"Forget not all His Benefits" - Pastor Miranda - March 30, 2014

Tom 103 it's one of my favorite

beautiful beautiful sound I know it by

heart in Spanish because there are so

many things that I subscribe to in my

walk with the Lord and the image that I

portrays of the God that we serve and so

let's let's just take them the first

five verses and I know that we won't

have enough time to unpack or

encouragement and the blessing that is

contained within these wonderful vs. but

some 13 says 103 praise the Lord O my

soul all my inmost being praise His Holy

Name praise the Lord O my soul and

forget not all his benefits who forgives

all your sins and heals all your

diseases who redeems your life from the

pit and crowns you with love and

compassion who satisfies your desires

with good things so that your youth is

renewed like the Eagles amen what a

wonderful promise I mean there's a

calling there to the soul to the mind to

the will and it's also a blessing that

comes there's a reaction to something

that God has already done in one's life

and also in a sense of stimulus that God

may continue to do these very things in

our lives all of this contain it is a

short verses let me share with you what

what propels me to share this particular

passage with you is a guilty conscience

because I've been preaching the past few

weeks and whenever you go in and share

in the sermons in bilingual model where

they are the new sanctuary together

you've heard me lately speak a lot about

you know the fact that we come to the

kingdom not just to have a good time and

to receive good things and to you know

expect that God is going to bless us all

the time we spoke and also party Cosmo

that requires effort and that requires a

price to be paid we've spoken about the

cross and about God's approving

influence in our lives and the fact that

we come also to to be configured

according to the image of Jesus Christ

and that means that God will you know he

will intervene in our lives and

sometimes put us through times of stress

tribulation God as a master sculptor

chipping away at our imperfections and

doing a certain kind of violence to to

our beings in order to configure us to

the figure of Christ it's really the

cross manifesting itself in our lives

through circumstances relationships

various experiences even God's inner

work in our lives as he convicts us of

imperfections and the need to go to him

for healing and for transformation so my

point has always been through these as

this series that thumb you know that the

life of a believer is the life of a

disciple and that means following Christ

wherever he might lead imitating him as

he says you know that the son of man

doesn't have a place to dwell it is it

is a life of sacrifice it is a life of

heroism the life of a hero heroine and

that means that it is not an easy life

but it's a glorious life as well to tie

there are times of testing and

tribulation and scar city and trial and

sterility even and dryness in the

Christian life the point being though

that we do not stay there and we do not

just wallow in a pool of negativity

there's always a purpose for

those times and the purpose is always

good and the result is always good

that's the difference from suffering

just for the sake of suffering and being

debilitated and bled dry through trials

that have no ending no exit no purpose

and trials that are configured by a

loving father a loving trainer with

using these experiences to produce

Beauty nobility of soul increasing

greatness capacity to do more for his

kingdom and also to enjoy life more

because as he releases us from all that

burden that we carry he makes us lean

and mean for the King to him and he

makes us a more efficient in the way we

walk through life as a the Bible says

you know we will burden ourselves of

every excessive burden so that we might

walk more freely that or run more freely

the race like a verra de la faille

satisfies the race of faith so you know

whatever happens in our life it's always

good but my point being that we just

come into the kingdom expecting good

things and happy moments as on we are

impoverishing the kingdom is so much

more than that so I've been like a

mother telling the kids hey eat your

spinach it's not just a pizza all the

time in and french fries it's also hard

work and you know eating those things

that are nutritious but you know I feel

sometimes guilty like the mother the

mother we just does that I mean because

there's also times of refreshing in

times of also dwelling on the good

things and and the blessings that yes I

are there in the kingdom as well and

reveling in God's goodness and mercy and

favor and provision and generosity and

all those wonderful things that are the

inheritance of a child of God and that

we have a right to expect when we walk

in the kingdom and in his will so this

morning I want to kind of balance things

out a bit and I want us to for a moment

celebrate some of the wonderful things

take your armor off take your sword and

put it to the side

take off that the gym suit and let's

make a nice warm bath and refresh

ourselves and and eat some potato chips

and chocolate chip cookies so this is

why you know this song the Sun is

necessary as well for us to enjoy

ourselves a bit and to celebrate God's

goodness that's what I want to do I want

this to be kind of a little bit of a

sour on our soul but even then there

will be also some little things that we

need to keep in mind our oriented toward

effort but you know I love the way it's

david begins praise the lord o my soul

that's something that he uses and make

certain that uses very often so it does

tell us something you know that um in

order for us to enjoy certain things in

life you know there's a part that we

need to do as I was saying earlier the

God doesn't do it all for us praise is a

wonderful thing and sometimes we have to

