Sermon Februar 25, 2018: Instruments for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work

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[Doug Tunney]
  • Presenter: Doug Tunney
  • Date: February 25, 2018
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá

My name is Doug Tunney and I work for two organizations, I work for Youth With A Mission, my wife and I, and a team of four others, founded Youth With A Mission Boston eleven years ago, and by Gods grace we have seen 32,000 people come to Christ since we founded it so we have been busy, amen, and 18 months ago I received a phone call from the Billy Graham organization and I now work for them also so I represent Billy Graham, and you all know he passed away this week, right? He’s in the Presence of the Lord today.

In fact he wrote an statement, he said: some people will say that Billy Graham has died, let it be known that that’s not true because I’m in the very Presence of God I just changed my address, and so that’s what he did, he just changed address. Some of us will be going down to Washington D.C. and so we are working on that now.

So, it was a hard week for us in the Billy Graham organization to lose Billy but we know he had 99 years to serve the Lord and if you think about what this man accomplished in one lifetime, one lifetime one man. You know he, he preached the Gospel in a hundred and eighty five nations of the world, and he ministered face to face with 213.000.000 people, that’s all the people Billy Graham preached to in his lifetime and he did 400 different crusades all over the world so he was busy, he was busy for Jesus.

I think the Scripture I would like to start with this morning, if you got your Bibles it’s 2nd Timothy chapter 2 verses 20 and 21, very powerful verses so, if you can either open up your Bibles or maybe we will put it up on the screen, I got my Bible so I’m gonna read it to you. So in verse 20 it says: “ In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for noble purposes and some for ignoble purposes. 21 Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.”

When I look at that last phrase, as we let go of our sin, as we let go living a life for ourselves and we say to the Master: I want You to use me, I wanna be available to You, whatever it takes God I want You to be my best friend, I want You to use me and anoint me, and you know every single person you work for, a boss, you always wanna please people, you always wanna make people happy, you wanna make yourself available.

I had a small sports career, I played american football and I remember in my career playing football that I always tried to come up with new runs because I was a split end, I always came up with new runs so I could run, I always wanted to be a catch-up all and then I worked on blocking, I worked on every detail, I worked on every part of it so that maybe my coach would say: okay you are going to be in a higher position, a higher position. And when I became a christian I said: I wanna be the same way, I wanna be diversified, I wanna be available, I wanna study the Word, I wanna know the Bible, I’m gonna fall in love with the Word of God and I want to do apologetics, I want to be able to defend my faith, I want to be able to stand in front of a muslim and share the Word of God, to hindus, I wanna share it with catholics, I wanna talk to alcoholics, I want to talk to a lot of different people so in a sense diversify myself and I wanna be trained, be available so when the Master goes: Hey, I need someone for this job so Doug is available.

I think every christian has got to be that way, we gotta be that way. We gotta enlarge our hearts so that the law of God just pours in in a greater way, we gotta be able to pray for the sick, we gotta be able to be everything. You know, I was last week in India and I was with all hindus doing door-to-door evangelism and I remember the week was halfway through, and I said to the leader: why don’t we bring them all together and have a church service for them? you know because they had been helping us a lot, they were going there, they were giving soda machines so they could start selling and have some income, but these people are still hindus you know? and I said: we need to get them together so we can share with them.

And so one night four days ago we got a hundred hindu people in the room there and started sharing the Word of God with them and you know, these people, they worked for these people for like thirty or forty years and they never made that decision, but one of the thing is I study religions and I know what religions believe, and I asked God to give me the key to reaching these people, and as part of that I said, you know: God how can I be of use to You? I mean if you don’t know anything about His law you are never going to be able to share anything with someone who is a muslim, you know? and so I studied it.

And how do you reach hindus for Christ, what do you gotta do? Well you got to talk about the relationship with Jesus Christ because hindus don’t know anything about that, they don’t have anything about that, they don’t understand it, they go to the temple so that their God doesn’t come and destroy their home, they are terrified of the Gods that they serve, so they don’t know anything about friendship with Jesus, hindus don’t know anything about being forgiven for their sins and they don’t understand how great Jesus is, that He is the only and true God.

And so when we preached that message when we shared it the other night I said: how many of you open the door of your heart and ask Jesus to come in for the very first time? and to our surprise all the people stood up, all one hundred stood up and they said: we want to leave hinduism and we wanna become christian, and we want to be baptized.

Now if you know anything about hinduism, until you get baptized it doesn’t matter because you know, they have three hundred and thirty million gods and they can make Jesus one more, but we said to them very clearly: when you stand up you are saying: I am accepting Jesus as my only one true and only God, that there is only one God and so they did that, isn’t it wonderful? So I said: God here I am I wanna be available.

