The Burnt Offering - The Heart's Cure

as you may remember we are working

through some themes from The Book of

Leviticus so if you could open up to the

Leviticus chapter one and I'm sure as

you woke up this morning on a cold rainy

day that you thought well you know what

it's worth getting out of bed because

I'm going to go to church and hear

another sermon from Leviticus chapter 1

about the burnt offering amen that's

what you were thinking is you got out of

bed right it's okay you could admit it

that's what you were thinking but we see

that this is powerful and I do not

apologize for preaching out of this book

of the Bible because the Word of God is

living and active sharper than any

double-edged sword and we're talking

really as we talk about Leviticus about

the gospel in a new way and I am not

ashamed of the gospel because it is the

power of God for the salvation of

everyone who believes you know many

people come to church looking for help

in some way maybe they need meaning or

security in life or maybe they're

struggling with depression and they're

looking for new hope maybe they're

having family problems and they need

help with their kids or in their

marriage relationship they come looking

for help maybe they have physical

illnesses or financial needs and and

they're looking for help and they expect

the church to give them help at the end

of the day the church helps in all kinds

of different ways but when we're talking

about today is the cure for the human

heart what we're going to talk about

today is what we really have to offer

here which is the in my opinion humble

opinion according to the Word of God the

best thing in the universe anybody could

ever want because it is what we have to

talk about today is the cure underneath

it all and the result of it is what is

called in Hebrew Shalom not just peace

it is well being that you can rest

you're comfortable in your own skin

because everything is okay

Shalom and we're going to find that in

an unlikely place as we said in the book

of leviticus written to the ancient

Israelites 3,500 years ago in the desert

God spoke to a people and what he said

to them applies to us today and so

that's why we are reading this and so

we're going to review remember last week

we read Leviticus chapter 1 about the

first offering the burnt offering but

just a little bit of background on this

we're talking here about the people of

Israel who had been slaves in Egypt for

400 years they had been in bondage God

delivered them from slavery remember the

movie Moses the big beard Charlton

Heston the zune the water they're

getting out the people of Israel had

been delivered from slavery in Egypt

they had come out with the power of God

setting them free they go in the desert

to Mount Sinai where God appears in a

cloud of fire and thunder and lightning

and Moses goes up the mountain and God

makes a proposal to the people of Israel

if you will keep my covenant then out of

all the nations on earth you will be for

me my treasured possession even though

all the nations are mine you will belong

to me in a special way you will be for

me a kingdom of priests and a holy

nation you will be a nation that God

will be your king and you will be a

priest of the Living God you will shine

my glory in the world what an identity

what a mission what a privilege and they

accepted this Moses pleaded with them

God the only way we can do this is if

your presence goes with us now the way

the presence of God manifested back then

was not an invisible feeling but a

visible demonstration of his Shekinah

his glory in the presence of a cloud an

enormous cloud imagine a cloud going up

through this roof they will

have shade by day and at night it would

turn the fire Steven Spielberg couldn't

have cooked up anything better even in

Star Wars or whatever this is the glory

of God pyrotechnics from heaven and God

said I can't go with you because you are

a stiff-necked people and if I were to

go with you even for a minute I might

kill you on the way because human

sinfulness and God's glory mix like fire

and hey right one thing consumes the

other so I can't send my presence with

you and Moses said God if your presence

doesn't go with us don't send us out of

this place how will anybody know that

we're a special nation if you don't go

with us what sets us apart from anyone

else unless your presence goes with us

and God says okay okay I'll come with

you and Moses like no no no no you have

to come with us look I just said I'm

coming no you have to come because Moses

wouldn't let go of God and God reveals

himself to Moses remember I am the Lord

Yahweh gracious and compassionate slow

to anger abounding in love forgiving

wickedness but not holding the guilty

unpunished god is good god is merciful

God is just he revealed himself in his

presence went with them but there's the

big question how can the presence of a

holy God dwell among us infil people

