Sermon May 27, 2007 : Hold on tight to your faith

If you have your Bibles with you I will ask that you turn to the gospel according to Mathew, chapter 13 and I’ll be reading from verses 3 to 9. So that’s Mathew 13, 3 to 9. While you look for that I’ll say that this morning I mentioned that my preaching talk has been influenced very much by the black preaching style. And I’ll explain why.  Read More »

Sermon May 26, 2007 : Ephesians 5 - Slaves and Masters

The book of Ephesians, and as you know, my intention originally was to take those 3 categories of relationships: wives and husbands, children and parents, slaves and masters; and look at that as a whole. But the Lord has lead us in a different way and we’ve been studying one group each and so we come to third group tonight, which is slaves obeying masters.  Read More »

Sermon May 19, 2007 : Respect your parents (and all authority)

The book of Ephesians. Let’s actually go to chapter 6. We spent a little time, two Saturdays ago on the end of chapter 5 talking about wives and husbands and how they should relate to each other in marriage. Now, let’s enter into two other groups that the Bible addresses as to how they should relate to each other, one is children and parents, and the others, of course, in the light of the Greek and Roman world that the Apostle Paul was writing to, in light of slaves and masters, but there’s a lot of things that we can adjust to make it applicable also to the time that we’re living in today.  Read More »

Sermon May 12, 2007 : Love one another

God bless you all tonight. It turns out that I think, I believe that the word that the Lord has given us for tonight is precisely about, you know, is there a relationship between giving and between of the power of the Lord, access to his power, access to his joy and access to what we want of the Lord? And maybe we should start this evening with an observation.  Read More »

Sermon May 5 : Ephesians 5 - Submit to one another

We’re nearing the end of our study of Ephesians and we are ending chapter 5 with a few verses on 5:22, Ephesians.  Read More »

Sermon April 28, 2007: Building big lives not big churches

At a primary text that we’re going to draw on from Colossians chapter 3. You know, the reality is it does not matter much if I speak. That’s not to minimize the articulation of the word of God, it really is simply to give it mission to the fact that we salt each other’s lives with just the sense of presence, with the interaction that happens with one another, just by rubbing shoulders, by hints and glances and subtle signals.  Read More »

Sermon April 22, 2007 : Laying it ALL at HIS feet

Today we have a very special guest. Let’s just give a warm welcome to Dr Bob Bakke, and our English speaking brothers and sisters are going to have a good time today, because they can take their earphones off and we’re going to be translating from up here, so that’s great, and we’re so glad to have you as well, you know, just know how blessed we are to have you as part of the English speaking community here with us today. So, it’s a wonderful, wonderful blessing, so we bless you as well. Welcome, Dr Bakke.  Read More »

Sermon April 21, 2007 : Ephesians 5 - A call to purity

Let’s go to the word of God, Ephesians, chapter 5. Who would have thought that we would have been still in Ephesians, after all these months. When I started, I remember just doing that chapter on the armor of God and then going back very innocently and saying, ok, we’ll take a couple of weeks, 2 or 3 weeks and do the rest of Ephesians. Well, here we are, many, many months after, but I hope it’s been good and I hope it’s been instructive for you.  Read More »

Sermon April 14, 2007 : John 11 - Tears of Hope

You’ve got your Bibles, John 11? And this is one of my favorite stories in the New Testament, in fact I mean the whole group after it. We have a group of men in recovery from addictions and we call it Grupo Lázaro, Lazarus group, because we believe that those of us who are there have been risen from the dead.  Read More »

Sermon April 7, 2007 : Mark 16:1-8

Let’s go for the word of the Lord in Mark, chapter 16, let’s begin with verse 1, we’ll go probably until verse 8 and we’ll also explore a little bit beyond, but let’s just read that part.  Read More »