You know, whatever you do in life you gotta say: I wanna make myself available, I wanna pray, to seek the Lord in pray, to call upon Him, to not have a prayer that is just real shallow, you know they say that the average christian prays three minutes a day, that’s all we pray, the average Pastor prays five minutes a day, that is a national statistic and that is terrible, that’s not a prayer life at all. And so maybe you want to say: I wanna be available to the Master, I wanna up it from 3 to 10 minutes per day, I mean you can start somewhere, and also study in prayer.

Like, how do I pray, how do I seek the Lord, how do I call upon His Name, how can He speak to me? and this type of things, so you wanna know these things, you wanna say: I wanna be so available to the Master, and then forgiveness. We can’t walk around with unforgiveness toward people and hate other christians, hate other people, and maybe that’s a secret in your life, maybe you have secret hatred or secret sin in your life, and when the Father looks to you and you say: I’m available He says: No you are not available, He has to withdraw His Hand and say: I can’t use you, and I think we can get away with it.

We can’t get away with it. Lack of prayer, lack of Bible study, lack of understanding in different religions, lack of. We can, in a sense, get away with it but really, who is looking in the end? the Master is, and the Master is looking at your life and He is saying: I wanna do something amazing to your life, and since we can in a sense get away with it you are not available to Him, would you agree with that? So, who wants to be available? I wanna be.

I’m thinking about this, one time there was some people in Liberia, Africa that were very poor and they had a small ministry, they were so poor that they had nothing. They had about 20 people and they begin to pray, and they said: Lord, we wanna learn how to share our faith with these people because they were fully into witchcraft, very strong with witchcraft and six hundred and sixty you know, professional people who are involved in witchcraft and the witch doctors, and this kind of thing across the whole country, it’s the way it is, and so this small group of 20 people they begin to call upon the Lord and say: God, would you send somebody to us that can teach us Evangelism, that can teach us how to break through this witchcraft?

Also, islam was taking over the country, muslims by the way love witchcraft, they can make that part of their religion, and so they were saying: we’ll have our way with this land, we can take over here and also there will be way for witchcraft, and our country is in such trouble there is war going on at this time, there is terrible warfare, so all these things, this group was praying God sent somebody.

And all of a sudden I’m in New Hampshire and I’m a Pastor at the Church, and one of my friends had gone to Liberia and he was standing at the front at the pulpit just like this, and he says: this country is in great need, and I was like half listening because I was like: man I already work sixty hours a week, I don’t need another job, I don’t need another country to think about, I’m not interested so I’m kind of half listening, and all of a sudden he said: these people are desperate for the Kingdom of God, they are desperate, they need men of God and women of God to go there and help that nation because if something is going to sweep over that country it’s gotta be God.

And so I remember, somebody made the statement, I have no idea who was the first one to say: when good men do nothing evil prevails, have you ever heard that before? and I said: well, I guess I’m going to Liberia, you know? I just made that decision, I said: I guess I’m gonna go.

But I didn’t know these people, I didn’t know that they were praying, I had no idea and then we begin to send containers to the country, we sent something like 6 million dollars for relief to the country of Liberia. And so just before I left to go there we receive an invitation from the President to meet with the president of the country and that was the craziest thing, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said: I don’t want you to meet with the President, I want you to train a small group of people in Evangelism and how to defeat this demonic thing of islam and also the fact of the witch doctors. So I told in my group, I said: I’m not going to meet with the President, I’m supposed to minister these 20 people. And I never even knew that they were praying, I had no idea but that’s what the Holy Spirit told to me.

And so I went there and I said: I’m looking for twenty people that I can train, a small team that I can train and she’s like: well, this group over here they are like lower cast and I really don’t even allow them in my house because they are kind of like the poorest of the poor, maybe if you wanna touch these people you just go ahead so it was kind of on the side, like: yeah go ahead.

Well, I started working with these people and about five days into it they said: you know we were praying for an evangelist to come and train us? I said: oh! you are the reason I’m here, and I remember started going to Liberia, I trained 330 Pastors and 700 here, 330 here, 700 here, and then we decided to do like a crusade in Liberia, I decided to do a crusade, it came to my heart to do a crusade and so, I started to plan for it and that’s when I trained a 330 leaders from all over the country, and it’s amazing when you just say: Lord I’m available, I’m available.

And as I’m telling the story let me just give you one physical example. So if you say to me you have faith let me tell you what faith is, faith is this: faith is taking a step (steps forward) would you agree? This is not faith (steps back), I believe, no, it’s when you do something. Love is the same thing, love is a step, you have to step out. I’m gonna cross the street and there’s someone, I started witnessing to her and as she walked, my wife and I were invited to go into her house, she told us: you know, you came over to my house and you fell in love with me, I fell in love with you, I just lost my husband, I thought there was nobody and now you are my family, you are all I have for a family. But if I didn’t walk across the street and talked to her that would have never happened, do you agree? You gotta walk across the street.

