Tabernacle Worship: I Surrender All

The Book of Leviticus chapter one we're

going through a series on the beauty of

holiness the beauty of holiness the

God's holiness is spectacular Lee

beautiful and God says be ye holy for I

am holy the big holy means being the

treasured possession of this beautiful

God holiness is beautiful holiness is

spectacular and thrilling and we're

going to be talking about that in the

coming weeks for a little while we're

going to be drawing from The Book of

Leviticus it's the third book of the

Bible Genesis Exodus and bingo Leviticus

I never tried to read the Bible cover to

cover before you ever tried to read it

cover to cover you kind of read along

you start in Genesis Adam and Eve I know

that story right you're reading stories

about Abraham Isaac and Jacob

interesting stories about the patriarchs

of Israel you get to the part about

Joseph and it reads like a combination

of a novella a soap opera and an action

movie you're like no way this is great I

can't put it down then then you get to

Moses and you're like you know Charlton

Heston the beard the staff the water

separating plagues on Egypt you're like

whoa this is a Steven Spielberg movie

I'm liking this you know then he goes up

Mount Sinai to meet with the living

Shekinah presence of Yahweh and God is

there and he's visiting him in Moses is

talking to God face to face in the glory

cloud and it's amazing and God proposes

to his people that if you will obey my

covenant you will become my people even

though all the nations on earth or mine

you will be for me a treasured

possession a kingdom of priests and a

holy nation you'll be a special group of

people that belongs to God and that is

called to channel his glory on earth

amazing now while he's up on the map

mountain the Lord YAWEH speaking out of

a visible cloud begins to teach him

about what is involved in belonging to

him until he begins to give a series of

laws now as you read some of those you

read the Ten Commandments are you like

okay okay I've heard of some of these

that's good I should do some of these

you know every now and then you know

thou shalt not kill thou shalt not

commit adultery you're reading through

the loss but then he starts getting into

some architectural design to build

something called a tabernacle and you're

like what's a tabernacle and why should

I care about the blueprints for it and

you read chapter after chapter of

architectural instructions of how to

build a tabernacle well the tabernacle

is really important we're going to talk

about that today it was meant to be a

portable temple where God's living

presence would dwell among his people

but then as you kind of wade through

that stuff then you get to the Book of

Leviticus which is about the priests

offering sacrifices in the tabernacle

and laws of how the people of Israel

were to manage the presence of God among

them it gets technical it starts

describing sacrifices of killing animals

and taking out their organs and you'll

like what is going on here so as you

read through the Bible if you make it

through Exodus usually you're going to

go just swerving off the road in

Leviticus right so that happened to me

as I was reading through the Bible I was

as a teenager I was 18 years old I was

reading through my student bible for the

first time student bible amen with the

introductions as i'm reading through i

hit laviticus I'm like what am I going

to do with this how am I going to get

through this book and then I read an

introduction in a particular Bible

student bible NIV NIV student bible a

beautiful introduction that helped me

think about leviticus in a different way

it begins with a verse from Leviticus 26

that says where God is saying I will put

my dwelling place among you and

I will not apor you I will walk among

you and be your God and you will be my

people and it goes on to compare the

Shekinah glowing fiery presence of God

among the people of Israel 2,000 years

ago to nuclear power nuclear power

nuclear power is awesome it's powerful

the most powerful thing unleashed on

earth in human history and it is

profoundly dangerous they say that some

of the material for this the you the

plutonium and the u-235 are kept in

special high-security vaults in brass

cans wrapped three times in plastic and

to move the radioactive radioactive

material specially handled especially

trained handlers put on white protection

overalls special breathing masks and

they never even touch the material

except through a sealed glove box if

anybody is exposed to the radiation they

need to be separated and decontaminated

anyplace touched by the radiation needs

to be decontaminated because nuclear

power even though can be used for good

can be lethal to people it's an awesome

thing The Book of Leviticus is sort of

like a manual for how to use a nuclear

power plant right if you went on

vacation and you took out a manual for

how to handle radioactive material in a

nuclear power plant it would probably be

pretty boring wouldn't it right all the

details of what to do and what you put

on and how you handle it it would be

pretty boring if you're on vacation but

it wouldn't be so boring if it was your

job to go in there tomorrow and do

something right you're going to study

that pretty carefully you're going to

follow the rules and the protocols

because you know that your life depends

