"First Altars: A Kingdom Mentality" - January 19, 2014

praise the Lord well welcome you to open

your Bibles to Matthew 25 I think when

we get there we'll see you'll notice

that the pastor has been preaching she

notice that what the pastor started

preaching on on New Year's Eve over in

the new building remember he was talking

about Abraham right how about that funny

coincidence I didn't tell him that I'd

spent about six months preaching on

Abraham I don't even know if he knew and

he doesn't ask he just trusts praise the

Lord I take it as a compliment but we've

been talking about Abraham for six

months and then on New Year's Eve God

guides him to talk about Abraham now the

particular moment in the life of Abraham

that he was talking about was a moment

in Abraham's life after he had already

gone to the promised land and then

remember he went down to Egypt i think

it was where he lied about his wife and

said that she was his sister remember

that threw her under the bus and God

bailed him out and and helped him

survive that incident and then Abraham

after he survived that failure decided

to travel back to a place near Bethel

where he had built an altar when he

first got to the promised land so he

went back to his first altar that he

built and he worshipped and called on

the name of the Lord at that old altar

as if to remember a little bit of his

story and his background and returned to

it in touch base with his with his

heritage spiritually and so paso de

Burgh those men applying that to

congregation line of Judah saying that

as we go in this major transition of our

church we go into a new building English

ministry here by the way also the youth

ministry is using this space in the

afternoon now if you want a pretty wild

show stick around for an hour they got

all these spotlights and

things so it's a really impressive thing

that God is doing new things among us

and pass that Roberto has been felt of

the Lord that we need to at the same

time consolidate and come back to our

first alters our previous experiences

with God what are the things that God

has done in us as a community in past

years that helped make us who we are

today to return to those touch base with

those consolidate and affirm our

identity as a community and then with

that consolidated push forward into the

new things God has for us so first

alters it's a beautiful idea I'd

recommend you do that even personally

there are moments in life where it's

good to go back and remember when you

first became a Christian remember what

it felt like when you accepted Jesus in

your heart remember miracles that God

has done in your life in the past

because you need that faith to know that

God is the same yesterday today and

forever he's the same God he's still

with you and so we need to remember what

God has already done as we move forward

right so what I wanted to do is take

some time to revisit some messages that

I preached years ago some of you were

already part of this ministry but many

of you weren't yet and i called it at

that time the DNA of clj okay the DNA of

clj what are the distinctive things

about this church that make us who we

are what's our DNA now God has raised up

beautiful churches all over the world

that each one I believe has specific

things that they need to be in do

that reflect God's glory in a special

way and we have a DNA there's special

distinctive things about us that we need

to affirm and own and live out and so I

want to revisit some of those ideas now

I'm a little bit torn because I was also

feeling lead in these months to talk

about community and how God has called

us to love one another and to be

together in to connect and that we're

the body of Christ remember we talked

about that a couple months ago in the

basement so what I'm going to do is just

bounce back and forth okay we're all

multitaskers all right you're all you

know you've got all these different

technologies go and you're doing 10

things at once so I think we're capable

of going back and forth and we're going

to find that it's no accident the God is

going to be connecting those two ideas

the idea of us being a community that's

growing increasingly together and also

we're not just connecting because we all

want to be friends but we're connecting

because we're called to the same Lord in

the same mission in the same community

so the DNA of clj and us really growing

into being the unified community were

meant to be go together so I think we're

going to find that God is going to weave

these two things together and there's a

reason why I'm feeling led in both

directions so what I want to talk about

today would be the first now I am no

microbiologist although I here we have a

few floating around the congregation but

i understand that on the strand of DNA

there's different what pieces or

different strands or okay i'll research

it so that i could actually use this

illustration next time but there's

different pieces of it the piece i want

to talk about today is the call to be a

community that has a kingdom mentality a

kingdom mentality and we're going to

find that i'm talking about this first

for a reason that i believe that this is

the quality of who we are that is

primary that this is the one that

influences all the other ones that if we

have a mind that is set on the kingdom

of god and we have a mentality of the

kingdom that is

arikil that that will influence

everything else we are and do in our

mission statement downstairs that's the

first line now it's in Spanish we'll

have to do something about that right

but try to read it as a lot of you even

some of most of your bilingual many of

you enjoy the Spanish anyway presses que

nuestra nación es la formación de DIC

polos radical mente comprometido con el

reino de dios the formation of disciples

who are radically committed to the

kingdom of God that that's what we're

about that's who we are as a people is a

radical commitment to God's kingdom has

the first and most important element of

who we are and what we're called to do

and that's what I want to talk about

today we're going to find that some of

the other themes I'm going to talk about

some of them are you know not today but

in other messages some of them are

things that might be written down as

things we believe but some of the things

that I believe make us distinctive as a

church are things that might not get

written down on a piece of paper there

might be things that people don't talk

about but really might be the most

important it's that at that subtext as a

church and so I'm going to do my own

unauthorized biography of what I think

makes us tick in a lot of ways and so

that I'm going to take the liberty of