So when I was setting up for this crusade two fantastic miracles happened and this all started with this crew that was praying in Liberia, and I know the Father was looking. He says: Who will go with them, who from around the world will go with them? and the Father picked me, and so I think: God, I just thank God that I was available, you know?

And the reason I preach this is not to talk about me but to say that this can happen to you. As you make yourself available God can say: You know what? I need this in this nation or I need this in Boston, or I need this in Roxbury and I need somebody, and you know, they are available, and they are willing to go, they are willing to spend their own money, they are willing to do anything it takes to go.

So I remember I was preaching there, I think it was the third day, somebody came up to me and began to talk to me about african christianity and in Liberia every Pastor has three wives, and this goes back to african history. And i said: oh! (laughs) you know, what do I do about this?

And you know what I did? the next two days I talked about this book here, do you know this book? the Bible. How many people wrote this book? does anybody know who wrote this book? forty people wrote this book. How much time did it take to write this book? 150 years, that’s from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelations was 150 years. In this book there is 170 prophecies. Not one of the prophecies in this book has ever been proven wrong, not one. Every one that is fulfilled to the time it says it will be fulfilled is exactly that way. It was written in three languages in 13 countries, it was written in three continents.

And if it was written by men, how could they say in the Book of Numbers that Israel is gonna quit being a nation and then later on in history it will become a nation again. Well Israel quits being a nation in 600 B.C. and it becomes a nation again in 1947, that’s 2,554 years in between when they quit being a nation and when they become a nation again. Now who could do that, what man could say that, how can people say: it was written by men, it’s full of contradictions and heirs. First of all there are no contradictions, there’s no heirs and the prophecies are accurate, every one of them to the year of 2554 years between one prophecy and the fulfillment of it.

So this book is from God, can you say amen if you agree? It’s proven. We have archeological evidence, we have prophetic evidence, we have historical evidence, we have evidence. If you look at the Koran for example there’s no evidence for the Koran, it’s full of mistakes, it’s full of heirs.

You know, one time it says: “when the sun sets in the night it sets in a muddy spring.” And so while Mohammed was alive they said: Mohammed, are you talking about like the sun itself sets in a spring? he says: yeah, in the far east there’s this huge spring and the sun goes in it every night. Well the sun is a million times bigger than the Earth, not a thousand, it’s a million times bigger, and if the sun comes a thousand miles closer to us we burn up, if it goes a thousand miles away we freeze to death, and so that word that he gives is scientifically impossible.

And so these are the things that we talk about, we talk about how the Word of God is true, we know it’s accurate in every way. So the Pastors after two days in Africa said: Doug we accept this Book, we say it’s true from the beginning to the end, I said: that’s good because there’s this verse in Timothy I need to read to you. You are only supposed to have one wife.

And now that you know the Bible is true now you are going to deal with this. And they said: man you are a white man and you are coming to tell us black people how to live? I said: no, it’s this book right here that it’s telling you this. I said: now you can be an african christian and go to hell or you can be a biblical christian and go to heaven, it’s up to you. If you wanna say: well this is our tradition it’s against this Book, you know?

Shortly after that it struck them, it just hit them and they knew they were wrong because God was bringing judgment upon that nation because the Church was in such sinful nature. Now I never heard people cry like those people cried for three hours, they just wet and wet, and wet, and hug each other, and cried. I literally had to cover my ears, I literally had to cover my ears.

And then we said: the only true wife you have according to the Bible is your first wife, every wife after that is in adultery so you have to support them for the rest of their life, you have to support your children for the rest of their life but they can’t live in your house, you can’t have sex with them, you have to dismiss them from there, and could you imagine an entire nation of christians repenting? that’s what happened, an entire nation of christians repented. And I’m thinking back to when this group of 20 prayed and I was in New Hampshire and the Lord was saying: I need somebody, I need somebody who can help this country, I’m gonna pick Doug to do that.

I want that to happen to every one of you because to me christianity is boring if you just go to Church every week, I get bored, I can’t do that. I need adventure, I need excitement, I need a major EDD, I gotta do something for Jesus man, I gotta do something for Jesus man, I just gotta do something. I gotta be out there, I gotta be conquering man, I can’t just sit around, I can’t deal with that you know? And I think God is looking for warriors would you agree? He is looking for warriors who say: I am available.

You know and they could just be walking across the room, being stall. You don’t have to be in another country right now, they say: Doug this is a little big for me, talking about going to other nations and stuff, no. You can go and say, what’s our neighbor’s name? Evelyn, you can walk across and see, find Evelyn who lost her husband just a few months ago, and her neighbor, this guy he just lost his wife, she was 45 and she had a heart attack, and now he’s reaching out to me, can you help me? and this is right across the street from my house in Summerville. I mean I wanna be available for that and for everything else that God has called us to.

So for three hours they cried and then they made decisions, when they went back to their churches they did everything they were supposed to do, and then I told them: since you made that decision and you truly repented, now quit crying, stop it, no more crying, it’s time to rejoice because God has met you.