kind of animate our and encourage our be

when he says on my soul I think if you

were speaking today in Psychological in

21st century returns praise the Lord on

my mind the praise the Lord oh my psyche

praise the Lord oh my will praise the

Lord all emotions praise the Lord oh my

body he's just using an ancient language

but to speak about the essence of his

being and I think you know we often have

to encourage ourselves to worship and

worship and praise and gratitude oh come

easily many times we have difficult

times in life and sometimes we're just

plain tired and overcome by the by the

just the sameness of life the quotidian

you know nature of existence and we just

don't it's hard for us to get into the

sublime the spiritual part and it's like

this is a inertia that needs to be

overcome in order to enter into that

free flow of praise and worship so we

have to go through that the sterile that

dry place until we come to those flowing

waters of worship and gratitude and


ashed unlimited reveling in God's

blessing but it comes but if we if we

just stay in the place of inertia and

sameness then we will never get to that

it's there it's there I just have to

walk a little bit so don't we should

never depend on just how we're feeling

at a certain moment to enter into the

gates of thanksgiving and praise and i

always see that in David there's a will

to gratitude gratitude doesn't just flow

spontaneously from him he knows that

there's a little bit of work to do as

well so he's always encouraging his soul

encouraging we can because we're complex

multifaceted beings we have many

departments and compartments within us

and so sometimes they will and the flesh

and are one place and the soul the

spirit is always willing as jesus told

His disciples were weary entire from

fatigue and anxiety about the impending

crucifixion and but it says you know

dependence period so I think for us to

revel in God's blessings and you know

that the Lord spoke to me throughout

this entire study that yes I mean even

there there's a little bit that we need

to do as well we need to own and and

procreate and believe the things that

has declared over our lives and as we do

that then that energy that blessing

begins to flow so you know the first

that I see here is that will to worship

to cultivate gratitude this morning I

was a I get up early very early on

sundays and you know it was raining like

crazy and I looked at the window it was

dark and but there was enough light

illuminating the side and I could see

the rain falling on the sidewalk and

bouncing off the sidewalk for some of

you that may depress you I'm a

melancholy spirit or I love rain so I I

drew a chair I took a chair and I place

a close to the window and I looked at

that little scene right that little that


the illuminated by the light of the

sidewalk and the rain dancing on the

sidewalk and and I was blessed by that

and I thank the Lord for the sound of

the rain I brought peace I thanked him

for you know the warmth of that place

where I was the comfort of the chair

where I would see the rest that he had

given me previous night the privilege of

serving him and coming before you and

serving the word of God to you and being

ministered by it to me to myself as well

so you know we can always find reasons

for rejoicing and part of the rejoicing

is rejoicing part of having joy is

cultivating joy part of having the

blessing of God is exercising ourselves

in remembering and mentioning and and

detailing the things that got us in our

lives so you see this here you know

David just gets himself up into a spirit

of them praise and worship so praise the

Lord on my soul and all my inmost be

praise his holy name and then he may not

be totally convinced that it's already

in that spirit so he says again praise

the Lord on my soul so it doesn't got to

go a little bit further even but we have

to cultivate it it's not God doesn't

just do it doesn't just kind of open the

top of our skull and puts in a content

of joy you know this apartment we have

to do as well and then he says and

forget not I can't the same thing we can

forget in the midst of life you can

forget or we can just misplace all the

wonderful things that it does for us so

we need to kind of take our pens or our

iPads or whatever and start typing in

the things that we can remember in order

that he does and will discover them that

we don't have enough space or memory

because he does so much but then he goes

into a specific detailing specific

mentioning of all the different things

that God does in his life he's specific

just as we have to be specific in the

things are we asking for you know some

people say well why do I have to ask God

he knows my needs and sometimes we get

into this hyper spirit

way of saying you know I was going to

worship the Lord and count on his

blessings you know that we need to be

specific both in our petitions and in

our worship and praise so he begins

recounting different ways in which the

Lord expresses his grace to him and his

blessing and the first thing that he

mentions just who forgives all your sins

the New King James translation is who

forgives all your iniquities the Hebrew

expression that is translated here sins

or iniquities I prefer the New King

James because I think it has a it's more

to the tone and the content and the

level of what David is saying iniquity

is stronger than sin in a way the

iniquity is almost like a condition it's

almost like a it's something perverse

that's this idea of perversity and a

serious singing now David was a man who

knew about sin and so it's interesting

that it is the first thing that he

mentions he might mention that first for

maybe a couple of reasons one of them is

that if you have seen in your life on

confessed then you know that sin in your

life is like a blockage it's like a

block of cement 30 feet by 30 feet in