without melting them in His Holiness the

answer to that Leviticus God provided a

tabernacle which is a tent a movable

temple that they would construct that

mirrored the throne room in heaven so

they had to make it real carefully

alright cuz all the different dimensions

and the details of this reflect another

thrown in the invisible heavenly

dimension but this would be a

construction on earth a replica of that

throne so to speak and would serve as a

portal between heaven and earth God's

presence would channel through this

place here we see the inner tent where

there's an outer area where there's

tables and there's an incense altar and

then behind the thick purple

curtain with angels all over it woven in

we see the Holy of Holies where there is

the Ark of the Covenant a chest covered

with gold in which the tablets of the

Ten Commandment were there and in this

tent God's glory would dwell and that

spot would be his throne on earth and

that place would be his footstool God

would dwell among them now that doesn't

mean God is stuck in a tabernacle amen

back then God was still in China in

Nicaragua and the islands God was over

the whole universe but he manifests his

presence in a special way in that spot

and then God provides a series of

instructions about how people can live

with holy fire if you had a nuclear

power plant next door to your house well

you better read the manual about how to

handle radioactive material because

otherwise it's going to burn you The

Book of Leviticus is a manual for the

priests and the people of how to dwell

with God who is a consuming fire in a

way that his holiness won't destroy them

but actually bless them and that's what

we've been reading about in the book of

leviticus we started with the burnt

offering in leviticus chapter one and i

didn't finish it so we're going to go

back over it because there is the most

important part of it that i didn't get

to last week and we're going to talk

about it so leviticus chapter one God is

speaking from and if you could show me

the other picture with the glory coming

out of it so so you've got the

tabernacle there which is about the size

of half a football field the glory is

coming out of it and God speaks to Moses

from that fire and he hears a voice

speaking and these are the things he

says Leviticus chapter 1 verse 1 the

Lord called to Moses and spoke to him

from the tent of meeting he said speak

to the Israelites and say to them when

anyone among you brings an offering to

the Lord bring as your offering an

animal from either the herd or the flock

if the offering is a burnt offering from

the herd your to offer a male

without defect you must present it at

the entrance to the tent of meeting so

that it will be acceptable to the lord

I'll stop right there the entrance can

you go back to the picture the entrance

to the tent of meeting could ya be good

yeah thnkx enters the tent of meeting

I'm thinking of it is out here right

outside the outer curtain the entrance

is the inner curtain and the tent of

meeting is the inner tent so the person

bringing the offering would come in go

around this big huge bronze altar and

stand at the doorway with that glory

shining right in front of them wowza

talk about standing before the Lord

you're right there ok let's go back to

it here's what you're supposed to do

verse 4 it says in verse 4 you are to

lay your hand on the head of the burnt

offering and it will be acceptable

accepted on your behalf to make

atonement for you that's we're going to

talk about today atonement you are to

slaughter the young bull before the Lord

and then Aaron's sons the priest shall

bring the blood and splash it against

the sides of the altar at the entrance

to the tent of meeting your to skin the

burnt offering and cut it into pieces

the sons of Aaron the priest are to put

fire on the altar and arrange wood on

the fire and then Aaron's sons the

priest shall arrange the pieces

including the head and the fat on the

wood that is burning on the altar you

are to wash the internal organs and the

legs with water and the priest is to

burn all of it on the altar it is a

burnt offering a food offering an aroma

pleasing to the Lord verse 10 if the

offering is a burnt offering from the

flock from either the sheep or the goats

you are to offer a male without defect

you are to slaughter it at the north

side of the altar before the Lord and

Aaron sons the priests shall splash its

blood against the sides of the altar

year to cut it into pieces and the

priest shall arrange them including the

head and the fat on the wood that is

burning on the altar you are to wash the

internal organs and the legs with water

and the priest is to bring all of them

in burn

them on the altar it is a burnt offering

a food offering and a room of pleasing

to the Lord verse 14 if the offering to

the Lord is a burnt offering of birds

you're to offer a dove or a young pigeon

the priest shall bring it to the altar