The Scripture says that when you repent there’s a time of refreshing that comes from the Lord. I said: let this be a time of refreshing. And as much as they cried for three hours they rejoiced for four hours, and you know what they started doing? they started dancing and let me tell you: there’s no greater thing than being around africans who are dancing. This elderly woman came up to me, she started dancing with me and I thought I was in heaven, I said: this is heaven man, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life, just the rejoicing and the happiness, to see their sins washed away by the Lamb, and them to be free in the Lord, and free of the sin that held them for generation and generation after generation.

And the next day this one guy comes up to me, now the crusade is set for sunday, this is like wednesday so we have like four days, and I remember I said to the President of the country because I did meet with him later on, and I said to him: I wanna do a crusade and I understand it’s gonna be expensive, and so we started talking and I didn’t have any money, I never have money (laughs) this is how I am, and the Lord, He has a lot of money, you know? Jesus has a lot of money, you know? it’s amazing how much money He has, you know?

And so I remember I was sitting with the President and I was really sick that day, when I went in to see him I was as sick as a dog man, I was like: oh my God I got malaria, I wish malaria no one, and so he says: what’s wrong with you? I say: I got malaria, he says: I got malaria too, it’s terrible isn’t it?

So we are talking about malaria and he looks to me and says: can you tell me how to run this nation as a President? I need to know what to do, and I say: well, this is a good start right here, this book right here it will do a good job for you. I said: look at Proverbs every day, start reading through the Proverbs, and I said: and quit stealing everything from the country because you presidents are terrible. I said: you only have 600 miles of paved roads and you get all the money from the people, quit stealing from the people and think about the common man, think about how you can help the common man instead of putting all the money in swiz bank accounts and that’s how it has been for hundreds of years.

And he said: you know you are kind of tough on me, you know? I said: well you asked me and I have to follow this Book, he says: okay I’m gonna do that, and he says: I wanna try something, nobody has ever touched me like you have touched me, he said: is there something you want, is there something you need I can help you with? I say: I wanna run a crusade you know? I wanna touch your nation. He said: well how can I help you? I say: well I need a stadium, he said: well that’s like $200.000, I said: I need it for free because I don’t have any money.

He said: which one do you want? I said: I want the stadium that is right in the middle of the city because you have it, there’s no charge, and I said: I need a sound system, someone was going to rent one for me for $75.000, he said: the army has just the system, I will give it to you for $400, can you do that much? yeah I can do $400.

And I said: I need two professional soccer teams because if anything is big in Liberia it’s soccer, I mean that’s like the number one thing that they love in that country it’s soccer, he said: okay i will give you two professional teams. So that’s how the crusade with the president went around the country, ain’t that a neat story?

So now we are back, and this guy comes up to me and tells me: you need to talk to me, I had something happen to me. Now I hope you understand in my story, the strongest tribe in Liberia is the Krahn tribe, and they are all muslims, they are very strong muslims, and he said: you need to talk to me, and I said: yes of course, are you from the Krahn tribe? because you can kind of tell what they look like, and he said: yes I’m part of it, and I was like: wow, this is amazing. I said: and you are for the training this week, like you are part of the training and you are part of the Krahn tribe? he said: yes, I was like: wow, I guess I need to talk to you.

I said: what happened? He said: well, about two weeks ago he was, the war was still going on outside of the city, he said: I was out there and I got captured, and the soldiers tied me down to a table and they got knives out, they were going to cut me in half, in the middle of my face down through my body and they were dancing because at that time these guys were happy, when you are in communion with witchcraft you are happy when you kill people, he said: so they had me tied me down, they were ready to kill me and Jesus stood right in front of me and He said: I am the Lord, serve me and no one else, and he said: I saw the Throne of God and what he described it was the same thing the Bible says, he saw the Throne, he saw the angels around the Throne, he saw everything and he’s describing this to me.

And he says: I still didn’t believe that it was Jesus, really? what else do you need buddy? You know. But you know, when you train so strongly then Jesus is just a prophet because that’s what islam teaches, and he said: I said if you really are God get me out of this and I’ll know you are God but if you don’t Allah will take care of me and so I’m not doing this for my own safety, I’m doing this because I really wanna know if you are God.

Well a minute after he prayed that two hundred soldiers came into this building and said: wait a minute, we know that man, you can’t kill him, we are here to protect him, we’ll die for this man. So the soldiers started fighting with each other and then went outside, and when they went outside a window opened and a man climbed in the window and he cut the ropes, and he took him outside of the window, and they went into the jungle, and when he turned to see the man the man had disappeared. So he decided to become a christian that day, what do you think? I guess Jesus did enough for him there.