your 20-foot rope just standing there

impeding blessings from flowing in your

life and you need to get yourself right

with the Lord and it's so easy really in

a sense we confess our sins we get

things right with the Lord we repent but

he knows that you know repentance is the

the beginning of blessing so he repents

well as I say also he was a very sinful

man and David is one of the most complex

characters in all of literature because

he loved God passionately he knew the

call to holiness he was willing to give

his life for God and for the presets and

principles of God's kingdom and yet he

he was always torn by impulses that were

very carnal very biological and

he had the struggle which is a doesn't

remind you of yourself and certainly

reminds me of me you know we're

struggling with we love God want to do

the right things you want to be an

Easter before his kingdom but we're also

torn i mean we got all kinds of demons

fighting for our soul as well and all

kinds of impulses that terror isn't the

different in the opposite direction so

the good thing is that you know I see in

David's life an image of what happens

you know David's heart was it love God

passionately and God loved him

passionately god David heart was in the

right place and he was quick to repent

there's some 51 that which is just this

exquisite and generous recognition of

sinfulness and asking for forgiveness so

you know it was not tender heart that

kept David in the right place in the

eyes of God and God always blessed him

greatly and forgave him over and over

again he went through some scary moments

and I'm sure he got to heaven smelling

like smoke but you know God love them

every step of the way and bless them in

ways that one day led him to say Lord is

this the way you deal with men

interestingly he had sinned it so much

that God did not allow him to build him

a house he said David you know your

desire to build me a house is wonderful

but you know what you've said too much

blood you've killed too many people you

know you've been a violent man and you

know there was a place for that because

David was building a kingdom and in

those times you know it was it was a

crazy time of great violence and that

but David had gone a little bit

overboard perhaps and so God you know

guys adjust God and he's a merciful God

and those two elements are always

contending and so God said to him you

know you will not build me a house but

you know what your your son will build

me a house and I'm going to give you a

consolation prize I'm going to make sure

that your lineage never ends for a king

that was a major thing your kingship

will always remain and of course he was

speaking about the coming Messiah Jesus

who was of the line of David

lineage of David and so what a wonderful

prize you know so David was overcome by

the fact Wow well I'm not going to be

able to build him a house my son will at

the same time he says you know I've got

to have a never-ending Kingdom and so he

was just a full of gratitude to the Lord

but you see that tension there and you

know that's something it gives me

encouragement he forgives my iniquities

what a great asset what a great thing to

have because we're always going to fail

the Lord no matter how good we want to

be and no matter how much we want to

serve Him and do the right thing there's

always gonna be moments of failure

falling short of not doing or thinking

or saying the right thing or doing the

wrong things but the wonderful thing is

that that we don't need to go around

this guys in our sin or pretending to

real able it that's to that that's to

that cause too much effort really and

you never achieve it you can put a

bridge the order and as you want on

yourself but if you don't take your bath

you're always going to smell forgive the

graphic nature of that illustration for

a moment there but the good thing is not

know God says hey you don't need to go

around changing the posts the goalposts

just come and the confess your sin

repent and will be of will be okay you

know we speak a lot about holiness

around here I've spoken about holiness

it is it is a value that we hold dear

but sometimes the the the preaching for

holiness which will always retain gets

overwhelming that we forget to mention

the Grace and the hope that there isn't

Jesus Christ we all we all need to come

to the cross we will always be broken

the first ones are the people who preach

very aware of our sinfulness and our

shortcomings but we know also that it's

so easy you know in a sense because as

we confess to the Lord our sinfulness

and we acknowledge it we are forgiven

and we are given another chance the

Bible says that though our sins be read

pomegranate that shall be made us white

they sublimate as white as the white as

snow we need not live in fear or guilt

or condemnation we strive yes but we

fail but we are also restored we should

always dwell on the mercy the goodness

the compassion the forgiving capacity of

garbage is unlimited and I don't know

about you but this gives me freedom and

vitality so I am released from the image

of a divine taskmaster and I embrace the

image of a loving patient father who

works alongside me and empowers me to do

great things you know that delivery from

a lot of anxiety I know they're going to

fail God in the course of my ministry

many times so as we tend to without this

some conservative attitude because we

think invite if I do to try to do too

much I'm gonna fail and I want to feel

guilty or we neglect to speak of the

call to holiness and and to service

because we don't want to make people

feel guilty I think the right thing to

do is to combine grace and holiness

together as Scouts heart does and to

encourage us ourselves to strive for the

greatest stature in God and to know that

when we fail we fall short we just come

to him and say father look at my knees I