ring off its head and burn it on the

altar its blood shall be drained out on

the side of the altar he is to remove

the crop and the feathers and throw them

down east of the altar where the ashes

are he shall tear it open by the wings

not dividing it completely and then the

priest shall burn it on the wood that is

burning on the altar it is a burnt

offering a food offering and aroma

pleasing to the Lord yum huh this is a

little hard for us to identify with but

God's going to speak to us today father

in Jesus name I thank you that your word

to them is also your word to us today I

thank you that what we're reading today

was taken down by dictation the voice

speaking out of the cloud and I pray God

that you would speak to us today I thank

you that you do have the cure for what I

need and what your people needs today it

is so good to know that you do offer the

medicine for Humanity and I pray that

that message would be clear to our

hearts today let your Holy Spirit be the

teacher I pray in jesus name amen amen

so this is talking about the burnt

offering that you can see right there on

that awareness not that I could be put

up the ya thanks there we go the the

altar the burnt the big bronze altar

this is where the majority of the

offerings were made it was an altar that

was I said last week seven and a half by

seven and a half by four and a half so

it's kind of big right it's about the

size of you know right here and it comes

up to about here on me because I'm kind

of short right so it's up there it's big

yeah it's a big altar made out of bronze

they did a lot of offering on it and we

see that we saw last week that this

first offering is the whole burnt

offering usually the animals that were

offered to the Lord and don't worry I'll

get somewhere quick with this I'll hang

with me

right the animals that were offered to

the Lord usually some of the meat was

given to the priests but in this case

the whole thing was burnt to the Lord it

was a hole burnt offering it was meant

to be an expression of the people saying

god I belong to you one hundred percent

I'm not going to give you my leftovers

I'm gonna bring a bowl without defect a

costly offering I'm gonna give to you my

very best from my heart for your glory

and we talked about how this applies to

us because we are called as Christians

no longer to offer animals but to offer

our bodies as living sacrifices to God a

broken and contrite spirit Oh God that

will not despise we're called to offer a

sacrifice of praise and sing to him and

we talked about how when you do that

whether you can bring a bull or a goat

or a bird whenever you can give to God

he receives and he's pleased with if

it's given with a pure heart we talked

about that last week so we talked about

the element of devotion see we show

devotion to the Lord by singing songs by

praying but sometimes songs and prayers

aren't enough so we give we give

offerings we take care of our neighbor

we serve we make bread for a sick

neighbor we do it in the name of Jesus

we do what we do we take time to fast

and pray we're offering to the Lord but

beyond that the offering is not just

about devotion to the Lord the offering

also serves in verse 4 it says to make

atonement for us and that's what I want

to talk about today is the concept of

atonement you see we all have a problem

right all you have to do is turn on the

news like I can't even let my kids watch

the news that terrible I let him watch

some of it because it's time right you

know it's time for no at least to start

seeing some of the evil that is out

there but the evil seems to have gotten

more evil I don't know if it's just me

the week of the monthly mass shootings

happening in our own country the

violence around the world the injustice

whole populations fleeing countries

evil has gotten more evil darkness has

gotten darker the world is not capital n

capital o capital T the way it is

supposed to be it's not right you can't

tell me that this world is the way it's

supposed to be it is not the way

supposed to be all you have to do is go

into the corner and see someone

suffering and you know this world is

that all you have to do is look within a

little bit right and no not just the

world not just them I am NOT the way I'm

supposed to be I this isn't right I

can't tell me that I was supposed to be

this we did we have struggles we have

sins we have problems sin is what has

made this world dirty and dangerous and

that's what we're going to talk about

today the answer to that in the Bible is

atonement atonement now that word may be

an unfamiliar word to you today it won't

be by the end because this word is a not

just a theology word it refers to the

fact that God has the cure for our

incurable disease God has the answer for

us today and if that really gets into

our heart then we live in hope and joy

because I know that there is nothing God

can't cure there is nothing God can't