doing that but I want to start with this

particular principle and as an

illustration of beginning it I want to

talk about this before we read the text

i asked you to open up to I just want

you to remember with me what Jesus did

when he was 12 years old and remember

what Jesus did when he was 12 he played

video games and watch the patriots right

not that there's anything wrong with

that promised I wasn't gonna refer to

that today

was not going to talk over the Patriots

Matt of Jesus when he was 12 years old

he went to a big festival in Jerusalem

with his family right remember the story

and he's traveling with his family and

he's there and as they're leaving

Jerusalem and coming back home it's

about two or three days it was a you

know a lot of extended family so the

kids are running around playing with

aunts and uncles and other people and a

day or two days could go by you don't

even see your kid and you're not worried

about it because it was safer and and

you know some of you have these big

extended families you know how to be

it's beautiful you know so a couple days

go by and they're like hey wait a min

where's Jesus you know what's up we're

and he's a I thought it was with you

know I thought it was really busy with

is where they had Elizabeth you know

he's not with her with they start

looking around asking anyone seen Jesus

what's easy and he was nowhere so after

two or was it two or three days of

traveling I don't remember they tread

they go all the way back to Jerusalem

they're worried sick Mary Joseph are

worried sick about losing Jesus and they

finally found by the way if you're 12

years old and in this room please don't

try to be like Jesus in this way all

right but they get back to the temple

they finally go to the temple and they

find Jesus sitting there in the temple

talking to all these aged dignified

biblical scholars with their big beards

and their robes the priests and the

Levites and he's talking with them and

asking them questions and interacting

and they're amazed at the wisdom that

this 12 year old boy has they can't

believe it and and Mary and Joseph it's

it's the closest Jesus ever got to being

scolded by his parents I think right so

why have you treated us like this what

did you do this and Jesus said and the

translation many of us have in our

Bibles is why were you looking for me

didn't you know I had to be in my

father's house it's a beautiful phrase

the literal Greek on that is a little

bit hard to translate he's like why are

you looking for me didn't you know that

it was necessary

that I had to be and then it just uses

sort of an article in spanish would be

translated in lowly me by the day i had

to be in and it's a very general thing

in the things of my father i had to be

about my father's things that's why in

the King James are translated I have to

be about my father's business he was 12

years old I don't think it's any

accident that the Jews have their bar

mitzvahs when their kids are 12 there's

an element of coming of age of

discovering your kind of a more mature

understanding of who I am and what I'm

about as a person of course that's a

forming process but there's something

about that age 12 which is why we

usually wait to baptize kids here until

they're 12 when we feel like they can

really make that decision with

understanding so Jesus as a 12 year old

was in a sense he was waking up more

maturely to the reality the fact that he

was God's Son and he said didn't you

know that I had to be doing my father's

things that's what's that's what I'm

about as a person my father's business

and the fundamental question I wouldn't

want to ask them is what are we about as

a church what are we about as people

what are you about what drives you what

motivates you what's important to you

what what's your passion what are you

about now Jesus a little later in life

when he was already doing his ministry

at one point he was sharing the gospel

with a Samaritan woman remember the

story if you've read in the New

Testament Jesus talking to a Samaritan

woman about leaving water about how she

can believe him she happened to be a

woman of rather ill repute so it's kind

of scandalous right and he's talking to

her about the kingdom of God and the

disciples come back because they've gone

to buy provisions so the disciples come

back and they find Jesus talking to this

woman from the street and they're a

little bit like whoa they're kind of

surprised to see Jesus doing this a good

rabbi didn't normally do that kind of

thing Jesus wasn't a good rap

he was the son of God who come to seek

and save the lost amen he was not he did

say I'm going to talk to you and not you

know not at all he came to say so Jesus

is talking to this woman and the

disciples a little surprised and then

she's going to get her friends and

people from the town and bring them to

Jesus and the disciples and Jesus says

to the disciples say do you want some

bread we brought some bread and Jesus

says I have bread to eat that you don't

know anything about and they're like

maybe someone already brought him food

did someone send out someone sent out

for pizza that's that was pretty much

the conversation did someone already do

the takeout I thought you beat I thought

we were getting the food I thought it

and she was like what did you used to

forget about the food he's like my bread

is to do the will of him who sent me and

to finish his work that's my bread and

butter it's more important to me than

eating for me to share the good news

about the kingdom of God with a person

and to see that person then influence a

whole town that's what I live for that's

my bread and butter that's my food

that's the main stuff of my life it's

what I'm about that is what we're

talking about when we're talking about

having a mindset that is radically

committed to the kingdom of god it's my

food if I don't serve the kingdom of god

I'm gonna die I head that that's what I

live for the Apostle Paul said as much

near the end of his life the Apostle

Paul was saying goodbye i think it was

to the Ephesians right and he was about

to go to Rome where he was going to be

martyred and he knew it and they're

crying and he's like why are you crying

he says I consider my life worth nothing

to me if only I may finish the race and

complete the task the Lord Jesus has

given me the task of testifying to the

gospel of God's grave and then at

another point he says woe to me if i

dont preach the gospel if i don't do

that i'm going to shrivel up and dies

what i made for it's more important to

me than life itself doing what God has

called me to do

that's what we mean by having a mindset

that is radically committed to the