Bank them as I ran the race and he said

so right take another pair of pants from

my closet and then go on it's a

beautiful thing we can rest in the Lord

so I think it was very important for

when when not David what man who knew

many many growth since I says you know

he for he forgives all your benefits and

you know I look at right now it forgives

all your sins you know it says I'm

looking forget not all his benefits I

thought immediately when I saw is right

now Social Security and the benefits of

a job you know all the different things

that jobs you know we're always looking

for benefits not just that the kingdom

of God the Christian life has so many

benefits are

the pay may sometimes not be great but

the benefits are extraordinary

especially that that that life

everlasting that that he has for us and

just the joy of knowing that we have

peace with him it's one of us I like

that I said no don't forget all his

benefits he forgives all your sins and

then he says he heals all your diseases

your illnesses I like the spanish

translation I think it's much better

than the English by the way but I'm

partial I know that EMP tetona todas tus

amigas asana told us to store Lynceus he

heals all your pains Dahlia is like pain

and it's in plural form just as it is

here you know but it says diseases

because I think disease is perhaps a to

specific a word for what I think is that

the summit's intention he heals all your

diseases and in Spanish again he heals

all your pains all your sufferings

perhaps because it's an inclusive term

and I think what God is saying he heals

every manifestation of brokenness in

your life and yes perhaps one of things

that we think of immediately is the the

healing of the body and that's you know

that's rightfully so but God heals all

our pains all of our brokenness the

scars of life the diseases of the mind

of the Spirit of the soul of the

memories of the body he heals it god is

a healer par excellence he his very

essence is healing and so he said I am

Jehovah Rapha I am Jehovah the healing i

am your healing god and you know we must

never forget that because sometimes i

think you know we're so much into nuance

and balance sometimes even as a pic of

healing or we tend to say yeah but God

doesn't heal everything and you know

there are people who don't get heal and

this happened to me and I didn't receive

it and had to strive then to find yes

that's all true that is all true I never

speak about healing without also

speaking about the fact that

he'll every time and every moment that

we pray for healing many of us have

conditions is the choices that we we

have to manage you know to our

throughout our life and that's important

but I don't want us to lose sight of the

fact that we do have a healing God never

lose your appetite and your enthusiasm

for he'll even cultivate that you have

to hold on to that because there's power

in an aggressive militant expectation of

living in relationship to healing God

and to the degree that we are clear

about that to that degree we will

attract healing you know god's blessings

it's a mechanism it's a very complex

mechanism of interlocking interdependent

parts they all work together there are

certain things that you do you confess

healing you fill your mind with positive

thoughts you read scriptures that affirm

and encourage you you you walk around

and try to get close to people who have

faith and joy and expectation and who

have had experiences of God's healing

and miraculous wonder-working power and

you you kind of try to steal a little

bit of their anointing for yourself you

rebuke the negative thoughts are coming

to your mind use wages spiritual warfare

against an enemy that sometimes wants to

steal the blessings of God in your life

and this is biblical you know this is

it's a very dynamic thing we just think

oh if God wants to do it it's going to

happen we live in the world of time and

space and the the eternal round

interacts with the natural realm and we

are natural beings we're biological

beings and God respects those principles

and so you know a little bit of the

magical nature of the kingdom is also

biology the sub that God expects me to

do as well and to confess the goodness

of God and he said you know I don't know

about you but I'm always praying for not

just healing defensively but for health

and vitality and joy and you know i'm

i'm always rebuking the enemy as well

not in a defensive pirate

no it's sort of way but in a kind of a

preventative sort of way I keep the

enemy far as far as possible by

declaring the goodness of God I declare

the blessing and the presence of God in

my on my family in my home declaring

you're in your room in school declared

over your books declare it over every

area of your life and wage war fairy

inside yourself for the blessing don't

do it in a compulsive way obsessive no

do it in a kind of it you say just a

natural breathing in breathing out sort

of way you know consecrate yourself to a

life of vitality and owning God's

healing power in your life and as you

get older you know bless those bones

even more you know bless these bones all

my soul and don't forget how I felt when

I was young that's my own paraphrasing

of David's sound you know any as you do

that as you bless everything your your

your blood vessels the calcium in your

body the the synapses of your brain the

joints of your bones the tissue the

inner organs that can become so corrupt

with the passing of time the wounds of

the past that can just sit at a sediment

of Darkness to your soul if you don't

give it maintenance you know you have to

you have to spend time cultivating God's

healing power that's why many times was

all I prayed and you know God didn't do

anything well yes maybe that's all maybe

in the sovereign will he didn't once or

determine to heal but I believe that

many times healing does not come not