heal in this world he's come to make

things right and that's what we're

reading about in the offerings being

made with the bull now I want to

describe the cure was we're going to see

through the sacrifice through the

sacrifice of a bowl here or a goat or a

bird there's other sacrifices in the

Book of Leviticus there's a whole day of

atonement we'll talk about at some point

but again the way would work you bring

let's say you've gotta go to write cuz

maybe your your middle class can't

afford the bull but you gotta go you

bring your little goat that you raised

from when she was a little kid right you

bring her in you're standing before the

Shekinah glory right before you you've


a goat you stand at the tent of meeting

and you declare what you're there to do

god I'm here to give thanks for a

deliverance in my life I'm here to ask

for forgiveness for a failing in my life

you say what you're there to do to the

priest to the Lord right to the Lord

right there right you say that and then

you you lay your hands on the goat now

that's not just patting the goat this

was called a leaning ceremony you leaned

on it you put a little bit of weight on

it you know the symbolism there you're

transferring yourself to it this go

represents me all of my sin all of my

evil all of my guilt everything that's

wrong about me is on this poor little

goat and then they take the goat and

they slaughter it they drain the blood

not just into a little sprinkling thing

I'm sorry I know we got kids here this

is getting gross or some of the kids are

like it's just getting good here this is

interesting your fill a ball with the

blood a big bowl you go to this big

altar and they splash the blood on the

altar and on the sides there are

different types of sacrifices some

involve sprinkling blood some involve

splashing it there's blood being

splashed on the altar then they come

back they butcher the goat and they take

the parts all of it they make fire on

the altar the priests and I don't know

how much the the one who's making the

offering is actually involved in the

slaughtering and butchering probably

depended on what they were able to do

but then the priests would take the

parts put it on this bronze altar on the

fire and burn the whole thing before the

Lord now there's a multiplicity of

reactions we can have I think many

people in our day and age think what is

going on here

but some of you especially some of you

who have a pet might be like the poor

goat what about with the goat to do to

deserve this my buddy of mine talks

about who teaches on this it one of his

dude just came up it said this is so sad

but it is sad it is sad and that's the

point God is trying to show them over

and over again that sin is sad sin is

tragic sin is disgusting and messy and

miserable there is nothing glorious

about sin there's nothing flashy about

sin or sexy about sin sin is sad and

tragic and the source of all that is

evil and dark in this world something

has to die when their sin that is a sad

thing and they're seeing that over and

over again but God is taking care of the

results of sin we're going to talk about

sin as being harmful to us in two

specific ways that the Bible deals with

an atonement one sin pollutes us and

makes us unclean in a way that is

ceremonial before the Lord and also in

very practical ways an atonement helps

provide purification for that

uncleanness sin also is profoundly

dangerous now some of us know that just

from daily life usually you're in most

danger when you're doing something

you're not supposed to do right when

you're driving outside the lines right

that's when we're in danger but I mean

it here in a different way that we put

ourselves in danger of God's judgment

when we are in sin and we are in

profound peril in danger and God deals

with that also through ransom in

atonement okay hang with me we're going

to talk about this first sin pollutes

our conscience and distorts our humanity

sin pollutes us pollutes our conscience

distorts who we were meant to be our

psyche now it can make you feel dirty

what does it say in Psalm 51 after David

committed his grave sins of adultery and

premeditated murder in Psalm 51 look at

what he says at the beginning of that he

says have mercy on me O God according to

your unfailing love according to your

great iniquity blot out my

transgressions wash away all my iniquity

and cleanse me from my sin skipping down

to verse 7 cleanse me with hyssop and I

will be clean wash me and I will be

whiter than snow let me hear joy and

gladness but the bones you have crushed

rejoice again you know after sin sin

being around sin makes us feel dirty

emotionally doesn't it you know just

just last night some of you like what's

he gonna tell us just last night I had

to pick something up for Kenneth she's

teaching Sunday School upstairs with the

kids and she's teaching on Ezekiel in

the dry bones right and so this is