on it that's what was happening with the

people of Israel God's presence among

them was so

some so majestic so lethal that God

needed to provide a book of instructions

of how to manage living in the presence

of holy fire the Bible says that our God

is a consuming fire you see this is hard

for us because many of us especially

from a charismatic background we think

of the presence of God very comfortably

right we want to come and feel the

presence of God and the president God

comforts us the covers that presence of

God restores us and we take for granted

that we have a right to enter into that

presence not so for the people of Israel

they realized that entering the presence

of a holy God was a consuming fire is a

profoundly dangerous business and to be

allowed to do that is a tremendous

privilege and must be done on God's

terms so I read this introduction I'm 18

years old I'm working my job as a as a

security got a security officer I was a

security guard at night in an abandoned

business building I like to say because

I like to shoot people in there but not

really I just as I was in there studying

right it was late at night no one was

there just me and a few other people and

I was coming out after my shift it was

about midnight and i just read some of

Leviticus and read this introduction and

it was one of those hot muggy nights in

the middle of the summer you know when

it's so muggy you can feel the water in

the air it was a hot muggy humid night

and you know have you ever seen a

lightning storm well you can't even hear

the Thunder it's just so humid that

something's happening in the air up

there well I stepped outside and the sky

was lit up with silent lightning and i

was looking at this lightning just just

filling up the sky and I felt like God

was showing me Greg I am an awesome God

that the holiness of God the majesty of

God is a thrilling awesome thing and if

you will let yourself see me in a diff

way I felt the Lord saying I will change

your life it was exciting so I read that

book of leviticus I didn't understand a

word of it but I read it but now I'm

preach not at all those years later and

that's what we're going to do because

this is worth it just a little bit

before before I pray some reasons why

the Book of Leviticus is worth studying

and I'm stealing some of this from a

theologian who wrote a commentary on

this his name is jay soir he said first

of all the New Testament writers matthew

mark luke john peter paul they

apparently thought that the ideas in the

book of leviticus were very important

because the New Testament writers very

often quoted books from the Old

Testament right well of the quotations

of the books they quoted there's what

how many books in the Old Testament what

is it 37 disciple evans like 37 books

something like that is it am i right 37

I get that out of the 37 books Leviticus

is in terms of frequency of quotation

Leviticus is number six behind Genesis

exit of Exodus Psalms proverbs couple

other Leviticus is in the top ten of

books that the New Testament writers

thought was important and here's what

we're going to see as we get into this

because apart from an understanding of

the things taught in Leviticus we cannot

understand what Jesus did for us on the

cross because we're going to read about

sacrifice we're going to read about

atonement and we're going to understand

why Jesus died for us in a deeper way

and it's going to change our lives it's

also going to talk about the holiness of

what it means to be holy and set apart

from God many of the laws in the Old

Testament are meant to be pictures for

us that represent a heart reality and so

many of the laws and the things they had

to do were like God acting out what it

means to be intimate with him and if we

understand the pictures that we can

understand the reality we're

experiencing now you see the law was

never intended to be a burden on the

people of Israel in the Old Testament it

was never intended to punish them it was

meant to teach them how to worship a

holy God and how to guide them into

their need for a savior and it's going

to do the same for us now one other

thing about the Book of Leviticus we're

going to see that it's full of laws I

don't know about how many of you like to

go on vacation and read textbooks of

legal material there may be a geek or

two in the room who does that I know

when I was reading The Book of Leviticus

honest on a vacation in california I got

some funny looks from some people who

will remain nameless but I met most of

us don't read law books right but laws

if you read them right provide a window

into the heart of the lawgiver the law

shows what is important to the one who

gives the law and we're going to

discover the heart of God and how he

taught the people of Israel so let's

pray before we dig in here father I

thank you that you were an awesome holy

God I thank you God that you call us to

have a passion to know you and that you

are jealous for our love and affection

rightly so because we belong to you god

I thank you that you're my god and I'm

your son that you're our God and we are

your people I pray that you would reveal

to us what it means to worship you and

to understand you fully I pray you would

multiply your power in our lives that we

would experience you in a new way in

Jesus name Amen and amen now before we