kingdom of God it means that's what

you're about now you can be 12 years old

or you can be 92 it's an issue of

getting in touch with the fact that

that's what I'm about as a human being

that's what we're about as a church now

it is possible to be about other things

even as a church and to have other types

of orientations and to have lesser goals

come in which is why we need to visit

this first altar and renew it in our

heart so ready to do that because that's

what the kingdom of God wants to be

about to be about its father's business

to be about the kingdom of God we want

that to be our bread and butter so

Matthew 24 verse 14 and following now

before I read this text I will get there

eventually I promise actually I was

wrong Matthew 25 14 to 30 the context of

this in the chapter before this the

disciples and Jesus have been walking in

Jerusalem right and they had been

looking at the beautiful temples enjoy

the beautiful buildings and temples and

they had said they were showing it to

Jesus Jesus impressive buildings huh and

Jesus said there will come a day when

these buildings fall down when there

won't be one stone left upon the other

and they say what are the signs of when

this is going to happen when you're

going to come and Jesus says be careful

or you'll miss it and then he gives all

the signs of when he would return to the

world to set up his kingdom on earth and

he says that there will be all kinds

there will be Wars and famines and

earthquakes and rumors of wars but the

end isn't yet to come those are birth

pains but then right near the end there

will be a great battle and desolation

he's talking about the destruction of

Jerusalem to he's doing that and then he

talks about how then there will be a

cosmic change the the Sun will become

dark the stars will fall from the sky

and you'll see the son of man come on

the clouds of heaven we know that that's

the time when Jesus will set up the

kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this

world will become the kingdoms of our

God we believe in that in this church we

believe that a Christmas we celebrated

the first coming of Jesus but now our

primary orientation is the second coming

of Jesus when he comes back and Jesus

says you don't know what it's going to

be this is going to take a while and you

might forget that I'm coming back and he

says be careful or you'll get distracted

your life will be weighed down by

dissipation by you get distracted by

pleasures or or money or anxiety or

worries and you'll forget about living

to be prepared for when the Son of Man

returns our whole life should be

oriented around that day when Jesus

comes back and we'll evaluate our lives

and so we want to live this day in light

of that day men we want to live with

that eternal orientation that Jesus is

coming am I ready for it am i living in

a way that reflects what he wants for me

to do he says be careful be careful or

you'll fall asleep and you'll lose sight

of my coming so in chapter 25 of Matthew

he shares three parables one of them is

about the ten virgins you might know the

story it's about 10 women who were

waiting for the in those days apparently

the bridegroom would come and people

would wait outside the door and they

would have to have their lamps burning

on I don't know the details of it but

there were ten women who needed to keep

their lamps burning and they used oil

and the groom took a long time to come

and everyone's oil ran out and they all

fell asleep and then the groom comes and

five of the virgins five of the young

women had stored extra oil and the

others didn't and they're running out to

buy more oil and it's too late everyone

goes into the the celebration the doors

are closed they missed it the five who

were prepared with extra were able to go

in the point being you might you know

whether or not you fall asleep be

prepared have extra oil in your lamp so

to speak

this is going to take a while then

there's another parable about the sheep

and the goats right you know that one

where God separates people the nations

like the sheep and the goats when Jesus

returns the sheep are the ones who

showed mercy on others and the goats

were the ones who ignored others and so

that also is about living in a way

that's prepared I want to read a story

that's a business analogy okay and so

we're going to start a Matthew 25 verse

14 you with me it says again it would be

like a man going on a journey who called

his servants and entrusted his property

to them to one he gave five talents of

money to another two talents and to

another one talent each one according to

his ability then he went on his journey

the man who had received the five

talents went at once and put his money

to work and gained five more so also the

one with the two talents gained two more

but the man who had received the one

talent went off dug a hole in the ground

and hid his master's money after a long

time the master of those servants

returned and settled accounts with them

the man who had received the five

talents brought the other five master he

said you entrusted me with five talents

see I have gained five more his master

replied well done good and faithful

servant you have been faithful with a

few things I will put you in charge of

many things come and share your master's

happiness the man with the two talents

also came master he said you entrusted

me with two talents see I have gained

two more his master replied well done

good and faithful servant you have been

faithful with a few things i'll put you

in charge of many things come and share

your master's happiness then the man who

had received the one talent came master

he said I knew that you are a hard man

harvesting where you have not

sown and gathering where you have not

scattered seed so I was afraid and went

out and hid your talent in the ground

see here is what belongs to you his

master replied you wicked lazy servant

so you knew that I harvest where I have

not sown and gathering not scattered

seed well then you should have put my

money on deposit with the bankers so

that when I returned I would have

received it back with interest take the

talent from him and give it to the one

who has the ten talents for everyone who

has will be given more and he will have

an abundance whoever does not have even

what he has will be taken from him and

throw that worthless servant outside

into the darkness where there will be

weeping and gnashing of teeth and father

I thank you Lord that each one of us

stands before you as that master and

Lord each of us wants to be found

faithful when you come so show us how to

do that God give us wisdom today about

the kind of mentality that you want us