perfect right Halloween she's going to

talk about how at this time of year our

culture celebrates death but our God is

the god of life and abundant life so

she's going to use images of dry bones

and how God brings them to life she

brought in stuff from the hospital where

she works and thought this kind of thing

we see the Greg I need a big cut out

skeleton for sunday school tomorrow I'm

like you are kidding me and she said

this is could you scoop went up for me

guess where I had to go to pick up a big

cut out skeleton the week before yeah I

had to go to one of those how the weed

stores right yeah just all the demons

all over the place and I came out

feeling like I need a good shower you

know but I found it I found a good 15

bucks too but it's like that though in a

serious way with our sin right we feel

there's a dirtiness now God taught about

this to the people of Israel through a

series of rules that were meant to teach

them about what it means to have a dirty

conscience it was called

rules of ritual purity and impurity so

God ordained a system of rules including

certain foods that you couldn't couldn't

eat or you would become ritually unclean

remember if you eat something that's not

kosher a pig or something like that you

become ritually unclean if you touch a

dead body you become ritually unclean or

impure and you have to go through a

purification process or different types

of things that people could do bodily

discharges different kinds of things

that would make you ritually unclean all

of that God was trying to teach them

that through these practical things

you're doing I'm teaching you what sin

actually does to your heart right so

they're thinking sin pollutes me sin

makes me dirty gives us a dirty

conscience taints our soul and we are

like oil like water that has been

polluted with toxins like that seawater

after an oil spill there is impurity and

death and we need to be purified now

this comparison happens throughout the

Book of Leviticus and the Old Testament

in a few different ways one that

impurity was described as actually

sticking to the furniture of the

tabernacle right so if it could you show

me the other picture for a minute so

there's all the furniture and there's

the altar and different things and

inside this tabernacle could actually

become defiled by the sins of the people

it was compared to being like an impure

dust that would settle over the altar

over the the furnishings a dust that

needs to be cleansed sort of like I

think in our own context asbestos dust

right you it's a it's an impure toxic

dust sin was compared would make the

whole place unclean in that way it's

also compared to something that can

defile the land or the country and

that's okay it's it's all right the way

it is the whole land can become defiled

by the sin of a nation where the sins of

a people the comparison is to a whole


that becomes contaminated maybe with

radioactivity it's in the water it's in

the plants it's in the soil it's in the

food certain soils that are contaminated

by toxins that even the vegetables that

grow there are toxic unclean the air is

unclean it's not breathable for a season

so the air itself the the land can be

toxic and radioactive it also is

compared throughout the book of

leviticus to an infectious skin disease

right leprosy especially is often

considered a symbol of this type of

impurity so something that needs to be

cleansed appetizing huh aren't these

Pleasant thoughts for Sunday on a rainy

Sunday while you come to church to hear

about radioactive waste and toxic water

so imagine that impure dust that needs

to be cleansed off of something or

someone now that's the idea though God

is trying to teach the people of Israel

that sin should make us sick to our

stomach sin should make our skin crawl

skin sin should make us feel repulsed by

it and the desire to get clean from it

now what can clean off this pollution

now we talked about different types of

pollution that we've already talked

about here I asked best as dust now I'm

not a construction guy but I suspect

they clean it up with something more

than a vacuum cleaner and a duster right

this is okay I'm holding my breath it's

okay right now a duster isn't going to

take care of asbestos dust right I

suspect that radioactive waste is not

cleansed just buy some Lysol right or

they'll putting the water through a

really good Brita filter no but mine is

a really good one we'll run it through

that it's not going to take care of it

some skin illnesses are not going to be

washed off with Purell what can purify a

conscience that has been tainted and

twisted and polluted The Book of

Leviticus presents it

that the blood of a sacrificed animal

was the most powerful cleansing agent

available to them that blood had power

in Leviticus 17 11 God explains that the

life of an animal is in the blood life

is in the blood you see we think of

blood as something that stains right