So then he hears about my training and comes to it, he’s part of the training and then on wednesday he tells me: so that’s my story. I said: well sir, during that crusade I want you to stand up on the main stage and I want you to tell that story. He says: I know for sure that they will kill me if I tell that to the muslims, I said: I know for sure you are going to heaven if they kill you, it’s okay. So he said: okay.

Because I’m crazy, I’ll do anything for Jesus you know? So now we are going to the crusade, the soccer teams are playing and I’m making an announcement: in the middle of the game we are gonna stop the game, we are going to put down a platform and we are going to share with you. So now we have about six or seven thousand muslims and about three or four thousand christians and witchcraft people, and all that kind of stuff, so I want you to picture this moment, it’s a moment in history.

So now I come out, we set up the platform, we actually use beds for lepers that we donated to the hospital because they have those specialty beds, that’s all we had, that’s what we used, and so I said: I have a very special person to let to speak to you today. So all of a sudden this man comes out and he’s still alive by the way, they didn’t kill him, so he comes out and all of a sudden they recognize him because he is the head, the top guy, he is the head of the whole country. So all the 8,000 muslim men stood up to honor this man, they are like: oh my God, this is our main man.

Now he told me that they were going to build the biggest mosque in all Africa there and they were going to take Africa, and that was going to be the symbol to take Africa from that spot. So now they are standing up, they are partly thinking: yeah man we are taking this land, and then he starts telling the story. All of a sudden they start shouting at each other: did you hear what he said? and they start shaking each other because the Jesus appeared in front of him, he tells them this and he says: I just want to know that I was wrong, Jesus is the Lord, there is no other God but Him, He is the one true and only God and so I want you to serve Him, it’s your head.

I want you to turn to Jesus Christ as your Master, he said: and Doug is going to tell you how to do that (congregation laughs). So I step back in, I grab the microphone, now I already trained 300 counselors and my counselors are ready, and I said: so what you gotta do is repent of your sins, call Jesus your only true and only God, He is the Lord God, He is above all other Gods, there’s only one and it’s Him, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and you gotta repent of your sins.

If you wanna serve the witch doctor and you wanna serve Jesus do not come forward, do not come forward. This is the denial of islam, this is the denial of witchcraft, you gotta give it all up and say: Jesus you are everything that I have, you are all that I have.

Well with that 5,000 muslims came forward, 5,000 muslims came forward (applauses), I’m not making this up. They had their white robes on and all this kind of stuff, all of a sudden they are crying, the 330 are ministering to them, and I wanna be sincere, I’ll tell you this: we broke the back of islam that day in that country, they never built the mosque, they never built it. The Krahns got saved, these were the Krahn tribe, they got saved. The muslims got saved that day.

And the next day from these 330 people who we trained, among them were church planters, I trained these church planters, and the very next day we started 230 new churches throughout the country of Liberia in Africa and they are still there today, and the churches doubled and tripled in size from the people that came to Christ. And so you have to say to yourself: I want to be available to the Master, would you agree? So, is that a crazy story? that’s a crazy story.

And if you think about it, what are you telling sir? Maybe you are a doctor, maybe you are a nurse, maybe you are a lawyer, maybe you are an architect, I don’t know, you know and you say: Lord I want to be available to the Master, I want You to use me in great and wonderful ways.

And so I gotta admit, I’m hung up on this verse, this verse is so powerful in my life. We’ll just read it one more time, the verse 21: “21 Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.”

And so I encourage you guys to quit getting away with it, quit not studying the Bible, quit not praying, quit like not seeking the Lord and not diversifying yourself, and say: I wanna be good, I wanna know this stuff, I wanna know how to talk to a catholic who thinks it’s the only way to come to Christ is through the catholic church, I wanna understand the sacraments and what the sacraments are, and why lutherans had to do what they had to do so many years ago, why we have this process of reformation and how I can help them in closing the gap so they can know Jesus in a very personal way. Some would say alcoholics, how to talk to these people?

So I have this practice I like to do, sometimes I like to tell stories like these and then I ask people in the audience to say something to me about what they think about the story so Sam, I’m gonna open it up to these guys.

I would like to, if you say anything stand up and say: hey, I liked your story, or hey, that was a stupid story or whatever you wanna say but ah. Yes Ma’am go ahead

Madam: What’s your name?

Doug: Doug

Madam: I liked your story and I like the fact that you want to save muslims, hindus, because that’s what Jesus wants. Jesus wants us all to come to Him because there is going to be a great revival.

Doug: Yes.

Madam: What Jesus is doing, He is shaking the Church, He is shaking us in a way that creates commitment and He is looking for real people, so it’s good to be a shaker, people who are real with Jesus to preach the Gospel.

Doug: Amen, amen. Everybody else, that was awesome by the way. Wow. Yes sir.

Man: I think that you are one of those amazing guys that do not sell themselves to highs, to lows and you serve God well enough. You are so natural and you say what is in your heart, and that’s what makes it so effective.

Doug: Thank you, thank you. Who else?

