like I should do

a chemistry study on all this but it it

weaves through all the dough and a

little bit of yeast leavens the whole

lump of dough anyone ever know how sin

can do that in our lives just a little

bit of hypocrisy a little bit of heat a

little bit of racism a little bit of

anger a little bit of immorality just a

little god I'm just going to do a little

here and it weaves through our whole

being those of us to struggle with

addictions know how that can be just a

little bit can permeate our senses in

our body and be so destructive and our

God is a living God and He desires to

set us free from the yeast that poisons

our bodies and our minds and our hearts

he is the God who can purify us

completely the Bible says the word

worship God with sincerity and truth it

says in the book of Corinthians the

Corinthians had the yeast of pride and

arrogance boasting and the Apostle Paul

says your boasting is not good don't you

know that a little yeast leavens the

whole batch of dough

rid of the old yeast so that you may be

a new unleavened batch as you really are

for Christ our Passover has been

sacrificed therefore let us keep the

feast not with the old bread leavened

with malice and wickedness but with the

unleavened bread of sincerity and truth

that God would look at you and say here

is a true man of god in whom there is no

guile there's nothing false you ever

find that when you're struggling with

sin it's hard to look people in the eye

right because you feel like if they see

my eyes they'll see what I'm thinking

right God wants to cleanse our hearts so

that we feel that confidence that our

light can shine out of us perfect never

will be but sincere and true and

transparent yes a new loaf that was

without 11 so by making the bread

without 11 they were saying God let me

be true get all that is phony and fake

out of my spirituality and help me to be

a genuine and sincere man of God all of

this with bread isn't it cool the way

God would give him this symbol now

finally there was one last little detail

about the bread what did they do with

the leftovers right then one remember

the leftovers do they throw it away did

they eat it nope the priests got to eat

it and I could just see that little

little Israelite girl say mommy why does

the priest get to eat all this yeah and

mine was 20 the priests need to eat it

because if the priest doesn't need it

then he can't keep the tabernacle

running so in other words so she's like

mommy so this is also is just like we're

just giving them bread so that they can

do their jobs and run the tabernacle yes

and that is a holy thing because by

running the tabernacle God's presence

dwells among us so we gotta can you

gotta keep it running gotta make in s in

that sense it's a donation to the

continued work of the temple and then

that applies in the New Testament as

well says first Corinthians 9 do you not

know that those who serve in the temple

get their food from the temple the same

way those who preach the gospel should

make their living from the gospel now I

don't want every day everyone doesn't

have to bring me bread tomorrow kay I'm


good i'm i'm funny fat although people

do a couple tortillas you know i'll

never say no but you know what hasn't

been here they would make the donation

and it would run and it would operate

now that can feel very good when you're

giving to you no way i hope you make

donations to missionaries sometimes or

preachers of people do things but how

about paying the electric bill right how

about paying the heat that doesn't seem

very spiritual all right payment but it

is it's an offering to the Lord the most

mundane little thing when we think about

the grain offering we know every little

thing I do for God has value and it's

pleasing to him you know today it was

our job to make the sandwiches for the

for the for the for the lunches we give

out to folks who don't get a chance to

have lunch and and Kenneth wrote on each

little sandwich god bless you in that

cool T I'm very proud of her because she

was saying this is for god this is out

of love is not just a sandwich I'm

trying to say god bless you we can do

our offerings to the Lord every little

thing you do you write god bless you on

it you pay that you you help someone out

you give someone a gift you serve in

some way you set up chairs in the church

you do what you'd say God bless it god

bless it every little thing becomes holy

to the Lord not just for God but for

people to there are a hundred ways you

can serve the people around you in any

given week there are dishes to be washed

there are people to be listened to and

taken time for there is attention to be

paid there are people to be let in in


there are people to be greeted with love

and affection when we have the mentality

of the grain offering we know God every

little thing I do i do it for you God

let it be a pleasing aroma before you

let it be consecrated let me do it as an

act of worship as it says whatever you

do whether in word or deed do it all in

the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks

to God the Father through him I

challenge you to live your life this

week as a life of worship and to give to

serve the Lord to find ways to say God I

want to give you the bread and butter of

my life because you deserve it I want to

express my gratitude to you and that it

would be a fragrant offering before you

and that you would remember me Lord God

will give you opportunities to do so and

it doesn't matter what it is if it's

done with the right heart he will

receive it now we're about to transition

to the table to the Lord's table and

we've been celebrating communion a lot

during the series because it's so

connects with what we're talking about

what are the elements we're going to

have at the table wine or grape juice in

our case but you know wine and bread now

in this case we're particularly going to

use actually I asked a particular sister

from Honduras to do her tortillas which

use the same recipe that was used for a

thousand years ago and they're also

available at the reception downstairs so

you can actually eat one if there's aI

don't know visit hopefully there's

enough for everyone let other people

help themselves first but we're gonna

we're going to do this because it's a

symbol of saying God you use these

simple elements to represent the most

holy and sublime thing your body in your

blood and it might seem like a little

thing but when you participate in these

elements you're saying again God there

is an agreement between us I belong to

you and that is forever and I offer

myself to you in response to what you've

done for me so I invite you to come to

this table God

it's longing for your heart he's longing

for you to give to him all that you are

and to come near him and he's paid the

price for you to do that through his son

on the cross amen so I'll invite the

musicians and the ushers to prepare

themselves and we're going to come to

the table but I invite you to pray with

me here for a minute just close your

eyes as we prepare for this moment god I

thank you that you are the God of the

universe you're the God who makes all

things new god you are also the one who

gives us our daily bread and father I

pray that we would be a people who turn

our lives back to you and praise God

that we would be a people who consecrate

all the little things of life to you god

I thank you that you invite us to this

table to share with you