stains the clothes it stains well for

them blood was something that purifies

away death because it's like liquid life

from an animal that has sacrificed

itself it's it's something that shows

that the death that should be the result

of this in has been paid by another and

can be expunged and washed away by the

sacrifice of an animal of another animal

now we're going to see later that that

never really worked because we need

something better than a bull or a goat

we're going to see about that but the

idea is what can take away the stains of

a sinful heart what can heal a guilty

conscience right anyone ever read

Shakespeare in high school they made you

read it you know Lady Macbeth had

committed murder she had blood on her

hands from killing King Duncan what does

she do she becomes a compulsive hand

washer because I gotta wash it off out

out spot right I was it she's washing

her hands and it's not getting clean

because there is only one thing in the

universe that can cleanse a kiltie

conscience there is only one thing in

the universe that can take a mind that

has been twisted by sin and make it

clean and healthy and beautiful again

and that is the blood of the sacrifice

God has provided for us we're going to

talk about this more later but that is a

beautiful thing because the theme of our

sermons here is the beauty of holiness

you see we are not the way we were meant

to be we are too

has twisted us people think that if they

begin following god they're going to

lose themselves and in a way you will

but as you begin following God you will

find yourself you'll find your beauty

you find your true voice your true song

your true Majesty as a human being

because the blood washes the uncleanness

off of you and you really are who you

were meant to be sin takes away who you

were meant to be the cleansing of God

restores you and makes you shine with

the beauty of holiness that God created

you to have at the beginning the blood

of the sacrifice cleanses us now

atonement works in another way so on the

one hand atonement serves to purify the

person who is offering the sacrifice

number two atonement rescues you from

danger rescues you from danger you see

we in our sin are in grave danger of the

judgment of God now some of you visitors

are thinking wow this is a hardcore

church here they talk about God of

judgement you see the judgment of God

has gotten a bad rap the way my friend

put it who taught it on this that I her

you see we think of anger in our own

terms right what makes you angry right

someone who annoys you usually or you're

hungry or you're tired and so you're

grumpy right anyone to happen anyone

here right you get angry you get annoyed

with people you get vindictive they hurt

me and I've got to hurt them back God

isn't like that God's anger is always

righteous God's anger is always good you

see there's some things in this world

that should make you angry there are

evil things in this world there are in

justices this should make us angry

that's the anger of God it's a righteous

anger it is anger that is against sin

and rebellion when we commit sin we are

committing rebellion against the king of

the universe think about it if there

were a visiting dignitary here if the

Mayor was here whatever you might think

about him whether you voted for him or

not are you gonna go up and spit in his


how about the governor whether you voted

would you go up would you spit the

president well one greater than the

mayor is among us there is one greater

than the governor one greater than the

president our God is the king of kings

and the Lord of lords he is the majestic

one who made the heavens and earth and

when we sin we are spitting in his face

we're committing treason and the penalty

of treason even in human countries is

death we are in danger because we are

sinners and we need to be rescued from

that we need to be ransomed from it we

need to be redeemed I want to talk about

that you ever heard that word redeemed

God is our Redeemer what does that mean

anyone okay through the butter how about

what does redeem mean and when you know

we it's one of those big words that we

use all the time redeem means ransom in

a way right ransom but when we think

about ransom we think about it all

backward you see what we believe is it

through the blood of of the sacrifice

God ransoms us he pays a ransom to set

us free from the danger were in he

redeems us by making a payment of sorts

now usually when do we think about the

concept of ransom where do we think

about that usually there's a kidnapper

and that is demanding money or something

right they're demanding a ransom so

usually you're paying ransom to the bad

guy to try to get the innocent person

set free you see it didn't work like

that in the Old Testament times ransom

was paid by a person who was guilty of a

crime and in danger of death and was

offered a way to make a payment that was

lesser to get out of the punishment of