to have as we live in Jesus name Amen so

how about this parable no here we see

the concept of stewardship okay

stewardship as Christians part of having

a kingdom mentality means we believe

that we are stewards of our lives we are

not owners of our lives let me talk

about what that means a steward is

somebody who manages what belongs to

someone else right so in this story

there's a very wealthy businessman who

gave these talents to people now those

aren't talents like we talked about

talent like your ability to sing or

juggle or dance or whatever you do here

a talent as an amount of money and

according to my esv study bible it's a

lot of money apparently it's worth like

five hundred thousand dollars I'd

and I can have to research that more but

I think that's the case so this was a

very wealthy man and he entrusted money

to them for them to use faithfully right

for them to use well and the image is

God is saying in the same way I have

entrusted you certain things in your

life your resources who you are as a

person what you have your relationships

your abilities your your body your mind

your physical resources your family I

have entrusted it all to you for a

purpose and one day I will return and

ask what you did with it as simple as

that now two of them as we read in the

story we're very daring by the way the

first step there I do want to take one

one minute back this is part of becoming

a real Christian of realizing that the

word mine can no longer exist right it's

the first word you say it's the first

word my kids learned it bilingually to

they learned it in English and Spanish

mine and meal I didn't have to teach

them they just somehow knew how to say

it we need to unlearn that word

everything I have is now on loan from

the god of the universe it says it's his

now he has entrusted it to me so there

is ownership in that sense that I'm

responsible for what God's given me but

it's ultimately his doesn't belong to me

so that fundamental idea is key but then

we see two of the people are willing to

invest and have a mentality of

entrepreneurial growth to take what

they've been received what they've been

given and to use it in a way that it

will multiply and the last one out of

fear hit it and was condemned for it

okay so we need to decide what will I do

with what God has given me will I have a

kingdom mentality a mentality of trying

to expand God's kingdom with what I've

been given or will I play it safe will I

be careful and we'll talk a little bit

more about why this man

didn't take chances why he didn't invest

think about it I mean when you're

investing what could happen you could

lose what you invested anyone ever done

that it's always a risk it's always a

gamble there's always the fear of loss

and getting through that is a key part

of having the kind of Kingdom mentality

we're going to be talking about but part

of this church is DNA is to take risks

for the purpose of expanding the kingdom

of God it's part of who we are to push

forward to try new things too but it's

not just because oh got to be big no no

why why have an empire to have a more

buildings and we know what to do with no

it's about the kingdom about expanding

the kingdom of God now I want to define

what that means the kingdom of God is no

longer a country right we talked about

that a couple weeks ago it's no longer a

geopolitical reality the kingdom of God

is now a spiritual reality the kingdom

of God is wherever God's Authority and

presence is recognized and active it's

whatever King Jesus is doing what he

does so when a person repents of their

selfishness and sin and believes in

Jesus and Jesus changes their heart and

forgives them it gives them a new

beginning God's kingdom has come in that

moment and as a group of people do that

and then they work to change it evil

unjust society so that it looks more

like the kingdom of God kingdoms God is

coming now it's God's kingdom is coming

excuse me so it's not about setting up a

new country but a new order of things

right that's what we pray when we pray

your kingdom come your will be done on

earth as it is in heaven I'm praying

that this world would change I'm

rebelling against the way things are I'm

saying I refuse to accept the way things

are I pray God that this world would

change that looks more like the way you


to be that your kingdom would come that

your will would be done here on earth

just like it is in heaven it's

profoundly defiant prayer we're defying

the way things are and we're saying no I

want the way God wants things to be his

order to extend so that's praying that

the kingdom would extend through us this

is an adventure because when God's

kingdom is expanding and you're a part

of it then you get to be part of the

biggest most beautiful majestic

adventure known to man it's what you are

created to do how many of you know this

when you really decided to say God I'm

not just going to live to fulfill my own

dreams I'm going to now start living to

fulfill the dream of your kingdom coming

when we take that plunge we enter into a

whole new universe now because we live

for different things right you've heard

of the American dream right the American

dream you know the job the house that's

a beautiful thing there's nothing wrong

with opera economic opportunity thank

God economic opportunity we want

everyone to have economic opportunity

there's nothing wrong with that but is

that the fundamental dream of our lives

other dreams a dream of comfort a dream

of settling in and saying I I just want

to be comfortable I just want to be

settled I just want to have and again is

it there's nothing wrong with wanting to

have your material needs met we want

that to happen in people's lives but is

that the ultimate fulfillment as a human

being is that our dream our dream

fundamentally is not that my own life

would be successful but that God's

kingdom would be successful and in as

much i plug in to the extension of God's

purpose on earth that's how I define

success that's how I define value hey

what makes me a valuable that means my

life has been meaningful rather than

wasted what we most want to avoid is

that terrifying reality really that we

spend all their lives doing stuff and we

get to the end and then you're like what

was it for

but if we plug in to God's purpose God's

kingdom then whatever little things we

do in the name of Jesus Christ have

eternal significance now I don't know

exactly how this is going to work I know

we'll see a lot of that here on earth

will see the world change and know that

we're part of it I really believe that

that you will see lives and the world

different because you live in it right