because God doesn't want to give it or

isn't determined to give it but because

we haven't done a certain part the enemy

comes with rob and steal doesn't the

Bible say that doesn't the parable of

the seed talk about you know these birds

that come and try to take God's Word and

just eat it and take it away simples of

the enemy there are so kind

we're going on in your life the enemy

wants to steal your blessings he wants

to consign you to a you know a life

mediocrity and our bare living living

hand to mouth and just kind of holding

on to an Evangelic of faith that it's

you know just resisting and what

crawling into the kingdom you know all

porn and and broken and no I think God's

will is for you know for us to rejoice

and and we contend in this world so

there's a lot of things that we need to

do as well but you know what God has

told us confessing with your mouth it's

a wonderful thing like son worshiping

God and affirming his goodness reading

the word continually dwelling in it

instead of so much garbage that you know

just fills us with the kinds of darkness

and negativity reading good books

listening to good edifying music as I

say having good conversations with

people keeping our mind strong by

dwelling on the good things of Scripture

all these different things many more

waging effective warfare did I say that

rebuilding the enemy learning good solid

practices of spiritual warfare all of

these different things are part of the

arsenal of the believer who dwells in

God dwells in God's goodness and knows

how to keep his blessings her blessings

that that's what that's what it's about

so that's why that is the the secret of

healing but certainly you know God is a

is that healing beautiful beautifully

healing God let me leave you with one

image I you know at their attics at the

risk of a dwelling too much of one thing

and not delusional on others you know if

you go with me to Exodus chapter 15

verses 22 through 27 this beautiful

beautiful moment in the journey of the

Israelites in the desert just as we

sometimes dwell in the desert 1522

Exeter says then Moses

from the Red Sea and they went into the

desert of sure for three days they

travel in the desert without finding

water sometimes it's like that in life

isn't it and when they came to Mara they

could not drink its water because it was

bitter it doesn't life seem like that

sometimes you go to church and just

don't find anything there you go to

wherever for relief and you just don't

find it that is why the place is called

Mara because it's about bitterness so

the people grumbled against Moses saying

what are we to drink is grumbling you

know complaining which is the tendency

of every human being when things don't

go well we grumble we complain we kind

of just stoke the energies of negativity

in us oh why me God I prayed so many

times and you have an answer this and

that and you know we just kind of

wallowing a pit of self-pity and then

Moses cried out to the Lord that's what

we need to do when you are in times of

great stress dryness cry out to the Lord

I mean have a pity party in front of the

Lord if you need to but it let it be in

front of the Lord sweating the in the

places or cry complain all you want to

the Lord and you know just but know that

you're doing this in a therapeutic way

not just to kind of you know say

negative things no it's going to be an

end that's going to be good you throw

with a purpose and and that's that's

really the god doesn't mind at all your

crying out to him and you know this

expressing need in front of him he

doesn't look down upon your brokenness

but you do it in front of him do it for

him do it through him and the Lord

showed him a piece of wood I don't want

to be overly interpretive but that piece

of wood could it be the cross I mean it

could be a symbol of the cross I a

premonition of the cross if you will a

piece of wood I'm sure 19th century in

18th century commentators of that pass

it probably saw the cross in that piece

of wood

cleanses everything and purifies all

darkness and all poison he threw it into

the water and the water became sweet He

healed the water God heals the source of

your blessing you know God's blessing

goes to the very source of your being to

that deep place of your subconscious to

the memories that have embedded your

life the broken is that experiences that

ever predisposed you to suffering and so

on as before it got must go to the very

source the waters and you want to throw

across in there and cleanse it and make

it sweet so as our personalities bitter

that's the truth you know sometimes the

essence of our being is bitter sometimes

the very life force that animates us is

bitter sometimes lifers don't work on us

and our subconscious needs healing and

God can do it I ask them to change the

motor of your life ask them to turn your

mourning into dancing asking to make you

a woman a man of praise and end of

militant affirmation it can happen God

does that got us into healing at those

levels as well so the Lord made a decree

and a law for them and there he tested

them he said if you will listen

carefully to the voice of the Lord your

God and do what is right in his eyes if

you pay attention to his commands and

keep all his decrease you see these are

the little you know preconditions these

are the elements of exercise that we

need to engage in but then look where he

says I will not bring on you any of the

diseases I brought on the Egyptians for

I am the Lord who heals you Jehovah

Rapha he that's what he does he heals

you you know that's his profession you

say here that's that's his favorite

pastime and activity he specializes in

healing see the Lord like that dwell on

that image until it becomes a natural

part of you a subconscious part the

default of your life the God who heals

you and strive to keep that image very