death so in other words you pay the

ransom to the good guy to the offended


you get forgiven of something more

serious okay here's an analogy right

stick with me through this I got this

and I am indebted to a jail are a

theologian who wrote about this in the

Old Testament there was a rule saying

that if you own a bull that goes out one

day and gore someone to death that you

are liable for what happened right it

was your pit bull right that did that

you're liable now if the bull had never

done it before and you didn't know the

bull was a bad ball right then you had

to pay a hefty fine the bull was put to

death and you fulfilled your legal

obligation but if you knew that your

bowl was a bad bulb and was in the habit

of goring and had gone and killed an

innocent person then you are liable not

just to pay a fine but you it's life for

life you are it's a capital offense

because you're negligent cost the life

of an innocent person you need to die

now let's say this happens to you you

own a bull you let it get away it kills

an innocent person then you go to the

next of kin of the innocent person and

you plead for mercy it's not so sorry I

can't believe I let this happen there's

no excuse I'm so sorry in the Old

Testament there was a provision for the

victim of the crime to accept a ransom

in place of your death in other words

that person who was offended could say

you know what I see that you're

repentant your death won't bring my

loved one back so you know what I will

accept that you pay a penalty pay a fine

rather than you dying that is the ransom

being offered now if you are guilty of a

death sentence and you were offered a

lesser sentence

of paying a fine how are you gonna feel

you're gonna feel good thank you that is

so generous of you that's a ransom but

let's say you don't have the money to

pay the ransom then what well here's

what our God does in Leviticus 17 11 God

says I myself have provided on the altar

for your atonement God says I will be

willing to accept a ransom in place of

your death but you can't pay it so I

will pay it for you can you imagine

someone doing that it was your bowl that

killed their loved one they accept the

ransom and they pay the ransom for you

now imagine if that God says not only

will I pay the penalty that you deserve

will I pay the ransom I will redeem you

with the blood of my one and only

precious son because I love you that

much and because he is a bull a

sacrifice without blemish and he can pay

the penalty that you deserve and I will

buy you back to life you sold yourself

to the devil in your sin but I will buy

you with the blood of Jesus and you will

be mine jesus said the Son of man has

not come to be served but to serve and

to give his life as a ransom for many

very rarely would someone die for anyone

else they'll maybe for a good person you

might dare to die but God demonstrates

his own love for us in this while we

were still sinners Christ died for us

while we were at our worst while we were

in our sin while we were rebelling

against him God died for you he sent His

Son Jesus to ransom you from your sin

and that blood that blood because it

pays the penalty for our sin has a

cleaning power that nothing else on

earth can do it is a medicine that can

heal your heart that can clean your

conscience that can change your mind and

help you be a new person this is what we

have to offer as a church we may do a

lot of good things for people and we

need to keep doing those because God

wants us to love our neighbors we love

ourself but the medicine that we

dispense here is the blood of Jesus it's

his sacrifice for you he's the one who

takes care of your sin I can't do that

God can do that he is the Christ and he

will wash you and he will cleanse you

and he will heal you and he will buy you

back you know we talk about holiness as

belonging to god and that's what makes

it so beautiful that we belong to him

well it's even more beautiful when we

belong to him because he bought us with

a price because he doesn't sit here

judging and saying you're dirty you're

dirty he says you are dirty and I will

wash you he said yes your polluted but I

will clean you he says yes you're in

danger of my judgment but I made it

possible to forgive you because I've

paid the ransom for you I love you

that's why Jesus was a friend of sinners

if I'm a sinner I need a friend like

Jesus I need the one who died for me

whose blood makes it so that I can be in

his presence healed and happy and new

this is what we have to talk about today

because the blood of goal of goats and

cows could never take away sin all of

that was a shadow pointing to the

reality that will be fulfilled in Jesus

one day so when we think about the

offering and at the at the burnt altar

and that bull burning and that is relied

sitting there thinking this innocent

animal had to die for me but now I'm

clean before God we feel like that when

we come before him