We believe that our men and women who are currently homeless are actually ‘home-bound’ and that their current situation is a transitional one.  This is why our church holds a weekly Saturday breakfast during which we nourish both the body and the spirit of our neighbors who are homeless.  

In addition to providing a nutritious meal, we offer a safe and welcoming community where each person may feel valued and cared for.  Our Saturdays are filled with fellowship, music and a message. We’ve had the privilege of seeing many of our men and women restored from substance use, find housing and become an integral part of our congregation.  We rejoice that we get to be part of God’s redemptive and transformational work in the lives of men and women who’d believed that their condition and situation was hopeless.

Our Meetings

Every Saturday: 8:30 – 10am
Where: Basement of Original Sanctuary

For additional information, to make a donation, or to volunteer to serve, please contact: nyleveabreu@gmail.com