Sermon May 16, 2004 : The attitude of a conqueror (Mark 7:24)

Is God great? Is He great? Can’t hear you. Is He really great? I’m pleased to be here in the midst of God’s people. It’s a pleasant time.  Read More »

Sermon April 25, 2004 : Adopting a biblical, supernatural mindset (2 Kings 6:24 - 7:20)

Brothers and sisters, this passage is a continuation of the passage we read a couple of weeks together, where we saw the King of Syria continually attacking the people of Israel, when the prophet Elijah did a tremendous miracle allowing the spirit of God to overcome that army and sent them back from where they came from. Elijah prayed for his servant to be able to have his eyes open so that he could see that the hills were covered with chariots of fire and angelic principalities that were there to defend them. The Syrian army was blinded and led into the very center of the capital of Israel at that time, Samaria. And there the king gave them a great feast and sent them back home defeated and humiliated.  Read More »