you know the world it's a wonderful life

will be right you've heard about that

that whole idea that my life counts for

something but I believe that somehow

what we do for God will even go with us

into the new heaven and the new earth

now what do I mean by that I don't think

that what we do earns our way into

heaven right oh by the way what do we

mean by heaven by heaven I don't think

it means we're just floating around in

the clouds there will come a day and it

started when Jesus rose from the dead

there will come a day when this whole

world will be different right when Jesus

returns there will be it's almost like

there will be a fire that just unfolds

everything that already is and just

disintegrates it and something new and

spectacular will be born through it try

to imagine the most spectacular science

fiction you can suddenly the whole world

is in high definition the lion will lie

down with the lamb no more war people

beat their their their swords into

plowshares no more sickness death

sadness God will wipe every tear away

from their eyes because the old order of

things has passed away every knee will

bow and every tongue will confess in

heaven and on earth and under the earth

to the glory of God the Father that

Jesus Christ is Lord a new kingdom on

earth the world would be different and I

believe that that is the kingdom we're

looking forward to now as we go that way

I believe that what we do here for God

somehow transfers into that new heaven

in that new earth I don't know what

that's going to look like now I believe

part of it means the people we've

touched that we're going to see them

there the Apostle Paul says who is my

crown and my joy that our boast about in

the damn crazy isn't it you the people

that you've loved and served and one for

the kingdom you'll see them in heaven I

don't know could it be that Bach who

wrote beautiful music for God that that

music will play their only spectacularly

better son by choirs of angels I don't

know but I believe that what we do here

will there will they will go there into

the new heaven and a new earth you

notice that the owner of the money says

you've been faithful with few things I

will put you in charge of much in the

new earth when we have resurrected

bodies I believe there will be a society

there will be a government I only it

won't be a democracy it will be a

benevolent kingdom praise the Lord led

by the king of kings but but the world

will be governed it will be led and

there will be dynamic action and culture

and creativity and I don't know again

it's all a mystery right but there are

hints of this in the Bible that new

things are coming there and that we will

be active and what we do here influences

who will we will be there again it's not

about earning our salvation but it's

about realizing there is a continuity

between who we are here and who we will

be then now as we wait for that day our

job is to see cuz the Apostles thought

great Jesus when he rose from the dead

they thought what more can happen they

can't even kill our Lord they can't even

kill him so he said are you going to set

up your kingdom now and Jesus like it's

not the time it is not for you to know

the time but you will receive power when

the Holy Spirit comes on you and you'll

be my witnesses here in Jerusalem and in

the outer parts and to the end of the

word you'll extend my kingdom here on

earth until the final kingdom comes and

is consummated you're going to be part

of the process so you have a mission we

have a mission to extend that kingdom on

earth with the power of the Holy Spirit

now coming back to what I was saying

is the most spectacular purpose a person

can have in life it's better than any

puny little dream or goal you can have

don't get me wrong maybe it's your dream

too I don't know become the best circus

juggler ever that's beautiful you know

that's my own personal dream when I was

you know maybe that's that's nothing

wrong with that but the whole idea is

whatever dream you have for yourself

pales in comparison to the purpose that

God has for you using the talent he's

given you for that majestic big purpose

when I plug into that I'm part of an

adventure cuz then I'd say God what next

what he got for me next and I know he

has something and there is always a

what's next some people may feel that

you might not have other opportunities

that maybe you blown it or maybe you

just feel exhausted know that there is

another chapter to be written there's

more for you to do God has a purpose he

has a plan for you it's just an issue of

plugging into that now part of this

kingdom mentality again like I said

before involves an entrepreneurial

attitude it means I'm not going to

settle for what I have now now this

doesn't mean that I'm not thankful for

what I have it doesn't mean I don't

enjoy what I have but it just means I'm

not going to stay there I want more not

for me but for God's kingdom right

that's why just think about it if we had

gotten too comfortable as an English

ministry in a particular space would we

ever grow we started in a little room

over there where there's now a beautiful

studio by the way but we were in a room

over in the other building that fit 30

people and that was really nice i loved

it in there that was brick there was

also a tube plugging up to the bathroom

so you could hear the flushing happened

but you know even that I grew to like I

was like it's kind of fun you know we're

all over here we outgrew it so we moved

upstairs to L room for a while remember

when we're all some of you were here

walking up the stairs you know you get

up there you're huffing and puffing and

you know some people jammed into an

elevator you're all there it's kind of

fun you know I love L room there's a

beautiful window that faces the city and

i love that space you know and we had a

good time but then we thought okay if we

stay here we're never going to have more

than 50 60 people so we got to go to the

basement you know at yesterday we were

in the basement for a training for the

homeless ministry and I'm starting to

feel nostalgic as I realized oh we don't

have to set up the chairs for tomorrow

now some of you don't feel nostalgic

about that some of you are like I have

no problem moving on I was kind of

missing it you know I enjoyed the whole

for going to the basement we're setting

up chairs we're all talking as we go

down there I I grew to love our little

basement you know I love just being able

to say that okay everyone to the

basement I don't know I just enjoyed

that you know but if we get too

comfortable in one place the kingdom

it's get it's not that we need things to

be different but my primary goal is not

to be comfortable our primary goal is

