Michael Dudash: The Victorious Lion of Judah

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Michael Dudash writes: The Inspiration for The Victorious Lion of Judah came from my desire to create an image of Christ that would somehow reveal the majesty of a God who ultimately is in control of the earth and all humanity.

In Scripture, the image and presence of the Lion always implies courage, strength, and kingship – a symbol that stirred a reverential fear in the hearts of men. Notice also an image of the Trinity – the Father seated on the throne, with the face of Christ Jesus the Son, full of assurance and peace, surrounded by the power and light of the Holy Spirit. Truly the heavens are His throne and the earth His footstool.

Jesus already has the victory, He has already overcome the world. We have the hope that despite our problems, sufferings, and failures, whether large or small, His perfect plan will come to pass. May we all draw comfort from the fact that as He sits on His throne of divine power, He truly is the "Victorious Lion of Judah.”

View pastor Samuel Acevedo's testimony (in Spanish) how the sculpture has impacted him.



I would like to know where can I buy this wonderful sculpture?

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