Sermon October 16, 2013: The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord

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[Dr. Roberto Miranda (right) with Gregory Bishop]
  • Presenter: Dr. Roberto Miranda
  • Date: October 16, 2013
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

When I was asked about sharing tonight, the Book of Esther came to my mind and the story that she lived. The connection that I make is that if you read the Book of Esther it’s about a time when the power takes of the nation at that time the governmental direction was going in one direction. But along with this political drama or line or history, or movement, there’s a parallel movement, the spiritual movement of God that also begins to work at the same time at another level.

The whole book of Esther shows how we see the spiritual dynamic that prevails over political and governmental power. And that’s why we are here tonight, we believe that the power of God is far stronger than any political or governmental power, that there’s another power available to the people of God.

Proverbs 21, verse 1 is kind of like a motto or a theme of this very brief meditation.

“…The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, he directs it like a water course wherever he pleases…”

In my translation it says, Beiner’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. Amen, the tea party’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, and all those others who are not admitting that they themselves are also doing the same thing, while appearing to be doing otherwise, are also in the hands of the Lord, it’s not just one side.

The second part of that verse says the Lord directs, that heart he directs it like a water course wherever he pleases.

The point that is made again and again in the Bible is that the course of the nations, the course of history at the end of the day is under the control of God himself. And on this basis Christians throughout history have known that in times of social crisis, in times of difficulty and need they know to get on their knees and cry out to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to do his will in the nation.

Human beings strategize and try to impose their own will on things and there are intrigues in the political maneuvering and schemes in the seats of power and the fact is that in the government people are always looking for either their own interest, the interest of their party or something else having to do with the interest of human kind instead of the interest of justice.

And the book of Esther precisely shows us this because there’s this man, Haman, who is seeking to glorify himself and enthrone himself in Persia. This man has no respect for human life or for justice. He is merely seeking his own aggrandizement and his own agenda, he doesn’t care whether thousands and thousands of people have to die, and he manipulates de leavers of power to try to lead things in his direction.

And actually he succeeds far enough to the point of committing the king in an irreversible sort of way and it would seem that everything is lost at that point. Not even the king himself, if he wanted to, and he does at one point, can reverse the order that has been issued regarding the destruction of the Jews.

But then we see another personage emerge, a person that God has chosen, Esther, who comes into the scene so that God can implement his purposed in the midst of this time of crisis and corruption.

In so many levels, I really want to take a moment to mention, that our role as Latino people, a people of prayer, a people of God who have a role to play that is not unlike the role that Esther played in the kingdom of Persia. It’s a role of intercession, it’s a role of mediating the presence of God in a nation that is very similar to the role that Esther played as a woman of faith, a woman of God who motivated and animated by the power of God had an influence on Persia.

And along with being of people of prayer, a Latino people of prayer as so many are, we also need to be involved in society the way we are, doing things through organizations and politics in the structures that exist and making our presence felt in those realms.

I believe very firmly in that verse of the Bible that says, God helps those who help themselves. It’s not in the Bible. Praise God and pass the ammunition.

But the reason we’re here today is we know there needs to be more, that along with the work in the visible realm, in the political realm, our human efforts, that the battle will be decided in the spiritual realm, that’s why we pray here today. That we should always know that we are people who believe in God’s power to change hearts when they are not lined up with the righteousness of God and that could be in either party, there is unrighteousness, injustice in every party, but we believe in a God who changes hearts.

Our faith should never be put in a party or in a man or in a woman. [Inaudible] change hearts and change countries. As we do that, as we put our hope in God it glorifies him and unleashes the power of God to work through the means of power of human structures that exist.

You all know the story. You know that Esther rallied her people to pray and fast along with her as she prayed and fasted. It was a desperate situation. They king had issues an edict that Jews would be exterminated in that nation on a particular day it was set.

We may know that even though she was the principal queen or main concubine of the king and is queen of the land, she did not have to right to even enter the king’s presence to intercede on behalf of her people without having an appointment beforehand.

Everything was shut up tightly like the walls of Jericho. We might see this time right now with immigration issue for several years, both parties have tried to have an immigration reform. President Bush tried to do it several years ago, and the democrats not wanting him to get the credit, cut him off and prevented him from initiating an immigration reform. I know it’s a complicated kind of thing but let me try –

Things are stuck and the only one who can break this impasse is the power of the living God. We know what happens. Esther prayers, her princesses pray, the Jewish people pray, they cried out to God who could rescue them and God intervenes and opened and changed the heart of the king and let to one of the greatest movement in favor of the Jews in history.

Thousands of years later now, the Jewish people still celebrate the feast of Purim in honor of the deliverance under the intercession of Queen Esther.

We believe in the God of history, the God who is so over and over all things that if we pray to Him he is the one who intervenes on our behalf.

I just want to initiate a time of prayer. I’m now going to ask the pastors to continue in prayer, so let me use this impetus to just bring my own word of prayer and intercession.

Father, we absolutely acknowledge and recognize and declare that you are the God of history that all the mechanisms and all the streams of human culture and history and politics, flow according to your millennial design, nothing escapes your providence, Father. And from the foundations of the earth even before the world was conceived or put into movement, you knew, Father, the beginning and the end, you knew every move of human history.

So, tonight, Lord, we are here merely to acknowledge this fact as a community to come before you and to declare you are a God of justice and you are a God of mercy, and you are a God of grace and we pray, Lord, that these elements of your constitution will manifest themselves in favor of not just the Latino people, but every other group, every other individual that right now needs your intervention, Father, with respect to immigration. We pray for a just and generous, especially, and gracious change in the situation of immigrants in the United States.

May there be a change, Father, we come before you, Lord, and we right now place our hope in you, Lord. It would absolutely delightful to give you all the honor and all the glory, Father, for this to be channeled in such a way that it would be evident to everyone that this has been a move of providence, Lord, of divine power and mercy so that we might give you all the honor and all the glory, Father.

Delight us, delight us, Father, opening the Red Sea before us and forcing the walls of Jericho to fall and to crumble, Father, before our adoring eyes and we would love to give you all the honor and all the glory and to be reinforced, Father, in our faith, in our conviction that you are our hope and you are our foundation.


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