present in your consciousness

and that says then they came to a lean

where there were 12 Springs and 70 pound

trees wow I feel good just thinking

about it and they camped there near the

water 12 Springs and 70 palm trees that

have been a very beautiful place in the

midst of the desert so they were they

just after all the struggle and all the

dryness they come to this place that

exemplifies just overwhelming supply and

relief and rest nice breeze in the

middle of the desert God our healer he

heals those times of tragedy he heals

the trainer's of life and he heals all

your diseases so stay there stay there I

mean do we need to go into the New

Testament no I mean but the essence of

Christ's ministry was healing healing

for lepers healing for demonee acts

healing for commonly sick people healing

for the broken healing for the alienated

healing for the oppressed I mean he he

just he just healed healed healed and

even on the cross his last act as a

human being was a major infinite

potentially healing so he's a healing

and please never never lose sight of

that when you leave from here today say

thank you God you're my healer thank you

God you might forgive her and then he

goes on who redeems your life from

destruction these are three negative

things I got delivers us from forgives

our iniquities heels are diseases in our

defects and that he redeems your life

from destruction again you know the NIV

says the pit for once the NIV gets it

right he forgive me I have a little bit

of a contention with with the NIV who

redeems your life from the pit because

the original Hebrew intention is that it

lks casa del ojo to VHS in Spanish he

rescues your life from the whole the

whole it's so graphic you know the idea

was that you know these traps that

hunters would put for a lion you know

hole or the lion fell and he couldn't

get up it's too high and you know isn't

isn't life like that sometimes the enemy

sets traps hole spits or us to fall into

or we are very good also at building our

own holes and then jumping in them you

know I know I I am like I could speak

about many laws that I've gotten into

myself and you know what sometimes we

build holes that are necessary let me

tell you sometimes you know we very

consciously and I think rightfully get

into homes and pits that we need to in

order to do something for the Lord I'm

thinking of the whole that I've been

living in for the past three and a half

years when the Lord put in mind spirit

this thing of you know finally building

that new sanctuary I knew that I was

going into a tunnel I didn't know how

long I knew that it was going to be a

harrowing difficult thing to do full of

risks and burden and emotional stress

financially I knew that it was going to

be a very delicate thing and I didn't

know where I was going to come out of

live or not really i didn't have over

wherever though you know trying to build

a ten-million dollar building 45 or less

crazy thing in the middle of the worst

recession that we've had in many many

decades but that was a timely there was

no other time and i knew that i was

going to get into that and i had to

commit myself to the sheer grace of god

but it was something i was necessary for

the kingdom I knew that it was a task

that God had assigned and I needed to

engage in it and I say hi because of

course there was an entire congregation

with me but in the sense he knows my

responsibility as a lead pastor of this

church and I was you know inspiring

people encouraging let's let's get into

this God is going to get us out so I had

this you know I've had this burden about

this but you know it was a hole and I

got to be pretty deep indirect or the


and you know sometimes when you're in

that hole that you undertook for the

glory of God ussf was it for the glory

of God or was it just my flesh but um

you know whatever it is in life no one

thing that whether you got yourself with

the hole for the wrong reasons or you

undertook something that was major

significance and challenging for the

right reasons and you trusted the Lord

he will get you out you will not perish

you shall not die but you shall live

says the Lord when you trust in the Lord

no matter how you got there he will get

you out God has a tow truck that verse

24 hours a day seven days a week he's a

specialist and getting people out of

holes I'm telling you he delights in in

hearing our cry when we say Lord deliver

me david knew what it was like to be in

a hole and so he knows what he's talking

about this very autobiographic but in

sound 88 you know he speaks about that

first one Oh Lord the God who saves me

day and night I cry out before you may

my prayer come before you turn your ear

to my cry for my soul is full of trouble

and my life draws near the grave I am

counted among those who go down to the

pit I'm like a man without strength I am

set apart with the dead like the slain

who lie in the grave whom you remember

no more who are cut off from your care

you have put me in the lowest pit in the

darkest steps your wrath lies heavily

upon me you have overwhelmed with all

your waves you have taken me from my

closest friends that I made me repulsive

to them I am concerned and cannot escape

my eyes are dim with grief now if you

don't want to shoot yourself after

reading this and you know I don't know

what depressing images he knew what it

was like to be there many times the

conspiracies in the palace and the

moment when he had to go into war and

all his sinfulness

got him into so many troubles his family

problems and so on he knew about this so

he's speaking any and always God got him

out of every one of them I don't know

you I've been in times even worse than

the one that I just described to you and

sometimes I wasn't sure that I hadn't

put myself there for the wrong reasons

as long as I was sure that I had but the

good thing is again the man that the God

