Discipleship Level IV: Anointed to Serve – Ministering with the Fruit and Power of the Holy Spirit

Posted in Discipleship

Whether by preaching to thousands, praying in the night, wielding a hammer, visiting a prisoner or teaching a child, we all have a calling to minister in the kingdom of God. In this level we consider our calling to serve in a way that reflects God’s character and power. We emphasize that our ministry should be spiritual in nature, reflecting the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in our hearts. Do we indeed minister with spirit-inspired peace, cultivating harmony among our co-laborers? Does our ministry convey joy, gentleness, kindness, goodness, integrity and most importantly, the love which ought to motivate all we do? Praise God, we need not serve in our own strength, but by the power of God’s Spirit poured out upon us. Therefore, in this level we also consider the variety of gifts that the Holy Spirit endows upon believers, identifying our own gifts and appreciating how God has gifted others.


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