get into this I want to talk about the

structure called the tabernacle now some

of you like Greg I could be watching the

patriot pregame show so better get good

fast here okay so if you could project

for us a photograph of the tabernacle

brother Isaac if you could project thank

you sorry brother sorry bro he was up to

like one doing research for me and I'm

like yelling him out here okay he's

gonna project this

abren a caliph you're looking at this

this was a structure that was built

according to the instructions of God

spoken to Moses ok it was meant to be

built precisely the way you see it or

the precisely the way they did it

because it was meant to reflect a

heavenly reality in the book of Hebrews

it says that the human earthly

Tabernacle reflects a throne room in

heaven that we can't see so this is like

a model of God's heavenly throne room in

the invisible dimension that's why you

better build it carefully it's got to be

right because it's reflecting something

that is real in the other dimension now

you're going to see that this is the

central tent where you see an outer

curtain then you see the holy place

where there's a number of different

implements there's the candle stand even

though the candlesticks the menorah

you're going to see a table with bread

on it there's an altar for incense then

if you go through this thickly woven

purple cloth you go to the inside you

get to the most holy place pitch black

except for the supernatural light given

by the presence of God that dwelt above

this cabinet that was there called the

arc right you ever seen Raiders of the

Lost that's what they're talking about

that that movie by the way is not part

of the Bible it's just imagination but

they're imagining what happened this

thing right and so they're looking for

so it's a cabinet a wooden cabinet that

had in it the two tablets of the Ten

Commandment important right Ten

Commandments it also had some other

things later on and it was overlaid with

pure gold and there was a thick slab of

gold over the top called the atonement

cover and now throughout over that

cabinet I can't quite see it in this

picture but there are some some

cherubims some an Angels statues of

angels with their wings extending now

we're going to talk about that as the

throne of Yahweh among his people that

he was in throne

above the angels and the the tether the

the ark was his footstool it was the

bottom of where his presence was so this

is the the tent of the tabernacle

imagine it as a portable temple you

could take it down and you can put up

again now on the inside there's a

there's the you can't quite see it in

this picture but there is linen that is

designed with finely engraved pictures

of angels why do you think there would

be angels in the curtains angels

representing the reality in heaven that

there are angels around the throne of

God and so this is his throne on earth

among the Israelites to see that guy

hanging out in front there the dude

there remember the one who made the

golden calf we talked about last week

well our God is a forgiving God because

Aaron Moses's older brother was forgiven

it became the first priest the first

high priest dressed in symbolic ornate

clothing he would Minister before this

tent now if you could go to the next

picture let's see what else we got here

do we have some other pictures there we

go thank you there we go now here you

see the whole complex right that tent is

just one small part of a whole complex

of sort of walls set up with with

curtains around forming a courtyard okay

maybe see a guy walking into the front

door that is Joe Israelite coming to

worship before God Israelites any any

believer could come and offer certain

sacrifices to before God we can talk

about that now right there you see a big

piece of furniture it's kind of fuzzy I

know but a big piece of furniture a big

alter that was seven and a half feet by

seven and a half feet so it's a square

box four and a half feet high so about

up to here and it's called the altar of

burnt offering we're going to talk about

that today there's a hollow box made out

of wood covered with bronze and that's

where the majority of the off the

sacrifices were offered right there now

behind it you see the priests hanging

out around this big basin what do you

think they're doing their they're

washing their

and because we're going to see but this

was a messy business you see the way we

worship is we come in and we stand

before God and we sing songs the way

they would worship would be to come to

the front door meet the priest state

their intention of what they were there

to do what kind of offering they were

there to make to God and then after that

usually there would be an animal that

would be slaughtered the blood would be

taken from the animal yak would be taken

usually in a we're going to talk about

this and this one in a bowl and carried

and splattered on that altar so much of

it that it would run down the sides

there were different kinds there was

sprinkling of blood and they was

splattering of blood messy business huh

like Greg you know I've had a hard week

and I'm here to come to church to feel

better you're talking about killing some

poor little lamb and I'm supposed to be

blessed by this yes don't worry we'll

get to that but your first reaction is a

very natural one yuck we're going to