forgives you iniquities he also extra

Kate's you from holes you may be in a

hole this morning maybe the whole of

addiction it may be the whole of

alcoholism maybe the whole of homeless

that is maybe the whole of financial

stresses that maybe the whole of you the

possibility of losing your home it may

be the whole of a stagnant profession it

may be the whole of uncertainty about

what to do about your future what career

to choose maybe the hole of depression

or anxiety or a disease that you don't

know how to get out of I mean there may

be many different situations of dilemma

and maybe just failure after failure

after failure that have left you in a

hole that ma'am when you look up there's

no light at the end of that tongue and

I'm telling you no matter what it is God

can take you out of it just believe and

confess and stand and it and declare

God's goodness do your part cleanse

yourself pay the price wait upon the

Lord don't give up don't confess

negativity likes David you know he such

as he describes all these negativities

but then he says wait a minute I got it

I can also find a way to say the good

things about God I got a clear hope as

well and that's what he doesn't sound 99

right next door right after he says that

you know right next to it we have a

sound of affirmation I will sing of the

Lord's great love forever with my mouth

I will make your faithfulness known

through all generations I will declare

that your love stands for

forever that you have established your

faithfulness in heaven itself on and on

and on you know he even in that in that

passage there interestingly later on you

know he falls into a time also

acknowledging his difficulties in his

agony that's David that's life that's

you that's me you know we strive with

despair and discouragement many times

yes but we cannot stay there we have to

find the place of expressing hope and

trust in the Lord and being militant

about our will to victory and God will

get you out I'm telling you this is not

sentimentalism Europe and the coastal

diffusion or enthusiasm this is real

people you know my favorite song or one

of them psalm 40 the first few verses

again I know them by heart hi thats all

i recited in a time of great great

darkness in my life and and afterwards

and I made sure that I remembered it I

waited patiently for the lord he turned

to me and hurt my cry he lifted me out

of the slimy pit out of the mud and mire

he set my feet on a rock and gave me a

firm place to stand then he put a new

song in my mouth a hymn of praise to

work hard many will see and fear and put

their trust in the Lord hallelujah

praise the Lord you can recite that

every day along with the other bite the

vitamins that you drink you know recite

that that those verses let them soak

into your consciousness wait patiently

on the road no matter how long it takes

just bring your complaint to him time

and time again until you see the answer

wait patiently you could do a whole

sermon thank God that I'm not going to

do it

that you know it is a it is a beautiful

sound life is full of pits and

predicaments so that's as i said we get

ourselves with these dark places but god

is always ready no matter how bad the

place where we might find ourselves and

God is faithful and able to extricate us

from any situation amen amen amen all of

these promises are predicated on

exercising faith and learning how to use

the weapons of our warfare is very

important we're building up our faith

and doing our part to enable God's

promises to become a reality in our

lives I encourage you to exercise that

capacity and finally you could go to

that last part which again could be

broken down specifically but let's not

do that but let's just take the whole

beautiful positive thing these the other

ones have been kind of redemptive things

corrective things of negativities but

God doesn't just correct things he's

also an affirming positive proactive God

and so he goes into this Jesse said he

crowns you with love and compassion he

satisfies your desires with good things

so that your youth is renewed like the

Eagles beautiful beautiful words you

know this idea of crowning it's that

sort of the crown of all the things that

he does this fact that God rebels and

giving good things to his children you

know I again one of my favorite verses

Jeremiah 29 11 because I know the

thoughts that I have for you thoughts of

good and not of evil to give you what is

it hope and the purposes of like that

para darte los rouhani lo de tu corazon

you know he was God was saying this to

people who had offended him had been

exiled because of their iniquity and who

felt that there was no chance for them

anymore in Babylon and God says a stop

the depressing

yourselves stop becoming conservative

have children start businesses plant

gardens by houses open stores because I

thought that I have for your good I'm

gonna discipline you for a few years but

then I'm going to take you out and

return you because I know the thoughts

that I have for you you know it got is

like this loving father that no matter

how much we offend him you know he has

this invincible decision and purpose to

bless us despite ourselves he will not

be still till he has accomplished that

good desire that he has for you always

dwell in that expectation know that

God's default posture is one of blessing

and generosity to you that the thing is

that we don't think about that many

times I mean we are so full of other

kinds of theological nuances that we

forget that God's raw personality is for

blessing and life and joy and prosperity

and vitality and youthful old age and

and and a happy eternity that's that's

your inheritance think about that many

times and just nibble on the

complexities but stay on the under the

raw beauty of your inheritance he crowns

you he puts it on your head so everybody