not to know everybody if this minute if

this church continues to live with the

kingdom mentality things will be

different from year to year and even

from month to month in this ministry I

hope a few months from now there's lots

of people you don't know a lot of people

in and you're going to kind of feel like

oh it's different i don't know people

and you know some people experience this

there a way for a month on vacation or

something and where they're sick they

come back and like I don't know anyone

anymore I feel like a visitor you know

it's going to happen things are gonna

grow get if we want to have a kingdom

mentality we need to be accustomed to

constant change in movement now it's not

just for the sake of it right but it's

for the sake of the kingdom we're about

expanding the kingdom the king

the kingdom we don't want to take what

we have and bury it in the sand and keep

it safe want to take it and gamble it

and risk it past erecto use that image

actually of gambling with me in my first

conversation with this was 15 years ago

we were building this building and we're

out for Chinese food and Cambridge I

still remember it and Roberto said I

feel like I've taken all our chips and

just push them on the table and we could

lose everything but if I perish I perish

you know but then here we are it all

worked out okay and then there were

other moments ready to put all the chips

on the table again amen and then you put

all the chips and we're doing it again

folks by the way in ways the you kiddo

pushing everything on the table and say

God Dublin up and Double or Nothing

Double it nothing and if it's not just

because you're addicted to adrenaline

believe me we don't need any more

adrenaline all right but it's about the

kingdom it's about the kingdom it's

about growing the kingdom so being used

to taking chances another part of having

a kingdom mentality means that we have a

perspective that is bigger than our

local congregation I want to talk about

this for a little while a lot of

churches could fall into the problem

that the early disciples had one day

some of the disciples said to Jesus hey

Jesus there's people over there casting

out demons so we stopped in using the

name of Jesus using your name so we

stopped them we took care of that and

she's like you stopped them and he's

like if they cast out demons in my name

the next minute they can't say anything

bad about me but it look we're on the

same team everybody in the name of Jesus

if we're going to have a kingdom

mentality it's not just about seeing a

local church grow but seeing the kingdom

of God grow which means partnering with

other people and other churches and

other organizations that want the

kingdom of God to grow and then

that is an investment that is seeing

that's what we're about it means even

doing things that you think my goodness

because sometimes it's part of the ethic

of this church of this ministry

sometimes to invest in things that are

outside of line of Judah and it's very

easy to feel sometimes like wait a

minute we have so much needs within what

do we do it it's about the kingdom it's

about the kingdom that new temple part

of the vision we have for that is not

that it'd be a chapel for line of Judah

but that it be a center for revival for

the kingdom of God that many people from

many churches and many different types

of cultures and communities who may not

be members of line Judah gather to pray

and see God there in a special way a

center to advance the kingdom of God in

the region not a chapel just for us so

also with our ministries when we do

ministries we want to have and I want to

use this word carefully but we want to

have an apostolic perspective now what

do I mean by that by that I mean

apostolic ministry is ministry that

focuses not just on the local church but

on the regional growth of the kingdom so

it's there are many churches like that

saddlebag term job in California is like

that willow creek is like that a lot of

different churches where they have what

they do they share with the body of

Christ right we need to be like that

that's why we do the internet that's why

when we do our discipleship materials we

put them on the internet for free for

churches to use around that in America

because we're to share it's about the

kingdom it's about the kingdom if this

sermon so much so many of the things we

do the reason we have a studio for

recording things and making them

available on the internet and on radio

and TV is to spread the kingdom not just

the congregation but the kingdom of God

and it's like that with most of the

ministries we do the children's ministry

pastor Jonathan a lot of the gov

children's ministry grew because he

talked to churches who have this

perspective grace chapel helped us a

lot with how we do things now and now we

help other churches are the Latino

churches and others with different types

of children's ministry issues for the

summer camp all the materials that get

used here we get from grace chapel and

then on the last day of camp someone

from Boston Chinese evangelical church

shows up with a van and we pile it all

in there and they go over there and some

of the volunteers work and the different

camps because it's about the kingdom

it's about the kingdom it's not about us

the women's retreat we host the women

retreat but there's like how many women

came this year 600 700 900 debauch

goodness 900 women game we do not have

900 women in enters we got a lot of

people but I well over half of those

people were not from Lion of Judah and

we're not trying to get them to be in

line to do that's about the kingdom and

it's like that for so many of the

different ministries we do that they

would be apostolic in nature are social

evangelism ministries the higher

education Resource Center the youth that

are served the vast majority of them

hundreds and hundreds of kids every

month are not for Lion of Judah now some

of them are but the vast majority or not

there's a ministry that called valet

esperado in this church which means

worth the wait it's an education is a

curriculum to help teach teenagers to

wait for sexual activity until marriage

it's an abstinence education program and

they bring this to churches around New

England to teach their people now we

give classes here too but we're a tiny

little part of it it exists to serve the

kingdom the kingdom alpha the ministry

that exists to support and advocate the

needs of the immigrant community the

vast majority of the people touched by

that are not from our church it's about

the kingdom so part of the kingdom

mentality is that big picture and so

that's going to mean that we're going to