talk about how this is that the very

bloodiness of it is meant to convey a

message to people there's another

reaction that many of us might have and

and I heard this talk by my friend Jay

who wrote this this thing how sad that

an innocent animal has to die and we can

see that yes that is exactly the

sentiment meant to be conveyed to the

people who participated because those

sacrifices were a result of sin and sin

is sad and sin is tragic and so we're

going to talk about that more later so

this is the tabernacle structure now

sometimes you have the football field

pictures maybe you didn't do that one

imagine this whole thing taking up half

a football field this is not a little

pup tent right this takes up 50 yards

okay takes a path for football field

yeah there we go football field okay now

next picture oh we don't have an extra

to imagine to the 50 yard line and

half of it and you get the whole

structure then imagine from like the 50

yard line to the 30 yard line I know you

know some of your thinking about

football so we'll just use that here

about 20 yards you got the inner tent

this is a big structure okay this is not

a tiny little thing this is bigger than

you know this building this is a big

structure okay let's keep going so this

structure was designed to house the

Shekinah presence of God among the

people if you go with me to the book of

Exodus chapter 40 Exodus chapter 40 it's

right before Leviticus after they had

built this tabernacle they set it all up

just the way God says look what happens

Exodus chapter 40 verse 34 after all

this is setup verse 34 then the cloud

covered the tent of meeting and the

glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle

a glowing fiery cloud filled this

structure Moses could not enter the tent

of meeting because the cloud and its

radioactive God power had settled on it

and the glory of the Lord filled the

tabernacle verse 36 in all the travels

of the Israelites whenever the cloud

lifted from above the tabernacle they

would set out but if the cloud did not

lift they did not set out until the day

it lifted so the cloud of the Lord was

over the tablet a burn akal by day and

fire was in the cloud by night in the

sight of all the Israelites during all

their travels wild stuff huh wouldn't it

be awesome to have been there and seen

this you know we think if I had been

there I would have believed in God right

the Israelites with this fire cloud

right in the midst of them did some of

the most rotten crazy sins in there

all history because human nature is

sinful and we you know we can't assume

everything but look at the cloud chiney

so a typical worshiper the people of

Israel you see camped around this cloud

a typical worshiper comes here to the

cunt entrance and they are standing they

don't come right there they're brought I

I believe they're brought all the way in

past the big altar with the fire on it

see past that and stood right in front

of the central tent looking up at this

cloud now that's coming to church right

coming to church and you're standing

there and you're like there he is like a

graphic from from Asti you know Steven

Spielberg movie great special effects

pyrotechnics right in front of you

worshipping before the Lord now they're

looking at this fire though and in the

heart of a typical member of the people

of Israelite would be a burning question

how is this going to work I am so sinful

I am so rotten do you know what I said

to my wife just on the way into church

today someone who might be thinking I

struggle with things how am I going to

stand in the presence of a holy God God

himself had said at first he wasn't

going to go with them because if I went

with you my presence even for a day I

might destroy you on the way how can a

holy God dwell among a sinful people the

answer to that question is Leviticus

that's why we're going to study this

together now jump with me if you're in

Exodus chapter 42 Leviticus chapter 1

they go together this is part of the

same thing right away says the Lord

called to Moses and spoke to him from

the tent of meeting and he said speak to

the Israelites and say to them dot dot

dot and then he goes on to teach them

the Book of Leviticus so God if we could

go back to the picture again if we go

back to the picture yeah so God from the

cloud is speaking to Moses he's hearing

a voice

instructing him what they're to do with

this electro powerful divine presence

among them now the first thing he

teaches them to do the first offering is

the burnt offering on that big altar on

the outside this is the one God starts

with and we're going to see why so if

you go with me to Leviticus chapter one

let's read it you ready you ready okay

we can do this right you drink your

coffee this morning you're going to hang

in there we're gonna okay okay the Lord

called to Moses and spoke to him from

the tent of meeting he said speak to the

Israelites and say to them when anyone

among you brings an offering to the Lord

bring as your offering an animal from

either the herd or the flock if the

offering is a burnt offering from the

herd you are to offer a male without

defect you must present it at the

entrance to the tent of meeting so that

it will be acceptable to the Lord you

are to lay your hand or lean your hand

on the head of the burnt offering and it

will be accepted on your behalf to make