Woman: I like that you stay by the Bible, you told them that they were wrong having three wives, it’s like in the days of Nehemiah when he spoke to the people and said: you have marriage with four women and you must separate from them. It’s very hard when you are working with people who have practices like witchcraft that they want to bring into the Church and there is only one way for us to walk and that is the way of holiness, the way it is, so I think that that challenges us, to live differently, to be holy, I mean the challenge is to stay biblical and that’s what I like about what you spoke about today, about going back.

You told the President. I tell everyone that I council, you should read Proverbs everyday. I’ve read for 10 or 15 years as a new believer, every single day, to gain wisdom and I think the Word of God is the only thing in God’s Presence and Spirit that transforms so that’s why I say amen to you today.

Doug: Thank you so much, thank you so much, yeah. So instead of watching Fox News and CNN and getting depressed you could do something to change your world, would you agree? You know, you have Jesus, Jesus is the most powerful thing in the world and you have Him within you, amen? wow, I love this stuff, I love this stuff.

Look at Romans 10:14, look at this verse here, Romans 10:14, it says: “How then can they call on the one that they have not believed in, and how can they believe on the one whom they have not heard? And how can they hear, without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach, unless they are sent? as it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”

And so I was reading a guy in England, his name is William Carry and he said: I hear the people in India have never heard about the Gospel and Jesus Christ, that they are cut up in hinduism, buddism and all this kind of stuff, and I wanna go and tell them about Jesus Christ. And the Church met and they said: no you can’t go Mr. Carrey, he said: why not? and they said: because God will save those people without you Mr. Carry, He doesn’t need you.

And so William Carrey wrote a rebuttal to that statement and it became the #1 best seller at that time, it became the #1 best seller in all England, and really what his rebuttal was this verse right here, this verse right here that says: how do they know if no one tells them? how do they repent unless they hear the Gospel? Somebody has to physically tell them about Jesus Christ.

People where you are from, how do they ever know the difference of what they are doing and true christianity unless you as an individual tells them? you know. And I think we have this false, in Youth With A Mission we call it “faithalism versus faith”, we have this false teaching in many of our minds that everything is happening the way God wants it to happen exactly how He wants it to happen, but in verse Peter 3:19 it says: “It’s God wish that all men be saved” so we know God wants all men to be saved, but we know that there are only 2 billion people in the world who are calling themselves christians and that means 5.25 billion don’t even know.

I was just in Kirghinstan two weeks ago and in Kyrgyztan 0.10% of the people are christians, everybody else is muslim in Kyrgyztan, and so the odds of hearing the Gospel in America are probably once a day: you can hear it it in radio, television, somewhere you can hear it and that’s in general, the odds here. In Kyrgyztan possibly once in a lifetime that you can hear the Gospel. And so you say: is that fair? was that God’s Will that these people never hear and the people in America get to hear it everyday? no it’s not fair, and the only way to change these things is you.

If you say: yes God, I’m gonna make myself available, I’m gonna pray like I never prayed before, I’m gonna seek Your Face like I never seeked it before, I’m gonna ask. He says: “Ask of me and I will give you the nations” I mean He’s saying that to you, isn’t that amazing? Ask of me and I will give you the nations.

We have to take our small thinking right here this big and then God will just blow our mind and say: Ask of Me. Intercession, to learn how to really seek the Lord, to really learn how to pray, call upon the Lord and ask Him for things, I mean that’s gotta be part of your life if you wanna make a difference, if you wanna be available to the Master, you can no longer cheat the system, you know? I hope all this makes sense.

You know one day my son Jeremy was down here in Roxbury with me and we prayed, we said: Lord would you open the door for great ministry here today in Roxbury? And in Youth With A Mission we do a lot of street evangelism, we like to go out, go door to door, we have a performing arts group that we do, not me, but my team does hip-hop dance, could you imagine seeing that? nevermind, but ah, you know they do hip-hop dance and then we do presentations, very powerful drama.

There was a big crowd watching us and my son Jeremy said: the Holy Spirit said the guy in the back, I want you to get in. Jeremy, is he 6’3’’? so he’s a pretty tall boy so he can move pretty fast, and so right at the end of the show he started going after this guy. Well this guy saw him and he said: I think he’s after me so the guy started running. So, Jeremy ran him down, he’s like a deer man, he’s like fast you know and the guy turns and says: what do you want man, what the heck is going on here, why are you chasing me? Jeremy says: I don’t know man God told me to come and get you man, that’s why I’m here, I’m coming to get you you know? He goes: I don’t want to hear anything, and Jeremy, he had the most expensive watch he ever had in his life, real expensive watch, he like saved and saved, and saved to buy this watch and the guy stares at his watch.

The guy stared at his watch and Jeremy goes: oh you liking my watch? the guy goes: yeah, you know what if you give me 15 or 20 minutes of your time I’m gonna give you my watch, he goes: I’m listening man, he’s like I’m paying attention, you go right ahead, take whatever time you need boy, plus I’m gonna get that watch.