give in ways that sometimes seem to work

against our own personal interest

as a church or as people but they're in

the interest of the kingdom okay part of

a kingdom mentality means that i am

going to give and spend boldly i'm going

to push what i have on to that table i'm

going to i shouldn't use the bedding

image i'm going to invest it even if I

lose it it's not going to just sit in

the bank let's get it rolling let's get

it moving let's get the kingdom growing

with who I am and what I have there's a

great verse in Ecclesiastes it says cast

your bread on the waters and after many

days you will find it again i think what

that's referring to is saying you've

grown and made all this food now pack

all your bread into a boat ship it over

the waters for a while it'll seem like

you're depleted like you have less but

eventually those boats will bring it to

other countries and sell it and trade

and and multiply it eventually it'll

come back to you double or three fold

the value if you're not willing to

invest you keep what you have and you're

happy if you're willing to invest for a

while it seems like you lose but in the

end it ends up being more it multiplies

in proverbs it says one man gives freely

and yet gains even more another withhold

unduly but comes to poverty giving

giving giving giving generously and

knowing that God's going to bless me

God's going to take care of me knowing

Jesus says to find your life what do we

have to do lose your life know if you

lose your life for me into God and the

kingdom as Jesus says you will find it

it's the secret to abundance and a full

life not holding on but giving taking

chances investing our time our money our

energies are resources there's another

biblical image for this daring kingdom

giving it's the image of sewing now I

tend to hesitate to refer to this

because in a lot of circles sometimes

that can be abused and used

negative saying that I want you to sew

into my wallet in a hundred dollars you

know some people could kind of use that

just try to steal from people right so

yeah but that's a biblical image sewing

that when we give to the kingdom of God

we are like we're taking a seed and

we're sewing it in the ground but you

think but this is my only little seed I

love this seed I don't want to put it in

the dirt but you so that seeded the dirt

you lose it you like oh I knew I

shouldn't have done it but then wait a

minute it grows as a plan right and then

that plant has maybe five seeds in it

and then they fall to the ground and

then they grow with five more seeds the

next thing it's called in business terms

compound interest you invest you gain

you invest more you gain and it grows

and it grows and there's a snowball

effect and it's organic in nature with

the sewing it says the one who sow

sparingly will also reap sparingly the

one who so is generously and gives

generously will reap generously and God

will make up things of bound to you so

that you can give even more so by giving

generously taking chances now this is

like a muscle that we use because the

first time you take a chance with a

little bit it's scary but thank God

comes through for you and it works and

then the next time it's more and the

stakes get higher and higher and higher

and then you see that God is faithful

he's faithful to come through for you

this means a kingdom mentality means we

stay on the attack it means were not

passive but aggressive in taking chances

for God the people who gambled who

invested were willing to risk losing it

all a true kingdom mentality life is a

willingness to take chances and serve in

God a willingness to even fail I want to

think about it back in the parable with

the man the

who had the talent of money if he had

invested and lost what he had been given

now I don't know what would have

happened but I like to hope that the

owner would have at least appreciated

well at least you were trying at least

if you're going to fail at least fail

doing the right things fear of failure

will keep us from ever trying anything

new that God has called us to do think

about the Apostle Peter right he's in

the boat with the others and they see

Jesus walking on the water remember that

one they're freaked out at first they

think it's a ghost then Jesus I don't be

afraid it's me and then it occurs to

Peter if it's really you I could just

imagine the glint in his eyes like it's

really you tell me to come out to you on

the water where'd you get this idea

nobody suggested he do this he had an

attitude that was ready for the thrill

of taking a chance with God it's like

let me try this too and so Jesus like

okay come I could just imagine Jesus

being a little surprised like all right

come he spent you know the story Peter

steps out of the boat he takes a couple

steps then he sees the wind and the

waves and he starts sinking does Jesus

let him sink you know Jesus catches him

it doesn't say that Jesus dragged him

back pasture Omar preached on this one

it doesn't say that Jesus dragged him

through the water back to the boat how

do you get back to the boat I I think I

don't know did Jesus carry him did he

walk with them I don't know Jesus got

him back in people who take chances you

know what it's not just that you love

thrill you know some people have thrill

issues right

got to go do something crazy all right

it's not just having thrill issues

people who take chances in God spiritual

risk takers know that God has their back

they know that God will catch them if

they fall not if they fall but when they

fall and they know that falling into

Jesus's Arne's is not so bad because he

holds you and he takes you back to the

boat and then maybe he gives you that

little where was your fave but you're

the only one who took a step on water no

no one else has ever done that I believe

that it comes down to our view of God if

we're fearful and careful a lot of times

we just don't believe God's going to

take care of us if something goes wrong

but if we're willing to get out there

and do what he's called us to do I know

that he's gonna pick me up and it's

gonna be good there's beautiful stories

in the Bible King David was like this

right and I don't think it's any

accident that God looks for this in his

leaders that Peter was the one who was

asked to lead the church I've heard to

put this way the Apostle John was

entrusted to take care of Mary right I

think Samuel Chan talks about this from

the cross jesus says to john behold your

mother behold your son take care take

care of my mother so Jesus entrusted his

mother to John that's pretty impressive

but he entrusted the church to Peter

Peter of all people with all he didn't

trust his mother to Peter you notice