atonement for you you are to slaughter

the young bull before the Lord and then

Aaron's sons the priests shall bring the

blood and splash it against the sides of

the altar at the entrance to the tent of

meeting you are to skin the burnt

offering and cut it into pieces the sons

of Aaron the priest are to put fire on

the altar and arrange wood on the fire

then Aaron's sons the priest shall

arrange the pieces including the head

and the fat on the wood that is burning

on the altar you want to wash the

internal organs and the legs with water

and the priest is to burn all of it I

repeat that all of it on the altar it is

a burnt offering a food offering an

aroma pleasing to the Lord if the

offering is a burnt offering from the

flock from either the sheep or the goats

you're to offer a male without defect

you're slaughtered

north side of the altar before the Lord

and Aaron sons the priest shall splash

its blood against the sides of the alter

your to cut it into pieces and the

priest shall arrange them including the

head and the fat on the wood that is

burning on the altar you're to wash the

internal organs and the legs with water

and the priest is to bring all of them

and burn them on the altar it is a burnt

offering of food offering and aroma

pleasing to the Lord and finally verse

14 if the offering to the Lord is a

burnt offering of the birds you're to

offer a dove or a young pigeon the

priest shall bring it to the altar ring

off the head and burn it on the altar

its blood shall be drained out on the

side of the altar he's to remove the

crop and the feathers and throw them

down east of the altar where the ashes

are he shall tear it open by the wings

not dividing it completely and then the

priest shall burn it on the wood that is

burning on the altar it is a burnt

offering a food offering and aroma

pleasing to the Lord can I hear the

people say Amen see a man burnt offering

yes amen the burnt offering the whole

burnt offering this was the offering

this was how people worshiped back then

let's put the picture of the glory cloud

up again you see how do we worship or

express our love or our gratitude to the

Lord how do you do that we come to

church right we sing songs we pray we

lift our hands to the lore but have you

ever felt and this is again I'm stealing

from a commentator on this book have you

ever felt that sometimes a song is just

not enough sometimes a prayer is not

enough you gotta do something well that

impulse to worship in a practical way is

embodied in the concept of offering in

that cultural context the way you

worship God the way expect that you

express your heart to God is by offering

to him something precious that belongs

to you completely this is a special


usually the offerings in the Bible you

would offer part of the animal right but

in this case they were to take the whole

animal and sacrifice it entirely to the

Lord this was a symbol of devotion and

consecration the person would be

standing there before the Lord and offer

up this sacrifice to God it's a symbol

of holy desperation it's a symbol of

saying god I am going to offer my best

to you look at what it says what kind of

animal is it to be in all three cases

starts with a bowl then it talks about

something from the flock maybe a sheep

or something like that and then a little

bird in every case it is to be a male

without defect without blemish and

especially if you think about it

offering a bull to the Lord in an

agricultural society is very expensive

because this animal is how you make your

living this animal is worth a lot of

money so financially this is the most

costly offering in the Book of Leviticus

it's offering to God their best animal

not their worst not their leftovers but

their best do you see what God might

have to say to us through this go with

me to the book of Malachi because

sometimes we might be tempted to give

God our leftovers we might be tempted to

give to God what we're not really going

to use anyway Malachi chapter 1 verse 6

God had made it very clear that when you

make a vow you should bring an offering

without defect or blemish do not offer

to the Lord the blind the injured or the

main or anything with warts or festering

our sores do not place any of these on

the altar as a food offering presented

to the Lord in

malachi chapter 1 verse 6 God rebuked

the people of Israel for giving him

their scraps listen to what he says to

them he says in Malachi one is the last

book of the Old Testament Malachi 1

verse 6 a son honors his father and a

slave his master if I am a father where

is the honor due me if I am a master

where is the respect due me says the

Lord Almighty it is you priests who show

contempt for my name but you asked how

have we shown contempt for your name by

offering defiled food on my altar but

you asked how have we defiled you by

saying the Lord's table is contemptible

when you offer blind animals for

sacrifice is that not wrong when you

offer sacrifices of lame or diseased

animals is that not wrong try offering

them to your governor would he be

pleased with you would he accept you

says the Lord Almighty now plead with

the Lord God to be gracious to you with

such offerings from your hands will he

accept you says the Lord Almighty will

stop right there think about it the

governor is coming over for dinner what