can see it he gives you regal authority

he took David out of the sheepfold and

brought him into prominence and gave him

the kingdom so he knows about crowning

you know he takes you out of your own in

dignity and in significance and he

crowns you expect good things young

people who are visiting us today I mean

you know expect the crown expect dignity

expect influence expect you know great

things that you're going to do in the

kingdom of God fill yourself with

expectation you're not going to die

you're going to live you're not going to

fail that final exam you're going to ace

it you know expected it cultivate that

you know cultivate prominence in the

kingdom of God it

humility but don't take a backseat ever

goddess with you he's made you the head

and not the tail says the Word of God

expect that confess it fight for it

defend it and it will come to pass in

your life it's all it depends on you how

big a vessel are you how clean a vessel

are you how empty a vessel are you

because God wants to pour so much

anointing in your life but you have to

create those conditions of just adequacy

so that that then that can happen in

your life he satisfies your mouth with

good things the mouth is the place where

so many good things entered into the

being it's the essence the place of

receptivity got filter with good things

so your youth is renewed its renovation

renewal here we have a picture of

overwhelming abundance God's provision

is vast and generous but I just now

bring I bring it all home and I finish

with that once you open yourself to this

promise now you know I have said that

all in the kingdom is not just fun and


but yes the life of a believer is a life

of blessing provision and prosperity God

calls into abundance health and joy and

that is your inheritance and my

inheritance that is alright as a

children of God so receive it this

morning Sam 128 some 128

blessed are all who fear the Lord who

walk in his ways you will eat the fruit

of your labor blessings and prosperity

will be yours your wife or your husband

will be like a fruitful vine within your

house these are the expresses of a you

know thousands of years ago you might

put other things in there you know these

are the things that would consider sort

of this is the utmost joy but there may

be other things this is just little

insinuations and suggestions of all the

things that God has for you your sons

will be like olive shoots around your

table this is the man the woman blessed

thus is the man blessed who fears the

Lord I leave you with this blessing may

the lord bless you from Zion all the

days of your life may you see the

prosperity of Jerusalem and may you live

to see your children's children peace be

upon israel praise the Lord hallelujah

would you receive that right now this

morning thank you for

thank you thank you lord now what did

you engage in what I'm saying you have

to interact with the word of God

interact with the word of God right now

say father I receive it I receive at all

it's mine I claim it I claim it for you

father I thank you because you have

spoken to me this morning I thank you

for because these promises have been

there reverberating in the universe

since they were ordered and now I can

just grasp them on them internalize them

seal them and I'll bring them out like

precious jewels every once in a while

they're like myself in gazing at them

and celebrating them because they're

inside of me this is your potentiality

this is your gifting that's moving in me

there's your embryonic life waiting to

manifest fully and develop itself fully

in my being in my life my career my

future my marriage my old age my

children my finances my body my

intellectual life you're my healer

father heal your people this morning

heal your people heal me Father from our

brokenness from our diseases from our

addictions from our impotence heelys

Lord right now forgive us

take us from the pit from that moment of

stagnation that we find ourselves in

from that enemy that we have not been

able to vanquish yet where we will in

the name of Jesus now take me out of the

pit take me out of the pit the name of

Jesus I declare deliverance this morning

I declare freedom God's cable comes into

your tunnel and just Yanks you out of

there right now in the name of Christ

now live that out leave it out you don't

have the answer I know you cannot do it

I'll tell you out of my own experience I

cannot do it I don't have the goods and

that's the best place to be in because

then you say Lord now you do what you

specialize in doing taking importance

and turning it into effectiveness and

possibility that that's that's that's

what you gotta do in the name of Christ

claim deliverance claim extrication from

whatever you find yourself in heap sets

your feet upon a rock that's your that's

your ground that's a rock god gives you

a new song as a result of your suffering

and you shall share that in great

congregation they would be in all they

will feel the Lord said Wow who is this

great God that got this person out of

that mess now believe it no matter how

long you've been in the pit

God is going to take you out of it he's

taking you out of it right now already

Jesus we confess this we believe it the

name of Christ we refuse every bit of

pessimism right now and we expect good

things tender mercies loving kindness

favors from you thank you this is my

inheritance this is what you have

promised when you have made possible in

Jesus Christ I pray that all of my

brothers and sisters this morning for

this place this congregation all the

families our community father Boston New

England this country your favor father

as we for forgiveness will repent give a

spirit of repentance even father that

may make all these things possible we

thank you thank you for this time in

Jesus mighty name God's people say to

tepid God's people say hallelujah praise

the Lord