Sermon July 8, 2006 : Ephesians I (Part 4)

Well, my intention tonight is to continue with this expository journey through the Book of Ephesians, the epistle, the letter to the Ephesians. You might remember that Ephesians is in the New Testament and you might remember that we are talking about some of these key elements, these key words, these key terms.  Read More »

Sermon June 24, 2006 : Ephesians I (Part 3)

A couple of weeks ago we began looking very intentionally, obviously through the Letter to the Ephesians and I particularly enjoyed being able to share with you some thoughts from last weeks portion and you know, it’s a blessing for me. We’ll pursue this as much as we can, as long as we can and as long as it’s having meaning for you.  Read More »

Sermon June 17, 2006 : Ephesians 1 (Part 2)

Look at the passage where we left off last week. One of the things for example, that I just share with you about, when you’re studying a text of the Bible is there are different kinds of considerations that you could take into account, that can help you to understand the whole book or sometimes an expression that you’re using or rather that you’re reading.  Read More »

Sermon June 10, 2006 : Ephesians 1

I’d like to invite you to look with me at a passage in the Book of Ephesians, the letter to the Ephesians, chapter 1 and we’re going to begin….. Last Saturday I took some time to expound on chapter 6 of Ephesians, particularly that very well known text of the armor of God.  Read More »

Sermon June 3, 2006 : Ephesians 6:10-12

Letter to the Ephesians and we’re going to go to chapter 6, an extremely well known passage, but one that can always support one more examination, one more moment of analysis because it has such good, good wisdom for our lives. So, I’m going to try to go through different pieces of the passage. I hope that I’ll be able to at least finish, you know, in some way the entire passage. And I’m going to refrain, hopefully, from being too, trying to be too incisive and too penetrating in one particular thing, because there’s so much material here to be covered.  Read More »

Sermon May 27, 2006 : Second Corinthians 13:5

Most of us spend energy and time avoiding the very thing that can provoke the most powerful breakthroughs in our lives. We spend a lot of our time, most of humanity spends most of its time and energy avoiding the very thing that can set them free.  Read More »

Sermon April 30, 2006 : The gentle warrior

Dr. Paul Jehle: I met Roberto and Mercedes Miranda several years ago and they’re in the third decade of ministry here in New England, among the many that God has sent from the Hispanic and Brazilian community as missionaries to America. Don’t we need it? Amen. We need it. And they have planted themselves very firmly here in New England. We share many things in common with them, which has kind of drawn our hearts together. They have a common vision with us to see the Kingdom of God touch every area of life.  Read More »

Sermon May 20, 2006 : The locust swarm

Dr. Miranda: I am so thankful for you having called Steve into the ministry, for carrying him through these years of studying. Now, as he prepares to bring your word to us, we pray that your Holy Spirit will be send on him on a different way, empowering him and giving him the thoughts that you want him to share with us. Bless him first, Lord, as your word descends upon him and remains there and take charge, Lord, take control of his lips, of his thoughts and even of our minds as well as we interact with your word, in Jesus’ name. Amen.  Read More »

Sermon May 13, 2006 : Luke 16

I invite you to look with me at Luke, chapter 16 and we are going to go to verses 1 through 9. I decided to continue with this theme of the stewardship and of good management of God’s assets. So, I thought it would be nice and kind of illuminating to see two parables that Jesus related regarding the same subject. I’ll try to remind you, of course, I know that my last sermon is firmly edged in your mind and you sensibility and you remember every word of it, but I’ll try to remind you just a little bit so that, just to be redundant. But I thought it would be a nice contrast between the two.  Read More »

Sermon May 6, 2006 : Mathew 25:14

Let’s go to the word of the Lord right now. And, let’s take a look at the gospel according to Mathew, actually it’s the gospel according to the Holy Spirit, written by Mathew under the spirit’s inspiration, that’s why we say gospel according to Mathew.  Read More »