Sermon October 7, 2006 : Ephesians 2:11-13

I’m going to be reading from the letter to the Ephesians. If you don’t have your Bible that’s ok, just listen and I will hopefully illuminate a little bit what I will be reading. It’s in chapter 2, verses 11 through 22. I’m going to attempt to just take the whole passage and go through it very quickly.  Read More »

Sermon September 30, 2006 : Jacob the hustler

I ask you to turn with me to the Book of Genesis, chapter 25. Genesis 25 and just a quick question, anyone remember who we talked about last week? Anyone who remembers, I just want to see, does anyone remember we talked about somebody last week? I’ll give you a hand: it was a female, last week. What? We…. Rachel and who?, and Lea. Ok, we talked about the sisters thing. I talked now about a dysfunctional family, we talked about how Lea had the privilege of being snuck into a wedding bed by her dad, when Jacob thought he was marrying Rachel. It was a mess and we talked last week of how God reached out to her in the way that she needed to be reached out to, ok?  Read More »

Sermon September 23, 2006 : It is all about God - not about you

Chapter 3, Genesis 3, we’re going to look at a couple of different texts in Genesis today and just as a way of prefix to share one of my favorite things about being in ministry, one of my favorite, favorite things that happens in this church is watching people change right before my eyes. Those of you, we have Esther who’s going to come in as a little infant and right before our eyes, she’s going to change and say, ‘gosh, she looks so different, every week she looks different’. And I love the way the Holy Spirit gets a hold of people and changes them and blesses them and heals them.  Read More »

Sermon September 16, 2006 : Gideon

The ‘Book of Judges’ is about a time in the people of Israel when they were living in the land, but they were surrounded by pagan nations who worshiped idols and demons, and on a regular basis they would adopt the idols of their neighbors and worship them, and stray from the living God and to God would then bring their enemies to oppress them intentionally, God would make it happen until they got good and sick of their sin. And then they would say ‘God, help us!’.  Read More »

Sermon September 9, 2006 : Love one another!

I’m saying this not just to this group. I think I’m really saying it to the powers of hell. We’re not finished yet. We’ve a lot of work to do. We made a lot of friends. We’re never going to see Grant Manor or Mandela Houses the same way again. There’s no way that we could leave this church, go off to lunch on Washington street and come back and view that neighborhood, and maybe I’m speaking for myself, but view that neighborhood in the same manner. I think there’s something that God wants to do in this area and I’d like us to share about that a little bit.  Read More »

Sermon September 3, 2006 (afternoon) : Isaiah 45:1-12

I’d like you to turn to your Bibles today to Isaiah chapter 45, verse 1 to 12. Father we thank you. We thank you for your presence today. We pray that you will move by your Holy Spirit and pray in the name of Jesus that you will anoint this message and every person that hears will be changed and transformed and blessed by your spirit. We thank you Lord. We give you all glory and all honor, in the name of Jesus. Amen.  Read More »

Sermon September 2, 2006 : Ephesians 2:8-10

Turn with me very quickly to Ephesians chapter 2 and let’s go to verse 8. Just for your information, those who are here and I add my own word of welcome to all of you, thanks for being here tonight and we’re blessed to have you.  Read More »

Sermon August 12, 2006 : Ephesians 1:15-23 (Part 5)

Let’s go to the Letter to the Ephesians, you know, that we’re studying this letter as we go and I’ve been out of the scene for about three weeks, three Saturdays.  Read More »

Sermon August 5, 2006 : Ephesians 2: 19-22

Tonight I’m talking tonight about, we’re talking tonight about being an outsider, being uncomfortable, being a little how shall be say, feeling like a stranger, feeling like things just aren’t good or easy or something like that.  Read More »

Sermon July 29, 2006 : The desire of your heart

For many years I would read these three or four verses and I’d get a knot in my throat because I sensed something very, very beautiful was happening in this room, and that I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. It’s out of John, chapter 12, verses 1 through 3 and then we’re going to skip down to verses 7 through 8.  Read More »