are you going to prepare nah the

president is coming what are you going

to prepare for him yoona give him your

leftovers of course not we give our best

out of honor and out of reverence God is

much more important than the governor or

the president he deserves our best not

out of an obligation of saying oh god I

have to but if I see that god is awesome

and that he is worthy of honor that I

want to give him my very best I find

this very challenging because we don't

teach the people are obligated to give

anything you know even when we do a

moment of offering here we don't teach

that you have to give you know even the

concept of the

five we don't say it's obligatory even

though it is a principle taught in

Scripture the concept is to honor a holy

God and say God it's part of worship to

give you my very best and not my scraps

you know you're doing that when it's

just a little hard to let go of it right

you ever had that happen you're giving

something and something it's just like

like cool oh my kids are struggling with

that right it's sometimes they get a

little hard on themselves when they're

making toy donations for for toy drives

right it has to be they call it a

lightly used toy right we don't want an

eye off of the teddy bear right give

them got to be lightly used and they're

thinking okay well I don't really want

this toy but I i'll give it but then

they said but you know what wait a

minute maybe i should give the toy I

most like right and they're struggling

they suit the poor kid I don't delay

guilt or bottom I let them process at

them so but which toy do we give which

what we give from ourselves our very

best for the Lord not because I'm

obligated but because I want to because

he deserves it in the book of Colossians

chapter 3 it says whatever you do

whether in word or deed do it all in the

name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to

God the Father through him when we view

our life as an act of worship before the

altar of burnt offering and say God I

will give my best to you today then

everything I do for him becomes an act

of worship it becomes a sacrifice before

him so when you go to work and you get

assigned a task that you don't really

want to do you're like God I'm not doing

this for the boss I'm doing it for you

and I'll do my best for you when you're

washing those dishes for your kids and

your family you're like god it's not for

them it's for you Jesus when I am doing

anything we do i do it in the name of

the Lord Jesus and there is the

of knowing this is an act of worship

before a holy God giving God our best

our sacrifice what we give to the Lord

is meant to reflect the attitude of our

hearts the sacrifice is supposed to be

blameless right that we are to offer a

sacrifice that reflects a heart that is

sincere that is acceptable to God so

that the outside reflects the inside so

look at this it talks about God

preparing us to be an offering to the

lord that is blameless and pure he says

look at this in Ephesians chapter 5

comparing our relationship to God to the

relationship between husbands and wives

he says husband's love your wives just

as Christ loved the church gave himself

up for her to make her holy cleansing

her by washing with water through the

word and to present her to himself as a

radiant church without stain or wrinkle

or any other blemish but holy and

blameless our wedding day before God a

bride I love weddings because you see

that bride I get the best seat in the

house right if I'm officiating and i

watch that moment of her coming down the

aisle and I get to be hanging out with

the groom and I tell them don't MIT this

is the enjoy this God is offering God is

it's not the father it's God bringing

her down the aisle to you and God

offering that bride to the groom that's

what we are to be we are to be that

person decked out for God being offered

to him that's why sacrifice and worship

was never meant to be an excuse for not

living a holy life you see some people

could think if I bring my best sheep

then I don't have to worry about

pleasing God the rest of the week I can

do whatever I want now don't laugh too

quickly because some of us are tempted

to do that in church right if I give up

a tithe then

doesn't matter how I got that money

right cuz I'm tithing on it right I've

had some people try to do that get it in

corrupt ways doing bad things and then

giving it to God as if that will somehow

make it okay God says I care not just

about the offering but the heart behind

the offering when we worship and our

life is not sincerely devoted to God and

we're playing games with God God said

that that was never his intention look

at what he says in the Book of Amos

chapter 5 verse 21 God says to them I

hate I despise your religious feasts I

cannot stand your assemblies even though

you bring me burnt offerings and grain

offerings I will not accept them but let

justice roll on like a river and

righteousness like a never-failing

stream so you really want to bless me by

offering then then live in a just way

that reflects a worship that is if it

has integrity that has sincerity to it

look at what God says to the to the

people of Israel in the Book of Isaiah

chapter 1 verse 10 he compares them to

Sodom and Gomorrah Isaiah one tenth or

18 hear the word of the Lord you rulers

of Sodom Isaiah 110 listen to the

instruction of our God you people of