Well during that time Jeremy explains the Gospel and Jesus Christ to the guy and he says: thank you for telling me but I can’t do this, I just can’t and Jeremy is like: why not, why can’t you do it? 40 minutes they are talking, 45 and Jeremy loves people, he just loves them so I think he saw God’s love in Jeremy’s eyes. Finally the guy says: the reason I can’t is because I’m the #1 drug seller in Roxbury, I have a business, if I get saved by you I can’t do it anymore.

Well you know, why don’t you get saved and quit doing that and live for the Lord? They talked another 20 minutes and the guy says: you know the truth is I’m going to court tomorrow. I’ve already gone to court twice, this is my third strike, actually I think I’m gonna be in jail for a long time, that’s what I think, I’m going to jail. He says: I’m actually terrified, I’m terrified that I gotta give up my drug business, I’m terrified that I’m going to jail.

And Jeremy says: well if you pray with me now and repent of that, tomorrow when you go to the judge I want you to tell him the truth. He says: there’s no way I’m gonna tell him the truth, instead of being 20 years it will be 120 years, there’s no way, I’m a bad man. Jeremy says: if you lie to the judge God won’t help you, if you tell the truth God will help you. He said: man no one has told me that before, you know?

We actually know this guy, I’d like to introduce him to you if you ever want to meet him. And so he repented with Jeremy, the next day he goes to court, he tells the judge the truth, and the judge says: you know son I’ve known you for like 15 years and you have lied to me every time you came to court, what the heck happened to you? He goes: I gave my life to Jesus just yesterday, this kid came and got me, challenged me, gave me his watch, he had his watch on by the way, and he gave me his watch, and he told me I have to tell you the truth judge. He goes: who is this man? he’s a man called Jeremy but the most important thing is Jesus, Jesus like came to me and I don’t want to live this way anymore, I want to live for Him.

And the judge says: wow, okay. I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna withhold your sins for 6 months, Im gonna let you go free, come back in 6 months and we’ll see how things are going. Well he came back, he just lived for the Lord, he became a part of the Church here in Roxbury, was one of the leaders, he told Jeremy he fell in love with the Bible, he reads the Bible everyday, he can’t stop reading the Bible and now he’s one of the leaders in Roxbury.

So it’s not just in faraway lands that this can happen, this can happen right in our backyards as long as you are available to the Master. So have you been challenged this morning a little bit, has this been a challenge to you guys? it’s a wonderful story.

I gotta tell you about a story that happened in our city many years ago and this is a famous story, I don’t know if you have heard the story but today I’m gonna do it in memory of Billy Graham especially, and it’s called the Albert Kimbo, he was a sunday school teacher at the Central Congregational Church in Boston, and he had a group of boys that he was training, and these boys would come on sunday mornings and he would train them, they were like 19 to 25, that was the age group he had, like 19 to 25.

And then one day his Pastor comes to him and says: Mr. Kimbo, do your boys know Jesus in a personal way or do they just know the Bible? He says: you know Pastor? I really don’t know. He says: how can you let the sun go down unless you are sure these boys know Christ or not?

And so Mr. Kimbo, his testimony is that he went to find these young men, he went to a shoe store in Boston here which is right next to the city hall, you must know where the city hall is, and there was a young man working in the shoe store and his uncle ran the shoe store so Kimbo went to the uncles and said: can I talk to this young man? I would like to talk to him about giving his life to Jesus Christ and the uncle was a christian, and the guy working for the uncle was not a christian, and the uncle was really: yes take all the time you want, go ahead, sit with the boy, tell him you got my permission.

So Mr. Kimbo goes in and talks to this young man. Mr. Kimbo writes later on that in his writings that he felt he did a terrible job, like he didn’t clearly present the Gospel the way he should have, he was so nervous, he didn’t know what to do but the man who heard it said that when Mr. Kimbo spoke it was like an arrow came into his heart and he knew he was a sinner, and he knew he had to give his life to Jesus Christ, and all these things happened to him.

And so on that day D.L. Moody (Dwight L. Moody) is the person Mr. Kimbo was talking to and he gave his life to Jesus Christ, have you ever heard of D.L. Moody? So D.L. Moody led over a million people to Christ in his lifetime, he worked here in Boston after that for a short time then he moved out to Northfield, Massachusetts, started the school out there and the physical property is still there and missionaires are trying to take over that property to train new people, but the student volunteer movement which was a movement of students going to the nations came out of Moody school in Northfield, Massachusetts which is a worldwide movement of the first missionaires in that time period to go and take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth and that came out of there.

So then Moody is preaching and people are hearing him preach, and one day this guy named Billy Sunday hears Moody preaching. Now Billy Sunday has become a christian in Chicago from an outreach, people that came to him and talked to him but he was a baseball player, he played for Philadelphia and Pittsburg, he was the fastest runner that was ever recorded to run around the bases, it was Billy Sunday.

