Sermon January 13, 2007 : Ephesians 4 (Part 3)

Let’s go to Ephesians, Chapter 4. And for the third time, I’m going to choose the same text, the same passage and go over it again. Remember what I said last time that, you know, God’s word is multilayered, multidimensional.  Read More »

Sermon January 14, 2007 : Homosexuality - a detour on the road towards sexual maturity

Hello, buenos días. I wish I could speak more of your beautiful language. I grew up in Southern California where you really need to speak Spanish, but I never learned because I’m stubborn and stupid, so forgive me. I do a lot of work within the Latin world. Doors have opened there for us to equip the church to deal with broken people, people that really love Jesus, but who struggle in deep and shameful areas of their lives.  Read More »

Sermon January 6, 2007 : Becoming honest

You know I really think that God is at work in a rather unique way here in this setting. And I believe that it pleases him that the primary gifted leader that this is built around is Roberto Miranda, and I mean that based on the sense that he’s a senior pastor of this assembly of ministries and of ministers and of congregants and of outreaches, and we were talking, not this last time, but the time before, and as we were sharing and we’re talking there was this freedom in Roberto’s spirit that I was able to just hear and receive and really lean into and it was the sense that it’s all God’s, this is all God’s, that there’s no presupposition about how God is going to do whatever it is that he is going to do.  Read More »

Sermon December 23, 2006 : Reflections on Christmas

Tonight as we continue to gather in the name of Jesus Christ which is what we do every week, we have a special time tonight because we get together in his name and to celebrate his birth. And we did a lot of reading throughout the service so far, we looked at Genesis, Deuteronomy, Second Samuel, Isaiah, Micah, Luke, Mathew. We’re going to look to a few more books of the Bible tonight. That’s a lot of reading, but the reason we did that is because that’s kind of the starting point. If you’re not aware of Jesus coming to this earth as a baby, then it’s really shocking.  Read More »

Sermon December 16, 2006 : Ephesians 4:7-14

Welcome to our service tonight, it’s good to see you and some new visitors who are coming. That’s wonderful. We’re so happy to have you here tonight and we bless you and we are rejoiced to see some additional new elements coming into the church and kind of coming and blessing us with your continued attendance for as long as the Lord would have be in fellowship with us. That’s wonderful.  Read More »

Sermon December 9, 2006 : An irresistible presence

We just quiver in response to the fact that you, the holy God ….., would invite us into union and communion with ….. Lord is a miracle that we are completely undeserving, we are completely unable to find anything ….. us, but for your blood, but for your grace, but for you coming and doing what you do when you transcend earth and heaven, space and time.  Read More »

Sermon December 2, 2006 : Ephesians 4

Book of Ephesians which I am sort of working through as the Lord gives me the opportunity to do so. We’re in chapter 4 and I just want to take the first section of chapter 4, verses 1 through 16 and work through as much as we can that passage tonight.  Read More »

Sermon November 18, 2006 : Ephesians 3:14-21

I want to go back to our study on Ephesians and I know that we have had different people touching on different aspects of the book of Ephesians, but what I’d like to do today is just make a quick summary, a recap of what we have been reading and studying until now . But I’d like to concentrate on verses 14 through 21 of chapter 3 tonight, after I give that recap of the book until this point.  Read More »

Sermon October 28, 2006 : Do you feel loved?

It’s a great opportunity to share with you this evening, and as is my custom, I guess, I’ve been preaching for a very short time, but I’d like to start with a question, because questions get us thinking. And we start thinking we’re engaged, we can really wrestle with what it is being discussed or talked about or presented or you know, whatever the case can be.  Read More »

Sermon October 21, 2006 : Ephesians 3:1-13

The Book of Ephesians. We’re working through this Letter of Paul to the Christians in Ephesus which is a city in, what is it? Greece, Asia Minor, somewhere around there. A city where there were some of the first Christians, one of the early, early churches and the Apostle Paul wrote to them  Read More »