Gomorrah the multitude of your

sacrifices what are they to me says the

Lord I have more than enough of burnt

offerings of rams and the fat of

fattened animals I have no pleasure in

the blood of bulls and lambs and goats

when you come to appear before me who

has asked this of you this trampling of

my courts stop bringing meaningless

offerings your hands are full of blood

wash and make yourselves clean take your

evil deeds out of my sight stop doing

wrong learn to do right seek justice

defend the oppressed take up the cause

of the fatherless and plead the gates of

the widow come now let us settle the

matter says the Lord though your sins

are like scarlet they shall be white as

no though they're red as crimson they

shall be as wool let your offering be a

sign that your heart is being given to

God that there's a devotion to the Lord

that there's no hypocrisy that you're

bringing a whole heart of love what if

though you've had a hard week the way

we're just talking about what if you're

struggling with sin does that mean that

you're not allowed to come to the altar

and offer an offering to God not at all

because part of the purpose of the

offering is not just to underscore my

devotion to God and to sign it with

blood but it's atonement it's saying god

I need your forgiveness we're going to

talk about this more next week but the

death of an animal is a profoundly sad

thing these are people who raised this

animal it's not just merchandise to them

most of the time the death of an animal

is a sad and tragic three thing

demonstrating that where there is sin

there is tragedy there is death there is

destruction but God has made a way for a

substitute in your place the book of

Hebrews makes it very clear that the

blood of bulls and goats can never take

away sins it never could and it never

can it was always meant to be a picture

of someone else's blood that would be

shed in our place it was always meant to

point us to the Lamb of God who takes

away the sin of the world to that

perfect human being who died on the

cross in our place and every time a

person offered a burnt offering they

were saying there must be something

dying in my

place and that makes me acceptable to

god we'll talk more about that next week

but it doesn't mean that we're perfect

but we say but God wants my best I have

blemishes how can I bring my best

because God looks at the heart he

doesn't look at the outward exterior of

the person he looks at the faith that we

bring to him I tell people before we

enter into the Lord's Supper because the

Lord's Supper is a profoundly holy thing

we're going to celebrate it again today

and I tell people that this is a holy

moment we are not to play games with God

we're not to think that we can come to

this table pretend like religious and

then put and then live a totally

different life and it doesn't matter

because I went to church God will not be

played with right but at the same time

the symbols of the bread and the wine

represent the body and blood of jesus

that was poured out for who for sinners

this is the medicine for my sin if I

have sinned this week that's the

medicine confess to God it to God I need

your forgiveness I sincerely trust in

you and take this bread and wine as my

medicine that's doing it with a perfect

heart it's not the perfect people but

there's a sincere faith behind it did

you notice in the burnt offerings that

there's three types of animals that can

be offered right it starts with a bull

right and then the implication is if you

can't afford a bull then you can offer

something from your flocks a sheep or a

goat may be right if you can't afford a

sheep or ago if that's going to bankrupt

you then go out and catch a pigeon on

the corner and bring that do you see the

point this is open to all it's not based

on how much you have to give it's based

on the heart with which you give it

jesus said that widow who gave two

pennies it was more valuable than the

person who gave values

of dollars because she did it

sacrificially sincerely from her heart

when I see people at the altar and only

God knows the heart right but I see some

folks up here praying to God and I feel

in my bones God saying they are offering

me a sacrifice of praise the fruit of

lips who confess the name of Jesus and

it's precious to me it's precious to me

they may still be struggling with all

kinds of things but they really mean it

they are giving their heart to God and I

receive it don't you despise it right

because our sacrifice is precious to him

if it sincere if we really mean it if

we're not playing games if we belong to

him it is the offering look at what it

says at the end and aroma pleasing to

the Lord I don't think that means that

God needs to eat the sacrifices like

food like in paganism right he says I've

got plenty I don't mean to eat your

animals right you're not feeding your

God right like when we give money you

what God is he's that he owns everything

right you're not giving anything to him

but when we give to God for some reason

because of the sincerity of my heart it

pleases him it's an aroma it's pleasing

to him hmm now I don't know what it

smelled like as you entered this place

at times it may have set smell like a

good asado a good cook out right but

when you're burning some of those other

parts I don't think it smelled like a