And so Billy Sunday, he heard Moody and he said: I feel like I’m wasting my life, I don’t think I have done anything with my life, I need to become a preacher like Moody and so Sunday makes a decision that he wants to do this. Well, he is a very famous baseball player. And so his owner of the team sends him a psychiatrist because he says: he’s gotta be crazy if he wants to leave baseball, the best job in America today but Sunday says: no, I’m leaving.

So Pittsburg triples their incomes, if you come to Pittsburg we will offer you more, Chicago offers him more, he’s getting offers from all over the country and he says: no, I made the decision, I’m not going to play baseball anymore, I’m done. So now this becomes like a national story. A baseball player at the peak of his caree is leaving to become a preacher.

And so Sunday leaves and he goes to Los Angeles, and he really learns how to preach, he sits underneath as other men and gets discipled, and then Sunday begins his own ministry, and in 1925 he comes to Boston, Massachusetts and the city is so happy to have him, I’ve been to the exact place where he preached, and Boston builds him a building, a building to hold the amount of people, it would hold 350 people at the time. Well on the first day that Sunday comes to preach here something like 30,000 come into that building and it only holds 350.

So Sunday stays here for something like 6 months, he preaches here for like 6 months, during that time 3 million people come to hear him and the Boston Globe covers him over 300 times, and his sermons are published on the front page of all newspapers around the nation, I’m talking about his entire sermons, the front page is Billy Sunday’s sermons. So probably Billy Sunday brings a million to Christ also.

And one of the things on a personal level for me is Billy Sunday comes to wrestle in Western Pennsylvania where I’m originally from and he sets up a tent, he starts doing a provisional preaching to people that are coming and my wife’s grandmother hears about Billy Sunday coming to our area and she says to her mother: I’m gonna go hear Billy Sunday preach and her mother says: no, no, no, he’s crazy cuz he was real aggresive, he was rough in the way he spoke, you know? and the higher people didn’t want to hear him, he was more for the common man, you know?

And so her mother says: no, and so Debbie’s grandmother she climbs over the bedroom window and goes to the meeting, and she gets saved, Debbie’s mother gets saved through Billy Sunday, her grandmother. And so then Debbie’s family, my wife’s family becomes christian because of that and she loves the Lord so much.

Well when I am going to college as a college student, my wife is with the university’s fellowship group, and she says to the group: we need to go out of the campus and preach the Gospel! and they said: no we are not going because we are terrified, we are not going out because we are afraid, and she says: well what I read from the big commission is that it says go all over the world, it doesn’t say don’t go if you are afraid, it says: do it.

And so they finally said: okay Debbie, we are gonna go out, and the first day they went out one of the guys who had just become a christian himself, three months before he wanted to commit suicide but he came into Christ and on the campus that day he saw a man coming out of the library and he said: you know what? it’s been a bad day, I’ve been rejected about a hundred times, what the heck I’ll go get rejected one more, and that guy was me, and that’s how I got to know the Gospel in my life, and that’s how I became a christian through that outreach that day, so thank God (public applauds), and so I thank God.

But then Billy Sunday influenced another guy named Morecai Ham so there’s a direct, here’s Albert Kimbo, D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday and then Morecai Ham. Morecai Ham is influenced and Morecai Ham, he goes down south and is part of the Bible Belt. This guy created the Bible Belt, he was the evangelist of the south, he wins the whole south to Christ, he’s an amazing preacher. And one day these two boys come and they are just two farm boys, and they come and sit there, and are listening Morecai Ham preaching, these two men said: he kept pointing right at us and everything he said was in our lives.

The truth is he really wasn’t pointing at them, they were just under the conviction, you know? and they say: on the third day those two boys went because they didn’t want him to point at them no more, but they got so convicted that that day Grady Wilson and Billy Graham came forward in that service to give their lives to Jesus Christ together.

And so if you think about that heritage that comes down through a guy here in Boston, one sunday school teacher witnesses to one man and as a result of that Billy Graham preaches to 230,000,000 people face to face.

In the last six years since they started the new ministry within the Billy Graham organization there is a film series called My Hope, and through My Hope in the last six years 10.4 million people have come to Christ, and so this all goes back to one person talking to one person about Jesus Christ.

So I’m going to challenge you today, would you be willing to do that, would you be willing to talk to one person? amen?

So the last thing I’m gonna say that I’m gonna wrap up is: this is my challenge to you today. I would like to ask you if you would do one thing: would you be willing to pray for one person this week and that one person, would you be willing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ? would you be willing to do that? and that’s my challenge to you, if you would just pray for one and then witness to one person this week, and then hopefully they’ll get saved and next week there will be twice as many people here, and then in two weeks there will be four times as many people here.


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