God and Hip Hop

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Date: 14 Oct 2009
Time: 23:15 - 00:45

Greetings! I’m writing on behalf of Prof. Benjamin Valentin and the Orlando E. Costas Hispanic and Latin-American Ministries at Andover Newton Theological School. We are excited to announce an upcoming lecture as part of the ongoing Orlando Costas Lectureship. Guest, Dr. Alex Nava, will be offering a lecture titled “God and Hip Hop.” Dr. Nava’s lecture will explore the origins and development of Hip-Hop with a special focus on the political and religious elements of rap music. Particular attention will be given to the prophetic and apocalyptic moments in the history of Hip-Hop.

Dr. Alex Nava received his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has taught at Seattle University and is currently Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Arizona. His first book is entitled The Mystical and Prophetic Thought of Simone Weil and Gustavo Gutierrez and he has recently completed a new book project entitled Wonder and Exile in the New World.

Attached, you will find a copy of the poster that offers the details of this event (find them in-brief below):

Wilson Chapel, Andover Newton Theological School

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

6:15-7:15 Lecture

7:15 Light Reception and conversation with Dr, Nava

Afterwards, there will also be admissions folks available to talk about full-tuition scholarships for Hispanic and African American students who are interested in a graduate degree in theology or a Masters of Divinity.

If you have any questions about this program or other programs that are offered at Andover Newton, please let me know!

Below, please find descriptions of some of our full-tuition awards:

Orlando E. Costas Scholarship Description

The Orlando E. Costas Scholarship will be awarded annually to three incoming Latino/a students at Andover Newton Theological School in support of the Orlando E. Costas Latino/a Studies program. The Orlando E. Costas Latino/a Studies program aims to aid in the understanding of Hispanic/Latino(a) life, theology, and ministry in the United States by bringing visibility to the presence, voice, and agency of the Hispanic/Latino(a) community within and outside of Andover Newton. The scholarship and program are named in honor of Orlando E. Costas who served as the Academic Dean of Andover Newton from 1984 until his death in 1987.

Recipients of this full-tuition scholarship will be chosen on the basis of their potential for leadership in the Church, missions, and/or community, as well as their recommendations. Recipients must also have strong academic records and histories of active church involvement. Recipients must be accepted into a degree program, agree to enroll full-time, and complete their degree program within four years for MDiv students, within three years for MA students, and within two years for STM students. Recipients must also agree to participate in and speak at one Andover Newton recruitment event each semester throughout their degree program.

Andover Newton Multicultural Ally Scholarship

The Andover Newton Multicultural Ally Scholarship will be awarded to one incoming student at Andover Newton Theological School. The recipient of this full-tuition scholarship will be chosen on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to creating environments free of discrimination and harassment through the involvement in and advocacy for minority communities. The recipient must be accepted into a degree program, agree to enroll full-time, and complete their degree program within four years. The recipient must have a strong academic record and a history of active church involvement, and agree to work with the Dean of Students and Community Life to develop and strengthen anti-racism and border crossing programs at Andover Newton.

Ned Allyn Parker

Assistant Director of Recruiting

Andover Newton Theological School

(617)964-1100 ext. 289

Join us for the Fall Open House on October 19th!

Register here:



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