good cook out we're not talking about

physical smell we're talking though

about the sensation of smelling

something that just take a like the I'm

going to distract you but imagine the

food being cooked down stairs at this

very far why it's so distracting you

like mmm that smells good the aroma

pleasing to the Lord my father smoked a

pipe in the old days and thank God he

quit now I'm very happy about that you

know he quit into hopefully those lungs

have restored

I hope but I'll never forget as a kid

just wafting in that secondhand smoke

picking with him that's a good pipe

that's a good fun forgive me i'm

attempting some of you even as i speak

right here please forgive me but the

pleasing aroma before the lord when we

come to God and offer him a sacrifice of

praise it's like an incense the Bible

says in the book of Revelation that

rises before his throne when you pray to

God he hears you and he receives it and

we have the power as his children to

bless his heart it's it's mysterious we

have the power to make him smile I still

can't believe it I I did we are you know

we're not giving him anything he doesn't

already have but we're out by we

sacrificing ourselves we're touching the

heart of our Father that's the beauty of

holiness devotion to the Lord saying I

give you not just my best I give you my

heart in the book of Romans chapter 12

verse 1 it said therefore in view of the

mercies of God offer your bodies as

living sacrifices holy and pleasing to

God which is your spiritual act of

worship you're standing before the glory

you're at the tent your sin has been

atoned for now offer yourself to the

Lord and you are holy and pleasing to

God just as you are with a sincere heart

amen that is part of the message of the

burnt offering do you see why we need to

study the book of leviticus because this

is talking about what it means to be

devoted to the Lord to live a life that

belongs to him that is consecrated to

him that everything I do I'm thinking

this is in the name of Jesus I do this

for god I have this conversation for god

i give this offering for god i go to

work for god I serve my wife for God I

take care of my kids for God as a

sacrifice on the thrown out of devotion

to him it's a life

is holy and is beautiful to the Lord our

God now next week we're going to talk

about the significance of atonement in

this offering but I want to end with

this idea that we can offer a heart to

God and that he's pleased with it it

says in in Psalm 51 verse 10 create in

me a clean heart O God and renew a right

spirit within me cast me not away from

your presence David prayed this after

sinning terribly against God and take

not your Holy Spirit from me restore

unto me the joy of thy salvation and

uphold a willing spirit in me skipping

ahead to verse 16 for you do not delight

in sacrifice or I would give it you will

not even be pleased with a burnt

offering the sacrifices of God are a

broken spirit a broken and contrite

heart O God you will not despise give

your heart to the Lord today we are

going to come to the Lord's table today

and that represents the sacrifice of

Jesus on the cross if you have accepted

Jesus in your heart as your Lord and

Savior you are welcome to that table to

offer your body as a contrite and broken

heart a sacrifice before the Lord and

receive him and if you have not accepted

Jesus as your Lord and Savior do it

today and participate because God is

calling you he loves you he knows you he

made you for him make that commitment

today now I'm going to invite the ushers

to come up and and I know if I pastor

Sam to officiate because I don't know

I'm just in the mood to sit with us

today it does i want to just participate

in this with you and sit with my wife

and so we're going to do that but before

i do ask you to close your eyes and

prayer and let's come before the Lord

the Father I thank you the just as you

invited those ancient Israelites to

approach the spectacular majesty of your

glory so also you beckon us today God we

see the glory of God and the face

of Christ now we know that that is your

glory revealed to us and Holy Spirit I

pray that you would open the eyes of our

heart to understand who you are and what

you're inviting us to do today God we

come before that altar and we don't

offer a bowl or a goat or a bird but we

give you what we can we give you what we

have all that we are and all that we're

not I thank you that you accept whatever

is given to you with a perfect and pure

heart and that's what we bring to you

today god I pray for anybody today here

who doesn't know you as their Lord and

Savior and I pray that they would make

that commitment and I want to invite if

there is anybody before the Lord's

Supper who wants to be sure you've given

your heart to Jesus I invite you raise

your hand right now and say God I

receive you Jesus as my Lord and Savior

and I'll pray with you before we do the

Lord's Supper is there anyone here who

wants to be sure who wants to make that

commitment i invite you to make that

statement by raising your hand before

the Lord to anyone in that category to

that amen and I invite you all of us we

confess our sins before you we say God

we have sinned but Jesus we believe in

you that your blood has paid the penalty

for our sin and we pray as we

participate in this that you would wash

us white as snow in Jesus name