that but you did but a leader with a

kingdom mentality who's willing to take

chances that that's what's needed that's

what's needed and that's what God calls

us to do to be risk takers for him think

of David King David he heard Goliath

insulting not just insulting the people

of God but insulting the God of Israel

he took it personally

a kingdom mentality means I take the

kingdom of God personally where God's

kingdom is shamed I'm angry I'm on God's

side I'm on the side of God's people and

king david says who is this

uncircumcised Philistine to insult the

Living God let me Adam now the story of

David you know usually we imagine little

David coming with his slingshot in a

walking slowly right next to go right is

that what the Bible says anyone know

that how it goes it says here an atom

the kingdom mentality means you come at

it against me with a spear and with

weapons and armor but I come at you in

the name of the Lord of hosts who will

hand you over to me when Jesus says

those that are with us or more than

those that are with them when we know

that God's kingdom is with me that I'm

not going to look at the giant in front

of me but I'm going to put my eyes on

the giant God who's behind me as I move

forward in his name that's the kingdom

mentality that we want to live out amen

now as I wrap this up some of you here

are half in the kingdom okay you're half

in yeah and there's a great book that

someone mailed me dear friends of ours

called them all in right I have not read

it but I really like this title and I

have looked at the head you we have ok

we have a recommendation yes all in

here's what it says the gospel costs

nothing but it demands everything it's

all or nothing if Jesus is not Lord of

all then he is not Lord at all many

people believe they are following Jesus

but they have mistakenly invited Jesus

to follow them mark batterson calls it

the inverted gospel he challenges you to

go all in and all out by fully

surrendering your life to the lordship

of Jesus Christ that's when the true

adventure begins he says highly

recommend this book I haven't

but I can tell it's good I know the

people sent it through I know this is a

good book those that are half in its

miserable to be half following Jesus

because you're not really enjoying the

thrill of the adventure of serving God

and you're not even really enjoying your

sin anymore right just not what it used

to be you know and you can't you kind of

sort likely half in a cold swimming pool

you know you're half in you go in nice

and slow and it's a painful if you just

dive in then it's Bray thing but your

head it's over with you're in I've heard

another example like this friend of mine

who does canoeing she says that

sometimes they have to carry the canoe

right and if you are not fully under

that canoe if you're on the side of it

it could break it could break your back

but if you're fully under it even though

it weighs so much you can carry almost

anywhere fully in some of us are half

committed to the kingdom it's time to

get fully committed some of us think

we're fully committed to the kingdom and

I've got some news for you you're not as

committed as you think you are the

Apostle Peter right near the end when

Jesus said you're all going to be

scattered Peter said even if everybody

else denies you I will never deny you

and then Jesus is Peter you don't know

what you're talking about say he's asked

to sit to you if Peters like you know

even if I have to die for you I'll die

for you and P and Jesus says before the

cock crows 2nite you'll deny three times

that you even know me if you think

you're radically committed to the

kingdom of God you were not as committed

as you need to as you think you are but

it's okay because Jesus after Peter

failed he came to him and he invited him

to follow him and he and he predicted

that Peter would one died one

die a martyr's death and be fully

committed the way he wanted to be it's a

time for us all to decide Jesus sign me

up for that adventure if you've already

signed up it's time to sign up again I'd

like to close this with a very personal

image that God has given me since I was

a teenager and it's an image I I believe

that's based on this parable but

sometimes when I'm praying we're in

God's presence every now and then I'll

have an image sort of just a mental

impression of a table before me and I'm

sitting at a table and I know I don't

see him but I know that Jesus is sitting

at the other side of the table and there

are documents on the table waiting to be

signed and I know that Jesus is just

sitting there waiting for me to sign and

there's that feeling of will I sign on

the dotted line and I know that the

image has to do with making a commitment

like a business commitment if you ever

had to assign important documents you

know how scary that can be there's that

feeling of the papers are there they've

been prepared will you sign I know that

when I was 18 years old talking to a

mentor of mine who did Teen Challenge

ministry and Hartford Connecticut and

I'll never forget he he was saying Greg

God's looking for people he'll say yes

to him said yes was kingdom and he took

out a little napkin and he wrote on the

napkin just saying you know you know God

has the terms of his calling on your

life and he just wrote dog different

lines and then he said in at the bottom

he put an X and a dotted line they said

are you going to sign and I kept that

for a good so I kept that napkin for

good 20 years until I lost it but I

remember I remember that line and I know

that we need to sign when we need to

make that decision no one can make it

for you but it's the most

citing adventure of our lives if we're

willing to say yes to this this mission

that God has called us to so let's stand

together and i'll invite grant to come

close us and in the Father in Jesus name

I thank you God that you have called us

to live our lives with a kingdom

mentality lord I thank you Lord that you

have entrusted each of us something to

use in your purposes to use in this

earth father I thank you that none of us

is extraneous none of us is

purposelessness is purposeless I thank

you that each one of us has a destiny in

this kingdom that each one of us has

something to do and lord I thank you for

us as a church and I pray on this first

day that the English ministry is in this


God that we say yes to you and your

kingdom and your kingdom purposes let it

not be our will but let it be your will

that be done in and through us and in

this place God we yield ourselves to you

today and we say your kingdom come your

will be done in our lives in our church

and in this world just as it is in

heaven in Jesus name